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Chapter 5 Continued: Setting Sail.

The bus stopped suddenly and I jerked my eyes open quickly and looked around anxiously at my surroundings. I noticed the bus was now on a wooden pier and the large shadow of the ship loomed over us and mimicked a dark blanket wrapping around us. The occupants of the bus were completely silent, all of them sat there in suspense, unknown of what to do or what to say, even Lilly sat in silence.

I glanced at Lilly for a moment and silently thought to myself. She was strange, eccentric and completely different to me yet I could not help but feel a bond with her that I did not share with anyone else I knew. I never did have any close friends but I could tell instantly that me and Lilly would be really good friends and experience this new found adventure together but more importantly there was a part of me that also knew she felt the same way about me. On the other hand, there were strange feelings towards her that I could not explain, feelings of desire and longing, like waiting for midnight on Christmas Eve in the hope that Santa may appear.

It accelerated my heart when I looked at her and I could only think the reason been that what we did on the plane. I pondered the events on the plane carefully, attempting to analyse the details but my mind was fuzzy and the memories were all blurred. Could it have been normal, what we did? Are girls meant to do sex things with each other? Thinking of those things released the floodgates and a thought, plus a question struck at my mind like sharp arrows whizzing through the air. What was going to happen at this school? Did my dad know about this? If he did, why did he send me here?

I was terrified of the prospects but also slightly intrigued. A sharp hissing noise snapped me out of my trance and I looked up to see the bus doors opening and a woman walking up the rusting steps to the front of the bus. She wore a loose elegant styled, red jewel trim dress. The dress had a drape style that coupled with a deep v-neck and long length sleeves. The waistline held black diamond jewel buckle belt, which pressed up against her thin frame.

I stared at her dress, captivated by the strong and powerful red. I slowly cast my eyes upwards to her face and saw her face was narrow, with a small narrow nose and held itself closely to her face. In addition, her hair was long and let down to her shoulders but in slight wavy curls that rolled just like the waves of the ocean. Her hair was bleached blonde. It looked almost to be white in the glare of the sunlight but in the shade, it was clearly blonde. Her eyes though, I loved my eyes but this woman’s eyes were a light emerald colour and amidst her eyes was the sparkle of glamour and accomplishment that made me watch her in awe and hang on every slight movement she made.

She did not appear to be native to the island as she was white, although evenly tanned and she moved with such essence and gracefulness that she was clearly someone of high importance. I watched her intently and unknowingly held my breath; I felt it would be a dreadful crime to breathe the same air as this woman. I dared to glance around me and I noticed that each child on the sweltering bus was watching this woman in the exact same way.

As she reached the front of the bus, she waved to the driver and muttered quietly into his ear. The driver simply grunted and opened the squeaking door of his cabin and irritably stepped off the bus and pulled out a packet of cigarettes from his dirty sweat ridden blue overalls. The woman stood there and smiled before she closed the bus door and began to walk slowly up the gangway.

Her heels clanked against the metallic floor of the bus and the sound ricocheted around the bus before been absorbed by our ears that listened in tight suspense. The air was feeling terribly stuffy and I finally noticed that I was struggling to breathe. She stopped a few seats in front of me and clasped her hands together in a single clap that broke the trance and I felt my lungs fill deep with air and my heart return to normal from its tense and slow beat.

“Welcome children to Union Island, This is the mainland, a few miles off the coast of Madagascar. The school is on a smaller island about a few hours away via ferry.” Said the woman in red. She spoke with a calm and polite voice that soothed the air around us and made us feel comfortable and at ease.

”We will be spending tonight and tomorrow on the ferry in the docks as we are still waiting on several dozen children to arrive on the mainland. Therefore, there will be a few rules which must be obeyed when on board the ship.” As she spoke she eyed each one of us, I thought to myself that she was probably judging who would be a problem and cause any trouble. I could feel a small lump in the back of my throat from slight fear that I may be seen as a troublemaker for an unknown reason.

When she eyed me up, she seemed to take longer than she did with the others, as though I was some sort of puzzle that she was trying to work out in her mind. I watched back and our eyes held each other’s in their gaze, refusing to let go. Eventually after an awkward minute of staring, she ceased her gaze upon me and resumed to speak to the children and me on the bus.

”Rule one, Nudity is permitted on board the ship only. If you leave the ship, you must be clothed,

Rule two, sexual activity is permitted to cabin dorms only.

Rule three, Rape or forced sexual activity is prohibited.

Rule four, Stay in the public areas of the ships only; do not go near the captains area or the engineering area.”

I sat there in silence, my jaw slacked open in disbelief and shock. I looked to Lilly who was equally in shock and disbelief but I could see in her eyes that she was thoroughly excited. I myself could feel my pussy tingling and I suddenly remembered I was still wearing Lilly’s tight panties that pressed up against my crotch and parted my plump lips slightly.

The woman stood there with her arms folded and smiled as she watched the dozen or so children on the bus squirm with eagerness to deal with their tingling feelings and urges. She seemed to take pleasure in the antagonising pressure she built up on us and I could now see a sinister side behind her elegance that was beginning to show.

My crotch was on fire and I could feel the panties I was wearing become moist and I slowly began to thrust forwards and I felt the soft fabric press up tightly inside my moist lips and absorb the fluid that was slowly running out of my lips. I let out a long sigh that was quiet but Lilly heard it and began to giggle slightly as she jabbed me in my ribs, which brought me to my senses.

I coughed and pulled myself together quickly before the woman noticed but I could tell by her own grin and glare that she had seen it already. I sank down in my seat slightly and slouched, attempting to hide my face in shame from the woman. She nodded and spoke once more;

”Any questions?... No..? Good. My name is Miss Haile; I am your designated head of year for this year at Union High. Should you have any problems, come see me and we will try our hardest, to sort out your problem. Now children, line up outside the coach while your driver unloads your bags.”

With that, she smiled once more and turned away from us and the familiar clacking of her heels on the metallic surface filled the air and shook us all from our discomfort. Kids began to shuffle and move clumsily out their seats, exhausted from sitting down for so long on a plane and immediately getting onto a bus straight after. I looked at Lilly who just laughed as she met my look. I could not help but burst into laughter myself and shake my head in disbelief that this was happening.

Lilly sprang up to her feet with amazing energy, hoisted me up, and kept me steady as I wobbled on my tired legs. I was still smiling with glee as she gave me a big hug and held me tightly against her body. As my leg brushed against her thigh, I felt a strange wetness against my leg. I stepped back in surprise and she just winked at me before giving my leg a quick and light slap while giggling. I stood there in shock for a moment but then grinned as I brushed my hand against my leg and scooped up the thin layer of fluid and sucked it down into my mouth hungrily.

I was feeling hungry now as I followed Lilly out of the seat and down the gangway to the warm sea air of Union Island. I stepped off the bus steps and almost fell on the last step as my legs nearly gave way but Lilly managed to catch me in a nick of time. I rubbed my eyes as they adjusted to the light and briefly thanked Lilly before following her over to the line of children assembled by the side of the bus, all of which were eagerly waiting their luggage.

It was the first time I had bothered to look properly at the other children who had flown with us and the few new children that we picked up at the airport. All of them looked a similar age to Lilly and me. There were seven boys and five girls, including me. The boys looked to be any typical boy that I knew which was not many. A few of them had short hair, some had longer hair, they chatted with each other and a few were play fighting and playing jokes on each other constantly while the girls seemed to giggle and whisper constantly in pairs as they occasionally pointed at a couple of the boys.

Lilly herself was making remarks about the boys, saying how cute this one boy looked. I glanced at him for a while but did not find anything of interest so I abruptly dismissed him and returned to looking around the scenery and occasionally up at the side of the ferry. Soon, all the bags were loaded off the bus, the disgusting and smelly driver returned to his cabin and closed the doors behind him before quickly starting the engine, and driving away as fast as he possibly could.

I rolled my eyes as I picked up my small backpack and slung it across my back. I had not packed many items on the account that I was probably going to be naked most of the time but I had still packed a couple changes of clothes as well as books and stationary for school. In addition, before I had left, my dad had given me these sets of pills called ‘Birth control pills’. Daddy explained to me that they were to stop me having babies before I was ready. I was to take them every day and that I would be able to get more at the school.

I followed Lilly who seemed to have packed a small suitcase full of stuff, I was pondering what could be in there and I watched the suitcase on wheels through the corner of my eye as I walked with Lilly towards the stairway that lead on board the ship.

”Come on Sam, You didn’t find any of those boys cute?” she continually asked.

”No, not really… I’m not that interested in boys really.” I bluntly replied as we walked.

”Oh, you like the girls instead then?” she said with a half grin on her face.

”What!? No! Well… Sort of. I’m just not really that interested in anyone.” I replied, astounded by her statement.

”So you don’t like me then?” she asked, her voice slightly down and filled with a tone of disappointment and dismay.

”Of course I do Lilly, I like the things we do together and I guess… you’re kinda’ cute.” I replied quickly as I put my hand on her shoulder and looked at her face while smiling. She gave me a quick grin and giggled slightly before taking hold of my hand. We walked together, hand in hand towards the ship in the line behind Miss Haile. The giant shadow of the ship loomed over us evermore as we approached the stairs.

I helped lift Lilly’s suitcase up the stairs that lead to a small narrow door in the hull of the ship. Her suitcase was surprisingly heavy and I continue to wonder what was inside. We grunted as we lifted the case up the steep steps that lead into the ship. After a few moments of heavy lifting, we reached the top and dropped the suitcase back onto its wheels. We walked down a narrow corridor with royal blue carpet and cream walls with a brown walnut ledge that ran down the middle. The lower half painted in a strip pattern with a slightly darker shade of cream while the top half painted a single light cream.

We had to walk single file down the corridor before we reached a longer and wider corridor that ran down the middle of the ship. I looked at each end of the corridors and on each side were doors upon doors marked with numbers. I automatically assumed these were bedrooms. There appeared to be about 15 doors on each side with a single door separated with the male and female stick stuck to the door to indicate bathroom.

We began to walk down the corridor; it was wide enough for three of us to walk abreast without discomfort. As we continued to walk down, I glanced at a few of the doors and saw one that was open. I glanced in the room and saw it to be empty; the room appeared to be small with a large drawer in the corner, a small circle window at the far wall with two bunk beds on opposite sides after going through the door. There was not much space on the floor but it looked about a meter and half between the beds and three meters from the door to the far wall.

My heart sank slightly in dismay at the rooms, it was far smaller than what I was used to back at home but I guess those days were long gone. I could hear Miss Haile calling out a couple of names at a time from a list and informed them of their assigned dorm rooms before sending them off on their own on the ship to find them. She quickly explained to us that the rooms are spread out on three decks, Lower deck, Middle deck and upper deck.

Eventually, Lilly and I had our names called out and our room numbers assigned; to our disappointment, they were nowhere close to each other and even looked to be on different floors. Lilly grabbed her suitcase and we both set off down the corridor searching for the right number. Her room was number 18 and mine was number 9. We went to the far end of the corridor where we were greeted with a staircase that went upwards.

We lugged the suitcase up together; laughing as we struggled with it and Lilly could only shrug her shoulders and say ‘so what?’ as she smiled. I had become really close to Lilly over the last few hours and I was defiantly glad I had. We reached the middle deck and began to search the rooms. We counted down the doors and eventually found 18 to be a similar dorm room, which was empty and deserted and felt very lonesome.

We both stumbled inside and looked around, it looked as though Lilly was nearly close to tears at the sight of her room and the realisation that she would be on her own with a group of strangers, and even though technically Lilly and I were strangers it felt like we had known each other for years. I put my arm around her shoulder and spoke softly.

“Come on Lilly, It’s alright. I’m still going to be on the ship and we can spend every day together.”

”It’s not the same though Sam. I do not want to sleep in a room where I do not know anyone. It’s not fair!” she said in a slightly wailing voice. She sniffled at the end as she tried desperately to hold back the tears.

”Come on, Dump your case here and we’ll go find my room. There might be an extra bed in there.” I said as I gave her a loving hug in attempt to soothe her.

She nodded solemnly before tossing her suitcase to the side on the lower bed of the bunk and nodded once more for me to lead the way. I gave her a smile, took her hand, and began to lead her out of the room with slight speed, almost in a light run. I looked back and smiled as I seemingly dragged her along the length of the corridor. As I turned back, I quickly tried to stop myself as I ran into a boy coming out of his room.

I tried to throw myself to the side but unfortunately failed and ended up crashing into him on my right side and I was spun around before tumbling over onto my back on the floor. Lilly came down with me as I was unable to let her go for in desperation I tried to hold onto something to break my fall. She landed on top of me and we both groaned slightly in pain. I rolled Lilly off me and sighed slightly as I rubbed my head that was throbbing.

My heart was racing as I slowly sat up and my vision blurred slightly for a moment before readjusting to the environment. I glanced over to Lilly who was kneeling up, rubbing her stomach where she landed on my knee.

”Are you alright Lil?” I asked her with alarm, hoping she had not hurt herself. She gave a brisk nod and stumbled to her feet. She helped me up to my feet and it was then that we noticed the boy I had crashed into. He pulled himself up from the side of the corridor where he had been thrown, just next to his bedroom door. I looked at him sheepishly as I held my hands behind my back and looked at the floor as I muttered words of apology.

”Urgh, Dont matter, Was an accident. Should put up a warning of excited girls running down the corridor at high speed huh?” he said as he dusted himself down.

I smirked slightly as I raised my head to look at the boy. My heart felt light and accelerated all of a sudden, as I looked at the boy in front of me. Like every other child I had met today, he looked to be about the same age as me but something was different about this boy. Standing up he looked to be about 5 foot 3 which was slightly taller compared to my 5 foot size. His hair was a dirty blonde colour that was slightly shaggy and flowed down his head to point of just covering his ears. His face was built well and he had red tinted cheeks and pale blue eyes. His nose was broad as well as his brow and his skin was slightly tinted with golden glow of a tan.

His accent had a slight hint of Spanish that gave his voice a friendly and reassuring tone that invited me in. I wanted to speak to him but my words were been ceased up in my throat, unable to escape my mouth. All I managed to emit from my small mouth was a series of rambling mutterings of apology and attempts at blabbing out my name.

Lilly watched me from the side, I could her see her eyes light up with mischief, and her mouth twitched into an evil grin as she spoke confidently.

”Forgive my friend Samantha here, She’s little dazed. I’m Lilly.” she said to the boy. I stopped attempting to speak and breathed in deeply as I tried to calm myself.

”Are you sure you’re ok Samantha? I can go get the ship’s doctor if you want?” he asked intently, he approached slightly and put his hand on my head to lean my head back against the light and check for any bruising where I had banged it. My heart leapt as his smooth hand touched my head and brushed against my silky hair.

”I’m ok, really I am.” I replied quickly and brought down his hand before he overwhelmed me and I fainted with pleasure.

”Alright, Name’s Leo by the way.” he said as he nodded with approval at my statement. I smiled and nodded while saying hello to him.

”Where are you two staying then?” Leo asked as he glanced between looking at me and Lilly.

”I’m in room 18 on my own and Sam’s in room 9.” Lilly said with a familiar tone of sadness, which was quickly finding its way back to her voice. I took hold of her hand and squeezed it gently to reassure her that it would be ok.

”Top deck hey? Lucky girl, wish my parents would pay for a top deluxe room.” Leo said as he crossed his arms and leant against the wall, He spoke with a slight envious tone and smirked as he said the word ‘deluxe’. My ears picked up the word deluxe and I began to wonder what was waiting in my room for me.

”Well, I’ll let you girls carry on with whatever you’re doing. Are you coming down to the pool later?”

”Erm, we might do.” I gingerly replied, desperate to get away from Leo, no matter how he made me feel, I wanted to find out what was different about my room. The suspense of not knowing was eating away at my mind.

I began to pull at Lilly’s hand quickly setting off in a quick-paced walk past the last few doors of the corridor and up the stairs leading to the upper deck. My heart thudded intensely as we arrived in the corridor. It was slightly different this corridor, the doors spread much further apart and the doors seemed slightly wider. I approached the door-marked number 9 and slowly turned the knob and opened the door. Lilly and I both gasped as we looked inside at the site that lay before us.

Chapter 6; Rock the boat!

Lilly and I walked into my room and looked around at the site that lay before us. The room was moderately larger than the previous rooms and housed a single bed in the corner of the room that was decorated with a fancy quilt and pillow. On the other side of the room against the wall stood a walnut Chester draw and a long mirror that looked similar to the one I had in my bedroom back at home. The room contained two circular windows on the far room and allowed light that is much more natural into the room that made it feel much cosier than the dorms below. In addition, in the corner on the left side was a small table and padded chair that was made of wood.

Lilly immediately began to tear up and refused to look at me. I felt extremely guilty but then it occurred to me, a brilliant idea that would fix everything.

”Lilly, don’t cry… don’t you see what this means!?” I said in a beaming voice, my face lit with delight.

”Yeah… you get this nice room to yourself while I sleep with a bunch of strangers in a stupid bunk bed!” she almost spat out the sentence and she began to move towards the exit of the room but I managed to block her escaping and I held her by the shoulders and leant in close to her face and whispered.

”Lilly, why don’t you just sleep in here with me? No one else will be here so they can’t kick you out!” I held her shoulders and grinned with delight. She lifted her tear-streaked head up slightly. Her crying ceased in a split second, and she gave a heartfelt smile as she grasped hold of me and pulled my body tightly against her in a hug. I felt the warmth of her body against me and she thanked me repeatedly. I just laughed as I held her in a hug for several minutes. I told her to go get her suitcase up here and she quickly bolted out of the room to a series of shouts from kids in the corridor.

I giggled to myself, closed the door behind her, and threw myself onto the bed. I relaxed as I felt my skin nestle into the fabric and its softness envelope me. I closed my eyes and began to think softly about Leo, the boy downstairs. I didn’t know why I kept thinking about him, but all I could think about was being with him day after day and that I wanted to do things, things I was not sure of but I was certain they were sex related because I could feel my pussy pulsate gently and tingle when I began to think of him.

I sighed deeply and pulled my top off to reveal my bare chest with my budding breasts that were no more than mere raised bumps now. I ran my hand down my chest and felt ripples shiver through me, I squeezed my small mounds firmly in my hand, and I pinched the nipple gently and gave out a little squeal. I lowered both of my hands into the hem of my skirt and proceeded to pull it down my smooth hairless legs.

I looked down to see Lilly’s panties nestled firmly in the slit between my puffy young lips. The crotch was damp with fluids and juice as Lilly called it. The tingling feelings had intensified and I hastily pulled down the panties and threw them on the floor. I felt the warm air of the room caress my naked body as I laid there on the bed. I slowly inserted my finger into my warm pussy and ran it up and down the middle of my lips gently, pushing inside slightly so that I brushed against my special button every time I stroked upwards.

I slowly began to thrust my small hips forwards to meet my finger as it pressed against my button. During my strokes and thrusting I held my thrust in mid-air with my bum lifted off the bed and I circled my finger on my button which sent a spiral fury of feelings up my spine. I moaned softly, closed my eyes tightly, and began to picture Leo. I imagined it was Leo using his finger to rub my pussy as Lilly did on the plane.

I began to moan and groan faster now and I began to push a little deeper with my finger and even daringly added another finger and pinched my special hard button that caused a volcano to explode within me and a long and loud moan to cascade out into the room around me. I felt my pussy lips begin to squeeze and contract on my fingers and I felt juice trickle past my fingers and down my smooth hairless lips. I withdrew my fingers and instead rubbed the palm of my hand against my mound, and scooped up the juices with my eyes shut and raised my fingers to my mouth where I licked and lapped at the juices from my hand, relishing the taste that I produced.

All of a sudden, I felt someone else on the bed and my eyes darted open instantly in alarm, my body tensed and I prepared to scream but I quickly realised it was just Lilly who had moved to lean over me and put her finger to my lips to shush me. She smiled at me in a way that was meant to be more than friendly but I did not know how to describe it. I could tell she wanted to do sex things like she did on the plane, she was also naked just like me and I could see her bald pussy at the end of the bed which was enough information for me to guess her motives.

She clambered over me, lowered her head down to mine, pressed her lips up against mine, and began to lock them into a kiss. Her lips were moist and I could feel them press and suck up against mine. I was shocked and slightly disturbed but the feelings captivated in my mind and caused more shivers and coo’s to emit down my body and my pussy soon began to pulsate and tingle once more in excitement.

I tried to mimic her actions and kiss her back, I felt her tongue try and force its way into my mouth and at first I tried to resist thinking it was disgusting but soon I gave in and felt my lips part and her tongue entered my mouth and pressed and flicked against my own tongue. I could feel her salvia and her heat radiate from her mouth onto mine and I pushed my own tongue against hers and began a strange sort of dance.

We both moaned and groaned slightly into each other’s mouse, the rippling effect on our tongues tickled and made me giggle with laughter to the point where we had to stop kissing. My pussy felt as though it was burning with pleasure and excitement and I instinctively began to rub the palm of my hand against my raised mound but I felt Lilly push my hand away and she moved backwards away from my head and lowered her own head to just above my pulsating pussy. I watched in awe and suspense as I felt her warm breath blow gently on my bare skin, which sent shivers up my spine. She began to lower her head closer and I could see her tongue begin to part through the lips towards my exposed pussy.

”Lilly, what are you---Oh god!.” I stopped mid-sentence as I felt Lilly’s tongue push up inside my pussy lips and felt her began to rub her tongue up and down my slit. I felt her push deeper and up against my magic button and I felt her begin to suck gently on it which sent my body into a spasm of pleasure and I began to moan loudly and thrust my hips upwards to meet her lapping tongue that felt wonderful and so natural inside my moist pussy.

I began to buck faster and faster, my toes began to curl, and my fingers gripped the bed sheets as I felt my body tense and give one final and long thrust that hung in the air. I just held myself there as I felt Lilly lick and lap as fast as she could at my fluids that were quickly and fast escaping my raised pussy. I continued to moan as my body shook for what seemed like hours but eventually I felt exhausted and my body crashed down onto the mattress and Lilly’s head came down with it, her tongue attached to my pussy like the juice was sticky glue that bound her to it.

She withdrew her tongue and began to lick all around the outside of my pussy, slowly moving down towards my bum, which tickled and caused me to giggle uncontrollably and gasp for breath as my heart raced. Eventually she relented from her onslaught on my pussy and she moved back and lay down next to me on her side. I shifted my body onto its side and faced her with a huge childish grin on my face. I licked my lips slowly as I extended my weary arm towards her pussy.

I used my index finger and forefinger pressed together and pressed them into Lilly’s pussy before running both of them up the length and then cupping her own magic button that caused her to take a long and high-pitched intake of breath that converted itself into a squeal of delight. I withdrew my fingers three quarters of the way and then thrusted them back inwards before repeating the process of running the fingers up the length of the pussy and cupping her button.

I continued to repeat this process, grinning with delight as I watched the many facial expressions of Lilly’s face light up in glee and everlasting pleasure. I could feel her lips clench down tightly as I withdrew my fingers and I felt them eagerly part as I inserted them once more. Lilly was moaning uncontrollably and thrusting against my fingers rapidly. It was not long before she had her own orgasm and her pussy exploded with her juices that flowed onto my fingers and soaked the bed sheets below.

I slowly swirled my fingers in her juices and gathered it all up on my fingers and brought it to my mouth and began to lick at Lilly’s juices, its taste similar to mine but differed slightly and the enticing feeling of it been someone else’s juices excited be beyond explanation. Lilly inched her head closer and began to join in licking her own juices off my fingers. I reached back down and scooped up another bunch of goo from the bed sheets and her dripping pussy and held my fingers in front of Lilly’s face for her to taste.

Lilly leaned forwards, took the two fingers into her mouth and sucked and swirled her tongue around them hungrily as she tickled my fingers while swallowing her own juices and moaning with pleasure at the same time. We continued to alternate and feed each other our own juices for several minutes more but soon we both laid there completely exhausted, I could feel my eyelids becoming heavy with sleep, and soon I inevitably drifted off sound asleep.

Chapter 7; Night filled with stars.

I woke to the streaking light across my face from an orange sunset that emitted through the two small circular windows in my bedroom, I rolled onto my back and stretched my body and I could feel the remnants of my juices crust on my skin and around my pussy. I slowly sat up and looked around the room, I could see a light coming from a door attached to my room, which I previously missed when I first entered, and it was right next to the bedrooms entrance so the open door would’ve hidden it when we first came in.

I edged my body to the side of the bed and prised myself up off the bed and wobbled slightly as my legs felt tingly and my pussy felt slightly sore and puffy. I approached the light like a moth drawn to a flame and I peered my head through the doorway to find an attached bathroom. Lilly was there bent over the bath with her ass stuck outwards towards me with her hand mixing the water in the bathtub. I could hear the swirling and splashing as she mixed the hot and cold water to get it to the right temperature.

I grinned evilly and cautiously approached her, my feet made almost no sound on the laminate floor of the bathroom as I quietly approached Lilly. When I was a few feet away, I raised my hand in the air and quickly brought it down giving her a firm smack on her ass, which caused me to erupt in laughter as she screamed loudly and fell partly into the bath. She quickly recovered and burst into laughter as she scrambled out of the bath and began to chase me back into the main room.

I leaped and ran from the bathroom into the main room, laughing constantly and I took a defensive stance in the centre of the room since I was unable to run anyway. Lilly grinned and quickly charged at me and grasped me by the hips and began to tickle me to the point where I collapsed onto the floor and could barely breathe because I was laughing so much. I begged her to stop but she was relentless and continued to torture me.

I began to cough slightly and then she stopped and I took this advantage to try to grasp her own hips and tickle her but she grinned and leapt out of the way before I could grab her. I laid there with my stomach on the floor and then Lilly clambered over my on my back and sat on me with her pussy on my back. I could feel her own juices crusting slightly and the games had caused my pussy to begin to tingle and send amazing feelings through my body once more.

I tried to push her off me and get myself up but she pushed me down and held me firmly. She continued to laugh at my futile efforts to escape so I finally gave up and laid there with Lilly on top of me.

”Come on Lil, let me up now?” I said in my most pleading voice that I commonly used with my daddy if there was something I wanted.

”Nope, first you have to tell me what you want Leo to do to you.” she said in a teasing voice mixed with laughter.

”I don’t.. I don’t know what you’re talking about Lil.” I said desperately, stunned that she was teasing me about this.

”Wrong answer Sam, hehe.” she whispered into my ear before she brought down her hand and gave me a light playful slap on my ass that made me shriek with surprise. Lilly burst out laughing to which I tried desperately with all my strength to push myself up but Lilly had the position advantage and held me firmly down.

”So come on Sam, What do you want Leo to do you to you hmm?” she said in a mocking tone, which resulted in laughter that was more vicious from her. I squirmed and pouted continually, desperate to break free of her questioning but it was no use.

”I told you, nothing!” I tried once more in desperation. I heard a ‘tsk tsk’ from her and then another playful slap on my ass made me squeal once more. She laughed and I could not help but laugh slightly to myself, I did have this coming I suppose.

”Come on Sam, tell me.” she said again as she gave me a third slap on my ass which this time made me groan through part pleasure that took Lilly by surprise though she tried not to show it.

”Urgh, fine, I want him to rub and lick my pussy all night long!” I said in a hollow yet desperate voice. Lilly burst into laughter and rolled off my back and onto the floor, bawling her eyes out with tears of laughter. I smiled and shook my head and rolled my eyes as I dived for the bed and grasped hold of the fancy pillow. I swung around with the pillow and brought it crashing down onto the laughing Lilly who was in tears on the floor. She tried to scramble away but I continued to hit her with the pillow while laughing.

After about ten minutes of play fighting with each other and touching each other’s bodies in attempt to make each other tell their secrets we calmed down.

”They’re serving dinner in dining room in an hour, so I’m going to get a bath and wash all this cum of me. Lilly announced to me as she got up off the floor and headed towards the bathroom.

”What do you mean cum?” I asked, intrigued at a new word that I was unaware of. Lilly turned around and smirked as she folded her arms and leant on the doorway that lead into the bathroom.

”Cum, is kinda’ like another word for the juices that comes out our pussies. It’s also used for sperm that comes out of a boy’s dick.” she said without a moment of hesitation.

”A dick? Is that like a dirty word for penis? Like pussy is dirty for vagina?” I asked, intrigued to learn more about the world of sex and its language.

”Yeah, pretty much really. I don’t know why it’s dirty but it sounds sexier to use words like dick and pussy.” Lilly giggled as she turned to head back into the bathroom but there was one more question that was playing on my mind.

”Lilly, how do you know so much about sex already?” Lilly stopped in the doorway with her back to me and dropped her head slightly and sighed for a moment before sniffling slightly. She raised her head back up slowly and turned to face me once more. I could see a flicker in her eye from a tear forming and I felt stupid for asking such a personal question so soon. Ironic as it was.

”It… it doesn’t matter. I’m sorry I asked you Lilly.” I said, my cheeks blushing with embarrassment and guilt.

”Its ok Sam, Don’t worry. I’ll tell you eventually, when I’m ready.” she said in a blunt tone before turning away from me and walking into the bathroom. I sat there on the floor puzzled and slightly concerned for what may have happened to Lilly to cause her to enjoy sex stuff so much but shy away from revealing the origins of how she discovered it. I jumped slightly as I heard a shout from the bathroom.

”Are you getting a bath with me or not!?” Lilly called from the bathroom.

I smirked to myself, hoisted myself up, and ran into the bathroom to join Lilly. The bathtub was not the biggest but it was suitable to hold us both, though it was a slight squeeze we did not really mind our bodies been pushed together.

We lathered each other’s bodies with soap and caressed each other all over our bodies, from our almost flat chests down to our crusted pussies that were seeping fresh cum into the water of the bath. Once we finished washing our bodies, I laid back against Lilly in the bathtub with my head on her shoulder and I felt her fingers probe my pussy and begin to thrust in and out slowly, I could feel the water push inwards with her fingers and created a weird sensation similar to when I masturbated in the swimming pool.

I moaned softly as I began to plant small kisses on Lilly’s neck as she made purring noises. I snuggled up against her as we laid in the warmth of the water that wrapped around our young bodies and held us together in perfect harmony. I closed my eyes and began to dream of having fun with Leo.


Thank-you for reading and I hope you thoroughly enjoyed the continuation of the series. This part is slightly shorter than the first but I hope to make it even longer in part 3. While this contained more sexual material than the first part, the sex level is still pretty low as the plot is still unfolding but I promise there is going to be full sexual activity in the next instalment so please provide feedback and remember, it is your comments and praise that motivates me to write more. Constructive negative feedback is always appreciated as I hope to improve my stories. Any mistakes found I apologise for and I hope that in the future I can learn to avoid them.

Do not forget to vote positive if you enjoyed it, every vote is appreciated.

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