My beautiful daughter.
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Chapter Six

Friday arrived and I took Haley over to pick up Shelia. I met Shelia's parents. Her Dad seemed like a nice enough guy. I didn't feel so bad about him having ogled Haley when I found out how nice he was. He didn't seem to have any sexual interest in either of the girls I could detect other than his dick getting hard when they were around him.

I already understood how he felt about his daughter. Shelia was gorgeous. He liked to see her nudity, but that was enough for him, because it would be so painful to him if he did anything to hurt her. I had felt that way about Haley too. My dick used to get hard when I was around Haley and I didn't have any sexual interest in her then either.

I wasn't going to have a problem photographing Shelia in the nude if it all turned out that way. After doing it all with Haley, I found myself wondering what Shelia would look like with those clothes off. She was already driving me nuts with her beautiful tanned legs dangling from beneath the short skirt she was wearing.

Even worse, the darling little thing was traipsing around barefoot. That reminded me of Brian. I always got excited looking at his cute little toes wiggling at me as he walked. Shelia’s pretty red toe nail polish is making hers quite a site. My dick is busting at my pants. Of course, I had no intention of doing anything with this young girl other than gawking at her and maybe taking some pictures of her in the buff for Haley.

Don’t get me wrong. Haley wants some nude poses of her little friend for sure, but I am most certain when my Haley goes to the studio to enjoy them, I will be there admiring with her. As I said, looking at Shelia is driving me nuts, but there is no way I am going to do anything sexual with this little eight year old girl. Hell, she is my daughter’s best friend.

Later when we arrived home, we all sat in the living room watching one of Haley's favorite movies. I found myself glancing at Shelia's legs more than at the movie. Granted they were little legs, but they were shaped very well. They looked exactly like a full grown woman’s legs only on a much smaller scale. It didn't help any Shelia hadn't learned to sit without shooting squirrel shots while wearing a skirt like that.

Quite a bit of the time I could see the entire front of her underpants. They were so small and tight, I could make out the shape of her little snatch as the fabric pulled itself inside of her pussy lips. Shelia was quite a site to behold. She was tearing my nerves up pretty bad. I was dribbling in my underwear just thinking about her. Shelia was small, like Haley, but she already had a beautiful figure. Shelia and Haley both had all the curves in all the right places.

Of course they were both flat chested. One of the things I really enjoy about fucking Haley is her pussy hole is small. That makes it fit like a glove when I put my dick in it and Haley has already learned how to work her pussy muscles. Its almost like she's giving me a blow job with her pussy. The feeling is incredible. I was fantasizing about Shelia's being the same way.

I was very careful Shelia didn't catch me looking at her. I was afraid if she noticed me looking up her skirt, she might close her legs. Then the show would be over. I wouldn't like that. When the movie was over, Haley and Shelia went in for their bath. I gave them a lot of privacy. I knew Haley was anxious to do it with Shelia again. I put fresh linens on Haley's bed. Obviously the girls couldn't sleep with me, especially since Haley had every intent on eating Shelia.

Saturday morning, we had a blast throwing the soap and water around while we cleaned up after breakfast. Shelia innocently stated, "Mister Mason. I think you are really cool. I like my Dad and all that, but he isn't cool like you." "Well thank you Shelia. I'm glad you like me. Why don't you just call me Kenny."

Shelia said, "Cool." Haley broke into the conversation. "Daddy, I told Shelia you are a photographer. I promised you would audition her for a shoot. She knows you don't waste your time with anyone unless they have talent." "OK, Haley. I'll give Shelia a shot. Lets go to the studio and I'll audition her."

Haley ran to the studio more or less dragging Shelia with her. I didn't know if Haley let Shelia know she was going to do some nude poses, so I would have to assume she hadn't. I would have to start out slowly and see how Haley handles it. I was curious as to how she planned to get Shelia to cooperate. I stood in the studio, looking Shelia over pretty good.

"Turn around slowly Sweetie. Raise your hands above your head." Shelia complied. I was spell bound, when Shelia raised her arms into the air, about an inch of her crotch showed below her skirt.

I wanted her to keep her hands in the air so I could keep looking, but I was afraid Shelia might figure out what I was doing. "Now, dance a little for me." Shelia looked puzzled. "What kind of dance, Kenny?" "Use your imagination, Sweetie. What you decide to do will determine if and how long you get to pose."

Shelia started strutting sexily around the room. She really looked sweet. My dick was hard from looking at her. I would have to be careful Shelia didn't see it was. If she knew I was getting off on looking at her, it might spoil it all. I know Haley insists Shelia was curious about trying to make my dick hard. Shelia definitely appeared to be trying to do so. She would glance toward my crotch whenever she thought I wouldn't notice, but I couldn't take a chance.

It could have just been brave little girl talk. She may have only been trying to impress Haley. "OK Sweetie, that's enough. You will do just fine. Take these clothes behind the screen and put them on. I gave her that dumb cheerleader's outfit. I couldn't wait to see the look on Haley's face when she saw Shelia in it.

Seeing Shelia's young head sticking over the top of the screen, knowing she was nude, drove me wild. I purposely adjusted the height to reveal only Shelia's head. Just under her chin. I would like to have revealed part of her shoulders for my benefit, but I thought that might be pushing it a little.

I felt that not doing so might make her feel more relaxed when she changed her clothes with me standing so close to her. I kept imagining how sweet she looked at each stage of changing. As I said before, I didn't install anything to hang the clothes on, so whoever used the changing screen had to drape the clothes over the edge of the screen.

This allowed me to know what Shelia had on at each stage. When she draped her green bikini panties over the screen, I wanted to reach out and grab them to get a little whiff of her. I thought I was going to come in my pants at the thought of her hairless little snatch being exposed just out of sight.

When Shelia came from behind the screen, she looked precious. I glanced at Haley. Her mouth was hanging open in surprise. I think she fully understands what that outfit does to me now. It sure seemed like Shelia wearing it was doing the same thing to Haley.

I already set up a camcorder to photograph all of Shelia's reactions. Of course she didn't know I had already been taking pictures of her. I was also running the recorder embedded in the wall behind the screen. It was taking a video of Shelia undressing and dressing.

That way Haley would have some nude pictures of Shelia in case she didn't want to pose nude. I set Shelia in a bunch of cute sexy poses. Stuff like bending over with her butt to the camera and sticking her chest out where her nipples would poke out at her blouse. Of course I didn't describe the sets to Shelia that way.

I made sure to call her Sweetie the whole time to help her relax. Shelia seemed to like me calling her Sweetie. Everything had been going just fine for about an hour when Haley spoke up. "Daddy? Can I get in some of the shots with her?"

"Sure Baby. That would be fine. The two of you will look great together." I took about thirty minutes of different shots of Haley and Shelia. First standing together and then bent over with their butts touching and finally hugging. "Ok Sweetie. You're looking good. Now give Haley a little kiss" I had meant for her to kiss Haley on her cheek, but Shelia misunderstood and kissed her quickly on her lips. I picked the ball up immediately.

"That was good Sweetie, but it was a little too quick for the shot. Now kiss her again. Do it slower. Kiss her like you haven't seen her for a long time and are really glad to see her again." Shelia kissed Haley a little longer. Haley shook her head. "No, do it like this."

Haley reached over pulling Shelia's face to her mouth. Haley gave Shelia a sweet longing kiss. Shelia kissed her for awhile before she remembered I was there. She drew back from Haley and turned red with embarrassment.

Haley calmed her, "It's OK Shelia. My Dad is a professional. He takes pictures of girls kissing all the time. He sees it as perfectly normal." This relaxed Shelia and I got some great shots of them embracing in some really good kisses. It didn't take too long before Haley had relaxed Shelia enough to suck on her tongue.

Suddenly Haley squealed excitedly, "Can you take some with my shirt off Daddy?" I looked at Shelia saying, "Sure Baby, but only if Shelia is comfortable with it." Haley coaxed in a pleading tone, "Hey, Shelia. Take your shirt off too. It will be lots of fun." Shelia went for it. I guess she really was trying to give me a thrill like she does her Dad. Anyway, looking at Shelia's beautiful little nipples was tearing my nerves up. My underpants were getting wet.

It wasn't too long after that Haley complained, "I have to go to the bathroom." I waved my hand, "Go ahead Baby. We'll wait until you get back." Shelia piped up, "I have to go too." Off they went to the bathroom.

I was tempted to go over and smell Shelia's little green panties, but I was afraid I might get hooked on her smell and Shelia would catch me when she came back before I could drape them where they were. When they came back, I was shocked. Shelia and Haley were wearing only a pair of tiny white bikini panties.

Apparently Haley had done her convincing. I took some shots of them that way when Haley nodded at Shelia. They both got naked. It was quite a contrast. Shelia golden brown with some sweet white tan lines below her waist and around her precious little nipples. It was like she was wearing a see through white bikini.

Haley on the other hand was a gorgeous smooth creamy white all over. She had no visible blemishes. Both of them were so sweet looking. It was all I could do to keep from diving on Shelia's pussy. I really wanted her bad. I was almost ready to wad off in my pants just looking at her.

I had them hug, then brush their little nipples together. I posed them in all sorts of positions. I got some really good close ups of Shelia's little hole. Even some of her pulling it open with her fingers. Finally I suggested, "Haley, why don't you lay on the floor. Ok Sweetie. Get on your hands and knees. Get up close to Haley and pretend you are going to do her." Haley got on the floor and Shelia went down to her knees.

To my surprise Shelia didn't pretend she was going to do Haley. She actually cupped Haley's cheeks in her hand and ate her for real. I got some fantastic shots of Haley squirming all in Shelia's mouth when she came. When Haley finished her orgasm, Haley implored, "Shelia, lay on your back. It's my turn." This was bliss. I ended the photo shoot with Shelia coming wildly in my daughter's mouth.

Around ten that night I sent the girls to bed. I went to the studio retrieving the white panties I had given Shelia with her outfit from the dirty clothes hamper. Haley made sure Shelia would deposit them there as they dressed back in their own clothes. Haley even convinced Shelia to put them back on so she could play with her snatch through her underpants. Haley rubbed Shelia's snatch thoroughly to make sure she got plenty of Shelia's juice in them for me to smell.

I innocently watched the girls dress. I couldn't help but notice Haley put her white panties back on. Haley suggested I come in and get a little whiff of Shelia. She knew I would enjoy it immensely. Haley assured me she would find it very exciting knowing I was getting off on smelling her friend's wonderful aroma. Haley promised she wouldn't let Shelia know I had.

Haley actually told me she didn't put hers in so I would be sure I was smelling Shelia's. To my gleeful surprise, they were still wet with Shelia's juice. I sat in a chair for about a half hour smelling Shelia's sweet pussy smell in them. After awhile, I sucked on the crotch of Shelia's underpants to get a little taste of her. It was an awesome experience. I turned in myself.

Somewhere around midnight, I felt someone crawl up in the bed with me. I thought to myself, "Good, Haley snuck in to get some." I figured she must have been ready for some as she is already naked. I held her in my arms kissing her sweetly. I had been kissing her for about a half hour when I heard Shelia proudly proclaim, "Oh God, Kenny. Haley was right. You really do kiss good." That was certainly a shocker. Shelia was the one who had crawled in with me.

It wasn't really a hard mistake to make. Haley and Shelia were about the same size and as it turned out, Shelia felt just as smooth, soft, and cuddly as Haley does in my arms. I exclaimed, "Oh shit, Shelia. I am so sorry. I thought you were Haley." Shelia said matter of factly, "Yeah. I know. Haley had been banking on that when she sent me in here. Heck, she even trained me on how she kisses you. Lay still, Kenny. I want to see if Haley was right about something else too."

Shelia slid down under the sheet. I heard her exclaim, "Oh God, Kenny. Haley was right, I really do make your dick hard." Shelia leaned forward taking my meat into her precious little mouth on arrival. I watched the covers bob up and down as Shelia’s lips sweetly caressed my shaft. She would slide them along my skin delicately on the down stroke, allowing her saliva to lubricate me thoroughly.

Then Shelia pulled a suction on the way back. There was a loud popping noise as she broke suction at the tip. Her tongue rolled sensuously through my pee hole before diving back down taking the whole thing into her luscious mouth again. She was driving me crazy. For a girl who had never given a blow job before, Shelia was seemingly an expert.

Shelia slid her head up and down. Up and down. Continuously, for ten minutes. The more she worked, the better it felt. I could feel my dick seemingly grow in her mouth. I felt like my balls were getting ready to explode. When I started shooting off in her mouth, I was on cloud nine. I had wanted to do her something awful when I saw her little butt bobbing around as she tried to hold Haley in place during the photo shoot.

Shelia came back up to me kissing me gently before murmuring, "Oh, God, Kenny. Haley wasn't lying a bit. Sucking a dick is awesome. And your juice is just as sweet as she said it would be. Kenny. Do my butt like you do Haley." I smiled at her. “Sorry. I am at half mast. It’ll be a while before he’s ready enough to put him in your butt.

Shelia calmly slid back under the covers as she exclaimed, “Not if I have anything to do about it.“ I felt my flaccid pecker being pulled into her mouth. In no time I was as hard as a brick. I gently took Shelia by her shoulders guiding her to her hands and knees.

My tongue glided sweetly all around her tight ass hole. I made sure I wet her up really good. I took my time pushing my dick into her rear a little bit. Then I’d rest it there allowing her time to loosen up some before pulling it back slowly and repeating the process. With each thrust, I probed deeper.

In no time at all, Shelia was gasping in ecstasy while I slid all the way in. Shelia's butt was so warm and wet. I loved it. My shaft was so hard as I slid it slowly and rhythmically in and out of her tender little hole. Each stroke elicited a whimper from the preteen girl.

It was fantastic. I moved slowly for twenty minutes when Shelia urged me to speed up. Soon her little butt loosened up and I started slamming my meat in and out as she screamed in excitement. “Oh. God. Kenny. Fuck me harder. Move faster. Ream me out. I can’t get enough.“ I started ramming my rod in and out of her young little ass. Shelia squealed, “Yes. It hurts so good. Don’t you ever stop.“ I could feel my excitement building to a crescendo.

As I started my climax, I could feel Shelia’s tiny hands grip my balls. She tugged at them as I came inside of her. “Oh, shit. Kenny. You’re making me come all over myself. My pussy is so wet, I feel like I peed. Yes. Yess. Yesss.“ Suddenly Shelia lay still panting as she tried to catch her breath. I held her close. She laid beside me for a few minutes when she suddenly jumped up heading for the bathroom. I knew she was going to.

While Shelia was in the bathroom, Haley joined me in the bed. Obviously, she was listening through the door. Haley giggled sweetly, "Daddy. Shelia told me she was disappointed she couldn't get your dick hard. She was upset that you hardly even looked at her. She was hurt, because you didn't think she was pretty. I told Shelia you were really good with sneaking glances without being caught and she could relax, because I saw you looking at her a lot.”

“I let Shelia know no one could have resisted enjoying the show she put on for you when we were watching the movie yesterday. I assured her you probably got hard looking at her. I told her my dick would have gotten hard looking at her like that if I had one. That you were probably hiding your hard on.

I promised she could slip in here and check for herself if she wanted to, but if she wanted to give you a thrill, she would have to really give you one. Shelia said not to worry, she has always wanted to try it. Let me suck you for awhile, only don't shoot off. I want you to save it for Shelia's pussy. I promised her that if she would fuck you, I would eat your juice out of her."

"She can't wait to do it. She told me she has always tried to get her Daddy to let her do it, but he told her no. He allowed her to parade around nude in front of him from time to time if she liked, but he wasn't going to do anything sexual with her. I convinced her to try it with you instead. I hope you didn't mind."

Haley sat on the edge of the bed when her friend returned from the bathroom. “Hey, Shelia. Are you still gonna do it with my Dad?” Shelia plopped in the bed on her back next to me. She cast her eyes at me and grinned. “I promised I would didn’t I?” Shelia made no moves. She laid next to me without a sound.

I looked at her beautiful body. My dick was already standing at attention. It wanted to dive into this young girl something awful. I want her too, but she’s only eight. I can’t bring myself to do her. I know I just finished screwing her in the butt, but that was before I managed to collect my wits. The three of us took turns looking into one another’s eyes for what seemed like forever.

Haley was first to break the silence. “What are you waiting for, Daddy. Shelia is ready for you to fuck her. Of course she doesn’t know what to do, so you’ll have to show her. I promised her you would.”

I turned my head slightly placing my lips on Shelia’s. She kissed me sensuously. “Push your tongue out Sweety. You’ll enjoy it more that way. I sucked gently on her tongue for twenty minutes before slowly working my lips down her neck. Murmuring moans elicited themselves from Shelia’s mouth. Her heartbeat was picking up rapidly.

She jumped slightly as my tongue twirled around the base of her tiny nipple. I caressed first the one and then the other. I pulled my lips up from her chest to the end of each nipple gently biting the tip as I pulled loose and repeated the process all over. Shelia was purring now. I really wanted to do an around the world on her, but it was getting late and we had a full day ahead of us.

Her belly button was soft, tender, and deep. As my tongue was nearing her snatch, I glanced at Haley. Her fingers were hurriedly probing her sweet spot between her legs. Haley was really giving herself a good workout. She was glaring at us in awe. I could tell she was getting excited watching me seduce her friend.

“Don’t let yourself come while I am wetting you up Sweety. Save that for when I get inside of you.” Shelia merely squealed in ecstasy as my tongue delved deep into her tight pussy. When her hole loosened up some, I crawled between her smooth legs as I slid my throbbing member slowly and deeply into her delight. Shelia shuddered as I bottomed out. “Are you okay Honey. If it hurts too much, I can stop.”

Shelia wrapped her slender legs around my back. I could feel her soft little feet sliding around the back of my ass. She squeezed me tight. “Don’t you dare stop. Yeah, it hurts, but it’s a fantastic hurt. I love it.” I would pull back as far as her legs would allow without breaking her grip on my back and then I shoved my rod back in until my nuts slapped against her cheeks.

What a pleasant surprise. Shelia was working her pussy muscles just like Haley does. I feel like she’s going to squeeze my pecker off. I guess Haley’s been coaching her some. God, it feels so fucking good. Shelia’s little pussy was so tight, I could hear the suction as I went in and out.

My nuts were ready to explode at any minute. Shelia started bucking her hips as she went into a flurry of excitement. She was screaming. “Oh gosh. My puss is exploding. This is incredible.” I couldn’t take the pressure any longer and erupted deep inside Shelia as she squealed in delight. I pumped load after load into her sweet twat. Shelia and I finished our orgasms at nearly the same time.

I reached behind me retrieving her legs pulling them up to her chest as she finished the last of her squeals. Shelia lay still trying to catch her breath as Haley slipped her mouth over Shelia’s wet hole. I got so excited again, I couldn’t stand myself. I decided to hell with the full day tomorrow. I wanted some more of this little girl.

Shelia's pussy was awesome. It was exciting watching Haley suck my juice back out of Shelia's hairless twat. We took turns doing each other most of the night. Shelia's pussy had a wonderful flavor. I could see why Haley was partial to it. Haley implored, "Now, remember, Shelia. You promised to never tell anyone about this"

Shelia nodded her head in agreement. "If I told anyone they would see to it that I couldn't do it anymore. I ain't fucking this up for anybody. It’s way too much fun." Finally we all cuddled up close with Haley and Shelia on either side of me and went to sleep. I knew as long as Haley and Shelia were close like they are now, I was going to see a lot of Shelia.

I was caught off guard that first night and fucked Shelia without regard to what would happen if I got her pregnant. Luckily I didn't. I apologized to Shelia for my oversight and I explained I wouldn't be able to do her in her pussy anymore, because she might not be as lucky next time. Haley jumped in again. "Daddy, you can get Shelia birth control pills too. She can keep them in her purse. Shelia’s folks never go through her things."

Shelia spent the night as often as she could, but it usually ended up being only a couple of weekends a month. I thought the poor little thing would go bananas during the two months she had to watch me fuck Haley and she couldn't have it. Shelia made it okay, because Haley and I made sure to satisfy Shelia with everything else. I will never forget the look on Shelia's face the first time Haley tongued her in her ass.

Shelia never left my house horny. I got some of the action on the video cam whenever Shelia did come down. I always loaded it into the computer after each session. Haley loved watching herself eat Shelia's pussy on video. I was surprised, Shelia was every bit as kinky when it came to sex, as Haley was.

It hadn't taken much for Haley to convince Shelia to let me put a banana in her after seeing the delight on Haley's face as I slid one up Haley's little butt. Shelia liked my piss so much Haley and her actually draw straws to see who will get it.


Everything pretty much stayed as it was until Haley's tenth birthday, except for the fact Shelia was coming down a whole lot more. She was practically living with us. I even gave Shelia her own room. Of course she uses it the same way Haley uses hers. Pretty much if she wants a few hours of privacy. I let her know it is her own private little haven, the same as Haley’s room is for her. I am glad I did so.

It makes Shelia feel like she is a part of the family. I threw a party for Haley and let her invite up to fifty of her friends. Haley was always pretty sensible and told me it would be a lot more fun and special if she only invited ten. Haley had half boys and half girls.

Of course she invited Shelia, but that went without saying. I think they all had a great time, but I couldn't say for sure as I went to the other side of the house and only looked in on them every once in a while to see if they needed anything else.

Haley and I were sitting on the couch after everyone had gone home. Haley stood up undressing. I knew what she wanted and got naked as well. When Haley came up off of my dick, almost out of the clear blue I hear, “Daddy, I think my Phys Ed teacher, Miss Elbert, has a crush on me.”

“Miss Elbert stares at my legs as much as she can during class and never misses the chance to watch me shower after class. The other girls in class think it is weird that Miss Elbert comes into the locker room while they shower and change out, but none of them noticed Miss Elbert stared mainly at me."

I asked Haley, "Would you like for me to say something to Miss Elbert to get her to quit staring at you?" Haley merely shrugged her shoulders. "There is no need. She doesn't ask me for it and she never touches me. Besides, it's a mutual stare party anyway. She is so young and beautiful. I love looking at her legs. She makes me feel wanted knowing she likes looking at me that much. It's like she can't get enough of me when I am around.”

“Her eyes seem to burn right through my clothes when she sees me in the hall. Sometimes I wonder if she would taste sweet like Shelia." This confession didn't bother me any as I already know Haley likes girls just about as much as she does boys. Then she blew me away. "Daddy, can I get something really special for my birthday? " I told her, "Well, I can't see why not. You never ask for much and we certainly can afford it."

Haley hung her head in disappointment, saying, "Daddy, you can't buy what I want. I really love you. You know that, but I have been wondering what it would feel like to do it with a boy my own age. I could bring Arthur over for the photo shoot. He was the petite looking boy at the party with the pretty green eyes and the long wavy light brown hair. He is so cute. I want him really bad. Can I Daddy? Please?"

I was so choked up, I could hardly breathe. When I finally recovered from the shock, I responded, "You know I don't want anyone else doing it with you." I sat silently for several minutes. I wasn't sure what to do. I didn't want a boy fucking my Haley.

I wasn't as a father, supposed to even broach the subject let alone allow it to happen. Still, I wanted Haley to be happy and after all, I have been fucking the shit out of her. The boy isn't likely to get her pregnant as she has protection.

She is already hooked on Shelia's pussy and has hinted she wouldn't be too averse to the idea of trying it with a mature woman. Still someone young, but not a little girl. She had actually been referring to Miss Elbert. I think Haley was hoping I could arrange a get together for her and her Miss Elbert. I'll have to think about that one. If I were to decide it was okay, it would still be a tall order. It would have to be handled quite delicately.

Obviously I can't just walk up to a twenty five year old school teacher and blurt out, "Miss Elbert. Would you like to have sex with my ten year old daughter?" You get the picture. One thing's for sure. Haley really wants to try her.

She hasn't come straight out and asked to do her, but it is obvious she is thinking hard about doing just that. I will need to make a decision on it. Probably a lot sooner than I would like to. If she does ask and I do give in and allow it, I am sure I can come up with a viable plan to make it happen. I finally found my tongue.

"Haley, I don't really want to share you with another guy, however, you have been sharing your Shelia with me all these years. I'll make a deal with you. If you'll think about it really hard for the next year, I'll let you bring a boy you want over and you can have him for your eleventh birthday. One thing we need to get straight right from the get go. It will be up to you to decide when you want him. Given of course he is willing to do it for you at the time.”

“However, there is one strict and iron clad rule. Once you make me aware you want your boy, I will decide if you will have him or not at that time. Obviously there will be times I will refuse. There may or may not be an explanation. You may ask for one once, but if I say I don't have one, you must understand I am not all right with you doing him at that time. You will then have to wait for another day before you ask me again.”

“If you cannot allow me this, there will be no deal. Do you understand?" Haley got a look of hope on her face. "Yes Daddy. I believe I do understand. It is probably the same way I feel about Shelia. I love her dearly. She loves you the same way. You and her have done it all many times, yet I have times where I feel it is an awful thing to have my Daddy and my best friend having sex together.”

“Every once in a while I get green with envy. I actually get jealous of Shelia sometimes when she is with you. Then when I see how happy it makes Shelia, I am all right with it. Yes, Daddy I accept that. I understand how you feel about me. I promise not to argue when you say no."

I continued. "There are some other rules. They must be agreed to as well. The boy must be about your age. No one more than a year younger or a year older than you. Of course you need to keep in mind when the time comes a boy your age may not be capable of ejaculating and one a year younger than you definitely won't be able to.”

“He probably will be incapable of orgasm as well. That's just the price you pay for wanting one at such a tender age. I sure as heck ain't lining you up with a man. Don't let all of that worry you, all the boys get hard. Remember what I told you about how boys develop down there at a much later age than girls. Even so, I would recommend picking him based on how much you like him rather than how much he shoots off, as any of them will be good to go within a couple of years.”

“You will enjoy it more with someone you really like. You can bring him over the following weekend after your birthday. There will be rules. If you can't agree to stick to the rules without question, then there will be no deal understood?" Haley lit up like a candle. "I wouldn't want to do it unless you were going to set some rules. Daddy, I love you so much. I promise I will do everything you say. I will not break any of the rules."

That was a surprise. Not that Haley agreed, but she agreed without hearing what the rules would be. "It will have to take place in my presence, so you don't get hurt. Choose carefully and pick one you won't mind seeing for a long time, because part of the agreement is you only do it with that one boy until your twenty first birthday and remember it will always have to take place in front of me. Remember, you are developing a serious relationship with a very special boy.”

“It’s not just a rendezvous with a penis and must not be thought of as such. You must promise you will not have sex alone with a boy until after your twenty first birthday. After that you can do your own thing. If for some reason the two of you don't work out together, I might let you find another one, but not within a couple of years of each other. That means if you want to switch boys, you have to stop doing it with the first boy and wait two years before you bring in another.”

“I am making this rule, because I want you to have a chance to mature without suddenly feeling like you have fucked everybody in the school. This rule will also make sure you don't take switching boys lightly.”

“That way you will tend to work out any small problems that arise between you and your young man, before deciding it just won't work out. You won't switch on a whim if you have to wait that long. Also if you are willing to wait two years, I will feel you are really serious you no longer hit it off with him.”

“I don't feel the two year wait is harsh as I am not supposed to let you have a boy do that in the first place. Do you understand?" Haley looked at me soberly. Obviously she wanted me to know she was taking all of this very seriously. "Yes, Daddy. I understand. I will abide by all of the rules. I promise I will not argue about any of them."

"I don't want you to feel bad about yourself when you get older. I also don't want you to get a bad reputation at school. That is why we will have to be discrete and limit it to one. One other thing, you are not to tell the boy he is going to get some. Get to know him and become friends. I don't want you having sex with a stranger. The two of you will have to be really good friends so he will be less likely to tell any of the other boys he did it with you.”

“Promise me you won't start kissing him either. It is very important he likes you as a friend and not as a prospect for sex. Don't bring one that is experienced, although I wouldn't think one your age would be. He must be completely innocent when he gets here. It has to be a total surprise to him. It will ruin your scrap book if he doesn't look shocked.”

“I will devise a game plan for the photo shoot. You will have to learn all of your lines and cues. You have to do everything at the right time to coerce the boy into going along with the game plan. Can you agree to all of that?"

Haley sat there digesting what I told her. "Cool. I understand what you are saying. I don't want to feel like a slut let alone have all the boys saying I am. Its a deal. I will wait a year and I will bring one over the first weekend after my birthday. Don’t worry, Daddy. I’ll be sure I like him a whole lot before I pick him. I promise not to do it with anyone else."

Haley broke out in a grin as I exclaimed, “Haley, I want you to understand. Having your boy when you want him and dating will be two separate things. This is so you will experience the same things a girl your age normally would when it comes to boys.”

“You can start dating at sixteen. Not a day before then. There will be a strict curfew. If you are not in this house by 10 PM, there will not be another date for a month. You must promise there will be no sex. You can kiss and some light pawing is allowed, but nothing that will cause orgasm.”

“If you get too worked up, get the boy to bring you home to me. I will satisfy your needs after he goes home, or we can bring over the boy you picked. You may not date the boy you picked to have sex with as there is too much temptation for him to break the rules and do it with you while the two of you are out. Remember, you can't pick a boy you've dated, because you have already kissed him and the two of you won't have the right kind of friendship to protect your reputation.”

“Don’t worry, this rule will have no effect on your marriage prospects as you are not going to get married until after your twenty first birthday. Just remember, if you decide to date the boy you might end up marrying, you will be fucking somebody else for a long time before you do it with him.”

“You have agreed you will not have sex with anyone other than your guy, until after your twenty first birthday. You have also agreed you will do all of it in my presence. Aside from making sure he doesn't do anything to hurt you, I am dying to see you in action."

Haley interrupted me at this point. "Cool, Daddy. I get excited knowing you are looking forward to seeing me do it with a boy." I continued. "At least part of your life will be normal. Fair enough?" I thought Haley would argue about waiting that long to date.

She calmly stated, "Thank you, Daddy, for being my sexual partner and at the same time showing me you love me by setting rules and being my Father too." With this said, Haley rolled into my arms saying, "Daddy, take me to bed. I want you right now."

Everything went along smoothly after that. Haley would have an occasional friend spend the night. Some of them boys. From the way Haley ranted about wanting to do it with her friend Arthur, I expected her to bring him over right away, but she never invited him over.

The boys were allowed to spend the night as I promised their parents I would keep a close eye on them. I assured Haley the boys she brought home for a sleep over wouldn’t be counted as a date, even though I took them all out to do stuff together during the day.

She had been worried if she brought too many of them over there wouldn’t be any left for her to pick from to fuck when the time came. Haley was really relieved to know a date was when she went out alone with a boy and as I already assured her, that would not take place until she turned sixteen. It was just one of those things a child tends to get confused about.

Haley treated all of the boys as friends. She never had sex with anyone other than Shelia and me. When ever one of her other girl friends came to sleep over, Haley and Shelia had to pretend they weren’t lovers. I know it was hard on them, but they simply didn’t want the whole school to know they were lesbians. Smart girls. I would take them to a lot of fun places the next day. Places like the zoo, museums, water parks, and the like.

Haley would sometimes ask me what I thought about some of the boys. She would ask me if I thought they were cute. Sometimes she would fantasize about fucking them out loud to me. She would say things like, He would feel good inside of me. I bet his thing is really pretty and other things to let me know she is bucking at the bit and to let me know she is seriously shopping for the right one. It was disturbing and yet cute as all get out at the same time.

To be continued………………………………............................................

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