What happens when to boys gets horny? (True story)
It was a casual Saturday afternoon.
Daniel picked me up from my house with his Dad driving the car for us. We travelled from my house to his. Their house wasn't that grand but you can tell that they're one rich family because of their cars showcasing from the garage of the house.

Daniel is five feet seven and is fourteen. Blond hair, green eyes, and a button nose.
And even though I had a very fit body, with my blond hair, and blue eyes, I was considered as a desirable teenager at our school.

I entered Daniel's house and was greeted warmly with his Mom. Daniel's Dad showed me the way to my room, only to know that Daniel and I will share rooms.
The room has two beds, a bathroom, a TV and it was spacious that you can place three queen sized beds four feet from each other.

So, I picked the bed near the window and placed my bag on top of the bed. And went out the room to meet Daniel down stairs.

I met Daniel halfway the stairs and told him that his house is so cool. He said I haven't seen enough.
He then led me to their swimming pool and I got eager to swim because I'm fond with pools. I was so oblivious to ask him if I could swim. Much to my eagerness, he asked me if I wanted to try out the pool.
So we did, and we had to change.

We went back to his room and without hesitation, I stripped all my clothes and was standing stark naked with my back in front of him. My balls were pulling up because it was so cold inside his room. I looked back and asked him why he isn’t changing. He blushed and said that he spaced out. So he stripped and wore his Speedos. And so did me.

We ran back to the pool like kids and dived like loons.
We swam for awhile. He kept staring at my bulge, which was obviously visible since I was just wearing trunks. I found a floating rubber toy and threw it at him and he reacted like he was caught murdering someone and apologized.
“You love staring at my junk, huh?” I teased.

“Shut up, man. I was just ...” He trailed away.

After all the swimming, I forgot that his parents were here. I asked him where's his folks were, he said that they went out. I didn't answer because I got a feeling that I’m being nosy.

I got thirsty and we went to his kitchen soaking like wet kittens. I went straight to the fridge and took a coke without even asking him. Again, I caught him staring and by the looks of it, he already got a boner. I took a swipe at his raging wood, "Hey what's with that entire tent?"
Then he started wrestling me so that I couldn't touch another feel.
His junk grazed on my thigh through the material of his Speedos.
He went bright red and stammer that he bet I already have one too.

He was right; I was starting to get stiff with all the contact and rubbing I'm getting. But, I denied it. He then tried to grab mine and wrestled me. He wrapped his arms around my waist and tried to hold it. He used his left hand and I went sideways. Then he used his right and he grabbed it, a fist full. I got startled and lost grip with my can of coke. It dropped to the floor with a thud, and splashed all the content to my feet and his. He then let go and we both laughed and coaxed to mop the floor.

We were still soaking wet from all the swimming, so we raced to his room to change. It was already 8 in the evening. I grabbed my bag and pulled out my navy blue night shirt. It's a knee length shirt and very comfortable to wear. I slid down my Speedos and wore the shirt and let it slide smoothly. It's cool that I'm stark naked under the shirt I'm wearing. I got a little bit hard but I ignored it.

Then I looked around and saw Daniel staring at me with a perplexed expression. I asked him what's wrong. And he said that I look hot in my shirt. Flattered, I threw my Speedos at him and ordered him to dress up.

He did and I watched him like a proud Dad watching his son grow up. I noticed that he was half hard and his penis was hanging freely between his legs. He saw me and shied away and told me that I should look away. I point a finger at him and told him that all the staring his doing to me wasn't for free. He went beet red and mumbled something under his breath that sounded like 'Oh man'.
With what I saw, I got a harder that my cock made a bulge through my night shirt.
Daniel was done dressing and was wearing a tee shirt and pajamas. I sat down my foot bed and he flopped down beside me. We watched every channel available and spend almost 4 hours flipping through the channels.

It was already midnight and I wasn't sleepy enough to doze off. We then played cards and talked about anything imaginable.
He then stirred the conversation to a sexy topic.
We talked about girls, boobs and first kisses.
Then I asked him if he had a crush on me. I knew that I caught him of guard. He covered his face with a pillow and said yes. I laughed and slapped his back playfully.
He then talked about masturbating. I got self-conscious. I haven't really planned doing it tonight because I was with him and all so I said it's making me horny and all.
He was too and he was going red again.
He asked me if I wanted to jack off. I blushed and said nothing. I just dropped my gaze of him down to my Indian styled sitting position.

Then finally, I just said yes.
He stood up and walked to the light switch to turn the lights off. There was a fair amount of light illuminating from the hallway, so that we could see a partial fit of ourselves.

He went back and sat on top of the bed and asked me to join him. I told him that it will get messy so we should take our clothes off.
So we did, he removed his shirt and pajamas without hesitation and I followed him without any enthusiasm because my shirt was ten times easier to remove.
And then we started.
He was 6 inches long and I was 6’5 inches. 5 cm difference, I noticed.
He was looking at my 15 year old boy boner while stroking his penis thoroughly.
In my peripheral vision, I could see him stroking a blur and I got a little bit aroused and my 6’5 inch cock got rock harder. I stroked slowly, thinking of girls getting wet with their pussy spraying orgasm all over their body while they finger their clit. And then Daniel suddenly stopped.
I asked him why he stopped.
He said, "I came."
"No way. That's impossible!" I exclaimed.

It went several times until Daniel grabbed my hand and plopped it on the small puddle on his abdomen.
It was sticky and scentless. I got so curious. He then stood up and went to the bathroom to grab clothe or a towel to wipe with. The sight of him naked with the bathroom lights illuminating an outline of his body and the cum dripping down his abdomen made me feel so horny that I started stroking a little bit faster.

He came back and sat beside me and watched me.
I went for about fifteen minute, stroking and caressing my boy boner and got tired. I paused,
"Why did you stop. Did you come already?”

I tiredly said “I’m worn out now.”
He started pursuing me to finish because it was unfair for him.
“Why won’t you wank me?” I asked, innocently.

“W-what?” He was startled.

“Uhm. Yeah. You know,” I tried to explained.

“O-okay …”
He sighed and without hesitation, he grabbed mine and started stroking.

He stroked me slowly and it felt really great. I let out a soft moan and it sounded really dirty. He leaned over to lick my balls and fondled with it while he slowly strokes my cock.
“Oh. Gee. Daniel…” I groaned at him.
And then he starts to lick the bulb of my cock slowly while softly squeezing my balls. I moaned a little louder, and he stroked me in answer with my moan. I humped his hand instinctively and he returns every hump with a stroke.

“Do you like it?” He asked

“Yeah. Yeah. Sh--”

And then he started swallowing my entire penis while making circular motions with his fingers on my balls.
“Spread your legs, Zack,” He said after pulling my soaking wet cock out his mouth.
I spread my legs a little and he pushed it wide enough to lick my rose.
“Oh shit. Shit.” I moaned.
He stroked my cock a little bit faster while licking my rose thoroughly. I was near the edge and I was twitching and moaning badly that he tapped my stomach just to remind me that we’re in a neighborhood and not in a forest.
Suddenly, I felt a tremendous wave of spasm that ran through my body sending sharp feelings to my head making me feel dizzy. My balls went tight and I started exploding.
“O-oh. Shit. Man. Sorry. Can’t. Oh.”
My rock hard boy boner shook twice and started shooting cum all over the place, one string, two strings and jets of liquid hot boy pleasure landing on Daniel’s hair, face, chest. And some landed on my chest and face. The both of us were soaking wet from my cum and he was still stroking, just to make sure it’s everything. By then, he sucked me hardly that the sudden feeling made me grasped sharply for hair that I thought I almost broke my lungs.
“Daniel. Damn. ” I said. Breathing unevenly.
He pulled my still rock hard cock away from his mouth and leaned over to lick the cum off my chest. And he licked my nipples and sucked it.
“Oh. Dude… Gee.” I groaned at the surprise.
He then kissed my neck and licked some remaining evidence of cum off it. After that, he went straight to my lips and we made out for what seems like forever. I could taste the cum in his mouth.

“Did you love it?” Daniel asked after pulling back.
“Hell yeah. That was amazing.” I said innocently.

And then he grabbed my hand and led me to the shower to bath the both of us. He scrubbed my back while I applied shampoo to my hair. I got a little bit horny with all the scrubbing and I turned around to kiss him on his lips, I explored his body and I found the hole in his tight butt. I inserted my pointing finger inside his rose and wiggled it a little. He let out a soft groan and leaned over to whisper that if I continue doing that, he will shoot all over the shower. So I pulled it out and continued bathing him while he washed me.

Afterwards, we dried ourselves with a towel and started making out again, the room smelled like cum.

“Zack. You’re so hot while you moan.” Daniel said.

“You were too, while you do it for me.” I said. Blushing.

“Really? I liked the feeling of your soft cock inside my mouth. It tastes so good.”

“I hope I can taste yours too.” I said shyly.

He gave me a dirty look and told me to sleep, we jumped right back in to my bed and covered ourselves in quilt, trying to sleep like nothing happened.

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