The second part of the story introduces a further main character and all of their adventures at the sex party. The main theme is YOUNG. Check the themes for content and if your not into it, don't read it. Simple.
The Red Wing (Part 2)

The days and weeks leading up to the next party are spent going to lessons when Bobby was bored, hanging around with the other boys and having fun. In the afternoons Miss Cody taught him how to behave at the party. There would male and female guests and all ‘tastes’ were catered for. He would address them as either Mistress or Master unless instructed otherwise. Some guests liked to be dominated too; the teachers dealt with them but would sometimes ask 'pupils' to help. The party would last until the last guest left, they were generally invited to leave after twenty four hours but good parties had been known to last longer. There would be girls from the Red Wing of the girl’s school there as well. The boys weren’t to fraternise with them unless told to do so. (Graham had told Bobby that once he was told to fuck a beautiful eighteen year old virgin up the ass whilst some old guest watched and wanked himself off.) There was ballroom with pumping house music, dark with cosy alcoves, and an indoor swimming pool with Jacuzzi and sauna. Private rooms were also available at an extra cost. As Bobby was to be marked as a virgin he was not to agree to anything until a teacher had agreed a price. Once violated, his mark would be removed and he was fair game to anyone and everyone.
The night of the party arrived, they were all showered, waxed and Bobby had a large V drawn on each upper arm to indicate his status. They were driven to the mansion in a coach and when unloaded into an out building stripped of their clothes. Bobby glances at graham and notices he has a huge penis; it hung almost to his knees, ten inches of fat circumcised meat. The teachers from the school entered, led by Miss Cody, she wore the dominatrix outfit she wore when she ’broke Bobby in’. Nurse Barker was squeezed into a latex nurse’s outfit. All the teachers wore outfits you’d expect at a sex party; Mr Roe had a thong on, his large dick crammed into the pouch, his large waxed chest and biceps glistened with oil.
“Ok boys, here are your first pills, make sure you take one every two hours, but no more, we want you to keep going without losing your heads. “ Miss Cody tells the waiting boys as the pills are handed out.
“Remember to come back here for a shower and a pick me up if required after each encounter, be good and enjoy yourselves.”
They take the pills and are ushered into the party, the sound of thumping house music fills their ears, and they feel the first tingles of the sex pill taking effect, Bobby is very aware of his nakedness but forces it out of his mind.
They file into the ballroom. It is dark and smoky, disco lights flash to the rhythm of the music, young semi-naked girls form the girls Red Wing carry drinks to and fro, they are bare chested and knickerless and just wear stockings and suspenders fastened onto a garter belt, high heeled ‘porn star’ shoes adorn the feet. .Some are like Bobby and have a V on their arms. There is a bar at one end of the room and some of the guests are sat on bar stools around it, some of the ‘teachers’ are serving drinks and this is where additional services were paid for. Miss Cody wanders through holding a lead attached to which is a studded collar that is buckled to a male guest. He has a leather hood on, leather waistcoat and leather chaps, he’s on his hands and knees, his small penis dangles freely and his wobbly buttocks are exposed. Bobby can see Mistress has already whipped him as red welts are visible. She signals to Bobby to mingle. Two young beautiful twins wander past and Bobby’s dick twitches and stiffens a little. He wanders in taking it all in, ‘guests’ sit around the room or stand in groups some are wandering around the place sampling all the ‘product’ available. There are all ages, colours and nationality’s her, younger guests dance on the dance floor in various stages of undress, some of the Red Wing girls and boys join them if beckoned and gyrate sexually to the beat.
“Get me some champagne boy” Bobby turns and sees a large fat man in a business suit sat at a table with a woman in too much make-up. He waves him over.
“Quickly boy, champagne and two glasses” He orders and delivers a resounding slap to Bobby’s bare backside. Bobby reacts as he’s been taught.
“Yes Master, Thank you Master.” He says and heads off to the bar.

Lucy was a slut and she new it. She was seventeen and had matured early, in trouble from an early age she was caught by the police having sex in a public place when she was fifteen. That would have been ok except that she was discovered afterwards with the arresting officers in the patrol car; she was sucking one off as the other fucked her with his baton. She is five foot six, a gorgeous size 10 even if she did say so herself, her 36D tits were perky and her pink nipples pointed skywards.
She had her school nickname tattooed on her left buttock. “Juicy”, as in “Juicy Lucy”. She loved to fuck, she would have been happy to fuck at these parties without the sex pills they gave out. Already familiar with cocaine and ecstasy, the pills were even better, they made her really wild. She only had another six months at the school and then she was going to be a porn star, she had made some extra money that the school had put by for her when a basketball star had paid for her to go back to his luxury apartment for his birthday party. He had paid some serious money for the privilege of having her gangbanged by him and the whole team; he wasn’t to know she would have done it for free. She was stood by the dance floor trying to look innocent, but filthy at the same time, pouting with her hair tied in schoolgirl pigtails.
Bobby returned to the businessman with the champagne, he already had a young girl on his lap and he was playing with her small tits whilst she rubbed his crotch through his trousers. His wife also had company, a tanned stud sat on the chair which she was crouched in front of, sucking his dick. Bobby placed the champagne on the table and moved away.
Lucy was about to start her first encounter, a good looking young guy had spotted her and had been chatting to her, asking her boring run of the mill questions. She leans in to him and whispers.
“Listen, I’m a sure thing ok, so stop all the bullshit and get your cock out.”
The man is a little taken aback but then smirks and unzips the fly on his tight jeans, he opens them up and pulls them to his knees, and his briefs go with them. Lucy squats in front of him and takes hold of his flaccid penis. Looking up into his eyes she pouts and then takes it into her mouth, she feels him immediately grow. Her expert mouth goes to work; she sucks his balls and licks up the underneath of his shaft, then grabs his cock and pumps it hard and then admires her work. A nice seven inch cock, as hard as concrete, sticking up. A nice way to start the evening she thinks and ducks her down taking all of his cock into her mouth and her throat, she deep throats him, the man throws his back and moans.

Graham has been selected; his current master and mistress are a middle aged husband and wife. They are dressed casually, him in slacks and a shirt, his belly hanging over his belt, he’s balding and has a thick brown moustache. The woman wears a dress, stockings cover her legs, and Graham estimates her size as a twelve, maybe a fourteen. She has pretty big boobs and a pretty face, her hair is cut short and she is a little drunk. They had purchased a private room and she was sprawled on the bed, the husband sat in chair and Graham stood.
“Ok sonny” The man says. “I want you to fuck my wife.”
It was the usual thing for Graham, a bored middle aged couple, kids probably left home, spice up their sex life with role play and fantasy. Now they have the chance to realise a fantasy, she gets to be fucked by a black man with a big dick, he gets to watch. Not that he minded, he was high on a fuck drug and at least he was going to do the fucking.

Bobby watched as the party got into full flow, there were people fucking everywhere, a young Asian girl with a V on her arm lay on her back in the middle of the dance floor she held her legs open and Bobby watched as a male guest’s bottom rose and fell as he fucked her. Bobby’s dick was rock hard and he stroked it and shuddered with lust. He turned and watched a gorgeous girls with pigtails squat down and start to suck on a guests dick, she was clearly enjoying herself a lot.
Glenda Barker was laid on her back on one of the bench seats at the back of the ballroom having fun. A twenty something female guest had her head between Glenda’s legs, two fingers slid in and out of her cunt.
“Hmmmn, that’s good bitch, lick me, and fuck me with your fingers.” she murmured as she unzipped her dress and exposed her huge tits. A naked male guest can’t resist walking over and straddling Glenda’s stomach. She looks down as he positions himself over her and placing his hard prick between her tits, starts to move his hips forwards and backwards. Glenda holds her breasts and squeezes them together. She bends her head forward and sticks out her tongue, licking the tip on each forward thrust of her tit fuck. The fingers in her twat are removed and then she forces herself to relax as they are inserted again, this time a third has joined them. She see’s several other male guests move in closer and she knows what’s going to happen.

Lucy’s jaw was starting to ache and she needed a dick in her and she needed it now. She stopped blowing her masters cock and turned and got on her hands and knees, spreading her legs and revealing her moist pussy. She wiggled her bum and her master kicked off his trousers and fell to his knees behind her. She looked up and saw a boy across from her, he had a V on his arm and a lovely hard on which he stroked as he watched her, Lucy gave her most sexy pout and looked him square in the eye as she felt the tip of a cock bump at her twat and then open her up and slide in.
“Ooooooh” She mouthed at the boy, she’s wet and ready and the guy keeps easing forward until his groin touches her butt cheeks, his hands hold her waist and he pulls back and then starts thrusting in and out. She has to close her eyes and grit her teeth when a shiver of ecstasy hits her.

“Suck his big black cock you whore” His master told his mistress. Graham stood in front of the bed and his mistress held his throbbing veiny prick and admired it.
“Oh my god, he’s so big” she hisses, holding it in two hands, she doesn’t know where to start.
Graham looks down, he was blessed with a huge member, eleven and a half inches long and a thick two inch diameter, he was the envy of every man and boy he knew. His mistress opens her mouth wide and sucks on the tip, he smiles at her as she looks up into his eyes. She then proceeds to lick her way down his shaft to his heavy balls, alternating she sucks his heavy cum laden sacks into her mouth, barely able to fit one ball in her mouth. He holds her head in his hands and gently pulls her back to his cock; he needs her to suck him hard. Guiding her open mouth to the tip of his dick he moves his hips forward and feeds it into her waiting mouth, he glances at the husband whose wide eyes are filled with lust.
“Yeah baby, suck his cock”

Miss Cody is enjoying herself,
“You area disgusting maggot!” she yells at the guest in leather that’s chained in a star shape to the wheel.
She swishes the riding crop in a long arc and brings it down hard on his exposed buttocks with a resounding crack, he screams into his gag. She smiles to herself as the latest angry looking welt rises to the surface of his scarred butt cheeks. Walking around the front of the wheel she eyes his small limp penis and slaps it with the palm of her hand, a groan is heard through the leather hood. Mistress Cody has two guests currently in her dungeon, the male leather clad guest and a female guest ‘slave’ who is cuffed onto the same type of bench that she uses at the school. She already has favourite black strap-on dildo buckled around her waist and she struts around her dungeon with purpose, administering blows with the riding crop or paddle as she sees fit.
“Now watch as I teach this insolent slave some manners, remember, you’re next.”
Miss Cody can’t help the wicked laugh that escapes her lips as she positions herself behind the reddening buttocks that wait for her. What fun! The male guest has a real taste for it she thinks; he will allow her to fulfil HER desires for a change. She holds the strap-on in one hand and guides it to the moist cunt of her female guest; she spits onto the end and rubs it into her crack. She knows that this woman is no stranger to this kind of treatment and isn’t going to waste time lubeing her up.
“Ok slave, are you ready?”
“Yes mistress”
“Here it comes”

Lucy’s orgasm had been building for some time and now it exploded through her body, her pussy clenched the cock that was still pounding away at her and she wails in pleasure.
She clamps her eyes shut and twitches violently as the final throes of her orgasm hit her. When she opens them again a large limp black penis fills her view. Oh good, things are moving in the right direction she thinks, opening her mouth.

Bobby was really enjoying himself watching the girl being fucked, she was really into it and her orgasm looked like it nearly blew her head off, he looks down at his own swollen dick, pre cum oozes from the tip, he wants to go and offer it the girls mouth but he knows that’s against the rules and wait, he’s been beaten to it anyway. A guest stops in front of her and she takes his cock into her mouth. Bobby gulps and the sex pill sends another wave of pleasure through him. He’s about to jerk himself off and to hell with the rules when a teacher takes him by the arm.
“You’ve been paid for boy; let’s go to a private room.”

Samantha and Kimmy stare nervously at only the second and third cocks they’ve ever seen; the first was when they visited the nurse for the second time. That time it was Kim, whose ass was rimmed and reamed whilst she ate her sister’s pussy, then Mr Daniels their English teacher was brought in and the nurse had shown them how to use their mouths and tongues to pleasure a man. Afterwards it was their turn; first Kim and then Samantha have a go at a blow job and then both of them together until Mr Daniels sprayed ropes of cum over both of their faces.
They’d licked up the salty goo and both enjoyed the taste. Since then they’d had many afternoon lessons but no further sex of any kind, they’d been schooled in the way of the parties and how to behave including some great tips on ‘what men like’ that they’d be sure to use in the next couple of hours.
The cocks Samantha eyes now with her sister dangle, semi hard between the muscled thighs of the two men that stood by the bed of the private room. Their chests were smooth with defined muscles, biceps almost as large as the girl’s thighs their groins were neatly trimmed with just a tuft of pubic hair above their cocks. Their dicks seemed to grow a little as Samantha stared; one was about the size of Mr Daniels, which she’d been told was average in size at about seven inches but the other looked huge in comparison and a lot thicker too. Although neither girl new it these were professional sportsmen, friends too, they could afford the best of everything and that included the women, or in this case girls that they fucked. As soon as they laid eyes on the girls and saw the ‘V’s on their arms they new they had to have them, when they heard the girls were just shy of thirteen the deal was done and they’d paid handsomely for the privilege of popping their cherries. Samantha saw one had a tattoo of an eagle on his upper arm and it was this guest that spoke up.
“I’m Steve and this well hung fucker beside me is Ray.”
“You will call us both Daddy while your here though okay?” Ray piped up.
“Yes Daddy” the girls said in unison and they all laugh and the tension is broken.
“Kiss for us.” The tattooed daddy instructed.
Samantha put her arms around her sister, and feels Goosebumps pop up all over her skin. She feels her sister’s hands on her head, guiding their mouths together, with closed lips she kisses Kimmy and then when she feels Kim’s lips part she slips her tongue in and they French kiss. Samantha runs her hand down over her sister’s back and onto the silky smooth skin of her buttocks, she cups them both and squeezes and her sister pulls her in tighter and pushes their pussies together, kissing her hard. Samantha’s tongue dances in Kim’s mouth and she can hear Kim breathing loudly through her nose, she leaves one hand caressing her sisters porcelain coloured butt cheeks and places the other on her breast squeezing it before toying with the nipple. She’s jealous that she hasn’t got any tits yet and she pinches the nipple causing Kim to yelp in surprise.
“Okay enough, here, on your knees girls.”
Samantha released Kim and they both turned to look at their Daddy’s, both cocks were hard now and both girls’ eyes widen when they see that the larger of the two cocks has become enormous.
“I’ll never get that in my mouth let alone my pussy” thinks Samantha, echoing her sister’s thoughts.
Moving over to the men, Samantha sees Kim takes the initiative and kneels before Ray and the massive member; Samantha drops to her knees in front of Steve and looks sideways at Kim. Her hand looked tiny wrapped around the huge cock and she guessed (correctly) that it was a good nine inches long and as thick as the girl’s wrists. Taking hold of the prick in front of her Samantha remembers her lessons, and staring into her daddy’s eyes, opens her mouth and sucks on the end of his cock; she works her tongue around the tip and then licks her way up and down the underneath of the shaft. She sucks he pendulous balls into her mouth, one at a time and then runs her tongue back up the cock to the top, eyes glued to her daddy’s, Samantha pauses and then, letting go with her hand she sinks her head onto his cock until she feels the tip bump her throat, she pauses again before lifting her head to the starting position. Her Daddy moans his appreciation and she starts to fuck him with her mouth, bobbing her head up and down, pausing only to peek at Kim and see how she’s doing.
Kim’s mouth was stretched painfully wide, she had both hands around the shaft and was pulling the skin backwards and forwards as her daddy held her head and pushed his cock in and out of her mouth, she was breathing heavily through her nose and when she caught Samantha’s eye she winked mischievously.
“That’s it you little slut, suck your daddy’s cock” Ray leers.
Samantha’s pussy moistened as she sucked on her daddy’s cock, she tasted the salty pre-cum and the sight of her sister, mouth jammed full of dick made a shudder run through her and she squeezed her eyes closed as she let the feeling pass. Suddenly the dick was pulled from her mouth and the men changed places, she opened her mouth as wide as she can as the huge member is fed into her, it fills her mouth completely and she runs her tongue around it in her mouth. Backwards and forward she pumps her head, dropping her hand to her crotch she runs a finger up and down her smooth pussy, and back to her little ring, shuddering again.

The slave moans each time Miss Cody pumps the ten inch black rubber cock deep into her wet pussy; she accompanies her forward thrust with a hard slap of the paddle, alternating between cheeks they are now a rosy red. The guest had taken the strap-on quite easily, considering its size and Miss Cody was disappointed that the shriek of pain wasn’t louder when she had rammed it forward, prizing open the cunt, not pausing at the resistance and forcing six inches right in. The guest had begged her to stop which Miss Cody loved to hear, but chose to ignore, but now those cries had changed to soft moans.
“Yes Mistress, Yes, please don’t stop”.
Time to stop then, Miss Cody thinks, and with a squelch withdraws the strap-on, she smiles as her slave groans with frustration. She will tease this guest for hours, fucking her, beating her then leaving her whilst she attends any other guests in her dungeon, but when she finally allows this slave to orgasm, she knows it will be worth the poor bitches wait. Reaching down below the bench she lifts a bottle of lube and taking aim, skirts it onto the anus of her slave, the woman sighs in anticipation. Miss Cody picks up the glass butt plug and pushes at the tight ass hole, it spreads open willingly and she pushes some more. Her slave pants as the huge three inch diameter opens her up.
“Argh, Argh, Argh”
“Take it bitch” Miss Cody hisses and watches as with a final push the butt plug is enveloped and the ass lips close around the neck leaving just the base visible.
“Ooooh”, sighs the prone female guest.
Miss Cody steps back and watches the frustrated slave unable to do anything except grind and wriggle her hips, clenching and unclenching her ass muscles to relish the feeling of the butt plug. She glances at the leather clad male attached to the wheel and seeing his hard penis takes action.
“You disgusting filthy man, what do you call this?”
She grabs his member and yanks on it hard and then taking up the paddle, gets into position behind him.
“You,” SMACK
“Are,” SMACK
“Dis,” SMACK
“Gus,” SMACK
“Ting.” SMACK
Each blow was harder than the previous one and Miss Cody finds herself gritting her teeth as she delivers the last. She hears the man moaning behind his hood, and her clitoris tingles. At least he’s still conscious she thinks putting the paddle down and fetching another toy from her supply cupboard. She secures the strap around the head of her slave and it and positions it on her chin; a small dildo protrudes from the strap. Dragging over another bench Miss Cody lies on her back and hugs her knees up to her chest and taking the small cock in her hand positions it at the entrance of her ass. She has to shuffle her body forwards in order to slide it into her and now her slaves face is buried in her gooey cunt.
“Okay whore, now lick me out and fuck my ass, make me cum and I may allow you the same honour.”

Bobby, closes the door behind and stands on the carpet in the room, there is a large bed, a dressing table with a lamp, a bedside table and an armchair. A light from a doorway reveals an on suite bathroom. On the bedside table is a large stainless steel bucket with a bottle of champagne, two glasses are next to it. The room is like all the private rooms and has a mirror on the ceiling and mirrors on each wall which provided guests with all angle views of their actions. Lying on his side on the bed in a red and gold silk gown is a man of Middle Eastern descent. He has dark hair and a moustache with flecks of gray. Middle aged, he is a handsome man, and had Bobby known him he would have said he looked like Omar Sherif.
“Hello young man, why don’t you pour us both a drink?”
The guest’s deep voice sounded like treacle thought Bobby, as he took the chilled bottle from the bucket and poured it into the glasses. The champagne bubbled up and frothed over the edges and once settled Bobby topped the glasses up. The man patted the bed beside him.
“Come, sit.”
Bobby climbed handed him one of the glasses and climbed onto the bed, his nakedness and semi hard penis are all he can think of. He sits up on the bed with his legs up next to his masters. They both sip from their glasses, the fizzy bubbles react with the tablet that Bobby took earlier and he shivers as goose bumps appear on his flesh.
“You are cold?” The man enquires.
Bobby shakes his head
“You are a very pretty young man” The man says touching Bobby’s face gently and then running his fingertips down his shoulders, and onto his hairless chest. Bobby closes his eyes and shudders as the man lingers on his nipples, gently brushing them and then it moves down his chest and over his belly. The hand passes his penis and grazes one of his balls as it moves down his thigh, when it reaches his knee it turns and retraces its path. Bobby closes his eyes as gulps hard when his Master’s fingers lightly brush over his balls and move lightly up his shaft, they are barely touching him but his cock twitches and he’s now fully erect.
“You seem excited Bobby” His masters heavily accented voice makes Bobby’s eyes spring open and he nods in confirmation and takes a big gulp of his drink, draining the remains.
The man reaches over and takes the empty glass from Bobby and leaning over him places it and his own on the bedside table. Lying back on the bed he opens his robe to reveal his naked body.
“Come, kiss me, and make me excited too.” His master places his hands behind his head and Bobby moves over and straddles his lower legs.
The guy was really hairy, thought Bobby, thick black and grey tangles covered his torso and a limp cock lay on a hairy thigh surrounding by a thick black bush of pubic hair. Bobby located a nipple and leaning down nibbled it gently, moving to the other he licked and teased with his teeth. Moving down his thick torso Bobby moved his hands through the tangled hair until he reached the groin and the stiffening dick of his master.
“That’s good Bobby, keep going” His master murmured his approval.
The cock curved in arc up towards his master’s belly as it visibly hardened before Bobby’s eyes. Thick and uncut is currently stood a proud seven inches long and Bobby new that it would probably harden to a very acceptable eight inch phallus. He lingered with his mouth millimetres from the tip before opening his mouth sucking the first inch into his warm orifice his tongue moving in circles. His master sighed and Bobby slowly pushed his head, down sucking several inches of cock into his mouth. When he couldn’t take any more he pulled up, almost to the point where the tip left his mouth before clamping his lips around the shaft and pushed down again. The cock in his mouth jerked and grew and Bobby repeated the procedure, again and again, bobbing his head up and down, sometimes slowing right down as he pushed the prick deep into his mouth, the tip bumping the back of his throat, occasionally gagging slightly.
“Mmnnnn” His master moaned enjoying the sensations that Bobby provided, using the information gained from Mr Roe’s lesson, he was a natural cock sucker and he proceeded to use his mouth, tongue and lips to expert effect.

Glenda Barker opened her mouth wide to take another load of cum, “How many was that now, six? Seven?” She thought. She was still laid on her back her legs spread wide and held by guests, men had been taking turns to tit fuck her or stuff their cocks into her mouth as the female guest between her legs fucked her pussy with her fingers, she now had four lubricated fingers in her and the woman was pushing them deeper with each slow stroke gradually easing her whole hand into her cunt. She was covered in cum, her tits and face had taken most of the goo that hadn’t been deposited in her mouth but her hair, arms and torso felt sticky and cold. Guests were watching the action, wanking themselves of and then positioning themselves to try to get their dicks into her mouth when they came. If they didn’t make it then they squirted over her body. She gulps and swallows hard as the cum splashes into her open mouth, another rope of cum squirts and some trickles down her chin. The widest part of the hand inside her, with a final push makes it past her pubic bone, making her wince and then the wrist and forearm of the woman slides into her cunt, fisting her.

Graham looked down at the woman, whose head moved rapidly up and down on his own dick, gulping greedily at it.
“You love his big dick don’t you?” Her husband asked, releasing his own cock and toying with it.
“Oh yes baby, I love a big black cock.” She replied pausing her gobbling, “I can’t wait to feel it my cunt.” and she rose and moved to the bed, she lets her dress fall to floor and unhooks her bra, a large ‘C’ cup set of tit’s spill out. She’s knickerless and climbs on all fours onto the bed, pushing her ass into the air, she spreads her legs.
“Go on then, fuck her, and fuck her hard.” Grahams master commanded.
Graham didn’t need to be asked twice and positioned the tip of his thick cock at her the entrance of her neatly trimmed pussy, spitting on the end of his dick he rubs it around before he pushes forwards he feels resistance but keeps pushing, he grabs her hips and pulls as his mistress pushes back and suddenly the tip goes in.
“Oh my god.” She breathes.
Graham pauses, allowing his mistress to relax and get used to his size before pushing his hips forwards again, sliding his dick, inch by inch into her twat. Her husband moves his chair so he can see the black cock violate his wife’s pussy. He strokes his hard cock.
“Ooooh, he’s soooooooo big.” She purrs.
Graham pulls back, seeing the tide mark of pussy juice on his shaft and then pushes forward again driving his cock into her. The woman pushes her head into the bed and stifles a scream as Graham pulls her onto him, forcing more dick in. He starts fucking her in long deep strokes, his mistress pushes back, grinding her hips, and each forward thrust slides more of the massive cock into her.
“Yes, fuck me with your big black cock.” She pants.
Graham pumps away hard for several minutes sliding nearly the full length in and out, his mistress is moaning and panting and Graham slows his rhythm down fucking her in slow long strokes. His mistress pulls forwards and he pops out her, she indicates for him to lie on the bed and he does so, she positions herself, squatting over his cock. Cowgirl style she holds him with one hand and then lowers herself down taking his dick into her. His mistress begins to raise and lower herself onto his cock, inching it in again, Graham watches as the woman’s cunt lips slide up and down his shaft.
“I love fucking his black cock.” She informs her husband, whose glazed expression doesn’t change.
She picks up speed bouncing up and down, her tits swing backwards and forwards and she fully engorges herself. Graham sits up and reaches around to cup her tits and then moves one hand to massage the woman’s clit which he rubs hard. After ten minutes of bouncing his mistress throws her back and wails.
“Oh, Oh, yessss”
Graham feels the pussy muscles contract and grip his cock as the woman’s orgasm hits her. She sinks down and grinds her hips as her whole body convulses.
“Cumiiiiiing” She wails.
Graham holds her in position until her orgasm subsides and then lets her flop to one side, she lays on her stomach, her legs together, arms above her head, panting. Her husband moves over to the bed with a bottle of lube and drizzles it over her plump white buttocks, moving away again he signals for Graham to begin again. Graham massages the lube into her ass, spreading her cheeks he rubs her puckered ass. His mistress opens her legs slightly to give better access and he pushes his middle finger in. It slides forwards to the knuckle and Graham knows this woman is no stranger to anal sex. He moves the finger in and out rubbing the lube in, before adding another finger, stretching her ass lips. The woman starts to move her hips again as he finger fucks her ass and Graham wants to start fucking her ass immediately, he knows he’s going to have to work this ass some more before he can get his cock in though,” maybe try another finger” he thinks. Withdrawing his fingers he pushes three fingers into her slackening butt hole and his mistress groans. He moves his fingers in and out stretching her ass for the main event, when he feels he’s done enough he removes them and holding her hips he pulls, he slides a pillow under her tummy and crouches over her raised buttocks. She opens her legs a little more for him and he straddles them so her legs are inside his and with one hand he holds his dick and pokes at her asshole. He pushes and feels her ass lips prise open, looking down he watches as the tip of his cock widens her hole, he pauses and then starts again, his mistress inhales hard and whimpers and he pushes for a third time, suddenly the tip gets past the sphincter muscle an two inches of his length slide forward.
“Oooooooh” his mistress sighs exhaling.
Graham pulls back and then pushes down again, four inches of hard black cock slide into her fuck hole, squashing her buttocks open with his hands, Graham forces her down onto the bed and starts to pump, driving more dick into her. “I’m going to give her an ass fucking she’ll never forget” he thinks.

Lucy places her hands on the mans chest and lowers herself onto his hard cock, her original master had already blown his load into her cunt and was gone, she now had a nice big black dick in her and she moved her hips backwards and forwards grinding down onto his rod. She looks around and see’s several guests, stroking their cocks, waiting their turns. She beckons two over and alternates between cocks, sucking one whilst wanking the other and then swapping, they pawed roughly at her swinging boobs, tweaking her hard swollen nipples making her shiver as her second sex pill hits her hard. A hand moves over her buttocks, squeezing them and then finds her butt hole, she tries to work out whose it is, but there are too many hands on her creamy white flesh now. The finger is pushing forward now and without thinking, Lucy leans forwards to help access, forcing the two guests on either side of her to get on their knees. Lucy moans softly onto the dick in her mouth as the finger slides effortlessly into her butt. In her new position she can’t move her groin and the guest below her takes control fucking her in slow strokes from underneath. Lucy feels so horny now, the finger slides in and out fucking her ass for a few moments before another joins it, stretching her open. She feels the cock she’s sucking on twitch and swell, and then cum splashes into her mouth in three hot bursts. She sucks the last drop of salty semen from the fading dick and then swallows hard, the cum sliding down her throat, the cock is withdrawn and she beckons her next guest forwards and opens her mouth.
Lucy shudders as the sex drugs in her blood stream send pulses of pleasure to her synapses, she pulls the dick from her mouth and wanks it and the one in her other hand hard, gripping them tightly whilst she gets her breath back, saliva streams from her mouth and runs down her chin and onto her neck and chest. The fingers are taken from her butt and she feels the tip of a cock bump at her exercised ring. The guest beneath realises what’s happening and stops his thrusts, everything pauses as the tip of the cock is edged forwards.
“Agh, Agh” Lucy winces, as the tip of the dick pushes forwards and penetrates her, and a nice hard cock is being eased into her ass. It slides back and then pushes forwards again, sliding in further with each thrust. Lucy pulls one of the dicks in her hands to her mouth and greedily sucks it as the man beneath resumes pumping her from beneath. Lucy revels in the sensations of her triple penetration, she can’t think of anything better than riding a hard black dick whilst being fucked up the ass and sucking on cock.

“Ok Bobby that was very nice now lay on your stomach.”
Bobby had sucked his master’s rod for so long his jaw ached and was relieved to be able to stop; he moves up the bed and lies as instructed, arms by his side. A very cold cream is drizzled down his back and onto his buttocks and he inhales sharply. He hears a cap being replaced onto a bottle and then his master’s hands proceeds to rub the cream into his flesh, starting with his shoulders he is massaged gently, a rush from the pill makes him grit his teeth and shiver.

The hands moved down to the small of his back and then onto the mounds of his firm white buttocks, massaging the cream all over his cheeks. Bobby feels the hands on his thighs rubbing and gently pulling his legs apart a little, moving up his inner thighs lightly grazing his balls. The hands leave his body and then he feels more cold cream drip onto his buttocks and flow down his crack and around his asshole.
“Mmmnnn” Bobby sighs as the hands return and massaged his ass, the fingers rub the cream into his ring and Bobby can’t help but push his hips back and bring his knees up opening his legs some more. A finger slips inside him and then is quickly withdrawn and the massage continues, again a finger slides in, further this time and just as Bobby relaxes anticipating more, it was gone and his buttocks are squeezed and kneaded. More cream is added twice more as the process is continued, the finger that dips in every now and then now buries itself to the knuckle before being withdrawn. Bobby started to moan and wriggle on the bed; he pushes his butt up, desperate for the finger to stay buried in his slippery ass. His cock is rock hard and painfully squashed beneath him as his master continues for five further torturous minutes, the finger that slides easily into his fuck hole is joined by a second and Bobby pushes back onto it before it’s taken away. Bobby writhes on the bed pushing his butt up.
“Please fuck me master” He pants.
“Ok Bobby, it’s time.” He masters treacly voice replies.
He feels his master position himself between his legs and then two hands are on his hips pulling his bottom up, he keeps his head and upper chest pushed into the bed as a cock head rubs his puckered ass lips, opening them as it pushes forwards. He feels a burning pain as his ass stretches to accommodate the girth of his master’s rod. For a moment he doesn’t think it’s going to go and then with an indistinguishable pop, it’s past the sphincter muscle and sliding in.
“Hmmmn.” Bobby moans as the cock is inched into him. His master sighs above him as he begins to fuck him, sliding his prick in and out in small slow strokes. Gradually Bobby feels the hard fuck pole get deeper into him, and he can’t believe how good it feels to be impaled on hard cock.
“Oh yes.” Bobby purrs pushing backwards onto the knob.
His master’s strokes are longer and faster now and then it feels to Bobby that the full length of dick is being pumped in and out of him. A hand reaches around and grasps his own cock and pulling the skin back, wanks him slowly.
“Harder, harder, fuck my ass” Bobby pants, pushing back hard, ramming the dick into him. His master complies and fucks him harder, pulling back until it the tip of his cock is visible before plunging it back in, forcing the air from Bobby’s body in moans of pleasure.
Several minutes of fucking pass until the hands release his hips and his master pulls his prick from Bobby’s ass, Bobby flops forwards feeling his ass gape and then close. He looks over at his master who takes position on his back next to Bobby.
“Suck me again Bobby.”
Bobby kneels next to his master and sucks his cock, cleaning it tasting his own ass. Once satisfied, his master raises his arms and indicates for Bobby to take his hands, doing so he’s guided to squat above him. The man let’s go of one of his hands and supports his penis as Bobby lower himself down. Once the tip is in place his hand grabs Bobby’s again so that he’s supported and can balance. Bobby sinks down and the tip then shaft slide into him, he doesn’t stop until he’s taken it to the root and at that point raises himself to the very top before sinking back down.
“Oh my god, it feels so deep” he cries watching his master stare at his ass lips sliding up and down his thick cock shaft as another wave of ecstasy hammers his body.
Once the rush subsides, and using his master to support him, Bobby begins to bounce up and down slowly riding the thick dick.

“Okay girls, onto the bed, sit here on the edge.”
Samantha stands and sits on the edge of the bed; her sister sits next to her. The men kneel before them and in unison pull their legs up, forcing them to lay back. Samantha feels for her sister’s hand at her side and holds it tightly as her long slender legs are pushed back, her master’s hands on the underside of her thighs.
“Hold your legs.” He commands.
She releases Kimmy’s hand and hugs her knees to her chest, her bottom lifts from the bed and then she feels hot breath on her pussy. Turning her head to her sister she sees Kim is in the same position, ankles by her head, Kim closes her eyes and moans gently and then a finger runs between her moistened pussy lips opening them, the cock sucking had made her horny and she new she was wet . A warm wet tongue licks around her pussy and hands hold her in position, one on each side where her thighs meet her buttocks. The tongue finds her clit, swollen already and sticking out from its hood, and it flicks at it quickly and hard. After a minute or two it leaves and laps at the pussy juice leaking from her cunt and then it licks from her puckered ass is to her clit and back again probing her butt.
“Yes Daddy” She purrs in her most innocent voice, and the licking gets stronger and quicker.
She hears Kim’s moaning getting louder and realise she must be getting similar treatment as the tongue alternates between flicking her clitty and lapping at her cunt to licking and pushing at her butt hole. A finger slips between her pussy lips and slides into her, up to the first knuckle, and the tongue concentrates on her clit. Another push and it’s all the way in. Samantha wriggles on it savouring the feeling and then it starts to fuck her slowly.
“Ooooh daddy.” She moans as another finger works its way in, loosening her cunt.
Samantha feels her orgasm slowly building and starts to writhe on the bed as her master fucks her with his fingers and licks her clit hard. Her body spasms and her pussy grasps the fingers as she cums hard.
“Ah, Ah, Ahhhhhh.”
The fingers push into her as her orgasm rolls over her and then, when her master senses it’s over, are withdrawn. Her legs collapse down and she sits forwards, her daddy offers his fingers to her mouth and she sucks them clean.
“I taste good” she thinks.
Kim’s daddy stands and Samantha can see his mouth and chin glistening from her sister’s wetness. Her master climbs onto the bed and guides her to her sister and positions her over Kim’s face. She kneels over her sister’s head and holds her ankles, pulling Kim’s legs apart as the Steve guides his cock to the entrance to her cunt. Samantha stares through dilated pupils as the cockhead pushes at Kim’s virgin hole. Two small hands take hold of her hips and Kim pulls her down licking the cum from her pussy. Ray stands next to her, the head his erect cock near her head but they both just watch as the cockhead disappears and an inch of shaft slides inside accompanied by the Steve’s own groan. Samantha feels hot breath and hears a muffled cry and then Kim is licking her hard as another inch eases into her. “That looks so fucking hot” she thinks as she grinds her hips moving her pussy around on her sister’s tongue. The cock pulls back and then slides back in, another inch taken. The man pauses and Samantha notices the guy’s look at each other.
“Aghhhhh” comes a wail from beneath her as the dick is pushed quickly forwards sliding deeper and deeper into her sister’s pussy, her virginity taken. Kim’s wail turns to cries of pleasure as the cock starts to fuck her in long deep strokes and Samantha is mesmerised as the cock slides in to its root. Her own daddy’s huge cock bumps her lips and she opens her mouth to receive it, clamping her lips around the shaft as her head is fucked. Several minutes of her first proper fuck is obviously too much for Kim and the licking at her pussy stops and she hears Kim shout.
“Oh fuck, oh fuck, cumming!”
Samantha turns to watch as her sister bucks on the bed, her sister’s massive orgasm making her desperate for her own fuck. She lets go of Kimmy’s ankles and her legs drop and rest on her fuck partners shoulders, she climbs off her face and lying on her back, opens her legs wide and looks at her daddy.
“My turn, fuck me daddy, pop my cherry.”
Samantha’s master places a pillow under her head so she can see and positions himself between her legs. He squirts some lube onto his dick and massages it in before dripping some onto her pussy. She reaches down and works the lube into her cunt dipping a finger, readying herself for her daddy’s thick meat.
“Kimmy’s still being fucked and now it’s my turn” she thinks as her sister’s moans and whimpers can still be heard.
Ray lowers himself down and guides his thick circumcised cock towards her wet pussy, looking down she see’s and feels the cockhead at her opening and then the tip spreads her lips apart and pushes at her virgin hole. She forces herself to relax as a hot pain is felt from her privates as her master pushes again and her hole is forced open some more. He pauses, probably in some pain himself and then again the cockhead is eased forwards.
“Ow, Ow, too big.” Samantha pants, gripping the bed sheets tightly with her hands, but just when she thinks it’s not going to happen, her daddy pushes again and the cockhead slides in and two inches of shaft follow it.
“Oooooooh.” Samantha exhales and hears her daddy groan now he’s inside her tight twat.
“Oooooooh.” Samantha make an ‘O’ with her mouth and runs her tongue around her lips suggestively.
He fucks her gently and slowly in small strokes, pushing only a couple of inches of his cock into her as she get’s used to it. Steve groans three times and then sighs and Samantha guessing he’s just cum into Kimmy. She looks across and watches as her sister is lifted and carried to the chair, cuddling into her daddy’s lap as they watch the show. Samantha reaches down and grabs her daddy’s butt pulling him down, it feels great but now she wants more of him in her.
“Here we go then baby.” Her daddy breathes at her.
There is an indiscernible tear as Samantha watches the thick cock push further in past her hymen and then continues forwards stretching her pussy.
“Oh god, your fucking me daddy!”
The sensations she feels are like nothing she’s felt before, the sex pill amplifies them and she grits her teeth and squeezes her eyes shut as a rush of ecstasy makes her arch her back. When the wave subsides, she looks at her sister who is grinning at her, playing wither daddy’s semi hard cock. Samantha mouths “oh my god” at her sibling and looks down in wonder at the thick cock sliding into her. The strokes are longer now and six inches are being fed into her on each forward motion. Panting, she’s fucked, the speed steadily increasing as her cunt stretches for the huge prick. After several minutes the cock is removed and her daddy pulls her up and flips her over, she’s now on all fours facing her sister. The cockhead nudges at her pussy and a big hand pushes her shoulders down so her butt sticks up, her hips are grabbed and the cock slides back in, further and further, until she’s sure she must have his entire length in her.
“Oh yes, fuck her, fuck her hard.” Kim says and Samantha looks at her sister fingering her pussy and stroking a dick that is hardening by the minute. Samantha moans as the strokes increase in length and pace.
“Ooh, ooh, yes daddy, yes.”
Kim’s man pushes her off him and Kim springs onto the bed, Steve offers his cock to Samantha’s mouth and she opens wide as he feeds her his dick. Suddenly her sister’s small hands are caressing her ass cheeks and as the dick in her mouth hardens her little puckered asshole is gently massaged. Her head is held and her mouth and pussy are fucked and then a tongue licks around her exposed ass, probing at her.
“Oh my god, my sisters licking my asshole” thinks Samantha and then a small fingertip replaces the tongue.
Choking as the cock in her mouth touches her throat, the finger in her ass is eased in to the first knuckle, she feels hot breath as Kim’s mouth returns licking around her inserted finger, squeezing her butt cheeks with her free hand. Samantha moans and moves her ass in circles and Kim pushes the finger all the way in.
“Mnnnnn” Samantha moans as Kim fingers her ass hard.
A second finger enters her loosened fuck hole after only a few minutes and she revels in the filthy feeling of being ass finger fucked by her sister.
A second orgasm is fast approaching after minutes of this treatment and then both cocks and the fingers pulls out. Kimmy appears and the girls are manoeuvred so they are on their hands and knees head to head, facing one another. It’s Kim’s turn to feel the big thick cock Samantha notices as lube is drizzled over her sister’s butt and massaged in. Something nudges her asshole and pushes spreading her ass lips, opening her lubricated hole. She leans forwards and kisses Kimmy, who responds, flicking her tongue around Samantha’s mouth. The cockhead behind her is eased forwards and suddenly she feels her ass close around the shaft. She breaks away from the kiss with Kimmy and their eyes lock.
“Ooh, he’s in my ass.”
Kim’s eyes widen and she chews on her bottom lip, the cock in Samantha is inching forward, then it pulls back and then slides in again, a slow steady fucking begins.
“Oh yes daddy, fuck me in the ass.” She moans.
“Owwwwww” Kim’s eyes close and she winces. Samantha can guess what’s happening. Kim pants taking small breaths and then cries:
Kim’s face contorts and then her eyes half open and a deep moan of pleasure escapes her lips.
“Hmmnnnnn yes, oh god.”
Samantha can see Kimmy is being fed that huge dick into her ass and wonders how it would feel inside her own ass, Kimmy’s ass cheeks wobble as she’s pumped from behind and each stroke elicits a moan of pleasure from her lips.
“Fuck our tight white baby asses” Groan the girls in unison, before theirs mouths are glued together again.
Steve and Ray oblige, fucking them for all they are worth, alternating between long slow deep strokes and small hard fast ones, they make the most of these young virgin asses.
“Yeah baby, take it you little sluts” cries Ray and Steve whoops and slaps Samantha’s buttocks.
It doesn’t take too many minutes of their cocks being squeezed by these two tight asses before the guys feel their orgasm’s building. They pull out of the girls, admiring their gaping assholes before instructing them to kneel next to each with their mouths open. Standing in front of them they both pump on their dicks and the Ray shoots first, a thick wad of cum squirts into Samantha face, some lands in her mouth and some over her nose and in her hair, the second spurt is a direct hit and fills her mouth, Kim then receives a load and he squeezes every drop into her waiting mouth. Samantha takes a huge gulp and swallows her mouthful of spunk watching Steve still wanking hard.
“Now kiss.”
Kim still has a mouthful of cum and when they lock mouths it swirls between their mouths, some dribbling out and onto their chins. This is too much for Steve.
Samantha and Kim press their cheeks together and open their mouths wide, as ropes of cum cover their faces when the orgasm is over they suck and lick the two cocks clean, before turning to each other and licking their faces free of spunk.
“Let’s get you two cleaned up and back to the party, make sure you scrub those ‘V’s off girls.”
Samantha hugs Kim. She loves Kimmy, and she loves fucking, best of all, she love fucking with Kimmy. What a way to pop your cherry!

Nurse Glenda Barker throws her head back and moans as her orgasm crashes through her, her cunt clenches on the hand and wrist inside her. The finger that’s rubbing hard on her clit doesn’t stop and another wave hits her and then another and she bucks on the bench. The hand slides out of her slackened pussy and the guest’s move away leaving her covered in cum and leaking juices from her twat, gathering her senses, she rises and staggers off to find the showers.

Miss Cody too, is close to an orgasm, the licking at her pussy and probing of her ass has bee nice but the woman can’t reach her clit properly with her tongue. For the past ten minutes, she’s been rubbing her clit hard and now she’s going to be rewarded. She pushes her ass onto the dildo and rubs herself furiously as her orgasm begins.
“Ahhhhhh” She sighs as a jet of cum squirts from her pussy into the mouth of her slave.
Another wave hits and another squirt from her pussy makes the woman swallow quickly, drinking down her cum. Miss Cody manoeuvres herself off the dildo and unbuckles the chin strap.
“Good little slave, I’ll be back to you shortly” She says as she stands on wobbly legs and picking up her riding crop heads towards her male captive.

Bobby is in heaven, bouncing up and down on his master’s cock, sliding his ring up and down the shaft from cockhead to root as he tugs on his own dick, wanking slowly. Without warning he feels his cock twitch and before he has time to prevent it a massive orgasm hits him and he cums. A long rope of cum squirts from his dick, landing on his master’s chest.
“Oh no, oh, Ohhhhh” Bobby exclaims as he cums hard, his spunk pooling beneath him.
He lifts himself off his master’s rod and collapses onto the bed next to him. The man kneels between his legs and raises them pushing him back until his feet almost touch the bed by his head.
“Hold your legs.”
Bobby does as he’s told and feels the cock slide into him again; he’s totally spent and wants to rest but his master has yet to cum. The dick slides in and out, and he’s fucked hard, quicker and harder until his master is pounding his ass, balls slapping on his backside.
“Fuck me, fuck me hard” groans Bobby and with a shudder he feels the dick inside his ass swell and a splash of hot semen fills his ass. The man sighs as his body spasms again and then he slide his cock out, cum leaks out of Bobby’s sore gaping fuck hole and trickles down his back. His legs are released and the man collapses next to him. Bobby lowers his head, and gently strokes, licks and sucks his masters softening penis.
“Go shower boy, there’s another pill in the bathroom. Take it. I’m going to call for some friends to join us. Remember to wash that ‘V’ off your arm.”

Graham was pounding the woman’s ass mercilessly now, his legs aching, he could her muffled cries, head buried into the pillow, clawing at the bed sheets with her hands. Her husband looks on, wanking his little dick furiously and uttering words of encouragement occasionally.
“Yes fuck her, fuck her ass.”
“Come on you dirty cunt, take his big black cock up your ass.”
Graham spanks her buttocks and rams his dick home again, he feels the first signs that his orgasm is approaching and slows, pulling his cock right out and then plunging it back in. The husband was cumming Graham noticed, and feels obliged to join him and so gets back into his rhythm fucking hard, until his dick twitches. Quickly he withdraws and sprays ropes of cum onto her ass and lower back. His legs trembles and almost give way as his orgasm slams through him. The woman turns around and lies on her back with her head hanging over the edge of the bed and opens her mouth. Graham feeds her is cock which she licks and sucks clean, swallowing down his cum and her ass juices. After he is licked clean, the woman climbs off the bed and heads for the shower.
“Oh god thank you, I needed that.” She says.

Lucy was showering herself, lather runs over her entire body and she rubs her beautiful soapy tits, her nipples standing to attention. She can’t help rubbing her clit as she cleans herself, the fuck drug still very much in her system, and she thinks back on her evening so far.
Her mini gang bang had been fun indeed and she had managed to cum twice. Being banged up the ass whilst riding a fat cock was fantastic and she’d recommend it to any young girl. She’d taken two more loads of cum into her mouth but when the dick she was riding had swelled and then splashed it’s cum into her, she had cum again herself, big time. It was then just a matter of time before the guy taking her anally whipped his dick out and came over her ass, cum oozing between her cheeks and into her loosened ass hole.
Just thinking about it was turning her on again and she checked her ass.
“Seems okay, not too sore” she thinks, a soapy finger sliding into her hole.
“Time to get some more fuck drug and get back to the party. “
The night was young what else was in store?

I have left the story open to be continued if it receives positive reviews.

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