My beautiful daughter.
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Chapter Seven

It has been several months since Haley and I made our agreement concerning her boy. Haley and I were in the studio Saturday morning. I just returned from the bathroom. Haley was supposed to be dressing up in a pink ensemble pretending to be a ten year old model. Which of course she really is. After all, she is ten and I am photographing her in modeling poses.

Actually she’s supposed to be pretending this is her first photo shoot and she has never posed nude before. We do these fun things at times. Haley is very good at pretending. Usually that is. Right now she is lying on the couch totally nude facing the couch back. Her pristine little butt is staring me in the face.

This is her signal she wants me to do her in the butt. I still never have any sex with my young daughter unless she asks first. My dick got rock hard instantly, but I still have to play the game. “Haley, you’re supposed to be dressed in the pink outfit.“

“I was getting ready to Daddy, but I needed to take a nap first. Trouble is I am having trouble falling asleep. Will you sit next to me and rub my tummy to relax me like you do sometimes?“ I sat next to Haley making sure none of my body came in contact with hers. When we play the game, everything is adlib so it will all be spontaneous even though Haley and I both already know what the final outcome will be. Yet we still have rules.

The rules are pretty simple. Haley has to act like she wants to be pampered as a little girl without hinting she really wants sex. I have to pretend I am only helping her relax yet I still have to slowly do a little more to her as I go along to excite her sexually with out it being overly obvious. At least until Haley is panting with lust.

The idea is to let the anticipation build for Haley. Yeah, it will build for me too, but this is all for Haley. “I am so sorry you can’t sleep. Perhaps if I do rub your tummy it might help.” I reached around placing my palm on her soft smooth belly just above her belly button. My hand gently moved up and down. I traveled the length of her belly stopping an inch shy of her tit and roaming down an inch from her slit. Haley is trying to pretend she isn’t feeling anything special.

I can feel her heartbeat picking up as her breathing becomes rapid and increasingly shallow. She never could prevent that when she gets excited. Haley slowly rolls onto her back keeping her legs tightly together at the knees. I let my hand wander higher until my fingers lightly brush her nipples. I twirl my index finger around her areola. There is only the slightest contact around the edge with each rotation.

After two rotations, my hand slips slowly across her chest to the other nipple. I repeat the process and glide gently to her belly button. My finger twirls inside and then it’s back up to Haley’s chest again. It’s been thirty minutes now. Haley is pretending to be asleep. I can hear her heartbeat from where I am. Haley is so excited she has juice trickling from her vagina.

I can tell Haley wants to abandon the game and have me go ahead and suck her breasts. She won’t say so as she knows that when we play the game, I will not do it. I lean forward kissing her on the forehead. “Good night Precious. Sleep tight.” I got up like I had just finished tucking her in. Haley started giggling.

“No fair, you cheated. You’re not supposed to just leave.” Cheating negates the game. I sat back down next to her. “Well, just exactly how do you want me to make it up to you?” Haley looked as if she was deep in thought. I knew she had already made up her mind what she wanted.

“I want you to give me an around the world.” Haley extended her left foot to me indicating she wanted me to start there. I held it gently in my hand as I admired my young daughter’s delicate little foot. She was wearing red nail polish on her finger nails as well as her toe nails. I have a well developed foot fetish.

This particular foot always tears up my nerves. My fingers gently trace it’s delightful curves. My lips wrap themselves around her sweet slender toes. I love the way they stick out at me like little tiny boy penises waiting to be tantalized with a wet tongue. I suck caressingly wiggling my tongue between Haley’s toes. She is cooing aloud.

I slowly lick and kiss across the bottom of her foot leaving trails of wetness with my spit. I love sucking her ankles. By this time Haley is squirming all around trying to get her foot back, yet she doesn’t really want to get away. As my tongue glides up the inside of her calf, I feel Haley’s hand cup my balls.

Haley pulls and tugs on them until she has them hanging low enough to wrap her fingers around my sack with my nuts bulging under her fist. Then she starts jacking me off with my nuts. Yeah, a fellow could get used to that. Haley loves doing it almost as much as I enjoy having her do it.

Oh, the hell with it. I just can’t stand it anymore. I spread Haley’s beautiful legs apart planting my mouth square across her vaginal lips. I spear her with my tongue. Damn, that’s the best tasting pussy I’ve ever had in my life. Haley always seems to have just the right amount of flavor in there.

Her pussy never tastes like it’s been flushed out to the point of being tasteless. Sometimes she gets a little ripe, but it’s never rank. I pull back slightly, but only for a second. “Don’t let me make you come with my mouth Darling. Remember what it is you originally wanted me to do for you. Let that get you off.”

I settled my face back between my daughter’s legs. “Okay, Daddy. I’ll pull you away when I can’t take it anymore. Then I’ll be ready for you to climb aboard.” I had barely started sucking her clit when I felt her tiny hands grab my cheeks pushing me off her snatch.

I quickly positioned myself between her legs. I wet my finger sliding it gingerly into her ass hole. When I had her sufficiently wet, I pushed my peter slowly, but deeply into Haley’s warm wet butt. Haley’s slender white legs came up wrapping themselves tightly around my waist pulling me closely to her. I feel her fingernails digging into my back.

“Oh, God. Daddy that feels wonderful.” I started thrusting in and out. Pulling back just enough to allow my dick head to nudge the inside of her sphincter and then ram it right back in to the hilt. Haley has gotten where she likes for me to fuck her hard. Especially when I am in her butt. I continued sweetly sliding my penis up my darling Haley's anus as she cuddled me close and kissed me while she had her legs wrapped tightly around my waist.

I felt Haley tense. Her legs squeezed me even tighter. “Yeeeessss. Yeeeessss. Ah Ah Ah Aaaaah. Fuck, I’m coming all over myself. Don’t stop Daddy. I’m really getting off. I feel like my pussy is exploding.“

I feel my nuts getting ready to do their thing and erupt into my sweet Haley’s love canal. After I filled her up with my love juice, I lay beside her and we cuddled up close as we so often did. Haley got where she could hold it for a pretty good while now before she had to shit it out.

She learned long ago she could squeeze her cheeks together and no matter the pressure she felt, it would hold. She also learned the hard way that while she did this, it was absolutely imperative she not break wind. To do so was an instant mess wherever she happened to be at the time. This allowed her to feel special as I held her close while she felt my juice rumbling around her insides.

"Daddy. I love the feeling I get when we do it this way. It makes me feel like I am the Queen. Like the world revolves around me." I patted her sweetly on her ass. "There's a reason for you to feel that way Haley. As far as I am concerned, the world does revolve around you. You are my sunshine and everything will always center on you. I could not live without you."

Haley kissed me sweetly. We lay there quietly basking in each other's warmth when Haley blurted out. "Don't freak out on me Daddy, but I have to ask. I will understand if you refuse. All I ask is you think about it before you decide."

"I have been doing it with Shelia for a long time. I want to see what it would feel like to do it some with a woman. I want to feel real titties on my lips and check out a big hairy snatch. Just to see if I like it. I would like for it to be Miss Elbert. Could you arrange a way for us to get together. I know all I probably have to do is walk into the locker room after school and knock on her office door. It’s in the girls’ locker room.”

“When she opened the door, I could make up something I needed to discuss with her in private. She would then lock the door and bid me to be seated. Then I could innocently start shedding my clothes. I know she wouldn't stop me.

When I am naked, all I would have to do then is lay back on her desk and spread my legs. I know that would work, but that isn't the way I want it to happen. I was hoping you could arrange a way for me to be alone with Miss Elbert for five or six hours so I could allow her to slowly seduce me.”

“I want her to think she is teaching me the joys of womanhood as a special friend. That's the way I want it to happen. I want it to be something special. I'm sorry. I have to go to the bathroom. I can't hold it much longer. Please think about it for me Daddy. Do it for me. It is something I really want. Please? Daddy? I'll be right back."

I did some serious thinking. I wasn't thinking about how I would set it up. I already had that figured out. What I was having the problem with was if I could bear to let Miss Elbert have my Haley.

I decided it was something Haley was really looking forward to. It wasn't actually going to hurt anything for me to allow her to have a fling with her teacher and she most certainly wasn't going to get Haley pregnant. More importantly, Miss Elbert definitely wasn't going to brag around that she had my Haley. I decided to grant her wishes. Haley came back in a half hour. She sailed into my arms. "Well, Daddy. Can I have her?"

"Okay. Haley. I'll set it up. You must keep in mind after I make the arrangements for you to be alone with Miss Elbert, it is up to you to make the rest of it happen. I know you feel Miss Elbert stares at you all the time, like she wants to eat you alive, but still, I cannot guarantee Miss Elbert will do it with a ten year old. Remember, it is one thing to enjoy looking at a child and quite another to have sex with one. It isn’t the same thing.”

“She might actually be in love with your body, but there are concerns. She may be afraid you will tell if she tries anything with you. There are serious consequences for her if you did. She could go to jail for a very long time. So as you can see, it just may be possible when I arrange for the two of you to be alone, nothing will happen. I am not trying to poop on your party, I am just being realistic. I want you to be prepared and not feel dejected if she refuses to cooperate.”

“Her having full blown sex with a little child is a tall order for her to accept. I think you understand. I will have to have a conference with her to supposedly check on your progress. I will have to have conferences with all of your other teachers as well so it won't look odd. I will ask her out. Her being a lesbian, she might turn me down. If she does, we will have to come up with another plan. If worse comes to worst, I may be able to buy her for you. We will wait and see.”

“If she accepts when I ask her out, I will have to date her for awhile. I will bring her by the house some supposedly to give me time to check on you and the baby sitter. It would be advisable for you to wear something skimpy. Something that is revealing yet doesn't give it all away.”

“Something that will tempt her to want to see the rest of you and still cover enough of you to leave something for her to see. Something that will excite her and yet make her hungry for more. Something that will make her think you just might be available and yet still might not be.”

“I want her to want you, but still feel she needs to be slow and careful so she doesn’t blow it with you. In other words, don’t let her know you are dying to get her. Just so you'll know. If you are going to have sex with this woman, I want to do her too. That way we both get to feel some real titties." Haley looked at me with a mock pout before breaking out in a good laugh.

When she caught her breath, she said, "Sure Daddy. I guess you should have her too. It will make her taste all the better knowing this thing here has been inside of her. I guess my titties really are kind of small at that. One question, just to satisfy my curiosity. You have never seen Miss Elbert. How do you know for sure you will find her to be someone you want to fuck?" Haley gave my penis a little squeeze as she went down on me. Haley was diligently sucking my meat.

I proceeded to finish laying out the game plan. In the mean time Haley‘s head is bobbing up and down my shaft. I love watching myself slide in and out of her sweet lips "Well. It’s pretty simple. I figure if she is pretty enough for you to want to stuff your face between her legs, then she has to be pretty enough for me. Now back to the plan. After several months of dating her, I will ask her if she would mind babysitting you for me since the baby sitter cancelled.”

“I will then leave her here and go off somewhere for six hours. It will be up to you to fulfill your fantasy from there. Fair enough?" Haley didn't say a word. She just kept sucking the hell out of my dick. I think she was giving me a hickey on the end of it. Every third suck, her tongue delved deeply into the tip of my dick. It was all I could do to keep from blowing my wad right then. Haley was pulling at me like a vacuum cleaner. The feeling is awesome.

Suddenly Haley squeezes my nuts. She knows that at about this time, it will send me over the edge. It certainly did. I grabbed her by the back of the head pulling her close as I emptied my loins into her warm wet mouth. Haley quickly gulped it all down like she was eating honey. It seemed like I shot off forever.

When I finished, Haley pulled loose from my grip sailing into my arms kissing me longingly on my lips. I could taste myself in her mouth. She pulled back looking dead into my eyes. “Thank you Daddy for making me feel so special all the time. I will always love you deeply. I never ever want to leave you. You’re the most special Daddy in the world.”

I let her hug me close for several minutes. “Okay, Haley. Go behind the screen and put on the pink outfit. We only have an hour before lunch time.” Haley looked at me innocently. “You aren’t going to peek are you?” I swatted her playfully on the back of her ass sending her on her way. I managed to finish the photo shoot without Haley fucking my brains out.


It is Tuesday. Ten o'clock AM. I am standing in front of Mr. Burton's office. He is Haley's principal. I was meeting Miss Elbert there as I most certainly couldn't go into the girls locker room with a bunch of ten, eleven, and twelve year old girls changing clothes and taking showers.

I already had a conference with Haley's other teachers and Mr. Burton. Haley was doing exceptional in school. All of Haley’s teachers were very fond of her and made the comment Haley was a very beautiful young lady and I should be proud of her. That I was.

I knocked on the door. I was suddenly standing in front of one of the prettiest women I ever laid eyes on. I could see why Haley wanted her. Hell, if I was a little girl, I would want to do her too. She was a petit woman of twenty five. I know this, because Mr. Burton already told me as much. Miss Elbert was five feet two inches of slender shapely woman.

Maybe as much as 110 pounds. Very slender. The surprise was that for a Phys Ed teacher, her skin was pretty much lily white. It gave her a look of innocence far above the look the young girls all seemed to have.

A look that up to now, Miss Elbert hasn't seemed to lose. Her breasts seemed to poke out at her chest. They weren’t abnormally large, but were still a little more than a mouthful. I sincerely hoped they would still look like delicious pears when her bra came off. I looked into her face. Absolutely amazing. Her deep dark blue eyes were mesmerizing.

She had a slender nose that had just the right point at the tip. The rest of her face was smooth and blemish free. Her short cropped blond hair was about midway of her ears. This made her look exceptionally sexy with those petite ears of hers. Even more amazing was the fact Miss Elbert looked very young. She could pass for sixteen easily. I let my eyes casually saunter to her hips. Her dress slacks were tight and seemed to cling to her body. She had fuck me wrote all over her.

She gave my Haley a run for her money although Miss Elbert wasn't quite that pretty, though it was close. She got my dick hard looking at her anyway. I was hoping the plan worked. I really wouldn't mind having a little dish of this. I didn't care if she was fond of little girls. Hell, I guess I am too.

"You must be Mr. Mason. Please come in and have a seat. I am Eva Elbert. Please call me Eva.” As we walked in to the room to be seated, I couldn’t help noticing Eva’s sweet round butt poking out in the back. The bottom of her pants slid far enough into her crack to put your hand in her crotch and run your other hand down her cheeks hitting your wrist. I nearly came in my pants at such a sight.

“I am glad you have taken an interest in Haley's academic studies. So many parents don't bother. Haley is a very athletic student. She is an extremely lovely young lady and you should be very proud of her. She is very popular with the other kids. All the faculty like her. I am rather fond of her myself.”

Eva rattled on about how good Haley was on the playing field. How it didn't matter what sport it was. All about always being picked first and so on and so on. In the mean time, I was concentrating on not creaming in my jeans. Finally Eva ran out of things to say. I noticed her nipples seemed to get hard when she was talking about Haley.

I told her, "Eva. Haley has told me you are her favorite teacher. She thinks you are....... How does she put it......... Oh yeah. The bomb. She thinks you are awesome. I thought you should know that. I can certainly see why she feels that way. I think you are the bomb too. Would you do me the honor of allowing me to escort you to dinner tonight. Say eight o'clock? We could drop by my place later and you could visit Haley. I am sure she would like to see you."

Eva sat there not saying a word. Eva was thinking to herself. "I don't have any interest in guys. Well women either. I like looking at the little girls. Their hairless little pussies tear my nerves slam up. Problem is I don't have any access to them, other than watching them at the school. I certainly can't go on a date with a ten, eleven, or twelve year old girl. It sure is tough seeing them in all their splendor as they change out or take showers, knowing I can never have any of them.”

“This guy is kind of cute and looks like he might be a lot of fun. I don't have to do anything with him and besides as he said, if I see him some that will give me a chance to see Haley too. Haley told me on several occasions she spends a lot of time in the pool. If I can go over there some, I might just get lucky and catch Haley in that skimpy bikini she mentioned she has. I really love looking at Haley. Her little puss is just awesome looking."

Eva smiled at Kenny. She let it slip before she had time to think about it. "You really would take me by to see Haley? I would like that. Sure I'll go" She realized right away it was a mistake. She was hoping Kenny didn't pick up her true meaning, but there was nothing she could do about it now without drawing more attention to it. Kenny didn't say a word. He not only picked up on Eva's true intent, but he knew he had her hook line and sinker. Haley was going to be thrilled.


Eva and I had a marvelous dinner. I learned a long time ago the way to get a woman to enjoy your company is to talk about things she likes. I decided to talk about Phys Ed. Phys Ed and little girls. Little girls and Haley. And more little girls. And more Haley. I already knew Eva loved to talk about little girls. We talked about how they seemed to be as free as the wind and ran around the house nude when they were real little and then suddenly became very modest.

How they didn't even want you to see their underwear. Not even in the dresser drawer and at the same time her dirty undies could be seen all over the floor in her bedroom at any time. Eva thrilled on talking about how little girls spent a longer time soaping up in the shower than little boys.

She even admitted to having been trapped in the boys’ coaches office for a half hour by mistake. She was discussing the schedule for the field use when the boys showed up in the locker room for their showers. Coach Joe excused himself and went outside the office to make sure all the boys took showers and behaved themselves.

He told her he would let her know when the locker room was clear. Eva said there is a one way window in the office. One can see the locker room and showers clearly from it, but anyone in the locker room was unable to see into the office.

This was done to enable coaches to monitor their classes without having to stand outside and have the kids think you are gawking at them. Eva said she knew it wasn’t the right thing to do, but curiosity got the best of her and she just had to see what a preteen boy looked like when he is naked.

She always heard from the other teachers who were mothers of little preteen boys that they were quite cute as well as beautiful. There was no one in there to see her looking and she had never seen a bunch of ten and eleven year old boys strip down and shower before. She had to admit it was really cute. She hadn’t realized how pretty little boys could be without clothes.

When I told Eva, Haley ran around naked all the time when she was little, her eyes sparkled. She almost cooed. I could tell I hit up on a subject she enjoyed. We talked about Haley and her penchant to wearing skimpy outfits. I explained it was Haley's way of feeling like a woman without rebelling too much.

I told Eva I let Haley wear the outfits as it wasn't going to hurt anything and after all Haley was very pretty. I told Eva she should see Haley in some of them. Eva nearly choked on her tongue at the prospect of gawking at my little Haley in next to nothing, but I’ll give her credit for making a quick recovery. Eva agreed Haley was a joy to look at.

Several months went by with me seeing Eva a couple of times a week. Haley always turned on the after burners every time I brought Eva to visit her. I could tell Eva was eat slam up with Haley and wanted her bad. Probably bad enough to have sex with me just to be around her. When I brought Eva by the house, we would sometimes sit at the kitchen table and play board games. Monopoly and the like.

I always made sure to seat everyone so Haley could innocently shoot Eva squirrel shots while we played. I made sure it was obvious to Eva I couldn't see my daughter's legs and thus had no idea Eva was admiring the wonderful view of her crotch when Haley had it exposed to her.

Eva and I finally broke the barrier and had beautiful sex together. I seduced her slowly as I talked about Haley's exquisite figure. Once she lay nude by my side, I held her close for over an hour. Teasing her slowly without touching anything vital as I told her stories about Haley's escapades when she was young.

The way Eva was purring, I think she was fantasizing it was Haley doing it to her instead of me. She also didn't want to do anything that might upset me enough to quit seeing her. I knew I had her over a barrel. Eva knows I like her a lot and she isn't going to fuck it up. I know Eva considers looking at Haley to be the prize. I even told Eva about Haley's stint with masturbation and how she probably used it to relieve the pain of her mother's loss.

I explained about how Haley would lay there innocently playing with her self while she moaned in ecstasy as she came. Eva melted in my arms like butter whenever I talked about anything concerning Haley I knew a pedophile would find sexy.

I even got Eva to give me a hell of a blow job when I began talking about how I knew Haley was starting to develop breasts. About how they suddenly started poking out a little from her chest, yet when I accidentally walked in on her while she was undressing for her bath, there had been no hair around her thing and her hole was so tiny looking. Later I described what Haley looked like when she breezed through on her way to the laundry room in the nude.

Eva was enthralled with my descriptions of Haley’s smooth looking white skin. She thrilled on the stories about Haley’s sexily shaped legs and her cute tiny hairless hole between those beautiful legs. I started talking about these things concerning Haley subtly at first.

Now as we have progressed, I can just come out and say most anything as I know Eva will eat it up. I described to Eva how my Haley trusts me. That just yesterday she came to me in the nude complaining about her thingy itching. She wanted me to look to see what might be wrong.

I described how Haley laid on her back across the bed with her legs spread apart. How she pulled her tiny hole open with her fingers so I could see. I told Eva I found a tick firmly attached to the folds in one of her little pussy lips. How I had been unsuccessful removing the tick even after a half hour of trying. I was touching her as lightly as I could, so I wouldn’t irritate her little thingy with my fingernails.

Suddenly, Haley went into a frenzied orgasm. Her hips gyrated all around and she started screaming, “Oh my God. Oh. Ohhhhh. Oh. Ahhhhhhh………..“ I was shocked and at a loss as to what to do. I had to get the tick out, my young daughter was coming all over herself and it would seem I had to continue to titilate her until I succeeded in removing the tick.

I told Eva the poor little thing lay there coming like crazy for ten minutes until I finally got the damn thing to let go. She lay there with her little knees in the air, with her feet beside her cheeks. Her legs spread wide. Gasping for breath. I told Eva I was shocked. I was ashamed. I had brought my own daughter to orgasm. I apologized to her about it, and all Haley said was, “Thanks Daddy.“

Eva nearly choked on her tongue when I told her about Haley coming back to me several hours later digging at herself, begging me to make it stop itching. I thought Eva would pass out when I described how I applied some soothing balm in Haley’s vagina with my finger.

Eva was enthralled about how Haley lay still for me as I ran my finger in and out of her tight little twat. Eva’s nipples poked straight out from her chest as I told her about Haley oohing and aahing as the cold creamy balm did its work.

I told Eva I wasn’t sure if Haley thanked me for removing the tick or for making her come. I could hear Eva’s heart beating from her side of the bed as I held her in my arms. I could probably describe having full blown sex with Haley and Eva would most likely purr like a kitten. Of course I limited it to describing how it might be when Haley does it her first time.

That though it is not likely, her first time could turn out to be with another girl. I told Eva if that were to happen, I would still love Haley the same as if it hadn't happened. Eva thought that was a very good quality as a parent. She even told me if she was Haley's mom, she would still love Haley too. Even if she caught Haley doing it with one of the girls from school. Even if she caught her doing it with a trusted teacher.

Haley has even breezed through in the nude in front of Eva. I remember the first time Haley did it. Eva stood there with her mouth hanging open. She was almost drooling. Haley knew this also. Haley stopped right in front of Eva with her legs spread in a wide stance, so Eva could see her puss more readily. Haley even played with her nipples before she came in. I know, because they never poke out like that unless they have had some help.

Haley looked so innocent, "Oh. Miss Elbert. I am so sorry. I had no idea you were here. I didn't mean to embarrass you by being nude in front of you. I promise I won't let it happen again." Eva definitely did not want to hear those words. She evidently thought quickly.

Eva kind of stammered a little before she managed to say, "My heavens, Haley. You don't have to worry about embarrassing me. We are both young ladies so we can be comfortable in the buff in front of each other. If you should ever need clean clothes and I am here, feel free to just go ahead and get them like normal, or you can holler in and I will bring them into your room for you."

After that episode, Haley slowly exposed herself to Eva a little more at a time. Haley gradually got Eva to realize she almost never wore any clothes when she was in her room. Eva caught on pretty quickly that if she wanted to admire Haley in the buff, all she had to do was wait for Haley to announce she was going to her room.

Eva would then wait five minutes and think of something she wanted to tell Haley. She would knock on Haley’s door. Haley would invite her in and the show would begin. Gradually Haley would invite Eva to go with her to her bedroom. Once inside, Haley would do a slow innocent strip tease. It was obvious this drove Eva nuts.


The following Saturday I called Eva. "Hey, Sweetie. I hate to do it, but I have to cancel our outing to the park today. I had something come up I must tend to. Please give me a rain check for tomorrow instead." "Aw Kenny. I am so disappointed. You better make it up to me when we get in the........"

I interrupted her. "Eva. There's more. I need for you to do me a favor. The baby sitter canceled on me at the last minute and I can't get anyone else to stay with Haley. Well, I can get a young boy, but I would hire a baby sitter for him if I were his Dad. I just can't seem to bring myself to leave her with a teenaged boy. Would you be a doll and keep her for me? I will only be gone for about six hours."

Eva couldn't believe her ears. She was going to get a chance to stare at the beautiful Haley for six hours without anyone interrupting. She actually didn't have any plans to have sex with Haley as she never really seriously considered trying it with any of her girls at school. Not that she didn’t fantasize about it or that she wouldn’t enjoy sex with them.

It was too much of a risk and she was satisfied to just fantasize about it while she masturbated. Haley had never given her any indication she was the least bit interested in Eva sexually, not even when they were completely naked in Haley's room.

Eva decided however she was going to get a good long look at Haley. She didn't care if Haley noticed her staring or not. Eva was sure she could come up with some crappy excuse why she was looking at the girl that would make it all right with Haley, so she could continue to gawk without making Haley apprehensive about it. "I'd love to do that for you, but you'll owe me big time buster." "Good, I'll see you in a few minutes. Bye Darling" "Bye bye Kenny love."

The doorbell rang. Eva made the thirty minute trip in twenty minutes. Kenny answered the door inviting Eva in the house. Eva was dressed in a short mini skirt with a very revealing halter top giving rise to her perfect pear shaped, a little bigger than mouth sized, and just exactly what Haley had been hoping for titties.

Haley was wearing her bright yellow string bikini with a pull over t-shirt coming just a couple of inches below her crotch. She liked to wear one of mine from time to time on the rare circumstance she wore one at all, but they tended to cover too much of her legs for this occasion. I could tell Eva was spellbound.

"Hate to rush off Honey, but I have to go." I gave Haley a good kiss on her lips. A longing sweet kiss with a quick slip of the tongue, but short enough where you had to have your mind in the gutter to know it was an I'd like to suck your brains out of your nose type of kiss.

I kissed Eva passionately and left the two of them alone with the understanding Haley was going to the indoor pool at the back of the house for a dip and would like it if Eva were to accompany her as well.

Haley immediately took charge. "Come on, Miss Elbert. Let's take a little dip." Eva grimaced, "I would like to go for a swim with you Haley, but I didn't bring a suit." Haley playfully teased, It's okay, Miss Elbert. We can go skinny dipping." Eva started choking. She almost swallowed her tongue. "Just kidding. Come with me. I'll fix you up with one." Of course Haley would really prefer to skinny dip with Eva, but that would spoil it all for Haley.

Haley led Eva to the studio. They went through an assortment of bathing suits until Haley found one that would not only fit Eva, but one Haley was just dying to see her in. Haley didn't want things to progress too quickly, so she had Eva change behind the screen.

This allowed Haley to get some shots of Eva in the buff as she changed out behind the screen. Haley chose to use the inside pool rather than the outside one as, if they went outside, it would require Eva to rub Haley down with sun block.

Haley would of course enjoy that, but she decided that would make this too easy. Haley wanted Miss Elbert to squirm a little in anticipation before she let her have what she is obviously fantasizing about. Haley would hand her a new suit over the top of the screen until they found the right one. Haley was glad the height had been set for her and Shelia. She could almost see Eva's nipples over the screen.

"Miss Elbert, my Daddy is a professional photographer. He has models in and out all the time. I love watching a shoot, but he won't let me in this side of the house when he has to work with nudes. I pose sometimes too, but Daddy won't let me pose nude." Eva's eyes lit up at this conversation. She was enjoying being with Haley and hearing the young girl talk about being nude.

Eva was in heaven. She decided to make things a little less formal. "Haley, Darling. Please call me Eva when ever we are not in school." Haley lit up into a grin. "Okay, Eva. Lets head for the pool." The two of them had a blast for several hours in the pool.

After letting Eva get a pretty good eye full of her in her skimpy bathing suit, Haley suggested they get dressed and watch a movie. They were watching some romantic movie for close to an hour when Haley playfully laid her head in Eva's lap.

"Hey Eva, you ought to pose nude for my Daddy. It would be lots of fun. Maybe you could talk him into letting me pose some too. We could do a shoot together. Would you do that for me?" Eva liked holding Haley's head so close to her snatch.

"I don't know. Haley. That's a pretty big order. Your Daddy might get mad. What would I do then?" Haley rolled over as if she had ignored the question. When she did, her face was directly between Eva's legs. Haley sniffed through her nose. Not a rude loud snort, but just enough so Eva could imagine Haley may have just had a little smell of her. "Wow, what kind of perfume is that. I just love it. I could lay here and smell that all day. It is just a beautiful scent."

This excited Eva so much she started rubbing Haley's back. Eva knew she didn't have any perfume down there. If Haley smelled anything she liked smelling down there, there was only one thing it could be. It was such an intense scene. Haley was purring from the attention of Eva lightly massaging her back. Eva placed her free hand on the back of Haley's head gently guiding her face back between her legs.

"That would be my pussy smell. I don’t wear any scent down there, Haley.” Haley looked up at Eva. “If that’s the case, all I can say is your pussy sure smells good.” Eva giggled in delight. “Well, if you really like it, I give you my permission to enjoy it as much as you like, anytime you want.” Haley burrowed her head under Eva's skirt allowing her nose to press the front of Eva’s undies into that sweet snatch as Haley sniffed in her sweet delight.

Other than that, Haley lay still allowing Eva to do as she pleased. Eva slowly moved her fingers around to the front tickling gently in Haley's belly button. Haley would occasionally murmur, “Oh. You smell so good. I could lay here and smell you all day.“

Haley could feel Eva's breathing become rapid. Then suddenly she felt Eva's fingers slide in under the waist band of her shorts. As Eva slowly worked Haley's shirt over her head, Haley realized there was no stopping what was about to happen.

Pure bliss. Eva was slurping hungrily on Haley's tits. Haley knew it wouldn't be long before she went wild in ecstasy with orgasm all over Eva's fingers. Instead she could feel her shorts being pulled off as Eva's lips found their way into Haley's delight. Haley could hardly wait for her turn. She had to settle for just finger fucking Eva this time and getting a little ten minute suck on those luscious titties of Eva’s.

Too soon Daddy was home. "Hey, Eva. That was cool. You don't have to worry, I promise I'll never tell anyone you did me. Only you gotta promise me you’ll teach me to kiss too. See if you can come down again sometime soon. It will be my turn to do you then." Eva grinned in delight. She knew she was going to do everything in her power to get alone with this child as often as she can.

"Sure Hon, but only if you come for me again like you did this time. By the way, I will do my best to convince your Daddy it is okay to let you pose nude, but only if you promise to show me the pictures." They were both sitting innocently watching a movie when Kenny walked in the door.

Eva only came down a couple of times a month at first. Haley made arrangements for Kenny to catch Eva doing her thing with Haley on the fourth session with her. Now Eva comes down three times a week and eats Haley right in front of Kenny. Eva poses nude in some of the Saturday sessions. Eva is especially fond of Shelia as well. Eva went into shock the first time Haley did it all with her Daddy, but accepted it as normal pretty quickly.

She surely didn't want to give Haley and Shelia up over a silly moral issue she was pretty much violating herself. Basically the four of them were sharing each other's affections now. Eva even started enjoying Kenny's penis as Haley and Shelia got so fucking horny watching her swallow his juice they turned into little minks.

Eva liked posing nude whenever she was invited to one of the photo shoots. Obviously none of them told Eva they had one every Saturday. If they had, Eva would have been there every week. Haley and Kenny were not ready for that. Not yet anyway.

Eva was still gawking at Haley during Phys Ed. Shelia suddenly become a delight to look at as well, especially as Eva had Shelia in a different class than Haley. Of course Haley was enjoying Eva’s gawking more now as it had a much deeper meaning than it had before.

To be continued………………………………..................................

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