My name is Matt and I am fifteen and it was the start of summer. Like my friends, I am always horny. I’m five eight with short brown hair and a cock that is well over eight inches and nice and thick. I also have big balls. Sam, Pete, Will, Jim and I talk about sex all the time. We live in a suburban area that the developer never finished. It was kind of strange or fate.

We were all fifteen and got along great. None of our moms worked and our fathers weren’t home a lot. Our moms were all friends and almost every day they would get together at one of the houses, usually in the morning. They called it a moms club. We always hung around whichever house they were at because we thought they were hot. They were MILFs and we told each other we would fuck the other’s mom if we could.

I had started walking towards our kitchen in my house when I stopped around the corner. Mom and the other moms were around the kitchen table. They were talking about how horny they were. About their husbands ignoring them or being to tired after fucking their secretaries or assistants.

When I heard one of them say they were tempted to fuck one of us boys I took a breath, this was just to good to pass up. I walked into the kitchen headed toward the fridge, “That would solve our problems too. Everyone knows we are always horny…”


I glanced at mom, “What? You know it’s true. Just because you are our moms doesn’t mean we wouldn’t have sex with you. We dream about that all the time.”

I got a glass of juice and turned to leave, “You could take turns and we would love one of you each day. We sure as hell would never tell. We love you to much.”

They were all open mouthed as I stopped at the table and kissed mom softly on the lips before walking down the hall. I didn’t say anything when I came into my room as the guys ribbed me about stopping to jack off. It was thirty minutes later when the door pushed all the way open and our moms stood there. Mom looked at me, “Did you tell them what you said?”

I looked at mom and the other women, “No, it wasn’t something they didn’t know so why tell them?”

Our moms laughed and Mom held out her hand as she walked to my bed, “Come here.”

I stood and walked to the bed while mom shooed the guys off the end. She caressed my face, “Are you sure about this Matt?”

I smiled and kissed her softly. She pulled back and began undressing me in the quiet room. She stepped back and looked into my face as she started undressing. When she was naked, she turned to sit on my bed and I knelt in front of her and pushed her legs open. I didn’t hear anything as I leaned closer and licked through her wet pussy.

I loved the taste and the smell and dove in. I licked and sucked and nibbled until mom shuddered hard and pushed my face back. She moved all the way onto the bed and held her arms out. I followed her and slipped between her legs and my hard, drooling cock nudged her pussy. She shivered and held me as I pushed and my thick cock forced her open. I shivered as I pushed my cock into my mother and she groaned, “God Matt!”

I started fucking her slow and deep and she shuddered. I kissed her, “I won’t last mom.”

She shivered and kept thrusting her hips up to meet mine. A couple of minutes later I jerked and shuddered before planting my cock against her womb and spewing a huge load of cum. Mom jerked and gasped, “Oh my god!”

I pumped spurt after spurt into her and she just kept shaking. When I finally stopped and kissed her mom grinned, “You really needed that.”

I started to fuck her again and she laughed, “Hold on baby. Why don’t we give someone else a turn?”

I looked around at my friends rubbing their crotches and their moms rubbing theirs. I pulled out and moved off the bed. Mom glanced at the door as she sat up and turned to slid out of bed, “Who’s next?”

I looked at the door as Sarah, Sam’s mom stepped into the room. She looked at Sam, “Matt said you might want to… fuck me Sam.”

He grinned and walked to her and embraced her as he kissed her passionately. I took mom’s hand and backed to a wall before pulling her in front of me and turning her so her back was to me. I wrapped my arms around her and cupped her breasts.

Mom looked back and grinned before turning to watch Sam and Sarah walk to my bed. I guess our moms were impatient because Meg moved into the room, “Pete?”

Pete didn’t hesitate to go to his mother and then Will and Jim went to theirs. Sam and Sarah hesitated as everyone undressed. They turned and put their backs to the guys and pulled their hands around to cup their wonderful breasts. Sarah grinned, “Everyone comfortable now?”

We laughed and she turned to undress Sam and then she undressed slowly. It was a slow arousing morning as we watched each mother fuck their own son. When Terri finished with Jim she sighed and slid to the side. Mom cleared her throat. “Matt said you boys would like to make love to one of us everyday. Since your fathers don’t want our pussies we have decided to do it. One or more of us will let you boys have sex with us everyday but you keep your mouths shut and never tell anyone.”

We all agreed loudly and our moms grinned. Mom pulled me to the bed and sat me down. As she straddled me the other moms were doing the same thing until we were all on the bed. Mom had my cock inside her as she thrust back and forth, sliding my cock in and out while rubbing her clit along my cock. She kissed me and then slowly stood up and moved to Pete and his mom.

The next thing I knew Sarah was straddling me and I was sliding into her warm pussy. She thrust back and forth as I felt her body. She smiled and kissed me softly as I felt her with my cock throbbing deep inside her. I watched her close her eyes and shudder as her pussy spasmed around my cock. It was a couple of minutes later when she jerked and started shaking and I felt myself getting ready to cum.

I heard the other guys as each one moaned and came and grinned as I held Sarah with my cock deep inside her. I groaned as I began spewing thick creamy spurts of cum against her cervix. She jerked harder and grabbed me and held on as I pumped rope after thick rope of cum into her wonderful body. When I stopped, she sighed and stood up with a groan as my thick cock came out of her. Our moms laughed and Terri grinned, “Break time. We’ll be back in a little while.”

We watched them leave and then looked at each other. I grinned, “You guys better tape your mouths closed if you talk in your sleep.”

They laughed and I got a sudden flash of insight like I sometimes do. The guys kind of knew it happened to me sometimes. I shook my head and looked down. Pete cleared his throat, “Well?”

I glanced around, “Sooner or later our dads are going to leave. I mean look at them, working late instead of coming home to our moms. Having sex with other women instead of with our moms.”

They looked at each other and then at me as I moved off the bed and to my computer. I brought up a stock market web page and turned to the other guys, “It’s up to us to make a home and a permanent income for them.”

They looked from me to the screen and Sam cleared his throat, “Buying stocks?”

I grinned, “Buying stocks. We research and decide which to buy together. We all have a different look on things so we pool our ideas.”

They looked at each other and grinned. An hour later our moms came back and we stopped. Meg took my hand and led me out of my room and out to the living room. Everyone had stayed naked and Meg’s body against mine felt great. She kissed me and caressed my face, “You had a good idea Matt. Today we are all horny so we decided to try each of you.”

I grinned and hugged her before hesitantly kissing her. She reached down to stroke my cock and grin. She turned and climbed onto the couch on her hands and knees. When she wiggled her butt, I laughed and moved behind her. I rubbed her wet, slick pussy and then slowly forced my cock inside. Meg moaned and shuddered before I was all the way in her, “Damn your cock is big and thick.”

I held still, “Are you okay?”

She laughed, “I am now. Fuck me Matt.”

I pulled almost out slowly and then fucked in. She moaned and shivered as I didn’t stop. I held her waist lightly as a fucked her cummy pussy and she began thrusting back as her pussy squeezed and grasped my cock. I reached down to rub her clit and she jerked as if she had been shocked. When I squeezed it, she screamed, “Yes!”

She was bucking and thrashing around as she fucked back onto my cock. She felt so good that I started fucking her harder trying to fuck into her even deeper. When she began shaking again and squeezing my cock, I was ready and fucked into her nice and deep before holding her. I groaned as my cock jerked and began pumping strong shots of cum against and into her womb.

Meg groaned and shuddered before her body began spasming. I pumped and spurted deep inside her, against her waiting womb and she sighed as I finished. She wiggled her butt and then grinned back at me as she moved forward off my cock.

She turned to embrace me and kiss me passionately before slipping off the couch and heading back into the kitchen. I joined the other guys and went back to looking at stocks. Sissy was the next one to pull me out of the room. She led me to the guest bedroom and turned at the bed. She smiled as she pulled me close and kissed me. I let my hands feel her body and she smiled when I cupped one of her firm breasts.

She backed onto the bed and I slowly followed her. I felt her flat stomach and then caressed down to her pussy. I tickled her clit and smiled when she shuddered. She grinned and pulled on me and I moved over her as she spread her legs and slowly pushed my cock into her. I fucked her with long, slow thrusts and she shuddered after a couple of minutes.

Her wet, messy pussy squeezed and tightened on my cock and she moaned. I kept going, fucking her nice and slow. Sissy closed her eyes, “Damn I really need this.”

I smiled and pumped her hard for a few minutes. I slowed and Sissy shuddered, “Damn!”

I grinned as I fucked her with deep, steady thrusts and then buried my thick cock to press and grind against her. She arched her back as her pussy squeezed my cock, “Yes!”

I started fucking her hard, pushing against the back of her pussy when she spread her legs even wider. Every few minutes her body would shake and convulse as her pussy spasmed constantly around my cock. I lasted almost twenty minutes and then groaned as I shoved in and held her tight before I started spurting ropes of sperm.

I pumped and spewed cum against the back of her pussy and Sissy shuddered and sighed as I did it. I reluctantly pulled out and she shuddered and caressed my chest, “Thanks Matt.”

I grinned as she slid out of bed and walked out. I went to my room and found everyone else already back. We talked and finally agreed on a plan. I hesitated and then opened my bank account, it was my idea so I had to provide the money. It was surprisingly easy and an hour later I sold the stocks for almost a thousand percent profit.

My account went from a thousand to over eleven thousand. My friends were grinning as our moms came in again. This time Terri waited for everyone to leave before moving onto my bed. I followed her and lay next to her and felt her firm breasts and kissed her. I caressed down her body and rubbed her clit, “You’re not sore?”

She grinned, “No. You boys are putting enough cum in to make it good for us.”

I grinned and kept fingering her clit as I leaned over to suck on one of her nipples. She shuddered and groaned as her hips pushed up against my hand. I moved over her and kissed her, “I’m sorry I’m not better…”

She smiled, “You’ll get better Matt. Just fuck me.”

I lifted up and positioned my cock before pushing into her. I fucked her nice and deep and she was shaking in a couple of minutes. I liked the way her slippery pussy held my cock. I liked feeling her pussy as I fucked in and out and pressed against her cervix with each thrust. After almost five minutes Terri jerked suddenly and shuddered violently. Her pussy squeezed my cock hard as she cried out, “FUCK, YES!”

She jerked and spasmed as I kept fucking her. She shook her head and shivered when she stopped cumming. I kissed her and pushed into her nice and deep before pressing and humping against her groin. Terri shuddered and wrapped her legs around me. I grinned and I started to fuck her again and she groaned. Her pussy started spasming and contracting around my cock.

It made me want to cum and I fucked her harder. Terri started grunting and shaking and few minutes later I froze with my cock pressed against her open cervix. I looked into her face as she thrashed around. Then I was pumping gushing strings of cum through her cervix. She jerked at the first warm splash of cum as I pumped it into her and then shuddered. When I stopped and only held her, she squeezed me and gave me a kiss, “Thank you Matt.”

I smiled and pulled my slimy cock out of her and helped her up. She caressed my face and turned to leave as Jim walked in. He grinned and kissed his mother while his hands slipped down to hold her ass. Terri laughed and pushed him towards me, “Later.”

I grinned and slid out of bed before going to my computer. Jim came to put his hand on my shoulder, I only glanced back before finishing the buy. I finally sat back and turned to see the guys relaxing on my bed. I grinned, “Everyone doing okay?”

They grinned and then laughed. I turned and we started checking more stocks. Almost an hour later I glanced at the small window that was constantly updating with the price of the stock I had just bought. I brought it up and stared as the guys went silent. I clicked on sell and waited for the confirmation before looking at everyone. “We just made a million.”

They looked at each other and I turned back to the computer. I moved half the money to my account and checked the stocks again. Mom cleared her throat and we turned to smile at her. She grinned, “Just lunch boys.”

We laughed and the guys stood to follow her. I stayed and bought a half million dollars of stocks in a new company. I sat back to watch and a half hour later mom came back. She watched me from the doorway and then walked in and moved my chair back and sat on my lap. She leaned against me, “Matt, your idea has made us feel like attractive women again.”

I smiled and hugged mom, “You’re not attractive mom. You’re stunningly beautiful and absolutely gorgeous.”

She grinned and kissed me before looking at the computer, “What are you doing?”

I sighed and leaned around her to click the sell button. I sat back and caressed mom’s face, “just some boring stock market stuff.”

I stood and pulled her to the bed, “I want to fuck you mom.”

She laughed and moved onto the bed and I followed her. I moved over her and between her legs. As I pushed into her cummy pussy I was kissing her softly. Mom held me as I started to fuck her with long, slow thrusts. It wasn’t long before her pussy began squeezing my cock and she started shaking. She became rigid and her back arched, “I’M CUMMING!”

She bucked and thrashed around as I continued to fuck her slowly. She shuddered and shivered and slowly relaxed. I kissed her again and fucked her hard for a minute before going back to long, deep thrusts. Mom was spasming and shaking again as she moaned. I shuddered as my balls tightened but kept fucking her as I began spurting smaller jets of cum.

Mom jerked and spasmed hard as she felt my cum spurting deep inside her, “YYYEEEEEESSSSSSS!”

I groaned as mom bucked and twisted under me. I pumped jet after jet of cum but knew they were much weaker then normal. When I finished she laughed and shuddered, “Damn!”

I kissed her, “Thanks mom.”

She hugged me and I slowly and reluctantly pulled out of her. No one said anything when we walked into the kitchen. The days that followed were an experience. Sometimes all we fucked one or two of our mothers each day and sometimes it was several. We continued to buy and sell stocks and I bought the vacant lot across the street. I also hired a contractor and paid extra for a lot more workers then normal like on one of those shows.

The lot closed in under two weeks and a week later the foundation was finished and the house was framed. That was when it started happening, first Jim’s dad. He filed for divorce and never even came home. He asked for custody of Jim and I never thought Jim would go with him but he did.

By the end of the month the outer shell of the house was finished and a lot of the interior too. Mom and the others were mostly over at Terri’s. Jim had already left to stay with his father and his mistress. The pool was finished a week later when Sam pulled us aside, “Dad is leaving. He…”

We looked at each other and he looked down, “He wants me to go with him.”

Everyone waited and he looked up, “He doesn’t know about us and mom.”

He bit his lip, “I’m going to do it. I get to come back to stay with mom a couple of times each month.”

That was two down and we knew everything was coming apart. I didn’t hesitate and walked into the kitchen where Mom and the others were comforting Sarah. They looked up and frowned, mom opened her mouth but I shook my head, “It time we shared a secret. I… we have been using my bank account to buy and sell stocks. We know you have been curious about the new owner of the lot across the street. Well, I own it. We bought it for you. It has an open layout inside around an indoor pool. Each of the six bedrooms is a master bedroom.”

I looked at Terri. “You don’t need to sell your house and move away.”

I smiled at each of them, “None of you do. With the company dividends each of you will have a monthly allowance larger than what our fathers give you.”

I looked at the other guys, “If you want, we can take you over and show you around.”

They looked at each other and Terri stood, “I would like to see it Matt.”

I nodded and looked at our moms, “We thought this might happen. I… we think it might…”

Mom nodded, “We know Matt. I think we have known for awhile but… there was never anything to do about it.”

I grinned at the other guys, “There is now. Jim will be visiting and Sam will visit. If anyone else leaves they know you’ll have the house and can come home if they need to.”

Our moms smiled and the next thing we knew we were walking across the street. There were a lot of workers but they didn’t say anything as we walked through the house. It was funny to see mom and the others excited but they were. When we came home mom grinned at the others and took my hand, “I get my room.”

She started pulling me towards the hall and Terri laughed, “Wait for me.”

Mom grinned and looked back before holding her hand out. When we walked into the bedroom mom turned and kissed me before reaching for Terri. They kissed each other and I started stripping as they began helping each other undress. I moved to the far side of the bed as mom and Terri began caressing each other. Terri finally grinned and pulled mom to bed.

They kissed each other before Terri lay back and mom turned around and straddled her head. Watching two women have sex was fascinating. Mom was licking Terri and Terri was teasing mom’s clit. She stopped to call me, “Matt? Come fuck your mom.”

Mom moaned and I grinned as I moved behind her. I was careful as I rubbed the head of my drooling cock in her wet pussy before slowly pushing in. Her warm pussy spasmed and held my cock as I pressed against her womb. She started shaking as I felt Terri start licking and teasing her clit again. I grinned and decided to just keep my cock deep inside her.

That didn’t last as she began thrusting back and forth. She was jerking and shuddering and I could see Terri under her as she spasmed and stiffened. No one had fucked any of our mothers for a couple of days so I didn’t last long. I fucked mom with long, deep thrusts and a few minutes later she and Terri were both screaming.

I pressed as deep into her as I could before starting to spew cum. I was pumping huge, thick spurts through into her cervix as she jerked and spasmed. It seemed like a long time before I stopped and pulled out before moving to lie beside Terri. She laughed and pulled mom’s hips down, “I get the first load of cream.”

Mom giggled, “I got the first load. You get the mixed load.”

Terri licked her for a couple of minutes before mom moved off her and laid on her other side. Terri turned and held out her arms, “Fuck me Matt.”

Mom grinned, “Do it baby.”

I grinned as I moved over Terri and slowly pushed into her. She groaned as her hips lifted and I pushed all the way into her. She hesitated and I kissed her making mom laugh and Terri smile. I started fucking her with long, slow thrusts. It wasn’t long before she was shuddering as her pussy rippled around my cock. I buried my cock against her womb and started humping and pressing. Terri spasmed and clutched at me as her pussy tightened, “I’M CUMMING!”

Mom was caressing my back and butt as I began fucking Terri again. This time I fucked her with long, steady strokes and she kept shaking and thrashing around. Mom giggled, “Matt always fucks us good.”

Terri groaned and shuddered as she fucked me. It was ten minutes before I pushed against her cervix and grunted as I unleashed another load of cum. She jerked and screamed as she spasmed under me, “HE’S CUMMING!”

I pumped cum into her womb and slowly relaxed when I finished. I moved off Terri and mom rubbed her pelvis, “Careful or you’ll be pregnant.”

Terri giggled, “It would serve my husband right if I was...”

She stopped talking and they looked at each other. Mom grinned and looked at me, “How long before the house is finished?”

I smiled as I moved off the bed, “With the extra helpers, maybe a week and a half or two weeks.”

They were whispering as I dressed and went to my room. Sarah was on the bed with Sam as I came in, she smiled, “we were talking about Sam visiting.”

I sat at the desk and looked back, “You aren’t upset...”

She shook her head, “A boy needs his father.”

I glanced at Sam and shrugged, “Sorry, my dad’s an asshole.”

I turned to the computer as mom poked her head in, “Sarah?”

Sam moved to sit on the end of the bed as she left with mom, “I know you’re pissed.”

I turned to look at him, “Sam, you are the one that will have to live with the choice you made. We will all miss you but I’m not going to give up a friend.”

He grinned, “at least I’m not moving out of state.”

That was the wrong thing to say. Three days later he left with his dad and moved a thousand miles away. I made sure the contractor was using extra workers to finish the house. Every day since showing it to our moms they would go over to look at it. For the two weeks it took to finish the house Terri and Sarah both made it a point to fuck all of us but I was the only one they let cum in their pussy. Terri’s divorce was finalized and Sarah’s was almost done too.

We all went shopping the day the house was finished. The pool was full of water and the rest of the house only needed furniture. When we came home I noticed Pete was silent. I thought about it and realized Meg had been a little quiet too. Pete took her hand after we came into their house and they looked at us. Pete shrugged, “Dad got his assistant pregnant. He’s divorcing mom and I’m going with him.”

I sighed and looked at Pete, “We’ll miss you.”

He nodded, “Dad is sending me to some academy.”

We looked at Meg and she caressed his face, “His father will pay for his schooling, including a good college.”

Mom put her arm around my waist, “When are you leaving Pete?”

He looked down, “In an hour.”

She looked at the other mothers, “Let’s go say good bye. Matt and Will can stay with Meg.”

Meg grinned as Pete was led to her bedroom and Will and I pulled her to the guest bedroom. We undressed her and ourselves and she grinned as we both sucked on her nipples. I grinned and sat her on the bed before kneeling between her legs, “you can fuck Will first.”

She cupped my face as I leaned in to start licking her pussy and Will bent to keep sucking and nibbling on her nipples. I licked and teased her clit as I sucked and gently bit. Meg jerked and spasmed as she covered her pussy and I stood. She wiggled all the way onto the bed and Will moved between her legs. She lifted her legs and held out her arms, “Will?”

He moved over her as I sat and watched as he entered her and started fucking her. I smiled as she jerked and shuddered before wrapping her legs around him. He had learned and was fucking her nice and slow. It was several minutes before he stopped and kissed her before whispering something. Meg lifted and spread her legs as he pulled out and repositioned his cock before slowly pushing into her ass.

I had only done anal a few times and watched as Will fucked Meg with long, deep thrusts before starting to grunt and shake. She hugged him as he came and then gave him a soft kiss before letting him pull out. Will moved off her and I saw her ass gape slightly before she smiled at me and held out her arms. I moved onto the bed as Will climbed off. I kissed Meg as I pushed into her pussy and she hugged me as she groaned.

I fucked her with long, slow, deep thrusts and kept pressing against her. Meg started to shudder and moan as her pussy rippled and squeezed my cock. I was hitting her cervix and she began to jerk and convulse as she lifted her legs. It was only a few minutes before she cried out as her pussy spasmed and squeezed my cock. I humped and jabbed into her as she continued to have a seizure.

By the time she had come for the third time she was extremely wet. She was bucking and thrashing around as I thrust against her womb and forced it open. I grunted and shuddered as I began to spew huge, gushing torrents of cum. Meg howled as she felt warm sperm pouring into her belly and clutched at me.

Will was chuckling as I pumped and spurted and filled her pussy and womb. When it was over I kissed her and held her as she continued to shake. It was a couple of minutes before she sighed and I kissed her again before pulling out.

Pete was gone in hours and it was just Will and I. We moved Terri, Sarah and Meg into the new house and the moms club moved too. It was fun in the new house and our moms liked the pool. Will and I took turns with them and two weeks later they sat down with me. Will had gone to meet his father at his office. Mom smiled and nodded to Terri. I looked at Terri who grinned, “I’m pregnant Matt.”

I was stunned but had a big grin, “mine?”

She nodded and looked at Sarah. I was ready to dance as I looked at Sarah. She was smiling and reached out to take my hand, “I’m pregnant with your baby too.”

I squeezed her hand and started to stand when Meg laughed, “My divorce isn’t final but I’m pregnant too.”

Sissy stood and reached to take my hand. She sighed, “Will won’t be back for a couple of weeks.”

That dampened things but Sissy caressed my face, “His father served the papers himself and I am fertile right now so I want you to get me pregnant too.”

I looked at the others and mom smiled, “It is only a matter of time before your father files for divorce Matt. He is barely home anymore.”

I frowned but she grinned, “Still want to stay if your father leaves?”

I stood and took Sissy’s hand, “Yes, he hasn’t made any attempt to be a father so I really don’t care if he leaves.”

Mom looked at the others and then at me with a soft smile, “if he leaves you can knock me up too.”

I grinned and bent to kiss her before turning to undress Sissy who grinned. I led her to her bedroom and her bed before stripping while she laid down. I moved onto the bed between her legs and kissed her before kissing down her body. I opened her pussy and she sighed as I licked through it before beginning to nibble. I sucked on her inner lips and then her clit before starting to use my tongue.

I teased her clit and kept licking her pussy. I pushed my tongue up inside her and Sissy started shuddering and shaking. She was moaning and kept lifting her hips. It was over five minutes before she spasmed and jerked away. I looked up and then moved up her trembling body to kiss her. I lifted and pushed my cock into her slowly while we kissed.

Sissy groaned as her hips lifted so my cock slid into her smoothly. I started to fuck her with long, slow thrusts, pushing deeper each time. She shuddered and her slippery pussy squeezed my cock, “oooohhhhh!”

I continued to kiss her as we fucked and finally my cock started pushing against her cervix. She gasped and jerked before clutching at me, “YES!”

I fucked her hard and deep for a couple of minutes and Sissy lifted her legs into the air as she cried out, “FUCK ME!”

I finally buried my cock to grind and hump against her as the head of my cock slipped deeper. She screamed as she began to spasm and convulse, her pussy got wetter and was constantly squeezing me. I went back to fucking her with long, slow thrusts and Sissy slowly began to stiffen. When I suddenly fucked her hard, she howled as she started to buck and thrash around, “YYYEEEESSSSS!”

It was only a couple of minutes before I thrust into her womb and held her jerking body. I shuddered and Sissy clung to me before screaming as she felt the sudden flood of warm sperm. I pumped and spewed and spurted as she jerked and shook. When I stopped cumming she was still shaking so I just held her until she took a deep breath and began to relax.

I kissed her softly and she hugged me. I slowly pulled out and moved off her and started as mom, Sarah, Meg and Terri sat on the bed. Mom grinned, “since she needs to stay on her back we decided to come to her room.”

I smiled and caressed Sissy’s pelvis, “I need to help her move her stuff later.”

I left and took a swim to wash off before getting dressed. With all of us to help it didn’t take long to pack Sissy and move her completely. Mom surprised me by having the women help move a bunch of her stuff too. It was lunch time and we had just sat down when Jim and Pete came in. They were hesitant and blushed but Terri and Meg grinned and took their hands to lead them to their bedrooms. Sissy grinned and pulled me up and after her, “let’s go do it again stud.”

Mom and Sarah laughed and stood to follow. This time Sissy stripped as mom and Sarah undressed me. Sissy wouldn’t let me go down on her and pulled me up between her legs. I shook my head and kissed her, “Not fair.”

Mom and Sarah laughed as Sissy grinned and pulled on me. I pushed into her again and started to fuck her. It didn’t take her long to start shuddering and shaking. She met each thrust into her and her pussy kept squeezing my cock. She wrapped her legs around my waist as she began to convulse. I kept kissing her as we fucked and my cock was opening her womb each time I pushed into her.

Every few minutes she would spasm or convulse as she wailed. It was after the sixth time that I fucked her harder and then buried my cock. I held her as she jerked and shook and then I was spewing another large load of cum. Sissy cried out as warm cum erupted in her womb again and hugged me tight as her pussy grasp my cock. I only put seven or eight spurts of cum in her before I stopped.

I just held her as she continued to shudder and jerk. It was a minute before she sighed and let her legs drop to the bed. Mom rubbed my back, “Okay honey you can pull out.”

I kissed Sissy, “but I like where I am.”

Sarah laughed as Sissy grinned and Mom swatted my butt, “Fuck Sarah.”

I turned my head to look at Sarah, “Can I?”

She grinned, “Sure.”

I kissed Sissy before pulling out of her and turning to Sarah. She rolled onto her stomach and spread her legs. Mom and Sissy both laughed as I grinned and moved between her legs. I pushed into her and started to fuck into her with deep thrusts. It only took her a couple of minutes to start shaking as her warm pussy tightened around my cock.

I was careful not to push into her womb as I fucked her but I did kept burying and pressing into her. A few minutes later she was howling as she struggled and thrashed around. I continued to fuck her as she jerked and shook and moved up to fuck down into her at an angle. Sarah wailed louder as her pussy rippled and spasmed around my cock.

She was thrusting back and jerking as she screamed into the bed and wiggling around constantly. I fucked her with deep thrusts as she kept convulsing and finally after more then fifteen minutes, I pushed into her and held her while spurting and pumping cum. Sarah lifted her hips as warm cum began filling her and sighed as she began to relax.

When I stopped cumming I pulled out of her and rolled onto my back. Sissy and mom chuckled, “Silly bitch, still want more?”

Sarah laughed as she turned to see me, “I always like it when he fucks me.”

It was the end of summer when dad filed for divorce, he didn’t bother asking for me to go with him and Sissy was pregnant by then. It took an hour to move all of mom’s stuff over to the house. My stuff didn’t even take fifteen minutes. Most of the other houses were already up for sale. Two weeks later mom was pregnant too.

Our life has been interesting. When the guys come to stay we try to let them enjoy all of the moms. They have had me get them pregnant a couple of times since we started and I still live with them.
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