Part 1
Fumbling with the zipper of his gray jacket, he said in a squeaky voice, “I-I-I’m Kyle, n-n-nice to meet y’all.” He was the new transfer student.

As he stated that he’s 15 years old (I am also 15!), I noticed that Kyle had his black bangs covering the half of his face. His green eyes were shifty as he looked over the class from where he was standing. He was cute. Standing at 168 cm, with the leanly fit body build, he looked desirable.

The class jeered at him. A boy from the back of the class threw a piece of crumpled paper, hitting him on the head. The paper bounced back his soft black hair and landed on the teacher’s table. Ms. Flack, a short creepy looking old lady with white wispy long hair and wonky eyes stood up and held the piece of crumpled paper with her right wrinkly hand.

“Who owns this piece of paper? May you kindly stand up before I give you all a failing grade?” She said abruptly while her hands fiddled with the paper on her hand.

Joe, the one who threw the paper at Kyle, raised his left hand. “I own that note.”

“A note?” Ms. Flack asked. With that, she opened the crumpled paper. Straightening it up and carefully reading it.

She squinted at the paper. “Gay emo. Die you fag.”

The class erupted hysterically after a short pause. Kyle, who was blushing, red as a stoplight, stared at the floor. He bit his lip. He made a fist with his hands and slowly placed it inside the pockets of his gray jacket. I felt bad for him.

Ms. Flack slammed the paper on the table and glared at Joe. Like how a madman looks at his victim before he kills it. “Joe. You are invited to the headmaster’s office.” She said in a rather angry tone.

Joe stood up from his chair. He looked at Kyle and raised his middle finger at him, “You’re doomed kid.” Joe mumbled angrily at Kyle from the back of the classroom. Kyle looked up at Joe from where he was standing and gazed away quickly. Joe headed to the door way. He turned the doorknob quietly and stepped outside without looking back. He closed the door silently as he went out.

The room fell silent for a moment when suddenly, Joe kicked the door open and yelled, “Gothic gay cock sucker!” Ms. Flack regurgitated as the class, once again, erupted with raucous laughter at Kyle. I looked at Kyle, who was standing with the balls of his heels and his head looking straight down the tiled flooring. He was almost in tears because of the humiliation. I wanted to cut the crap off with the teasing but I was just chickened to move from where I was sitting.

In an abrupt movement, Joe slammed the door shut. He left the class into pieces of laughter. The girls were also laughing hard. Like hyenas, without the tail. Ms. Flack slammed her hands on the table and yelled at us to shut up.

“Kyle. I am sorry about Joe back there. He’s just the school bully. Don’t mind him.” She said to Kyle. She stood up from her chair and inched her way near him, who was just staring at the floor, completely embarrassed. “You can sit next to Cody.” She said pointing at me. I shot my brows up in surprise.

Kyle lifts his head up and aimed his eyes at me. He half smiled (Grinned to be exact) and strode his way next to me. I followed him with my eyes swiftly. He was right beside me when he jerked his hands out his pockets.

He sat on the chair and turned his head to me. “Hey.” He said. His eyes were searching my face. Something in his tone made me glance away. There was no trace of shyness or anger in his expression. I looked back and answered. “Hi.”

“You’re the only one who didn’t laugh.” He said shyly.

“It wasn’t funny. I’m against bullying, you see.” I answered flatly.

He gave me a grin. “I’m Kyle, Kyle Sanders.”

“Cody. Cody Clearwater,” I gave him a toothy smile. “Nice to meet you, Kyle.”

Ms. Flack cleared her throat and started talking about the lesson for the day. Kyle was paying attention to her but I was secretly looking at him. He was really cute.

After the class finished, I told Kyle to eat with me during lunch. He said yes to it immediately. As we walked out the classroom, Joe was standing next to the locker to my right. He pushed me with such great force my body flew and slammed at the door. My head instantly hit the doorknob as I dropped on my knees. He grabbed Kyle by the hood of his jacket and punched him in the gut; Kyle placed the both of his hands on his abdomen and writhed in pain. I quickly stood up to tackle Joe. We both hit the ground. I was on top of him as I punched his face repeatedly. Joe pushed me back and kicked me on my chest. My breathing was cut off instantly as his shoe shot to my ribcage.

“Fuck off, Cody. It’s between me and the emo-boy.” He said through his teeth as he stood back up.

I clutched the part where he kicked me. It was really painful. Students were circling around us. Someone started saying “There’s a fight!” and then followed by murmurs. Suddenly, the circle of students cheered in unison “Fight! Fight! Fight!”

I turned my head back to Kyle, who was clutching his stomach with the both of his hands and his back from the wall. I walked closer to him before Joe could even touch him again. But I was too late. Joe was reaching for him, his voice a low growl as he said, “I’m going to make you bleed from your nose.”

Kyle gasped hard as Joe grabbed his neck to choke him. He raised his other hand and clenched it to a fist. I skipped to tackle Joe again from the sides, this time; he didn’t fall to the floor, but I got his hand off Kyle’s neck. I wrapped my arm around Joe’s waistline and pulled him away from Kyle.

The force of my pulling was enough to take us back to the ground. He was now on top of me and his weight crushed me. “Cody! What the fuck are you doing?” Joe yelled at me. “Don’t touch Kyle, you faggot!” I yelled back.

He arched his head backward, hitting my forehead. My grips loosened up and he stood back up again. He grabbed me by my shirt and pulled me back up. His hand balled into a fist as he readied himself to punch me. But then, someone held his fist. It was the school headmaster, Mr. Johnson. He untangled me from Joe’s hands as he pushed him away from me.

“What in heavens is happening here?” He said in authority.

I coughed. “Joe’s bullying Kyle, sir.” I said as I rub my neckline.

“Is that so?” Mr. Johnson turned to Joe. “You just came out of my office and now you’re starting another one.” He said.

Joe dusted his shoulder using his fingers. Mr. Johnson raised an eyebrow at him, “Go back to my office, Mister Joe Smith. I’ll have a little talk with you.”

Joe’s gray eyes turned molten silver as he stared at Kyle indignantly. “This is isn’t the last, Kyle Sanders.”

Kyle looked away, scarred for life because of Joe. Joe stepped closer to Kyle but Mr. Johnson shot a glare at him. Joe turned around to walk away after realizing that this isn’t the right time to get his revenge on Kyle.

Mr. Johnson looked around and told everyone to evaporate. The circle of students slowly decreased. He walked over at Kyle and asked him if he was alright. “I’m okay, sir.” Kyle answered.

“Would you like to go to the clinic?” Mr. Johnson asked him in a soothing voice. “The nurse is hot. You might enjoy staying there.” He said in a humorous tone.

Kyle looked up at Mr. Johnson and smiled widely. “I think Mr. Cody is the one who needs to go to the clinic.”

“Ah. Yes. You can come with him, okay?”The headmaster asked.

“I’ll be glad to come.” Kyle answered with a grin on his face.

The headmaster smiled back at him. He patted his shoulder lightly as he turned back at me. “So, Cody Clearwater, it was generous of you to fend Joe from touching Kyle.”

“It was necessary, sir.”

“You want a band aid with that?” He asked with a hint of smile in his lips.

I touched my forehead with my finger and saw blood on it. “I think I do.” I answered, trying to look alienated and forlorn.

He chuckled. “The both of you are dismissed, until next time, boys.” He walked away with his head up. Like a boss. Oh, the irony.

I ran back to Kyle. “Are you alright? Does it hurt?”

“Naw, man. I’m good.” He said. “You’re the one who needs attention.”

“It’s nothing. I just don’t like Joe bullying people.”

He looked me in the eye. His live green eyes were the prettiest I’ve ever seen. I got self-conscious as he stared at me, like he was looking through me. I wasn’t much of a looker, but I was considerably cute. I have a blond hair, blue eyes and a button nose. My body was leanly muscular. And I’m standing tall as 170cm. 2 cm taller than Kyle.

I glanced away from him, giving him a subtle message saying, “You’re embarrassing me.” He got the cryptic message because he apologized immediately. I glanced back at him with a smile and said “Let’s go the clinic before I passed out.”

We headed to the school clinic. It took us only a couple of seconds to reach it. Remorselessly, Kyle pointed to the room not far from where I was standing. I was helpless to keep my eyes from following the direction of his hand. Through the window glass, I saw Joe with his head planted on the table, he was being reprimanded by the headmaster. Mr. Johnson was holding a sheet of paper while aimlessly pointing his hand from every direction. I tried not to laugh, but Mr. Johnson’s facial expression was priceless.

Kyle turned the knob of the door as we stepped in inside. Ms. Jenny, the sizzling hot school nurse, greeted us warmly as we walked in. She gasped when she saw my bleeding forehead, which is by now, was trickling blood down my face.

She assisted me to lie down on a bed. I was about to say that I only needed a few band aid when I saw the reflection of a ghost in the mirror across the room. My hair stood up on its end when I realized that the apparition of the bloody ghost was me.

I sat at the foot of the bed and the nurse immediately attended my needs. She damped a piece of wet clothing on my wound. I began twitching because it stung.

“Sorry. Does it hurt?” She asked in a light, apologetic voice. It made my penis hard. Like she was the most erotic thing I have ever seen.

“No, it’s okay.” I said.

After cleaning my wound, she applied betadine solution using a cotton swab. She carefully rubbed the gash on my forehead. She then covered the wound with a roll of gauze and told me to rest on the bed.

Kyle giggled at me.

I shot a glare at him. He strode across the room and kneeled by my head. I think he was afraid to sit on the bed in case he jolted it to get me hurt. But it was just a gash, no biggy.

“How are you feeling?” he asked me.
“I’m dying.” A wry humor lighted my face.
Kyle’s eyes warmed up. “Sorry.” He said in concern.
The humor left my face and my forehead creased.

“Gee, I was kidding. Don’t take it seriously.” I said to him.

By then, the nurse left the room and it was just me and Kyle inside the clinic.

I tried to stand up. Kyle jumped to his feet and pushed my shoulder down with two hands. I surrendered; I then grabbed him around the waist and pulled him down on the bed.

“What the heck!” He blurted out.
“What?” I said. I didn’t know what came into my mind; I just wanted him besides me.
It was quite for a while. Then Kyle said something that made me release him. “Are you bisexual or something?”
“No!” My hands quickly pulled away from him. He sat back on the bed and turned to look at me.
“Look, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have said that.” He said.
“Hmmm . . . Are you?” I asked curiously.
I grasped as hard, male lips took mine. At first roughly, then with aching tenderness, Kyle engulfed his in the force of the kissing.
My body twisted futilely against him. I was overwhelmed by the fiery passion of his touch.
A moan broke from me, giving the velvet roughness of his tongue full access into my mouth.

As Kyle’s hungry mouth devoured mine, his smooth hand moved down my body, relishing the narrow span of my waist and the gentle swell of my hips before slipping under my pants to cup my crotch.
Gently, skillfully, Kyle tormented my crotch to a hardened peak as he rained kisses along the delicate line of my cheek clear to the silken column of my throat.
“Kyle . . . oh my . . .” I muttered thickly.

The intoxication delight of his touch broke my resistance. Even as I tried desperately to tell myself that this isn’t the right place to do this, my body melted to his. A low growl of pleasure broke from Kyle as my fingertips stroked the warm steel of his back and shoulders through his jacket.

Kyle obliged without hesitation, giving himself up to the enjoyment.

Kyle mingled with a growing sense of wonder as he whipped my hard penis out my trousers. He lightly stroked it making me cry out in pleasure. I lifted my shirt up and pulled my pants down; Kyle’s eyes searched the hard planes of my abdomen. Not an ounce of fat lay on the hard planes of my chest, tapered waist, or along the slim expanse of my hips to my sinewy thighs.

Kyle moaned against my heated flesh as his passion threatened to break all bonds. Easting a hand beneath my buttocks, he lifted me to him. I gasped as I became unmistakably aware of his level of arousal and of what was going to happen unless I do something to stop it right away.

Every cell in my body cried out for yield, to surrender to the glorious pleasure Kyle could give me. I wanted far more.
A low sign of regret and frustration escaped me. “K-Kyle. P-please . . . Don’t . . . I can’t . . .”
His live green eyes were glazed with passion when Kyle finally raised his head. A nerve jerked in his jaw. His mouth drew back in a lean, tense line. He began stroking my hardened penis faster, making my moans louder than before. The pre-cum was oozing from the gash of the bulb of my penis as his stroking gave more precise speed, matching the dirtiness I had in mind.

For a moment, I feared that we would get caught. Never before had I allowed another boy to go so far only to draw back. Such behavior was deeply unfair for us both, but especially to Kyle, who could not know the powerful, contradictory forces sweeping through me.
“I’m sorry . . .”
The uncertainty in my wide blue eyes reached him at last. Slowly, reluctantly, he let go of me. His frustration didn’t even have the relief of anger, for he know his predicament was more his fault that mine. We were almost making love.

He loosened his soft fingers around my raging hard cock. I groaned sharply as my penis throbbed against his touch. Sighing, Kyle moved back. Helpless to stop myself, I leaned over to plant a kiss on his lips.
“Obedient.” I muttered.
He smiled in embarrassment. “I couldn’t’ help myself.” He said. He placed my throbbing penis back inside my pants. Soon enough, the nurse came back.

She was dimly aware of what have happened when she was gone.

“Rest well, Cody.” Determinedly, Kyle added. “Soon it will be done.”

What happened in the clinic stays in the clinic. On our way home as we were talking about random things, out of nowhere Kyle asked me on why I protected him back at school.
“Who wouldn’t do that?” I said.
“I don’t know. It’s just, new to me.”
“That’s what friends are for.” I mumbled at him.
He grinned. “I always get bullied for being like . . . This.” He said.
“For being what? An emo?” I asked him.
“I’m not really emo. I just like fixing my hair on one side and gothic things.”
“You don’t cut yourself?”
He giggled. “Cut? No! Doesn’t mean if you’re emo you cut yourself.” He retorted.
“Aren’t every emo like that.” I said rhetorically. Rather sounding offensive.
His face turned emotionless. “Emo people are just different from other people,” he said flatly. “Hurting yourself or loving the colour black doesn’t make you an emo.”
“What does?” I asked in curiosity.
He sighed. “Nothing does,” he said. “What matters is the personality.”
I laughed. “Wiseman.”
“People’s person.”
We both laughed at each other.

When we arrived at Oxford Street, where my house and his was just a few walks away, we quickly packed our bags as we got out of the Double Decker Bus to tread the streets on our way home. After a few minutes of walking, we arrived at my place. I thoroughly invited him to come inside, with all my luck, he approved of it.

As we stepped in, Mom yelled at me from the kitchen.
“Cody! Who’s that?” She asked.
I looked at Kyle, who was starting to get scared. I was too. How could she know that I brought a friend inside the house? “He’s a new friend of mine.” I yelled back.
Mom showed up soon after I answered her, she looked at Kyle from head to toe.
“It’s nice to see that you made new a friend.” She said while staring at Kyle.
“It’s easy to make new friends at school, Mom.”
She turned her head to me and turned it back to Kyle. “I’m Mrs. Alexis Clearwater, nice to meet you.”
Kyle gave my Mom a huge smile. “It’s an honor to meet another Clearwater.”
Mom squinted at Kyle, “Yes, so you are?”
“Kyle Sanders,” He said. “I live blocks away from you.”
Mom smiled at Kyle. “You seem to be a nice kid. Better take care of my son.”
I blushed.
“I shall, thank you.” He said.

Mom walked back in the kitchen. I playfully punched Kyle’s upper arm and we both raced upstairs to my room. When we got in, Kyle’s lips touched lightly against mine.
“Relax, Cody. I just want to kiss you,”
He continued kissing me. So sweet that I kissed back, there’s so much passion in Kyle. His gentle urging was enough to snap my last thin hold of restraint. Without allowing myself to think about what I was doing, I let him know the full extent of my desire.

A low groan broke from Kyle. His arms closed around me, lowering me to the thickly carpeted floor. His warm searching mouth wreaked havoc along the delicate line of my throat and the pearly smoothness of my shoulders revealed when he pulled my shirt off me. His hands ran over my back, caressing my spine before coming around to cup my crotch through my pants. Lean, soft fingers stroked my raging boner through the material of my trouser, which thrust taut and aching through the thin clothing.

“Shit. It feels so good. Continue doing it.”

Kyle pulled my pants down my legs, he unlaced my trainers and I kicked them both off my feet. Waves of delight washed over me, following the path of his hands. Kyle was so gentle, so understanding of my every need and wish. I felt so good against him, and I had come to care for him so much, even if we’ve just met each other hours ago.

A soft sigh escaped from me as Kyle leaned over my crotch and began to suck it through the material of my briefs. “Don’t stop, Kyle. Please, just don’t stop.” I pleaded, releasing my full agony of cries as he tasted me.

His groans of pure satisfaction reverberated deep within me. Standing, he lifted me effortlessly, cradling my body as he took the steps two at a time.
In the bed, nestled under the eaves, he set me down gently. On tiptoe, I reached up to touch trembling fingers to the first of his jacket, I pulled it off him.

Kyle shook his head, his eyes live green in the shadowy light. Though I could sense the almost uncontrollable urgency in him, he still managed to stand quietly as I slowly unfastened him of his jacket. The smooth span of his stretched tautly body and sinew made me catch my breath.
His 6 pack abs was glistening against the dim light coming from the window. I never have gotten that close to perfection.

So caught up, I was in the impact of his nearness that I barely felt him removing my underwear. Only when it fell away, to reveal my raging hard 5’5 inches long cock, did I felt a shiver rippled through me.

“Are you cold?” Kyle muttered huskily, making short strokes to my cock. The touch of his fingers down my length increased my trembling.
“Oh fuck. It feels so fucking good.” My mouth brushed across Kyle’s chest, savoring the faintly salty tang of his skin. He smelled of soap and essentially male scent that excited me tremendously. My hands drifted to the buckle of his pants.

His hands kept stroking my hard length to the point that another rippling wave of pleasure run throughout my body. I helplessly moaned against his soft strokes. The flare passion in his live green eyes delighted me. I moaned as he bent his head to first nuzzle the pink head of my penis, then gently lick and suckle my aching boner. Rivulets of pleasure surged through me. Grasping the black wispy hair lying against his scalp, I pressed Kyle closer.

“Fuck. Kyle. Fuck. Just fuck.” I groaned. I felt a tremor ran through me as his hands grasped the size of my scrotum. Stroking and kneading the soft flesh he found until I whimpered in need. Helplessly, I arched against him. A gasp broke from me as I felt the proof of his own desire rising hard and urgent against the sensitive skin of my abdomen.

Kyle’s hand moved again, stroking my hardened penis, drawing moans of pleasure from my insides. Beneath the increasingly fierce demand of his touch, another violent rippling waves of pleasure shot through me. This time, it was more powerful, as I touched the verge of an orgasm.

“Oh shit. Not. No. S-sorry. Can’t. Ohh!” I helplessly moaned as I reached the peak of pleasure.

My penis shook as it released a series of hot cum. A string shot on Kyle’s lips and the following strings of cum landed on my abdomen and chest.

“Sorry,” Kyle muttered thickly. He leaned forward to my mouth, kissing me. His tongue explored the insides of my mouth. I responded by sucking and thrusting my tongue while I feel his hot breathe on my face. I leaned closer and our bodies joined together.

“D-doesn’t matter,” I said through my ragged breathing. Nothing mattered, except that he go on making me feel the rippling currents of mounting pressure that were coiling one upon the other deep within me.

Gently, Kyle urged me backward. I felt the edge of bed against my knees in the instant before he let me drop across it. Lying on the sheets, I looked up at him, watching Kyle as he swiftly stripped his pants and underwear.

Kyle’s rock hard 5’5 inches long cock quickly sprung up, standing in command. A hint of pre-cum trickled down the bulb of his penis. He came down beside me on the bed. Despite what was clearly his intense arousal, he showed no desire to hurry me in a way. Every movement, every touch, was slow and gentle. Lying beside me, Kyle smiled reassuringly as he brushed a stray wisp hair from my brow.

His hands trailed lightly down my cheek to cup my chin. Bending forward, he barely touched his lips to mine, teasing me with gossamer kisses that made my cock stand up and ache. His tongue leisurely followed the inner curve of my lips before at last meeting mine in a tongue duel.

I trailed my hand down his chest, carefully rubbing my fingers against his soft bare skin. Soon, I found his rock hard cock. I slowly rubbed the bulb of his penis with my thumb, he moaned as my fingers moved against him, my penis rubbing on his smooth silky thigh.
“O-oooh. Gosh. That feels amazing . . .”

As Kyle’s mouth moved along the slender column of my neck to nestle in the hollow at the base of my throat, his hands stroked my back my back delicately before applying just the right degree of pressure in slow circular motions between my shoulder blades. A pleased laugh broke from Kyle as he saw how delicious this made me feel.
“I knew it,” he murmured huskily, nuzzling the curve of my cock. “The back is a highly underrated erogenous zone.”

I gasped as his neatly nails scratched lightly along my spine, evoking shivering waves of delight. Anxious as much to give as receive pleasure, I let my own hands stroke his throbbing penis, pumping it, while my other hand caresses his lean scrotum.

The tremor the rippled through him was my reward. He moved slightly, enough that I could continue my exploration along his throbbing cock. As I wrapped my fingers around his scrotum, Kyle groaned.
“I want to try something.” I told Kyle as I let go of his balls.

Kyle nodded and I sat up and got on top of him. I leaned over his cock and eureka, we did the 69. I ran my hands down his abdomen to his penis. He was so hard, that I made an effort just to pull it off his abdomen. I traced my index finger against his length all the way around the lush pinkish head of his cock before Kyle’s tongue at last flicked out to taste the swollen bulb ripe of my own penis.

As he licked my bulb, I drew his penis within the warm, moist cavern of my mouth to suckle him gently, he began to tremble. By the time his hands moved over me, seeking the ultrasensitive skin of my inner thighs, I couldn’t stop. Low whimpers of need tore from him.
“Cody. Gosh. I’m going to blow.”
I hesitated only a moment longer, heightening his pleasure to almost painful intensity before at last bringing him together. I sucked Kyle deeper into pleasure; my tongue flickered on the gash of his penis, making Kyle moan louder. I cupped my hand on his scrotum, carefully massaging it in a circular manner.

“S-seriously . . . O-ohhh.” Kyle groaned as he slowly humped my face. My index finger wandered down to his anus. It was pinkish, like a rose. I pulled Kyle’s cock from my mouth and I suckled on my index finger, soaking it with my saliva. I found his rose again, using my index finger; I rubbed the bud ripe of his anus, making Kyle shrill in pleasure.

I slowly inserted my finger inside him while I nibbled on his rock hard penis. I dug deeper, forcing my finger inside his tight ass. He writhed in pain, but I continued exploring his insides. At last, after I reached the full length of my finger inside him, Kyle let out a loud groan as I pulled out my finger out him.
“Holy shit. Holy shit. Holy shit!” He cried out loudly. His penis shook inside my mouth while I gave him a blowjob. I felt a spray of hot fluid as he moaned in total ecstasy. I jet of cum shot inside my mouth, followed by another, and another, and another.

I sucked deeper as he released his hot cum inside me. Swallowing every bit of liquid he shot. I pulled his cock out again and suckled on his pink swelling bulb. He groaned louder as his ultrasensitive senses overloaded.

Kyle breathed on my cock unevenly; his hot breathe moistening my throbbing boner. I felt the need to orgasm. I humped his face carefully, rubbing my length against his button nose. Kyle responded by licking the underside of my penis. A shot of pleasure rippled through me.

He wrapped his fingers on my cock and slowly shoved it inside his mouth. My head arched as he sucked into it deeper. He momentarily pulled it out to stroke it, increasing the level of pleasure ultimately. Instinctively, I began thrusting my pelvis against him. His fingers wrapped around my balls, giving it a tight squeeze. I felt a sharp pang of pleasure welled up inside me; my eyes have gone behind the back of my head as the tempting need to orgasm finally reached me.

I let out a loud moan as I clutched onto Kyle’s penis. He grasped at the sudden contact of my hands back on his boyhood. “Oh. Not again. Not. No--” I growled in pleasure as my penis shot cum all over Kyle’s face. He suckled onto my bulb, giving my length a squeeze to fortify the pleasure I was feeling. It was effective, because it had me biting my lip with my eyes close.

I stamped on top of Kyle catching my breath. Kyle moved beneath me, throwing me off him. We both lay breathless.

“A-a-amazing.” I murmured.

Kyle reached over to his penis, giving it a light squeeze. He sighed at his touch. “Indeed.”

“I want to try something again.” I said to him, after recovering my breath, enough for another round.

Kyle shot a smile at me and it was my cue. I stood back up and kneeled at the foot of the bed. Kyle was now in front of me, my eyes feast at the opening of his legs. I leaned forward near his anus. I planted my face as I began to lick his rose thoroughly. He groaned at the tremor that rippled through him. I probed my tongue in his rose rubbing thoroughly at his opening as he moaned and groaned in complete ecstasy.

I tasted him over and over again. He was now helpless against me. I licked my index finger and carefully aimed it at his anus. I pushed it inside him; he writhed as the length of my finger penetrated his fifteen year old body. He groaned helplessly, filling the room with echoes of pleasure coming out from him.
“Oh my God. Oh my--”
He cried as I reached the length of my finger inside him. I slowly thrust my finger back out. I gave him a moment to recover. I readied both my index and middle finger at his opening to dig back in. He covered his mouth to muffle his cries. The pleasure he was experiencing was too much, he almost cursed at me, but his mouth was muffling his voice that it became hard to understand. I knew and I liked it.

I began thrusting my fingers in and out him. Every thrust made him moan in ecstasy. He trembled violently, engulfed in spiraling waves of pleasure. Instead of rushing my cock inside him, I gave him the urge to get used to my finger as I penetrate his insides. He struggled for control over my rampaging desires long enough to fully savor my skill.

I pulled my fingers out him as I poised above him, as I aimed my raging hard cock over his swollen rose. I slowly dug my penis in him, making him tremble and writhe, and scream in pleasure. I thrust my pelvis against his hole until the entire bulb of my penis is inside him. A violent surge of oversensitivity shot throughout my body, making my knees weak. Kyle pleaded for me to continue, he was now biting his lower lip to muffle his moans, and he looked incredibly sexy. I nodded, as I continued the enthralling exploration of my penis inside him. I carefully humped my way in until every inch of me was inside him.

“Fuck. Fuck! Fuck! Cody Clearwater, please. O-ohhh. . . ” He cried out.

I pulled my penis back out, leaving the head inside him and forcefully thrusting it back in over and over again. Kyle’s entire body was shaking as I entered him, making him savor the full, driving power of my penis.

My scrotum slapped against him as my rock hard penis rammed his anus over and over again. Moving swiftly inside him, I felt my orgasm building up. My balls tightened as another tremor rippled through me as my cock lingered inside him enticingly as I could endure no more.

“Kyle! Kyle! I’m coming! Fuck! Shit!”

Alas, I reached the explosive fulfillment. My penis stiffened inside him as my thrusting reached the end of the road. I quickly pulled soon enough I released my strings of cum that left me utterly drained.

I dropped on top of him, my head on his sweaty chest as I catch my breath. We were soaked in cum, and the room smelled like a cum factory. Kyle had his eyes close, obviously worn out by all the loving we made. He even slipped into sleep. As he slumbered, I watched his face closely; he was the most amazing thing I have ever seen. There was no hint of pain in his face.

As I lay on top of him, three quick raps sounded from the door. . .

To be continued . . .

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