I met Meg in our second year of college, we were both nineteen then. She was the stunning blonde with a body men only dream about. At first it was just talks and helping each other with homework, then we started dating. Six months later she asked me to marry her and I was so head over heels in love that I said yes. That was when I met her parents and discovered her family was Very rich... like I couldn’t imagine how rich.

Of course there was the prenuptial agreement I had to sign but I loved Meg soo… A week after we graduated from college we were married. I had applications in at several companies but Meg just seemed to ignore everything. She was rich and didn’t need to work. Quickly our marriage went downhill. First there were just her late night parties and then she started fucking other men.

That hurt, I can’t remember how many times she came home that last month smelling of cum. The final straw came when she didn’t come home for three days and when she did it was to stagger to the bedroom and fall on the bed. She didn’t want to talk about it and went to sleep. That was when I packed my few things and left. We had only been married six months at that point.

I found a remote one bedroom cabin. I went to work for a large bank as an auditor and went back and forth every day on a small electric scooter. I had started drawing again to fill in the lonely hours. In college I had taken a few art classes and really enjoyed it and found that I was very good. I missed Meg everyday, I would text her at least once a day to ask if she was okay. She never asked why I had left, not once.

Over the next few months she began appearing in sex tapes with one or more men. The gossip rags also talked about her partying and drugs. It was another six months before I heard anything from her family. I was on the glassed in porch drawing as it rained. I had printed a few dozen nude pictures of Asian girls off the internet. I would pick one for the center, it would be twice as large as the others. The others went around the central picture randomly like a collage.

I glanced at the large limo as it slowly crept down the narrow dirt road and stopped beside the cabin. I went back to my drawing as the chauffeur got out, opened an umbrella and then the back door. Meg’s father Henry climbed out and looked around before heading towards the porch. When the chauffeur knocked, I didn’t even look back, “Come in.”

They came into the porch and the chauffeur stayed by the door while Henry stepped closer, “Josh.”

I glanced at him and his extended hand before turning back to my drawing, “What do you need Henry?”

He cleared his throat and sat in the only other chair, “I want to talk to you about Meg.”

I snorted, “You’re a little late.”

He was silent for a moment, “Meg is in rehab.”

I glanced at him and shrugged before finishing the small picture I was working on and changing the picture to another girl. Henry cleared his throat, “She’s pregnant.”

That stopped me, I couldn’t seem to make my hand move and it was shaking. “Why tell me?”

Henry leaned forward in the chair, “Because you need to be the father.”

I snorted and finally started drawing, “Not a chance.”

He was silent and then stood, “You signed the prenuptial agreement.”

I laughed, “It became invalid the first time she spread her legs like a common whore.”

He stepped closer, “You get a monthly stipend.”

I snorted again, “It’s all in the bank account, take it back if you want.”

He spoke quietly, “I’ll give you whatever you want…”

Ever since he had told me about Meg being pregnant quiet tears had started. I turned to look at him with tears running down my face, “You can’t give me what I want.”

I turned back to my drawing but couldn’t do anything but sit there, “Please leave.”

It was a moment before I heard him leave. I heard the doors on the limo close and then it backed up the dirt road. It was a long time before I went back to drawing. That night I sent a text to Meg again, asking if she was okay. Her answer was one word, ‘No.’

I didn’t know what to say but sent back. ‘I’m sorry, wish you were… here.’

There wasn’t a reply and I slept poorly that night. For the next two weeks we didn’t text or communicate. It was a Friday when I saw Henry again, this time his wife Elizabeth was with him. Everyday on the way home I stopped to buy fresh groceries for dinner. I rode down the dirt road on my scooter and saw the limo sitting beside my cabin.

I pulled my scooter under the small overhang and plugged it in before grabbing the bag of groceries. I walked into the porch to see Elizabeth and Henry sitting by my drawing. I could tell they had been looking through them. I ignored them and unlocked the door and went into the house. I put everything away and turned to see them in the doorway, “What now?”

Elizabeth stepped into the house, “You need to be the father of Meg’s baby.”

I turned to the refrigerator and took out a cold bottle of water, “I haven’t had sex with Meg in a long time. I have no intention of claiming the baby as mine.”

I turned to face them and Elizabeth looked at me hard, “She still loves you.”

I snorted and walked past them to the porch. I sat by my drawing pad and flipped it to the one I was working on. They followed me out and stood behind me. Elizabeth finally walked up and put her hand on my shoulder, “Josh, we can pay…”

Looked at her angrily, “Your money won’t buy that. You need to leave.”

She dropped her hand, “I saw you like Asian girls.”

I shook my head and didn’t say anything as I started drawing and ignored them. They stood behind me and then turned to leave. As soon as their limo was gone I sat back. I pulled out my phone and sent a text to Meg, ‘Meg?’

It was a minute before she answered, ‘Yes?’

I thought about it, ‘Your parents were here.’

It was a longer time before she answered, ‘They told you?’

I sighed and looked at my drawing without seeing it, ‘Why Meg? I love you with all my heart. Why can’t you be only my lover? Am I that bad?’

She didn’t answer and I finally went to make dinner. I slept poorly that night again. I only got a two word text from Meg that day, ‘I’m sorry.’

I didn’t know what to say so I didn’t say anything. I had finished the drawing and had ordered a new picture frame. When I got home it was leaning against the porch door. I was careful removing the drawing and placing it in its frame. I started my computer and something seemed to make it go slower but I went to the porn sites I used and picked out fifty good pictures. I printed each one and shut the computer off and then I saw the small box.

It was on the cable that went to my computer. I shook my head as I realized it was probably another way for Henry or Elizabeth to spy on me. The girls I was using this time looked young, fresh. I went through them carefully while making dinner and finally picked the centerpiece.

My days were filled with worry and I distracted myself with my drawings in the afternoon and evenings. I slept poorly and woke often thinking of Meg. I still hadn’t sent her a text since her last one. It was two weeks before my life took a change. I still don’t know if it is for the better or not.

I came down the dirt road to see the Limo again. I shook my head thinking it was just Meg’s parents again. When I opened the door to the porch and walked in, it was to see not just her parents but Meg and a young Asian girl. I stood frozen as I looked at Meg and finally went to unlock the door.

I went into the house as my mind whirled and my heart beat faster. I didn’t want to turn towards them when they followed me into the house. The new picture I had just finished was on the small kitchen table and I heard Meg walk to it. I stood at the counter frozen and she cleared her throat, “It’s beautiful Josh.”

I turned to face her and she looked up. I opened my mouth but couldn’t speak. She walked to me and embraced me. I held her and she finally took a breath and stepped back to look in my face, “I know I hurt you but I need you to say my baby is yours.”

I felt like she had just slapped me and turned away. Meg turned me to face her, “Josh, I need it.”

I shook my head, “And I needed you before…”

I walked out onto the porch and she followed while her parents followed with the girl. Meg turned me, “What do you want me to say? I can’t take it back.”

I looked at her and then looked out the window, “I’ll think about it. Are you going back?”

She sighed and turned me, “Josh, right now I can’t go anywhere or do anything. Not until I’m sure you will agree to accept my baby.”

I shook my head and looked at her as my pent up anger exploded, “What is it with you and your bastard! Why is it so important for it to be mine! You fucked dozens of men and pushed me out of your life. Why tell the world the bastard is mine!”

She stepped back with her face white and her parents stepped closer to hold her shoulders. They were all silent and I finally turned away, “Rich and privileged, you’re a spoiled little…”

I took a breath to calm down. I looked at her and her parents, “Why?”

Henry narrowed his eyes, “You don’t need to know.”

I nodded, “fine, leave. My answer is no.”

I walked into the house and slammed the door. I had only taken a couple of steps when Meg opened the door, “Because we will lose everything if I am pregnant by anyone but you!”

I stopped and turned to look at her before looking past her at her parents. I finally nodded, “Okay Meg, you stay and they go. Tear up the prenuptial agreement or have it invalidated. I’ll give you one week to convince me or provide some terms we can agree upon.”

Her dad looked like he was ready to say something but Meg nodded and turned to face her parents. Her mom was the one to push the young girl towards Meg. Five minutes later they were gone and I was alone with Meg and the girl. I looked at the girl and Meg shook her head, “Josh, this is Seka, your private whore.”

I looked at her and she shrugged, “Mom said you like young Asian girls and…”

I shook my head, “To draw Meg, to draw.”

She grinned and looked at the girl, “Seka? You understand English?”

She grinned, “Yes. Your man doesn’t want to fuck me?”

Meg laughed, “Oh, we are going to use you alright.”

I shook my head and began looking through everything to add to the food I had bought to feed all three of us. While dinner was cooking I took the picture from the table and hung it on the wall. After dinner I went to the computer and went to a new site.

Both Meg and Seka watched from over my shoulder as I picked twenty fresh faced Italian girls. I started printing the pictures and went to get my camera and looked at Meg and Seka, “Take your clothes off and sit on the couch.”

Meg looked at me with her eyebrow raised but Seka just started undressing. I looked at Meg, “You’re a whore Meg. Get undressed and sit on the couch.”

She grinned and started stripping and for the first time I saw the tattoos in person. She had a dragon from her waist to her shoulders. The tail went around one hip and down to just above her pussy. Her pussy was bald and had two words above it, ‘Josh’s Whore.’

The tramp stamp above her butt said, ‘Slut.’

I shook my head and put Seka and Meg on the couch with most of Meg’s back exposed. I took several pictures and then printed them before picking the one I wanted. They grinned and followed me out onto the porch naked.

I sat and started drawing the center picture using Meg and Seka. Meg sat and pulled Seka down onto her lap and started fingering her. She cleared her throat, “I’m not going to be able to convince you am I?”

I didn’t bother to look back, “No.”

Seka sighed and Meg finally cleared her throat, “That leaves providing you with agreeable terms.”

I glanced back as she leaned down to suck on one of Seka’s erect nipples. I looked into Meg’s eyes as she looked back at me, “Yes.”

Seka moaned again as I turned back to my drawing. It was a couple of minutes before she cried out, “YES!”

I smiled as I finished the drawing of them and heard Meg whispering to Seka. I started another drawing as I thought about Meg and she stood to put her hand on my shoulder. I looked up and she smiled, “Come to bed?”

I looked at her and remembered all the men she had been with, “Have you been checked for STD’s?”

She blushed but nodded, “During the first week of rehab.”

I closed the pad and stood. Meg took my hand and led me back into the house. Seka was nowhere to be seen until we came into the bedroom. She was laid back on the bed smiling. Meg turned me and undressed me before pulling me to bed. She smiled and went to hands and knees as she moved between Seka’s spread leg and started licking her. She wiggled her butt at me and I caressed through her wet pussy. I move up and slowly pushed my cock all the way into her.

I fucked her slowly trying to make this last a life time. Seka was shuddering and moaning as Meg fucked back on my cock. I felt her pussy tightening and squeeze my cock several times as her body would shudder and shake. I rubbed her warm ass and she groaned and pushed back. I finally held my throbbing cock deep inside her and closed my eyes as I began to cum.

I spewed huge, gushing jets and Meg grunted and jerked as she felt it filling her. When I stopped cumming, I pulled out and lay next to them. Seka was smiling as she caressed Meg’s face and Meg moved up to lay down. She was looking at me, “I just need to find out what you want.”

I sighed and turned to shut the bedside light off, “You know what I have always wanted.”

Meg didn’t say anything and it was a long time before I went to sleep. I woke to something warm, tight and slippery sliding down my cock. I looked at Seka in the morning light and then looked for Meg. I stopped Seka and pulled her up off my cock before slipping out of bed. Meg was in the kitchen at the table drinking coffee. She didn’t say anything as I made breakfast. She watched as I set her and Seka’s breakfast out and then went to shower and dress.

I left them both there when I went to work. When I got home there was a car beside the house and I was almost afraid to go in. The guy sitting at the table with Meg was one of the rich guys I had seen on a couple of videos. I stood in the doorway and looked at a blushing Meg. I knew I was angry but I didn’t care, “Get out and don’t come back.”

Meg opened her mouth as the guy stood with a smug look on his face, “Don’t worry babe. I’ll make this piece of garbage agree.”

I smiled thinly, “Asshole, any chance she had disappeared when I saw you.”

He walked towards me with a swagger, “I’m a black…”

I kicked him in the balls and grabbed his hair when he folded forward. I slugged him a half dozen times in the face before Meg pulled me away. I stood back and looked at her coldly, “Not in my house, get out.”

She looked white faced as I walked out. I didn’t trust myself on the scooter and just walked. It was late when I returned and it looked like a convention with dozens of vehicles crowding the narrow road. I walked into the room and it went quiet. Meg sat with an older man and her father and mother stood together, around the room were women. I waited and the older man cleared his throat, “I am here as a mediator for you and your wife.”

I looked at him and then Meg, “There’s nothing to mediate. Tomorrow I will see a lawyer and file for divorce. You can ask Meg what my proof of adultery is going to be.”

I saw her parents go tense and the women shift. Meg looked down and the old man smiled, “Do you think you are the first man whose wife cheated?”

I shook my head, “I am finished with all you rich and privileged assholes. You want my terms Meg? You, but the first time you touch another man you kiss everything goodbye.”

I turned and walked onto the porch. I heard them talking and the old man walked out, “What will it take for you to give a sworn statement?”

I laughed and looked at him, “You want a worn statement? Okay, the child my wife is…”


I looked at Meg’s white face. She gestured and the man went inside. She closed the door and looked at me, “I shouldn’t have asked Keith to come here.”

I snorted and turned to look into the darkness, “You should just leave Meg. Any chance of me agreeing died the moment I saw him.”

She was silent and then she walked to me and turned me to face her, “I’ll do it. I’ll stay with you.”

I shook my head, “You don’t love me Meg. I’m not sure you ever did.”

I turned to the window and she was silent before finally turning to go back to the house, “Who were the other women?”

I glanced back and she turned to look at me, “My surrogates if I ever stray.”

I shook my head and turned away, “Just send me the damn birth certificate Meg and don’t come back to hurt me anymore.”

I didn’t bother turning to look as they all left. It was awhile before I went into the house and went to bed. When I got home the next day there were dozens of cars again. I didn’t expect a full blown party going on. Meg was dancing with another girl and Seka slipped up to take the bag of groceries. I was not happy about this party and turned to go out to the porch. A young girl poked her head out, “Josh?”

I glanced at her and she smiled, “Meg asked me to find you. She wanted you to join her in the bedroom.”

I clinched my teeth and went into the house. When I walked into the bedroom Meg was sitting on the bed. She stood and walked to me quickly and put her finger across my lips, “I don’t care if you say it is yours. You are my husband Josh. I am staying and for the record, I do love you. After I have this bastard, I intend to prove it.”

“Now, as for these parties… When I need to be fucked you will make it happen. If you can’t or won’t, then you will provide someone. Seka is going to live with us and you will have sex with the poor girl. Do you have a problem with what I said?”

I was shocked and felt a thrill but looked at her calmly, “No more drugs. The first time I catch you letting some guy…”

She covered my lips, “I know.”

I nodded and took a breath. She looked at me and smiled before putting her head on my chest. She leaned back with a devils grin, “Want to stir the party up?”

I looked at her and she grinned and took my hand before pulling me after her. She stopped in the doorway and gestured, “Pick one of the girls.”

I looked at her and then nodded to a stunning red head. Meg grinned, “Stacy!”

The woman turned to look at Meg and she grinned, “Take your clothes off.”

The room went quiet and Stacy looked at Meg before grinning and undressing. I saw a couple of guys smiling and Meg looked at me, “Take her to the porch and add her to your drawing of Seka and I.”

I smiled and started for the door, “The cool air is going to make her nipples hard.”

The room laughed as Stacy followed me out to the porch with several others following. I gestured to the other chair and opened my drawing pad as I sat down. I looked at her and looked at a young guy standing by the door, “Hand her the wine glass please.”

He frowned and then bowed and stepped forward. I watched her take it and sit back before nodding. I turned and started drawing, glancing back every once in a while. It took about fifteen minutes and I sat back and looked at her, “Thank you Stacy.”

She stood and came closer as the others came alive and joined her. She grinned, “You have to do a full size one sometime.”

I stood and closed my pad as everyone started back into the house. Seka slipped past everyone and put her arm around me, “I made you dinner.”

I nodded but was looking around for Meg, “Meg?”

Seka looked towards the hall at my bedroom and I started across the room with a pain in my chest. I opened the door and saw Meg and a couple. I started to open my mouth and Meg looked at me and smiled, “Good you’re done. This is Simone and Henry. Simone was asking me if you could draw a formal picture of her and Henry.”

I looked at the couple, “In our bedroom?”

They blushed as Meg looked at me and started across the room. She cupped my face, “I made you a promise.”

I looked back at her, “You made me a promise before too.”

She nodded and sighed, “I shouldn’t expect…”

She caressed my chest, “I will stay where you can see me.”

I kept looking at her, “You shouldn’t expect a poor person to trust you?”

She shook her head, “No. I was going to say, I shouldn’t expect you to trust me because of what I did to you.”

I looked at her as the couple shifted. I sighed, “It will take both of us to make it work.”

Meg nodded and turned to Simone and Henry, “Can you draw them?”

I glanced at them, “Tomorrow. They need to get a tux and gown.”

Meg grinned as Simone and Henry looked at each other and grinned too. The two left holding hands and Meg closed the door behind them. She kissed me and caressed my chest before turning to the bed and lifting the dress up over her hips before bending over to place her hands on the bed, “Fuck me.”

I rubbed her smooth pussy and opened my pants. I slowly pushed into her and listened to her moan as she shuddered and her pussy squeezed my cock. I rubbed her warm asshole as I continued to fuck her nice and slow. I smiled and held her hips before fucking her hard and fast.

Meg jerked as I pounded her and then she was convulsing and her tight pussy spasmed around my cock. She was bucking and thrashing around as I slowed to fuck her with deep thrusts. When she calmed down I started fucking her hard again and she spasmed hard before screaming, “YES!”

I pushed her shaking body forward onto the bed and held her as I used her. She was biting the covers as I finally buried my cock and started pumping spurts of cum against her womb. I spurted and spewed cum as Meg shook and her pussy milked my cock. When I stopped cumming, I pulled out slowly and she turned to kneel in front of me. She held my cock and started licking and sucking my cock until it was clean and then stood to rub and caress my chest, “That was so good.”

I cupped her breasts and kissed her as her dress dropped down to cover her. She sighed and turned me to the door, “Seka should have dinner ready.”

We walked out holding hands and found Seka in the kitchen. She was trying to ignore a young guy that kept trying the feel her butt. Meg moved forward quickly and slapped the side of his head, “Leave her alone!”

He turned with a red face and backed away holding his hands up as everyone laughed at him. Seka smiled at Meg, “Thank you.”

Meg smiled, “Your welcome.”

Seka turned to pull three plates out of the oven, “Someone called for food to be delivered.”

Meg shrugged as she followed Seka to the table, “They better pay for it.”

I went to get silverware and then came to sit at the table, “Thank you for making dinner Seka.”

She grinned, “You’re welcome.”

A stunning blonde haired girl came to the table, “Can you draw me?”

Meg grinned as we looked up, “Undress so there won’t be any marks from your clothes and wait by the door.”

The girl grinned as she reached for the buttons of her blouse. I looked at Meg and then turned back to the dinner. When I finished there was three more women by the door. Seka took my plate without saying anything and moved to the sink. I stood up with Meg, “Come outside when you finish Seka.”

She looked at me and nodded before turning to do the dishes. I started for the door and Meg slipped her hand in mine. It was a strange evening as I drew one woman after another. Meg and Seka both stayed where I could see them. The two food delivery guys really liked seeing the naked women when they showed up. It was late when everyone left and I carefully removed the finished drawing from the pad.

Meg led me towards the bedroom as Seka turned all the lights off. She turned me at the bed and caressed my chest as she looked into my face, “Can Seka go down on my pussy?”

I pushed her towards the bed and followed Seka. She caressed Meg’s thighs and then leaned down to lick through her cummy pussy. I moved behind Seka and started rubbing her bare pussy before shifting and positioning my cock. I pushed forward and slowly forced my cock into her tight, pussy. She groaned and thrust back, trying to get me deeper as I started to fuck her slowly.

I took my time and enjoyed her warm, tight pussy. Meg was moaning and shuddering as Seka began shaking and her pussy squeezed my cock. She spasmed and twitched as Meg started convulsing and pushed her face away.

Seka groaned and put her head on Meg’s mound as I fucked her harder and kept pushing against her womb. She jerked and shuddered violently as I held her hips before starting to spurt and spew jets of cum. She spasmed and cried out, “YES, CUM IN MMMEEEEE!”

I held her as I filled her belly and let her continue to shudder. I finally pulled out of her and lay down beside Meg as Seka groaned and slowly moved up half on top of her. Meg sighed and rubbed her back, “better?”

Seka sighed and snuggled closer, “Yes mistress.”

I cupped Meg’s breast and rubbed her nipple, “I need to look for a larger house.”

She smiled, “One with a nice view.”

I tugged on her erect nipple, “Not in the city.”

She grinned, “Actually I was thinking more rural.”

I looked at her and she caressed Seka before looking at me, “My family has a house…”

I shook my head and Meg sighed, “It’s your money too Josh.”

I sighed and tugged on her nipple again before turning her onto her side. I lifted her leg and positioned my cock before pushing into her as Seka turned and snuggled against her. I held her hip as I fucked her almost hot pussy. Meg sighed and moaned and shuddered and spasmed as her pussy rippled and squeezed my cock.

I took my time and just fucked her slowly. Every few minutes Meg would spasm or jerk a little harder as she came and Seka would hold her and kiss her passionately. Finally I groaned as I pushed into her and began spurting and pumping strong jets of cum. Meg shuddered and pushed her butt back, “God I love that.”

I shuddered as her cummy pussy squeezed my cock and finally sighed and just held her. Meg shivered and turned Seka before pulling her back to spoon behind her. I woke to the bed moving and Meg climbing out. She whispered something to Seka and headed to the door as Seka crawled over and straddled me. I sighed and lifted my cock as it hardened and she grinned as she pushed back forcing my cock into her.

She sat up and rocked back and forth slowly as my cock slipped all the way into her. I shuddered as her tight, slippery pussy squeezed my cock. I rubbed her budding breasts and tugged on her nipples. Seka jerked and spasmed and I pulled her down before kissing her. I lifted her off my cock before pulling her after me. I found Meg in the kitchen drinking juice and waved on my way past.

I sat in my chair on the porch and pulled Seka onto my lap. She straddled me and I positioned my cock before pulling her hips down so she was impaled. She shuddered and started rocking as I flipped to a blank sheet of paper and started drawing. Seka ignored what I was doing and continued to fuck me getting more and more erratic. Her already tight pussy contracted and she started having a seizure, “OOOOOHHHHHHHH!”

I held her and shuddered as her warm, tight, slippery pussy pushed me over the edge. I pulled her closer as I began spurting huge jets of warm cum up into her belly. Seka jerked and spasmed as she felt the warm cum pumping into her, “YES! CUM!”

I pumped eight large jets of cum before I was done. She sighed when I finished and leaned against me, “Thank you.”

I laughed and hugged her, “Thank you.”

I lifted her and led her back to the kitchen where Meg was sitting. Seka started for the stove but I pushed her back and pulled down cereal and fixed three bowls. I nodded to Meg, “It’s good for you.”

She smiled, “I know.”

She took a breath as I sat, “Josh, you need to stop thinking you are poor. It isn’t about money. It was never about money, it was about the excitement and the drugs and… it wasn’t the money. Today I want you to come with me to my lawyer. I’m going to sign everything over to you…”

I snorted, “You don’t have to do that.”

She smiled, “I know I don’t. I am going to manage your money and you are going to decide everything.”

I looked at Seka and back to Meg, “Why?”

She stood and came to sit in my lap, “Because I am your wife and it is time I acted like it.”

I rubbed her nipple, making it hard, “Alright Meg. My conditions still stand but we can do something else too. After breakfast we need to go to my workplace so I can put in a leave of absence. After that we can go out to see your family estate in the country.”

She grinned and wiggled in my lap, “keep playing with those and I’ll tie you to the bed.”

I laughed and reached between her legs to rub her clit, “What about this?”

Meg shuddered and closed her legs and then stood, “Alright you, come fuck me.”

I grinned as I followed her back to the bedroom. She went straight to the bed and crawled on before rolling onto her back and spreading her legs. I followed and moved between her legs before slowly pushing my cock into her. Meg groaned and shuddered as I didn’t hesitate and started to fuck her. I fucked her with long, slow thrusts and her pussy kept squeezing my cock.

She wrapped her arms around me and met each thrust with one of her own. It wasn’t long before she was shuddering and jerking as I kissed her passionately. Her body continued to spasm as I fucked her and then Seka was sitting beside us and rubbing my back, “Turn her over.”

Meg groaned and I grinned as I pulled out of her. Seka helped me turn her onto her stomach and held her legs together and looked at me, “Sit on her thighs and fuck her.”

I straddled her and bent my cock as I leaned forward and pushed into Meg’s wet pussy as she shuddered hard, “FUCK!”

I grinned and started fucking her with deep thrusts. Her pussy squeezed and tightened around my cock each time I thrust into her. Meg was thrusting back as her body continued to jerk and shake. I spread my legs and leaned forward before fucking her harder, with long, firm thrusts. It wasn’t long before she began jerking and spasming as I thrust into her and started spurting and pumping cum. Meg screamed, “FUCK YES!”

She bucked and kept thrusting back as I jabbed and thrust into her with each spurt. Finally I shuddered and slowly pulled out and Seka laughed as she rolled Meg over and went down between her legs. I lay beside Meg as she shuddered and opened her legs wider. I watched Seka licking her leaking hole and leaned over to suck on a nipple. She jerked and spasmed, “YES!”

I grinned and kissed her before moving off the bed, “I’ll be taking a shower.”

I had just stepped in when they climbed in with me. Meg rubbed my chest, “Seka said a wife is supposed to clean her husband.”

I cupped her firm breasts and turned to do the same thing to Seka. It was a fun shower with a lot of touching and groping. It was while I was dressing that I thought about what we were going to do and sighed, “I’ll need to call a taxi.”

Meg laughed as she fastened the sexy half bra for Seka, “I’ll call for a car.”

I looked at her and then grinned, “Shouldn’t Seka be the one to call, she’s the second wife.”

Meg laughed and hugged Seka, “We’re taking turns.”

The limo wasn’t a stretch thank goodness. My boss wasn’t happy about my leave of absence but accepted it. The lawyer kept trying to change Meg’s mind. He even asked that I step out so he could talk to her privately.

She still signed everything over and then we went for a ride. The house in the country was huge with twenty bedrooms, each with its own bath and walk in closet. On one side it had an indoor pool and on the other side it had a tennis court.

Several hundred feet to the side was a small stable with a few horses. Meg’s eyes seemed to light up when she saw them. What drew my attention was a small Japanese water garden outside the indoor pool.

When we got home Meg was already calling for her things to be moved and arranging for movers to come to my house. The large sedan sitting beside the cabin made me frown until I saw Simone and Henry step out holding what looked like garment bags. Meg grinned and clapped, “They did remember!”

I thanked the driver and Meg told him to come back tomorrow morning around nine. Seka was already walking towards the door with my key. I waited and took Meg’s hand like in college. While Simone and Henry changed in the bedroom I had Seka get me a couple of white sheets from my closet. I moved a chair and hung one across a corner and draped another over the large chair.

I turned to say something and Meg grinned as she walked into the kitchen naked. When Seka came out, she to was naked. Simone and Henry were wearing nice formal clothes when they finally appeared but Simone was blushing. I had already brought in my easel and pencils. I sat Henry and carefully positions Simone sitting sideways on his lap.

As I began drawing, people began to arrive. I glanced at Meg to see her still naked as she greeted everyone. When I glanced back at her hand on my shoulder it was to see everyone else naked. I grinned, “What is this, a naked party?”

She grinned, “They can’t sneak drugs in if they’re naked.”

Meg gestured to my drawing, “It looks different.”

I nodded as I turned back, “I had to use my imagination and tint the sheet on the chair.”

She bent forward, “It looks amazing.”

I grinned and rubbed her nipple, “You’re distracting me.”

Simone and Henry both laughed and Simone wiggled, “At least I’m covering Henry’s embarrassment.”

I noticed several couples disappearing towards the bedroom. Meg stayed close while Seka brought drinks and made calls. When I finally sat back and sighed, Meg grinned, “Finally.”

Simone and Henry stood and came to look at the drawing. They were grinning and hugging as I signed it and carefully removed it from the pad. Seka came to pull Meg and I to the kitchen where she had dinner on the table. She sat in my lap as Meg sat beside us, “I’ll need to change the sheets before we go to bed.”

Meg snorted, “I’ll bet they’re really cummy.”

Seka nodded and glanced back as a tall young guy walked up. He reached towards Meg’s breast and squeezed her nipple hard, “hey slut, want to go to the bedroom with me?”

I was ready to explode when Meg turned quickly and grabbed his balls. His scream made everyone shut up as Meg stood, “Asshole, you tied me to a bed for three days and let all your buddies use me. You are a sorry piece of shit. If I ever see you again I will rip these off. Now, get out!”

She released his balls and he started to fold over. Meg slapped him hard, “Get the hell out!”

He staggered towards the door as I stood, “Meg?”

She glanced at me and then looked around the room, “Tony set me up to be raped by all his friends.”

Everyone looked at each other and started talking quietly. Meg turned and came to push me down and take Seka’s place on my lap. She was quiet as she caressed my face, “That was how I got pregnant. That bastard laughed and said they were breeding me like a proper bitch.”

I pulled Seka near, “Does he know?”

Meg shook her head, “No and I’m not going to tell him.”

I looked at the door and she sighed, “It was my own fault. With all the guys I fucked I should have known…”

I hugged her, “That is over.”

She grinned as the party started up again and looked over her shoulder, “Gwen? Peter?”

I looked back at a young guy and girl that looked like they were brother and sister. Meg grinned, “Peter? You are going to sit with Gwen on your lap while Josh draws you.”

The woman grinned, “I get to pick the position.”

I watched as they crossed to the chair and Meg stood to pull me up. She led me back to my chair and chased another woman off it before undressing me and pushing me down and straddling me. This time she positioned my cock before sitting down with a sigh.

I looked over her shoulder at the brother and sister and from the way Gwen was slowly thrusting back and forth knew Meg wasn’t the only one with a cock inside her. Meg looked at the room full of her friends, “Who wants to bet on Gwen?”

I looked at her and she gave me a quick kiss and whispered, “Go ahead and draw.”

I hugged her and shifted until I could reach everything and smiled at Gwen and Peter. I looked at them and then started drawing. Meg’s warm pussy kept squeezing and milking my cock and I had to keep looking at the two as she groaned and shuddered. Everyone knew when Peter came, he jerked and spasmed as the room cheered. I finally sat back and held Meg tight as she looked into my face and grinned.

I spurted and pumped cum into her as she jerked and shuddered hard. I didn’t even hear the cheering and clapping until I was done. Meg clung to me as she twitched and spasmed, finally Seka appeared and helped her up. I caressed her as she smiled and bent to kiss me. As she walked towards the bathroom, I turned and carefully removed the drawing. Gwen accepted it and gasped, “Oh my god!”

Peter put his arm around her waist as several people came to see. They grinned and the talk turned to pictures and drawings. Meg came back with Seka and grinned, “The bed is a mess.”

The party didn’t last much longer and broke up. I helped Seka with the bed and we cleaned up before she took my hand and pulled me to the chair in the front room. I smiled and sat before pulling her onto my lap, “You want it out here little angel?”

She grinned and nodded as she looked at Meg. Meg grinned, “He can draw me.”

She moved to sit in the chair and posed as Seka lifted up to position my cock. After I had pushed into her tight, pussy she shuddered and sighed before starting to thrust back and forth slowly. She was so tight and slippery that it was hard for me to concentrate.

I took a long look at Meg relaxing with her feet over one arm as she sat sideways. I hesitantly started drawing her as my cock throbbed and jerked inside Seka. I shuddered and groaned as Seka spasmed, her tight pussy kept squeezing my cock. Meg laughed, “I think Seka is going to win.”

I kissed Seka’s closed eyelids as she jerked and thrust back and forth. I set my pencil down and ignored the drawing as I caressed and held Seka. She shuddered and her muscles tightened, “OOOOOHHHHHH!”

I jerked and began pumping warm cum against and into her womb as she screamed and shuddered violently. I was shuddering with her as she jerked in time to each explosion of warm cum as it pumped into her. Seka was spasming out of control and her pussy finally stopped squeezing me.

I sighed as my cock stopped pumping cum into her. I hugged her and slowly leaned back to look at her satisfied face. Meg laughed as she stood and came to hug and kiss Seka, “You were perfect Seka.”

I shuddered as Meg helped her off my cock and then pulled me up, “Come to bed and fuck us once more baby.”

I laughed and reached out for Seka’s hand before pulling them both back to the bedroom. I pushed them towards the bed and turned the light out. I climbed on the bed to hands caressing me. I laughed again as I kissed Seka and turned to push Meg onto her back. I moved over her and she spread her legs and put her arms around me.

I pushed into her leaking pussy as Seka came to hug her naked body against me. I fucked Meg slow and steady with long strokes and she sighed as her warm pussy began squeezing my cock. I kissed her and grinned before slowly pulling out and turning to pull Seka down onto the bed. I moved over her and pushed into her tight, slimy pussy and she shuddered and groaned.

Meg laughed and turned to hug me as I fucked Seka slowly and she started humping up. A minute later I kissed her hard before pulling out and moving over Meg as she went to her back. I pushed into her and she began humping up hard each time I buried my cock. Seka rolled onto her stomach and waited as I fucked Meg. She was shuddering as her pussy squeezed my cock.

I kissed her and slowly pulled out, making her groan. I moved over Seka and pushed into her from behind as she lifted her butt. She shuddered and her tight pussy spasmed as I began to fuck her slowly. Each time I buried my cock against her womb she would jerk and shudder. After a couple of minutes I buried my cock and pressed into her before slowly pulling out.

Meg had rolled onto her stomach and as soon as she saw me pulling out of Seka, she lifted her butt with a grin. I moved behind her and pushed into her slick pussy and began to fuck her as her pussy tightened and squeezed my cock. I used long strokes and it was only a moment before she suddenly began jerking and spasming as her pussy contracted around my cock.

I shuddered and groaned as her milking pussy brought me to the edge. I held her hips before I began to pump and spurt against her womb. Meg jerked uncontrollably and dropped to the bed and my cock came out to spew onto her butt and back. Seka was suddenly there putting my throbbing cock into her mouth as I continued to cum.

I shuddered as her tongue kept teasing the underside of my spurting cock and then Meg was laughing. I caressed Seka’s face as she pulled off my cock and turned to lick the spurt of cum on Meg’s butt and back. She moved up her body to kiss her and snuggle against her as I moved to her other side. I caressed her bare butt and back before relaxing against her. I woke late with the sun already shining in the window. Meg smiled as I looked at her lying on her side facing me, “No parties tonight. After we move in, mom and dad are coming to talk to you.”

I sighed, “Your dad is a pompous ass.”

She grinned, “You hold your own. He will try to get you to sign some papers.”

I shook my head and she grinned and kissed me before whispering, “Don’t sign.”

She rolled out of bed and headed towards the door. Seka was missing so I assumed she was already up too. I climbed out of bed and showered before dressing. Meg and Seka were in the kitchen talking and smiled when they saw me. Seka came to kiss my cheek and lead me to the table, “Thank you for last night.”

I caressed her hip, “It was a pleasure.”

Meg laughed as she stood, “Time for us to shower before the movers arrive.”

I smiled and turned to the cup of coffee left for me. Meg wasn’t kidding about movers because a whole army showed up and twenty minutes later everything was packed and they were driving off. Ten minutes later we were in the sedan and driving away. Very little of my belongings went into the house but Meg made sure that what I thought was important did.

New large and small drawing pads of all kinds were in the pool area as were new supplies. Meg’s things went into our bedroom and then other packages began to arrive and I frowned until she whispered that it was new clothes and stuff for Seka. I glanced in the other room at Seka staring out the window, “Does she know?”

Meg smiled, “Not yet.”

I pushed her towards the other room, “Go show her.”

She grinned as she walked past the men leaving and put an arm around Seka. They disappeared until Meg’s parents showed up. I was in the Japanese water garden when Meg led them out. I frowned and then straightened before gesturing and leading them back to the house.

Meg was right, her father started off by trying to get me to sign a stack of papers. I ignored them and him to smile at Meg’s mother Elizabeth, “I was thinking that I haven’t had the chance to draw a picture of Meg for you.”

She smiled, “I’m sure you’ll find the right pose.”

I nodded, “Actually I was thinking of the horses. I remember you used to ride and have that large portrait of yourself and Meg on horses.”

She grinned, “If you could draw her on a horse that would be perfect.”

I grinned, “Just like lady Gadiva.”

She laughed and Meg looked up from reading the papers. She looked at me and then at her mother who kept laughing. I smiled innocently and Meg finally grinned before handing the papers back to her father, “No dad, he isn’t signing that.”

I stood, “This house is very nice. Have you been out to the stables lately?”

I held out my elbow as Elizabeth stood and slipped her arm through mine, “No, it’s been empty for years and Meg just decided to open it again.”

I glanced back at Meg following with her father and she shook her head as he started talking about needing me to confirm the baby and… I tuned them out. I was surprised to find Seka in the stable feeding a horse carrots. Elizabeth leaned against me, “Do you like your Asian girl?”

I smiled, “Seka is a considerate girl. She is a good model and Meg and her have an agreement I believe.”

Elizabeth smiled, “And she is young and…”

I shook my head, “If you had bothered to ask before assuming. I was using the pictures as models for my drawings.”

She looked at me and then at Meg, “I didn’t really pay attention to the drawings.”

I shrugged, “I started it in collage and I let it lapse until…”

Elizabeth sighed, “I see.”

She looked at me and then grinned before whispering, “Tell you what. I’ll come out and you can draw the two of us naked on horses.”

I smiled, “That would be perfect.”

Meg slipped up and hugged me, “Daddy is going home mom. He was upset because I won’t let him pester Josh.”

Elizabeth sighed, “I better go or he will have one of his fits.”

I watched her walk away and turned back to say something only to find Seka and Meg stripping out of their clothes. They grinned and Meg turned Seka before bending her over a bale of hay. I grinned and undid my pants before moving behind Seka. I pushed into her tight pussy and she shuddered as it squeezed my cock. Meg kissed me as she began rubbing her naked body against me. I laughed and squeezed one of her nipples, “Kneel beside her.”

Meg grinned as I pulled out and moved behind her and pushed into her pussy. I fucked her with deep thrusts for a minute and pulled out before returning to Seka. She glanced back and smiled as I entered her slowly and started fucking her tight pussy. It wasn’t long before she shuddered and her pussy squeezed my cock. I caressed her hips and pulled out before moving back to Meg.

I pushed into Meg and fucked her with long, deep thrusts and she started shaking. She had one hand between her legs and started thrusting back onto my cock hard. It was only a few moments before she was jerking and spasming. Her pussy tightened and she screamed, “YES!”

I buried my cock and held her shaking body for a minute before pulling out and moving to Seka. I rubbed her wet pussy, “Can I cum in you this time?”

Meg laughed and Seka giggled before nodding. I pushed into her and started fucking her deeply. She was thrusting back as my cock started hitting her cervix. It wasn’t long before I groaned as Meg came to reach around me and pull Seka’s hips back. I shuddered as I began to spurt and spew cum and Seka shuddered, “Thank you!”

I laughed as I pumped and spewed and Meg giggled before moving around to sit beside Seka. Seka continued to shudder as I came in her. When I stopped I pulled out and pulled up my pants. I sat beside the two whispering girls and Meg grinned at me, “The only party tonight is with us and we get to call the positions.”

I laughed and stood to pull them up, “You just want to fuck in every room in the house.”

They both laughed as they grabbed clothes and came up on each side of me to walk back to the house. Meg grinned before leading me out to the pool. She turned me and they both dropped their clothes as they started undressing me. Meg was smiling innocently as she backed me up and then she grinned and pushed.

I grabbed her and she screamed as she was pulled into the pool with me. I pulled her to the surface and she grinned and swam to the side, “You need to go to shallower water for Seka.”

I glanced up, “Why?”

Seka blushed, “I don’t know how to swim.”

I started moving along the side of the pool, “That will change.”

I looked at Meg and she nodded as she floated on her back along side me. I finally stood and held up my hands, “come on.”

Seka hesitated and then sat and slid into the water. I moved closer and she turned to wrap her arms and legs around me. Meg laughed, “Don’t drown him.”

I kissed Seka and moved further into the shallow end to the steps. I pulled her onto my lap as I sat. She grinned at Meg and lifted up as Meg reached under her and lifted my cock. She slowly forced my cock up into her tight pussy and sighed as she leaned against me. She slowly rocked as her tight pussy squeezed and released my cock.

Meg sat beside me and caressed Seka as she slowly became erratic. Her pussy spasmed and she cried out as she began to shake and convulse. They were kissing each other as I leaned up to suck on one of her nipples. Seka jerked and shook as she wailed. She fucked me harder and continued to cum as Meg kept kissing her.

It was awhile before I groaned and Seka pushed down. My cock erupted and started gushing cum into her womb. She kissed Meg passionately as her body was racked by shudders and her pussy tightened around my spurting cock. When I stopped cumming I sighed and rubbed her nipples, “Thank you Seka.”

She grinned and bent to kiss me before standing. Meg took her hand and they walked out. It has been a long time since then. We still live on the country estate and Seka is still our lover. She and Meg have both had three babies that were mine. I did acknowledge Meg’s first child and have treated him the same as my own.
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