Sister falls in love
Continuation of "He's Controlling me"

I cut him short in mid-sentence the minute he felt my big tits wrap around his cock. My baby brother's cock was still so big and hard. I felt it throb as I tit-fucked the massive boner, its twitching fatness pushed back against my spongy tit-flesh.

"You're such a dirty little boy, Ron. How could you let me suck your big cock like that? I'm your sister, for crying out loud!"

"Ohhhh Gawwd!" His face burned red with shame. Was it really shame at what we had done? Or, was it my talking dirty that made him blush this time?

"You came in my mouth, Ron. You shot a huge load of your nasty sperm in my mouth, and made me swallow it! You dirty, naughty little boy! Ron, your own sister sucked your cock and ate your sperm!"

"Oh damn it, Sis! Damn, damn, damn!"

"And now you're fucking my tits! You've got your big, fat cock buried between my big, fat tits! Is this what you want? Huh, you dirty little boy? You've always wanted to tit-fuck your sister, didn't you?!"

His big cock was achingly stiff. I took it out of my cleavage, and simply looked at it. I don't think I could ever stop admiring this beauty. I was still amazed that my nerdy little brother had such a godly cock.

"You've got such gorgeous cock, Ron," I whispered. "My God, I can't believe how big this thing is. And it's all because of little ‘ol me!" I blew cool air over it, and it twitched. I kissed it, then began kissing and licking it all over as if it were my favorite lollipop.

"Ssss… suh… suck… suck my cock again, Sis. Please… sss… suck it!"

I giggled at his nervousness. I smiled at him and winked. "Oh my darling brother," I thought to myself, "of course I'll suck your cock again for you."

Unlike the urgency of the first one, this blowjob was more gentle and loving. The first blowjob was more of a "one thing led to another" type of thing, an out-of-control lust. This one, however, was more deliberate. It was a conscious choice by a big sister to give her little brother a blowjob.

I was taking my time here, really savoring the feast of his cock. It was such a beautiful piece of manhood. Heck, this whole experience was beautiful. As I made love to his cock, I reflected on the events of the day. This was my sweet little brother, a person whom I cared about so much. I was truly happy that I could give him so much pleasure.

Sis… What the…?" He looked at me confused, as he felt me take his cock out of my mouth.

I stood up and straddled his lap, supporting myself on the couch with my knees on either side of his thighs. I flash him my sexiest smile, as I lifted my long blond hair with my hands. I stretched out my body and arched my back, causing by big, beautiful tits to thrust out.

Oh my God!" he gasped, as his eyes surveyed my nakedness, so close directly in front of him.

I reach under me and grasped his stiff cock, which was pointing straight up at my crotch.

"You dream is going turn into reality. I'm gonna christen your cock, Little Bro." I whispered seductively to him, as I stroked his fat cock head along my blond pussy. My entire pubic area, as well as my inner thighs, was sticky from all the love juices that had been continuously seeping from my cunt. And now I was making his dick sticky too, coating it with my pussy nectar. Mouth gaping open, Ron stared up at me in disbelief.

"Yeah… That's right Baby. Your big sister's gonna pop your cherry." My stroking of his cock along my pussy slit was teasing the Hell out of both of us.

"Holy shit, Sis!"

"I'm gonna fuck you, Ron, give you the very first pussy of your life."

"Oh God!"

"I'm gonna slide my tight, wet pussy over your big fat cock, and we're gonna FUCK, Baby!"

"Oh Sis!"

Placing his cock head between my labia, I slowly sank downward. My pussy was very tight, and his cock was so damn fat. The feeling of him forcing my lips apart and stretching my cuntal wall was phenomenal! I had a mini-orgasm after only a few inches, and I could feel my pussy juices seeping out and down his shaft.

"Ohhhhh…. Fuck yeah! Your cock is so big, Ron. So fuckin' big in tight little cunt!"

I screamed every filthy swear word I knew as I impaled myself, cumming numerous times. After what seemed like forever had passed, my blond pubic hair was tickling the base of cock.

"Awwww shit Sis, you feel so tight!"

Little Bro's massive cock was in my pussy much deeper than anyone had ever been before, and his fuck-pole was touching places within me I never knew existed. I just sat there without moving, simply reveling in the feeling of his big cock stuffed deep up my pussy!

"Ahhhhh!" Another orgasm ripped through me.

Up until this point, I was the one in control. I was the confident one…. The sexy big sister with her horny little brother wrapped around her finger. Now the roles were switched. I was under his power… a slave to his big cock!

"Ohhhh I love your cock, Baby! Ohhhh yeahhhh!… My sweet, sweet fuck boy! To think… Ahhh!… that this is just your first time… Ohhhh! And you're giving me the best fuck of my life!"

"Oh my God, Sis! Ugh! Damn, I can't believe I'm finally fucking you!"

Can you imagine how we must have looked? A tall, very sexy, big-titted young blonde… totally nude and straddling a young, scrawny teenaged boy on a couch… she writhing in total ecstasy, moaning and screaming, because the boy had his enormous cock stuffed to the hilt in her blond pussy. The busty blonde then cums uncontrollably, and her cunt juice gushes out from around the tight seal that her pussy lips make with the thick base of the boy's cock. God, what a site that must have been to watch!

"Aieeee!" His cock was so damn big in my cunt!

I saw my brother's face, and my heart melted. He had a look of supreme rapture as he witnessed for the first time an explicit, unadulterated display of pure female lust. I bent down and planted sweet kisses all over his face, mumbling incoherently about what a great fuck he was.

After a while -- I don't know where I found the strength -- I started to bounce on his cock, slowly starting the in-and-out motion of what fucking is all about. I eventually increased the pace into a very deep and lusty fuck. I buried my moaning brother's face in my bouncing tits, telling to him to suck on them, and he did, like a hungry baby thirsting for milk. His hands were busy, roaming all over my tight, nubile young body, caressing, fondling, and groping. If I was talking dirty to him before, it was nothing compared to now. I was saying very filthy, slutty things to him as he sucked my tits and I fucked his cock, while every so often screaming out in orgasm.

When I made the decision to fuck my brother, I knew he wasn't wearing a condom, but I didn't care! This was my brother…. My sweet, darling little brother… and I wanted his first time to be extra special. I wanted him to experience the pure feeling of a girl's soft pussy wrapped around his cock, skin-to-skin! And I guess you could say that I was virgin too… this was the first time I've felt the naked skin of a cock in my pussy!

"Ah… Sis? SIS?"

As we fucked, I felt my brother's big cock swell even bigger and fatter in pussy and it really started throbbing.

"Sis? I'm gonna…"

"Ohhhh Ron! Don't stop, Baby! Keep fucking me! Come on, fuck me! Fuck your big sister, Baby!"

The twitching of cock grew really intense, and the wild pulsating throb rippling along his meaty shaft told me that the moment of truth was at hand.


The thought of him cumming in pussy, shooting his massive load of live, potent sperm deep into my unprotected womb, drove me insane with lust! This was why incest was so taboo, right? A brother is not supposed to fuck his very own sister and spew his potent, fertilizing sperm deep into her pussy!

I grabbed his face and held it between my hands. Our moans, grunts, and screams fell silent. Our panting breaths were the only sounds that filled the room at that moment, as I looked down into his eyes and he looked up into mine… he was ready and so was I. This was so, so wrong. We both knew it, but could we stop now?

My bother screamed as his big, fat cock exploded like a canon, firing huge canon balls of gooey, sperm-filled cum deep into my pussy. As soon as I felt it, I stopped my fucking motion and dropped down, burring his geyser-spewing cock as far as it could go up my tight cunt. I felt his cock spasms from my outer pussy lips all the way up deep within me, its rippling effect teasing the ultra-sensitive flesh of my internal cunt wall. I screamed out in orgasm too, gushing out pussy nectar all around his cock, as I felt his hot sperm soak my insides. Our eyes remained locked, sharing the out-of-control fever of our incestuous lust.

Deep within my womb, I felt the overwhelming warmth of my brother's semen. The warmth spread from my womb and permeated my entire body. I felt as if my very being, my very soul, was being bathed in a warm shower of rich, creamy semen. It was Ron's semen. Ron's life-giving liquid of love.

"Oh God! Oh God! Oh God!" I panted over and over.

I had never experienced anything like this before! My heart was beating so hard, and I felt his heart beating in harmony as I slumped forward, smashing my big tits against his chest. From deep within, waves of emotions started washing over me. I immediately felt for this beautiful young male who had just mated me. Ron was so caught up in the heat of the moment, that he probably didn't realize the significance of what he had done, but I knew all to well. By fucking me so thoroughly with his magnificent cock and giving me the most incredible orgasms of my life, Little Bro had conquered me for his very own. By cumming so deeply within my pussy, fully soaking my womb with his precious young sperm, Little Bro had Roned me for life as his woman.

"His pussy!" the wicked thought blazed through my lust-crazed mind.

My orgasm was subsiding, but I was surprised as I felt Ron's big cock still forcefully pumping and spewing deep within my pussy. My God! My little brother was still cumming!

I caressed his face and kissed it all over. "Ohhhh, sweet Baby." I whispered tenderly in his ear. My words were not the hardcore, dirty talk of a few minutes ago. I now spoke softly and naturally to him, whispering sweet nothings in his ear.

"Ah… Ah… Ah…" he panted, still lost in his orgasm. His godly cock was still spewing its potent, young sperm deep into me.

"Oh Baby," I panted. "Mmmm…. That's it… Cum for me, Baby. Cum for Sissy!"

Kissing and caressing his face, I told him how special he was and how much he meant to me. "Oh Ron, my sweet, sweet baby." My little brother had fucked me a million times better than anyone ever had, and I wasn't shy about letting him know it. I told him that he was the greatest lover ever, and then I whispered those three little words that I had never said to any man before…

"I love you."

These were the words I had planned to reserve for that one special man in my life. Who knew I would find that man on this very day?

I kissed him then, but not just any kiss… it was a type of kiss reserved only for lovers… the way a young bride kisses her new husband on the night of their wedding when they are finally alone in their bridal suite.

I felt Ron slump back onto the couch after his orgasm subsided, and I fell forward onto him. I mashed my big titties on his scrawny chest and I could feel our sweat lubricating our torsos. Although his cock had softened, it was still big enough to remain fully stuffed in my pussy. I could feel our mixed fuck juices seeping out from my pussy and coating his balls and thighs. "Mmmmm…" I purred. What a feeling!

I wrapped my arms around his neck and continued kissing him. I paused now and then to tell Ron I loved him, and when he whispered those same three words back to me, tears flowed from my eyes. He wasn't just saying it just for the Hell of it either. Ron spoke truly from his heart. By the look in his eyes, the emotion I saw there, I knew he fell in love with me too.

I've always loved my little brother, but it wasn't supposed to be like this. I wasn't supposed to fall in love with him! But you know how chicks are… Sometimes, we can get so emotional when it comes to sex, especially when it was as special as it was on that day, at that moment. I kissed him again, still straddling his lap with his cock buried deep in my pussy. It felt so right to be joined so intimately with him.

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I agree with the first person to comment.


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The verbiage used in these 3 stories, are just the way you would talk to one that you seduce! Then in the middle of using them, find out you really truly love them, not just for the sex but from your heart! True this should have been one story only but for a first time, an amazing and tender story. With all the problems I still rate this as a 10/10!! Please continue to write, you have a " loving heart " keep it that way!


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I agree, the story could use some work but IT IS a good story, not GREAT but it IS good. So come on guys, don't come down hard on the author because of a few mistakes

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its amazing to fuck a older woman. my first sex was with a 20 year oldgirl when I was 17==18. its amazing

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PS to the comments below.... When we're at home, from the time we walk thru the front door, to the time we leave for work, we're naked in this house. My butt, pussy, and mouth are his whenever he wants to put his dick in me. Most of the time it's in my mouth while we are watchin' TV in the evening. He eats my pussy while I read one of these stories out loud to him. Or I'm suckin' his dick while he's readin' one of the stories to me. It all fun in this household. Really thanks for the stories.

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