My sister is ten years older than I am. We’ve always been close so when she had a problem I was the one she called. My name is Gab, short for Gabriel and I’m twenty years old. I guess I have always been a loner. I live way out in the middle of nowhere. I did computer programming from home and liked to set my own hours. It was early morning when Paula called. I was barely awake when I answered the phone, “Hello?”

I heard Paula’s breath, “Gab?”

I sat down in the kitchen chair, “Do you know what time it is Paula?”

She took a breath again, this time bigger and I almost heard the sob, “I need help Gab.”

I sat up, “What’s wrong? Is George okay?”

Paula almost whispered, “It’s Sandy, she’s… she’s pregnant.”

Sandy was her oldest daughter. My mind was a little numb, “Isn’t Sandy like twelve?”


I sat thinking and couldn’t think of what Paula might want me to do, “How can I help?”

I plainly heard her sob, “George wants her out. He doesn’t want the other girls to get ideas.”

I still didn’t understand, “What do you want me to do?”

There was a silent pause and then, “Can she stay with you?”

I sat there dazed, thinking about everything, “What about school? I don’t exactly live near a school.”

Paula seemed calmer, like she knew I would do it, “When I first found out, I pulled her out and started home schooling her.”

I sighed and finally, “when can you bring her out?”

Paula sounded relieved, “I’m down at that corner store by the gas station. I’ll be there in a few minutes.”

It was noon before I got everything straightened out and Paula had already left. Sandy seemed withdrawn but we seemed to get along. She was only two months pregnant so she wasn’t showing. It wasn’t until that night that she changed my life. I had always liked Sandy, she seemed a smart girl with character. I shut everything off and gone to bed when my door opened.

I lifted my head as Sandy slipped under my covers and snuggled against me. My eyes opened wide when I felt her naked body. I looked at her as she began caressing my chest, “Uncle Gab I really like sex.”

I sighed and finally turned and rolled her onto her back and tugged on a nipple, “Alright Minx.”

I slid my hand down her body and caressed and rubbed her clit which made her shudder and moan. When I slipped my finger inside her warm, moist pussy, Sandy spread her legs wider and sighed. I moved between her legs and positioned my cock before pushing in. It had been a long time since I had sex and Sandy felt so good. I slowly pushed deeper and she shivered and held me tight, “God your big uncle Gab.”

I laughed and kissed her as I finally pushed against her cervix, “And you are nice and tight, Minx.”

Sandy giggled and humped her pussy up as I started to pull back. I fucked her slowly and all the way to her womb with each stroke. It wasn’t long before she was tossing her head while her pussy gripped my cock. She shuddered and her body spasmed, “I’m cumming uncle Gab!”

I kept fucking her as her body shook under me. When I felt my balls tighten, Sandy was trembling. I pushed against her womb and spewed thick jets of cum. She gasped and shivered as I pumped load after load inside her until she giggled, “That would have knocked up a whole school of girls.”

I grinned as I stopped cumming and slowly pulled out. I turned her and pulled her back against me. She lifted her leg and reached back to guide my cock back to her wet, slimy pussy. I had to sigh as she wiggled the head of my cock back into her pussy. I held her as she began telling me about learning about sex from a neighbor boy.

My cock kept throbbing and I started to slowly fuck her. Sandy finally stopped talking and started meeting each slow thrust. It was a few minutes before she shuddered and her pussy squeezed my cock. She kept fucking my cock as I fucked into her deeper and a little harder. When she came the second time, shuddering and shaking and moaning, I held her tight as I pumped spurt after spurt into her already slimy pussy.

When I finished, I rolled her onto her back and moved between her legs. I pushed into her slimy hole and just started fucking her nice and slow. I buried my thick cock to grind against her and Sandy held me tight as she jerked and shook. “Oh, uncle Gab!”

I ignored her moans and kept fucking her with short, grinding thrusts. Sandy continued to shake and moan as her pussy spasmed around my cock. When I went to long, slow, deep strokes she spasmed and her tight pussy grasped my cock. I smiled each time her pussy would squeeze my cock and she would jerk and shudder.

I lasted almost thirty minutes before spurting and spewing deep inside her. She shuddered and sighed as I filled her once more. When I was done I rolled onto my back and lifted her slightly. I pulled out of her and she sighed again before putting her head down, “I could get used to this uncle Gab.”

I smiled and caressed her as I tugged the covers up, “that’s good, because I intend to keep fucking you now.”

She kissed my chest and relaxed while I held her and softly caressed her. I was thinking about everything and fell asleep. She woke me when she slipped out of bed and went to the bathroom. I slid out of bed and followed her and she looked up and blushed. I smiled, “Minx? I was thinking that until you decide to find another man we could… live together as if we were married.”

Sandy’s eyes widen and she got a big smile on her face. She stood and I stepped close to hold her. She kissed me and grinned into my face, “We could have a seven month honeymoon.”

I laughed and squeezed her before lifting her and putting her on the edge of the counter. I moved between her legs and positioned my cock before pushing into her. I fucked her nice and slow while holding her and kissing her deeply. I started pulling and tugging on her nipples while fucking her nice and deep and a minute later she shuddered hard and gasped as her pussy tightened, “Yes!”

I buried my cock to hold her shaking body and kiss her passionately. When she started relaxing, I began fucking her again. I felt her wet pussy as it squeezed my cock. Her pussy felt tight and really warm and slippery as I fucked her. I was careful not to push into her womb as I fucked her but I was hitting it almost every time I pushed into her. She shuddered and her arms tightened, “Fuck!”

I pushed into her tight pussy and spewed another load of cum as she jerked and shook. I shivered as I spurted and spewed and felt it leaking around my cock. When I stopped and pulled out, cum ran out of her and she giggled. I pulled her to the shower and waited until the warm water started.

I was smiling as I washed her body and she was grinning. After drying off, I dressed and met Sandy in the kitchen. She was wearing a dress that went from her neck to the floor. I grinned, “You look prim and proper.”

She grinned, “Dad bought them.”

Sandy lifted the bottom of the dress up until I could see she wasn’t wearing panties. I grinned, “Now that looks promising.”

She giggled as she dropped the dress and came into my arms, “You really want to pretend to be my husband?”

I smiled and kissed her, “Yes. Did you want to be my wife?”

She nodded and I kissed her and pulled her groin against me. I rubbed and felt her butt and she grinned. I let her go and turned to pull down cereal and get out the milk. After breakfast and cleaning up I took Sandy’s hand and we went for a walk. When we came to a large boulder overlooking the valley she grinned and bent over it pulling the back of the dress up over her butt.

I laughed and moved behind her as I opened my pants. I spread my legs and bent my cock before pushing into her warm pussy. I slowly buried my cock and held her hips before starting to fuck her with long, slow thrusts. Her pussy was warm and tight as I fucked her and a minute after I started she moaned and shuddered as her pussy tightened.

I rubbed her bare butt as I continued to fuck her and started going faster. Sandy was grunting and shaking when I pulled out and turned her around. I lifted her dress and sat her on the rock before pushing back into her pussy. She moaned and shuddered as my cock went into her and then she arched her back, “YES!”

I laughed and stood, lifting her up. She kept shuddering as she wrapped her legs around my hips. I held her against my body fully impaled and she finally jerked and sighed as I began spurting cum against the back of her pussy. I grunted as I spurted and pumped strong jets of cum until my cock was only throbbing.

Sandy grinned and I lifted her off my cock before setting her back on the ground. As we walked back to the house she grinned and squeezed my hand, “Your stuff is leaking out.”

JI grinned and pulled her against me for a kiss before continuing. When we got home I rubbed her butt, “Go do your school work.”

She grinned and walked away with a sway to her hips. I sighed and headed to my office, a couple of minutes later Sandy came in and smiled as she pulled a kitchen chair to one side of my desk. I watched her settle into what she was doing before going back to the program I was working on.

A couple of hours later I glanced at Sandy to see her fidgeting. I saved my work, opened and pushed my pants down and scooted my chair back, “Come here my beautiful wife.”

She grinned as she looked at me and stood to come around the desk. I lifted her dress above her waist before pulling her to straddle me. I lifted and guided my cock and Sandy sat slowly, pushing my cock into her slimy pussy. I shuddered at the feel of her warm, tight pussy and she leaned against me as she shuddered too.

I grinned and held her waist before beginning to move her back and forth. She jerked and gasped as her tight pussy clamped down, “Fuck!”

She jerked and shuddered for a minute and I finally lifted her and turned her around. I pulled her back down onto my cock and Sandy laughed as she scooted us closer to the desk. She leaned back as I reached around to hold her breasts. She rocked and thrust back and forth slowly and I kissed the back of her neck as her warm pussy spasmed on my cock.

She shuddered and I caressed her hips as she moaned and started thrusting again. She kept trying to spread her legs wider and I grinned before moving her and closing my legs. I pulled her back as I reached down to put her legs over and outside mine. Sandy groaned as she leaned forward and started fucking my cock while she held the desk.

Her tight pussy kept spasming around my cock as she shuddered and moaned. It was fifteen minutes before I reached around to finger and rub her clit as my cock throbbed and my balls tightened. Sandy jerked and spasmed and then froze as I began spewing cum. She slammed back onto my pumping cock as I spurted and spewed inside her, “YES! CUM IN ME!”

When I stopped cumming she slowly relaxed and leaned back for me to hold. It was several minutes before she turned to kiss me, “I needed that.”

I laughed, “I always need that.”

She grinned and slowly lifted up and off my cock. She shuddered as she moved back to her chair and her school work. I went back to my program and we worked together for another couple of hours. I finished the part I was working on and sat back with a sigh and Sandy grinned as she closed her book. We went to make a small lunch and sat outside to eat. After lunch was more work and school work for Sandy.

When we finished she stood and grabbed my hand to pull me to the bedroom and the edge of the bed. She pulled her dress up and off as I undressed. She laid back on the edge of the bed and I grinned as I turned her and laid down beside her. I caressed her firm body and leaned over to lick and suck on her nipples. Sandy shuddered as she held my head and moaned.

I moved up and kissed her as I moved over her body. She spread her legs for me and put her arms around me as I slowly forced my thick cock into her slimy pussy. I began to fuck her with long, deep thrusts. Sandy sighed and lifted her hips each time I pushed into her. Her cummy pussy kept squeezing and letting my cock go. It was only a few minutes before she groaned and shuddered hard.

She got wetter and grinned at me before pulling my face down for a kiss. I fucked her a little harder and she met each thrust with one of her own. Every couple of minutes she jerked and spasmed as her pussy tightened and she wet me. It seemed like a long time before I was ready and Sandy had already cum six times.

I thrust into her and pressed against her womb as I started spewing and pumping cum. She jerked and spasmed as warm cum erupted deep in her pussy and clutched at me. She held me tight as I spurted and pumped jets of cum and when I finished she sighed, “God I love feeling you cum in me.”

I grinned and kissed her before slowly pulling out. I lay beside her and caressed her body, “Want to help with dinner and watch a movie?”

She smiled and turned to kiss me, “And a walk?”

I caressed her pelvis, “You would have to put your dress back on.”

She slipped off the bed, “But not panties.”

I laughed and followed her off the bed and out to the kitchen. It was nice to have her helping me with dinner and cleaning up after. I held her on my lap as we watched the movie and we just cuddled. After it was over Sandy went to the bathroom and then put her dress on as I found my pants and shoes. The air seemed fresh and clean as we walked holding hands.

The sun was setting by the time we returned to the house and Sandy smiled as she pulled me into the bathroom and then bed. Sandy had a girl and two years later she had another. She is pregnant now but this time it is a boy. George and Paula visit all the time with her sisters and have never said anything.


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