And the weekend starts.

As I got out of school, there were a two dozen of cars lined pilgrim’s walk. Under the trees to the left of the driveway were two double deck old smoky buses that looked older than a dinosaur. I boarded the bus to Oxford Street and through the dusty window, I saw my friend, Ian, being hugged by a really pretty girl about his age with a ribbon on her hair. They hold hands after the hugging and went their separate ways after Ian kissed the girl’s hand. Sweet couples. I sat next to an old lady who looks like staring blankly at space, which scared me a little. The short ride seemed endless. The old lady fell asleep on my shoulder that it made me feel uncomfortable. I didn’t mind because I was going home but made a mental note not to sit to next to an old weasel next time I board a bus.

I took out my cellular phone to check the time. Before I could even push a button, I realized that my hair was so messy because my face was being reflected from the screen of my phone. I have a surfer blond hair, blue eyes and a button nose. Quite a looker that can make any girls turn their heads whenever I pass by them. The last relationship I got into was years ago, breaking up with her was really hard, so I kept a low profile with all the girls surrounding me.

Mom picked me up at the shopping center looking hot and bothered and not at all pleased to see me. She said Dad was being impossible and had charged off to buy guns. I felt like a problematic teenager having a terrorist for a Dad. He’s a retired marine in the U.S and guns were one of his “Raisons d’être”. When we arrived home Mom dashed straight to the kitchen to cook food for me. I headed to my room to change clothes. I was thinking to sign in to Facebook™ and check my notifications since my phone was being gay and it won’t allow me to use the internet.

After checking my Facebook™ notifications, I signed out and staggered my way down the stairs to see what Mom was cooking. It was good to be home, to enjoy some peace was with no annoying kids ragging on you every now and then. This peace was shattered a little after Mom said that her friends will come to the house and “hang out” a little. Which was utterly unacceptable since Mom knows that I don’t like visitors. But I didn’t reason with her because she cooked my favorite food, which is lasagna.

I ate my lasagna while I wait for the visitors to come, took me long to finish my food because I was savoring every bits. My mother’s club friends started to file in, each trying to talk louder than the next. Mom had me serving drinks. Every time I entered with more drinks, the room went quiet, and then as I left, the raucous conversations flared up again. As if I didn’t know they were talking about their husbands and sex. Speaking of sex, I do know some terms like, penis can be called a cock or a dick. A vagina is a pussy or cunt. I know what semen is, more famous as the word “cum”. There are still some words that I want to know but no one is teaching me so I let the internet teach me freely. Sometimes I search images and those images make me feel so horny.

I entered the lounge for about the twelfth time carrying a tray of drinks when suddenly I was struck dumb by a sight so lovely, so unreal, that I very nearly lost control of the tray. Standing before me was a goddess (without powers), a girl so beautiful that a sharp pang shot through my body and made my cock so hard and my leg go numb.

“Spencer, this is Jessie’s daughter Sarah.”

The introduction came from my Mom, but her voice sounded miles away. This creature with big green eyes, fair white skin, and a long wispy blond hair smiled at me with perfectly shaped gleaming white teeth and said one word that nearly flattened me with its beauty.
“Mrs. Lily, I promised Sarah a swim in your pool, if that’s all right.” said Jessie to my Mother.
Mom swung her hands wildly and whiskey sloshed over the side of her glass.
“Of course, Zachary, get Sarah a towel and show her the pool.”
I gulped, trying desperately to control my raging boyhood. Trying not to look at the girl standing opposite of me. I could feel my cheeks flush and knew that my face was red as a stop sign. Eventually, I mumbled something and the girl skipped off to my room to change. The thought of her taking her clothes off in my room made me feel to jack off. I remembered that my underpants were lying on the floor in full view. I felt nauseous. I wished I had a video camera in my room to record the moment forever, just to prove it actually happened (Besides, I could probably make a fortune peddling the tape to Pornhub™.)

I couldn’t take it anymore; I have to peek inside my room. I silently went to the doorway of my room and opened the door slightly to see the angel getting undressed.

The sight was unbelievable. I held my breath and watched the beautiful girl undress; not knowing a teenage perverted boy was watching her. She had her back from me, but her ass was really nice, her curves were superb, and God, she is the prettiest of them all. She bends a little to reach something and I saw her butt crack and pussy. It was pinkish and from where I am, it was a little bit moistened. I couldn’t help but to grab my raging hard boyhood and rub it through my pants.

But I realize that if I get caught, she might tell my Mom and I will be brutally punished. So, I took ages to choose the right towel for Sarah because I was still thinking about her flaming hot naked body. Her pussy soaking wet, her rose getting explored by my tongue and all, and then I waited in the passage for her arrival in a complete state of lust. I didn’t have to wait long. She skipped passed me, yanked the wrong towel from my hands. And slipped through the back door and into the pool before I had time to move or think or even pinch myself. She was wearing a black bikini. My eyes wouldn’t let me change the view because it was glued to her breasts, bouncing gladly as she danced her way.

I quickly ran inside my room and changed. I removed my pants and I slid down my briefs. My hard cock sprung up quickly as soon as it was pass the waist band of my underwear. My 5’5 inch raging boyhood which was standing proudly with a curve was releasing a small amount of pre-cum. I rubbed it slowly, I sighed at the touch of my own fingers against it.
“O-oh . . .” I groaned a little.
I quickly snapped out of the pleasuring I’m doing and walked to my drawer and got my swimming trunks out. I slipped on in it and rushed out to see Sarah. Before I reached the door, I realized my boner straining so I waited for a short while to let it pass and go flaccid. Afterwards, I got out and headed straight to the swimming pool.

“Come on, Zachary, it’s warm.” She giggled and splashed me with water. I did the only thing a fourteen-year-old boy could do in such a situation and that was attempt a very macho Olympic dive. What followed was a catastrophic belly flop (a groin flop would be more specific). I sank to the bottom of the pool, where I let out a howling scream of agony bubbles. I took my time floating to the surface-and there she was. The Goddess. Staring at me with her enormous green eyes. And then . . . laughter, the sound of angels.
She was laughing at me, but not with the cruel laughter of getting humiliated. This laughter seemed beautiful and soft and warm, like the sound of a flute. Then I was laughing too, and the world was spinning and for once this wasn’t a dream. I would not suddenly wake up in a cramped little bed with an alarm clock screeching in my ears. I was home.

We both swam for an hour. Enjoying, splashing water to each other. Laughing and giggling. Then, it was time for her to go. Jessie, Sarah’s Mom, called her from inside the house and Sarah immediately rushed to see her mom. I followed Sarah without much enthusiasm because I was eager to swim with her more but I guess she will have to say goodbye. Before she could even enter the door to the living room, Mrs. Jessie popped up from nowhere and told her that she could stay a little longer because my Mom, Mrs. Jessie, and the others will go out and shop. I was happy to hear that Sarah would have to stay for a little longer.
“You can stay for a little while.” Mrs. Jessie told Sarah.
“Really? I love swimming with Zachary. He’s so funny.” Sarah said, followed by a giggle.
I felt myself blushing when she said that. Did she really have fun with all that splashing?
“Okay, Hun. I’ll be back after an hour or two. So enjoy yourself.”
Sarah gave her Mom a peck on the cheek and turned to me and said, “Zachary! Let’s get back to swimming.”
As she said that, she danced her way to hold my hand and pulled me back to our swimming pool. Her hand was incredibly smooth, her fingers were so gently and it felt like a cloud was holding me. My fourteen-year-old boner intensified as the contact of her hand to my hand was extremely surreal and amazing.

She let go of my hands and dived back into the pool. She dove in perfectly, the sight of her doing that perfect dive made me really horny. But, I kept it to myself. I dove in as soon as she did and we both swam and enjoyed the water. I did my backstrokes while thinking of naughty things with Sarah and me. Suddenly, I bumped into her and we both jolted and I said sorry.
“S-sorry. I wasn’t looking.” I mumbled apologetically.
She looked at me and smiled.
“W-w-what?” I said. I got self-conscious, as the surrounding temperature became abnormally cold.
“You’re cute. I like you, actually.” She said. Smiling her angelic like smile at me. Making me harder than rock.
“T-thanks. You are too. You look so beautiful.” I mumbled shyly.
She didn’t say anything and she got back to her swimming. I was so embarrassed that I had to drown myself momentarily just to lose the guilty feeling.
After she swam, she said that she was getting hungry, so I volunteered to cook food for her. We got out of the pool and I handed Sarah the towel that I gave to her moments ago. She dried herself up, rubbing the towel on her skin. Her thighs, arms, neck, face. It was a sight to be seen. I wish I was the towel she was using. As for me, I grabbed my own towel and dried myself. My raging wood was intensifying as I rubbed the towel on it through the material of my Speedos. Then, Sarah was behind me, checking what I was doing.
“Hey. What’re you doing?” She said rather innocently.
I jolted and quickly removed the towel off my crotch.
“N-nothing! I was just drying myself up.” I stammered.
She grinned and grabbed my arm and pulled me closer to her.
“W-w-why? What a-are you d-doing?”
She placed her in the waistband of my Speedos and pulled it towards her.
“What do we have here?” She said, smiling.
My boyhood sprung up and it hit her finger on the waistband. The feeling of my raging cock touching her finger made my hormones go violent.
“O-oh man,” I said terrified “I’m--”
She pulled my Speedos down before I could even finish what was I saying, she rubbed her thumb on the bulb of my rock hard penis and made circular motions on it. I sighed at her soft finger rubbing on mine.
“H-aah . . .” Was all I can mutter.
She licked her lips and stared into my eyes. Her eyes were full of lust. I couldn’t help but to drown into her gaze, forgetting about everything in this world. She continued to rub my cock. I then touched her left breast and rubbed it a little through her bra. She pulled me into one of the benches and made me sit. She was in front of me, kneeled down and grabbed the waistband of my Speedos. She pulled my underwear off my legs and started stroking my raging boyhood which by now, was oozing with pre-cum.
“So, do you want me to?” She asked me, her eyes were spelling LUST in bold letters.
“Uhm, D-do w-w-what?” I was shaking.
She smiled at me and leaned closer my fourteen-year-old boner and licked the tip of pre-cum running down the bulb. I groaned as her tongue touched my raging cock.
“O-o-ohhhhh . . .”
She held my cock and leaned toward me to kiss me on the lips. We kissed until our tongue ached. I placed my hands on her gigantic breasts and rubbed it in a circular motion. Then, I removed the strap of her bra and sucked her nipples thoroughly. She started moaning while I sucked her nipples. I placed my other hand inside her bikini and started rubbing her clit, which was soaking wet. I placed my finger inside her gash and slowly fingered her while sucking her nipples.
“Mhmmmmmm.” She moaned at my touches.
I removed her bikini’s tie and placed it next to where my Speedos at. I rubbed the insides of her clit faster and she moaned a louder. I grabbed her breast with my other hand and sucked it more effectively. We switched position and did the 69. She was beneath me with my raging hard cock in front of her face while I face her soaking wet heaven.
I started licking her cherry while I slowly rubbed my finger on her rose.
“Oooh . . .” She moaned.
She sucked the bulb of my cock. Her hands perfectly wrapping my 5’5 inch cock. She licked the pre-cum I was releasing.
“O-ohh. Y-y-yeahh.” I said while licking her cherry.
She then swallowed my entire length and made humming sounds. It gave me an electrifying feeling which made me tenfold hornier.
“Sh-h-it. Whoaa.” I groaned.
I slowly inserted my finger inside her pussy and wiggled it while I rub the sides of her soaking wet vagina. I then placed two fingers and pushed it further inside, it made her sucked my dick more powerfully and it was just incredibly amazing. She pulled my rock hard soaking wet penis out her mouth and kissed the tip.
“Ohh. Zachary, fuck me, now . . .” She moaned louder.
I pulled my fingers out her wet vagina and stood up to face her. She spread her legs wider so that I could see her pink, soaking wet, vagina better. I stroked my rock hard penis slowly and aimed it at her hungry pussy.
“Are y-you ready?” I asked her in a squeaky voice. I was really nervous.
She kissed my lips and her tongue explored the insides of my mouth. I took it as a yes.
I slowly rubbed her wet pussy and aimed my cock again. I slowly stick the bulb of my raging cock on her pussy and slowly pushed it inside. She moaned and grasped at the sudden contact but I tried to keep it slow.
“O-ooohhhh. Fuck me, now . . .” She cried in pleasure.
I pushed my penis further until that half of it was inside and she was moaning loudly. I stopped for a while and let her enjoy the feeling of half of my cock inside her, so that she will get used to it. We both kissed each other again; I slid my tongue inside her mouth and suck her lips until she was ready. After the kissing, I slowly thrust my raging hard boner inside her until it was all inside.
“Zachary . . . O-o-oohhh. . .” She moaned in surrender. It was my cue.
I humped her lightly, thrusting my penis and pulling it back until it was only the bulb sticking in and then pushed it back inside with force.
“OHHH. FASTER! PLEAAAASEE!” She screamed in pleasure.
I thrust her faster and the feeling was incredible, my orgasm was starting to build up because my cock was starting to get stiffer. We kissed each other while I trust her. My balls were slapping on beneath her soaking with pussy while I hump her.
“Zachary!!! OOOOHHHH!!! HARDER!” She moaned.
I was starting to lose all the blood inside my head so I humped her more powerfully. I added speed to my thrusting; my hair was bouncing up and down and so is her breasts which. I grabbed the both of her boobs and made circular motions with it.
“Sh-shhhittttt!!! O-ohhh . . .” I yelled in pleasure.
I felt my balls tighten and my thrust became more precise that I almost lose balance over her.
“I-i-I’m cumming!!! O-OHHH SHIT. SORRRRYY!!!” I screamed at her. My humping became more furious as my balls tighten with all the pressure it was receiving. A violent wave of pleasure electrified my body, it made me feel dizzy but I continued humping her.
She started humping my cock while it was still inside and she was also going to explode, her mouth was shaped like an O and she just looked so hot I almost lost my mind seeing her erupt. Soon, I pulled my penis out her and she erupted a hot spray of liquid. Some went inside my mouth, it wasn’t disgusting, it was delicious.
“OOOOHHHHH!!! A-AHHHH!!!” She screamed at her orgasm.
“I-I-IPULL ED OUT!?” I said to her. Which sounded stupid but my brain was like getting compressed with all the electrifying bursts of feeling.
I pulled my raging cock out and I started erupting. A jet of cum landed on her chest, the next string was on her face and then all over her abdomen. I exploded with so much force that even when I pulled my penis out her, I was still humping. Like a violent aftershock.
She was exhausted, breathing a ragged out, but she leaned in and grabbed my cock and sucked it. The feeling of her warm tongue and saliva on my mouth was so intense; my cock was ultra-sensitive that I humped inside her mouth. She squeezed my cock and stroked it momentarily after pulling it out her mouth. She licked the remaining cum dripping from my still hard penis and sucked the bulb to make sure it’s all out. I slumped on her and she laid her back on the bench. I was breathing roughly and my saliva was dripping on her shoulder.
“T-that w-w-was . . .” She paused “AMAZING.” She groaned through her ragged breathing.
“I-it was, I-I must s-say.” I whispered.
I was so tired, so we started kissing each other again. Our tongue started hurting again and we stopped. I stood up and staggered to grab the towel she used earlier. I damped it on her forehead to remove the remaining cum off her. I wiped her orgasm off my body, which she sprayed while she was erupting. My cock was rock hard again, but I know we had enough. I was still breathing unevenly and she just laid there with her eyes closed, her beautiful body glistening with sweat and pleasure.

“We should dress now.” I said to her while wiping my cock clean.
“Y-yeah. Thank you.” She said, smiling while her eyes were still close.
I picked up her black bikinis and dressed her up. I strapped back her bra back on her boobs and she said she would do it herself. I quickly picked up my Speedos and slip back in it. We looked at each other and smiled. She grabbed my hand and walked back inside the house; we headed straight back inside my room to dress into our civilian clothing and went to the living room to watch T.V.
“I want to be your boyfriend,” I said to her while she stares at the T.V. screen, “I really like you.”
She looked at me with startled eyes and smiled, “Me too. I want to be your girlfriend.”
With that, I smiled and hugged her.

To be continued...

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2012-09-23 16:26:06
dude this is loosely based (actually a lot) a book by south african writer john vd ruit...spud...pathetic

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2012-04-22 21:02:02
It wasn't bad, but dude...
Water sport =/= Swimming in the pool.
Hint: The category is named Water sports/Pissing. Think about it and learn the lesson.

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2012-04-18 20:35:22
Teenagers can go from innocent chess playing to handjobs in less than 30 seconds... Trust me...

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2012-04-18 08:45:37
Decent effort-keep at it. The transition from tentative teen exploration to hard sex was too sudden. Young teens do not go from giggling to blowjobs in 30 seconds. Take it slower, the exploration/discovery is the best part.

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2012-04-17 03:53:54
true story? reads more like a fantasy

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