It started with Mr. Kamotso asking me if I wanted to go fishing with him. I had just turned thirteen and family life at home was not the best. My dad was retired US navy and a real asshole, my name is Peter Allen Earp.

I accepted Mr. Kamotso’s offer just to get out of the house. It was the start of the new year and really cold out. The boat we used must have been a hundred years old and chugged out of the harbor like it was on its last legs. It was thirty five feet long and almost looked like a mini fishing trawler.

It even had a ten foot long ice box in the middle of the boat. Mr. Kamotso rigged up the fishing pole but just nodded to me as he opened a bottle of beer. The waters off the northern coast of Japan can be really bad but today everything seemed calm. It was nice to just relax and listen to the old man talk about when he was younger and fishing.

We were after bluefin tuna which was supposed to give a good fight. The first strike and fight was one I will never forget. It was huge, almost six hundred pounds of angry fish trying everything it could to rip my arms off to get away. That was what hooked me on fishing. By the time we headed back to the harbor we had five large tuna in the cooler on ice.

Mr. Kamotso said we would sale them at the fish market but for me it was the fight that sold me. I talked to him most of the way back and found out this was probable the last time he would be out fishing. He was over eighty and looked older so I wasn’t surprised. What surprised me was how much money we made for the five fish. I wanted to give the old man half but he pushed it back.

That was when I had the idea. I had the fishing bug and thought of the old boat that might never be used again, “Mr. Kamotso, you said you might not fish again. Can I buy the boat and gear?”

He looked at me as we cleaned everything at his small docking slip. He finally gestured to the pocket I had put the money in. The tuna had sold for more then I thought possible and I hesitated but shrugged and pulled the money out and offered it. He smiled and thumbed through it before taking half and telling me to be there tomorrow to take a test.

The test was for a license to drive the boat and I was more then eager to come back for more fishing. Mr. Kamotso seemed more alive, even if he mostly just rode along and talked to me while we fished. I learned everything about fishing tuna from him. It was before summer that I pulled the old boat out of the water. I had been making plans and ordering parts with all the money I was making each weekend.

I opened the deck of the boat and pulled out the old engine and fuel tank, I pulled the cooler out too. I replaced the drive shaft with a new one and a new propeller. I put in a new six hundred pound electric motor. I placed forty eight jell batteries where the old fuel tank had been and sealed everything.

I built a bulkhead and slipped a new ten foot cooler in and built another bulkhead. I dropped in a smaller diesel engine for a truck and connected it to a generator with a third bulkhead to separate it from the tiny front cabin.

I slipped twin electric cooling systems in for the ship cooler and then replaced all the electronics. After closing up the deck, I scrubbed the outer hull and added an inch of fiberglass. I painted the whole ship and then I added something I had only been playing with.

I put in a new deck chair and used a system for models on the right side. I had actuators in the wheelhouse and hooked everything up so I could drive the boat from the chair on the back deck. I hooked a steel frame I built to the chair and the deck. The arm came around the left side, it looked like a skeleton of a real arm and hand.

I made a flexible brace for my left arm with small bio feed back sensors. On the other rear corner of the deck I put in a tall crane like hoist with a small electric motor to pull the fish out of the water. We took our first trip out fishing on the first day of summer vacation.

At first Mr. Kamotso was skeptical but as the ship moved through the harbor water smoothly he grinned at me. We caught ten tuna that day, Mr. Kamotso even used the bio feedback arm twice to catch two. We fished everyday during the summer and every weekend when school started up. Mr. Kamotso died peacefully in his sleep that winter.

Almost all the money I made was put into utility stocks in the states. Dad kicked me out of the house after I graduated from high school and I moved to a small apartment as I planned for college. I was nineteen and could have retired and just lived my life on dividends and interest of what I had already made. Mom called me after school had started to talk.

In the background I could hear dad telling her I was worthless and lazy. He had never understood my wanting to fish. He ran his own unarmed combat dojo. Since I had learned to walk I had learned his art and several others. I still practiced almost every morning at school. What dad said hurt and pissed me off and kept me from sleeping well.

When I walked into his studio in the morning I was wearing my uniform. I ignored everyone to cross to dad and bow slightly. He frowned as I backed onto the mats and gestured. What followed was me kicking, hitting and throwing him around like he was just a student. Dad was well trained and this had never happened. An hour later I stepped back as he slowly got to his feet again. I bowed and turned to walk out.

The next day I found my sister Stacy waiting at my door. She was twenty one and living at home while going to a trade school. I knew she, mom and dad were sleeping together and having sex. She grinned when I walked up to her and opened the door, “Dad isn’t talking to anyone.”

I shrugged as I set my books down and turned to her, “maybe that’s good since he never has anything good to say.”

She sighed, “I know you and dad don’t get along Pete.”

I gestured to my tiny kitchen, “I’ve tried but he always had something negative to say.”

Stacy hugged me before walking towards the kitchen. She sat on one of the small stools as I walked to the small refrigerator, “Pete? I have a few girlfriends that want to have sex with you.”

I looked at her as I poured two glasses of sweet tea, “Me?”

She grinned, “Everyone is talking about you. The sexual festival is coming and I have a growing list.”

I grinned, the festival was when men and women, (even married women) partied and had sex with the purpose of getting the woman pregnant. I sipped my tea, “I’m fishing.”

Stacy frowned, “You have been fishing for years Pete.”

I shook my head, she always went back and forth between me and dad. She looked down and then grinned and looked at me, “Tell you what, tomorrow I’ll have one of the girls come over.”

I looked around my small apartment. I could have rented a bigger place. Hell, I could have bought a bigger place. I looked at Stacy and finally nodded, “I’ve never had sex Stacy so...”

She grinned and stood to kiss my cheek, “Don’t worry.”

I was a little nervous and cleaned up, not that I didn’t keep the place neat. When I got home after school it was to see a girl waiting for me. I should mention that in Japan the age of consent for girls is fifteen. The girl was really cute and turned as I walked up. I smiled and opened the door before gesturing and letting her walk in ahead of me. I set my books down and she turned as I closed the door, “Stacy said you would have sex with me.”

She said it in one breath like she was wanted to get it out. I nodded and finally managed to speak, “I told her I would but I haven’t...”

She grinned, “done it, she told me. I don’t have my maidenhead but I am a virgin too.”

I stepped closer, “What’s your name?”

She blushed as she hesitantly reached out to touch my chest, “Kireihana but you can call me Kirei.”

I knew my hands were shaking as I reached out to start unbuttoning her blouse. She caught my hands and looked around before turning to pull me towards the doorway. She found my bedroom and pulled me to the bed before turning, “now you can undress me.”

I grinned as I reached out to do as she said. For a Japanese girl her breast were a little fuller. I bent to suck on a nipple and she groaned and shivered. I turned her and undid her school skirt before pulling it down and then her panties. After she stepped out of them she turned me and started undressing me. She looked at my thick eight and a half inch cock before looking into my face with a grin.

I sat her down and turned her to lay back on my bed. I felt her firm body before turning to move down between her legs. I pushed her legs open more and then used both hands to open her shaved pussy. I licked through her slit and smiled at the hint of cherry. I pushed my tongue into her incredibly tight pussy. She shivered and lifted her hips as she sighed.

I nibbled on her small inner lips before covering her clit. Kirei jerked and shuddered as I sucked and started teasing her small sensitive clit. I started nibbling and licking it and a minute later she arched her back, “YES!”

She wiggled and twisted before covering her pussy. I looked up and then moved up between her legs. She smiled and hugged me before pushing up with her hips. I lifted up and she reached between us for my drooling cock. She pulled on me and wiggled as I pushed and I slowly forced my cock into her tight pussy. She groaned and hugged me as her pussy squeezed me cock, “Go slow?”

I kissed her as I began to fuck her slowly. I kept pushing deeper and it took a minute for my cock to hit her womb. Kirei jerked and hissed before looking at me as her pussy tightened and squeezed me. I kissed her again and kept fucking her and let the head of my cock push and press against the back of her pussy. It was a few minutes before she suddenly stiffened and then went wild.

She jerked and bucked and thrashed around as she drove my cock into her womb. She was wailing as she got a lot wetter and kept hugging and kissing me passionately. I buried my throbbing cock as she continued to convulse and spewed the first huge spurts of cum into a woman. Kirei lifted her hips and howled as I pumped warm sperm into her womb and filled it.

By the time I stopped cumming, her womb was full and bulging slightly. I kissed her as she sighed and relaxed. I hesitantly started to fuck her and she giggled as my cock slipped in and out of her slimy pussy. She kissed me and started thrusting her hips up to meet mine. This time we seemed to go slower and use longer thrusts. It wasn’t long before Kirei was shuddering as her cummy pussy spasmed and rippled around my cock.

She jerked and kept shuddering as she hugged me and wrapped her legs around my waist as she started to squirt and cry out. I kissed her as I fucked in and out of her womb with hard, deep thrusts. She fucked me back as hard as I was doing her and a few minutes later I thrust into her womb again. I groaned as my cock released a gushing torrent. Kirei lifted her hips as her pussy tightened and hugged me, “AAAAAHHHHH!”

I pumped and spurted and filled her again only to have it leak around my cock. When I stopped cumming my cock was still hard as she relaxed. She looked at me and then grinned, “Can I be on top?”

I kissed her and shifted and carefully rolled until she sat up. Kirei shuddered and wiggled as my cock throbbed in her womb before starting to rock. She twisted and continued to wiggle as she slowly fucked my cock in and out of her womb. It was only a few minutes before she started to become erratic. Her slimy pussy kept trying to grasp and squeeze my cock each time she rocked forward.

I was holding her breasts and rubbing her nipples and finally squeezed and tugged on them. Kirei screamed as her pussy contracted and she started having a seizure. She kept squirting as she thrashed around wildly. I had to hold her waist since she was almost incoherent and kept jerking and spasming wildly. She dropped to my chest as my cock throbbed and began pumping more cum up into her already slimy pussy.

She jerked hard with each strong spurt as it gushed into her and kissed me hard. When I stopped cumming she smiled as my still hard cock continued to jerk. She sat up and rubbed my chest before carefully squatting. She turned around slowly until she was facing my feet and started fucking my cock as she balanced by holding onto my thighs.

It wasn’t long before she became erratic again and I grinned and rubbed her warm asshole as she dropped to her knees and my cock pushed back into her womb. She rocked back and forth and then began to thrust back and forth and rolling her hips. I groaned as she shuddered hard and her pussy squeezed me and I pulled her back until she was laying on me.

I turned so we were on our side and held her hip as I slowly started fucking her. It was a couple of minutes before her cummy pussy rippled around my cock and she jerked and started convulsing. I grinned and pushed on her and rolled her onto her stomach as I followed and kept fucking her. I was fucking down into her as she shuddered and moaned and her pussy milked my cock.

It was another few minutes before she started bucking as her tight pussy spasmed and squeezed me almost painfully. I was ready to cum and fucked her hard and pushed into her womb again as I began spurting once more. Kirei wailed as she felt warm sperm flooding her again and lifted her butt. It was a moment before I was done and shuddered before pulling my sensitive cock out of her. I laid beside her and caressed her butt and hips, “Thanks Kirei.”

She laughed and turned her head to see me, “anytime.”

I fucked her twice more after dinner and three times during the night and before we had to leave in the morning. When I got home another girl was waiting. She smiled as I walked to the door, “Kirei said to tell you she is a little sore.”

I blushed as I opened the door and she touched my hand, “She also said she wanted you to fuck her again.”

I grinned and I let her in, “I want to make love to her again too.”

The girl walked in and started undressing as she walked, “I’m Akaiaki. You can call me Akai.”

I looked at her slim body as she turned around and I closed the door, “not shy are you.”

She grinned, “No, horny.”

I picked her clothes up and took her hand to lead her to the bedroom. I set her clothes on my dresser and undressed as she sat on the bed waiting. When I walked to her, she slid back on the bed, “I am still a virgin.”

I looked at her smoothly shaved pussy as I laid beside her, “Are you sure you want to do this?”

She nodded as she caressed me, “Yes.”

I smiled and kissed her before laying her back and kissing down her body. She spread her legs as I moved between them. I opened her pussy and licked through it before carefully checking her hymen. She hissed but didn’t pull away. I kissed her clit before licking her again and using two fingers to carefully stretch her. I started sucking and teasing her clit and a couple of minutes later she finally shuddered.

I continued to lick, nibble and tease her clit while stretching her hole. I also rubbed the taunt under her pussy and then her warm ass. It was almost ten minutes before Akai spasmed and her tight pussy opened and closed. She even squirted in my face a couple of times as she cried out. I moved up quickly and positioned my cock before thrusting into her hard.

Akai stiffened and pushed at me as she squeaked. My cock was all the way to her womb as she kept trying to wiggle away. I held her tight and kissed her tears away, “It’s over. Just wait now.”

She nodded jerkily and slowly put her arms around me. I started kissing her softly and then nibbling on her ear lobe and neck. She finally shivered and hugged me, “It’s better now.”

I kept kissing her for another few minutes before slowly beginning to move. Her tight pussy squeezed my cock and she shuddered before looking at me in surprise. I started pressing against her and grinding and Akai hugged me as her hips rose to meet mine. It wasn’t long before she was breathing hard and shuddering constantly. I was almost pulling out of her as I fucked her with long thrusts.

I was pushing in and out of her womb and Akai began wailing as she started thrashing around. She was a lot wetter and her tight pussy was spasming and rippling around my cock. She kept convulsing and spasming as she had an orgasm and I continued to fuck her. It was ten minutes before I thrust into her and held her as I shuddered. My cock was throbbing and jerking before I started gushing huge spurts of cum.

She cried out and lifted her legs to wrap them around me as I spurted and pumped cum into her. It was a minute before I finished cumming and only held her. Akai kept shuddering as her wonderful pussy squeezed my cock repeatedly. She finally sighed and relaxed onto the bed. I kissed her, “Want to be on top?”

She grinned and nodded so I rolled over to let her sit up. I cupped her breasts and rubbed the nipples as she shivered and began to rock. Akai was a wonderful girl and we made love off and on all night. She kissed me softly before leaving. It was at lunch when I got the call from Stacy, “Hey little brother.”

I looked around, “hey Stacy.”

She giggled, “Kirei and Akai are both telling everyone you are their stud.”

I smiled, “What can I do for you?”

Stacy took a breath, “come to the house to meet a couple of older girls tomorrow.”

I shook my head, “I told you I am fishing and you know I will never go back to dad’s house.”

She hissed, “You need to grow up Pete. Fishing isn’t going to get you anywhere.”

I smiled sourly as I thought fast, “tell you what Stacy. You come fishing with me for one weekend. If you can say that after the weekend is over I will stop fishing. I will even come home to visit.”

She cleared her throat, “And if I say something else?”

I grinned as I watched two lovely girls walking across the room, “You let me get you pregnant.”

Stacy was quiet for a couple of minutes, “Fine. I’ll be at your place tomorrow morning.”

I straightened, “at six.”

She hung up and I thought about the deal I had just made. I shook my head and went to my next class. When I got home another girl was at the door. She grinned, “Kirei and Akai sent me.”

I unlocked the door, “What’s your name?”

She followed me in and I closed the door as she began unbuttoning her blouse, “Riko.”

I reached for her hand and led her towards the bedroom. I kissed her before turning to strip the bed and make it with clean sheets. She waited and blushed as I turned to her. She smiled, “Thank you.”

I nodded and undressed as she sat on the bed naked, “Are you a virgin?”

Riko nodded, “but we broke my maidenhead a week ago.”

I smiled as I sat beside her, “That is wise.”

She shifted nervously and I caressed her flat stomach, “May I lick your pussy?”

She grinned and nodded before shifting around and laying down. I moved down between her legs and opened her bald pussy, “All you girls shave?”

Riko ran her fingers through my hair, “Boys seem to like it.”

I licked through her pussy and opened it before nibbling on her inner lips. After a minute I moved up and teased her clit with the tip of my tongue. I covered it to suck as I continued to wiggle my tongue. Riko was shuddering as her hips constantly lifted and thrust up. She got wetter and moaned louder, she finally jerked and spasmed before twisting away.

I let her roll and smiled as I moved up and lifted her hips. She looked back as I put a hand around her pelvis and fingered her clit. I positioned my cock and slowly pushed into her. She thrust back and shuddered as her pussy squeezed and rippled around my cock. I smiled and held her hip as I rubbed and fingered her clit and began to fuck her slowly.

It wasn’t long before she was jerking and shuddering as her tight pussy squeezed my cock almost constantly. She was moaning and crying out into the bed as she thrust back onto my cock. Her body was erratic and she was wailing while she convulsed. I was holding her up as I kept fucking her and finally buried my cock. She howled as it throbbed and began to gush huge torrents of cum into her womb.

She jerked forward and slammed back for each new spurt as I pumped it into her. When I stopped cumming she shuddered and slowly dropped to the bed. My cock slipped out of her and I looked down to see cum leaking out of her bald pussy. I smiled and reached down to finger her slit, “Again?”

She grinned and looked over her shoulder before rolling onto her back and holding out her arms. I fucked Riko eight times and in between we rested or ate dinner or talked. I woke to my alarm and turned to caress her cute butt, “Want me to fuck you again?”

She opened sleepy eyes and grinned, “sex crazy man.”

I laughed and turned to move off the bed. We showered and dressed before eating breakfast. As she was leaving Stacy was walking in. I grabbed the large jugs of tea I had made and the bag lunch before leading her out. She was quiet all the way to the docks where I put everything on the boat before checking on the weather reports and getting bait fish. She stood beside me in the wheelhouse as we headed out. I glanced at her, “What to change the bet?”

She looked at me and finally sighed and shook her head. I hooked up the actuators and led her out to the chair. I set everything up and grinned at her as I looked back and saw the seabirds. I sat her in the chair and put her into the brace before putting the line out. It was an eye opener for Stacy as we took turns catching blue fin. I followed the school until we had caught ten and turned the boat to head for home. All the way back she talked about how much fun it was. She finally quieted, “but...”

I held up my hand, “just wait.”

At the dock I hoisted each large fish onto the dock. The smallest weighted over two hundred pounds. The buyers always argued but I had cleaned each fish so they were worth more. After I was paid, I turned and pulled out what I always called the ship share. In front of Stacy I counted the money and handed her half. Her mouth was open in shock as I put my half away and turned her to the boat, “We need to refuel and clean up the boat.”

I took her home and dropped her off after we put the boat away, “same time tomorrow at my place.”

She opened her mouth but I shook my head, “The bet was for the weekend.”

I smiled when I got home because both Kirei and Akai were waiting. I let them in and closed the door behind them before kissing each, “I need to shower.”

I grinned when they both pulled me to the bathroom and the small shower. They stripped me and each other before climbing into the shower. I had never had a girl wash me but they seemed more then happy to do it. After I was clean we got out and dried off before I chased them into the bedroom. I smiled as they laid on the bed and moved between Kirei’s legs.

I licked through her pussy and started teasing her clit. I moved back and forth licking, nibbling and teasing her clit and finally she shuddered and covered her pussy. I grinned and lifted my head to look at Akai rubbing her pussy.

She grinned and lay back with her legs spread. I kissed Kirei’s thigh and moved over between Akai’s legs. I opened her pussy and started repeating what I had done to Kirei. When she cried out and spasmed as she twisted away I moved to Kirei. I kissed her and slowly pushed into her tight pussy. She shuddered as she lifted her hips and spread her legs to get my cock into her.

I fucked deeper until I was hitting her cervix and then I kissed her as I began to grind and hump. She shuddered as her pussy squeezed my cock and became slipperier. It was a few minutes before I pulled back and started to fuck her with deep thrusts. Kirei wailed and lifted her legs as my cock fucked in and out of her womb. It was a few more minutes before she began to convulse and spasm.

She thrashed around and bucked as I fucked her with hard, deep thrusts. Five minutes later she arched her back and stiffened as I thrust into her and held her. My cock was jerking before I began to spurt and spew gushing torrents of cum. She howled as warm sperm erupted in her womb and filled her quickly. I continued to hold her after I stopped cumming because she kept shuddering.

Akai giggled and rubbed my back before pulling on me. I pulled out of Kirei and kissed her before letting Akai pull me between her legs. I pushed into her tight pussy and kissed her before starting to fuck her. I used slow thrusts that gradually pushed my cock deeper. It was a minute before I was hitting her womb and another two or three before I was fucking into it.

She lifted her legs and spread them as I fucked her deep and firmly. I kept pressing and grinding each time I buried my cock. It wasn’t long before she was spasming and moaning loudly. Her tight pussy was rippling and squeezing my cock constantly. She was a lot wetter so my cock slipped into her easily. Ten minutes after I pushed into her, she howled as her body began to convulse and spasm uncontrollably.

She thrashed around under me and kept kicking and jerking. Her slippery pussy contracted to squeeze my cock almost painfully. It took another five minutes before I thrust into her and shuddered as I began to unload gushing streams of cum. Akai wailed and lifted her hips as I pumped, spewed and spurted again and again. When I finally stopped cumming Kirei laughed and hugged me.

I kissed Akai before pulling out. I pulled them off the bed and into my tiny kitchen before making dinner. It was a long time before I got any sleep and both Kirei and Akai were sated. The morning seemed to come much to quickly. We washed each other in the small shower before they left and I waited for Stacy. She smiled slightly when she arrived.

We had good luck again and brought in another ten large blue fin. This time she stayed with me as the buyer bargain and bought the fish. She raised an eyebrow when I took out the ships share and I grinned, “The ships share for fuel and other things.”

She grinned as I counted and split the money before handing her half. She looked at me as we walked back to the boat, “Do you make this much all the time?”

I smiled, “It depends on the weight of the fish. I have made a hundred and fifty thousand on one fish before.”

She was quiet as we moved the boat and started cleaning up. I locked and stored everything away before helping her off the boat and onto the dock. I didn’t say anything as I drove her home and let her out. When I got home Riko was waiting and grinned. She closed the door and pulled me after her and into the bathroom. After undressing she climbed into the shower with me. After the shower she dried me and then herself before pulling me to the bed, “Sex and then dinner.”

I smiled and caressed her body. She shuddered and grinned, “Lick me again?”

I laughed and kissed her before kissing down her body. I opened her bald pussy and licked through it before pushing my tongue into her. I nibbled on her labia and clit before licking her again. I teased her clit and sucked on it as she began to wiggle and shudder. It was several minutes before Riko spasmed and thrust her hips up as she cried out. I kept licking and teasing her clit until she covered it a minute later.

I moved up her body and lifted up before pushing into her tight, slippery pussy. She sighed and hugged me as her hips lifted off the bed. I started to fuck her and it wasn’t long before I was hitting her womb and pushing. A minute later she was convulsing as she wailed and clung to me. My cock pushed deeper and Riko wrapped her legs around my waist and howled.

I kissed her passionately as I began to fuck her hard and deep. She was squirting and spasming almost violently a couple of minutes later. I fucked her hard for a minute before thrusting into her and holding her as I groaned and grunted. My cock was jerking and throbbing before it erupted and I began gushing a stream of cum into her womb. Riko hugged me tight as I pumped and spewed and spurted. When I stopped cumming she sighed and kissed me, “thank you.”

I smiled and kissed her back and held it for a minute. When I pulled back she sighed and I pulled out of her tight, pussy. I moved off the bed and she shuddered before following me. In the kitchen she pushed me away from the stove and looked into the fridge before starting to cook an excellent dinner. Like before I fucked Riko all night and we talked or rested together in between.

When I woke her in the morning by rubbing her butt, she grinned and stuck her tongue out before rolling away. School was normal and I returned home to find Stacy waiting in the hall. I let her in and she hesitantly kissed my cheek before walking to the kitchen. I closed the door and followed her and absently started heating water. She looked down at the table, “I tried to talk to dad...”

I waited and she took a breath, “He won’t listen...”

I shrugged, “I’ve tried to talk to him.”

Stacy nodded and finally sighed, “Fine. A bet is a bet but if you want more we find a bigger place.”

I grinned, “More? You want to stay with me?”

She blushed, “if you want me.”

I walked to the table and bent to kiss her. I caressed her face, “We would need room for Kirei, Akai and Riko.”

She grinned, “and a few on my list for you to get pregnant.”

I kissed her again, “I’ll start looking for a bigger place.”

Stacy stood, “In the mean time I want to fuck you.”

I looked at her and she blushed, “I’m not fertile yet but the girls said you are their perfect lover.”

I laughed and reached out to shut the water off before taking her hand and pulling her towards the bedroom. I turned at the bed and began undressing her as she blushed. I laid her down on the bed and quickly undressed before moving onto the bed beside her. I caressed her before kissing her as I moved over her, “Can I go down on you?”

Stacy grinned, “you better.”

I moved down and only paused to kiss and suck on both her nipples before moving lower. She spread her legs for me and I grinned when I saw her smooth, bald pussy. I held her pussy open and licked through it before pushing my tongue up inside her. I nibbled on her inner lips before covering her clit and sucking and using my tongue. It wasn’t long before Stacy was moaning and lifting her hips as she shuddered.

I gently bit her clit and shook my head and she jerked and spasmed. I continued to suck and tease her clit until Stacy finally put her hand down to stop me. I moved up and kissed her before lifting and pushing into her. She groaned and spread her legs wider as I began to fuck into her deeper. She started to lift her hips and meet my thrusts as her pussy rippled and spasmed around my cock.

She was panting and started to shudder and shake as I hit her cervix and began fucking her with long, deep thrusts. A couple of minutes later she wailed and kicked in the air as she began to convulse. Her slippery pussy was squeezing and grasping at my cock as she bucked and thrashed around. I kept fucking her but buried my cock in her womb before humping and grinding.

Stacy wrapped her legs around me as she had continuous orgasms that kept her jerking and spasming. It was awhile before I fucked her hard for a couple minutes before thrusting into her and shuddering as my cock pulsed and began spewing a huge stream of cum. She jerked and lifted her hips as she howled while warm cum flooded her womb.

I held her tight as I kept pumping cum and she sighed as her womb expanded. When I stopped cumming Stacy hugged me before relaxing. I kissed her before pulling out, “Dinner and a warm shower before I fuck you again?”

She laughed and kissed me, “Sure.”

I treated Stacy like I had the other girls and fucked her off and on most of the night. I woke her up by rubbing her butt and kissing her bare shoulder. She turned her head to look at me and I grinned, “time to get up before I fuck you again.”

She grinned and rolled onto her side, “It’s a good thing I planned to share you with Kirei, Akai and Riko.”

I moved up and kissed her before reluctantly moving off the bed. We showered together again and ate before she left and I went to school. During lunch I did some checking and arranged to see a large house later. I called Stacy and left a message on her cell. When I got home Stacy and the three girls were waiting. I grinned as I put my school bag in my apartment and we left.

The house was an older one and had very large water garden in back. The four loved it and were already making plans. I spoke with the agent and we started doing the paperwork. I took the girls to dinner before they left and I returned home alone. I thought about the changes I knew were coming as I went to sleep that night.

When I got home from school the girls and Stacy where there and pulled me out to window shop. They took turns teasing me and I went home alone. When I got home Friday they were waiting again but this time as soon as the door was closed they were undressing. I grinned as I walked into my bedroom before undressing. Kirei walked in a minute later and moved to the bed.

I lay beside her and caressed her body before kissing her and moving down between her legs. She spread her legs and sighed as I licked through her bald pussy. I took my time teasing her clit and sucking on it while occasionally licking her. It was five or six minutes before Kirei cried out and jerked away. I moved up and caressed her body and she grinned before pushing me onto my back and straddling me.

I grinned and lifted my cock so she could position her pussy before sitting back. She shuddered and began to rock and thrust as her pussy squeezed my cock. When my cock hit her womb she jerked and spasmed as her pussy tightened and grasped my cock. I was rubbing her nipples and reached down to push her hand away before starting to finger and rub her clit.

Kirei began to shudder harder and a few minutes later she wet me before convulsing as she wailed and howled. Her pussy kept squeezing my cock as she rocked back and forth erratically. She thrust back and down harder before screaming as my cock pushed into her womb. She was thrashing around and jerking as I held her and began to spurt and spew warm cum into her.

Each eruption made her spasm and jerk as her pussy squeezed my cock. When I stopped cumming she sighed and fell onto my chest, “I really like feeling that.”

I hugged her and felt her butt as her pussy squeezed me again. She sighed and slowly lifted her hips so my cock would come out of her. She rolled off the bed and reached back to pull on me, “Come wash.”

I washed her in my small shower before we dried off and she pulled me to the kitchen where Stacy, Akai and Riko were making dinner. Stacy grinned and came to sit on my lap, “We are taking turns.”

I cupped her breast, “Wait until we have a bigger bed and all of you can watch.”

She grinned as the girls laughed. She stood and went to help put dinner on the table. I fucked them one after another for most of the night. I woke to my alarm and caressed Riko and Kireo as they lay on me before shifting around so I could struggle out of bed, “time to get up.”

We had to take turns in the shower and I thought they were going home. They had brought small bags and dressed warm as Stacy told me they were coming fishing with their man. That made me grin and it took a little longer to get everything together and buy licenses. Stacy had me start off with Riko in the chair and the other girls watching as I explained about the bio feedback brace and arm.

I found a large school of tuna feeding and the fun began. We brought in fifteen before I turned and headed for home. Like every time, I pulled out the ships share before dividing the money. Stacy was grinning hugely as the three girls stared in amazement at the money I had given them. I pushed them back towards the boat, “we have to clean up before you can go spend it.”

They grinned and kissed me before jumping back on the boat. It has been ten years since then. Stacy lives as my wife with Kirei, Akai and Riko as lesser wives or concubines. Every year they make a list of women that want me to get them pregnant. We still go fishing almost every weekend.
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