My beautiful daughter.
This story contains material depicting sex with under age fictitious characters. Relax, they are purely fictitious. No actual children are involved in any story. It is pure fantasy. The reader is encouraged to read it as such. If you find this kind of story offensive, please skip it and read something else.

The story also builds up slowly allowing the characters to gradually interact. To understand the story and avoid taking any part out of context, it is advisable to read Part One first, followed by each successive part.

I previously deleted all of my stories and was editing them to eliminate the characters under sixteen. However, I found that approach changed the stories much more than I wanted to. Therefore, I am merely editing out as many mistakes as I can spot and leaving the stories as they are. Also I am not reediting the stories I already posted to the site. They should be close enough to get the point across and flow into the latter parts quite well.

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Chapter Five

Haley and I just finished breakfast. Haley complained she didn't feel good and went to our room to lay down for awhile. I let her sleep for about an hour and went in to check on her. Haley was lying on her back in the bed. She was nude as normal. I hadn't really expected her to be dressed. Obviously she was waiting on me. "Daddy. Do you realize what today is?"

I thought for a moment. I really wasn't sure what she was referring to. I said, "No, Baby. What is so special about today?" Haley sighed in disbelief. "Daddy, the two months is over. You can fuck me whenever you want to. I want you to do me now." I had wanted to get Haley's first time on film, but there were two problems. First, I hadn't had any real pussy in six years and secondly Haley was really in a special mood. I didn't want to mess it up for her. I climbed in the bed with her.

I hugged her and held her close in my arms for over an hour. I slowly started to kiss my young daughter. Finally I did an around the world on her. When she was panting really hard and her heart was thumping so loud, I thought it was going to come out of her chest, I nibbled a little on her sweet mound. I only did it for a few minutes. When she got that look on her face like she was ready to come, I slowly eased my penis inside of her.

Haley melted in my arms. In no time I could feel Haley's hips gyrating all around underneath me. I felt her little legs wrap frantically around my waist, pulling me tightly into her pussy. Haley was screaming, "Oh God, Daddy. It feels so good. You make me feel so full inside. Fuck my brains out. Stick it in deeper. Ream me out."

When it was over, I pulled out of Haley and raised her knees up to her chest. I went down between my daughter's sweet legs and sucked my juice out of her thing as I brought her to another orgasm.

Haley laid there for a long time trying to regain her composure. She was gasping for air. Haley comes hard when she orgasms. Sometimes she screams in ecstasy. "Daddy, that was really special. Will you do it for me everyday?" "Sure Baby. I'll do it as often as you want me to." Haley broke into a bright smile as she murmured, "Do it again Daddy."

I wasted no time. Of course I went through the same routine of holding her close. I knew it was almost as important to hold Lynn for awhile as it was to fuck her. Women get a lot more excited when you hold them close. My daughter was no exception. She didn't complain about the delay, because she loved for me to hold her in my arms.

Gradually, Haley did about anything you could imagine pertaining to sex. Haley was extremely kinky when it came to sex. She liked for me to put bananas in her, front and back, piss in her mouth, shoot off on her face, and well to put it bluntly, anything she could think up. Sometimes I wondered if I would ever get to pee in the toilet again. Haley seemed to have a sixth sense for when I needed to empty my bladder and begged me to do it in her mouth.

I would return the favor for her whenever she asked me to, but I couldn't seem to cultivate a taste for it like Haley did. She couldn't seem to get enough of my piss. I struggled through swallowing hers as it meant so much to her, but it always tasted like piss to me. I always told her I liked it anyway. I did anything for her she asked as long as I felt it wouldn't injure her, but I never started anything.

I made up my mind when Haley and I have any kind of sex, it would have to be when she decided to do it. That made me feel at least a little like I wasn't fucking her. There was no worry on that, Haley wanted sex a lot. Sometimes I thought she was a nympho. She couldn't seem to get enough of me. I guess I am a nympho too. I can't get enough of Haley either.

She even wanted me to shit in her mouth one time. Haley threw up vehemently when I did. She still thanked me for shitting in her mouth, but evidently it hadn't been quite the thrill she had been expecting, because she never asked me to do it again. I wasn't especially comfortable with the idea of shitting in anybody's mouth anyway, let alone in my own daughter's mouth. Fortunately we had been smart enough to do that in the bath tub, otherwise it would have been one hell of a mess.

She still likes to tongue me in the ass on occasion, but I have to make sure it is good and clean first. I like it when she does that too. After nearly choking to death, Haley realized she didn't want me to piss up her nose anymore either. She still relished having my load sit in her sinus cavity for an hour or so after shooting off in her nose. She would hold her finger over her nose until it had a chance to set up before snorting it up inside her head.

Haley thought it was so cool. My semen would slowly ooze out of her head and down her throat over several hours. Haley could smell me in her nose for hours. She loved it. I didn't understand her reasoning. I never liked it when Brian's Dad did it in my nose. I thought it was gross. I could smell him most of the day when he did it.


About two months after I first fucked Haley, she was sitting beside me on the couch. She seemed concerned about something. "Haley what is wrong?" "Daddy, I don't know what I feel. One of my girl friends is having a birthday party and she wants me to spend the weekend at her house. I really want to go as she is a good friend and I like her a whole bunch, but I am afraid to leave you alone. I am afraid you will think I don't love you as much if I do."

I thought it was really cute. Haley was worried that if she had a friend I would be envious of the time she spent with her. "Haley. You are supposed to have friends. It is a normal part of growing up. You already know I love you and I like the way we are close, but you also know as I told you before, that our situation is not normal. I am not going to try to change our situation as I have come to love you sexually as well as, as my daughter. I will however try to teach you what is normal and what is not."

"Go to the party. It will make me feel good knowing you are having fun. Don't worry about me. I love you to death. I will be right here for you when you need me." Haley seemed relieved that I would still love her if she left me for the weekend. It was odd. I still wasn't comfortable with the idea of fucking my own daughter, but she felt so good when I was inside her. I had to have her anyway.

I fucked her hard just before she took her bath to get ready to go to the party. I found myself going to the studio and beating off to Haley's pictures as I filmed it for Haley to watch when she returned. I organized all of the photos into albums on the computer and the videos as well. I kept the nude stuff separate from the fully clothed photos.

When Haley came back home Sunday night, she wanted to tell me all about the party. "I had never been to a party, Daddy. It was awesome." Haley said this like I didn't already know she had never been to a party. I guess that was my fault. Living where we do, Haley never had a chance to find any friends, before she started attending school. I really never thought about the fact she might enjoy asking some of the kids from school, to her birthday celebrations.

I made Haley a cake and took her somewhere special afterwards. I bought her really nice gifts. Still, Haley never had a real party. I could see I would have to remedy that mistake this year when her birthday came.

Haley continued her story, "Shelia had a bunch of her girl friends there. There was cake and ice cream as well as a bunch of snacks and drinks. Shelia's parents went into the other room and let us party and play games and stuff. I had a great time. When the party was over, we were supposed to take a bath."

Haley proceeded to tell me about the events with Shelia after the party. Haley was always up front and honest with me. She talks to me about what ever is on her mind. We are that close. Shelia suggested, "Why don't we take our bath together." They both undressed in Shelia's room and Shelia started out the door. Haley looked at her in semi shock. "Aren't you going to put on a robe before we go into the hall? Someone might see us."

Shelia giggled saying, "No, I like to give my Dad a thrill every once in a while. You can wear one if you want to. Sometimes he sees me if he happens to walk by. He doesn't hang around waiting to see me, so we may not run into him.”

“I know my Daddy enjoys looking at me, though he would never own up to it. I like the way it makes me feel when he looks at me. You don't think that's weird do you?" Haley giggled saying, "No. Not at all. I feel the same way about my Dad. Do you think it would upset your Dad if he saw me like this?"

Shelia looked at Haley for a minute and exclaimed, "I don't see how. You are really beautiful. I think he will enjoy looking at you too." Haley fell silent for a moment. Then Haley blurted, "Fuck the robe, lets go." When Haley and Shelia went out the door, Shelia was in the lead. Shelia walked toward the bathroom very slowly. It was almost as if she wanted her Dad to see them.

Haley surprisingly found herself thoroughly enjoying the beautiful view the back of Shelia's ass made as she walked. They had about ten feet to go before they reached the bathroom. Shelia's Dad came bebopping out of his bedroom. He stopped dead in his tracks. "Oh, I am sorry. I expected the two of you to be in the tub already." He turned his head so as not to embarrass Haley and headed back to the door.

Shelia called to him, "Wait. Daddy I have to ask you something." Shelia's Dad turned back around. His eyes went slowly back and forth between Haley's and Shelia's nude little bodies as Shelia asked, “Would it be all right if I spend the night at Haley's house this weekend, if it is all right with her Dad?"

Shelia's Dad stood there for quite a while as if in thought. Actually he wanted to enjoy Haley's cute body a little longer. Finally he nodded, "Its fine by me" With that he looked down between Haley's legs one more time and went back to his room.

Haley and Shelia went in to take their bath. When they settled in the tub, Shelia giggled, "You didn't get embarrassed did you?" Haley shook her head. "No. Actually it felt pretty cool having him admire me like that. He isn't going to bother us is he? I mean, he won't touch us or anything like that will he?" Shelia looked shocked. "Certainly not. He's my Dad. All he ever does is look. He loves me way too much to ever do anything to hurt me."

They had fun talking about the party. Haley and Shelia washed each other's backs since they had been giggling over the way they each looked trying to wash their own. Later, Haley started feeling funny down there. She recollected being curious about what it felt like to eat pussy. She remembered how much she enjoyed the taste of her own.

She suddenly began wondering what her friend Shelia's pussy might taste like. Haley started stealing glances at Shelia's pussy when she didn't think she would notice. Shelia really looked good in the nude. Haley was tempted to ask her if she could do her, but was afraid of what Shelia would think of her if she did. Haley paused from describing the conversation momentarily to ask me, "Do you think there is something wrong with me for feeling that way?"

I was taken aback at what Haley just implied. I wasn't super surprised, because she had talked about what pussy was like before. "Haley, you know I don't think anything you do is weird. Little girls and little boys tend to experiment with each others body's at times. It is normal. You do need to be careful before trying anything, to make sure your little girl friend is curious the same way you are. It could destroy your friendship if she doesn't feel the same way."

"Oh, Daddy, I am so relieved you feel that way. It took a great weight off of me." Haley continued her story. When Shelia and Haley went to bed, they laid next to one another talking. Shelia asked, "Haley, have you ever had a boy friend?" "No, Shelia I have never had a boy friend" Shelia continued, "Me either, but I really like boys. I just haven't found any that like me yet." Haley sighed, "I like boys too and have the same problem."

They both giggled at that. Haley asked Shelia, "Have you ever kissed anybody?" Shelia thought for a minute before saying, "Sure, I kiss my Mom and Dad all the time." Haley laughed. "Come on, you know what I meant." Shelia admitted, "Well, no I haven't." Haley lied telling her, "I haven't either, but I always wondered what it would feel like."

That was when Shelia blurted, "Don't freak out on me, but I've heard if you shut your eyes there is no way to tell the difference between a guy's lips and a girl's. Why don't we try kissing each other. We can close our eyes while we do it. That way we can see what it feels like and no one will ever know."

Haley was so surprised. She liked kissing Shelia. They kissed way into the morning before cuddling up close and going to sleep. It was so sweet. When Haley awoke, Shelia was cuddled up close in her arms. Haley was in seventh heaven. She laid there holding Shelia for the whole hour before her young friend woke up on her own.

That next morning when they were preparing to take their bath, Shelia's Dad didn't come into the hall. Shelia paused at the bathroom door. "Haley. How do you feel about giving my Dad another thrill?" Haley replied, "Sure. It was pretty exciting last night." Shelia hollered into the living room. "Daddy, will you bring us some towels?"

Her Dad replied, "They are in the laundry room. You can come get them yourself." Shelia looked at Haley. "Are you coming with me?" Haley was concerned and asked, "What about your Mom. What will she say about us being nude in front of your Dad?" Shelia shrugged her little shoulders. "Mom never says anything. I've done it for so long, she thinks it is normal." Haley and Shelia went on in the living room on their way to the laundry room.

Shelia's Dad eyed them all the way. Of course Shelia was walking so slowly toward the laundry room, she may as well have been walking backwards. Her Dad definitely got an eye full. Her Mom didn't seem to pay any attention. She calmly said, "Hello girls." When they were in the laundry room, Shelia climbed into a chair. She put the towels on the top shelf and got down out of the chair. "Daddy. I can't reach the towels. Can you get them down for me?"

Shelia's Dad came in and ogled them both as they played a little game about which towels they wanted. It took about ten minutes for her Dad to finish getting the towels down. Haley noticed he was sporting one hell of a hard on the whole time he was looking at them, but she didn't mention it to Shelia.

She figured if Shelia didn't notice it herself, there was no real point to telling her. Shelia's Dad went back to the living room. Shelia gave him time to get seated and they went through giving him one more thrill.

Haley broke from her story. "Daddy, I didn't do anything bad letting Shelia's Dad see me nude, did I?" "No, honey pot. I understand how you and Shelia feel. I guess it will be ok. As long as he doesn't try to do anything to you. Just be careful not to allow yourself to be alone with him. He doesn't seem to be doing anything to Shelia, but she is his daughter. You are not. Trust me. You will be a big temptation to him if he is alone with you.”

“I would prefer you refrain from undressing in front of other men. It will give you a bad reputation if you are not careful. Also they could attack you and I would be real upset if anything happened to you. Since you and Shelia are so close, I guess it will be alright for you to give her Dad a little thrill from time to time as long as you are with her."

"I think I understand, Daddy. I'll be real careful. I like driving him nuts with my body, but I certainly don't want him doing it with me. I promise not to get nude in front of any other men."

I wasn't crazy about Haley strutting around in front of this guy, but I also understood how important it was to young girls to feel guys like to look at them, so I wasn't going to bash her feelings. I knew Haley would refrain from letting Shelia's Dad see her nude, if I told her to, but I didn't want to take that special bond away from her she had developed with Shelia.

Haley continued her story. Once Shelia and Haley were in the tub, Haley started kissing Shelia again. They had only been hugging and kissing for a few minutes when Shelia asked, "Was it fun giving my Dad a big thrill?" Haley nodded, "Yeah, it was pretty cool."

Shelia looked at Haley and whispered, "I'll let you in on a little secret if you promise to keep it to yourself. I let my Dad see me nude, because I enjoy seeing his dick get hard. It makes me feel important knowing I can do it so easily. I can see it poking at the front of his pants when I do it. It always makes me wonder what it would look like if my Dad was nude. I've always wanted to touch it."

Haley shrugged, "You don't have to worry about your secret. I noticed his hard on too and I feel the same way. It's so neat the way I feel when your Dad ogles me. I feel like his eyes are burning right through me. I like the way my Dad's dick gets hard when I am naked too.”

“Sometimes I fantasize about what it would be like if my nudity got him so excited that he shot off in his pants. You don't think that is weird do you? I actually thought that when we were thrilling your Dad too. You didn't mind, did you?"

Shelia giggled, "No, it ain't weird. I do it all the time when I am nude in front of my Dad. Do you think I could make your Dad get hard too?" Haley just grinned, "I don't know, but it certainly won't upset me if you want to give it a try sometime." Suddenly Shelia asked, "Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to have your pussy sucked?" Haley saw her chance to actually taste a pussy. Haley knew she would have to proceed cautiously so as not to scare Shelia from trying it.

Haley practically cooed, "I think about it all the time, but I wouldn't have any where to take a boy to get him to do it, besides, I would be afraid he would brag about it to the whole school and then everyone would call me a slut." Shelia replied simply, "You know girls got mouths too." Haley thought about that for a minute and blurted, "Shelia, what are you saying?"

Shelia grinned coyly, "I was just suggesting if by some chance you are as curious as I am, we could do it for each other." Haley pretended to be shocked. Then she played her game some more. "I don't know for sure if I could." Shelia begged, “Come on Haley. Try it just once. If you don't like it, you don't have to do it anymore and I promise we'll still be friends. I'll even do you first if you'll promise to do me. What do you say?"

Again Haley feigned innocence. She didn't want Shelia to realize she wanted to eat her all along. "Will you swear on your life you won't tell anybody?" Shelia broke into a happy grin. "If you do it with me, I promise I won't tell a soul, but you've gotta swear you'll do me when I finish you."

Haley looked at Shelia like she still hadn't made up her mind. Finally Haley blurted out, "OK. Its a deal. I swear on my life I will do you too." Shelia stared at Haley's hairless snatch. "Lay back against the spigot and spread your legs." Haley quickly replied, "No. If we are really going to do this, I want it to be special. Lets wait until we get back in your room where we can take our time." Haley could tell Shelia was anxious to get started, but Shelia waited until they finished their bath.

After carefully drying each other off, Haley and Shelia scurried off to Shelia's room. They didn't bother to get dressed. Shelia locked the door as Haley laid down on the bed. Shelia crawled in beside her. The two young girls started hugging and kissing. When they were both getting pretty excited, Shelia moved her head toward Haley's crotch.

Haley stopped her. "If we do this, you've gotta do it slowly. Come back up here and kiss me some more, then I want you to lick me all over, but stop when you get close to the important parts. Save my tits and pussy for last. Either do me right or not at all."

Shelia went back up to kiss Haley. Shelia drove Haley bananas with her lips and tongue. Haley came hard in Shelia's mouth. Haley couldn't believe her luck when her tongue was roaming all over Shelia's beautiful body. Her tits were wonderful as well. Of course Shelia's tits were little more than nipples, but all eight year olds’ tits seem to be that way. Haley loved eating Shelia. She couldn't believe how wonderful the taste of Shelia's pussy juice was to her mouth.

Haley especially enjoyed the way Shelia's juice would get all over her face and nose. When it was all over, Shelia lay there looking at Haley. "That was fantastic, Haley." Haley had been right. She liked eating pussy. Haley lay there in bliss. She could still smell Shelia from all the juice on her nose. Every time Haley licked her lips, she could still taste her friend's wonderful booty. It was awesome.

"Hey, Shelia, can we do it with each other some more? We can do it whenever we are alone together. You really taste good." Shelia licked her lips. "Yeah. I liked yours too." This time they lay side by side in the bed and ate each other at the same time. The two girls were hopelessly hooked on one another's pussies now.

Haley finished telling her story and I was totally blown away at what she had done. I wasn't thrilled Haley had some lesbian tendencies, but it was kind of exciting and I didn't want to get Haley where she wouldn't tell me what was on her mind.

Besides, it is normal for kids to experiment with each other anyway. They usually do it with a friend that is the same sex, as at that age they aren't comfortable with their bodies and they usually don't have any where to do it with anyone of the opposite sex.

I mean they can't sleep over in the same bed or take a bath together or anything like that. Haley must really trust me. I would never have been able to tell that one to my Dad. Haley looked at me pleadingly. "Daddy, can Shelia stay over this weekend?" I smiled at Haley, "Sure, but what about our photo shoot Saturday?"

"If its ok with you Daddy we can let Shelia pose some too. I am pretty sure I can talk her into posing nude." I just told Haley, "Ok, Baby. Whatever you want, but you will have to do all of the convincing. You already know I can't tell this little girl to get undressed."

To be continued………………………………...................................

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