An interesting proposition is made amid the flowering intimacy.
A GUEST FOR A WEEK – Chapter 05: Friday’s Fornications

Waiver Note: This is a fictional narrative about men in their late twenties entering into a sexual relationship with underage adolescent young women. The whole of the chapters involves a spectrum of topics ranging from fantasies to complete sexual unions. If the topic is not of interest or offensive to you, please cease reading immediately and move on.

To those who proceed, I apologize for the chapters being long, this one in particular. However, I found it necessary to articulate the story I wanted.

-- seltra

- - -

The Friday morning glowed radiantly through Rick’s window as he and Adelle slept intertwined, their skin open to the other’s embrace. The radiance of the sun warmed Rick’s bedroom as it awoke him, encouraging him to embrace his newfound appreciation for life. In his arms, retaining the spooning position was his sweet, fourteen-year-old love, Adelle.

Inhaling deeply, he took in her sweet perfume. Rick observed his treasured maiden. He could only view a limited section of her since the covers were still pulled over them. With unrestricted eyes, he gazed on her. The sunlight poured through the window and illuminated her brilliant features. Could it be that her beauty enhanced itself overnight? It seemed possible.

Across her face the golden light accentuated her smooth features. Her high cheekbones, though prominent, gave just the perfect blend between youthful appearance and womanly experience. Adelle’s sandy-blonde hair reflected the morning luminance; it was a glowing warmth to complement her personality. Her gorgeous face displayed a peaceful slumber; it was one he didn’t want to end anytime soon.

Beneath covers, Rick embraced his sensuous lover. Her heat radiated through her skin, setting a hungering fire within him for her adolescent passions. As his emotion was realized, his manhood received strength immediately, inflating to its maximum potential. His rest this past night effectively removed the last vestiges of inhibition against making love to her. It would be today; he knew it – however, a new resolution gripped him. The perfect moment for their first union was now his entire objective; no sooner, no later.

As he maintained his arms firmly encompassed around her pubescent body, her soft and wonderful skin felt like a river of tenderness over his own. Her young, teenage body interlocked as flawlessly as a puzzle piece against his 27-year-old frame. Just as the night before, his right hand grasped her firm left breast – only this time, without evading the invitation at all. He caressed her sensitive tissue lovingly, enjoying the slight, dreamy whimper it exacted. She was beyond perfect; the whole scene more than he could have ever imagined.

For a few moments, Rick took inventory over the accomplishments of the previous four days. Had it only been Monday when he had been granted custody of this sensationally beautiful young woman? Though it seemed a lifetime ago, he remembered that day well. Without a second thought – or a sexual one at that – Rick had accepted the assignment to watch over this female youth. Then, the madness began. Primal urges built in his mind after just fleeting glances at her maturing loveliness. When she had spied on him in the shower later that day it succeeded only in augmenting the sexual rage.

Tuesday had carried its own share of complications. A cascade of temptations had encompassed him. Finding Adelle masturbating on his couch – to the point of plunging herself into a powerful orgasm – had aided to render him powerless to interfere when she entered the bathroom with him later that morning. In the refreshing confines of that shower, they involved themselves in their first physical gratifications together. Adelle first instigated their encounter by stroking his outstretched manliness, briefly teasing him. He had then guided his hands over nearly every inch of her exposed nubile body. When he again bolstered his resistance to his unbecoming behaviour, his young companion had taken matters into her own hands – and mouth. Surrounding his manhood between her lips, she granted him an unsurpassed oral treatment, sexually gratifying him. After that, Rick was determined to maintain his defence against her advances again.

Nevertheless, the difficulties returned Wednesday. With reservations and hesitancy against the burgeoning wantonness, he repelled her invitations fiercely. It had the effect of hurting and scaring her and Rick regretted it terribly; not so much of what he had done, but how he had done it and he apologized for it quickly. When they spoke that evening, everything was explained in a calm and adequate manner. Rick considered the matter closed, but Adelle retained other ideas. She offered him a massage which he accepted hesitantly. A delightful soothing of his muscles ensued before his young mistress had again stripped him of any clothing and directed the massage to his sturdy penis. He was reluctant, yet it was a therapeutic hand treatment unlike any he had ever experienced and he caved to the pleasure. The effect was another expulsion of his seed. Twice in two days she had extracted it.

By the time he retired that night, Rick’s inhibitions were exhausted – and now his affinity for Adelle, despite it being complicated or illegal, had begun growing without reservation. A small resistance still attempted to repel her moves when she joined him in his bed that night. Nevertheless, as Thursday morning dawned, Adelle thoroughly quelled the last of them. To prove and display his newfound attraction to her, he indulged her in a proficient session of oral sex, her orgasm reaching a height she had never thought possible. By the time they retired that night – previous to this morning’s waking – the throws of youthful love had overcome them. They pleasured one another deeply and mutually with an oral treatment before falling fast asleep in one another’s arms, openly exposed to the others’ flesh.

As he gazed on her now and revelled in the warmth of her taut teenage skin against his, Rick could only dream about what this day, Friday, would bring for them. They had all day to enjoy!

With great care, he skimmed his hand across her glossy skin along the length of her body. Though she was snuggled up to him, her body was slightly contorted so that her bottom half lay flat on his bed, her legs apart. An idea began forming in his mind: how he could give her the wake-up of a lifetime!

Knowing she was a very light sleeper, he removed his arms from the embrace around her very carefully before crawling beneath the covers. With stealthy precision, he located his goal: Adelle’s trove of feminine magic. Surprisingly, she was still asleep – or appeared to be asleep. Rick couldn’t know for sure; she had duped him now a couple times. Regardless, his course was set. With great intention, he situated himself before the most precious element she had to offer – and began to manipulate the sensitive flesh with his mouth and tongue.

Almost immediately, Adelle moaned softly and dreamily. If she hadn’t returned from dreamland yet, it wouldn’t be long. Rick persisted. He knew how profound her appreciation would be of being awakened so erotically. The pliable membranes of her vagina had begun to heat up. With her legs still somewhat twisted, Rick parted them as best he could for the greatest access to her treasure trove. Her clitoris had not yet made its debut, but he knew it was imminent. He just had to keep nudging the region with his tongue and lips as best he could manage. Though the teenager’s most erogenous zone was available, her legs were not yet spread wide for the maximum access. Nevertheless, Rick made do with what he had.

Adelle’s moans gained momentum. All at once, a sharp gasp informed Rick she had woken up. Her legs arced to their maximum to permit free access to her labia while two female hands tore underneath he covers to greet him and clenched the hair on the back of his head, driving his face deeper into her loins. Beneath him, Adelle raised her hips as high as possible to consort with the luxury. Rick interwove his arms around her legs to maintain some degree of stability in her thrashing body.

“Ohhh...! Oh, Rick...! Mmmm...! Eat my...pussy...Rick! Oooh...mmmm...! Oh...yes...” Adelle groaned somewhere above him, supplicating for more! Rick was more than happy to oblige.

Probing ever more deeply with his tongue, Rick scoured Adelle’s love channel. He left nothing unsearched by his affectionate wandering. His pubescent lover’s voice echoed his devotion with a rising crescendo. Adelle’s body continued to writhe and contort in harmony with his oral motions across her delicate organs. A slight trickle of nectar issued to greet his taste buds, sweet as honey. Then Rick noticed her highly cherished sexual ornament had emerged from its confines. Adjusting himself ever-so-slightly for his new objective, Rick concentrated on Adelle’s clitoris. It hefted her to renewed heights. A forthcoming orgasm for the petite woman was unavoidable; indeed, she confirmed the looming climax.

“Rick...oooh...yes, Rick! Keep going, keep going...! Gonna...cum...Rick! Mmmm...! I’m...cum...ming...! Ohhh...! Oh...Rick...! Rick! RICK! RI-!” Adelle’s high-pitched voice trailed off as an apex of sexual euphoria engulfed her. Every fibre in her frame tensed and vibrated in response.

As though a dam burst loose somewhere inside her, the former stream of nectar gushed from its spring. Rick drank greedily and didn’t relinquish fondling her with his mouth. With renewed vigour, his tongue and lips danced within and across her pubic mound, merging with her primal membranes. His efforts created a prolonged orgasm which wracked Adelle’s body for many seconds, much to her delight. Only after Adelle resurfaced to awareness of her surroundings did Rick calm his efforts. Finally, he emerged from his hiding place beneath the covers, bracing himself on his arms and hovering over her.

“Good morning, Sweetie,” he remarked.

“Ohhh...” breathed Adelle labouriously. “Good – morning – my – love. Wow...” She smiled tenderly at him. “What a... What a...beautiful...way to wake up!” She leaned up and kissed him with all due passion in gratitude for the arousal of both mind and body. Though his lips were still wet with her orgasm, it only resulted in Adelle’s lips and tongue associating with his more fully.

When the nuzzle ended Rick asked, “You were actually asleep until I started?”

“Yeah,” she admitted. “I’m such a light sleeper, though; how did you get down there without waking me up? I’m impressed.”

“You and me both,” Rick chuckled. “I was just very careful. I figured you’d appreciate a wakeup call this way.”

“Ohhh...Rick...” she cooed lovingly, “Did I ever! I think that was the single most powerful orgasm I’ve ever had.”

“Better than the ones yesterday?”

“I had orgasms yesterday?” Adelle giggled. “Just kidding. Those were amazing, alright, and probably the best I’ve had before today. But, they were nothing compared to this! They just keep getting better! Perhaps it was just the surprise of, quite literally, being first thing in the morning.”

“Perhaps,” Rick agreed. They peered deeply into one another’s eyes, savouring the recollection of her lustful explosion. They kissed passionately before Adelle looked at the clock which read 8:44am and broke the silence.

“It’s probably too early to actually have sex I guess,” she joked, “but still I think I need to return the favour,” Adelle suggested smugly, reaching between them with her right hand. Rick could perceive the sensation of her dexterous fingers encircling his engorged rod. It was abundantly slick. “Oooh!” Adelle remarked, “There’s an awful lot of pre-cum down here, Rick. You’d think he was excited or something.” She began to stroke him lightly. “I think he wants some help. What do you think?” Adelle’s smile morphed into a seductive glance as her hand began to polish first the shaft, then the knob of Rick’s manhood.

A groan of indulgence escaped Rick’s lungs as his arms began to buckle. “Mmmm... Uh huh...” was all he could manage. Adelle sprung into action. Quickly she pushed him over backwards to the foot of the bed, releasing both their nude bodies to the room. As Rick landed on his back, Adelle stood up straight on her knees.

Rick lost himself in the majestic vista: Adelle – in all her disrobed, adolescent nobility – stood over him. Excitement encompassed her face, augmenting the beauty already there. Fair, flawless skin complemented her short, sandy-blonde hair, shimmering like heaven in the sunlight. Adelle’s budding pubescent curves caused his whole body to ache with a yearning to indulge in her pleasures. The firm, size-C breasts on this sensuous female with their pink, rigid nipples were as ripe as any fruit waiting to be picked. Every muscle and sinew comprising her body was trim, toned and sturdy. Adelle’s clean pubic mound pronounced itself favourably between her legs. Everything about her, Rick knew, was perfect. Fortune had smiled upon him generously.

Adelle crawled towards her quarry and again grasped his rigid feature, this time with both hands. She stroked gently at first, increasing the rhythm’s speed and grip. Ecstasy built in Rick like a summer thunderstorm. He groaned enjoyably as he watched his young lover work. Every pass Adelle made across his penile skin with her knowledgeable hands electrified Rick’s being. He wondered how someone so young could have such detailed experience in the realm of sexual encounters.

Unfortunately, Adelle’s demand for Rick’s lubricant exceeded his supply and his moisture quickly dried under the fiction. “Oh, looks like we’re all dried up,” Adelle observed, feigning disappointment. “I suppose we should do something about that.” Their eyes connected with a gaze of mutual adoration between them. “I’ve been waiting so long to do this without you trying to stop me for so long, Rick. I’m so happy I could do it last night. If you thought that was great, wait until I get you off this time! You won’t know what hit you. Just lay back and enjoy, my love!”

With that, Adelle lowered her head and absorbed his nine-inch extension deep within her teenage mouth.

Instinct overcame him instantly! Rick leaned his head back over the foot of the bed, lost in gratification. Adelle had many tricks up her sleeve (figuratively speaking, of course!) and began to unleash them upon Rick’s solid flesh. As she maintained his erection’s stability with one hand, the other explored his brawny muscles. Tenderly and graciously he grasped her head in his hands, imploring her for more!

“Oh, Adelle! Oh...Addy...! Ohhh...! Mmmm! Wow...oooh...! Oh, Sweetie...! Oh...that’s great...!” he uttered as Adelle massaged his penis with her lips and tongue.

The rhythmic movements of Adelle’s fellatio began slowing and nearly stopped. However, the stimulation of being within her oral confines remained. Somewhat perplexed, Rick looked up. What he saw astounded him. The entirety of his masculinity was nearly in Adelle’s mouth – she was deepthroating almost all nine inches of his erectile tissue!

“Adelle...ohhh... That’s...impressive...!” he managed to groan.

Withdrawing, Adelle giggled. “No sweat,” she remarked. “Just takes some practice. Did you like it?”

“Felt good, that’s for sure,” Rick complimented.

“Good. I’ll do it again then.” Adelle accepted Rick’s solid organ again as deeply down her throat as she could – which, again, was almost entirely! With expert precision and thrusts, she oscillated her lips between the base of his shaft and the ridge of his penis’ head. Surprisingly for Rick, she maintained this pattern of deepthroating him for several thrusts before going back and concentrating on the bulbous helmet on the end. After several more passes she broke her repetition and spoke again. “It’s time to make you cum, Rick,” she giggled proudly. He hummed his acknowledgement.

Encompassing his sexual obelisk, Adelle’s lips sealed tightly to create a powerful suction, while her head made small, precise movements to target the most responsive locations. Adelle’s tongue flicked wildly across any location unavailable to her lips, increasing the pleasure. It was so intensely gratifying that Rick couldn’t process it all. Overpowering his brain, his thoughts became focused on a single thought: his impending orgasm.

“Ohhh...! Adelle, Sweetie...mmmm...! Oh, that’s...aaah! That’! Ohhh...I’m gonna...gonna cum...Sweetie...! Oh...Addy... Damn it... OHHH...YEAH...!” Rick gasped as his climax mounted. His breath lodged in his throat as his body launched every drop of orgasmic liquid he had left. After several volleys ended up inside Adelle’s mouth, she swallowed, relaying them down to her stomach. She released him and crawled over him, lying atop his chest.

Breathing heavily, Rick caressed the beautiful nubile. They started lovingly at one another, basking in the afterglow of their sexual fulfillment as a promise of far deeper affections to appreciate together later that day. Accordantly, they relocated to the pillows at the top of the bed; Adelle sprawled across his physique as he wrapped her firmly in his arms. They lay in their naked embrace for some time, listening to the other’s breathing, occasionally stroking each others’ bodies affectionately and enjoying light, pleasant chatter between them.

As 10:00am loomed, they decided it was ‘time’ for breakfast – if they were going to maintain their strength throughout the day, they had better eat food of some description. Not wanting to cook, they decided on a restaurant in the area, first concluding some semblance of a bath was necessary. However, before she would allow him to leave, Adelle noticed a situation to take care of..

“Looks like someone isn’t ready for breakfast quite yet,” she observed, again regarding his midsection. Rick had felt another erection forming in the last few minutes. With his hunger growing, part of him wanted to ignore the desire; but Adelle wouldn’t accept the avoidance. With swift action, Rick’s penis was once again being ravished orally by Adelle. With Rick groaning in pleasure, he again enjoyed a climactic sexual fulfillment. Before he could reciprocate, Adelle jumped off the bed laughing and hurried into the shower.

Laughing at her games, Rick also arose and pursued her into the shower. “You didn’t let me say thank you,” he scolded playfully. Beneath the spring of hot water, Rick knelt below Adelle. He fondled her gently before raising one of her legs over his shoulder for easy access as he again grasped at her sensitive labia and clitoris with his mouth. Adelle reached out and braced herself on whatever she could to preserve her balance, knocking over a number of soap bottles in the process. Rick didn’t care; he had a single purpose. As he dove himself ever further into her beautiful loins, Adelle’s whimpers and squeals of delight culminated in another magnificent flood of ecstasy.

After a quick preparation, they were out the door and down the street to obtain their meal. While they waited and ate, a realization overcame Rick.

“You know, Sweetie, this isn’t going to last forever,” he acknowledged sombrely and in a low voice.

“What do you mean?” Adelle asked, equally quiet.

“Well, sooner or later you parents will come pick you up. They’re only out of town for a few days. In fact, this is day five; they said they’d be a week or less.”

A sullen expression overcame Adelle’s face as she contemplated the matter. Rick realized that she had been thinking over the same situation even before he mentioned it. The frustration evident on her face only increased his own sorrow as he took another bite of his meal. How could they manipulate her parents to allow them more time together?

“Maybe they’ll let me come visit on the weekends,” Adelle suggested.

Rick chuckled, half grimacing. “I don’t know if that’d be permissible in their books. Besides, do that for a few weeks and they’ll certainly want to know what’s up. They’re not stupid, Adelle. They’d figure that out. No, we’d need something far more subtle.”

Adelle was quick to respond. “I have an idea, but I can’t guarantee any kind of success,” she proffered. Rick was all ears. “We have each other on Facebook, right? So, we could arrange a time and place to meet. I could say I’m going out with friends – which I do most weekends. They could even pick me up. Then, we could meet somewhere and enjoy each other’s company for a while.”

Rick considered this. It would require them being extra careful. One careless move and everything about their relationship they had constructed these past few days would be destroyed and they’d be deprived of each other’s love indefinitely. “What about your friends?” he asked. “Certainly they’d catch on before long, too.”

His concern invoked a cheerful laugh from Adelle. “Don’t worry about that,” she soothed. “In fact, I wanted to talk to you about something along those lines while we’re here.” Rick raised an eyebrow as Adelle explained, “Do you remember the first day I was here?”

Rick laughed, “How could I forget? You seriously freaked me out, just walking in on my shower like that.”

“Yeah, well, my efforts paid off eventually, didn’t they? Anyways, before I noticed your...far-reaching problem,” Adelle giggled, “I was about to as you a question. Do you remember?”

“Vaguely. Details of that afternoon are hazy.”

“Not enough blood flow to the brain left for memory. I see how it is.” They both laughed. “Anyways, I was going to ask your permission for something.”

“Which is?”

“Are you familiar with the Panoramique Chalets?” she inquired.

“Sorta. That’s that mountain hotel place a couple hours from here, isn’t it? Been by it, but never stayed in it. Jiz and I often go hunting up that way.”

“Yeah. There are about a dozen cabins, all around a small lake. The awesome thing is that each cabin is individual, so there’s no one nearby. Also, they’re pretty much secluded from each other because of all the trees. You can’t even see another dock across the lake from your dock, to say nothing about seeing one cabin to another, even across the lake because they’re all back in the forest. They must have staggered them or something. It’s a really awesome area.”

“Sounds like a great place. I still don’t understand why you’re asking me about it, though,” prodded Rick.

Adelle giggled again. “Oh, yeah. I guess I should tell you that, I suppose. Anyways, a friend of mine – my cousin, actually – is having a birthday on Tuesday. As a tradition, a few of us pool our money to rent one of the cabins for a couple – sometimes a few – days and buy food and stuff. It’s a little expensive, but worth it. I was wondering if I could have permission to go.”

“Won’t that be for your parents to decide? They’ll be coming to pick you up today or tomorrow.”

“Oh, I doubt it. Rick, you know them; they could be there a while. Last time – when I went – they were there for almost an extra week. It’ll probably be the same this time,” Adelle contradicted. “So, can I go? Please!?”

Rick had to admit that Adelle was probably right about her parents delaying their return. “Alright,” he agreed. “If your parents are late coming home then you can go.”

“Great!” she exclaimed happily. She ate some of her meal while Rick noted that she appearing to be contemplating some larger request. He was astonished when the result was more of an offer. “I was really hoping you’d say yes, Rick. I have... Well, have a reward for you agreeing.”

“A reward?” Rick asked, confused. “What kind of reward can you give me for giving you permission?” He took a bit of his meal.

Adelle glanced around to observe the proximity of anyone nearby. Satisfied that no one could overhear, she lowered her voice and asked, “Do you want to come with us?” Her eyes narrowed seductively.

Rick nearly fell out of his chair and tried hard not to choke on his food. His thought process stopped dead in its tracks and his eyes widened. Here was a mid-teen young woman asking a man in his late twenties if he would like to join her on a multi-day excursion with a collection of other young women her own age. She sat with her lips pursed in a wry, challenging smile. He knew exactly what would happen if he did, but decided to delve into this deeper; was it possible she insinuated what he thought she was?

“I don’t think you guys will really need a chaperone, will you? I mean, you’re all mature enough to keep out of trouble – mostly.”

“That’s not what I mean, and you know it,” she countered. “Rick, I’m giving you an opportunity to have sex with not only me, but several of my friends – for a few days! There’ll be six of us girls in total. Can you imagine what that’d be like? Please don’t tell me you’re not interested. You’re so good in bed; I can’t keep you all to myself – that is, as long as you always promise to come back to me.”

Surges of exhilaration coursed through Rick. An entire harem of teenagers would be at his sexual beck and call? The idea seemed ludicrously impossible. Yet here was Adelle, offering it to him. “Of course I always will – and of course I’m interested!” He confirmed. Adelle relaxed her pose some. Rick needed an explanation, though. “How would we not be caught, though, Sweetie? Won’t an adult man entering into a cabin full of teenage girls seem suspicious?” he questioned.

“Like I said, it’s secluded. We’ll be driving up that day with one of my friends’ moms. Someone else would have driven, but apparently their parents needs the car. I’ll give you the cabin number and send you a text or call or something when we’re all settled in and any parents are gone.” It all seemed too simple. Could they really get away with this? A rush of adrenaline invigorated his cells. The prospect of not being caught was tantalizing.

“No one comes up during those days?”

“No one. At least, no one ever has, and my friends have been doing it for years long before I was involved. They know we like to do our ‘girl stuff’ so whomever drives us up makes sure we’re all in and comfortable then leaves until we call them and tell them we’re ready to come home. They arrive a couple hours later. The cabin’s staff never comes up either since we’ve booked it for a few days and tell them we won’t need anyone up there until we’re gone. It’s that simple,” Adelle confirmed.

“This could get interesting,” Rick confessed after a moment of contemplation. “Alright,” he nodded, “I’m in; I’ll join you—” Adelle announced her enthusiasm with a gleeful squeal. “—on one condition,” he proposed. Adelle displayed herself she was now the one who was all ears. “I think I’ll need some help with this. If there’ll only be one of me and six of you, there’ll certainly be a scarcity of Rick to go around. I want Jiz to accompany us.”

“Jiz!?” Adelle gasped. She had heard Rick talk about him from time to time, but hardly ever met him formally. “Rick, do you really think that’s a good idea? Can he really keep a secret, especially one this big?” Concern encompassed Adelle’s face. Her objection was legitimate, but Rick knew it was unnecessary.

“Well, he knows about everything between you and me so far – that is, up until last night,” he confessed. Adelle’s features shifted from concern to astonishment. “Yes, I’ve told him all about it, Sweetie. Truth be told, he’s very jealous – which is mainly the reason I tell him. It’s payback for all those years in college, but that’s another story. Honestly, we confide pretty much everything in each other – and we’ve never wratted the other out. Trust me, we could have, especially me squealing on him. Some of his ‘sexcapades’ have been pretty wild and risqué; but we’ve always confided in each other. He’d absolutely leap at an opportunity like this. Now, assuming your friends can keep quiet about not only me, but Jiz also, and we should be just fine.”

A moment passed as Adelle considered this. “You’re sure about Jiz?” she asked.

“Oh, yeah. Definitely.”

“Well, there’s no worry about my friends, that’s for sure,” she concluded. “I guess it’s settled then. You’re both welcome to come up. Oh, everyone will be so excited!” The glee on her face was unmistakeable.

“I hope so,” Rick agreed. Anxiety began to generate inside him. Could such a short-lived utopia truly be coming his way?

The afternoon passed lightly. Adelle figured it would be a good time for shopping, and Rick was obliged to chauffeur the young woman to several outlets. He decided it would be far more advantageous for their late-night adventures later on if she was in a pleasant and happy mood. Also on the spontaneous agenda was viewing one of the recent blockbuster releases followed shortly thereafter by dinner at another restaurant. All in all, it was a very enjoyable time – even if Rick was dragged along during her shopping spree.

They arrived back at Rick’s apartment shortly after 7:00pm. Laughing and joking to themselves, they stumbled into the apartment. Adelle tripped over some shoes in the entryway, falling to the floor. Rick sealed the door behind them as she reached up and tugged on his pant leg. Now that they were alone they could be themselves and he knelt on the floor beside her. Not wasting the slightest opportunity, Rick bent down and embraced his young love in a tender, passionate kiss. There they remained for a couple blissful moments, basking the marvellous emotions now unfolding. Rick could sense a swelling behind his pants zipper.

With a look of urgency on her face, Adelle terminated the embrace and stood. “I’ll be right back,” she promised while hefting one of bags of her merchandise and withdrawing to the bathroom. Rick’s estimate was she had determined to change into one of her new wardrobes for the evening. In the meantime, he organized the living room and his bedroom quickly, igniting candles and incense, closing curtains, giving himself a dash of cologne and initiating some low, soothing music. Having provided the ambiance, Rick sat on the couch in anticipation for Adelle’s remarkable debut.

He wasn’t disappointed.

As Adelle exited the hallway into the living room, she took Rick’s breath away. Adelle had touched up her makeup, accentuating her most appealing features. She had also readjusted her hair, and it now flowed sensually just over her shoulders. She wore a sleek black, form-fitting dress which accentuated her youthfulness, the small straps of which held her shoulders lightly. Across her shoulders draped a black translucent shawl. An invigorating waft of fresh perfume entered his nostrils. In the glimmer of candlelight, Rick sat mesmerized at her beauty.

“Hello, beautiful,” he welcomed in complete awe.

“Hello, handsome,” she purred. Rick was transfixed; he could hardly believe he had fallen completely in love with this radiant fourteen-year-old. Yet, here they were, totally in love and entirely submissive to the other. From the couch, he smiled and beckoned her. She grinned back and, gradually, she meandered around the room towards him, swaying her hips seductively to the pacifying music. Upon reaching him, Rick gently took her waist in his hands, pulling her closer. Adelle had her own tricks; she looped her shawl around the back of his neck, pulling him towards her also.

Their lips met. An immense outpouring of their kindled sensuality exploded between their mouths. Their tongues danced happily with each other. Adelle climbed onto Rick’s lap, straddling his legs with her own as their embrace remained unbroken. Arms and hands began wandering lustfully over the others’ body, examining every contour the other had to offer.

Primal fires burned in Rick’s soul; he’d had enough of her clothing repelling his loving invasion. His hands coursed underneath her dress, indulging in the blissfulness of her young muscles. Upon reaching the union of her legs, he discovered only the smallest fabric guarding her unique treasure. With concentrated – yet tranquil – precision, he traced his fingers along the barrier’s front. There, he could detect a small but growing daub of warm moisture.

Adelle twitched in response and gasped at his touch – precisely the reaction he was looking for. Rick withdrew his hands and guided them back to her face. Gently breaking their lips’ fandango, he looked mindfully into her eyes.

“Are you nervous?” he asked softly.

“No,” she confirmed. “Rick, I want this. I want this so badly! I love you!”

“I love you, too, Adelle.” He gave her a quick kiss. “And now for me to prove it.” Rick reached behind his youthful maiden and clasped the zipper at the top of her dress. Inch by painfully slow inch, he brought the zipper to its base. He locked eyes with Adelle as she brought up her hands and retracted the clothing from her chest. Exposed before him again was Adelle’s finely-crafted torso which housed two of the most sumptuous breasts he had ever seen. With all the anxiety in him, he was as excited as though it were the first time he had ever gazed on her natural, young frame. In turn, she reached out and unbuttoned his shirt, pushing the layer of clothing off his chest as she finished.

Adelle stood, lowering her dress to the floor and stepping out of it. Rick removed his shirt as his teenage lover knelt before him and undid his pants. After pulling them off, he was left in only his boxers; she was left in only a tiny pair of panties.

Again she reached for his waistline. Gripping his boxers, Rick was soon again entirely nude before her. She crawled up over his legs, once again inserting his solid phallus into her mouth. As Adelle began to fellate him, her rhythmic movements confirmed that her train of thought wasn’t for a temporary stimulation.

“Oh, Sweetie...! Ohhh...Sweetie...! But...I thought... Ohhh...uhhh...! Mmmm...!” he attempted to resist. Nevertheless, it was in vain. Adelle persisted and placated him with a hand on his chest and one accompanying her mouth around his manliness. Only after a renewed orgasm encompassed him and she had ingested his seed did she release him. Looking down he commented, “I thought we had something else planned this evening.”

“Oh, we do,” Adelle confirmed. She giggled, “I only want to prolong it. Now your cock will last longer when we get to that point.” Manipulating his now fledgling erection she observed, “I guess you’ll have to do something else in the meantime while he gets ready.”

Rick sprang into action. Scooping Adelle up in his arms and forsaking their clothing, Rick carried her petite frame to his bedroom. He deposited her upon the edge of his bed, kneeling below her in the same manner as she had before him moments ago. Gazing at her feminine vessel, he saw the small black triangle of fabric demonstrating the extent of the passionate inferno now blazing within her – it was nearly sopping wet with her lubricating fluids.

This last auxiliary defender against his own yearning he removed in one effortless pass. Both he and Adelle now displayed their full intimate wares for the other’s viewing pleasure. Her physical features were almost excruciating for Rick to look upon. Her teenage flesh entreated him for a union of physical love; love that Rick was only too willing to grant. Unfortunately, without his rigid extremity, he was somewhat at a disadvantage – only somewhat.

Rick’s hands began a lustful examination over Adelle’s physique: her face and neck, her breasts and nipples, her arms and hands, her legs and feet. There was nothing Rick left unexplored. Though nearly twice her age, it was a privilege she offered to her lover freely. As their bodies began to intertwine, his lips and tongue allied themselves to his hands’ cause, caressing every inch of her unblemished skin. Instinct and desires began to ignite to their maximum fury within both of them.

“Oh...hold me... Touch me...Rick... I love you! Don’t let me go. Ohhh...please, never let me go,” she whispered with her body wrapped firmly in his. “My body is yours, Rick. I want to feel you inside me. Make love to me...”

When he was satisfied with the level of craving that had welled within her, he identified his primary target: her freshly ripe womanhood situated majestically between her flawless legs. Before Adelle was fully aware of what was happening, Rick undertook the mission of climaxing her orally. Immediately, she began to susurrate over her sexual pleasure.

“Ohhh...Rick...” she moaned, gasping and latching onto his head. “ me...Rick...yeah... Ohhh... Mmmm... Oooh... So good... Oh...that good...! Mmmm...!”

As Rick maintained his assault, it didn’t take long before a wave of climactic euphoria began to seize the maiden’s body. In an instant, Adelle clenched her muscles, gripping his hair tightly. A gush of vaginal nectar discharged, a physical sign signalling to Rick of his expertise. When her orgasm subsided, they again embraced in kisses of the deepest adoring passion, meandering their way across his bed until Adelle’s head lay upon his pillows. He suspended himself above her, his loins positioned ideally between her gorgeous, widely spread legs.

Regarding the space between them, Adelle smirked and remarked, “I believe someone is ready now.”

It was true; Rick’s most valuable appendage had again swelled to its maximum, prepared to enter Adelle’s waiting loving receptacle. Their fornication imminent, he admired her beautiful face in the subtle, flickering candlelight. “Are you sure?” he asked gently; he wanted to be absolutely certain.

Adelle narrowed her eyes lovingly yet determinedly. With the purest ardour in her voice, she admonished, “I love you! I told you, I’ve been waiting for this for so long. I want this, Rick. I want you inside me so bad! Please, make love to me.” Rick smiled, satisfied. She returned the grin.

With that, Adelle stretched out her arm, grasped Rick’s solid manliness and directed it towards her own womanly counterpart. To this he obliged with more passionate kisses and small but deliberate advances ever deeper inside of her young, teenage flesh. She was unbelievably tight, so he made his advance gradual. He was uncertain how much pressure it would take to enter her fully.

As it turned out, it was relatively little considering how tight she was. Her abundant slick fluids aided her supple labia in allowing penetration, permitting him to sink deeply inside her, up to the hilt of his firm digit. Once accomplished, he could sense himself bottoming out slightly against the far end. What continued to astonish Rick was how fixedly she engulfed him. Damn, she’s tight! Rick thought. The sensation was as though a miniaturized boa constrictor had wrapped around his emblazonment – and the pleasure was immeasurably gratifying. He groaned his satisfaction.

“Ohhh...!” Adelle echoed beneath him. Thinking he had somehow hurt her, he paused and began to back out. Adelle reached behind him and latched onto his powerful glutes, pulling him back inside of her. “Oh, Rick, don’t pull out! Please don’t pull out. You’re cock’s just so BIG! It’s so tight in there with you. I knew it would be. It doesn’t hurt me; it just feels so amazing! Oh, please keep going.”

Delighted that she enjoyed his sex character’s girth, Rick pulled back just enough to offer a solid plunge back up into her vagina, bottoming out slightly again in his delicious companion. This he repeated again, and again, and again in quickening intervals, picking up momentum as Adelle continued to moan in delight beneath him.

“Ohhh...ohhh...OOOH...! Rick...yes...! YES...! Uhhh...hmmm...!” she venerated, thrust after exquisite thrust. Every pass added heightened stimulation of Adelle’s sensitive sheath. They caused her inner muscles to clench involuntarily, adding to the pleasurable congestion they were both experiencing along their sex organs. Adelle’s hands began working into a craze of exploration across his body, spurring on his desire to please her. Rick aimed for Adelle’s maximum ravishing; he guided his rigid pike so he could create renewed pressure on her clitoris, adding to her sensations.

It worked. Adelle’s senses immediately sprang to life, a heightened sense of luxury evidently gripping her mind and body. Rick watched in enjoyment as her face contorted into the deepest passion. The once-sultry voice that emanated from her rose into a high-pitch squeals of joy. Those soon silenced as her climax neared and her breath disappeared her throat. Her tender frame beneath him began to quake and tremor in orgasmic vibrations. Every muscle in her gorgeous body – inside and out – grasped onto him adamantly like he was her only lifeline to the world of consciousness. Rick continued to oscillate his prowess inside her wonderful vault, prolonging her delights.

When she emerged from the avalanche of euphoria Rick paused his efforts. “That looked like it was good.”

“Oh...Rick...” she cooed, “they just keep getting better and better. Oh, that felt so wonderful!”

“Well, have another then,” he offered. Wrapping his arms around her, they rotated until she sat straddling him, his pleasuring tool still encased deeply within her. Adelle giggled at first and then moaned in appreciation as she thrust herself repeatedly against his groin, deepening Rick’s penetration and grinding her treasured bud against him. Rick could have sworn she was pushing him so deeply into her by now that he could feel her cervix firmly against his penis’ bulbous head. He revelled in the sensations.

While he lay sprawled beneath her, he observed her sensational body with both eyes and hands. He knew every contour was made for their passions. The ambiance of the candles danced across her gratified face, augmenting her beauty. As that same light reflected off her breasts, Rick yielded to the irresistible urge to lean up and tantalize the perfect, ripe nipples with his mouth and tongue. Adelle gasped delightedly at the new sensations, holding onto Rick’s head as it traversed her firm, supple mounds. As he laid back down to gaze on this breathtaking young female, Rick continued to caress with his hands across her breasts, stomach, back, hips and legs as she bounded herself atop his body. Her skin burned with vehement passion beneath his wandering fingers.

“Ohhh...Rick...! Oh, you...! Hmmm... Oh...ohhh...! It’s happening...again... Gonna cum...again...!” she grunted in a high-pitched voice.

All at once, Adelle’s breathing became shallow again; Rick knew a second orgasm was mounting. Adelle leaned forward, bracing herself with her arms on Rick’s shoulders as she pressed her adolescent loins with all fervency against his mature stature. Her already tight vagina around his penis constricted once more, seemingly cutting off his circulation. Although he could feel his pleasure rising also, he convinced himself to resist for the time being. Then, as Adelle’s mind focused on nothing but her sexual euphoria and her body convulsed violently, Rick again latched onto her breasts with his oral cavity. Stimulating them drove Adelle into an absolute sexual frenzy.

Finally, Adelle’s eyelids fluttered open. “Holy...hell, Rick...” she exclaimed breathlessly, “You’ at this...” They kissed wildly again. Breaking their embrace, Adelle announced, “It’s your turn, handsome! I want you to enjoy my body – and cum in my pussy!.” She rotated her body so that, once again, he lay atop her, her legs opened willingly for her lover and Rick’s manhood situated deeply inside her gripping tunnel.

Gazing with rapture over her, he remarked, “I love you, Adelle; so, so much! This is for both of us!”

Positioning himself as he had before, he began his repeated thrusts, increasing in rhythm and intensity. He moaned delightedly as his emboldened digit coursed within his youthful lover. His expression of pleasure was echoed by Adelle below him, also enjoying his physical treatment to her sensitive young membranes.

A familiar sensation began to tingle beneath Rick’s penis. He knew his orgasm was building – and he had the presence of mind to know what would amplify it. If he could manage a simultaneous climax in Adelle, the grip of her vaginal walls would increase his pleasure tenfold! With methodical precision, he focused his efforts on pressing against her womanliness. After several more assaults against her prized clitoris, he successfully launched her again into a world of sexual fulfillment. With her love cavern – and all other muscles – clenching, he directed his momentum to serve his own ends.

Rick’s own mind was caught up in euphoria of his own. His velocity slowed so he could feel every muscular contour Adelle contained inside of her. As his solid penis collided with her interior in this final moment, its girth increased. With the combined power of their two orgasms, Rick’s own was unlike anything he had ever experienced. The mighty felicity contained in the reaction electrified his entire body for what seemed like forever. His own muscles quaked and convulsed. Every sinew responded by encircling Adelle in a gripping embrace. With every climactic advance into her, all he could think of was his pleasure, how she was the cause of it – and how much he loved her. His apex culminated as he felt several volleys of his hot liquid seed erupt furiously from him into Adelle’s accepting womb. A rush of air burst from his lungs as this new orgasmic standard subsided.

When he opened his eyes, he found Adelle watching him, a delighted smile across her face. They stared at each other, passion in their eyes, for some time. “Did you enjoy that?” she finally queried.

“You really need to ask? It’s a good thing you have that IUD, isn’t it?” he responded.

She giggled, “Yeah, it is.”

“Adelle, I’ve never had an orgasm that intense or last that long. If it weren’t for you, I doubt I ever would. That was phenomenal. Thank you! I love you!”

“I love you, too! You’re welcome!”

In a fury of soothing kisses and embraces, the two lovers pacified their emotions. Intertwining their exposed bodies and pulling the covers over them, they drifted into a peaceful slumber, though the hour was relatively early. Having now achieved a consummated relationship, Rick knew their lives would never be the same. It was something he was entirely prepared for and welcomed this new phase of his existence.

As he drifted off to sleep with his precious adolescent girlfriend, Adelle, in his arms, he dreamt about their life together. He looked forward to the future.

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