Part 3
Everything was ready.

I was packed for my two-day camping with Sarah and my bag waited for me on the passenger seat of my dad's hummer truck.

I had done all that I could do. I tried to accept that, and put the things that were outside of my control out of my head, for tonight at least. One way or another, forty-eight hours worth of bonding time, with Sarah. The fact that I cannot last a day without seeing her intensified my inner feelings for her.

Sarah requested that I relax, and I was going to do my best.
"For this one night, could we try to forget everything besides just you and me?" I'd pleaded, unleashing the full force of my eyes on her.
"It seems like I can never get enough time like that. I need to be with you, Just . . . you."
She said as she smiled and punched my upper arm.

My dad called on us. I was surprised that he didn't insisted on taking the wheel, but tonight he seemed content to go at my speed. So much for making me learn how to drive at my age.

It was after dark when reached the mountain ranges. In spite of that, the meadow was bright in the light shining from every window. As soon as dad cut the engine we started to fix the tent in place. He lifted the camping equipments and placed the materials of the tent on an open area.

I hated to waste any part of the night in sleep, but that was inevitable.

The sun was bright outside the tent-wall when I woke, I was besides Sarah. She looked like an angel while sleeping. Her pink lips were stunning. The wind rocked the tent a little bit. I kissed Sarah on her lips. I tried not to rouse her and it was successful.

I looked down and saw my rock hard penis was peeking from the fly of my boxers. I began rubbing it placing my hand on my throbbing cock and slowly caressing it. I sighed at the feeling of relief. But then, I wouldn’t want to wake Sarah up with a surprise sex so I thrashed the naughty thoughts welling up inside my head. I stood up after placing my boner back in my underwear and headed to the tent’s mouth opening.

I zipped the door open and the morning light blinded me. I appreciated the beautiful morning and the fresh air. Dad was cooking food. He was using the gas stove and a propane tank. Somehow, my plan last night had gone horribly awry, I needed to come to grips with the consequences. Though, I didn't want to do it with her while my Dad was just a couple of steps away from our tent to his.

We went to explore the place. It was incredibly amazing. Considering we're on top of a mountain.
Sarah and I walked around to examine the place. The vivid live pine trees, standing proudly with its roots buried beneath the ground. The green grass was everywhere, wild flowers sprouting from the mounds of soil.

Dad began calling on our names, we had to return to our camp site. He told us that he would come back later, after two or three hours. It was urgent and he was in a hurry. He brought the truck with him and we were left with the tent and all the other useful equipments and stuffs.
Sarah frowned. I felt incredible surreal to be alone with her.

"Where's your dad going?" she asked.

"I'm not sure. He said it was an emergency." I said.

Sarah went inside the overly sized tent to get something. She went back and unfolded it.

"We're here now," she said, reaching over my right spot. I recoil my hand automatically, and then steadied myself. Sarah pretended she didn't notice.

"And should we take a better look around? It'll be fun." she guaranteed.

"No thanks. I know this place pretty well." I said boldly.

She smiled partly. "So, what's up, Zachary?" she asked with a big grin.

I smiled back. "Bored."

We walked around the mountain forest while talking and telling each other random things.

"Yeah," she agreed. "Anyways, how had you been?"

I looked away blushing. The memories of the last two erotic moments we did started filing in my head. "The usual." I said.

"Well," she said as she shrugged into her jacket to free her arms. "Mind if you share?"
Making a face, I took a small step closer while walking through the woods.

"Been thinking about that last time a lot, have you?"

"A bit, but not most of the time." she answered, giving me a grin.

I laughed. "Either you're lying, or you are the most stubborn person alive."

"I don't know about the second part, but I'm not lying."

"A smart person looks at all sides of a decision."

"I have," she retorted.

“So you do know I’m getting a little bit horny right now?” I said, leaning my face closer to her ear.

She paused for a second. I pulled out my heavy winter jacket and held it out to her and slid her arms in.

"Now it's out of your hands. Let's go hiking!"

She laughed at the mock enthusiasm in my voice.

We were a mile away from the camp site. The sun was a bit dimmed with small clouds scuttling too quickly across the sky. The wind rocked the treetops till the whole forest looked as if it was going to shake apart.
It was getting colder. It's going to snow for Pete sake. I thought about what was going to happen if we'd get lost when it becomes darker. Sarah didn't interrupt. I stared into the forest again.

"We badly need to go back. We're going to freeze here." I finally whispered.

Kristen smiled at me reassuringly. "Yeah. It's really out cold here. We should go back now."

I shrugged. "So let's go?" I said. Then I took five steps from her and turned around.

She looked back at me. "Okay."

We were walking for about fifteen minutes when suddenly, the sky became darker and the temperature became colder.
Just then, the wind shook more fiercely through the trees around us, and it felt like it was blowing straight off a glacier. The sharp sound of wood cracking echoed off the mountain. Though the sky, I could still see the little white specks that fluttered past us.

We stepped up the pace, keeping our eyes on the ground now as we flat out sprinted.
It was only minutes when I dashed around to the lee side of the stony peak and we could still see the large tent nestled up against the sheltering face. More flurries were falling around us, but the wind was too fierce to let them settle anywhere.

"Sarah! We're here!" I called out in acute relief. We went inside the overly sized tent and miraculously there was a heater inside.

"That was close." Sarah said in relief as she looked out the tent. I took a peek on the small opening of the tent's door way.

We looked up the sky- now black with the storm, sprinkled with the swirling bits of snow. My nostrils flared.


The wind shook again, and I shook with it.
The temperature was dropping. I could feel it through the down bag, through my jacket. I was fully dressed, my hiking boots still laced into place. It didn't make any difference. How could it be so cold? How could it keep getting colder? The heater was already turned on. It had to bottom out sometime, didn't it?

"W-w-w-what t-t-time is it?" Sarah forced the words through her rattling teeth.

"F-f-four. In the m-morning." I answered shaking.

I sat beside her, trying to warm her. It was a little bit dark. The lamp was giving off a fair amount of light, but I was worried, wild with indecision and frustration.

"M-maybe. . ."

"No, I'm f-f-fine, r-really. I don't want to g-go outside."

I tried to talk her into making a run for it a dozen times already, but she was terrified of leaving the shelter. If it was this cold here, protected from the raging wind, I could imagine how bad it would be if were running through it.

What if it didn't end? It made no sense to move now. We could shiver our way through one night.

"W-what can I do!?" I cried begging.

She looked up. "D-don't cry, I'm o-okay." she answered shaking.

I have no choice. "S-scoot over S-sarah." I said, zipping the sleeping bag open farther.
She stared at me in outrage.

"N-n-n-no," she tried to protest.

"D-d-don't be s-stupid," I said, exasperated. "D-don't you like h-having t-ten t-t-toes?"

I crammed myself into the non-existent space, forcing the zipper up behind myself.
She couldn't object- she didn't want to anymore. It was so warm. My arms were constricted around her, holding her snugly against my chest. The heat was irresistible, like air being underwater for too long. I cringed when she pressed her icy fingers eagerly against my skin.
"J-jeez, y-you're freezing, S-sarah." I complained.

"S-s-sorry," she stuttered.

"T-t-try to r-relax," I suggested as another shiver rippled through me violently.

"W-w-we should be warm in a m-minute. Of course you'd w-warm up faster if you took your c-clothes off." I blushed at my own dirty joke.

She growled sharply. "C-cut it out, Zachary." she said angrily, though her body didn't refused to pull away from me.

Go to sleep. Okay?" I said smoothly without shaking.
She sighed, content with the calmness of the temperature inside the sleeping bag.

The warm heat was working out pretty fast. We're not that freezing anymore, though it was still colder than the usual.

My mind wandered as I waited for sleep to find us. This warm little space made me think of dirty things. The first time we were at my pool, we had sex. And the second one, where I pleasured her using my tongue and fingers at the movies. It had been a while since I'd thought of Sarah that way, but here she is, heating me up again.

"Please!" Sarah hissed. "Watch it!"

"What?" I was embarrassed. My tone surprised.

"Can you at least 'attempt' to control your body?" her low whisper was furious.

I bit my lip. "Sorry. My thing." I apologetically answered.

It was quite then, inside at least. Outside, the wind shrieked insanely through the trees. The shimmying of the tent made it hard to sleep. The poles would suddenly jerk and quiver, pulling us back from the edge of unconsciousness each time I was too close to slipping under. I felt so bad for the girl, Sarah that was stuck under the snow, both of us who were under the snowstorm.

The wind ripped around the tent, shaking it like an earthquake. I tightened my arms around her protectively.

"Thank you," Sarah whispered. "I'm glad you were here, Zachary."

I didn't respond for a moment, listening to the storm or digesting what I'd heard, I didn't know which.
"It's nothing, anything for you." I finally answered.

She took seconds to reply. "Anything?" she asked with hint of lust in her voice.

I paused, grasping for air. "Anything." I said almost breaking my tone.

There was a long pause.

Sarah reached for the zipper behind me and slowly pulled it down, giving us a little more space inside the tent. It was my cue.

I began kissing Sarah’s neck from behind her. She sighed at the touch of my warm lips on the skin of her neck. I held my arms protectively around her, embracing her teenage body. As our bodies joined together, my hands found the both of her breasts. Her boobs were so soft. Her nipples began to harden at my touch. I slowly massaged her mountains as my lips continued kissing her neck.

She started to breath unevenly. I was getting hard inside my pants. My rock hard penis was making a bulge through the material of my pants, sticking to Sarah’s butt cheeks. My body felt the urge to hump her, so I did. I slowly rubbed my cock from behind her. The feeling was priceless, as I felt a little bit of wetness starting to build up from my raging boner.

She moaned as I hump behind her. I caressed her breasts with my fingers as my palm laid rest on top of her twin mountains.

“Y-yeah . . .” I forced the words out myself. The feeling of relief I was experiencing from the thrusting was overwhelming.

Then, my hands slowly found their way to her jeans. I slowly undid them and slid it off her. My hand reached for her pussy through the material of her underwear. I hooked my fingers inside her underwear and slightly dug my index finger inside her. She was starting to get wet and her juices trickled down my finger as I inserted it inside her pussy.

“Oh. Zachary. Yes.” Sarah groaned in surprise as if I found the jackpot.

I thrust a single finger in her until I could feel every inch of my index finger inside Sarah. I then slowly pulled it out and momentarily massaged the opening of her gash and repeatedly dug it back in.

“Yes. Oh. Fuck. You’re a naughty boy.” She moaned as I finger fucked her. I used my other hand to reach for her breast inside her shirt to paw it. I massaged her nipples using my thumb and index finger making circular motions with it. Pulling it and rubbing it at the same time. It was hard for me to control my breathing as my body increased in temperature. I was intensely aroused and the feeling made it felt like I was burning from fever.

“Oh. Damn it. Damn it. Yes. Oh, yes.” She groaned in pleasure.

I pulled my finger out her wet vagina and undid my pants with one hand. I pulled my zipper down and pulled my 6 inch long throbbing boner out my boxers. I rubbed my erection slowly as my pre-cum made a comeback again. It was easier to stroke my erection because of the wetness my pre-cum was giving off.

My other hand, the one on Sarah’s boob, found its way down to her butt crack. I told her to spread her legs so that I can find my way in. In an instant, she did, and my fingers found her anus.
“Mhmm.” She moaned in ecstasy as my finger touched her rose. I circularly massaged her hole as I slowly stroked my penis in unison.

“I’m going in.” I whispered to her ear. She nodded in answer with her eyes closed. Feeling my fingers work for her.

I inserted a finger inside her anus. She responded with a sharp inhale of air as my finger explored her from behind. I dug deep inside her with my index finger, Oh yes, she was so tight. I thrust my finger in her, and then, I quickly pulled out until the only thing left inside is the part where my nail is. As I did that, I quickly pushed it back in, letting it slide smoothly inside her. She writhed in pleasure, releasing the most erotic moan in her most sexy voice I have never heard.

I felt sorry for doing that, but I guess she liked it. I pulled my finger out and quickly dug in with two fingers. “Zachary, yes. More! More!” She groaned in a complete state of enjoyment. I slid my fingers back in her rose, thrusting my fingers in and out her, fingering Sarah from her behind.

When I felt that it was enough (For her I think it isn’t) I stroked my penis in attention and aimed it in her anus. I inched a little closer and stick the bulb of my penis at the very opening of her rose.

“Here I go.” I said, as I couldn’t bare waiting even for a single second.

I humped my pelvis against her, partially sliding the head of my raging hard penis inside her. I humped a little harder and the entire head was inside her.

“Oh. Fuck. Yes.” She moaned in pain.

“Sorry. I’ll try to control myself.” I apologized.

“O-o-ooh. Just do it.” She groaned in impatience.

I slid inside her until I have inserted every inch of my hard cock. I paused for a moment, letting Sarah familiarize my raging boner in her rose. After I held it in her for a second, I began thrusting it in her over and over again.

“Shit! Oh. Yes. O-o-oooooooh!” Her moans grew louder and louder. Her body stiffened at the thrusting I was making. I closed my eyes as I seize the moment. I increased the pressure and speed of my thrusting, pulling my cock out until what’s left is the half of it and immediately pushing it back in her with great force.

Her cries became louder. Her moans became sexier, truly erotic. My thrusting became more powerful and it felt like I was shaking the entire tent. Even when the truth is, it was the snowstorm doing it. The snowstorm was getting askew as we reach the peak of an orgasm.

I felt my orgasm building up in my scrotum as it slammed at Sarah’s ass. I continued ramming her in a fast pace as I am in the verge of an explosion. Suddenly, I my cock grew stiffer and my balls tighten. I embraced myself for the grand finale.

“OH! Fuck. Sarah. Sorry. Can’t, can’t --” I shrilled as my ramming grew faster until I reached the verge of pleasure itself.

Bolts of electrical waves scattered throughout my body. I moaned so loud I didn’t recognize my own voice. My head arched and I quickly pulled out inside her. My penis shook twice before it released an incredibly hot jet of liquid that landed on Sarah’s back and spine. My rock hard boner shook again as it released another jet of hot cum. My eyes fluttered close as the intense feeling blew my fucking mind.

Sarah groaned as the hot liquid found her rather cold skin. I shot loads of sticky cum on her back, making it trickle and drip.

I leaned over Sarah’s shoulder blades and rested my head for a while. Sarah remained still, she moved her arm a little and her hand found my sweaty forehead. I didn’t talk. I couldn’t talk. She wiped the sweat off my forehead, her fingers moving the hair out of my face from behind her.

“I’m worn out. Sorry.” My breathing was unstable, sharp inhales and rough exhales flaring out of my nose.

“You did well.” She whispered in her softest voice. It relieved me a little.

My breathing was making small hot teams of air because of its heat. I remained still as I catch up with reality. I apparently forgot that I was alive because the orgasm felt like I died and went to heaven.

I groaned softly. "Did I make a great job?"

"Sorry.” Sarah whispered. "Let me correct myself. What you did was amazing."

"Would you like me to 'help' you sleep, Sarah?" I naughtily offered.

"You’re the one who needs sleep.” She answered back.

"Don't tempt me too far, missy, my patience isn't that 'perfect'."

She whispered a laugh. "I'd rather not, if you don't mind."

My breathing was now growing evenly. My cock shrunk flaccid as it was dripping with cum.

I started humming to myself, louder than usual - trying to drown my thoughts, I assumed. But it's a lullaby I was humming, and, despite her growing discomfort with this whispered dream, she fell asleep. And I sank deeper into unconsciousness . . . into other dreams that made better sense . . .

When I woke up in the morning, it was very bright - even inside the tent, the sunlight hurt my eyes. And I was sweating, as I predicted. Sarah was still in deep slumber, my arms still wrapped around her.
I pulled away and felt the sting of the cold morning on my clammy cheek. I unzipped the sleeping bag in an abrupt movement. We fell out, my back hitting the icy floor of the tent.
"Hey!" Sarah complained, her eyes flying open. Instinctively she flinched away from the cold, rolling onto me.
"Sorry. I was sweating wet . . ." I said blushing.

My cock was rock hard again with a little bit of pre-cum oozing from the gash of its bulb. Sarah caressed it a little and I got startled with the attention. I held onto Sarah’s hands and pushed it away from my cock before I shot all over the tent.

We both dressed up. Sarah had her back on me and I noticed the dry white crumbs of cum on her back. I told her that I shot loads, making me feel embarrassed and all. She slid into her jeans and fixed herself up. I followed her with enthusiasm as I slid my boner inside my boxers and pull my pants back up.

Suddenly the tent door unzipped, and there was my dad, looking worried. He hugged us and explained about why he didn't have to return on time and all. He said that his car broke down and had to walk a mile just to find a mechanic, when all of a sudden, there was a freaking snowstorm whatsoever.

He asked as what happened. Sarah didn’t give me time to blush as she told Dad that we slept the whole night and didn’t notice the snowstorm. Before Dad could answer, I hugged him and told him that I missed him. That shut him up.

It had been one crazy night in the wilds. And as far as I can say it was one heck of a freezing experience. It strengthened our bond us a family, as two couples, as lovers under the rain of snow.

To be continued . . .

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