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Hello gentle readers... sorry I haven't written anything in a while... well no that's not quite true, sorry I haven't published anything in a while, I am working on too many projects... and no one has offered up any bribes to push this story forward... least ways not any interesting bribes. so here is part 5 I hope you like it progress at least.

I relaxed and watched television my hand lightly rubbing over Trisha’s apple sized mounds her tight little nipples hardened and as she wiggled in my lap I could feel the juices from her tight little snatch coating my cock. Trisha was also lightly tracing line on my cock that was sticking out from between her legs. She would pause and take a dab of her juices and draw a line following one of my veins and then take another dab. She was still a thick girl not so much as her mother or sisters but she was getting there and her chubby legs were quite enticing, I let my fingertips slide up and down one and then the other. “Can I suck it?” she whispered to me.

“I have a better idea,” I said

“What?” Trisha asked.

“Lunch” Becky called and my train of through was disrupted we all went into the kitchen were we had soup and sandwiches. After I had eaten I had a thought and asked Becky if she had the Internet. She said no but Miranda did so I went over to Miranda’s house with Lacey and Trisha and of course Miranda. Her computer was old and slow and her Internet connection left much to be desired, but after a few google searches I found what I was looking for.

Miranda Giggled and put it on her credit card, and we walked back to the other house. The girls got settled doing whatever they needed to do watch TV or do home work or whatever I walked to the back of the house where I found Becky and Belinda. “Hello Keith” Becky said.

“Hello Daddy” Belinda smiled.

I reached over and smacked Becky’s large round ass with my open palm. “Oh sorry Daddy” she amended.

“And what are you two doing back here?”

“Uh… Nothing” I looked around the room and my eyes fell on the bag that Becky had bought earlier, I pulled it out, it was a simple device two cups with a catch bottle on the end and two hoses that attached to a larger suction pump.

“Ohh Yes Daddy” Becky said, as she pulled a bottle of lotion out of the bag and started applying it to Belinda’s melons. I applied the cups to Belinda’s tits and Becky turned on the pump, which immediately pulled at Belinda’s breasts. The slow chuffing of the pump I could see the tension slowly increasing on her nipples.

“Wow” I said maybe a little too loudly, because Tina and Trisha came to look.

“Oooh Daddy can I do that next?” Trisha asked.

“Later, Maybe Trish” I was surprised by the feeling of a warm wet mouth on my cock and I looked down to see my sister slurping my cock, which was already hard and about six strokes away from going off. “Tina, stop it I have a special place for that load in mind.”

She took her mouth off and with a pouty look on her face slumped on the floor. I bent Belinda over her hands resting on the dresser. My fingers tickled her already sopping slit Becky took hold of my cock and pressed it against her daughter’s virgin sex. Sliding into Belinda was like sliding my cock into a bowl of warm jello. She groaned as she felt me enter her. I slid the first inch or two of my cock, slowly in and out until Belinda’s hips were rocking back her tight teen twat hungry and drooling for more.

I took her by the hips and buried my cock deep inside her. She screamed and gasped in the same breath, and after a few seconds I was thrusting my cock inside of her, Her thick hips jiggling with every thrust. I pounded into her picking up speed as the walls of her slick sex sucked and contracted around my cock. I could feel my balls boiling and when I could take no more I buried my cock deep inside her my balls contracting and my cock spurting hot thick juice deep inside of her. Her own legs trembled as she felt my juices exploding inside of her. I walked over to the bed and sat down to catch my breath.

“Wow that was awesome” Trisha said.

“Yeah” Tina echoed “When are you going to do that to me?”

“Oh don’t forget me” Megan said. “And what’s that thing on Belinda?”

“Some kind of sucker thing” Tina speculated.

“I want to try it next” Trisha said “It’ll make my boobs humongous.”

“Shut it brat” Megan said. To which I slapped Megan on the ass. “I’m sorry daddy” Megan said “Its just…”

“You can take turns on that”

“You mean we all can use it?” Tina asked.

“Sure why not?” I replied and walked into the living room. Miranda and Lacey were there and I sat down on the couch between them.
“I want you to knock me up too, Miranda whispered I my ear” she kissed my neck as Lacey lowered her mouth to my wilted cock. “It’ll be a week or so for the birth control to wear off but… I can’t think of anything hotter than all of us having babies to the same daddy.”

“Okay” I said pinching her nipple causing her to squeak. Lacey, come with me… I walked back to an empty bedroom and set up my homework on the desk there and motioned for Lacey to get between my legs. She got the idea real quickly and I started my homework with Lacey’s tight little mouth wrapped around my cock. When I had finished, literally, finished Lacey had brought me off twice and after a nice dinner during which my sister insisted on sucking my cock. I crawled into bed with Trisha and Miranda.

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