Incest is just another word to two people who wish everyone would mind their own business.

Slippery Saddle Bum

My daughter and I began having sexual intercourse when she was 12, about eight minutes after she crawled into bed with me and nervously asked me if a full grown man could make his 'thing' go inside of her. I asked her if she was asking because she was just curious or because she’d already read or heard that he could and she was hoping I’d put mine inside of her. It was after ten and all the house lights were out when she'd come from her room to ask the question so it didn't take much figuring to know what she wanted. Her several seconds of hesitation without answering my question was the answer I expected and the answer that I took action on.

Controlling my excitement, as much as was possible for a man who hadn't been laid in about two an a half months, I softly said, "You came in and got into bed with Daddy before you asked that question because you were hoping that Daddy would put his thing inside of you, didn't you, honey? Alright, baby… Come here and I’ll show you what having sex feels like but you can’t ever tell anybody I showed you.” Then I gently took her into my arms and drew her close against my naked body... giving her a last minute chance to say no and back out, if that's what she wanted to do.

Her body was shaking as, in a trembling whisper, she said, “I'll never tell anybody, Daddy. I promise.”

My cock was rapidly becoming a throbbing erection. It wasn't as if I hadn't noticed her phenomenal assets and been tempted so, with the gift of her pussy being freely offered, there was no way I was going to put up any resistance to taking it. Gently taking her chin in my hand, I lifted her face to mine and softly kissed her on the lips saying, "I know it's your first time, sweetheart, so I'll do it easy so you have a chance to get used to it and not have it hurt too much. It's going to hurt for a minute or so, at first, but then you'll like how good it starts to feel once you get used to having it inside of you. The next time we do it, it probably won’t hurt at all. . . . . . Are you sure you’re ready to be Daddy’s woman?”

Still shaking but in not quite as much a trembling whisper she answered, “Yyyes, Daddy. That’s… that’s why I came in… but I was afraid to ask… I was afraid you wouldn’t......”

I kissed her again and said, “You don’t ever have to be afraid to ask me anything, honey. Even if I’d said no, I wouldn’t have been mad at you for asking. You know that, don’t you?”

“Yeah, but I was scared.”

“Well don’t be scared, honey. I said yes. You’re a beautiful girl and after we do it, I’ll be proud to have you be my woman for as long as you want to be. We can stop anytime you want to. Just tell me if you don’t want to do it anymore and we won’t.”

I was surprised when she spoke up forcefully, saying, “Daddy, I’m not like Mommy!! And I’m glad she’s gone because I won’t ever run away and leave you. I always want to sleep here with you and have you do it to me anytime you want to. That's why I came in here so I could be your wife from now on. I heard Mommy always arguing with you that she didn’t want to do it and saying that she didn’t want any more kids but my boobies are getting pretty big and I’ve started my periods so I can have babies. When you put your sperm stuff in me, it'll make me have some, won't it? You can make babies in me, if you want to, Daddy, and I won't ever complain.”

I was speechless. Hailey had heard a lot more than I’d realized and had obviously been thinking about this for a while before she said it. But one thing hadn’t been said, yet. I softly asked, “Why, Hailey?”

“Why what, Daddy?” she asked.

“Why do you want to be Daddy’s wife? What’s the biggest reason why?”

She hesitated for about two seconds before answering, “Because I love you, Daddy. Mommy didn’t love you but I do and I always will. I want to be your wife and do all the things that she was supposed to do and wouldn’t… I want you to be my husband and then nobody else can have you. Just me. That’s why.”

I held her close in my arms and kissed my beautiful little woman saying, “Those are all very good answers, sweetheart. Alright. After tonight, if you still want to be, you’ll be my wife but we can’t ever tell anybody that, either. Only you and I will ever know it. OK?”

She hugged herself tightly against me and happily said, “I love you, Daddy. You’ll have to teach me how to do all the… sex stuff… but I’ll learn and I’ll be a good wife, I promise.”

''I know you will, Hailey, and I love you, too.''
* * *

Shortly after she'd come into the room, I’d turned the switch at the bottom of the lamp next to my bed. It lit the fifteen watt bulb in the pale blue glass body of the lamp and faintly illuminated the room just enough for me to see Hailey’s pretty young face. After cuddling and kissing her for a few minutes, I had her take her night shirt off before I kissed my way down to her firm, medium size peach titties, took them in my mouth and began sucking and licking on their hard little nipples while my hand went between her legs and I gently massaged her lightly hair covered pussy. She was wet already and my pre-cum drooling cock was as hard as a hickory ball bat. When she’d pulled the shirt over her head, I’d noticed that she'd gotten into my bed with no panties on. She was prepared so there'd be nothing in the way if Daddy was going to put his cock in her tight little pussy.

After two or three minutes of kissing, licking and sucking her breasts, I kissed down over her belly and began licking her pussy. Within thirty seconds, Hailey was on her way to a destination that she'd never been to before... bucking, twitching, jerking… holding herself up while her Daddy licked her sensitive little pussy and gave her feelings like she’d never dreamed were possible.

“Ohhh, Daaaddyeee. Tha… thaaat feels goo … gooood.” she cooed, breathlessly… happy in knowing that tonight… in just a few minutes, maybe only seconds… her daddy was going to push his cock into her pee hole! When his cock was all the way in, he'd fuck her and shoot his cum stuff inside of her!! With his stuff inside of her, she’d be his secret wife and he’d be her secret husband! What he was doing to her right now felt so good that she was seeing stars. She was twelve and couldn’t wait to be married to him and have this all the time. 'Mommy must be stupid for leaving!!' she thought to herself. Hailey was almost giddy over her good luck. This was all going to be hers and she wasn't going anywhere... ever.

When I moved up and fitted the head of my cock into the socket to her cunt opening, Hailey didn't resist a bit as I applied pressure and started pushing into her. She drew in a deep breath as her pussy stretched to let my cock head go in but she didn't try to tighten down... just the opposite. It was like she was forcing herself to relax and make sure that it went in. I have eight and a half inches of nearly two inch thick cock so I was surprised that the wide, tapered head had gone in that easily.

At that point, I was suddenly more than a little suspicious that Hailey had already been fucked... but she was only twelve and was definitely tight. I pushed in deeper and that's when her cherry popped. (nope, she hadn’t been fucked) Letting out a grunt and tight squeal of pain, she sure tightened down and resisted, then. From there on, I had to work at getting the rest of my cock into her… with her bucking and squealing all the way in.
When we were finally pelvis to pelvis, I stopped moving and told her I was sorry that I’d hurt her but that the worst was over and now we'd wait till the pain let up before we did any more.

In a tight, strangled voice, she said, "OWWW!! Oh, Daaaad!" She drew a deep breath and continued, "It's too big! It hurts awful!"

I told her to just wait a minute or two and promised her that her pussy would stretch and it’d stop hurting. I told her to take deep breaths, relax and think of something else for a few seconds.

She took two or three deep breaths, relaxed a little and then asked, “Think of something like what?”

I said, “How about this, my pretty little wife?” and I tenderly kissed her on the lips. Then I told her, “Put your arms around me and kiss your husband, Sweetheart. Show me how much my pretty wife loves me.”
Her arms came up under mine and around my shoulders until her hands were on my back.
Lifting her face up to me, her soft, puffy lips made increasingly firm contact with mine and then gently, fervently, she began kissing me.

Bringing my arms under her shoulders, I cradled her head, held my cock buried deep in her tight little pussy and kissed her back. As the seconds went by, I felt her gradually adjust to me being inside of her. As the tension in her body began to let up, she stopped trying to pull her pussy down and away from me and began to relax. Then, as she very gradually raised, opened and held it up to me, I knew that she was ready.

Lifting my face over hers, I looked down into her eyes and began slowly fucking her… taking very short, gentle strokes while I watched her facial expressions for signs of pain or pleasure. While I saw some degree of pleasure on her face, I knew my cock was pretty big for her tight little pussy and she wasn’t yet used to having it stretched and fucked. I kept going… not rushing… and after two minutes or so, I was fucking her with fairly long, steady strokes.

Hailey was looking up into my eyes in triumph. She was now a wife fucking her husband. Pushing her pussy up to accept her husband’s cock she hugged me hard and, in a firm soft voice said, “Momma can go to hell cause I’ve got you now, Daddy.”

I grinned, kissed her firmly and said, “You sure do. I love you, my beautiful Hailey.”

“I love you, too, Daddy. … And I love your thi… your cock… inside of me, too. It feels so good when you push it in and out like you’re doing. It’s making me get good tingly feelings inside, down there.

I didn’t answer because I was trying to concentrate and keep from cumming too fast. Her tight little cunt felt so damned good that I don’t think I lasted more than five minutes before my first orgasm hit. With almost no warning, I felt it start and, because I hadn’t had sex since my wife took off, I knew it was going to be massive. Driving deep into Hailey, I held… groaning… as gush after heavy gush of my thick, rich cum erupted into her… splashing off the walls and flooding the deep end of her tightly stretched cunt.

She knew that something very special was happening inside of her pussy, in addition to the fact that she was being fucked by her daddy. Even as far gone as I was, I saw the look in her eyes when she felt my cum flooding into her belly. Instinctively, she pushed and held her cunt up to me, like it was a cup to be filled. I don’t remember ever cumming with such volume in my entire life before that night or again until about nineteen years later, when it was into our thirteen year old daughter, which I’ll tell you about shortly. I fucked three loads of cum into Hailey that night and one more into her very sore but willing pussy the next morning.

* * *
We never saw her mother again but we eventually heard that she’d moved in with another man, living two counties away. Not long after she moved in, he’d forced her to start taking turns servicing all four of his teen aged sons and would beat her if he thought she wasn’t co-operating to suit them. When they were finished with her, they made her lie over a bench, tied her to it and let all their dogs fuck her, too.
I got the information over time… in bits and pieces from pretty good sources not prone to bullshit stories. I never bothered to verify any of it but I hoped it was true… that my ex got and was getting just what she deserved.

At one point, I heard that someone had called that County’s Sherriff and he’d gone out to investigate the report. He'd said that she had scratches and bruises and looked scared but had repeatedly denied the reports so there was nothing that he could do. He also said he saw a dog breeding bench with extra straps on it in their bathroom that would have nothing to do with holding a dog. He’d noticed that she’d looked especially nervous whenever she saw him looking over in that direction. The guy who knew the guy in the Sherriff's office told me that the Sheriff, who'd handled the call himself, said he'd looked back from the bench… looked her straight in the eye and nodded questioningly, as if asking her if they tied her to that bench and let their half dozen dogs have her. She’d broken eye contact, looked down at the floor and just stood there. His report said she looked healthy and in generally good condition but tired and defeated.
I was tempted to find out where they lived and drop off a dozen really large dogs, wait a week or so and then sic a dog porn video team onto them. She’s a beautiful bitch. She’d have made a great Dog Fucking Porn Star on the Internet. I'd have seen to it that her mother got a Collector's Edition copy of her first DVD… especially since she wouldn’t open the door for me or her granddaughter, the day after her mother had disappeared. As it was, I made sure that she heard about the Sherriff investigating the stories of the guy letting his sons and their dogs fuck her and that the Sherriff was totally convinced that it was all true.

* * *

Hailey was fifteen when our first daughter, Carol, was born, eighteen when our son, Ryan, was born, twenty five when our second daughter, Rita, was born and thirty two when our third daughter, Shelly, was born. She's forty nine, now. She grew up being used to having a cock in her pussy, being fucked, pleasured and satisfied. She’s a woman whose first and lifelong goal was to pleasure her man. I proudly and happily say that she’s the best piece of ass I’ve ever had. She's my daughter and my wife and I love her so much that I get choked up when I think about how I’d feel if I had to live without her. We have four kids who grew up knowing their mother slept with their grandpa and that they could never tell anybody about it. Of course now they know the truth and call me Dad.

I now regularly fuck Shelly, the youngest of our three daughters. Hailey knows it and expected it to happen. (she admitted that she enjoys hearing her scream when she's having orgasms) Shelly was thirteen, the first time, and we already knew that she was going to be an extremely beautiful woman when she grew up.
It happened one afternoon right after she looked at me and said, "Grandpa, you and mom sleep together because you do it to each other, don't you? Sometimes I’m awake and I hear what she’s saying and telling you to do to her so I know when you’re doing it."

I smiled and said, "Yes, honey, we do."

She thought for a minute and then asked, "Does Mom like having her father do it to her?"
I said, "Yes she does, honey. That’s why she does it with me… and do you know what? If you did it with me, you'd be doing it with your daddy, just like she does. Then you’d know if you like it as much your mommy always has."

There was more conversation but it was clear that she’d been thinking about having sex with me for quite a while… which I’d already suspected and had discussed it with Hailey. Hailey had seen it, too, and we’d agreed that, if Shelly approached me, (as she’d just done) it’d be alright to take her to bed and fuck her if that’s what she wanted.

After admitting that she really wanted to know why her mother made all those noises and screamed different things… like “Give it to me harder” and told me she was cumming, Shelly and I went up to her room. We were home alone but after she drew her curtains she went back to close her door and lock it. It was easy to see that she was nervous so I said, “It’s your first time, honey, so don’t think about it. Just do it and then it’ll be done. Take your clothes off fast and get into bed. Then we can go slow or fast. That’ll be up to you. If you change your mind and don’t want to, we won’t.”

Half an hour later, Shelly’s hymen was twenty five minutes gone, my softening cock was buried deep in her stretched, still twitching little pussy, she'd been fucked and her hot little cunt was absorbing what wasn’t seeping out of its first load of her daddy's cum. She’d had tears in her eyes, at first, but she didn't cry. I was semi-soft but still inside of her when she smiled and asked if we could do it some more. She's as hot if not hotter than her mother. (I immediately figured she was probably trying to be competition to her)

After the initial flurry of fucks, which neither of us did anything to hide, I limited her to three times a week because it wasn't being fair to her mother. She agreed and negotiated it to four times. The deal I made was that if I ever hear of or find out that she’s had sex with anyone else before she’s an adult, I’ll never touch her again… ever. She raised her right hand and swore to agree to it. Hailey took her aside and told her that she could do whatever she wanted to do but, if she was smart, she’d better honor the agreement she’d made with me because, if she didn’t and got caught, she’d never find another man who really cares for her with a tool as big as her daddy’s is who knows how to use it to please her. She’s sixteen now and, so far, has honored her end of our agreement.

It's a good thing I've always had stamina and staying power. I make sweet love to her, if that's what she needs, and give her a nice cum or I fuck her until I’ve wiped her out, if that's her mood. But even if I make her cum four or five times, I only have to cum once. She loves it and so do I. Someday in the future, some lucky man is going to be getting a very fine fuck but he’d better be up to the task or it won't be long before she'll go looking for a man who can give her what she grew up getting.

Hailey and I share the same bed that we’ve shared since the night she gave me her virginity and became my wife. Not even our daughter has been allowed to use it. Like Hailey’s and mine is, Shelly’s bed is her own ‘Holy place’ and ‘Altar’ to be shared with her father.

*** SSB

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My sister's daughter wasn't quite eleven, the first time I did her. She was a bit hefty when she crawled into bed and snuggled up against me, even though I was naked. She was rubbing her hand through the hair on my chest and said, ''You're a hair beast Uncle Cliff.'' Then she ran her hand down across my belly and said, ''You have hair on your belly, too.'' Before I could stop her, she'd moved her hand down into my pubic hair and discovered the hard seven inch cock that now fucks her. Two minutes later, I was licking her pussy and gently fondling her growing titties. She liked it and said it felt good so I had her go get the Vaseline... put it on her little pussy and my cock before I very slowly worked it into her pussy.. then punched about two inches into her to break her cherry and pulled back to fuck her with very short easy strokes. As she got used to it and started to relax, I fed more into her until she had it all inside of her. I fucked my cum in her and still do. She's 15, now.

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An 11 yr. old girl and her mother have lived next door to me since she was a baby. Her mother has a second shift job and gets home after midnight. A year ago, she asked me to keep an eye on their house, go check on her daughter or have her come over to my place. Nancy and I have always gotten along really well so she preferred to come over and stay overnight with me. She was ten, so I didn't think anything of it that she wanted to sleep with me but I didn't know that she was growing boobies or that she already had hair on her little pussy until about six month ago, when I came back from the bathroom, flipped on the bedroom light and saw her lying with her naked pussy spread open..inviting me to fuck it. She saw me staring at her pussy and I knew why she'd left her panties off. I turned the light off, got on the bed, slid my hand up the inside of her thigh to her pussy, then moved her over me, lined my cock up, held her in place and pushed until I was in. NEVER have I cum that hard.

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Hey the dad with the 11yr old daughter can I have a pic of her nude or fuck her what's ur email

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My daughter was eleven but she developed early, was fixated on Daddy and I knew that she was soon going to let somebody fuck her, if I didn't. She was a puffy pussied little beauty. When I saw her lying there with her legs spread a little and that peach fuzz on her puffy mound and pussy lips, I lost my fucking mind. I pulled my shorts down, moved over her and she automatically opened her legs, like she knew what I was going to do. While I put Vaseline on my cock, she pulled her knees up and lifted her ass off the bed to meet my cock. I pushed into her and felt her pussy opening tighten behind my cock head. I stopped and asked, ''Can I?'' She said, ''Yes, Daddy.'' I tightened my muscles and buried all 7 3/4'' in her 11 yr. old pussy. She cried out and grabbed onto me and started to cry. I held still and told her to take deep breaths until it stopped hurting so much and then I'd always make it feel really good. I shot my 1st load of cum in her in 3 minutes. The 2nd, an hr.

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