My beautiful Daughter
This story contains material depicting sex with under age fictitious characters. Relax, they are purely fictitious. No actual children are involved in any story. It is pure fantasy. The reader is encouraged to read it as such. If you find this kind of story offensive, please skip it and read something else.

The story also builds up slowly allowing the characters to gradually interact. To understand the story and avoid taking any part out of context, it is advisable to read Part One first, followed by each successive part.

I previously deleted all of my stories and was editing them to eliminate the characters under sixteen. However, I found that approach changed the stories much more than I wanted to. Therefore, I am merely editing out as many mistakes as I can spot and leaving the stories as they are. Also I am not reediting the stories I already posted to the site. They should be close enough to get the point across and flow into the latter parts quite well.

Of course due to the length of my stories, I am sure I will miss some errors. Please over look them. Feel free to rub my nose in any you find. All comments are welcome. Thank you and enjoy.


Chapter Four

The next weekend, Haley and I were watching TV together. Haley was gently stroking my peter. She would have preferred to suck it, but then she couldn't enjoy the movie with me. Haley knew she could suck me anytime, so she preferred to snuggle up close while we took turns trying to guess what was going to happen next. Haley made me feel special, knowing she was infatuated with my penis, yet she would rather spend quality time with me as her Dad rather than have sex. That meant a lot to me. When the movie was over, I looked toward Haley.

"Haley, I have been thinking about maybe doing something fun. That is if you want to. Why don't I buy some camera equipment. I can pretend I am a famous photographer and you are a famous model. I can take pictures of you one day a week while you do different poses. It will not only be fun, but we can start a scrap book to enjoy when you are older. What do you think?"

Haley looked like she was deep in thought. I was afraid she didn't like the idea. Suddenly she says, “Daddy? I need to talk with you a little bit. Don't say anything until I have a chance to explain what I am trying to say. I don't know if I can say it right. I have been getting these weird feelings inside. Not all the time, just when I am around boys. I feel that way around you too, but somehow it isn't quite the same."

"I don't ever want to leave you. I don't want anybody else living with us either, but I have started noticing boys. I mean, I have always noticed them, but now it seems to be a different kind of noticing. I get shivers up and down my spine when I get around a good looking boy. Especially when they are outside during gym class. The boys split into two teams. Skins and shirts. One side takes off their shirts to signify the teams.”

“They all look so cute in their tight little short legged gym shorts. The pant legs are loose fitting, so you can actually see the front of their crotches through the leg holes whenever they squat down or bend over. Yet the rest of the shorts are snug, so you can see the shape of their butts in the back. Oh, Daddy. I get so excited watching. Seeing their cute little nipples and belly buttons drives me crazy.”

“I can see the bulges between their legs, when the girls class gets close enough for them to gawk at us. Some of them even get hard ons out of the clear blue, like they just get hard every few minutes or so. Their boners seem to jut right out at me because they are all wearing jock straps during Phys Ed.

I can see the cups through their pant legs when they squat or flex their legs. The outline of the straps show through the back of their shorts when they bend over. When I see a really cute one, I often wonder what it would be like to hold his penis in my hand. Or maybe kiss him or kiss it. What do you think is wrong and what should I do?"

I smiled at her. I always knew this was coming, but I hadn't expected it so soon. "There is nothing wrong. All of those feelings are normal. They will get a lot stronger as you get into puberty. The best thing for you to do right now is just enjoy the boys as friends. You are not ready to act on your feelings yet."

"Why don't you wait until I have finished teaching you everything. That will give you a chance to see what you think about it all before jumping in too deep with a boy. After that we can discuss it again and go over your feelings a little more in depth." As I said before, Haley and I talk about everything that concerns her. I always leave the door open and never belittle her thoughts or feelings. Haley lit up in a grin.

"I think I understand. I'll wait and then we can talk again. I would like pretending I am a model, but only if you promise to take some pictures so I can see myself doing it with you." I promised her I would take any pictures she wanted. Haley sat beside me on the couch.

She was still nude. "Daddy, I have been doing your thing for a long time. I was wondering if maybe you might want to do mine. At least once anyway. If you don't like doing me, I will understand and I won't ask you to do it anymore."

"Don't worry. I have always wanted to do you. I think your pussy looks awesome. I can guarantee you I will love doing it for you." With that said, I laid her back on the couch. I really have wanted to eat her for a long time, actually from the first time I found out she liked playing with mine. The only reason I never did was I was afraid it would lead up to what happened last week.

Now it won't make any difference. I have already promised to do it all to her. Haley already comes hard when she masturbates in front of me. I have been fantasizing about having her come like that in my mouth for a long time. I certainly wasn't going to have any problem with doing it for her, besides, it had been what seems like forever since I tasted any pussy.

I crawled over top of her and kissed her for awhile. I decided to give her a real thrill by doing an around the world on her. I teased her this way for several hours. I would get close to the vital areas without actually coming in contact with them and then move on. I did all of her erogenous zones, like behind the knees, sucking her toes, licking the insides of her ears, and sucking her sweet meat. It was an incredible experience feeling her young smooth skin under my lips. I wished I had done her last year. I was hopelessly hooked on her now.

I was in love with my eight year old daughter. Haley was eager to have me eat her, but what I was doing to her felt far too good for her to rush things. All she could do was lay there moaning softly as I did my work. When I finally sucked those beautiful little nipples, I thought I would go nuts. I could hear Haley breathing hard as her heart was trying to beat its way out of her chest. I finally moved my lips into her delight. As she became more aroused, I moved closer to her clit. When she exploded down there, I sucked directly on her clit.

Haley bucked and snorted and squealed with delight while she came. I thought she was going to shove my head into her pussy. After she regained her composure, she looked up at me saying, "Daddy, I think you have solved my problem. Those feelings are gone now. That was awesome. I hope you liked me so you will do me some more."

I understood what her problem was now. She had been horny. Unfortunately or maybe fortunately, depending on your point of view, her problem would return soon. "Haley, you don't have to worry. That little pussy of yours tastes absolutely wonderful. I will do you anytime you want me to. I could suck on it all day if we had the time."

Haley smiled. Her hands reached out tenderly embracing my face as she pulled my head back between her legs. I immediately started slurping on her delicious hot box until she had her second blast of orgasm. I could literally have eaten Haley all day, but I still felt bad about doing it to my daughter. Shit, why did it have to taste so fucking good?

I felt really guilty doing it with Haley. Being her father, I knew I was supposed to make sure nothing like that ever happened. It just happened so subtly. Haley was happier than she ever was before her Mom died. As much as I felt bad about doing her, I just loved her too much to take her happiness away from her. Damn, now I know I'll be fucking my little daughter for sure.

We got dressed and headed off to pick out our photo equipment. I set up one of the spare bedrooms as a studio. I also stocked it with about fifty thousand dollars worth of gear. Some in equipment and some in clothes for Haley to pose in. All of the camera equipment was state of the art and all digital. There would be no fumbling with film or tapes. I also bought state of the art computers to keep track of the photos.

It was important for me to create the atmosphere of professionalism in the studio. I wanted it to look like the real thing so Haley could enjoy it more. I wanted the sessions to be special for her. I even had a sign engraved on the door calling it "THE HALEY PHOTO STUDIO".

Haley had a great time picking out all of the clothes. She wanted me to go in the dressing room with her. I told her I would like that very much, but it would cause quite a stir if anyone saw me go in there with an eight year old. Haley understood and didn't ask anymore. We decided to make it an eight hour photo session every Saturday. Of course we would take quite a few breaks for lunch and the like. I figure with all the breaks, the eight hour session will end up taking all day.


Friday night, Haley and I had just finished satisfying one another's needs. She laid in the bed beside me trying to catch her breath. "Haley. It's time for bed. Why don't you scurry off and get your bath while I get mine?" Haley got this look on her face like she wanted to say something, but wasn't sure if she should. Finally, she asked, "Daddy. Will you come in with me and give me my bath?"

"That wouldn't be right Honey." "Daddy. You've already promised you'll do it all with me, I'd really enjoy having you bathe me again like you used to do when I was little. I miss the way it felt down there when you were being so gentle cleaning my thing. Please, Daddy. Do it for me. No one will know. I really, really want you to."

I went in with her to the bathroom. I was surprised. It was an awesome feeling washing my beautiful little daughter's smooth body. I made sure I washed her the same way I did when she was little. I was careful not to let it be any kind of a sexual type of thing, even though I could tell Haley came most of the time when I delicately washed her little snatch. From then on, Haley rarely ever washed herself.

Saturday has finally arrived. I have spent the better part of the week learning how to use all of the equipment during the hours Haley was in school. Haley has talked about little else than the poses she wants to do. She wanted me to do her butt, but I convinced her to leave things as they are so we can get her first reactions on the camera while I train her.

She started pouting at first until I told her to fantasize about how my peter would feel sliding in and out of her butt. I told her to let the anticipation build so she would enjoy it more when it finally happens. Haley wanted to go straight to the studio to get started as soon as we got up. I told her we could get started after breakfast. We had a great time splashing water and throwing soap around as we cleaned up the breakfast dishes.

"Ok. Haley, are you ready?" Haley wasted no time heading to the studio. She had stripped off her clothes. "Oh, Daddy, take a picture of me sucking your thing." I had to slow her down a little bit. "Lets take a few with you fully clothed first. Remember you are a beautiful and sexy model." I had purchased a changing screen for Haley to stand behind when she was putting on the different outfits. I guess it was kind of cheating, because I got one with an adjustable floor.

That way I could adjust it with the push of a button, so Haley's head and just a wisp of her shoulder's would stick above the screen as she grew up. I installed the screen where the floor butted against the wall. This gave the appearance that it was closed off on all sides except the entrance and made the heightened floor seem natural.

I purposely didn't purchase any hooks to hang the clothes on. That way Haley would either have to throw them on the floor or drape them over the screen. I installed a sign on the screen that said please do not place clothing on the floor. I did this so I could tell what Haley had on as she hung her clothes across the top of the screen.

Haley declared, "I don't need a changing screen, because you have always seen me in the nude." I told her, "Haley, it's actually for me. When you dress behind the screen, I get to see your head and imagine what you look like as you slowly drape your clothes over the screen. It will get me very excited watching like that." Haley grinned from ear to ear. Obviously she liked to hear her body excited me that much.

"You can have fun learning to parade around sexily while I try to get it all on camera." Haley looked disappointed. "How do I do that." I told her, "It's easy. All you have to do is strut around. Shake your booty. Stick your chest out. Bend over so your butt sticks out. Try to imagine your pussy is being held up a few inches by a meat hook. You can feel yourself swishing around on it and it feels so, so good. All you have to do is move your hips so I can see you swishing around on the hook too.”

“Make it look like everything revolves around your pussy. That will be a good way to start being sexy. You'll figure other stuff out on your own. Think of any position you can that might make me excited enough to do your rear end. That will be your goal. Just imagine my thing slowly separating your cheeks and filling you up from behind. Don't worry about looking stupid. I will tell you what I like best and eventually you'll get the hang of it."

Haley seemed to brighten up at the prospect of finally having me inside of her, although it will still be about an inch away from where she really wants it. I already started Haley on birth control, but she will still have to wait about seven more weeks before I can give her what she really wants.

Of course I knew it didn't really take two months for the birth control to take effect, but I wanted to be sure I wouldn't make Haley pregnant and besides, I was hoping the extra time would allow Haley to change her mind so I wouldn't end up fucking her although I really wanted to do her something awful. I was still hoping she wouldn't like it so I wouldn't be actually fucking my young daughter. In the back of my mind, I really knew she was going to take to it like a duck does to water. My biggest problem will be boys.

It will be difficult to get her to understand it is ok to have sex with boys and at the same time it really isn't. Haley's situation is different than the average eight year old and I know I will have to deal with it a lot sooner and a lot differently than I would prefer. She was already doing stuff with me and soon would be doing it all. Eventually Haley will start wondering what it feels like to do it with someone a little closer to her own age.

I don't want any of the cute little bastards sticking their thing in Haley, but I will still have to let her have one when the time is right. I will try to put it off as long as I can. The important thing is to teach her discretion. Let her know that at her age she can't just bring ‘em’ on in. I will need to convince her we will have to make special arrangements and for her safety it will have to take place in front of me. That is at least until she is old enough to take care of herself.

Another scary thought is Haley has been asking me disturbing questions. I was afraid Haley was building up to wanting to try it with one of her girl friends. I didn't want her doing it with another girl, but at the same time I found the thought to be exciting.

Questions like she asked during this conversation. "Daddy, what does it feel like when I come in your mouth?" I told her, "I feel wanted and special when you come in my mouth. It's like I belong there." Haley smiled as she looked inquisitively into my eyes.

"What does my pussy taste like? Is it a sweet taste or is it sour?" I had to think on that one. Finally I said, “There is nothing I know of that tastes like pussy. It is a delicacy all to its own. I would definitely call it a sweet taste, but you would have to taste it yourself to fully understand. You can get some idea of the taste by fingering yourself and then sucking your finger."

Haley fell silent for a moment as her finger found itself probing deeply into her snatch. I watched curiously as she twisted her finger and reamed it all around inside herself. Suddenly she pulled it out. Her finger went straight to her mouth. Haley gently sucked on her finger for a few minutes. All she said was, "Wow."

Haley must have enjoyed the taste of her pussy. When she was sitting on the couch in the nude, a lot of times she would slip her finger into her hole to get a little taste of it. I found myself really getting off on watching her finger roam all around inside herself. Haley would give it a pretty good workout before her finger headed north to her mouth.

"Do you find it fun sucking my tits?" I leaned over gently kissing one of her nipples giving it a little suck before saying, "I definitely find your tits to be wonderful and I have a lot of fun sucking them." Then she hit me with a tough one that was way out of left field. "Daddy, have you ever done it with another guy?"

This wasn't a subject I would normally have talked about with Haley, but she had asked and I never lie to her. I tried to answer without getting into too much detail. "Yes, Haley, I have done it with another guy. Not by choice at first. I had been molested by one of the neighbors when I was a little boy." Haley's eyes got wide upon hearing that. She was in total shock, but said nothing.

"He had a son my age named Brian. We were five at the time. Brian and I were best friends. Whenever I slept over at Brian's house, his Dad would ogle me. At first he would find ways of seeing me in the nude or at least with as little on as he could. He would mess with the bathroom door so it wouldn't lock. That way he could accidentally walk in while I was taking a bath." Haley listened intently as I continued.

"Then he would suddenly think of something important he needed to discuss with me so he could stare at me. Later he would touch me there. Soon he was sucking it and forced me to suck his. I soon found out he had also been doing it with Brian. He would come in at night and do it all with us both. Sometimes my butt would be sore for days.”

“He started making Brian and I do one another. After a few years, Brian and I fell in love and did each other whenever we could. We knew his Dad would make us do it anyway, and it really felt good when Brian and I did it. We knew how to do one another without it hurting."

Haley innocently interrupted me at this point. "Daddy, if you ever decided to do it with a guy again, could I watch? I think it would be cool." I think I turned beet red. "Haley, if I were to do it with another guy, I would be glad to let you watch, but I do not desire to have sex with another man. I find it repulsive. I liked doing it with Brian, but he was a little boy and it didn't make me feel like I was doing a guy, because our dicks were small and skinny."

Haley looked at me with that look she has when she is going to say something that will blow me away. When she did this, she always did it with such an innocence I could never reprimand her for the things she said. "Daddy. If you want me to, I could bring one of the boys from school home with me. I’m sure I could convince him to do it with you. It would remind you of Brian." I couldn't believe she said it. I knew she was only trying to make me feel special. I gently told her, "Haley. That was a sweet offer, but I don't want to suck anybody's dick. Not ever."

I continued telling her about my molestation. "Brian drowned in a boating accident when he was fifteen. Brian and I were fishing on the lake when the boat flipped over. I clung to the boat and Brian started swimming for shore. We must have been a lot farther out than he thought. He slowed down and suddenly went under. I watched my best friend die."

I broke down crying at this time. I was sobbing uncontrollably. I was feeling emotions I hadn't experienced in a long time. Haley was visibly shaken. It was the first time Haley had ever seen me cry. She was immediately sorry she brought the subject up. Haley hugged me close saying, "Daddy, I am so sorry. You don't have to say anything else about it. If I had known, I would never have asked."

After I regained my composure, I continued. "It was awful, while I was at the funeral, Brian's Dad caught me going to the restroom and made me do him there. I remember seeing them close the casket as I tried desperately to swallow away that nasty taste in my mouth. Brian's Dad told me if I would come visit him some, he would bring some other boys over to do me. I still have nightmares about it. I never went next door again and I avoided Brian's Dad like the Plague."

The photo session had been going pretty well as expected. I was getting pretty excited photographing my young daughter in all the different sexy poses. Haley was becoming ever so impatient to feel my peter up her ass. She put on a sexy looking pants suit outfit and started doing her thing. Haley was a little awkward at first, but caught on quickly. I started the video right away so I could capture it all.

Later she posed in a cute cheerleader outfit. It had a short skirt with short panty like shorts underneath. She had on white knee high socks with the traditional black cheerleader shoes. She was catching on to looking sexy very quickly. As she stood in front of me, Haley looked like she was pivoting her hips all around as though there actually was a meat hook pulling up at her snatch. Haley had a nice gap between her legs, even when she was nude and closed her legs together, there was still a pretty good gap right at the top.

You could see the things behind her through the gap. This gave the appearance that her pussy was jutting straight out at me, when her legs were separated. The only way Haley could close the gap and have the tops of her thighs meet, was if she crossed her legs slightly as she pulled her legs together. She was a living doll. Seeing her like that made me so horny I wanted to throw her on the floor and fuck her right then.

"Daddy, can I wear something else? I feel pretty stupid in this dumb outfit." I had to laugh a little. When Haley started pouting, I decided I would have to confide a few things to her that I didn't really feel comfortable having her know just yet. In the mean time I am catching all of her reactions on film. I was getting a lot of still shots as well as the video from about four different angles. I laughed because Haley was standing in front of me fully clothed. She was exciting me so much, I thought my dick was going to burst through my pants and she thought it was a stupid outfit.

"Haley, I am going to tell you a little secret I hope will help you feel a little better about that outfit. When I see you in it, I get so excited my dick is ready to hop right out of my pants. That outfit makes me want to fuck your brains out." Of course Haley had never heard me say anything like that before, but she had been dying to hear me say it. Haley jumped into my arms screaming, "Oh God, Daddy, I am so glad you want to fuck me. I wish you could do it right now, but I can wait. When the time finally comes, I will be ready to explode."

That dumb outfit became Haley's favorite clothes. She would wear them for me frequently whenever she wanted to tear my nerves up pretty good. I thought Haley would die of anxiety when I made us break for lunch. It was all I could do to keep her from swallowing everything whole. She was bucking at the bit to get started again. We took several breaks throughout the day with Haley reluctantly peeling herself away from the studio and anxiously trotting back to get started again.

I took a lot of different poses of Haley in a bunch of different outfits. I realized we only had a few hours left for our 8 hour session and I promised Haley I would photograph her giving me a blow job. "Do a striptease for me Haley." Haley just stood there looking at me. "I don't know how, Daddy." I assured her it would be easy. "Just dance like you did last night. Run your hands all over your body like you are bringing yourself off and loosen a button here and there until stuff starts coming off. Just do it all slowly and don‘t forget your hook."

Haley gave it a try. She was just darling. When she was nude, I let her do me on film. I could hardly wait to go over the shots to see that special look Haley gets on her face when I fill her mouth up. Finally, I gave her the prize she had been waiting on. "Get on your hands and knees, Honey and I'll do something special for you."

Haley couldn't seem to get on the floor quick enough. She looked back at me saying, "Oh, please Daddy fuck my butt. Fill me up with your excitement" She wanted me to just throw it in. I told her, "Be patient Honey. I want this to be special for you. We have to do it slowly or it will hurt. I don't want it to be painful." Haley just nodded her approval. As I said before, Haley trusts me completely. I got on the floor behind her. I leaned over licking her gently on the back of her ass.

When I licked her around her asshole, Haley whimpered, "Oh, Daddy. That feels wonderful. I love it." I made sure I wet her up really good. I ran my tongue carefully up her asshole. It was awesome. Her skin was so smooth and soft. I loved the way she was squirming all around in my hands. I found it exciting when she squealed with delight each time my tongue probed deeply into her butt. I enjoyed sucking on her butt for about a half hour and then I got her to spit on my thing.

If I didn’t do anything else, I was going to make sure this was a good experience for her. It was not going to hurt in anyway. I nudged the tip against her crack. Haley giggled as my shaft rubbed up and down between the bottom of her taint and the tops of her cheeks. Haley turned her head to look back at me. “Oh God. Daddy, that tickles so. But it’s a good tickle. Keep going that for a while.“

Each time my head reached the middle of her crack, I twirled it back and forth into her eager hole. Not enough for the knob to slide all the way in, but just enough for her tiny hole to squeeze around me. When Haley started to dry out, I spit another gob of saliva down between her smooth butt cheeks. I kept up the steady stroking rhythm for nearly thirty minutes, then nudged in deeper until my bulging cock head slipped gently past her sphincter.

Haley gasped. “Oooo Daddy. It’s so big. I never dreamed it would fill me up like that.“ I could only wonder what her feelings would be when I put the whole thing in. We sat motionless for ten minutes. Haley’s tail muscles started working themselves together. It was like she was trying to push me out and then she would pull me back in again.

I waited for her to pull me back in again and thrust slowly forward until my pubic area mashed against her cheeks and my nut sack slapped against her pussy. I thought Haley would pass out when my peter slid deeply into her butt.

Being Haley’s first time having a peter in her rear end, I decided I needed to break her in slowly. When my pubic area mashed against her cheeks, I sat still. Haley was moaning softly. It was obvious she was enjoying the feeling immensely.

I pulled back slowly then slid back in. I decided to let Haley’s tail muscles do their thing by just leaving my thing in to the hilt. Soon I could feel her sphincter contract and then loosen back up. It felt like Haley was trying to shit me out then the suction would pull me right back in again. “Oh. God. Daddy that is awesome. Just stay like that for a while. I love it.” Haley’s little butt would wiggle a little from side to side as she adjusted herself to feel better in a different position. After thirty minutes I could feel Haley start to buck her rear end back toward me.

“Daddy. I am ready for more. Push it back and forth in me. I am ready to be fucked.” I started moving slowly back and forth. I pulled all the way back to allow the head of my dick to slide out of her ass. Then I’d wiggle it against her hole before easing it back in again. “Unngh. Unngh. Unngh. Ohhh shit. That feels so fucking good. Pop me harder Daddy. Faster. Fuck the shit out of me.” I didn’t want it to be painful. “Haley. If I go too fast it will hurt.”

Haley glanced back at me. “Don’t worry Daddy. You’ve got me really wet. I feel pretty loose. Let me have it. Cram it in. If you hurt me, I promise I’ll let you know. Please. Pretty Pleeease. I want to see what it feels like to have a guy rod me out like the girls talk about in school.” How was I supposed to argue with that. I picked up the pace a little at the time.

Soon, I was ramming myself in and out of my sweet little daughter’s tiny butt hole. I could hear my dick break suction as I pulled it out. Haley screamed in ecstasy every time I shoved it back in. I held her slender waist so she wouldn’t involuntarily move forward against my thrusts. The feeling I got being gripped by her muscles all wet and warm was incredible. My nuts felt good slapping against her cheeks on the in thrust.

I could do this all day. My balls were starting to build up like I was getting ready to go. When I finally shot off in her, Haley squealed in delight. I could feel my jism rushing into her colon. The feeling was stupendous. I thought my dick would explode. I‘ve never shot off this much or this long before. It was like I was operating a fire hose. I can‘t wait to do her again.

“Daddy. That is wonderful. I can’t wait until you do that in my pussy. Your juice is rumbling all around my insides. I love the feeling. Promise me you’ll do this for me some more.” I kept shoving myself deep into her rectum. “Sure, Baby. Whatever you want.” My dick got soft and I slipped out the side getting some of my semen on her butt cheeks.

When it was over, Haley rolled over on her back, obviously in ecstasy. She lay there in bliss for a couple of minutes saying, "Daddy, that was awesome. It was even more fantastic than I thought it would be. I can't wait for you to do me again." Suddenly, Haley slammed her legs together like she was trying to hold on to a quarter. She immediately jumped up saying, "I have to go to the bathroom right now. I don’t think I can make it to the hall bathroom."

I was already prepared for this. I knew my juice was going to turn her bowels to mush. I didn't explain it to her before hand, because until you have it happen to you, nothing can prepare you for the pressure that hits the back of your ass when it happens. You have to experience it to understand it.

Poor Haley was standing in front of me with her legs looking like they were in a death grip trying desperately to hold it in. She was screaming, "Daddy do something quick. If I try to run, I'll squirt it all over the carpet." She was holding the back of her butt like she would explode. I reached behind a chair and got a big clear glass bowl that I sat on the floor just behind Haley. I said, "Just crouch down over the bowl Darling and let it go."

Haley spread her legs and quickly positioned her hole over the bowl. My jism and Haley's liquefied shit started squirting out uncontrollably into the bowl. When Haley finished squirting everything into the bowl, I gently wiped her ass with some tissues. I got it all on film. Haley looked up and grinned at me. "Awesome. Do it again Daddy. That was the most fantastic thing I have ever experienced short of coming in your mouth." I obliged her and that was the end of that session.

To be continued……………………………….........................................

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