Jennifer and I had been married for three years and known each other for seven. I’m Josh, I’m twenty one and five ten with short black hair. Jen has always loved my thick cock, it was almost nine inches long. Lately something has been missing from our sex life. We still had sex a lot but some of the excitement was missing.

My uncle David was ten years older then me and we had kept in touch after my dad died. His wife had quadruplets, (all boys) not long after they were married. My cousins were thirteen now and David’s world came apart. His wife had just left him and the boys for another man. I talked to Jen and she agreed they could stay with us.

We live in a huge house I was slowly remodeling. It had six bedrooms, a large living room, a TV room, dinning room and huge kitchen. It even had a Cressida where I did my online business. At first it was awkward but I started noticing the way Jen flirted with David and all four boys.

It excited me a little to think of her getting fucked by all five of them. It was a week after they had moved in. Jen and I were in bed and had just finished fucking. I was holding her, “You seemed a little excited baby.”

She grinned and then bit her lip so I cupped one of her breasts, “What were you fantasizing about?”

She looked at me and frowned, “Promise not to get mad?”

I tweaked her nipple, “I promise.”

She turned on her side to face me, “I was thinking one of the boys was fucking me.”

I grinned, “Which one?”

She laughed and grinned, “Does it matter? They all look alike.”

I laughed and leaned in to suck on a nipple, “tomorrow morning you should just leave your panties off and sit on one of the stools in your short robe.”

She grinned, “With my pussy off the edge.”

I laughed again and kissed her before caressing her face, “the boys would go crazy. They are always trying to see you naked.”

Jen grinned, “And if they decide to fuck me?”

I kissed her hard and pushed her onto her back. I moved between her legs and pushed my thick cock into her cummy pussy and started to fuck her. Jen grunted as I pushed into her and then she was shivering as my cock began pumping in and out. She held me and grinned again, “You wouldn’t mind?”

I groaned and buried my cock before looking into her face, “As long as you sleep with me, I wouldn’t mind. I’ll be fucking you everyday though.”

She laughed as she wrapped her legs around me, pushing my cock to her womb. I started fucking her hard and deep and she was shaking and shuddering in moments. I didn’t even try to hold back and Jen knew it. We were fucking each other like two animals in heat. When I shoved into her womb and started pumping spurts of cum, She jerked and shuddered violently, “YES!”

It was a minute before I was done and just rolled over with her on top of me. Jen sighed as she lifted up to let my cock slip out of her before relaxing on me. I woke up to her slipping out of bed as she headed to the bathroom. I sighed as I watched her lovely naked body disappear. I rolled out of bed and pulled my pajama pants on. That was all I normally wore in the morning.

I headed into the kitchen and started coffee. David came in as it finished and took the cup I poured for him. I made Jen’s with cream and sugar and sat it on the other side of the table. Somehow I wasn’t surprised when she came in wearing her short robe. I started getting hard just remembering our talk last night. She moved the chair and pulled a stool to the table before sitting down and leaning forward.

I grinned and looked at the hall as one of the boys appeared, John I think. He stopped in the doorway as if frozen and stared at Jen’s bottom. It wasn’t long before Peter, Sam and Ed joined him. David hadn’t really noticed as he sat talking to Jen. I walked to the doorway and looked back to see Jen’s bare butt. Her pussy was over the edge and I glanced over at the boys rubbing the front of their pajamas. I grinned and stepped closer and whispered, “John?”

He started and looked at me. I smiled and whispered again, “Do you want to fuck her?”

All four boys eyes went wide and John nodded jerkily. I looked at Jen as she wiggled on her stool, “Pull your dick out. Walk up behind her and hold her waist with one hand. Use your other to guide your cock to her pussy and fuck her.”

I looked at the other boys, “When he finishes, you can each take a turn.”

They were grinning crazily and John pulled his dick out the fly of his pajamas as he started walking. I watched as he stopped behind Jen. She smiled and turned her head as he held her waist and then her eyes opened wide.

I watched as he shoved his smaller cock into her and closed his eyes and started thrusting. David cleared his throat and Jen looked at him as she shivered and pushed back to meet John’s cock. David looked past her at John and Jen smiled, “Josh said you and the boys can fuck me.”

His mouth dropped open as she shuddered and moaned. John didn’t last long and shuddered as he held Jen tight. I smiled and nudged Ed, “Your turn.”

He grinned up at me and pulled his cock out as he headed towards John. As John pulled out I saw cum leaking out before Ed blocked my view. He did the same thing as John, only shoving into her but he held still and shuddered. Jen looked back and reached back to hold him, “You can fuck me more later.”

David laughed and Ed grinned before he started fucking Jen. She leaned forward onto the table as Ed pumped in and out. When he jerked and held her hips tight, I smiled and nudged Sam. He grinned and started for Jen and Ed. Ed slowly pulled out and cum leaked out of Jen and dropped to the floor. Sam pushed into her and started fucking her with his eyes closed as she shuddered. Peter hesitated and then walked to stand beside her and reached out to feel her tit through her robe.

She smiled at him and opened her robe. She was shuddering and shaking as she pulled his hand to her bare breast. She gasped when he pinch her sensitive nipple. Sam froze with his cock deep inside her as it jerked and spat thick ropes of cum. Jen groaned as he pulled out and Peter stopped playing with her tit to move behind her. He fucked her with his eyes closed and I walked to the table.

I flicked one of her nipples and she jerked and her body spasmed. Peter stopped moving suddenly with a surprised look on his face. Jen shuddered and looked back as he held her hips tight and gushed into her. When he finished, he pulled back and looked at her with adoration in his eyes. I looked at the other boys watching and turned to stand Jen up. She looked at me with a flush face and I smiled as I walked her around to stand beside David. I kissed her and bent her over the table and looked at him, “Your turn.”

Jen gasped and shivered as David stood and dropped his pants. He moved behind Jen and bent his cock before pushing into her. He held her waist as he fucked her with deep strokes. She shuddered and shook as her cummy pussy tried to milk his cock. He fucked her hard for a minute and then used long, slow strokes that made her moan and shuddered. David shook his head and muttered, “It’s been to long.”

I watched as he held her shaking body and pumped his cum deep inside her. I leaned over and whispered, “You just became their community wife. Remember you only sleep in my bed.”

Jen shuddered almost violently as I stood up. David pulled out of her and I looked at everyone, “Jen wants all of you to fuck her whenever you want. She’s off today and your father has to work, that means you boys can use her. If she wants to go shopping you wash her and dress her and take her shopping. Here in the house, you treat her like your wife and ask for sex however you want. The only thing is, you can’t say anything to anyone.”

They were grinning as I rubbed Jen’s cum dripping slit, “If she asks you for sex, I expect you to try to satisfy her.”

I pinched her clit and she jerked and shuddered again. I bent and kissed her cheek, “Have fun and tell me all about it tonight.”

Jen laughed as she stood and watched me walk towards the hallway. She grinned at the boys, “Which of you boys wants to fuck my ass?”

I laughed and went to shower and dress. I heard them fucking her in one of the bedrooms as I headed out to my office. I saw them leave a few hours later and then I saw when they came back. I took a break for lunch and Jen was coming out of the hallway when I came in. She was naked and I could see cum leaking down one leg. I embraced her when she ran into my arms. She kissed me passionately and turned to pull me towards our bedroom.

I stripped as we went and tossed my clothes onto the chair. Jen waited for me to pull my pants off before sitting at the edge of the bed with her legs open. I smiled and moved between her legs and then held her and gave her a passionate kiss. I felt her hand guiding my cock and I pushed into her messy hole.

She shivered as I shoved into her hard, pushing against and then into her womb. She lay back as I held her waist and started fucking her slimy pussy. It was only a minute before she was shuddering and jerking as her pussy squeezed my thick cock. She grinned as I kept fucking her and grinding against her. It was a few minutes before she spasmed and arched her back as her pussy squeezed my cock, “I’m cumming!”

I grinned and fucked her hard as she jerked and convulsed on my cock. I pulled out as she relaxed and rolled her onto her stomach before lifting her butt and shoving back into her. I used long thrusts that had my cock pulling out of her before sliding back in. She jerked and shuddered as she began thrusting back.

I pushed against her womb and started pumping spurts of cum as she spasmed and her pussy tightened. I spurted six strong jets of cum before stopping and Jen sighed. I pulled out and turned her on the bed, “How are the boys treating you?”

She smiled and pulled me down for a kiss. “They are insatiable.”

I rubbed her nipples, “Don’t forget David when he gets off.”

She grinned, “I was going to douche and wait by the door like a good wife.”

I kissed her, “Are you okay doing this?”

Jen caressed my face, “Its fun and exciting.”

I grinned, “And makes me want to fuck you like those boys.”

She laughed and hugged me tight, “All night baby.”

I caressed her and then moved off the bed, “Come on, I’ll make lunch for you.”

She laughed, “I need it after those boys.”

I dressed and led Jen to the kitchen where we found the boys making lunch. John came to seat Jen at the table and they grinned as they waited on her, taking turns stopping for a feel and kiss. Jen kissed each of them after lunch, “You boys go play. I need a little while to relax and then clean up for your father. We can do something after he gets home.”

They grinned and nodded before disappearing. Jen grinned, “Mind if I sit with you in your office?”

I shook my head, “Not at all.”

In my office, she pulled a chair over next to me and leaned against me as I worked. It was good just to have her with me. I finally glanced at her to see her smiling softly and grinned, “There’s a bath in the bathroom.”

She grinned and kissed my cheek before standing and walking towards the bathroom behind me. I heard the water and a little later I heard Jen singing. I smiled and went back to work until an hour later when she came out to sit on my lap. I held her and cupped a breast, “Feeling sorry about the boys?”

She smiled, “It was fun but… Are you sure you aren’t jealous?”

I rubbed her nipple, “Oh, I’m a little jealous.”

I pulled her close for a kiss, “You seem to like it though so I don’t mind. Now, if you where running around with them all the time and ignoring me, I wouldn’t like it.”

She smiled, “Not all the time, just to let them show me off.”

I grinned and she stood, “Dave should be home soon.”

I caressed her butt and she wiggled it before walking towards the door, “Don’t stay out here to long.”

When I came in the house later, Jen was making dinner and Dave was sitting at the table talking to her. I looked at her and could see cum leaking down the inside of one leg again. I sat down beside Dave, “Where are the boys?”

He grinned, “Playing some video game they couldn’t tear themselves away from.”

Jen came to kiss me and caressed my chest, “Need a quickie?”

I laughed, “It would end up being a longie. Why don’t you go get the boys and I’ll finish dinner.”

She grinned, “They have plans to dp me a couple of times.”

I glanced at what she was making and smiled, “You have time.”

Dave laughed, “Mind if we dp you later?”

She laughed as she headed for the hall. Dave was quiet as I checked everything and came back to sit. He glanced at the hall as we heard Jen howling and then he looked at me, “Are you sure about this?”

I looked at him and shrugged, “Something was missing. I think we were drifting apart but now she shares what you and the boys do and we seem close again. I don’t mind as long as it isn’t secret and in the open.”

He nodded, “I think I understand.”

We grinned when Jen screamed that she was cumming. When she finally brought the boys out she was mussed and had cum running down both legs. I grinned at Dave, “She will need that cum when we do her.”

She laughed and came to kiss me passionately. I cupped one breast and pulled her close to hold her butt. She moaned and finally let me go to finish putting the food on the table. I smiled at the boys, “I hope you enjoyed her. She belongs to me and your father tonight so you’ll have to wait until tomorrow to fuck her some more.”

They grinned and Jen reached down to stroke my cock and Dave’s at the same time. After dinner the boys argued about what movie to watch but Jen took my hand and then Dave’s before pulling us back to the bedroom and closing the door. She grinned as she walked to the bed and crawled on, “You’re on the bottom this time Josh and Dave, you fuck my ass.”

I undressed and walked to the bed before laying down and Jen straddled me. She positioned my cock and pushed back with a sigh as it slid into her cummy pussy. She fucked me for a couple of minutes and then stopped as Dave moved onto the bed behind her. She groaned and I felt her pussy tighten as he slowly pushed into her. He shuddered and began fucking her ass, “God the boys left a lot of spunk in you.”

Jen pushed back and I thrust up into her. It wasn’t long before she was incoherent and kept wailing that she was cumming. After we finished, Dave and I took turns just fucking her and Jen loved every minute. I woke to her alarm and looked at her as she groaned and struggled out of bed. I slipped out and went into the bathroom with her and pulled her into the shower.

I washed her as she leaned against me and then she giggled, “Someone is going to get me pregnant with as much cum as you are putting in me.”

I pushed her back to look at her, I had never really thought about kids but... “throw your pills away.”

She looked at me and then grinned, “I have a condition.”

I nodded and she caressed my chest, “You take the supplements I give you and you fuck me at least six times everyday. You are to fuck me first everyday too and you have to be the first when I become fertile.”

I kissed her, “I’ll even fuck you in the middle of the night.”

I took the pills she started giving me and she seemed more alive then ever. She was fucked at least twenty five or thirty times a day and loved it every time. We never told Dave or the boys when she became fertile. I was fucking her ten times a day by then. A week later she slipped into bed with me and I caressed her body before turning to move over her. She grinned and kissed me passionately before looking into my eyes, “I’m pregnant.”

I grinned and hugged her before rolling out of bed and pulling her with me. I called Dave and the boys into the kitchen and held Jen against me. I smiled and told them Jen was pregnant and they grinned and looked at each other. I laughed and kissed Jen before she went to each of the boys to hug and kiss them. Dave looked at me but seemed to smile as he hugged Jen and kissed her softly.

The boys almost seemed to grow up over night. Jen didn’t know until after her daughter was born who the father was and we never told the boys. Two years later she got pregnant again and she is pregnant once more. This time only Dave and I were the ones that were fucking her but Dave had an operation so we already know who the father is. The boys have girlfriends now and it is just Dave and I that Jen sleeps with.


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