When I turned eighteen I received two things, two hundred and fifty thousand dollars and a semi. I had always dreamed of driving big trucks and this was my chance. It was all part of my uncle’s estate, he had died and left everything to me. I started driving long hauls for different trucking companies and made over five thousand a week. I saved almost seventy percent of my pay and everything went into high interest stocks.

Two years later I meet Amanda and we were married. At first things were great and then she became a little distant. Two years later we were talking about having children to bring us together. I had just gotten home from a long haul and it was supposed to be just the right time for her to get pregnant. It was a Friday night and she said she had already planned a night out with her friends.

After she left I was bored as I walked through the house and ended up in the bedroom. I saw one of Amanda’s old diaries and decided to do some snooping. I sat on the edge of the bed and after a couple of minutes managed to pick the tiny lock and open it. What I read surprised and angered me, since we have been married Amanda had slept with over seventy men.

I pulled out her recent diary and picked the lock. What I read from her last few entries made me want to kill something. Amanda had told her girlfriends about us trying to have children and tonight they were throwing her a breeding party. She was going to let a bunch of men fuck her and then make me wait five day before having sex. I closed the diary and made a call to the company dispatcher.

I knew if I stayed I would kill someone. I packed my travel bag and set it by the door. Amanda came in just after two in the morning. I was by the door waiting and when she closed the door I moved. I shoved her over the back of the couch. “Shut up and hold still!”

She started to struggle and I slapped her ass before lifting her skirt and looking between her legs. I released her and stepped back, “I’ll be back in two weeks and you better pray you aren’t pregnant. When I get back, I will talk to a lawyer about a divorce.”

I grabbed my bag and slammed the door on my way out. It was a long two weeks filled with turmoil and heartache. The only bright lining was my stop in Las Vegas where I won ten million. Of course after the payout and taxes I only got two. I had sent a text with the day and time I would be home and walked in on time. Amanda was sitting in the kitchen alone looking frightened. I had left my bag in the truck and ignored her to walk back to the bedroom. I was packing when she came in, “David?”

I glanced at her but didn’t say anything. She took a breath, “I was lonely David and you weren’t here.”

I stopped and faced her, “So you were letting a bunch of men fuck you and wanted to trick me into thinking the baby was mine.”

She looked down, “That wasn’t my idea.”

I snorted, “You didn’t stop it either.”

She was silent and then she took a breath, “I used spermicide and got a morning after pill. I had my period and had a test done. I’m not pregnant.”

I shook my head as I went back to packing, “Not yet.”

She took a step closer, “David? Take me with you, in your truck in mean.”

I stopped and looked at her. She was biting her lip as I asked. “Why?”

She came closer and caressed my shoulder, “because I love you and if I am with you I can’t cheat.”

I looked at her and somehow the pain I had been feeling went away. I nodded, “Okay.”

I looked around, “Get a bag and pack some clothes. I have another long haul going out this afternoon.”

She grinned and headed for her dresser. I looked down at the bag at my feet and an idea hit me. I grinned and walked out as I used my cell. When Amanda came into the living room with her bag I was looking at the bills. I paid everything I needed to and then grabbed her bag. When she climbed up into the cab of my truck she was grinning. She had always loved riding in my truck, something I had forgotten.

I drove to the truck dealership and Amanda looked at me. I gestured to the back after shutting the truck off, “Hand everything out.”

I got out and walked around and started unloading the truck. The owner of the lot came over with a cart and I started stacking everything in it. When Amanda and I were done unloading, he led the way to the new truck. She looked surprised and delighted and I headed off to do paperwork while she put everything into the new truck.

I had my insurance agent fax my new policy when we were done and I went back to climb into the truck with the RV cab. I turned in my seat to look at Amanda in back on the sofa, “Take your clothes off. You wear panties only in the truck.”

She blushed as she looked at me and then grinned and started stripping. She was wearing g string panties and walked up to sit in the other seat. I smiled and started the truck. My first stop was DMV and then after putting the plates on, I headed to the company freight yard to pick up the trailer. I had to smile at the way everyone stared at Amanda’s tits as we went by.

The new truck drove like a dream and Amanda kept standing to lean over while fixing the radio station. I knew she was just flashing passing vehicles. When I pulled into the truck stop and shut the engine off, I smiled and took her hand before pulling her straight back to the big bed. I stripped while she pulled her panties off and moved onto the bed rubbing her pussy.

I crawled onto the bed and kissed her before moving down her body. She groaned and shuddered, “God David, just fuck me.”

I looked up at her face and then moved back up her body. I settled between her legs and she guided my cock to her pussy. I pushed into her and started to fuck her slowly. Amanda moaned and held me as her hips met mine. Every time I fucked all the way into her, she shuddered as her pussy squeezed my cock.

I buried my cock to press against her and hump and she shuddered as my cock pushed against her womb. I pulled out of her only to slowly push all the way back in. Her pussy tightened and spasmed around my cock as she groaned, “David!”

I fucked her hard for a minute and then slowed to fuck her with long, slow, deep thrusts. Amanda started convulsing as her pussy tightened and squeezed my cock. She was shaking her head and then she arched her back as her pussy squeezed my cock tight, “Yes!”

I buried my throbbing cock and shuddered as I started pouring cum into her open womb. She jerked and spasmed as her pussy contracted. I pumped and spurted six huge wads of sperm and she finally relaxed as I held her with my cock twitching and throbbing. I kissed her and pulled out before moving off the bed, “Get dressed and we’ll go get lunch before I fill the tanks.”

Amanda was grinning and looked like the woman I met and fell in love with. She slid off the bed and ran into the bathroom holding her pussy. Lunch was funny because every guy in the place kept staring at her, it was like she was a bitch in heat. Even before we were back on the highway she was naked and sitting beside me.

She sat back relaxed and just looked out the window watching the country side. I kept looking at her lovely body and smiled as I looked back at the road, “I’m going to fuck you whenever we stop.”

Amanda grinned at me, “Can we try it where someone can see?”

I grinned, “Did you pack any toys?”

She blushed but nodded as I continued to watch the road, “If you kneel on the seat facing the back with your legs spread that would be a great show for anyone looking in their mirror.”

She giggled and slid out of the seat and went into the back. She was back a minute later and sat back and spread her legs before putting her feet up on the dash. She grinned at me and turned the vibrator on. She shuddered when she rubbed it through her slit. I watched out of the corner of my eye as she fucked the vibrator through her slit and shuddered. When she finally pushed it into her pussy she spasmed and gasped, “fuck!”

I grinned, “Stand up and turn around.”

Amanda groaned as she held the vibrator inside her and stood. She turned and spread her legs as she leaned over the seat. She went back to fucking the vibrator through and into her pussy. She glanced over her shoulder at the cars as they passed us. When one honked she shuddered and moaned, “Yes!”

She fucked her pussy harder with the vibrator as I passed another semi and slowed. Amanda turned her head to see him watching her and her body spasmed and jerked, “Fuck!”

I grinned and pulled ahead as the other trucker blew his horn. Amanda pulled the vibrator out and turned to drop into the seat as the CB radio came to life, “Nice show.”

I took the handset and passed it to Amanda as she shivered and relaxed after her orgasm. She grinned and keyed the mike, “It was just for you.”

A minute later he came back, “Are you available?”

She didn’t even hesitate, “Sorry sweety, my husband is trying to knock me up.”

A chuckle came over the radio from someone else, “If he can’t do it, look me up.”

Amanda glanced at me and leaned forward to hang the mike up. She sat back, “That was amazing honey.”

She sighed, “How often do you stop?”

I grinned, “This trip I’ll be stopping more often.”

She grinned and looked around, “everything seems to look better from a truck.”

I laughed and Amanda relaxed back in her seat ignoring the stares from passing cars and trucks. She finally turned in her seat, “Can I go lay down?”

I smiled, “If you want.”

She kissed my cheek before heading back. I pulled into a rest stop two hours later and shut the truck off. When I went back Amanda was just sitting up. She smiled and held out her arms. I stripped and moved onto the bed and kissed her. She sighed and laid back as I moved over her. I slowly pushed into her pussy and started to fuck her with slow, deep thrusts.

It wasn’t long before her warm pussy was contracting around my cock. She was shuddering and shaking as her hips rose to meet mine. I buried my cock nice and deep and used tiny grinding thrusts that made Amanda spasm. She arched her back a minute later, “YES!”

I rode her bucking body as she thrashed around under me and started to fuck her again. This time with deep strokes that made her grunt and shake. She jerked erratically as her pussy spasmed and contracted around my cock. She tossed her head, “FUCK!”

I fucked her harder and she started having convulsions. I shoved into her and pressed deeper into her open womb before pumping thick spurts of cum. Amanda jerked and shook hard as I spurted and spewed my sperm into her. I slowly pulled out of her when I stopped cumming and she sighed and then laughed throatily, “Damn!”

I smiled and pulled her against me, “my laptop is on the couch. The truck satellite system should let you go online if you need to. I have my base Journey on the desktop, it’s a database. That’s your new diary. Copy it, create a new folder and put the copy in the folder.”

Amanda grinned, “On your laptop?”

I cupped her breast, “On my laptop. I may want to read what you write.”

She nodded and put her head on my shoulder, “Do you think we can really afford to do this?”

I smiled, “Yes. Still feel like sleeping?”

Amanda caressed my chest, “I haven’t been sleeping very well.”

I held her and relaxed. I woke to the beep of my watch alarm and moved Amanda off me before climbing out of bed. I peed, washed and dressed before starting the truck. I drove through the rest of the night and finally pulled into a truck stop as the sun began coming up. I shut the truck off before heading back towards the bed. I undressed while looking at Amanda sleeping.

I moved behind her on the bed and lifted her leg before slowly pushing my cock into her warm, slimy pussy. She moaned and pushed her butt back as I started to fuck her slowly. A couple of minutes later her pussy squeezed my cock as she shuddered and turned her head to see me. She smiled as I hugged her and gave her a kiss and then she moved away, pulling my cock out of her.

She turned and straddled me before sitting back on my cock. She started rocking and thrusting back and forth with her eyes closed. Her pussy spasmed and she shuddered before moaning, “oooohhhhh!”

She became more erratic and began lifting up each time she thrust forward before slamming back onto my cock. She was jerking and shuddering as her pussy spasmed. Finally she slowed and froze as her body stiffened. I pulled her down and rolled until she was under me before fucking her hard and deep.

Not even a minute later I pressed against her womb as my cock started throbbing and sending huge, strong spurts of cum. Amanda jerked and thrashed around as I kept pumping cum into her and finally she just lay still panting as I slowly pulled out of her leaking hole.

She grinned and rolled off the bed to run into the tiny bathroom. I smiled and slowly followed her, I pulled her out and dressed her in a short skirt that barely covered her pussy and a thin blouse. I led her into the truck stop to the showers and we washed each other. We dried off and had breakfast in the diner. I had Amanda sit facing the other truckers with her legs open.

At first she blushed but it wasn’t long before she was rubbing her pussy and teasing her clit while they watched. The waitress saw but only grinned and reached down to squeeze her nipple through the blouse. She was a stunning young girl of maybe eighteen with long blonde hair. As soon as we climbed back into the truck Amanda pushed me into the cab as she stripped. She pulled my pants down before turning to sit on my cock.

As she thrust back and forth she rubbed her clit hard. Her wet pussy was spasming around my cock as I held her breasts and tugged on her nipples. She kept shuddering and spasming as she moaned. Soon she was rocking and fucking my cock erratically. I stood and leaned her towards the dash as I fucked her.

I held her hips and used long, deep thrusts that made her grunt. Finally I thrust into her womb and held her hips as I pumped cum into her. She stiffened and then thrust back and jerked as her pussy clamped down, “YES!”

I pumped and spewed and spurted and finally I stopped cumming. I turned my head to see the waitress from the diner. She had her hand in her skirt and the other in her open blouse. I smiled and pulled out of Amanda, “You have a fan.”

She turned her head to look and grinned, “Maybe she wants to join us.”

I grinned as I pulled up my pants and Amanda opened the door to talk to the girl. I went into the back to make sure everything was put away and then came back. Amanda was helping the girl up into the truck and grinned at me, “She wants to be a truckers fuck toy.”

I looked from her to Amanda, she kissed me and pushed me towards my seat, “Just drive.”

I looked at the girl before climbing behind the wheel, “We can’t come back any time soon.”

Amanda bent to kiss my cheek, “she has her birth control so she doesn’t need anything else.”

I started the truck and a few minutes later we were back on the road. Five minutes later Amanda was sitting down in her seat and pulling the naked girl onto her lap, “This is Kim.”

I leaned over and reached out to rub her hard pink nipples, “Nice to meet you Kim.”

She groaned and shuddered as Amanda laughed and waved at another trucker we were passing. She put her arms around Kim and cupped one breast as her other hand pushed her legs open and began to finger her wet looking pussy. She shuddered and turned her head to kiss Amanda as my wife fingered her pussy. I watched Amanda finger fuck her to three orgasms before she stopped and moved.

She sat on Kim’s lap and it was her turn to get fingered. When they finished I nodded to the back, “go copy the journey and make a new diary in your folder for Kim.”

Amanda nodded and pulled her into the back. I stopped in a rest area after four hours and went into the back to find Amanda making lunch while Kim talked to her. I undressed and reached for Kim and she grinned. I pulled her to the bed and laid her down before bending down to lick through her pussy. Amanda sat beside us, “I hope you don’t mind. I already licked her pussy.”

I sucked on Kim’s clit and looked at Amanda, “Did you put it in your diary?”

She nodded and I went back to licking and teasing Kim’s clit. She was moaning and shuddering as she lifted her hips. Amanda rubbed my back, “go ahead and fuck her.”

I looked at her and she smiled, “it’s okay David.”

I turned Kim and moved over her and pushed into her extremely tight pussy. She groaned as my cock stretched her pussy and sank to her womb. I began to fuck her with deep thrusts that made her grunt and jerk. When my cock pushed into her womb she began to wail as her legs waved and kicked in the air. She was a lot wetter and my cock fucked her easily. Amanda was rubbing my back and caressing me as she kept saying, “breed her David.”

Kim began to jerk and convulse a minute later and her wails became howls as she spread her legs and kept thrusting her hips up. I thrust into her finally and shuddered as my cock jerked and then started pumping large, thick spurts of cum. She stiffened and held her hips up as warm sperm poured into her womb. I pulled out after I was done and she dropped her legs to the bed, “Fuck!”

Amanda laughed and I turned and pulled her with me until she was laying beside Kim and I was between her legs. I lifted up so she could position my cock and then I was fucking her. Kim laughed as she turned to watch, “look who is getting bred now.”

Amanda grinned and wrapped her legs around my waist. I buried my cock to hump and grind and she jerked and started to spasm. A couple of minutes and she was twisting and writhing around under me. I started to fuck her with long strokes and she lifted her legs into the air like Kim had, “YES!”

I was constantly pushing against her womb and it wasn’t long before it opened. She howled as I fucked her hard and she started to convulse and spasm as her pussy tightened. She stiffened and then started thrashing around as she got wetter, “FUCK!”

I was fucking her with long thrusts and she continued to convulse as her pussy rippled and spasmed around my cock. It was ten minutes before I pushed her womb open and starting to deposit another load of warm cum. Amanda continued to shake and lifted her hips suddenly and clung to me as she felt the warm sperm pumping into her, “YES!”

Ten years and six babies later we are still on the road. Amanda and Kim are like sisters and still love to show off their bodies. They both sit with me once a week while I read their diary.
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