I was a late life baby, my mom was forty when she had me. She called me her little accident. I didn’t realize until I was eighteen that she meant it in more ways then one. You see my father had become disinterested in sex and mom had looked elsewhere. I had an older sister and an older brother. Terri was only six years older than me but my brother was almost fifteen years older.

Surprisingly, Dave and I hit it off. When I had found out about my real father, he had flown out and taken me for a drive and got me drunk. He said, “John, women are sluts. If you don’t use them, they will always look elsewhere.”

I could see his point, I mean I was a horny eighteen year old boy. Dave was married to a beautiful Asian woman that had a lovely daughter. His wife was the reason he had made enough money to invest in his company. Well, when I sobered up, he was gone. I kissed my mom, told her she was a slut and that I loved her anyway. Then I joined the Army.

Dave and I seemed closer then ever, we wrote back and forth all the time. I had received a bonus for joining the Army and a combat specialty and it was a large one. Dave had suggested investing it and I had, in his company. Some of the letters back and forth were very personal. He even sent naked pictures of his wife and once his daughter.

I remember when I got the picture of his daughter. I sent him a letter and said I would have to go to Bangkok and buy a girl to be my wife. It had been close to the end of my second tour of combat and my time in the Army.

In his next letter Dave had said Hope had turned fourteen and his wife had just sent her to be trained. He said something about charging me a dollar. He hadn’t said what Hope was being trained for, but said he wanted me to visit him when I got out.

A month before I got out, my parents died and left everything to me. In the letter they had left, it said it was so I would have a chance to catch up with my brother and sister. I had Dave invest everything, including the insurance money.

Two days before I got out, tragedy struck again. Dave and his wife Joy were both killed in a plane crash. He had named me in his will and left a letter, he had also named me as his daughter’s guardian.

Two days later, I was driving into the Rocky Mountains. My company commander had pulled a few strings and I had signed out early. It had taken almost a full day to get here. I pulled into the long gravel drive and stopped my jeep at the front door. It was a minute before the doorbell was answered. I stared at the naked body of Hope as she opened the door. “Uncle John?”

I held out my arms and she embraced me, “I’m so sorry Hope.”

I stepped over the door sill and set my bag down, “Do you always answer the door naked?”

She smiled, “Ever since I finished my training.”

I turned to look into the house, “Training?”

Hope put her arms around me and stood on her toes to give me a kiss. She took my hand and led me into the house and down a hallway. She pulled me into the master bedroom and to her parent’s bed. She sat me on the edge and walked calmly to her mother’s dresser. She came back with a certificate. I looked from her to the certificate and finally read what it said.

I stared at it in shock. It said Hope had completed her training as a sex slave. As I really looked at it, I got another shock, it said I was her master. I looked up and she smiled a little sadly. “Mom and dad wanted to give me to you themselves. Dad said you had joked about going somewhere to buy a wife. Mom said to give me to you after I was trained.”

I cleared my throat and Hope knelt between my legs and smiled up at me, “I belong to you. Dad and mom both wanted it.”

I slowly reached down to caress her face, “And what do you want?”

She grinned and stood up, she took my hand and suddenly she was pulling me through the house again. She pulled me into a pink bedroom and stood nervously while I looked around. I could see several pictures of me on her dresser. I looked at Hope, “I don’t understand.”

Hope took a breath, “I’ve loved you since I was little. You always sent me presents and were nice to me, dad told me everything about you. Grandma even wrote and told me to not give up, that if I wanted you, I should do something about it. When you wrote to dad and he let me read what you said, I… I asked mom to send me to be trained.”

I stared at her in surprise, “Why didn’t you ever say anything and what is this training you talk about?”

She smiled and stepped closer. She reached for my shirt and I looked down to see her undoing the buttons. I looked into her set face and let her undress me. She pulled me to her pink bed and crawled up to sit cross legged, I grinned and followed her. She took a breath, “Mom broke my cherry before she sent me. It starts with guys training us to fuck.”

I looked at her and she looked down, “They fuck us a couple of dozen times a day the first few days. We had to wear an anal plug to loosen us up. The first few days we practice giving blow jobs on dildos. They start small and get bigger. After we are broken in, they start teaching us about anal sex. And then for a couple of days they take turns fucking our pussy and ass.”

Hope finally looked up at me, “After that, they do double and even triple penetrations for two days and finally they test us with a gangbang.”

I kept looking at her, “You let them do that to you?”

Hope nodded, “I wanted to be able to please you.”

I smiled, “did they use condoms?”

She grinned, “Yes, only our masters are allowed to fuck us without protection.”

I looked at her body and lay on my side, pulling her down with me. “And you are mine now?”

Hope nodded, “Yes.”

I lay there softly caressing her body and she sighed. I leaned over her and sucked one of her nipples into my mouth. She shivered and moaned as I released her nipple and kissed my way down her body. I started licking and sucking on her clit. I licked her leaking fuck hole and teased her clit some more. I looked up her body, “Are you on birth control Hope?”

She shivered and nodded, “I use spermicide.”

I moved up her body, staying between her spread legs. I gave her a soft kiss and looked into her eyes, “What about school Hope?”

She smiled as she put her arms around me, “Mom wanting me to finish but it is your decision now.”

I pushed into her willing pussy and she shivered and wrapped her legs around me. I started fucking her going deeper with each stroke. By the time I was pushing against her womb I was fucking her hard and she was meeting every thrust.

It had been a long time since I had been with a woman and I needed to cum. After only a few minutes I shoved into Hope and jerked as I started spurting strong jets of cum. She shuddered and her pussy tightened, “Oh my god!”

I held her tight as I spent myself and finally sighed and looked at a shivering Hope, “Are you okay?”

She grinned and let her legs drop to the bed, “Can we do that again? It was awesome.”

I grinned, “About ten or twelve times a day.”

She laughed and hugged me. I caressed her, “Any chance there’s food here?”

Hope grinned again and pushed me off her before slipping out of bed, “Follow me, my husband.”

I smiled as I rolled out of bed and followed her naked butt through the house and into the kitchen. I sat at the table as Hope moved around the kitchen confidently. She told me quietly that her mother had taught her how to cook and take care of a house. She was putting a bowl of soup on the table when I reached out to hold her waist and pull her onto my lap.

She looked over her shoulder and smiled as she spread her legs and straddled me. She reached down between her legs and guided my cock to her pussy. She sat down with a sigh and shudder as my cock pushed up into her. She began moving back and forth and up and down. It wasn’t long before I was groaning and pumping my cock up into her.

Hope held still as I fucked into her cummy pussy and when I stopped moving she went back to rocking. After a couple of minutes she froze and shuddered while her tight pussy spasmed on my cock. I fucked up into her as hard as I could and she shuddered and slammed down on my cock. A couple of minutes later I was ready and jerked her down on my cock.

I started pumping streams of cum deep inside Hope while she wiggled and sighed. It seemed to go on for a long time as I spurted and spewed until I finally shuddered and just held her against me. She sighed and smiled as she looked over her shoulder at me. She slowly stood letting my cock slip out of her pussy. She didn’t try to stop the leaking cum as she turned to sit on my lap and picked up a spoon.

After I had eaten, I stood and washed the dishes even though she protested. I pulled her after me as I walked through the house turning off the few lights. In Hope’s room I shut the light off while she waited in her bed. I slipped into bed and pulled her against me with a sigh. I didn’t even realize I was tired until I woke up with the faint sunlight of dawn coming in the window.

I caressed Hope’s bare hip and she moaned and slowly pushed back. I grinned and reached around to cup one of her breasts, “Wake up love doll.”

She turned her head and stretched. She rolled onto her back and then turned to straddle me with a grin. I reached up as I looked at her clock, “Don’t you have school today?”

She nodded and I pulled her down for a kiss. “Go shower and get ready.”

Hope pushed her pussy against my hard cock and I grinned, “When you get home, if you are good.”

She grinned and then laughed as she rolled off me and out of bed. I spent the day going through papers and going into the nearest town to see about the funeral for my brother and Hope’s mother. I was home when the front door opened and slammed. I was sitting in the kitchen drinking tea when Hope came in smiling as she stripped. I laughed and waited for her to pull her panties off before putting her on the table.

I moved between her legs and leaned in to start licking her pussy. Hope shuddered and leaned back as I teased her clit with my tongue. I kept licking her slit and pushing my tongue into her hole. She finally jerked and started shaking, “Yes!”

I undid my pants and pulled her off the table and onto my cock. I stood and let my pants fall before I stepped out of them. Hope wrapped her legs around my waist as I carried her to bed. I moved onto the bed with her impaled and then lay down. She sighed and held me as I slowly fucked her tight pussy. I buried my cock to hump and grind against her and she shuddered and jerked as she moaned, “Oh John!”

I pulled back to fuck her with long, deep strokes and she started shaking. When I buried my cock to grind against her, Hope groaned and her pussy tightened and squeezed my cock. I pulled all the way out and pushed into her slowly. She groaned again and held me tight as her pussy squeezed my cock and she shook. I waited and then began to slowly fuck her with long, deep strokes again.

I watched her cum three times before I was ready and buried my cock to her womb. I felt my cock twitch and jerk before spewing huge spurts. Hope moaned and shuddered as I pushed harder and kept pumping sperm into her body. She jerked with each warm spurt of cum as it filled her womb and wrapped arms and legs around me, “ooohhhh, John!”

I shivered as I felt her tight pussy spasm and start milking my cock. I kissed her hard and pressed tighter as the last couple of jets pumped into her. Hope sighed and then giggled, “That was great.”

I shook her, “Nymph.”

She grinned and I pulled out and lay next to her and caressed her body, “I was looking at your parent’s papers.”

She looked at me and I tugged on a nipple. “Your mom left a request that you have a child within a year of her death if your father also died.”

Her eyes seemed to light up and I cupped a breast, “What do you think my love doll?”

She grinned and straddled me, “I want a daughter my master husband.”

I grinned and lifted her to fit my cock to her cummy pussy. She groaned as she sat down and my cock sank into her. I cupped her breasts and then groaned when the door bell rang. Hope rolled off me and I climbed out of bed. “Put something on.”

I headed to the kitchen and quickly put my pants on as the doorbell went off again. I was fastening them as I headed towards the door and Hope ran past me. She opened the door and I saw my older sister Terri. She smiled as Hope ran into her arms, “Aunt Terri!”

I smiled, “Hey sis.”

She smiled at me, “Baby brother.”

I looked passed her, “Where’s Ronald and the boys?”

She frowned as Hope stepped back, “The bastard filed for a divorce.”

I stopped smiling, “I’m sorry Terri.”

She shrugged, “The boys wanted to stay with their father. It left me on my own so I thought I would come help you and Hope.”

I walked out and picked up her suitcase. I kissed her cheek on my way in and kept going, “Hope? Would you put some water on to boil?”

She put her arm through Terri’s and led her to the kitchen. I was coming back when I heard Terri, “You smell like sex Hope and you have cum running down your leg.”

I stopped trying to think what to tell Terri and my mouth dropped open when I heard Hope, “Uncle John is my master and I am his sex slave. Mom told you I went to be trained.”

I walked into the kitchen and Terri turned to smile at me, “So, you are fucking Hope.”

I shrugged, “yes.”

She grinned and looked at Hope, “Can I get in on the action?”

Hope grinned as she took my hand, “Mom said a man can service more then one woman.”

Terri laughed and started stripping, “Isn’t a slave supposed to stay naked unless her master makes her get dressed?”

Hope grinned as she stripped and held out her arms for Terri’s clothes. She headed towards the hallway as Terri looked at me and grinned. I smiled and undressed before sitting at the table and holding out my hand. She crossed to me and I turned her and lifted her to the table in front of me.

I opened her legs and leaned in to lick through her pussy. She moaned and shivered as I started sucking her clit and teasing it with my tongue. Hope came back and went straight to Terri and started licking and sucking on her nipples. Terri began shaking and jerking before crying out, “Yes!”

I licked up her leaking cum and then pulled her off the table and onto my lap. Hope reached between her legs to position my cock and Terri sat and thrust forward impaling my cock inside her. She groaned and shuddered as Hope started kissing her. Terri wasn’t as tight as Hope but she felt good as she started fucking me. Her pussy kept spasming around my cock and it wasn’t long before she was breathing hard and shaking. She finally jerked and shuddered hard, “John!”

Her pussy was squeezing me as she kept convulsing and I stood up and moved to the counter. I started fucking up into her and she arched her back and screamed as I suddenly started spurting cum, “YES!”

Hope had followed me and reached between us to cup one of her breasts. I shuddered and jabbed as I spurted and pumped ropes of cum and finally I was just holding Terri’s shaking body. I lifted her off my cock and onto the counter and moved back as Hope laughed and knelt between Terri’s legs.

As she began licking through her leaking pussy, Terri shuddered and groaned. She finally laughed and reached down to cover her pussy. Hope stood and hugged her, “We are going to have so much fun.”

Terri slid off the counter and hugged her back as she looked at me, “What were you planning today?”

I held up a hand and walked back to the master bedroom and the letter Joy had left for me. When I handed it to Terri she read it and then glanced from me to Hope, “Your mom wanted you to get pregnant?”

Hope smiled as she took my hand, “My master husband asked if I wanted to do that and I said yes.”

Terri grinned, “In that case we need to find a bed so our master can breed you.”

Hope grinned, “That’s where we were before you rang the doorbell.”

I shook my head and rubbed her butt, “Go get in your parent’s bed so your mom can watch.”

She giggled and turned to run down the hall. I took Terri’s hand and we walked back slowly. She walked around the bed as I lay beside Hope. I caressed her body and fingered her clit as Terri grinned and turned to kiss down to her pussy. Hope shifted and spread her legs as Terri began licking her pussy. I started kissing her and feeling her breasts and it wasn’t long before she was panting as her hips rose and fell.

She stiffened a few minutes later and began jerking around before covering her pussy. Terri grinned and moved up beside her as I moved between her legs. I pushed into her tight pussy and started to fuck her slowly. She was still a little cummy so my cock fuck in and out easily. She was breathing hard as she fucked me back and her pussy kept tightening.
She stiffened and then started jerking around, “JOHN!”

She continued to shake as I buried my cock and kissed her. I turned to kiss Terri and she grinned. I began humping and pressing into Hope as she shuddered. I was using short, jabbing thrusts and then began to fuck her again with long, slow strokes. She began to stiffen and clutch at me and then she was jerking and thrashing around as her pussy tightened.

Terri kissed Hope hard as she screamed and started convulsing. I fucked her hard and deep and she continued to spasm as her tight pussy rippled and milked my cock. It was only a couple of minutes before I thrust into her and pushed against her womb as she lifted her legs and spread them wide. I groaned as I began to pump heavy spurts of cum.

Hope clung to me and cried out as I filled her belly. When I stopped cumming Terri kissed me and I pulled out. Terri lifted Hope’s hips and slid a pillow under her. She kissed her and caressed her body, “That made me so horny. I think I want to get pregnant too.”

Hope grinned, “Our master is a good breeder.”

Terri laughed and looked at me, “It felt like it.”

I shook my head, “lay beside her and wait your turn.”

She grinned and lay back to finger her pussy, “to bad we aren’t on a fertility drug.”

Hope smiled a, I know something you don’t smile and I looked at her carefully, “what did you do?”

She looked at Terri, “I have been taking the drugs momma gave me.”

I lay back as Terri giggled and shook my head, “You are in trouble Hope.”

I turned and moved over between Terri’s legs. She put her arms around me as I slowly pushed into her slimy pussy, “When will you be fertile?”

She groaned and shivered as her pussy rippled and squeezed my cock, “I have my period in a few days.”

Hope giggled, “You can have some of my pills.”

I buried my cock against her womb and kissed her before grinding and humping. Hope did end up pregnant and had triplets. A few weeks later I got Terri pregnant and she did too. It has been a long time and both have had more children. We are a happy family with both Terri and Hope as my wives or slaves.
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