Just before I turned sixteen my mother was killed in an accident. It hit me hard and I guess my dad too. He got me involved in working in his wood shop just so we could spend time together. Well, it turned into a small business for me. At first we made furniture together but gradually dad left. He met an older woman and they spent a lot of time together.

I learned one thing from Gloria, save any extra money by investing it for later. Every month I would buy a thousand dollars worth of stocks. It was a good solid company that paid high quarterly interests which I let roll over into more stocks. For five and a half years it was my life. I even bought a house on a large lot just outside of town. I only had one neighbor, a young couple with two small children.

The guy was an arrogant, rude asshole but the wife was a stunning brunette with firm tits and a nice body. Amanda was only nineteen and her oldest daughter Amber was six which told me she had gotten pregnant early. Her youngest daughter Kim was four and really cute. I always saw them playing around the house when I came home. I had heard Bill and Amanda arguing a lot lately but didn’t think anything of it.

Business had been slow this year and I had given in and started using some of the dividends from my stocks. Well, mostly just pulling some of the money out and putting it in a lockbox. I had sixty thousand saved up in cash and was taking a long weekend. I had mowed my backyard and started on the front when Bill came home. He parked on the street and climbed out of the old pick up.

He glanced at me before going into his house. When he came out I had finished and was putting everything away. I was sipping water from a bottle when he walked across the street drinking a beer. Just to be polite I talked with him and he was looking over my house. He shook his head at my open windows without drapes or curtains and the stark way I lived and said I needed a woman. I remember laughing and telling him I should lease his wife to do the job.

The next day started with me using my new lap spa. I had just climbed out and was drying off when Bill walked around the side of the house. I had heard him and Amanda arguing loudly last night about him spending their money. I wasn’t surprised he was already drinking. He smiled drunkenly, “David, I was thinking about what you said yesterday.”

I looked at him, “What was that?”

He seemed nervous, “About leasing Amanda.”

I stopped what I was doing to look at him as he reddened, “I’ll lease her to you for a year.”

Just thinking of his beautiful wife doing chores in my house had my cock starting to get hard, “How much?”

Bill hesitated, “sixty thousand.”

I laughed and he blushed even more before blurting, “Okay, thirty.”

I looked at him, “For a year?”

He nodded and I sighed and decided they must really need the money. I nodded, “Sure, why not.”

He grinned, “She will take good care of you.”

I nodded, “I’ll leave the front door open but I have to go do some shopping for my business.”

Bill shifted, “About the money.”

I looked at him and he shrugged, “I have some bills.”

I nodded and gestured for him to wait. I went inside the house to my bedroom. I opened the gunsafe in my closet and hesitated before taking fifteen thousand out. If they really needed money it would help. I found Bill waiting by the pool and handed the money to him. He grinned, “You won’t be sorry.”

He left and I went to shower before going out. I was thinking this might not be a good idea by the time I got home. I walked in the house to find Amanda, Amber and little Kim in the living room. What drew my attention were the suitcases. That was when I found out my lease was a live in arrangement that included the girls too. I put Amanda in one of the guest bedrooms and Amber and Kim in another.

It didn’t take long to start feeling at home with the three. Amanda was a very good cook and Amber and Kim were happy little girls. It was a week before anything happened. I came home dirty and sweaty on Friday and smiled at Amanda as she cleaned the front room. Bill had been gone for the whole week and Amanda had never said anything about him.

I grabbed a pair of shorts and went into the bathroom to shower. I had started doing my hair when the shower door opened and I turned to see first Amber and then Kim walk in. I started to say something when Amanda walked in behind them. I was blushing because they were all naked. Amber grinned and reached out to wrap her small hand around my growing erection, “look momma, he’s bigger than dad.”

I blushed and reached for her hand when Amanda chuckled, “So I see baby.”

Amber pulled down and I went with it as she let my cock go. She hugged me before pulling me towards her mother and moving around me. Kim was smiling and came forward to rub my chest. Amanda knelt behind her daughter and reached around her to take her hands and get them all soapy.

Amber was already soaping my back and I shook myself because I was staring at Amanda’s beautiful breasts with their pink nipples. She smiled but didn’t say anything. Amber finally stopped and came around in front of me. She stood next to her sister and spread her little legs, “You have to wash me now.”

I looked at her mother but she only pulled Kim back and started to wash her. I soaped my hand and started washing the young girl, amazed at the way she felt. I glanced at Amanda as she laughed and Amber moved and pulled me towards her mother, “You have to use your cock to wash mommy now.”

I looked at Amanda as she turned and went to her hands with her butt towards me. Kim grinned as she stood by her mother’s hip and rubbed her pussy and ass. I moved closer on my knees and Amber moved to her other hip before reaching between me and her mother. I felt her small hand bend my cock and the head touched Amanda warm pussy.

I groaned as she slowly pushed back and my eight and a half inch cock was spreading her pussy open. I held her hips and pushed all the way into her and Amanda groaned and shuddered. Amber giggled and little Kim reached out to touch the base of my cock. I pulled almost out of her before starting to fuck into her again. Amanda met each thrust and kept shaking as her pussy started grasping my cock.

We ignored her daughters as they felt and rubbed us and after about five minutes I pushed into her and pulled her hips to get deeper. My cock seemed to swell and throb before I pushed open her cervix and then I was shaking as I began to pump huge, strong streams of cum. She shuddered hard and her pussy clamped down to hold my spurting cock inside her.

When I finally stopped and slowly pulled out of her, I was embarrassed. Amber giggled, “He did it a long time momma.”

Amanda shuddered and sighed before slowly standing, “He made momma feel really good baby.”

Amber and Kim both moved closer to me and turned me so the water hit my chest. They both looked at my cock as they washed the sperm off and Amber grinned at her mother, “Look momma, he’s still hard too.”

Amanda laughed and reached down to pull the girls back, “Maybe we can get him to do it again later.”

She helped me up and hugged me, “Thanks, I was really getting horny.”

I smiled, “So my lease includes full service.”

Amanda laughed as she opened the shower door, “I think the leasing agent has skipped town so yeah you get all the benefits.”

We dried off and I decided to take a swim. I slipped a pair of swim trunks on and went out back. A few minutes later Amber and Kim were both standing beside the pool. I smiled as I stopped swimming, “Did you girls want to go swimming?”

Amber looked at the water, “We don’t know how.”

I shook my head, “take your clothes off.”

I lifted first Kim and then Amber into the pool. I put Amber against the side and turned the current on as I held Kim and showed her how to kick her feet and use her arms. I glanced at the door as Amanda came out but she didn’t say anything. She hesitated before stripping, “Will you teach me too?”

I smiled but continued to hold Kim, “Everyone should know how to swim. Climb in next to Amber.”

After a few minutes I moved Kim to the side and pulled Amber out. When I finished with Amber, I went to move her to the side of the pool with Kim and her mother. She smiled and reached out to pull us closer. Kim laughed and Amanda smiled before helping Amber to the side. I reached out to cup Amanda’s breasts, “Bill was molesting them wasn’t he.”

She bit her lip and then nodded, “he started when they were babies so now they want and expect it.”

I pulled her to the center and held her up before starting to show her how to kick and use her arms. After ten minutes I stopped and just let them play as I sat to the side and watched. We finally got out and dried off before dressing and going in the house. Amanda made dinner while the girls played, after dinner they watched some children show while I did a few bills.

When it was bed time Amanda took the girls and I headed to bed. I was just relaxing when they came into my room. Amber and Kim crawled onto my bed and Amanda hesitated before sitting and then lying down. Amber and Kim were grinning and Kim sat on my stomach as Amanda rubbed my chest.

She straddled me and lifted my cock before she slipped it into her pussy and sat down with a sigh. I shuddered and cupped her breasts, “with an audience?”

She shuddered as she rocked back and forth, “I can’t believe you are still hard.”

I laughed and tugged on her nipples, “No dodging the question.”

She shuddered as her pussy tightened and then she laid down. She rubbed her naked body on me, “Bill used to touch the girls and do things to them. Since Bill sold us, I decided to let you show the girls how it should be.”

I looked at Kim and Amber as they lay beside us, “I could…”

Amanda laughed and thrust back, “We aren’t going to tell.”

I grinned and hugged her, “in that case, if you want to really play my wife…”

She grinned, “What?”

I thrust up into her, “Sleep with me and satisfy me.”

She groaned and shuddered, “I’m a horny slut.”

I laughed, “Good, I’m always horny too.”

Amanda shuddered as her pussy spasmed again. She sat up and started rocking as she moaned, “Damn your cock feels good.”

I smiled and pulled her down before rolling until she was under me and then I began fucking her with long, deep thrusts.

Amanda was jerking and shaking as her pussy gripped my cock each time I shoved into her. I was fucking into her womb and she was moaning each time I did. Finally I thrust into her and held her as I pumped cum into her. She jerked and lifted her hips before screaming, “YES!”

I pumped and spurted as she shuddered and then I started fucking her some more. She spasmed and then laughed before squeezing me and wrapping her legs around my waist. I grinned and kissed her and she pushed me back.

I sighed and pulled out of her warm, slimy pussy. She pushed me onto my back and straddled me and pushed my cummy cock back into her. She started thrusting back and forth hard as her pussy rippled and grasped my cock. It took about five minutes before I was ready to cum and I looked at Amanda.

She grinned as I groaned and she felt my cock swell and throb. Suddenly she felt the fountain of warm sperm explode against and into her womb and shuddered harder. I pumped and spewed and sprayed until I ran out of cum. Amanda sighed when I stopped, “Bill could only cum once or maybe twice a day.”

I groaned as she lifted her hips and pulled my hard cock out of her. She turned and snuggled against me, “Now you can fuck me as much as you want.”

I laughed, “Give me a minute and I just might.”

She smiled and caressed my chest before putting her head on my shoulder. I don’t even remember falling asleep. I woke up as Amanda moved off the bed with Kim. Amber lay on her back with her legs spread obscenely. I smiled before following Amanda out of bed. I showered and dressed before going into the kitchen. I sat at the table after starting the coffee and a few minutes later Amanda came in. She hesitated, “David? The girls need a few things.”

I looked at her and then it really hit me. I gestured to the table, “Is Bill coming back?”

Amanda sat and bit her lip as she looked away, “I doubt it and… well, I hope he doesn’t.”

I sighed, “In that case you need a few things too. We need to go to the bank first.”

She looked at me in surprise, “The bank?”

I smiled as I stood and went to the coffee machine, “To open an account in your name.”

Amanda was stunned and when I turned after pouring my coffee she whispered, “You’re going to let me have money?”

I laughed, “A wife is supposed to do bills, go shopping and take care of things like that. You can’t do that unless you have money. We’ll open an account and start off with five thousand a month. If that isn’t enough we’ll talk.”

She was looking wide eyed, “Really?”

I laughed, “After the bank we are going to the mall to buy you and the girls new clothes.”

Amanda stood and walked to me before caressing my face, “You don’t mind?”

I pulled her close, “I don’t mind. Of course if I do see Bill, I might need to have a talk with him.”

She shook her head, “Don’t, he can get mean.”

I caressed her face, “Maybe after my lease is up you will consider renewing it.”

She grinned and kissed me hard. When she pulled back Amber was walking into the room rubbing sleep from her eyes. I shook my head and Amanda grinned, “Sit at the table honey.”

She started moving around making breakfast as I went to my room. I came back with some cash and relaxed while the girls got ready with their mother. It really wasn’t that hard to open the account and deposit the money. At least Amanda had a driver’s license even if she did say she barely knew how to drive.

The mall was like a trip to wonderland. Apparently Bill bought second or third hand clothes for Amanda and the girls. We even had a small lunch in the food court. I was tired when we got home, mostly from being pulled around everywhere. I headed out back and stripped before climbing into my pool.

I relaxed for about a minute before Amber and Kim ran out naked and climbed in. I sighed and let them play while I watched them. A minute later Amanda walked out naked and climbed in before coming to kiss me. She looked at the girls, “Teach them again?”

I smiled and stood before checking the jets and turning them on. I held out my hand and Amber grabbed it and let me pull her close. I held her and let her struggle as she tried to swim. After ten minutes I put her beside Amanda and pulled little Kim out. When I finished with Kim, it was Amanda’s turn. She tried hard and I let her before finally shutting the jets off, “relax and play.”

The girls screamed and splashed and Amanda was no different. When we got out Amanda headed into the kitchen to fix dinner while Amber and Kim went to wash off and watch TV. I walked into the kitchen and came up behind Amanda. I cupped her breasts as I pressed against her, “Do we have time to…”

She grinned as she turned in my arms, “I’ll make time.”

I kissed her before she grinned and turned to pull me after her and back to the bed. She pushed me onto the bed and crawled after me to straddle me. I grinned and held my cock up as she lifted up. A moment later my cock was slipping into her warm, slick pussy. She shuddered as her pussy tightened and then she was rocking and thrusting back and forth.

I cupped her breasts and played with her nipples as she shuddered and her pussy contracted around my cock. It was a couple of minutes before she became erratic and I pulled her down and rolled. I fucked her hard and deep and she jerked and thrashed around, “FUCK!”

I didn’t stop or slow as I kept fucking her and she stiffened before arching her back. Her pussy squeezed my cock as she squirted and then I was pushing into her womb as I began to cum. Amanda jerked as she felt the first jet of warm sperm pump into her womb and then she was clutching me as I pumped and spewed more.

When I stopped she sighed and slowly relaxed. I kissed her and pulled out before feeling and caressing her body, “Thanks Amanda.”

She smiled, “That’s what a wife is for.”

I grinned and rubbed her nipples, “Careful or we’ll never get out of bed.”

She grinned and kissed me before climbing out. She had a way in the kitchen, it seemed as soon as she finished with something she cleaned it. Dinner was very good and after it was over I put a new movie the girls wanted to watch on and sat back. Amber and Kim were both on the floor in front of us and my cock was hard again.

Amanda giggled and sat in my lap before leaning back. She lifted up and moved my cock forward before sitting on it. I groaned quietly as her warm, slippery pussy was speared on my cock. I cupped her breasts and looked from her daughters to the movie. She shuddered before starting to move back and forth. I held her breasts as my cock fucked in and out of her and let one hand drop to finger her.

It wasn’t long before she was breathing hard and shaking. Amanda shuddered harder and opened her legs wider as her pussy clenched and spasmed around my cock. She started shaking and convulsing and let out a deep moan as her warm pussy tightened.

Feeling her cervix grinding against the head of my cock made me thrust as my balls tightened. Suddenly I was spurting cum in her belly and she became rigid before shaking and spasming. Cum began to leak around my cock, I sighed when I stopped cumming and Amanda shuddered and turned to kiss me.

I hugged her before she stood up she laughed as she headed for the hall, “I’ll be back.”

I pulled the girls up onto the couch, “You aren’t watching your movie.”

They grinned and hugged me before leaning against me and turning to look at the TV. When it was bed time I found Amber and Kim already in bed and Amanda naked waiting for me. I shut the light off to see a tiny night light by the bathroom door for the girls. Amanda held the covers back as I slipped in beside her and she caressed my chest before stroking my cock. She turned and pulled me onto her and between her legs, “Fuck me honey.”

I grinned and rubbed my body on her before pushing with my hips. I pushed into her wet cummy pussy and slowly buried my cock. I glanced at the two girls to see them snuggled together sleeping. I started fucking her with long thrusts that pressed my cock against her cervix. It wasn’t long before I felt my cock pushing through. Amanda was shaking as her hips fucked up to meet mine.

She stiffened and then arched her back before jerking around and convulsing. She was trying to be quiet but moans and grunts escaped. Her pussy kept milking my cock even after she took a deep breath to start fucking me again. A few minutes later I was shuddering as my body stiffened before I began spewing another large load of cum into her womb. Amanda jerked and cried out, “Yes!”

It was a few moment before I finished and lay holding her as she panted and shivered. I pulled out and lay between her and the girls before sighing. Amanda turned to put her head on my shoulder as we relaxed. I woke to the hint of light in the window and glanced at Amanda.

I moved off the bed, “Time to wash. I have to go to work.”

Amanda was waking Kim as I climbed into the shower and a moment later they were climbing in too. I smiled and finished before kneeling to wash little Kim. After we were dressed it was a quick breakfast and then they got in the car. I wasn’t sure about this since the shop was a dangerous place. The small backyard at the shop was just the place for the girls since it had tall fences.

I used my shop computer as they played in the office and went to work. When the delivery truck arrived I moved the shallow pool into the backyard and used a hose to fill it. I just set the plastic play set aside, it had a small house with a play area above and around it. Amanda accepted the small stack of towels and showed the driver where to put the patio furniture.

I kissed her after he left and went back to work. When I took a break later and went to check on them, it was to see all three naked and in the shallow pool. I grinned and sat to watch and Amanda climbed out and came to kneel between my legs.

She caressed my thighs and opened my pants before pulling them down. She turned to watch Amber and Kim in the pool and slowly sat on my hard cock. I groaned and put my arms around her as her warm pussy squeezed my cock and she shivered before thrusting back and forth slowly. The head of my cock had pushed into some place tighter so I knew I was in her cervix.

I kissed her bare shoulder as she shuddered and moaned and she turned her head so I could kiss her. It just seemed right to do her like this and I wasn’t even worried about someone seeing us. Amanda’s breathing became harder and she started shuddering. Her warm pussy was squeezing and milking my cock as I was feeling her breasts.

When her pussy tightened and she began to convulse I grunted and started pumping spurts of cum. Amanda jerked as she felt the warm sperm exploding into her fertile belly and turned her head to kiss me passionately. When I stopped cumming she sighed but didn’t try to move off me. It was awhile before she slowly stood, pulling my cock out of her. She turned to kiss me before joining Amber and Kim in the pool.

I went back to work but kept an eye on the time. I stopped at one and had Amanda dress the girls and herself. When we got home she made lunch and I sent the girls into the other room to color in their new coloring books. I pulled a smiling Amanda back to the bedroom and kissed her as I began to undress her.

She kissed me and helped me undress before pulling me onto the bed. She pushed me back and leaned over my waist to lick my cock as she held it gently. Licking soon turned to sucking and I groaned when she stopped. She caressed my chest as she laid back, “Fuck me David.”

I rolled over between her legs and felt her hand guiding my cock. I pushed into her and she shivered as I sank into her wet pussy all the way. I fucked her slowly as I kissed her and Amanda shuddered and held me tight against her. I began using longer and harder thrusts and she started jerking and convulsing, her pussy spasmed around my cock as she clung to me. I finally pressed into her cervix and began breeding her. Amanda stiffened as she held her hips up, “YES!”

I pumped and squirted and she sighed when I stopped. She hugged me, “You are amazing. I can’t believe you have done it so many times.”

I laughed and pulled out of her, “And want a few more.”

She giggled and followed me off the bed. I reached for my pants as she walked out with cum leaking out of her. After getting the girls ready for bed that night they again climbed in mine. I sighed but didn’t say anything as Amanda lay next to me and I held her. The girls were whispering and giggling and finally quieted. She turned in my arms and kissed me, “God, I want it again.”

I moved over her as she rolled and spread her legs. I pushed back into her warm, cummy pussy and began long, slow thrusts. She held and caressed me as I fucked her and her hips lifted to meet mine. Slowly I began to fuck her harder. She started shuddering and twitching as her warm, slimy pussy spasmed around my cock. It was almost ten minutes before she stiffened and grabbed a pillow to scream into.

I buried my cock and humped and ground against her as she jerked and shook. A few minutes later I began spurting jets of cum and she jerked in surprise and lifted her hips as I thrust into her womb. I pumped and spurted five or six times before stopping and she sighed. I pulled out and turned her before lying behind her and holding her. When I woke it was a repeat of the day before I sighed and moved off the bed pulling Amanda with me.

In the shower I had her face the wall and bend over before I pushed into her from behind. She reached down to rub her clit as I fucked her slowly. Her pussy kept squeezing my cock and she kept shuddering. Slowly I started fucking her harder and she started thrusting back to meet me. Her warm, slippery pussy felt wonderful as I pounded against her womb and pushed it open.

Finally I held her hips as I began spurting my first load of cum for the day. Amanda shuddered and jerked as I pumped cum into her and then slowly pulled off my cock and turned to hug me. I caressed her body and then turned to start washing her. After we got out she went to feed the girls breakfast as I dressed.

The day started off like the day before with Amber and Kim playing in the back as I worked. I took a break around nine and made a few calls to customers before locking the front doors and going out back. I grinned to see all three of them naked and working to put the play area together. I joined them and it wasn’t long before it was finished.

I went to sit as the girls ran around and Amanda came to sit on my lap. I finally caressed her and had her move so I could go back to work. I had a deli deliver lunch and went out back. The girls were back in the pool splashing around. Amanda grinned and had them come eat as she opened my pants and pulled them down. She straddled me on the picnic table bench and slowly sat on my cock.

She wrapped her legs around me with a grin and began feeding me. Her pussy kept spasming and squeezing my cock and every once in awhile she would shudder. I caressed her body as my cock jerked and throbbed in her cervix.

Amanda kept sighing and groaning as I began spurting cum into her. She jerked and shuddered with each jet of warm sperm and finally just held me. She pulled off me slowly and sat down next to me with a grin, “I really love that you can keep doing that all day.”

I laughed and kissed her before pulling my pants up. We went home early and I shook my head to see Bill was still not home. I had Amanda go check her mail while I took the girl into the house. They immediately wanted to go into the pool and I undressed and folded clothes before chasing them out. Amanda came out naked a few minutes later and smiled as she climbed into the pool.

Like that first day I spent time letting each of them kick and paddle while I held them. Amanda told me Bill hadn’t been home and she had brought everything she wanted from the house and she wouldn’t be going back. She went in to do some chores and let the girls play in the pool as I swam.

When I snuggled in bed later Amanda rubbed my chest before she straddled straddle me and I held her hips as she lifted my hard cock. She slowly forced her pussy down onto my cock and shuddered. I shuddered and started rubbing her clit as she rocked back and forth. I hadn’t cum since this morning and she felt almost hot as she fucked me.

I groaned as she leaned over to kissed me. She was shivering and shaking as she fucked my cock and I groaned as I felt myself start to cum several minutes later. She jerked as she felt the warm eruption of cum. She began spasming and jerking as my cock pushed a tiny bit deeper and suddenly I was pumping strong spurts of cum straight into her womb.

When I stopped cumming she sighed and lay on me. Amanda lifted her hips and let my cock pull out before she bent to kissed me as Kim and Amber snuggled together. A few minutes later she lifted up and slowly sat back, letting my cock push into her. She sighed and began to rock and thrust back and forth again.

By the time my cock was pushing open her womb she was already shuddering. It was a couple of minutes before she began to convulse as her pussy grasp and squeezed my cock. I smiled and cupped her breasts as she continued to jerk and shudder.

I started rubbing and tugging on her nipples and Amanda wailed as she kept jerking. She wet me as her pussy tightened and she became even more erratic. I pulled her down and carefully shifted around before starting to fuck her with deep thrusts. She continued to shake and shudder as I fucked her and started kissing me almost desperately.

I wasn’t trying to hold back as she wrapped her legs around me and hugged me. It took me several minutes before I thrust into her womb and held her as I started spewing another large load of cum. I pumped and spurted and spewed for several moments before I was done and her womb was full. I held her as she sighed and slowly relaxed.

Over the years the two girls have become like any other girls. Amanda ended up pregnant before the first month was over. She has had two more since then and enjoys being my wife. Bill never returned and Amanda filed for divorce at the end of the first month.
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