Pam learns about sex
Pam's Training 4-7
Mom and I had been lovers for a couple of months. I loved it when she came
home from a date with her hot wet pussy full of her guys cum but loved it
even more when she stayed home and we played. One afternoon we had gone
for a nude swim and were just finishing up after a shower when she told me
we had to have a chat. I thought oh shit another confessional about how
wrong what we are doing is and how we must stop etc etc etc. I dressed
really dreading hearing all that stuff again but knew I didn't have a

Mom called to me from the Kitchen so I went in. She had set out a soda for
me and had opened a beer for herself. "All right my dear here is how it is.
I'm not getting any younger and so far in my life have not put anything
away for the future. I don't have the money it will take to get you some
college education so we have to take some drastic measures. I fucked a guy
in his limousine the other night and he has called me several times since.
I have not returned his calls because he is going to expect and answer from

"About what," I asked.

"I'm glad you asked," Mom said. "This guy has made a ton of money in porno
films. I have heard of him for years but this is the first time I have met
or fucked him. He doesn't mess around with guy-gal or gal-gal stuff, his
is all really kinky, like 4 guys one gal and other arrangements like that.
I have also heard he does some animal pictures."

"Are you saying pictures of gal's and dogs and horses?" I asked.

"Exactly," Mom replied. "But here is the kicker. I haven't said anything
about the beautiful daughter I have sex with. I think he would blow his
mind to find out that bit of info. Oh and one other thing, he only sells
his stuff in Japan and gets really big bucks from collectors over there.
And occasionally one of his clients will come to the States and he will
arrange for private showings for them."

My pussy was getting wet just thinking about putting on a show for a small
group of men. But mainly it was getting wet thinking about having sex with
a dog. I had heard about it but had never had the opportunity to try it.

"And something else to think about is this," Mom said. "He really likes me
and wants to feature me in some of his films. He has even offered to rent
my house from me so we can continue to make the payments after I move in
with him and his wife. Again dear remember he doesn't know about you at
this point. I have seen his wife and she is the most beautiful black woman
I have ever seen. If I have sex with a female other then you I want it to
be her."

"How much money per film are we talking about here?" I asked.

"He said $2000. Per film for me and two guys. An additional $1000 per guy.
I'm not sure but I think films are about 10 minutes long. I don't know how
much for gal-gal films or for dog films although I'm sure they are much

"Shit Mom," I said. "School is almost out and at those kind of prices I
could have enough for college and you could retire by the end of summer. I
can't believe all the sex I want and getting paid for it too."

"Wait just a fucking minute young lady," Mom said. "Where in the above
conversation were you included in this prospective employment? I kept
saying I hadn't said anything about you but that doesn't mean you are

"But Mommmm," I whined. "Just think about how exciting it would be to have
my face buried in your cunt while you are smiling for the camera. I'm
getting wet just thinking about it and so are you," I said as I put a
finger in her pussy.

We talked and talked about this opportunity. All the while I was fingering
her or playing with her tits as we sat there at the table. Finally I stood
up and took her hands and pulled her up. As we stood there I kissed her
mouth and then each of her hard nipples. Then I pushed back on the table
and spread her legs. She started moaning before my tongue reached her
pussy. And when it scored she was almost crying. I ate her cunt until her
love juice flowed like a river, all over the table and onto the floor. It
was too much volume for me to drink all at once.

"You always do that you little slut," she said. "When ever I am trying to
be serious and you don't like how the conversation is going you start
playing with me and then make me cum. It is very distracting."

"Mother," I said indignantly. "Would I deliberately lick and suck your
pussy just to make you shut up?"|

"Oh no dear, not you," she replied.

"Well mother dear," I said, "I have officially invited myself along on this

We did not discuss the matter again or have sex for several days. I was
getting horny as hell and found myself snooping around in Mom's room, I
guess hoping to find a pair of panties that were wet from her or his cum.
All I found was a business card. King Davis, Entrepaneur is all it said
with a phone number and address. His house wasn't all that far from ours and
that thought started the development of a devious plan in my mind. I would
go to his house just to see what he and maybe his wife looked like. I
decided I might as well dress like the slut I am. While looking thru my
closet I came across the plaid skirt I had worn to academy a few years ago.
I tried it on and because I wasn't much bigger in the hips etc, just
taller, the skirt fit ok but was quite short, which was ok. I put on a
white blouse, first with a bra and then without and decided without was the
look I wanted. White panties, white knee high stockings and black shoes completed my
outfit. I put my hair in two pony tails and went very light with the make
up. I looked at myself in the mirror and almost came.

I grabbed a clip board and the paper work from a fund raiser we had done a
year before and headed out the door. On my bike I made it to their house
in about 5 minutes and found myself patting out my cloths and catching my
breath at their door. I rang the bell and it soon opened. I just about
dropped everything when I saw the vision standing before me. This had to
be his wife and Mom was absolutely right on when she said she was the most
beautiful black woman she had ever seen. She smiled at me and asked if she
could help me. I wanted to say yes take me to your bed but of course
didn't. I told her I was on a fund raiser to raise money for uniforms for
the cheer leader squad. She invited me in and led me into an office-den
type room.

"How would $50 be?" she asked.

"Oh mam you are too generous." I said. "I feel like I ought to do
something extra if you are going to give that much."

I was setting opposite her with my legs slightly spread. I was almost sure
she could see my pussy and from the direction of her eyes I was almost sure
she was.

She smiled and asked, "What did you have in mind?"

"Oh I don't know, wash windows, sweep the floors, rake your front yard, and
wash your back slipped out at the end."

She kind of laughed and as she handed me her check, took a hold of my hand
and lead me out of the room.

"I had just finished playing tennis when you rang the bell," she said. A
shower is definetly in order."

I couldn't believe this beautiful woman was leading me to the shower and I
was actually going to wash her back. I couldn't believe it. My cunt was
so wet from just thinking about it I thought I must be putting of a lot of
sexual aroma.

"My name is Anna," she said. "Not Ann or Anny or any other combination,
just Anna." "I'm Pam," I said. "I am so glad to meet you."

"You seem like a very willing young lady," she continued. "Are you here to
audition for my personal maid?"

"I would love to audition," I said willingly. "Where do you want me to

"First thing would be to pick up my dirty cloths and put them in that
hamper," she pointed out.

I picked up her sweaty tennis cloths, her bra and her panties. The crotch
of her panties were very wet and without thinking I pressed them to my
face, inhaling the sweat and a fair amount of sex. I glanced at her and
saw that she had seen me checking out her panties.

Anna took me by the hand and led me into her bedroom. It was a big, big
room with a big round bed. "You must like the complete aroma and taste
of a woman," she said as she laid down. "Why don't you have an early

Wow, have things worked out the way I had hoped. I had only been in her
house for twenty minutes and already this beautiful woman was laid out
before me, legs spread waiting for my tongue. I started to lie down
between her legs when she put her hand over her pussy.

"Cloths are an absolute no-no on this bed," she exclaimed. "Shed yours
before you lay down."

I stood back up and put on a little show as I pulled of my blouse and
skirt. Then very slowly pushed my panties down exposing my completely
shaved cunny.

"You look pretty tasty young lady," she said. "I may have to try you

Instead of lying down between her legs and licking her cunt, I wanted to
start with kissing and sucking her tits. I put a hand on each side of her
and lowered my face to a breast. I tongued and nibbled and sucked each one
for a few seconds then started heading for her cunt. She pulled me down on
top of her and took my face in her hands. I received the most passionate
kiss I have ever had. Her tongue was leading the dance in my mouth as her
lips pressed mine. Our tits rubbed and our pussy's rubbed, I was in

"Oh please young lady, do what you started to do. Lick my cunny. Suck up
all the tastes you can."

My body was almost as sweaty as hers as I slid down between her legs. She
pulled her knees up and spread wide. Her pussy was as beautiful as her
face. Dark outer lips framed the very inviting pink inner lips and at the
top of her love nest a very large protruding clit. It looked like the head
of a cock peeking out from behind the fore skin. I licked around the outer
lips, pausing to taste each lick. Sweat was the first flavor then a little
bit of urine and finally pure woman as I reached her inner cunt.

Chapter 5
The aroma of sex from Anna's pussy was so strong it was like ambrosia. I
made love to it, licking and sucking and enjoying for about 10 minutes.
Anna rewarded me a couple of times with extra portions of love juice.
After her last climax she laid back and rested for a minute then said

"OK dear, it's my turn."

She put her hands along side my face and gently pulled me up to her. Her
tongue found my lips and she licked them and then pushed her tongue into my
mouth. She ran her tongue around and played with my tongue for a minute
and then said,

"I taste pretty good this morning, don't I?"

"You are very delicious," I replied.

I put a couple of fingers deep into my wet cunt and then placed them on her

"How do I taste?" I asked.

"MMmMMMMMMM,' she replied.

Anna rolled me over on my back and began making love to me. Her lips and
teeth and tongue started a fire on each one of my tits as she dealt with my
nipples. And then my tummy began to tingle as she licked down to my naval
and then down to my pussy. When her lips pressed on my pussy lips I came
in an instant. She looked at me and smiled and asked if I was a bit
horney. I said oh yesssss as she continued licking and kissing. Anna was
only the second woman that had played with my pussy and she was so
different then my mother. She was kind of like soft and easy. Mom was
like an animal. Anna just seemed to know when to slow down and when to
speed up, bringing me to climax but not letting me. She sat up for a
minute and reached over to a night stand by the bed and opened a drawer.
She pulled out a really big black cock with some straps on it.

"Have you ever been fucked with a strap-on My Dear?" She asked as she
hooked the big black cock to her body.

"No," I replied. I'm not sure I can take that big thing."

The cock looked to be about 12 inches long and three inches in diameter. I
had seen cocks like that in some of the movies Mom rented but never one for
real. Anna moved up and started rubbing the cock head on my lips. I put
my hand around it and it felt soft but yet very hard, just like a real one.

"Why don't you lick it a little and get it wet and ready for your pussy?"
she asked.

As I did what she requested I was thinking how impossible it would be to
bring a guy to orgasm sucking a huge cock like this. Then Anna slid down
between my legs and rubbed the head around my cunny. She placed the
head between my wet pussy lips and gently pushed. I could feel the huge thing
enter me and it felt like what a post would feel like. Slowly and tenderly
she moved it in and out, pushing a little more in on every stroke.

"See my dear; you can take a big man cock."

All I could do was moan an answer. Anna continued pushing more and more
into me until she hit bottom. I winced in a little pain as the head
touched the end of my love canal. She stopped immediately; concerned that
she had hurt me. I assured her I was all right so she continued. I put my
hand down on the cock and felt that I had almost all of it in me on the in
stroke. Anna laid down on me and began kissing my face and neck while she
fucked me. Her tempo increased and it was my guess that she was about to
cum also. When mine hit my whole body shook as stream after stream of my
juice leaked out of my cunny. At the high point Anna moved down and placed
her mouth over the opening of my pussy drinking in all of my cum. When I
finally finished I was exhausted. Anna very carefully licked all the
wetness from my pussy and legs and then moved up beside me. We embraced
and kissed very briefly and Anna said,

"Guess what my love, you've got the job."

Chapter Six
On my way home it suddenly hit me that I was going to have a hell of a time
explaining to Mom how I ended up in Anna's bed. I thought of what to say
and how to say it and what to say leading up to what I was going to say and
then thought What the Hell, I've never lied to Mom and I've told her some
stuff that really disappointed her so why should I start trying to bull
shit her now. I was just going to walk in, start playing with her and then
ask her how Anna tasted.

As I walked into the kitchen Mom looked at me and smiled a big smile like
she was about to bust and then looked at me again and asked What the hell
you got that getup on for?

I said "you first, you look like you just swallowed a pussy cat."

She looked at me with that big smile again and said, "Well dear, get ready
to move. I talked to Mr. King Davis about me and we settled on a little
more then I told you per 10 minute film. We also discussed how many over
what time period I would have to make and how many over what time period I
could make. We talked about what I would do and what I wouldn't do. Of
course there was nothing in the latter category. He poured me another
glass of champagne and started playing around so I asked him, just for
discussion sake suppose you had a woman who was going to work for you and
everything was settled and she brought up that she had a partner. Would
that fuck things up?"

"Well what does this partner look like?" he asked.

"To begin with, she is younger then me. Actually quite a bit younger. She
is a tiny petite blond that loves to fuck and loves to play with other
women." I replied.

"Who is this partner?"

"She is my daughter," I blurted out.

"Your daughter?" "Did I hear right?" "Your daughter?"

"Yes my daughter," I replied. "She and I have been having sex ever since
her father died in that logging accident about 5 years ago. We have been
each other's support group and somehow that support just turned to sex."

"When can I meet this child," he asked.

"When ever you want. She has already told me she wants to work with me so
I know she will be willing."

"I'll have a car pick you and your daughter up about seven and the four of
us will have dinner at our house."

I told him OK and came home, Mom told me and then she said now we've got to
get ready. And what's your big news?

I was stunned by what mom and just told me. I didn't know how she was
going to take it but I just blurted it out.

"While you were gone I got really horney. I was looking in your room for a
pair of your panties or some thing to relieve my tension when I ran across
Mr. Davis' business card. An idea hit me that I should go up to his house
and met him and his wife. So I put on this outfit and knocked on their
door and said I was doing a fund raiser. Mrs. Davis, or Anna took me into
her study to write me a check and one thing led to another and we ended up
having the most wonderful hour and a half of sex. I didn't meet him but I
sure met Anna."

Now Mom was the one that was stunned. She just stood there and looked at
me as if she didn't believe me. Finally she just shook her head and said,
"I absolutely can't believe you."

I picked up her clock and set it for 6:30 and pulled out the alarm. Then I
sat down by Mom, put her face in my hands and pressed my lips to hers. Our
tongues met and did their dance as I gently tweaked her nipples. Then I
broke our kiss and Mom asked me,

"What's this all about?"

"I just want you to be sure that there is only one love in my heart no
matter whose bed we might be in. You are my Mother, my Lover and the most
important person in my life."

Mom pinched my nipple a little hard just as the alarm went off.

"Is Anna really good?" She asked.

"Not as good as you," I answered. "We better get ready if our ride is
going to be here at 7."

We were picked up by a really good looking black guy driving a really great
looking Rolls Limo. I nudged Mom with my elbow and whispered "I wonder
what the rules are about fraternizing with the help." She kind of giggled.

We necked a little during the short ride to Mr. Davis's house. As Parker,
our driver's name, held the door for me I kind of rubbed his crotch with my
arm as I got out. He smiled and said hang on a minute. He reached in the
car and wrote something and handed me a piece of paper. "Just punch those
numbers into the phone."

Just as Mom was reaching for the buzzer the door opened and there was Anna.
I about wet my pants because she was knock down beautiful. Her dress was
so tight and cut so low in front that about 2/3's of her tits were showing.
And the slight on the side was cut clear up to her waist. I felt
completely under dressed.

"Come in ladies," she said. "So nice to see you again Pam, I know this
relationship is going to be both fun and profitable."

Mr. Davis was fixing drinks as we entered the great room. And I mean great
room. It must have been 50 by 50, rich thick carpet, two or three sofas, a
hot tub and all kinds of lights on the walls. I thought this must be the
stage where all the movies are shot.

"What would you like to drink ladies?" he asked.

"Just soda water for me," I said. Mom asked for a glass of champagne.

"So this is the young lady you spent the afternoon with," Mr. Davis said to

Anna got a big smile on her face and said yessssss.

"Well ladies we don't eat dinner around here until about 9 if that's not
too late for you," he told us. "In the mean time why don't we get

Anna walked over to where Mom was setting and Mr. Davis patted his lap
while smiling at me. I went over to him and straddled his lap like a lap
dance. He put his hands beside my face and pulled me down to him and
kissed me. He tasted a little like pussy and I wondered if it was Anna or
some other lady he just got thru devouring. He was a very sensual kisser
and my pussy started to itch and get wet. I could feel a bulge growing in
his trousers so slide down between his legs and started rubbing it. He
lifted his hips so I could pull his pants down and man what a cock was

"Why don't you get rid of these cloths?" I asked. "They'll just get in the
way later."

"Why don't you do the same?" he replied.

I stood up and did sort of a strip tease dance for him as I undressed. As
I was doing so I glanced over at Mom and Anna and saw that they were way
ahead of us. Both of them were completely nude, Mom was lying on Anna and
they were kissing and rubbing there pussies together. Mom was very good at

"You are a beautiful young woman," he said as he looked over my nude body
standing before him. "You and your Mom are going to make a lot of money
over the next months. You are going to get very rich."

I thought he was very sincere so as I kneeled between his legs I decided he
was about to get the best hour of sex he had ever had. I started with a
tour of his cock and balls, kissed and licked up and down his body and then
mounted him for a slow, extended lap dance. We were both about to cum when
a bell rang. Don't stop he said, that's just the warning that its 15
minutes till dinner. I kept humping him until I wet all over him. As he
was about to shoot his load I slipped down and took it in my mouth. There
was a lot of moaning coming from the sofa Mom and Anna were on and when I
looked I could see why. Mom was between Anna's legs giving her pussy the
treatment that only Mom can give. Anna was shooting juice so hard it was
splashing all over her face. Then things were quiet for a few minutes
until Mom with her great sense of humor said, "Do we dress for dinner?"

Chapter 7
Mom, Anna, Mr. Davis and I gathered around this really big dining room
table and shared several glasses of champagne. We had put our cloths back
on because they didn't want to embarrass the wait staff. LOL. We talked
about stuff and Mr. Davis got our conversation around to Mom and I and
whether we were interested in moving in and making films. He explained
everything to Mom and then Anna thru a real bomb on the table. She first
asked me what my grades were like and I told her B's and A's mostly and
then asked what my plans for college were and I told her I didn't have any
and she asked why and I said because we don't have the money. So I'm just
going to get a job and do the best I can without any college.

Anna looked at me and then at Mom and said, "If you will spend one weekend
a month, Holiday and summers with me I will pay your tuition, books, room
and board. If you want spending money you will have to earn it. You will
be required to maintain a C plus average and take at least 14 hours per
term. I want you to have fun at college but I also what you to get an
education. You think about it and let me know in the next few days.

Mom looked at me and smiled, King looked at me and smiled and Anna just
continued to smile. I said well if Mom and I move in here like we are
talking about I'll be here anyway. Anna replied quite quickly that she
meant I would be spending time with her, not necessarily here. I decided
there probably wasn't anything that she could want from me that I couldn't
give so there was nothing standing between me and college education except
my saying yes. I went around to her, laid her head back and planted a soft
sweet kiss on her mouth, which opened and her tongue entered my mouth. We
kissed for sometime before Anna broke it off, stood up and took my hand.

Looking at Kind and Mom, Anna said, "You two better entertain yourselves,
Pam and I will be awhile."

Then I got a little bit worried. The way Anna was acting and the way she
was leading me gave me the idea she might be into whips and chains and that
stuff, which I wasn't. I almost panicked. She took me into a different
bedroom and told me that this would be mine. It was a beautiful room, all
kinds of color, flowers and stuff, it was wonderful. She pushed me down on
the bed and without any messing around buried her face in my cunt. Anna
had a long tongue and she knew how to use it. I was on the verge of climax
in a matter of minutes. She kept teasing me, getting me close then backing
off, then repeating. Finally I wrapped my legs around her head and
wouldn't let her stop until I squirted cum all over her face. She
continued licking me until she had cleaned up all the mess.

"I wanted to talk to you a little more about what I have in mind," she said
as she petted me like her little puppy. "We have some very desirable men
and women living and working here. Under no circumstances are you to have
sex with any of them with out my approval. There will be times that I may
desire two women so will have one of them join us. Or there may be times
that I will desire licking men's cum out of you hot pussy. I will have two
or three of them fuck your brains out. There maybe times when I will have
some of them put on a show for us and then both of us will join them. And
there will be times when we will join your Mom and King. You are going to
be my little white bitch, do you understand that?"

I felt so comfortable just laying there hugging her leg while she petted me
and talked, I almost went to sleep. "I just have two questions," I said.
"Are you into whips and chains and that stuff?"

"No dear I'm not," she replied. "I'm into fun and pleasure and feeling
good, not hurting me or anyone else."

"And does this mean I have to get your permission to have sex with my Mom?"
I asked.

"No Pam it doesn't mean that and I'm sorry if I made it sound like you

I snuggled her leg a little tighter and told her how glad I was cause I
didn't think any of that kind of stuff sounded fun at all and I would have
to bow out if Mom was on the get permission list.

We were talking about the future, like that Anna and King were taking Mom
and I shopping the next day for cloths and other stuff. Suddenly a bell
rang twice and Anna said that was the summons. When I heard that bell I
was to head for the lounge no matter what I was doing. When we arrived,
Mom had on her panties and that was all, King was nude with a big hard on.
They were definitely interrupted by something.

King looked at Anna and told her that he had just had a call from some one
whose name I didn't catch. They were going to be in town the next day and
wanted a private party in the evening. King said he had already talked to
the kitchen and food and drink would be no problem. But what to do for a

Anna said, "Pam is pretty inventive, let's turn this over to her. We'll
give her tonight to come up with an idea, and we'll try it out tomorrow."
Then she turned to me and said, "The program will have to be from 45
minutes to an hour long. Anyone on our staff can be included except King
and me. If we see what is going on and want to join you we will."

She handed me a big scrap book type thing and said here are your
prospective cast members. I opened the book to some pictures of the most
beautiful women in the world. Beautiful faces, natural boobs, shaved
pussys I was instantly horney. And there were blacks, Orientals, Hispanic,
you name it. Then the men. I really got wet. Big husky hunks, big hard
cocks and everyone had a picture of the load of cum he dumped on a girls
face. There were about 8 women and 10 or 12 men.

King said he was tired and was going to bed. Anna said she was going to
join him but just to sleep. We all laughed. Mom asked what room she and I
were in and Anna said I knew where it was. I picked up the scrapbook and
headed out with Mom. As we left the lounge I noticed a really beautiful
maid waiting to turn out the lights. She smiled at me and I smiled back. I
wanted her for my program. When I got to our room I looked in the book and
found her and put her name, Linsey, as number one on my list of players.

At breakfast the next morning Anna asked what I had come up with. I asked
her how many people I could use. As many as I wanted I was told. I said
that Mom and I were going to be the Queen and her daughter. While we
watched our own show we would each have one of the lovely ladies taking
care of us. The show would be all of our guys fucking and cumming in and
on another one of the lovelies and when they were done Mom and I would
clean her up. Anna thought for a while and said that sounds really good
except for two things. One, there will be two getting fucked, you and your
Mom and there will be one person clean you up, Me.

King laughed and told her she was something else. "You never could pass up
a bumper crop of cum, could you?"

Anna asked me if I would like to see the guys to pick out which order they
would appear in, I said sure and she pushed a buzzer. In came a row of
beautiful men. Two Hispanics, two white guys and the rest black. They all
had on an Indian type loin cloth that in most cases was starting to form
kind of a tent. On the loin cloth was their name, Mike, Danny, Dolf etc.
Anna told me I could examine them or audition them or what ever I wanted to

Mom giggled and said, "If I know my daughter she will want to audition all
11 of them."

I looked at Mom and said Oh Mutherrrr. We all laughed.

I went over to the row of guys and started just by lifting the loin cloth
for a better view of their love tool. We are talking a world class meat
market. My pussy was getting wetter and wetter. I knew I couldn't get
thru the whole line with out touching or stroking or sucking or fucking one
of them. Anna and Mom and King were getting a big chuckle out of my

And then I lifted the loin cloth of Gus. He was a big black dude about 6'3
225 lbs and a nice looking guy. His cock was semi hard but already big big
big. I couldn't resist taking it in my hand and squeezing it. Gus started
moving forward and back kind of like fucking my hand. His meat was getting
harder and bigger and longer in my hand. I thought to myself this guy must
deliver a wonderful load. I finished looking at the guys and making notes
and they were excused. I laid down my pad and went over to King and
dropped between his legs.

"After that I need some meat, I said as I undid his pants. He wiggled out
of them and there was his big cock, ready for me. I hoped on like I was
going to give him a lap dance but needless to say I didn't last very long
and neither did he. About the time I blasted cum all over him he filled my
cunt with his seed. Anna came over and took my hand and laid me out on the
table. Her tongue was soon sucking and licking his cum out and off of me.
Mom was tending to King so we were all happy.

"All right you two," Anna said to Mom and I. "You've got a show to put on
tonight so you better get some rest. Our guests will be here about 7:30,
Showtime will be about 8 and we will feed them about 9:30. See you later."

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