This story has something for most tastes if you have a very open mind. Part 1 sets the scene and introduces the main characters. It is centred around a school for troubled 12 to 18 olds but the school has anulterior motive. The main theme is YOUNG check the other themes, and if your not into it, don't read it. Simple.
The Red Wing (Part 1)

The school that Bobby finds himself in aged 14 was an imposing site. An old cold stone affair with drafty dormitories that housed 20 boys from 12 to 18 years of age, all of them “troublemakers” or “difficult kids” their parents no longer able to control them they were sent here as a last resort. Handed over until their eighteenth birthdays no contact with their families or the outside world, it was the school or prison for most of the boys. The strict discipline was supposed to straighten them out, but the school had an ulterior motive.
His name is Robert but everyone calls him Bobby, he’s been in trouble for all sorts of things leading up to here and the latest thing, the final straw, as his mother said, was the experimenting with drugs and stealing her money. He’s small for his age, petite but slim, the first signs of pubic hair only just starting, he had had his first wank only recently. Bobby was still a virgin but cute and if he’d known how the girls found him attractive if a bit effeminate he’d have got laid by now, but it wasn’t just the girls that liked him as it turns out.
He’d been at the school for a few days now, it’s very regimental, starched uniform, up at six am, shower and down to the hall for breakfast, lessons until lunchtime and after lunch another two hours of lessons or gym. After that it could be all manner of work. There is a farm or machine shop and a wash house, various things to keep the boys busy and try to teach them to be a useful part of society. Lights were switched out at nine pm sharp. Misbehaviour was punished in various ways, there was marching, extra chores, a leather belt and the Red Wing, only talked of in hushed tones, no-one spoke of what went on in there, some boys went in there never to be seen again. Bobby was assigned to Blue wing for the newer kids, there are four wings altogether including Red Wing. Bobby is scared and the elder boys especially make him nervous, with good reason as he’s about to find out. He was about to meet one called Graham and he would change his life at school forever.

Graham was nineteen now, he was a little over six feet tall, he should have left last year but was allowed to stay on and ‘help’ out. His muscles bulged under his school uniform, testament to the hours he spent in the gym each day. He saw the boy he was looking for as he came out of the science block, small, scared looking, like all the new kids. He moved from the wall he was leaning and began to approach him.
Bobby saw the tall black kid come towards him and started to walk faster. The kid just picked up his pace too, Bobby thought about running but before he could decide, a voice whispers
“Hey you”
He turns to see the tall black youth looking at him. Bobby hasn’t seen him before but since Graham no longer goes to lessons, that's no surprise. Bobby looks around innocently.
“Who me” He answers.
“Yeah you,” he grins. “Wanna skip lunch and get high?”
“What, are you crazy” Bobby whispers, continuing to walk in the direction of the mess hall. Graham grabs his arm, stopping him and once everyone has continued on ahead he breathes,
“Come on, my names Graham, you look cool and I heard you like a smoke, no-one will know.”
He squeezes Bobby’s arm hard, and leaves no doubt in Bobby’s mind that it would be best to do whatever he wants at this stage. It doesn’t occur to him to ask how he knows about him; having hardly spoken to anyone and certainly not having told anyone about his past. He knows he should say no and walk away but peer pressure is what has got him into this place and his inability to say no.
“Ok, where?” He says, smiling.
“Follow me.” Grins Graham.
Miss Cody has been in charge of Red Wing for a year now, she loves the work. Punishment has always been a thing she was good at, in a past life; clients would pay her good money for the particular brand she dealt out. It was during one of these sessions that she was asked to take on this role; so far she was glad she’d accepted it. Thirty four years old, she still looked good and was a fairly normal size ten. She was proud of her 36B boobs and her tight firm bottom. Her long black hair is tied up into a tight bun and she stares through her glasses at the door. Where was that boy? She had work to do.
Bobby follows Graham through the maze of outbuildings and sheds until they arrive at an old barn with tractors and other farm equipment. They sneak in and sit, leaning back against the wall as Graham produces a ready rolled joint which he lights, passing it straight to Bobby without even inhaling.
“After you Bobby” He says.
Bobby doesn’t notice that Graham knows his name even though he hasn’t told him it and assumes he’s just being polite, passing the joint straight to him. Bobby tries to show off; he’s done this before after all and takes a long hard pull. It hits him like a sledgehammer, his head spins, and he can hardly see but wants to appear cool and unaffected.
“Lovely” he slurs, passing back the joint.
“Have another” Graham smirks. Bobby doesn’t notice his look and takes another drag on the joint, exhaling as a warm blanket of intoxication envelopes him. His eyes roll back and Graham takes the joint from his hand, stubbing it out.

Glenda Barker removed the thermometer from the boy’s mouth, and putting it up to light examines it.
“Your temperature is fine James, I think you’re trying to con me again, get back to your lesson or I’ll ask Miss Cody to come and see you.”
The boy sheepishly left the room and once the door closed behind him she glanced at the clock on her wall. Should get the phone call shortly she thought, feeling faintly excited. Glenda had been the school nurse for nearly five years now, once a nurse at the city hospital she had been fired for allegedly abusing several patients. Glenda couldn’t understand it, all the boys and girls had been willing participants. When she saw the advert for school nurse she applied without thinking she’d even get an interview, surely they’d do background checks? The school had and had very much liked what they found.
Now it was her dream job, fulfilling her every need. Glenda was an extremely busty size fourteen woman of twenty nine years, single, as were all the teachers at the school, she looked after all the boys properly except those in the Red Wing, and those boys got very special treatment from her. Her hand slipped under her skirt and into her knickers and she rubbed idly at her pussy as she thought about her afternoon.
Samantha Watkins had been scared every day since her and her twin sister Kim had arrived here three weeks ago. Twelve and three quarters old she was an unwilling accomplice in her sister’s exploits. She was always telling Kimmy that they’d end up in real trouble if she didn’t stop her troublesome ways and now here they were, in the shit, big time. Why was her sister such a bitch, lying, stealing, bunking off school and somehow manipulating her to join in too? She loved her sister dearly though and they told each other everything and were inseparable regardless of how much trouble Kim would get them into. Samantha was slim with slender hips, her strawberry blonde hair hung just beneath her shoulders and her breasts were just starting to bud. Kim was a little more mature than Samantha, her breasts were coming along nicely and she had reached the point where she had to use a bra, if only with an ‘A’ cup. Other than that they were almost identical and most importantly, virgins. This afternoon the twins had an appointment with the nurse, she was coming over from the boy’s school and would be carrying out a medical on them. This made the shy Samantha nervous, I hope they don’t want us to strip she thought.

Bobby dreamt he was riding a huge horse, pressed flat on its back, feet up high in stirrups. Then he is floating face down, arms and legs hanging beneath him. His eyes are shut and it feels like too much effort to open them, he can hear voices but cannot work out what they’re saying. He falls back into unconsciousness. A little while later he comes around again and hears the voice again, calling him, he’s aware of a hard surface that he’s laying face down on, his head is hanging over the end of what feels like a bench. His arms and legs are hanging down either side of it; his knees are pulled forward, his backside hangs off the end. He tries to move but cannot, and wait, he feels NAKED!
“Bobby, Bobby”
He can make out the words of a female voice; he forces his eyes to open. He sees a wooden floor and he raises his head to see a wood panelled wall, nothing more. Angling his head he looks backwards and sure enough sees that he’s shackled to some sort of padded bench, there is U shape cut out at either end, his cock and balls hang through one and he can put my head through the other to look at the floor beneath him. His hands and ankles are handcuffed to the bench; his knees are pulled up and forward, two pegs support them in position. His butt sticks out behind him, exposed and vulnerable and he is naked and terrified. Still woozy his head falls back down. He can hear the clip clop of shoes on the wooden floor and opening his eyes sees a pair of high heeled black boots in front of him. He raises his head and sees a woman, in her early thirties at a guess. She wears a long leather trench coat to her knees, just the boots are visible below, her black hair is tied up in a bun and she wears glasses. He hasn’t seen her before; she’s attractive but also a little scary.

Miss Cody looks at the semi conscious small boy strapped to the bench. His pert little bottom sticks out behind him and she wants to begin right away. She’s got changed into her favourite outfit, as soon as she dons the leather it’s as if she takes on another persona. She walks round to the front of the bench.
“Hello Bobby, I’m Miss Cody, you will call me mistress, you were caught smoking drugs and are now in the punishment wing of which I am in command. Whether or not you stay here in the Red Wing or not will depend on you and how you behave.”
Bobby tries to speak but what comes out is a slurred jumble.
“What had been in that joint” he thought?
He lets his head drop again.
“What was going on?”
He’s really scared, but this is a school, how bad can his punishment be?
Miss Cody lifts his head with her hands.
“Yes, your still pretty stoned I see, I’ll get the nurse to give you something for that.”
Bobby can hear Miss Cody’s shoes click across the room and a door opens and closes, he can her voice on the other side of the door, she laughs and he feels a bit better. He hears the door open again and the noise of heels on the floor returns, the sound stops behind him. SMACK! His left buttock is on fire, his eyes widen and tears pop to the surface, a scream of shock and pain escapes his lips. SMACK! His other cheek is given the same treatment with the same result.
Miss Cody watches as the once white buttocks redden, the outline of the paddle, like a table tennis bat but larger that she has just smacked him with is just visible. Bobby sobs, tears fall down his cheeks and onto the floor beneath him.
“Come on Bobby, take your punishment, you know you’re a naughty boy.” Sneers Miss Cody, she loves the site of reddening skin and her vagina moistens.
Bobby hears the door open again and heels clack across the floor, when they come into view he sees they are white shiny leather high heels, probably a six inch heel, white fishnet stockings are surrounding the calf and ankle that he sees. He looks up and sees a nurse in whites, her stiff skirt finishes just beneath the knee, and her starched white blouse is stretched by a huge bosom. She has short mousy hair, cut in a bob and a kind pretty face. She smiles at him.
“This is Nurse Barker, you will call her Nurse Barker” Miss Cody orders and Bobby nods his head, still sobbing.
“Hello Bobby dear, are you still a bit under the weather? I’ll give you something to help with that. Your bottom is ever so pink, I see mistress has started your punishment, I can sooth that for you too. OK?”
Her voice is so kind and soothing to Bobby that he stops sobbing, nods and attempts to smile. He hopes he has found a much needed ally. Nurse Barker takes a small white tablet from her pocket and fetches a glass of water from a nearby table.
“Swallow this dear.”
She says holding out her hand with the pill in it. She holds it in her palm and offers it to Bobby’s mouth; eating it from her hand he stretches his head back as far as it will go as she offers the water to wash it down with. The water goes everywhere but he manages to get enough to wash the tablet down.
Shouldn’t be too long now Glenda thinks. The little pills that the school bought in bulk came from a pharmaceutical company that was happy for the school to carry out it’s trials for nothing. On people too. The fuck drug has two main effects; it delays orgasm whilst still sending blood to the sexual organs and massively increases the sexual appetite. The secondary effects are dizziness, blurred vision and feelings of euphoria. Glenda walks over to a fridge and pulls a wet towel from the freezer department. Placing it on the boys red buttocks she watches him shiver and goose bumps spring up all over his body.
Bobby sighs as the ice cold flannel is placed on his burning buttocks. A chill rises through his body, he I suddenly feels more awake, his senses feel heightened and he tingles all over. His penis twitches and he is suddenly very aware of it.
“That feels better doesn’t it love?” Nurse Barker purrs, really working her good cop routine now. Bobby nods in reply.
“He’s got a lovely little bum hasn’t he Mistress?” She continues. “Very pert”
Miss Cody signals and Glenda removes the cool flannel. She caresses his bum cheeks, softly stroking, she rubs a finger against his exposed anus and then swiftly moves on, walking back to Bobby’s head. Her white stiletto heels appear in Bobby’s vision. Nurse Barker’s soothing voice says
“How do you feel now Bobby?”
“Ok” He replies looking up and smiling.
Smack! Smack! “Ok Nurse Barker!” Miss Cody yells, bringing the paddle down hard, twice, correcting his misdemeanour. His ass looks so beautiful and red she wants to keep beating him but knows she mustn’t go too far.
“Ok Nurse Barker” He sobs, his butt on fire again, but this time a strange feeling comes over him, a shiver runs right through his body, his lips are dry and his vision has a blurred edge to it. His cock stiffens slightly and his balls tighten, although still painful, Miss Cody’s blows also feel strangely exciting. The cold flannel is replaced on his bright red ass, another shiver runs through him and his cock twitches again becoming semi-hard. He finds it difficult to focus on anything, and seem to be able to feel every nerve in his body and he wants to touch himself, to squeeze his tightening balls. The flannel is removed and another two blows of the paddle explode onto his buttocks. He closes his eyes and grinds his teeth as another huge rush racks his body. The flannel is replaced by a soft hand stroking his behind and running up his back.
“That’s better, your not going to get our names wrong again are you boy” Miss Cody’s stern voice demands an answer and he racks his brain to remember how she wants to be addressed.
“No Mistress” He says thanking god he remembered.
Glenda lifts the boys head and sees the big, black dilated saucers of pupils, he shivers again and she smiles at Miss Cody. Miss Cody nods for her to start the next phase. Glenda steps back suddenly unzips her skirt and lets it slip to floor, pooling at her feet, the boy stays where he is, staring at the floor. She steps out of it and kicks it away, then unbuttons her blouse, discarding it.
“Bobby, look at me love, tell me how it makes you feel.”
He looks up to see Nurse Barker is in stockings and suspenders which are attached to a white and pink Basque, there are lace bows beneath the cups, her huge 40DD tits filling them wonderfully, trying to burst out of the top, she’s nickerless and completely hairless too, her creamy white thighs spill from the top of her stocking tops. Bobby gulps and his cock stiffens once more, almost fully erect now. He licks his lips, feeling incredibly horny now.
“Do you like what you see Bobby” She purrs at him. He nods hard, staring at her enormous wonderful breasts.
“Answer Nurse Barker!” Again Mistress shouts and smacks him with the paddle, which is accompanied by the usual shiver and sexual sensation coursing through him.
“Yes Nurse Barker” He stammer as his buttocks are caressed again, this time the finger lingers at his anus, pushing gently at it, probing, testing, and then again it is gone.
Glenda pulls over another padded bench so that it is in front of the boy but about three inches lower.
“Ok Bobby, have you ever kissed pussy before?” She asks as she climbs onto the bench in front of him.
She leans back and lifts and opens her legs, positioning her vagina right in front of his face.
“No Nurse Barker” He replies shaking his head.
“I want you to lick me Bobby, I’ll tell you what to do, ok.”
“Yes Nurse Barker”
Glenda takes his head in her hands and lowers his head to her pussy.
Bobby was as excited as hell, this was the closest he’d ever been to the female genitalia, his dick was fully erect now, swollen the skin was pulled tight around the shaft, it felt to Bobby that he was so hard it might tear. The Nurse pulls her lips apart exposing herself, Bobby stares at the moist pink inner lips, a dark hole disappears into her. The nurse rubs her self and using her fingers pull the hood back on her clit, exposing it.
“This is my clit, Bobby; this is where you must concentrate your attention, ok, lick it now”
Bobby starts to lick at her pussy, trying to lick where she showed him.
“No Bobby, it’s not an ice cream” Nurse Barker says repositioning herself. “Flick your tongue where I showed you.”
“Do it right!” Mistress shouts, her words accompanied by another blow from the paddle. His eyes fill with tears again but this is involuntary, the blow actually feels kind of good. His hips buck and grind and he desperately wants to wank himself. He lowers his head again; tongue working hard, Nurse Barker holds his head in her hands and moves her pussy around making sure she gets what she wants.
Glenda throws her head back and closes her eyes; the boy is really hitting the spot now, if only more adults would spend more time pleasing her in this way, she wouldn’t need the attentions of young submissive teens.
“Ooh, good boy, that’s it” She sighs, eyes closed. “Keep going”
Miss Cody can’t wait any more, Nurse Barker was getting some, and she wanted hers. She moves her hands over the bright red bottom in front of her, one hand slides over his puckered asshole and keeps going, she cups his balls, squeezing gently, then she grabs his cock, fully erect now, a little over 6 inches long, uncut. He moans in pleasure.
With her other hand she brings the paddle down once again, the cock twitches in her hand as the shudders washes over him. She sees him lick hard at the cunt in front of him and he jerks his hips.
Bobby desperately wants to be jerked off now, when the hand grabbed his cock the shiver that ran threw him almost made him pass out. The sex pill fully in his system he will do almost anything for the sensations he’s feeling now to continue.
“You are a very naughty boy Bobby, you seem to be enjoying your punishment too much, and what are we to do with you?” Mistress asks, pulling hard once on his dick.
He moans again in pleasure and Nurse Barker pushes his head deeper into her moist mound.
Miss Cody’s hands leave his body and she walks to a nearby cupboard, retrieves something and returns a moment later. She squirts some lube onto her pinkie finger and rubs the cold wet cream into his anus she pushes her finger gently at his hole, just the tip slipping in. He stops licking and his eyes widen. His buttocks clench together. Glenda opens her eyes and realising what is happening says,
“Just relax Bobby love, you’ll learn to like it, give in to your feelings, you can do whatever you want here, don’t make Mistress cross now”
Bobby’s head is pushed back into position and he resumes his work, flicking his tongue at the clit in front of him, the moans and gasps of pleasure, confirming his good work. He relaxes his buttocks, the fingertip is removed and a hand grasps his cock again, a couple of hard tugs on it results in a huge wave of pleasure causing him to buck and grind again. Something cold and hard pushes at his asshole, his ass lips spread as the object pushes them wider, it hurts and he grimaces, a small whimper is emitted and then suddenly his ass lips close around the head of the object and it slides in, one inch, then two, the object is ribbed and widens the further it goes in. Miss Cody stares and licks her lips, her own pussy moistening and her clit tingling. She rubs his dick as she withdraws the object and his ass lips stretch again as the head is pulled out and then pushed back in, one, two then three inches are inserted into him. Bobby relaxes and it feels ok, in fact better than ok, he’s feeling so incredibly sexy that he doesn’t care, it feels good and he just wants it to continue. Another small moan escapes his lips, he licks hard and fast at Nurse Barker’s pussy, his cock is wanked hard again and the object is pushed into him. This time he takes nearly five inches into his tight hole; the hand leaves his cock and squeezes his butt cheek.
“Very good Bobby, I see you’re enjoying this, tell me, do you want me to continue?” Asks Mistress.
“Yes please Mistress” He gasps as she pushes the object again, another inch taken by his ass, the girth feels quite wide now, stretching his asshole. His whole body shakes as a rush of pleasure runs through him, she grabs his dick and wanks him a couple of times hard before letting go. He can’t help the groan of disappointment that escapes him.
Glenda feels her orgasm building inside her she pushes him away and rubs furiously at her clit as saliva and pussy juice drip from the boys chin.
“Cumming, cummng, ooohhhhhhhh” She sighs as her orgasm hits her, her body convulsing.
“Do you like it hard Bobby?” Mistress asks as she pulls the object right out of his ass and then plunges it in again, deeper than before.
“Yes Mistress, harder please Mistress” The object is removed again and then pushed in hard, each time a little deeper, stretching his ass as the girth widens. She fucks him with one hand while the other occasionally slaps his pink butt cheeks. All the while, wave after wave of pleasure rack his body and make him shiver and twitch.
Nurse Barker rolls over; her large creamy white buttocks push back as she assumes the same position as Bobby. He can see her wet pussy lips and then her anus is offered to my mouth.
“Lick my ass Bobby dear, I do love a good ass licking. You were very good at my pussy I’ll give you an A+ for that.”
He’s lost in a sexual frenzy now, the puckered brown hole looks good and he licks at it hungrily, Nurse Barker gently moans in contentment.
“That’s right love; I knew you'd be a good ass licker, stick your tongue up my hole”
Bobby does as he’s told and pushes his tongue into Glenda’s ring.
“Oooooooh, that’s soooooooo goooooood” she moans. My goodness she loved her job.
Miss Cody continues with the glass anal probe, about nine inches long, the girth at it’s widest point is the same as its bulbous head, about one and a quarter inches in diameter. It’s the beaded variety which she pushes into him, hard, sometimes going really deep and causing him to yelp, the girth stretching his ass lips wide. This makes her smile sadistically and he writhes against his bonds and slurps hungrily at Nurse Barker’s asshole. She watches as wave after wave of pleasure rack his small body. Her other hand reaches under the bench occasionally plays with my cock and balls, sometimes pulling back hard on my foreskin. Seeing that the glass probe is sliding in and out the boy with little resistance she decides it’s time to move things along and with a smirk pushes hard and slides seven inches of glass into the little fuck hole.
“Owww” he cries, “No more please mistress”. He doesn’t want her stop but doesn’t think he can take that thing any deeper.
“Ok boy, I’ll stop”, and with that and she slaps his butt with her hand as she pulls out the probe.
“Oooh” He sighs.
Miss Cody has enjoyed herself so far but now it’s time to up the anti and see what this little fucker is made of. She walks over to a cupboard and takes off her trench coat to reveal her black leather corset, buckled at the sides. Her boots come up to her thighs and her tiny thong panties leave nothing to the imagination. She pulls out a big strap-on dildo and fastens the belt around her waist. She squirts some lubricant onto the tip and massages it in. It is big, black and scary, ten inches long with a big 1 and three quarter inch diameter girth, and it’s curved like a banana and has realistic veins, she grins sadistically at the boy. Walking over to Glenda she yanks the bench around. Bobby, who was still pushing his tongue in and out of Nurses Barkers butthole jumps in surprise. Mistress positions herself at the nurse’s plump backside and Bobby sees the enormous strap-on for the first time, his eye widen as the nurse reaches back and spreads her cheeks. Rubbing the tip of the dong around Nurse Barker’s hole Mistress lubricates the opening.
“Now watch closely Bobby” Mistress says as she pushes forwards.
“Urgh” Nurse Baker grunts as the tip of the strap-on prises her slackened asshole open. Mistress pushes again and the tip is taken and the shaft starts sliding in.
Bobby’s mouth is so dry; he licks his lips and shakes in lust as he watches the huge plastic prick keep sliding in.
Smiling, Miss Cody says. “Looks good doesn’t it Bobby.”
“Yes Mistress, Fuck her” He groans, so needing a hand on his member.
“Oh no Bobby” Miss Cody says, sliding the cock out, a wet squelch as it leaves her gaping hole. “I’m going to fuck you.”
Both Ladies stand and leer at him. Bobby doesn’t know what to think, his head is spinning and his cock feels like it’s going to explode.
“Nurse Barker, take his mind off this would you?”
Nurse Barker disappears under the bench.
“Nice little cock Bobby, very cute” she says. “I’d like you to keep your entire body free from hair though, we like our boys to be clean shaven everywhere”. Bobby didn’t have much hair as it was but had been proud of the little he had. He didn’t care though; he can feel her breath on his penis and is anxious for his very first blow job. He feels the wonderful warmth as she takes his little penis into her mouth, slowly taking it all in and working her mouth up and down the shaft. He pants and groans.
“Enough Nurse Barker” Mistress Orders and his dick is suddenly released.
“No, please, more” He begs.
Mistress positions Bobby and he feels the tip of the huge plastic monster push at his ass.
“Beg us to fuck you boy” Commands Mistress.
“Please fuck me Mistress” He breathes.
This was her favourite part and guiding the huge strap-on Miss Cody pushes forward hard, the tip stretches open his well lubricated hole painfully.
“Argh! Stop, too big!” He wails.
She pulls back very slightly and then eases forwards again, the boy cries again as his ass lips spread around the enormous bell end, she’s really horny now, she wants to just push as hard as she can, forcing it all in, hearing his screams of agony, but she can’t, he’s a valuable commodity she mustn’t tear his ass and so she pulls back and then moves forwards again.
Bobby cried, but it was a wonderful hurt, he was filthy and disgusting but so sexed up he didn’t care, he just wanted more of the incredible sensations that he was feeling. Mistress pushes again and the tip of the massive black cock parts his bum hole and then suddenly the tip is taken. Now more of that huge cock is fed into his tight asshole; he writhes and moans on the bench and Nurse Barker resumes sucking him gently. The black dick is withdrawn and then forced back in. He has about three inches of the length inside him; again and again she pulls the tip out and then pushes back in, each time it gets easier to take and the three inches turn to four sliding in and out.
“Ooh, Ooh” He sighs each time Mistress pushes forwards, ripples of sexual lust rocking him Suddenly Nurse Barker stops sucking him and the black rubber cock stops just as the tip is inserted. He tries to push back and engorge himself but the bonds prevent him.
“What do you want me to do Bobby” Mistress Purrs.
“Fuck me Mistress” He cries, desperate for sucking and fucking to continue.
“More detail Bobby, describe what you want.”
“I want you to push that huge black cock into my tight white ass please Mistress” He begs.
Mistress eases the tip into him and then stops and withdraws. Bobby writhes on the bench.
“Please Mistress, please, fuck me, fuck me.”
“I think that’s enough for you, don’t you Bobby” Miss Cody sneers, teasing him, easing the tip into him them pulling it right out, watching the gape before the butt hole regains it’s normal proportions.
Bobby is going wild, squirming and thrusting his small hips.
“No, no, please Mistress, pleeeeease, fuck me, fuck me hard.”
“That’s good Bobby, now brace yourself”
Mistress pushes her hips forward hard; the dong pushes past his sphincter and slides in, three, four, five, six inches fill his bum stretching it wide.
“Yesssssssssss!” he moans.
It’s pulled back and then plunged back in, over and over it continues, his ass filled with black monster dildo as he takes about seven inches in him.
“Yes, yes, fuck me Mistress, fuck me hard” He pants, an orgasm building inside of him. Mistress’s mouth waters as she slams the dildo forward. Nurse Barker’s lips clamp around his cock sucking hard.
Mistress pumps at him, her waist fucking him hard with her huge fake dick. Jamming it in and sliding it out, she gives a big thrust and an extra inch or two slides into his once virgin hole and he’s taken its full length. Nurse Barker sucks hard and it is suddenly too much.
Glenda feels Bobby’s cock twitch and it explodes into her mouth, she swallows hard and another spurt erupts from his cock which is gulped down too.
Miss Cody feels Bobby’s ass clench at the shaft of the dildo as his orgasm thunders through his tiny frame. She doesn’t stop the pounding at his rear though and now he’s cum, he’s had enough.
“You must learn to keep going” Grins Mistress slapping his butt hard with her open palm. Pulling back until the dildo almost pops out; she pushes it back in slowly, his ass taking in three quarters of the beast, again she withdraws it and slowly pushes it back in, fucking him slowly. He moans quietly each time the dick slips into him.
“Ohhhhhhh, Ohhhhhhhh”.
Nurse Barker appears from under the table licking her lips; she unfastens Bobby’s bonds and talks to him while he’s slowly and gently molested by Mistress.
“Good lad Bobby, we’ve got something else to teach you before you leave. Here have another tablet.”
Bobby is given another pill and a glass of water, which he duly takes.
“Miss Stamp is going to teach you how to suck cock Bobby. She’ll be here presently”
The door opens and a woman and a man walk in. Bobby knows them both, Miss Stamp is the history teacher and she is accompanied by Mr Roe, the gym teacher. They both undress, Miss Stamp is gorgeous, slim with firm tits and an ass any woman would be proud of. Her long mousy hair is tied in pigtails like a young girl. Mr Roe is built like an athlete, a wide waxed chest and bulging muscles. His cock hangs between his thick thighs six inches long, flaccid, as round as a baby’s arm, his heavy hairless balls hanging behind it.
“This is Mistress Stamp and Mr Roe Bobby, you will call them Mistress and Master” Says Mistress.
“Watch as they show you what to do, it’ll be your turn in a minute,”
So whilst Mistress continues to push her lovely long dong in and out of his ass, caressing his cock and balls, Bobby watches as a beautiful woman takes a thick cock into her mouth. She teases it with her tongue, then takes it all in, then switches to his balls, sucking them into her mouth, licking up his shaft, his cock hardens, as does Bobby’s, until after only a few minutes he is fully hard, nine inches of rock hard cut cock pointed at the sky. Bobby’s eyes close as wave after wave of pleasure rockets through him, the latest sex pill added to the remains of the last giving him a tremendous buzz. He opens his eyes again to take in the rest of the lesson which lasts about fifteen minutes.
“Ok, stop before I cum” Master tells Mistress Stamp, pulling her head from his throbbing pole. “Let the boy have a turn.” Mistress stamp stands up and dresses, and leaves without a word.
Mistress pulls back and the dildo slips out of Bobby’s gaping asshole, she slaps his pink buttocks again.
“Say thank you”
“Thank you Mistress” He says as she turns to remove the strap-on.
Nurse Barker unfastens the handcuffs and helps him up, his legs are wobbly and his ass hurts, he finds it difficult to walk. She positions him on his knees in front of Master Roe and fastens his hands behind his back with padded cuffs.
“Ok Bobby, let’s see what you’ve learned, and be careful, if it’s no good you’ll feel the paddle.”
Offering his softening dick to Bobby’s open mouth, Bobby sucks him gently, like he was shown, he lets it fall out and sucks his balls, then licks up his Masters shaft. Master’s dick hardens; Bobby looks up and sees his eyes are closed head back.
“Argh” He shouts. Bobby catches the end of his cock with his teeth. Quick a as a flash he’s grabbed up and bent over the bench, CRACK, CRACK, CRACK, three sharp blows with the paddle make him scream out in shock and pain, tears stream from his eyes.
“You will be more careful boy!” His Master shouts. Mistress sniggers and massages her tits, enjoying the show.
“Yes Master, Sorry Master” He sobs.
Grabbing him by the hair Master pulls Bobby back down to the floor. Obviously enjoying the beating he’s now fully erect. Carefully, Bobby resumes his work, licking the end of his dick moving his tongue in circles and then dipping forward filling his mouth completely with as much of the nine inch cock as he could. He clamps his lips around his thick cock and bobs his head up and down. He stares up at him, meeting his gaze. Master takes hold of his head in his hands and fucks his mouth; he pushes it deep into his throat and holds it whilst he gags. Finally he withdraws it, spit and saliva spill out and down Bobby’s chest and onto his thighs and then he does it again. Mr Roe’s dick swells in his mouth as he enjoys my discomfort. Even this doesn’t stop the shudders of sexual thrill though, the second pill has revitalised him, his own cock is swollen and rock hard, he want to be fucked and sucked again. Bobby gags but still he holds him in place, his mouth fills with saliva and he gags again. Eventually he’s released he gasps for air before continuing with the blow job, teasing his dick before clamping down and sucking him hard, he works his mouth hard, every few minutes his Master pushes his lovely prick deep into his mouth, suffocating until eventually releasing him. His jaws ache as he noshes him for ages before finally his cock twitches, and Master holds his dick an inch from his face.
“Open wide” He commands.
Bobby stretches open his aching jaws. Master pumps his cock a few times before a geyser of cum sprays from his knob and over his face, he aims the second wad into his mouth and it hits the back of his throat.
“Swallow” He says and Bobby does. The salty goo slides down his throat, it tastes ok to him, even quite nice and he licks up as much from his face as he can.
“He’s ready” Master Roe informs Nurse Barker and Mistress.
Bobby still has a raging hard on and I’m wild with sexual urges, he’s twitching and shivering as the pills causes rushes of desire.
“Someone fuck me please.” He begs
“Oh, he’s really ready; his Master laughs as he dresses and leaves the room.
Miss Cody looks at the distressed young boy in front of her and tries to decide what to do. They can’t leave him like this. It crosses her mind to get the horsewhip and make herself cum whipping him until his backside bled but she really didn’t have the time.
“What do you want Bobby” She asks.
“I want to be fucked please Mistress”
“More detail please Bobby, how do you want to be fucked?”
“I want a big hard cock, in my tight white ass, fucking me hard Mistress”
Making a decision Mistress walks back to the cupboard and produces another dildo; this one is a hard cream plastic one, eight inches long. She uncuffs him and holding the dildo vertically on the bench instructs,
“Come and fuck yourself Bobby, and make it quick, we haven’t got all day.”
Glenda decides to help the young man and unbuttons her bodice and heaves her juicy melons out; she kneels in front of the bench and plays with her nipples looking into his eyes.
“Come on Bobby love, watch me as you ride the dildo, wank yourself off.”
Bobby clambers onto the bench and position himself over the plastic prick. He lowers himself onto it and sinks down and takes the smooth plastic fuck stick easily into his fuck hole. Nurse Barker stares into his eyes playing with her tits and rubbing her pussy as he raises and lowers himself. He grabs his cock and wanks himself furiously. Sitting down and taking the entire dildo, his buttocks resting on Mistresses hand, he jiggles and humps, feeling it deep inside him as he feels another orgasm building. Suddenly it’s on him and he sprays his seed over Nurse Barker’s tits, head thrown back as the sex pill heightens his orgasm.
“Oh God” He shouts, flopping to one side, the dido sliding out of his slack well oiled hole.
“Well Done Bobby, welcome to the Red Wing, we’ll see you soon” says Mistress.
Nurse Barker wipes herself down and dresses saying to him.
“Come on Bobby; let’s take you to find your clothes”
As Bobby is led into the dormitory of Red Wing the boys are all there waiting by their bunks, Nurse Barker pats his bottom and leaves the room, closing the door behind me. The boys all stare at him, fully clothed now, and still in some pain from his ass. They all grin at him and cheer, he smiles back weakly, happy to be accepted. There are boys of all shapes and sizes, some small and slender like me and some muscular and big. A large black kid pushes his way to the front.
Watching Bobby come through the door Graham was relieved to see he’d been accepted to Red Wing. He walked slowly next to the Nurse Barker, obviously in some pain, his eyes were still wild from the pills he’d been given. Graham liked the kid and it was his job to look after them once they were part of the Red Wing boys. Pushing his way through the crowd that gathered around Bobby he says.
“How was your first blow job then Bobby?” He puts an arm round him and leads him to the spare bunk.
“This is your bunk, settle in and then have yourself a bath; I’ll see you in there to tell you what’s what.”
A little later Bobby is soaking himself in the bath, Graham is sat on a toilet in the corner and explains that he’s been selected to join the Red Wing; they are privileged boys, who are allowed to drink, smoke, watch TV whenever they wanted and go to lessons only if they choose. In return they must be clean, shaved, and polite. No sex though, not even masturbation is allowed. They have to attend parties set up by the school, where they must cater for the guests fully, obliging their every wish. He explains that the normal school is just a front for the Red Wing, the parties and their services are very well paid for and earn the school a fortune. All the teachers are involved, and there is also parallel girl’s school not far away that operates the same way. Graham tells me that he’s head boy, now nineteen years old, he should have left but asked to stay on. He loves it and says he gets to fuck all sorts of people some very beautiful and some nice young virgins. He goes on to say that he set Bobby up completely today, the joint was spiked with some morphine based product, he also informs him that the pill Nurse Barker gave me was a sex pill,
“We get loads of those at the parties, great aren’t they” he grins.
Bobby is a little angry that he was set up, but Graham’s enthusiasm is infectious and so he smiles at him.
“Why was I selected?” He asks.
“’Cos your cute, a virgin, petite, you know, a pretty boy, and they saw something in you. As a virgin, you’ll make them some serious cash at the next party.”
“But today” I Bobby starts to tell him, and then stops,
“I know, Mistress had you, but she had to check you wouldn’t freak out at the party, don’t worry, your still fresh meat to the connoisseur, you haven’t been fucked properly by a real cock and you haven’t had your dick in pussy yet have you?”
“No, but I can’t wait” Bobby laughs.
He goes on to explain that there are two types of boys selected, the petite ‘femboys’ like Bobby, virgins who like to be fucked, and also the big strong types like him, he admits that he doesn’t mind receiving a length of cock every now and then when high on sex pills, but he much prefers to do the fucking. The parties are held monthly at a huge mansion the school owns. Rich folk from Rocks stars to Business men are invited; he’s even fucked a politician he tells him. We start by serving drinks and nibbles, drugs are everywhere and if offered, we’re allowed to except. Whatever the guests ask of us we must comply but they’re not allowed to cause any permanent damage to ‘the goods’. Virgins are marked and our services are extra.

The sight that greets Glenda when she opens the door at her nursing station at the girl’s school makes her mouth water. Two identical looking girls are lying back in dentist type chairs their eyes closed, the chairs are reclined and the girls are naked, their legs are cuffed to supports, the type you’d see in a gynaecologist’s office, which hold their legs up and open. The girls have long smooth slender legs and their hairless pussies look amazing. Glenda sighs and moves to the head of the girl on the left.
“Wake up dear.”
The girl opens her eyes and Glenda see’s that her pupils are fully dilated, having been given the pill half an hour ago it had penetrated her blood stream and the girl was obviously high.
“How do you feel?”
“Kinda funny, a bit dizzy.” Samantha slurs.
“That’s ok; you’ll be fine, what’s your sister’s name?”
“That’s Kimmy. We’re twins.”
Glenda laughed at the obvious statement and went to Kimmy whose eyes were open and dreamily staring around the room.
“Do you feel ok Kimmy?”
“I feel cool, really cool.”Kimmy replied.
“I need to examine you and your sister okay Kimmy? It may feel a little uncomfortable sometimes. Are you both still pure?”
“Oh yes Nurse, we haven’t let any boys touch us.”
Excellent, thinks Glenda, young twin virgins, my god, they’d get a fortune for them at the party. Glenda looked more closely at each of the young tight pussies, spread open invitingly. Kim’s had a few pubic hairs but Samantha’s was still bare. They’ both get a shave later though, if this went well. She moved to the desk and picked up a tube of lubricant and squirted some into her palm. Rubbing her hands together she greased up her hands and fingers. I’ll start with Kim she thinks and settles herself on her knees on the mat placed in front of each chair. When she touches the outer vaginal lips, Kim’s hands instinctively reach down to take the intruders fingers away. Glenda takes hold of them and places them on her tummy.
“Don’t do that again or I’ll have to handcuff you okay?”
She looks up and Kim looks and down and nods.
Glenda rubs the lube on her fingers up and down the tight slit and then pushes a fingertip into the hole. She hears Kim take a sharp intake of breath and feels the pussy tighten on her finger.
“Relax love; everyone has to do this, even your mummy.”
Glenda pauses, and then, feeling Kim relax her muscles pushes a little more of her index finger in. Glenda notices Kim shudder gently and goose bumps are visible on her legs, feeling a rush from the sex pill. She withdraws the finger and then pushes it in again; it slides nicely into the lubricated hole. Kim stays relaxed this time and Glenda can hear the girl’s small pants for breath. The next time she eases the finger in she keeps going until it is inserted up to the knuckle.
“Oooh” The girl shudders and her hips make small circles on the chair as her mouth forms a tiny ‘O’.
Glenda licks her lips, she can see wetness to the girl’s pussy that isn’t caused by the lube and a sweet fragrance emanates from within.
I bet that’ll taste good she thinks as she starts to move her finger in and out slowly, causing small moans to escape the girl’s lips. She notices that Kim’s hands have inadvertently moved to her small breasts and she is playing with her hard nipples.
Samantha has been watching as the nurse with the huge tits examined her sister’s vagina, she couldn’t really see what was happening down there but could see the nurse’s hands moving about, forwards and backwards. The nurse had a strange look on her face too and Samantha thought it a strange examination when Kimmy started to moan.
“Are you okay Kim?” Samantha asks, concerned.
“Feels soooooooo nice Sammy.” Her sister replies.
Samantha felt very strange, they’d been given a tablet earlier and she thought it may be that. Her hands had been covering her own pussy protectively but something about her sisters gentle moans made her shiver in excitement and without even realising it she began to massage her pussy, running a finger up and down her crack. Kimmy had her head thrown back now and made a moaning noise that Samantha had never heard her make before.
Samantha’s finger dipped into her moist pussy, opening her lips and sliding the tip of her middle finger in. All her inhibitions had vanished; she wanted to feel what Kimmy was feeling.
Glenda slipped a second finger in, stretching the tight pussy and finger fucked the girl with a steady rhythm, the girls back was arched and she squirmed on the seat which was slippery with pussy juice. She glanced over at Samantha who was staring at them wide eyed as her hands rubbed at her own snatch. Your turn next my little lovely she thinks. She withdraws her fingers causing Kim to moan in disappointment, sucking them clean she stands and moves to kneel in front of Samantha.
“Don’t be greedy Kim, I’ll be back, and your sister needs examining now.”
Samantha allows her hands to be removed and placed at her sides; she looks down and watches as the nurse spreads he pussy lips and examines her.
“Nicely wet already dear, well done.” The nurse says and Samantha feels a finger rub up and down her slit like she had been doing to herself. The nurse rubs her clitoris and a wave of pleasure flows over her and she grinds her hips, her small fists clenching. A finger from the other hand pushes at her hole and then slips in, the nurse keeps on rubbing her clittty as the fingertip is pulled back and then pushed forwards again more finger inside her now. She knows it’s wrong and it feels a little sore but it also feels wonderful and she doesn’t want it to stop. The finger pulls back and then is inserted again; she can feel the open palm of the nurse’s hand on her mound as she takes the whole finger, then it’s withdrawn again and slid back in the pace quickening as her vagina loosens and the juices flow, dripping onto the chair.
“Oh, my, god”
Glenda hears the little voice acknowledge her good work as she works another finger into the tight pussy, she has to push quite hard even though the girl was producing loads of her lubricant, and Glenda’s hands are soaked in sweet smelling pussy juice. She gets back to her rhythm fucking the girl’s cute cunt with two fingers and rubbing her swollen clit.
“Ooooooh, yes, yes.” Cries the girl, her hips grinding.
Glenda hears Kim and looks at her, both hands rubbing and dipping into her own pussy she giggles at her sister.
“You dirty cow Sammy, feels great doesn’t it?”
Glenda stops rubbing the clit and leans down to taste the juices of the girl’s cunt, she laps at Samantha’s pussy savouring the taste and then, feeling a small hand on the back of her head she flicks her tongue at her clit and massages it with her tongue. Straight away, she feels the girl’s vaginal muscles contract and grip her fingers as Samantha’s first ever orgasm begins. Her hips buck, her back arches and she throws her head back eyes closed.
“Argh, Argh, Ohhhhh!” She wails as her orgasm rips through her tiny body.
Glenda doesn’t stop and keeps fingering her, feeling another shudder rack Samantha’s frame. Two hands hold Glenda’s head and pull it away from the drenched pussy and she pulls out her fingers, juice soaking the chair.
“Oh my god, that was amazing.” She giggles.
“My turn, my turn” says Kim who is squeezing her small boob with one hand and fingering her twat with her middle finger.
Samantha watches the nurse stand and wipe the love juice from her chin, she uncuffs her legs and helps her lower them and then taking her by the hand helps her get unsteadily to her feet. Samantha is led to her sister’s chair and feels the nurse’s hands on her shoulders pushing her down to kneel where the nurse had been moments before.
“Kiss your sister like I did you” The nurse instructs her and pushes her head forwards.
Samantha resists, pushing her head back, she can’t, can she? The nurse pushes her harder and she hears Kim plead.
“Please, Sammy, I want you to.”
She feels her resistance weaken and she gives in allowing her head to be pushed into her sister’s snatch. Sticking out her tongue she licks up and down her slit and feeling the button of Kim’s clit she licks it hard.
“Yes Sammy, that feels good.”
“Use your fingers Samantha” The nurse says and she obeys, sliding her finger into her sister’s gooey hole.
She feels the nurse take hold of hips and pull them up so she’s now leaning on the chair supporting her weight with one arm, bum in the air. She feels the coldness as lube is dripped onto her ass cheeks; she shivers as it runs between her cheeks over her asshole and into her pussy. The nurse rubs the lube into her ass and she freezes when a finger rubs at her anus.
“Relax dear, you’ll love it, I promise.” Whispers the nurse.
Samantha breaths out slowly and forces herself to relax; her sister reaches down and pulls at her head, moaning. Samantha resumes licking and pushes her finger deep into the hungry pussy. The nurse’s finger pushes again and stretching her ass lips slides slowly in. Samantha can’t help but enjoy the pleasure that she feels and pushes her hips back onto the finger.
“Ooooh.” She sighs pushing another finger into her sister who groans lightly.
Glenda admires the pert bottom, spread before her, a finger buried to the knuckle in the butt hole, she looks up at Kimmy who has one hand pushes her sisters head into her pussy while the other massages her budding tits, some lucky guy is going to take one or both of these two’s virginity she thinks and allows herself a smile. She drops some more lube onto her ass and it pools around the inserted finger she pulls the finger out and then slide it back in pushing the lube into the puckered ass. Again the girl pushes her hips back and given the green light Glenda settles into a gentle pace finger fucking the girls gorgeous backside. Muffled groans from Kim’s pussy indicate the girls enjoyment and after a few minutes Glenda thinks the brown fuck hole is stretched enough to take another finger.
“Yes, fuck my ass” The girl moans as the extra digit prises open her asshole and forces itself in.
Kim’s eyes widen and she sit’s up, straining her neck to see what’s going on behind her sister.
“Oh my god Sammy, is it good?” She asks. “Does it hurt?”
Glenda pushes the fingers deep into Samantha’s ass stopping only when their fully inserted, again the hips push back. Samantha looks up at her sister and grins, shaking her head.
“Feels lovely baby.”
Glenda holds one of the girls ass cheeks in one hand as she rhythmically fucks her, the two greasy fingers sliding in and out of the stretched ass easily now. The girl gyrates her hips and pushes back on the forward thrusts to drive the fingers in deep, panting and moaning she licks hard at her sister’s clit and fingers her pussy quickly. Kim squeals and covers her eyes with her hands as her orgasm hits her hips bucking so hard her little bottom bounces on the chair.
The feel of her sister’s pussy clamping down on her finger and the juice flowing into her mouth is too much for Samantha she pushes back hard onto the fingers fucking her and clenches her ass, an orgasm rises and she joins her sister wailing and bucking. She reaches behind her when the fingers slide out and dips her own finger into her ass, surprised at how easily it slips in.
“Wow” the girls giggle to each other.
“Let’s get you cleaned up and off to the Red Wing” Says nurse Glenda Barker.

Second part written, and ready to be posted upon positive reviews.

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