We were at the parking lot, the spring air just on the cold side of perfect, the late-afternoon light heavenly in its hurtfulness.

Mom wasn’t there yet, which was unusual, because Mom was almost always watching me.

A couple more cars drove up, taking Lucas, my schoolmate, away. It was just Sarah and me now. I glanced around and saw that a tall, curvy brunette girl named, Alyssa, had Ian, my friend, pinned against the stone wall of the school, making out with him passionately. I could hear some weird sounds coming from their mouths.

Sarah, a 165’1 cm in height teenage hot-girl that has green eyes, blond hair, and a busty 36 c cupped boobs that will make any teenage boy like me drool. She’s a 15-year-old and I‘m fourteen. I have a blond hair, blue eyes, 163’2 cm in height, cute youngster (that’s what they say).
She was watching them rather intensely, like how a toddler watches her mother make funny faces. I stood next to her and half whispered, “They just love PDA.”

“What’s with the PDA?” The slurping sounds intensified.

“Always is their thing. They’ll always love each other and whatever. I would conservatively estimate they have texted each other four million times saying ‘I love you’ in the last year.” I mumbled.

We were watching Ian and Alyssa, who proceeded apace as if they were not leaning against a place of educated people. His hand reached for her boob over her shirt and pawed at it, his palm still while his fingers moved around. I wondered if that felt good for her. Didn’t seem like it would, but I decided to forgive Ian on the grounds that he was going blind. The sense must feast while there is yet hunger and whatever.
“Imagine them having sex on the same spot.” I said quietly.

Without looking over at me, Sarah said, “You’re making me feel uneasy, Zachary. I am trying to observe young love in its many-splendored awkwardness.”

“I think he’s hurting her boob,” I said, feeling a little bit horny with all the action I’m seeing.

“Yes, tell me that when you’re doing it to me,” Sarah nudged my arm playfully. “It’s difficult to ascertain whether he is trying to arouse her or perform a breast exam.”

I laughed and reached into a pocked and pulled out, of all things, a phone. I flipped the cover and pushed a button to display the time. 5:14 P.M... I turned away from Sarah. I stepped toward the curb, leaving her behind me, and then I heard a car start down the street. It was Mom. She’d been waiting for me to, like, make friends or whatever.

I felt this weird mix of lust and naughtiness welling up inside of me. I don’t even know what the feeling was, really, just that there was a lot of explaining on Ian’s side about the PDA. It wasn’t usual for me to see two couples making out in public, but I do know, I wanted to do that with Sarah. Since, she’s my girlfriend and all.

I wanted to give Sarah a smack on her lips and suck the life out of her. I was standing with my school trousers on the very edge of the curb, my boner badly aching, and right as Mom pulled up, I felt a hand grab mine.

I yanked my hand free but turned back to her.

“Oh, I’m sorry, did I startle you?” she said as Mom arrived at the curb.

I turned to the car. Tapped the window. It rolled down. “I’m going to a movie with Sarah,” I said “Please prepare an entire plate of lasagna when I get home.”

The taxi driver drove horrifically. Whether stopping or starting, everything happened with a tremendous JOLT. We flew against the seat belt of his taxi each time he braked, and my neck snapped backward each time he hit the gas. I might have been nervous-what with sitting in the car of a strange man on the way to the movies-but his driving was so astonishingly poor that I could think of nothing else but, “How the Fuck this man got his license?”

We’d gone perhaps a mile in jagged silence before the taxi driver said, “I failed the driving test three times.”

Sarah screamed, “You don’t say!”

He laughed, nodding. A half mile in front of us, a light turned red. The driver slammed on the brakes, tossing Sarah and me into the triangular embrace of the seat belt.

“Sorry, I swear to God I am trying to be gentle. Right, so anyway, at the end of my driving test, I totally thought I’d failed again, but the instructor was like, ‘your driving is unpleasant, but it isn’t technically unsafe.’” The man said in a butchered English accent.

I whispered a curse, “I’m not sure I agree,” I said. “I suspect you threatened to kill the man before he could even call the guards to get you out of the driving school.”

“Yeah,” he said. The light turned green and so is my face. I braced myself. The driver slammed the gas.

“You know you better give us a discount before my girlfriend dies screaming.” I pointed out Sarah, who is now starting to cry.

“Yeah,” he said. “Maybe when we get there.” He sighed in a way that made me wonder whether he was confident about existence of ‘get there’. I knew that we would probably crash in a tree or street lamp before we could even park the car and get out safely, but still.

There are a number of ways to establish someone’s approximate survival expectations without actually asking. I used the classic: “So, you’re learning to drive? Generally, your driving instructor must’ve pulled you out of driving school at some point because they didn’t want to die yet. “

“Yeah,” he said. “I learn fast, though.” He said, followed by a chuckle.

I almost wanted to hit him with a fire extinguisher. I considered not to. No one likes a driving corpse, after all. But in the end I told the truth, “No, God. My parents will chainsaw your face if they were sitting next to me.”

“For real?” he asked, astonished.

I told Sarah to put her pepper spray back in her bag. “Yes. For real.” I confirmed.

“A young girl with a pepper spray.” He said, nodding. “That explains the aura of sophistication.” He smirked at me. I shoved Sarah’s upper arm playfully. I could feel her growling at me behind her throat, all pissed off and dangerous.

We made a wheels-screeching turn into a street with eight-story-high buildings. The movie house was the first one on the left, a three-story tall building. We jerked to a halt in the driveway.

As soon as we stopped, Sarah kicked open the door and almost threatened to kill the poor taxi driver because of her disastrous driving. I almost died holding my laugh so I got out and calmed her down. I paid the man his fee and Sarah and I headed to the movie house.

I paid for the tickets and I followed her inside. The place was deserted so we decided to go to the balcony, an upper floor in a theater that sticks out over the main floor, so that nobody, if ever a person comes in, will see us. We sat somewhere unnoticeable, just to be sure.

I was thinking of concentrating on the show, but my senses told me that this will be a fun movie. The huge screen was showing a clip from the movie called, “Stomp the yard: Homecoming”. About this guy named, Chance Harris, who is looking to find a balance between his school, work, relationships and opportunity to perform at the nationally televised step competition during homecoming weekend at Truth University.

I glanced at Sarah, who was lightly stomping his feet because of the music. She then gazed at me; her big green eyes were the prettiest I’ve ever seen.

“What?” she said innocently.

“Just, in love.” I said flatly.

With that she sighed, a rather horny sigh, as she embraced me, leaning in to kiss me passionately, and her tongue exploring the insides of my mouth. I responded by sucking and thrusting my tongue while I feel her hot breathe on my face. I leaned closer and our bodies joined together. I felt her nipples through her clothes, and wondered on why she wasn’t wearing a bra!

It was dark and the only light was the huge screen showing commercials rather before the movie starts. I cupped her breasts and massaged it slowly while we kiss and explore each other’s mouth with our seaming tongue.

She moaned when I pawed her breasts, slowly massaging it with my fingers while the both of my palms laid rest. I was starting to get hot. Our kissing intensified. The thought of getting caught filled our bodies with excitement, as we rediscover each other’s potent charms.

I began to run my hands down her spine to her tight ass. I cupped it and it felt good in my hands.

I pulled back from our kissing and kneeled in front of her. I undid her jeans, pulled it down and rubbed her vagina through her wet panties. She was wearing sexy lingerie, maybe she was expecting this to happen?

I rubbed the mouth of her wet pussy through the material of her panties. I used my index finger and massaged the sides of her vagina.

“Oooh, yeah. Zachary, keep it up . . .” She moaned in her sexy voice. Hearing her moan in ecstasy made me harder than metal.

Sarah moaned softly as I placed my finger inside her panty and inserted it into her. I leaned forward to meet her lips and we began to making out while I slowly finger fuck her.

“Oh my . . . More . . .”

As I reached her lips, I pulled her closer to me while my finger remained inside her, slowly thrusting the insides of her angelic body. Then I ran one hand around her breast and began to massage it again through her shirt. It was softer than a marshmallow. I probed my tongue in her mouth. She wrestled her tongue around it, kissing me harder than before. I increased the pressure, making out with her deeply as I slowly thrust my finger in and out her vagina.

“Fuck. Zachary. Damn.” She humped my hand as I inserted it in and out her. She thrust her pelvis with the same rhythmic pattern as I did her. Like an orchestra, but better.

I parted from her mouth and went down to business with her soaking wet vagina. I pushed her panties aside as I pushed my face towards my prize. She placed her hand on my head, adding up to the intense feeling starting to build up inside me.

She groaned as I deeply began to lick her gash. I tasted her with my tongue. The almost perfected sweet taste of her juice made me want her more. If I could savor the moment infinitely, I would have died with my tongue inside her.

“Oh my God. More, Zachary, please!” She pleaded at me.

I nodded. I liked Sarah. I really, really, really liked her. I liked the way she moans. I liked her voice. I liked the feeling of her wet vagina on my tongue. I liked her sexy, gorgeous body. She was the hardest work of God. For me, she is. I licked her more; tasting insides was a tremendous experience for me. I have never done this before with anyone. This is my first time to do it. Curiosity is making the most out of me right now.

She gasped at my hard work. My hard penis was getting soaked up inside my briefs, but I didn’t want to go inside her in this wretched public place, I wanted her alone in my room, privacy.

I groaned because my cock was badly hurting inside my pants. I slowly rubbed my through the material of my pants. I don’t want to whip my cock out my fly. I just want to pleasure my girl.

I flicked my tongue over her clit. She let out a sharp sigh as I tasted her more. I drew it back and made circular motions with my tongue on it. She writhed in pleasure, making her slowly hump my face. It was good to make a girl with a caliber of beauty and charm happy. It felt good.

“Oh. Fuck. Yeah.” She hissed at me.

She began to finger herself. Her fingers rubbing thoroughly at her clitoris as she moaned and groaned in complete ecstasy. Sarah’s moaning grew louder and louder. She arched her head back as she increased her speed on finger fucking her. She was longing for an orgasm, the grand finale.

I sucked her clitoris and fondled with my tongue while she fingered herself. Her cries grew into a scream as I explored her insides with my tongue.

“God. No. Shit. Fuck. Zachary! Oh, God! Oh, oh!” She shrilled as she reached the edge of pleasuring. She was on the verge of a catastrophic explosion of hot juice and orgasm. Her pussy rippled, with a sharp moan and cry she erupted. Sarah groaned, deep and loud. Her uneven breathing and sharp inhales was too loud and unstable. Her hot orgasm sprayed on my face, some went inside my mouth. I tasted her, and tasted her again, and again, and again.

She collapsed in her sit. Planting her body and resting with her eyes closed and her mouth biting her lip.

I leaned forward her and planted a smack on her lips. She returned it immediately and I ran my hand on her soft pinkish cheeks, wiping the sweat off her beautiful face.

I lowered my face a little over her breasts and began to suck on her nipple through her shirt. Her eyes flew open. I sucked harder pulling it into my mouth. She gasped at my surprise and groaned a soft sigh. She grasped my shoulder blades and started to wrap her arm around my head. I placed my hand on the other breast and massaged it slowly, my fingers moving, my palm resting.

I ran my other hand down her wet pussy, fresh from an orgasm, and slid my finger through the insides of her thigh. I inserted two fingers inside her vagina, sliding my fingers as deep as its length was. Sarah’s breathing was uneven, but then, she made an effort to balance it and replace it with anticipation.

The movie started playing by then, I was distracted by the opening scene that I quickly snapped out of my ‘round 2’ with Sarah. But as a lady’s man, (Boy, to be precise) I continued to finger fuck her again. I pulled my mouth away from her breasts and concentrated on her clit.

“Oh! Yes, again. Shit. Fuck.” Sarah cried in a complete state of pleasure. She humped my hand and I felt like I was going to cum myself. But of course, I didn’t.

“Yes. Make me. Fuck. Fuck, again!” Sarah rammed my hand too hard. I held tighter inside her and combined the beautiful rhythm of her humping to my fingering.

“Oh! I’m cumming! I’m cumming!” She screamed louder than before. The screaming was rather a cry or she was in pain. She exploded again into an orgasm. Her body trembling as she released her juices for the second time. It was the most erotic thing I have ever seen.

For a moment, we both froze. She was recovering from her orgasm. The powerful strength of an orgasm and what it can do to a girl of her age, I have witnessed. She curled in her sit. Her breathing was unequal. She was tensed and frozen. Truly a majestic orgasm she has given.

Her panties were wet and soaked up. I asked her if she had a spare one, she said she didn’t bring anything except for her pepper spray, money and phone. I did her skinny jeans for her and I went back to my sit next to her.

With uneven breathing, she said, “The best. Ever.”

“Sorry, if I was a little bit in a hurry.” I whispered to her.

“Oh, Zachary. That was truly the most intense I have ever had.” She said as she lean over to kiss my cheek. Her lips was wet and her breathe was hotter than fever.

“When I get home, I think I would have to hump my pillow.” I said. She giggled and by then, it was quite.

We watched the movie in silence. Not talking to each other as she recovered her breath.


As the taxi pulled up outside her house, Sarah placed her phone back in her purse. The air thickened as I got out the taxi and opened the door for her. She was probably thinking about kissing me, and I was definitely thinking about kissing her.

The taxi vanished as I closed the door when Sarah has gotten out. I looked over her. She really was beautiful.

“Zachary Spencer,” she said my name better in her voice. “It was a fun night.”

I blushed rather at the word ‘fun’.

“Ditto, Ms. Sarah McCarthy.” I said. I felt shy looking at her. I could not match the intensity of his water blue eyes.

“May we go out again?” she asked. There was an endearing nervousness in her voice.

I smiled. “Yes, sure.”

“Tomorrow?” she asked.

I smiled my biggest smile. “After school,” I said. “Patience.”

She gave me a peck on the lips. “Right, that’s why I said tomorrow.” She said. “I want to see you again tonight. But I’m willing to wait all night and much of tomorrow.” She added.

“We’re schoolmates.” I reminded her. “We see each other at school every day of our waking lives.” I said as I kissed her back. I grabbed her hand and planted a kiss on it. “How about I call you when I finish?”

“Finish what?” She asked innocently. Her eyes giving its full potential gaze on me.

“I strongly recommend myself to masturbate because you have teased me too much.” I said.

She broke into a blinding smile. “And you say ‘patience’?”


I went inside my room after finishing my lasagna. I stayed up pretty late that night reading my workbook. I changed into my boxers and a T-shirt. I walked over to my bed after closing the door. I sat at the foot of my bed, facing the T.V... I then crawled under the covers of my bed.

I laid my back, staring at the ceiling. My penis began to stiffen up, as I began to think of Sarah. I whipped it out through the fly of my boxers and started stroking it. I imagined her fingering herself, the image of her naked body and her soft fingers inside her pink puffy clit. She began to rub herself erotically, her fingers slowly thrusting the insides of her gash.

I stroked my rock hard penis faster, my breathing getting more heavier as I developed an image of her groaning in ecstasy as her fingers explores the inside of her soaking wet pussy. I stroked my cock faster while my other hand caressed my scrotum. My 6 inches long boyhood, throbbed in my right hand, as my stroking fastens.

I pictured Sarah, inserting another finger in her clit, rubbing it and thrusting it further more. Her fingers dug inside her, momentarily pulling her fingers out and thrusting it back again. Suddenly, she arched her head backward and she began to orgasm. But instead of her, it was me having me exploding. My penis stiffened and an electrifying wave of pleasure ran inside my body. I moaned out loud as my penis released strings of cum. The jets of seed landed on my abdomen.

I laid there catching my breath. My penis slowly turned flaccid. The image of Sarah blurring as I drifted off to sleep.

To be continued. . .

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