My name is Alex and I’m sixteen. I’m five ten with reddish brown hair and blue eyes. My cock is between eight and nine inches long and kind of fat. School had just gotten out for the summer and I planned to spend time at my friend Tom’s house. His mom and dad had just left on a long business trip overseas and he had a nice pool. I grabbed a tee shirt and towel and headed out.

When I got there I went around and came in the back door. Tom was in his room playing a video game. I watched for a minute and then headed to the bathroom. I walked past his sisters room and stopped. Jenna and Lori were twins with long black hair and green eyes. They were fourteen and had nice firm breasts, I know because they were naked on their beds rubbing their bald pussies.

I went to the bathroom and then back to Tom. I sat behind him and finally grinned, “Hey Tom? Would you mind if I fucked your sisters? They’re playing with their pussies right now.”

He looked back and then at the door, “you want them for the whole summer?”

I laughed, “Are you kidding?”

He paused his game and stood. I followed him out and down to his sisters room. He pushed the door open and his sisters saw him and yanked covers over themselves. Tom shook his head, “You two sluts want Alex to fuck you all summer?”

The twins looked at each other and then grinned before pulling the covers off. Tom turned, “I’ll be playing video games when you finish.”

I laughed and walked into the room before pulling my swim suit down and my tee shirt off. Jenna knelt on the edge of her bed as she turned to face her sister, “I like it from behind.”

I walked to her and felt her wet pussy as she groaned. I rubbed her clit before fitting my cock to her leaking pussy and pushed into her. I held her hips as she shuddered and shook and began to fuck her with long strokes. Her pussy felt warm and almost velvety as it gripped my cock. I finally started fucking against her womb and she stiffened and looked at Lori, “Shit he has a big dick.”

I laughed and pulled almost completely out, “How many guys have you fucked?”

Jenna started convulsing as she thrust back and forth harder. Lori laughed, “we did a boy in school once.”

I buried my throbbing cock in Jenna and reached around to rub her clit. She screamed and started spasming as her tight pussy rippled and spasmed around my cock. I shuddered as I felt myself getting ready to cum and fucked Jenna hard. I thrust in and out of her womb and then held it as I began to spew a huge torrent. She howled and bucked as warm sperm flooded her belly and let her head drop to the bed.

I pumped and spurted and filled her womb before slowly pulling out. I rubbed her wet slimy pussy before letting her drop to the bed. I walked around to Lori’s bed and she grinned as she lay back and spread her legs. I moved onto her bed and over her before giving her a kiss. I lifted up and forced my cock into her tight pussy and she put her arms around me as her hips lifted. I started to fuck her deeper and she shuddered and groaned, “You have a big cock Alex.”

I slowly buried it and kissed her as I pushed against her womb. She gasped and shook as I pulled back and started to fuck her again. It wasn’t long before I was fucking in and out of her womb and Lori was convulsing as she squirted and howled. I started humping and jabbing into her and she kept jerking as her pussy grasped my cock. She was shaking and tossing her head a minute later and wailing.

I finally fucked her hard for a minute and buried my cock in her belly before spewing huge, gushing jets of cum. Lori spasmed as her pussy tightened around my pumping cock and she screamed. It was awhile before I was done and I kissed her before pulling out. I caressed her tummy, “I’ll come back and fuck you later.”

They both grinned as I pulled my suit and tee shirt back on and left. Tom looked at me when I walked into his room and grinned, “My sisters were loud.”

I grinned as I sat on the bed, “They are horny and would probably let you fuck them too.”

He shook his head, “Sarah would dump me if she found out.”

I frowned, “Is she putting out?”

Tom smiled as he turned back to his game, “yes.”

I laughed, “Call her and see if she will come over to swim.”

He looked at me and raised an eyebrow, “My sisters aren’t enough?”

I grinned, “For you asshole.”

Tom grinned and then laughed, “Sounds like a good idea.”

He grabbed his cell and called Sarah and I left, I went outside to the pool. It was only a couple of minutes before Jenna and Lori walked out naked. I grinned, “Going to work on your tan?”

Lori grinned, “Yeah, want to put... cream on us.”

Jenna laughed, “Or in us?”

I laughed and stood to pull my shorts down and my shirt off before following them to the lounge chairs. Lori knelt and wiggled her butt at me, “Doggy this time.”

I moved behind her and pushed her flat before straddling her and kissing the back of her neck. I slowly forced my cock into her cummy pussy and began to fuck her. She groaned and shuddered as she pushed back and I lifted and moved back, pulling her hips with me. I held her hips and started fucking her with long thrusts. Jenna was rubbing her pussy beside us as Lori moaned and thrust back on my cock.

Her tight pussy kept spasming and squeezing me as she jerked and shuddered. When I started hitting and fucking in and out of her womb, Lori stuffed her towel in her mouth as she howled and wailed. She wet me several times as her body convulsed and spasmed. I kept fucking her with long, deep thrusts and she continued to cum. It was a long time before I thrust into her and started to pump and spew more cum. Lori stiffened and then thrust back, “YES!”

I held her hips back so I could pump my cum into her womb. She jerked with each warm splash of sperm and shuddered hard when I stopped. She grinned at Jenna, “Want him?”

Jenna grinned, “In a little while.”

I pulled out of Lori and lifted and turned her, “Thanks Lori.”

She kissed me before laying back, “This is going to be a great summer.”

Jenna laughed, “Yeah.”

I grinned and went to the pool and dove in. I swam several laps before getting out and laying down. I had barely closed my eyes when I heard a gasp. I turned my head to see Tom’s girlfriend staring at my cock. I looked at Tom and he grinned. Sarah looked past me at Lori and Jenna and her eyes widened. I looked at Jenna and Lori and they grinned.

Sarah looked at Tom and opened her mouth and Jenna cleared her throat, “I’m horny Alex.”

I forgot about Sarah as I stood and went to the lounge chair Jenna was laid back on. I sat beside her and bent to kiss her as I began to caress her body. Lori chuckled, “Nothing like a guy to service us discreetly.”

Sarah laughed and I saw her pull her bikini off, “All they want is sex.”

Tom cupped her firm breasts and Lori grinned as I bent to suck on her sister’s nipples, “Once you drain him you can get him to do whatever you want.”

I laughed and kissed Jenna as she moaned, I had been slowly rubbing and fingering her. I moved between her legs as she spread them for me. I kissed her as I pushed into her tight pussy, “Do you and Lori want to go to the movies?”

Jenna wrapped her legs around my waist and shuddered, “Sure.”

I started to fuck her nice and slow. I glanced at Sarah and Tom when I heard another moan and she was straddling him as she watched Jenna and me. I smiled and kissed Jenna before fucking her with long, deep thrusts. She grunted and began to shake and jerk as her pussy squeezed my cock. Sarah started to moan louder and Jenna started joining her.

I buried my cock in Jenna’s womb and used slow, grinding, jabbing thrusts. She stiffened and then began to thrash around as she thrust up onto my cock, “YES!”

I kissed her passionately and fucked her hard. Jenna bucked and jerked as her pussy milked my cock and then I was holding her as I began to pump large jets of cum into her womb. She jerked and shook as I filled her and cum started leaking out. When I stopped cumming I pulled out and kissed her, “Thanks Jenna.”

Sarah giggled and I looked at her to see her sitting beside Tom and leaning against him, “You really know how to fuck Alex.”

“I’ll say. I haven’t seen a girl get it that good in years.”

I looked at the side gate into the yard as Lori, Jenna and Sarah gasped. The blonde that looked back was stunning. She closed the gate as she walked into the backyard, “Do you think I can borrow him girls?”

I looked at Lori and Jenna who were looking at each other and Lori grinned, “He’s a stud Melody.”

I looked at her as the woman came to sit beside Jenna, “My asshole boyfriend ran off with some woman.”

Tom cleared his throat, “You won’t tell mom and dad?”

Melody grinned, “Relax Tom, your mother said you have been doing your girlfriend so she already knows.”

I grinned, “He means about me, Jenna and Lori.”

She grinned and reached between Jenna’s legs to wipe some of the leaking cum onto her fingers. She licked it off and smiled, “Their mom said I shouldn’t be surprised if I see boys over here.”

I grinned and rubbed Jenna’s nipple, “They better not, I’ll paddle their butts.”

Jenna shuddered and Lori laughed, “want to go to the movies and make arraignments Melody?”

Melody grinned and stood, “Sure, my treat.”

Lori and Jenna pulled me up, “Go put some clothes on and come back.”

I grinned, “You too.”

I found my suit and put it on before walking home. I changed quickly and went back to find everyone waiting. Tom and Sarah were grinning as Lori and Jenna grabbed my arms. We crowded into Melody’s car and Lori sat on my lap as Sarah sat in Tom’s. I hugged Lori, “I can’t believe you and Jenna.”

She grinned, “Well, you tell me, how many more time would you have done us?”

I cupped her breast, “I don’t know, eight or ten today.”

Everyone laughed and Lori shuddered before kissing me, “Stud.”

The movie was a romantic comedy we all enjoyed. Jenna, Lori and Melody slipped away at the end to use the bathroom. It was a long time before they came out and I had a feeling I had just lost my freedom. When we got back to Tom’s the girls pulled me out to the pool and stripped me. Before I could do them, they turned me to find Melody naked and waiting.

I smiled and crossed to her and pulled her to a lounge chair. Tom and Sarah had disappeared but I didn’t care as Melody sat and I knelt between her legs. I sucked on one of her nipples before pushing her back and kissing down her body. I licked through her slightly musky pussy and nibbled on her clit. She gasped as jerked before shuddering, “Damn!”

I licked her again and then sucked on her clit and used my tongue to tease it. She started shuddering as she moaned and I opened her pussy and began to lick and nibble. It was only about five minutes before she stiffened and then began jerking and spasming. I stood and moved her up on the lounge chair before lifting her legs and spreading them.

I rubbed the head of my cock through her wet pussy before forcing it into her. Melody groaned as her pussy tightened, “God you have a thick cock.”

I kissed her and pushed the rest of the way into her, forcing the head of my cock into her womb. She stiffened and then jerked and shuddered, “SHIT!”

I began fucking her with deep, firm thrusts and she began to thrust up. Her pussy got slipperier and kept spasming as she jerked, spasmed and thrashed around. I started fucking her with hard, deep strokes and she wailed and started convulsing. It was after she had come for the third time that I thrust into her womb and groaned as my cock erupted.

I spewed and pumped stream after stream as Melody howled and jerked. I shuddered when I finally stopped cumming and pulled out of her full pussy. She sighed and then grinned, “I really loved feeling you cum like that.”

I grinned and helped her up before turning to look for the girls. Melody stood and took my hand, “They went to start dinner.”

I looked at her and she grinned, “I decided to be a regular guest too.”

She pulled me into the kitchen and Lori and Jenna grinned. They were naked as they cooked and I shook my head before sitting down, “I am going to fuck you two hard.”

They laughed as Melody began to help them. By the time dinner was ready Tom and Sarah were done and in the kitchen. After dinner Tom and I cleaned up as the girls went out to the pool. Tom grinned as we finished, “This is better then a video game. Sarah said I can fuck her as much as I want.”

I grinned and we went out to the pool. The girls were laying down and I dove into the water to swim a couple of laps underwater before getting out. I walked to Lori and she opened her eyes and smiled as she spread her legs. I grinned as I lay beside her and leaned over to suck on a nipple. I felt her body and started to rub and then finger her pussy.

She shuddered and sighed as I kissed her and slipped a finger inside. I rubbed through her slit as I finger fucked her and kept rubbing her clit. A few minutes later she groaned and spasmed as she got wetter. I kissed her and moved between her legs and pushed into her tight pussy.

She put her arms around me as I started to fuck her. She was lifting and thrusting her hips up each time I pushed into her. A few minutes later she was panting and jerking as her pussy spasmed and squeezed my cock. She started shaking her head and moaning louder as I started fucking her harder. After awhile she began convulsing and screamed.

I was thrusting into her with long, deep thrusts and humping against her. Lori began thrashing around a couple of minutes later and I buried my cock in her womb before spewing another large stream of cum. She put her legs around my waist as I spurted and pumped jets of cum into her until she was completely full. I kissed her and held her as she jerked, shook and twitched.

Finally she shuddered and relaxed, her legs dropped to the lounge chair and I pulled out of her. She smiled as I sat beside her and bent to suck on a nipple. Tom was laid back and Sarah was slowly riding his cock as she moaned. I smiled and lay beside Lori and cupped her breast. Jenna chuckled, “two down, six or eight to go.”

I grinned as Lori laughed and moved off the lounge chair and walked to Jenna. She spread her legs and held out her arms, “my turn.”

I lay between her legs as she fumbled for my slimy cock and pushed with my hips. She grunted and shuddered as I slid into her. I stopped and started kissing her and she began to moan and shudder. Her pussy was squeezing the half of my cock inside her and she started wiggling. I kept kissing her, enjoying the feel of her body against mine. Jenna groaned, “Damn it, fuck me!”

I grinned and thrust my cock into her completely. Jenna jerked as it pushed into her womb and clutched me. I kissed her again and began to fuck her with long, slow thrusts. She kept jerking and then began to shake as her tight pussy contracted. A moment later I kissed her again just before she went wild, bucking and thrashing around. I held on and started to fuck her with long, hard thrusts.

Jenna howled as her pussy rippled and milked my cock. I ignored her and continued to fuck her with deep thrusts. She began to convulse as I fucked her hard. I finally pushed into her womb and held her spasming body as I pumped and spurted more cum. She wrapped her arms and legs around me, “YYYYEEEESSSSS!”

It didn’t take much to flood and fill her womb before cum began to leak out. I shuddered and kissed her a few times as she relaxed and then pulled out. She groaned and Lori laughed with Melody. I stood and headed towards the back door. I used the phone in the kitchen to call home and tell mom I was sleeping over at Tom’s. She laughed, “Have you fucked the twins yet?”

I hesitated and then answered, “A few times.”

She chuckled, “Their mom called since you are always over with Tom. She said if you start fucking them to tell you they aren’t on birth control and she expects to see them pregnant when she comes home.”

I was stunned, “mom?”

She laughed again, “knock the little bitches up honey and don’t come home until you do.”

I slowly hung up the phone before walking back outside. Tom and Sarah were done and laying in each other’s arms. I looked at Lori and Jenna relaxing together and then looked at Tom, “Tom?”

He stopped kissing Sarah, “Yeah?”

I took a breath, “Are Lori and Jenna on birth control?”

He turned to look at his sisters who grinned but didn’t say anything. Melody sat up and looked at the girls and Tom looked at me, “I don’t think so. Mom keeps telling dad they are going to get pregnant and dad just says good.”

I shook my head and then took a deep breath as I walked towards the girls, “you belong to me. If you want me to knock you up then we are going to stay together.”

The girls grinned and looked at each other before laughing, “That was the plan.”

I sat beside Jenna and tugged on her nipple, “You could have warned me.”

She shuddered and Lori turned onto her side, “we’ve known you since we were five Alex. Do you think we left our door open by accident and just happened to let you see us?”

I looked at her and she smiled, “We are twins Alex and we want you and to stay together. Mom said if we caught you, we could let you get us pregnant. Dad...well, dad wants us pregnant so he can have grand kids.”

I looked at her and Jenna caressed my chest, “We caught you Alex and now you get to fuck us whenever you want.”

I sighed and Melody laughed, “I want in on this too.”

I looked at her and she smiled, “I’m twenty six and make a lot of money. I don’t see men beating down my door. Knock the three of us up Alex and you can have three sluts to fuck as long as you want.”

I shook my head, “That’s it.”

I stood and pulled Jenna up as I looked at Lori, “Get up you.”

I pulled Jenna after me as I walked towards Melody, “We are taking this to your bed.”

Lori laughed as she caught up and I grabbed Melody’s hand, “it’s your turn to get fucked.”

Tom laughed and Sarah said something I didn’t hear. I pulled them out the side gate and into Melody’s backyard. We went to her back door and she unlocked it and then led us through the house to her bed. I let Jenna go and pushed Melody onto the bed before moving over her. I kissed her softly and held her body against mine before lifting up.

Lori was beside us and reached in to position my cock before I pushed into Melody. I fucked her cummy pussy slowly as we kept kissing. I pushed into her womb and stopped to press and grind against her. Melody groaned into my mouth as she shuddered and her pussy tightened. I finally pulled back and began to fuck her with long thrusts.

It was only a few minutes before she stiffened and then went crazy. She thrashed around and bucked as she squirted and her pussy contracted to squeeze my cock. I kissed her passionately and fucked her hard and deep. Megan screamed and continued to convulse as my cock slipped in and out of her womb. She lifted and spread her legs as I kept fucking her.

It was awhile before I buried my cock and began spurting and spewing another load of cum. She jerked and lifted her hips as her whole body shuddered. I pumped spurt after spurt to fill her and when I was done she sighed. I pulled out and laid between her and the girls. I sat up and looked at Jenna and Lori, “Now, for you two. You want to share me and want Melody too?”

They grinned and nodded and I looked at Melody. She was smiling as she turned onto her side. I caressed a breast, “and you want me to get you pregnant to be your breeder.”

She laughed and caressed my hip, “Lover.”

I nodded and shook my head before looking at Lori and Jenna and then Melody, “If I agree, you do what I say. I am the one in charge.”

They looked at each other and then nodded. I smiled, “Good. Now my first rule is no clothes in the house.”

They were grinning when I looked at each of them. I nodded, “second rule is we all sleep in the same bed. We can enjoy each other one at a time but we sleep together each night.”

They looked at each other and nodded again. I smiled and moved off the bed, “Okay, lets go back and relax with Tom and Sarah.”

Sure there were a few rough times but surprisingly not that many. All three were pregnant and showing before the summer was over. At first we lived with Melody but after they all got pregnant a second time two years later we had to move to a larger house, this one with our own pool. I went to a local college before getting a job. The three got pregnant a third time just after Jenna and Lori started college.
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