I was fourteen and my little sister was thirteen. Mom and dad were open about things and we watched them make out all the time. We had just started summer break and I had planned to sleep in. I didn’t get the chance as my mom sat on my bed and shook me awake. “Ben?”

I rubbed my eyes as I looked up at her, “I’m awake.”

She nodded, “I have a job for you.”

I just looked at her serious face and she looked down, “your sister needs to be taught about sex. About how to enjoy it I mean and not just lay back and let some asshole fuck her. I want you to teach her.”

My mind was reeling with thoughts of lust and mom looked up at me, “She is on birth control so don’t worry about getting her pregnant.”

She got up and just walked out. I lay there thinking about what she had said and plans for my sister formed quickly. First I used my savings and ordered a few things online and then I headed out to the garage and my, ‘junk’ as mom called it. I searched through it and carried what I needed down into the basement and started building. Mom looked at me as I ignored Kim all day. The next afternoon my packages arrived and I took everything downstairs.

I finished everything that afternoon and put it into place. The basement was my private area. I had a thick rug and two old leather couches. I even had a DVD player and an old TV. When I brought my new video camera down with the tripod I was ready. I woke up early and went to eat breakfast. Mom came in as I was sitting back relaxing. She looked towards the hall, “Do you remember what I asked you Ben?”

I smiled, “I remember. Her training starts today.”

Mom smiled, “In your playroom?”

I nodded, “Our playroom now.”

She made coffee and got dad’s lunch ready. Dad patted my shoulder on his way out and mom headed back to her bedroom. Kim came in stretching and glanced at me as she made cereal and ate. When she finished, I stood and took her hand, “Come with me.”

She was surprised and followed as I pulled her to the bathroom. I closed the door behind us and looked at her, “Kim it is time you became a woman. Mom asked me to teach you.”

I reached out to pull her top off and she grabbed my hands. I looked into her face, “relax or I will spank your ass.”

She blinked as her hands released me. I stripped her trembling body and pulled her to the toilet. I kissed her, “You are beautiful Kim.”

She was blushing as I checked her pussy and broke her hymen. She screamed and wiggled around as I pulled my finger out. I held her, “I’m sorry Kim. That was your hymen. I wanted to do that so you wouldn’t hurt later.”

I gave her an aspirin and then I gave her a couple of warm douches and a couple of enemas. I went to her room for her robe and wrapped her in it. Mom didn’t show up as I led Kim down the steps into the basement. Her eyes were wide as she looked around the room. I kissed her and stepped back and slowly undressed. She watched wide eyed as I reached out to remove her robe. I kissed her and sat her on one of the couches, “Have you ever touched yourself?”

She shook her head and I cupped one of her tits. I leaned to a side table and picked up a mirror. I smiled, “First you need to learn about yourself.”

I touched her inner thigh, “spread your legs.”

She hesitated and then slowly did what I said while turning red. I scooted her closer to the edge of the couch and positioned the mirror between her legs. Kim laughed suddenly and seemed to relax. I used my fingers to open her slit and began talking and touching. She watched me and looked at what I was showing her.

When I finished, I pulled out a butterfly looking vibrator. The strings went on like panties and the body slipped into her slit. I gently opened the hood over her clit and put the head of the butterfly in. I tucked a pillow behind her lower back and turned the vibrator on. Kim gasped and grabbed my arm as she shivered, “oh my god!”

I caressed her nipples and tugged on them, “This is our playroom. We’ll start stretching you a little later today. Today you will also taste a guy’s cum.”

I moved to the other couch and resisted the urge to stroke my cock. Kim had closed her eyes as she kept shivering. Her hips slowly twitched and humped up into the air. I watched her cum several times before I moved back and turned the vibrator off. I caressed her and she sighed and shivered, “Feel good?”

She nodded and closed her eyes sleepily. I tugged on a nipple, “Not yet.”

She looked at me as I pulled the butterfly out of her now sloppy wet pussy. I stood her up and put her robe on and led her upstairs. Mom was cleaning up and looked at us when we came out. Kim blushed as I just pulled her through the kitchen and into the bathroom.

This time I soaked a washcloth in hot water while Kim sat on the counter. I covered her pussy with the washcloth and waited. I had left the door open and when mom stopped in the doorway Kim stiffened. I removed the washcloth and lathered her pussy as mom came closer and looked over my shoulder. I carefully shaved around her asshole and the bottom of her pussy before trimming the top.
Kim had stopped being embarrassed and leaned over to watch. I rinsed her off and opened a drawer to pull out a small bottle of perfume and another of baby oil. I used the baby oil to sooth her pussy and she sighed and shivered. I wiped her off and dabbed some perfume on and put everything away. Mom caressed my shoulders, “Perfect Ben.”

She blushed again as I stood her up and wrapped her robe around her, “You have an hour of free time and then you are to come to the playroom.”

Kim nodded and slowly stepped away. She stopped and bit her lips before turning and embracing me, “Thank you Ben.”

She gave me a quick kiss and ran out. Mom was smiling, “Did you fuck her?”

I shook my head, “not yet.”

I pulled on a pair of pants and went to do some chores. When my watch beeped, I stopped and went down to the playroom. Kim was already sitting on the couch with her robe off. I turned her to lie down on the couch on her back, “Close your eyes.”

She was smiling as she closed her eyes and I began feeling her body. I caressed her and felt her smooth skin as she sighed and wiggled, “Kim, boys are going to want to touch your body. They are going to focus on one of three places.”

I tugged on one of her nipples, “Your breasts, especially your nipples. Guys love nipples.”

I leaned over and sucked on one for a minute and then caressed down her body and between her legs. I moved past her pussy to rub her warm asshole, “They’ll want to touch your butt and some will want to fuck it.”

I pushed against her ass but not to hard. I moved up and rubbed her pussy and slipped a finger into her wet slit, “But mostly, guys want to touch your pussy. They’ll rub it and finger it and even lick it but remember this… They all will want to put something inside you.”

I flicked my finger over her clit and Kim gasped. I kept rubbing her as she humped up against my hand. When she came, I stopped and sat her up before standing and taking my pants off. I sat beside her and reached for her hand. She was staring at my cock and let me pull her hand to it.

As I released her hand she squeezed and then caressed my cock. She played with it, stroking it and rubbing it. She rubbed the pre cum all over the head and stroked it softly. I groaned and shivered as I spurted cum a couple of feet into the air. As the first jet of warm cum landed on her hand, I pumped another out and then another. I spurted six loads of cum before sighing. Kim never missed a beat as she continued to stroke my cock. I stopped her and she looked into my face, “That’s sperm?”

I smiled, “That was cum. Cum has both sperm and semen in it.”

She hesitated and then brought her hand to her mouth and licked through a load of cum. She looked at me, “It tastes salty and a little musky.”

I nodded and moved off the couch. I put the butterfly back on her while she grinned at me. After I turned it on, I pulled out a light silver chain with two small nipple clamps. I fastened them to a shaking Kim and attached the nine volt battery. She jerked and I held her hands to keep her from touching the clamps. I watched her for almost an hour before stopping her. I put everything away, “After lunch go to the bathroom and then come down here.”

She finally stopped panting and nodded, “Okay.”

I went out to finish the chores before mom called us to lunch. Kim came in wearing a terry cloth jumper and I knew she wasn’t wearing anything under it. She was eating when she looked at mom, “Mom do you swallow dad’s cum?”

Mom smiled, “Yes.”

Kim smiled and nodded as if that was the answer she wanted to hear. After lunch she went to the bathroom and then met me in the playroom and stripped quickly. I sat her on the edge of the couch and knelt between her legs. I used a bottle of lube in her slit and on her asshole. The vibrating dildo was eight inches long and almost two thick. I gave her a kiss and then used the dildo to spread her pussy lips as I fucked through it.

I was rubbing her clit every time and Kim began breathing hard. When I pressed the tip against her ass and then pulled it away she shuddered. I rubbed through her slit again, “When you have your period you might not want to let your guy fuck you. There are other ways to enjoy sex.”

I pressed against her ass and she jerked and shuddered as it almost opened. I went back to stroking through her slit, “If you can learn to relax your ass, your man can fuck you there.”

I pressed the head of the dildo in a little harder and then pulled it back before fucking it against her. I went back to stroking her shaking body, “If you do it right and use lubrication it can be a different but a good experience.”

I poured a little more lube on the head of the dildo before fucking it against her opening and closing ass. After stroking through her slit and rubbing her clit until she was shaking I moved the dildo back to her ass. This time the head popped in and I pulled it out as Kim jerked in surprise. I used my other hand to rub her now slippery clit as I fucked the head of the dildo in and out of her grasping ass. I pushed it in and held it as I leaned in and kissed her, “Remember to always start off slow and stay relaxed.”

I pulled the dildo back and went back to fucking the head in and out while rubbing her clit. Kim shuddered hard, “Ooohhhh, Ben!”

I pushed the dildo halfway into her and she jerked and thrust forward trying to get more. I pulled the dildo out and set it aside as I dropped my pants. I moved closer and humped my hard cock through her slit. Kim gasped and closed her eyes. I was really hard and wanted nothing more then to cum. I kissed her as I gritted my teeth before pushing the head of my cock into her slippery ass.

Her eyes snapped open as I suddenly started spurting cum into her. I pumped and spewed five times before stopping and pulling out. She shivered and grinned as I turned her on the couch and put her butterfly and nipple clamps on. I sat on the floor beside her as she shuddered and moaned. She humped up and spread her legs each time she came. I finally turned everything off and removed everything. I gave her a kiss, “After dinner come down here.”

She nodded and put her jumper back on before going upstairs. I cleaned up and then went to my room. After dinner I cleaned up quickly and went downstairs. Mom and dad surprised me by following. I looked at them as they embraced each other by the foot of the stairs and then headed to a naked Kim on the couch. I stripped and sat beside her, “We are going to start with oral sex or as they call it in school, a blowjob.”

Kim was blushing because of mom and dad but I tugged on one of her nipples. “Pay attention. There are many kinds of blow jobs and you can’t really do one wrong. There are things you need to know to be safe. First, you can get STD’s from giving a blowjob so always learn your partner’s sex history.”

She was nodding and opened her mouth but I stopped her. “Now, in my case I have never had sex and am a virgin just like you. Second, is you need to lick the cock to get it wet and slippery, I’ll explain why. When you put the cock in your mouth you want it to slip in and out easily.”

Kim nodded as she looked down at my hard drooling cock. I touched her, “Third, make sure you only take as much as you feel comfortable with. Putting your hand around the cock to limit how much you take is one way. What you are doing is basically fucking the guy’s cock with your mouth. Guys and some girls enjoy it deep into the throat, but to do that takes practice getting over your gag reflex.”

“Next is what to do when the guy cums. Some girls won’t let a guy do it in her mouth, others spit it out and still others just swallow it. You need to decide what you want or are willing to do. Guys will mostly want you to swallow.”

Kim smiled a, I know what to do smile, “Okay.”

I sat back and gestured, ignoring mom and dad as they moved closer. Kim leaned over to get a closer look at my cock and then licked through the pre cum on the head. I shivered and she grinned before she started licking my cock again. It was several minutes before she put my cock in her mouth and began slowly fucking my cock. Each stroke she would use her tongue to lick the head and underside. It wasn’t really that long before I touched her head, “I’m going to cum.”

Kim didn’t stop, she was fucking just a few inches of my cock when I groaned and shivered before spewing cum into her mouth. She didn’t stop but I could feel her swallowing. When I stopped cumming, I reached down to touch her face, “After a guy cums he can get a little sensitive so just lick him clean and stop.”

She sat back and licked her lips. I smiled and touched her inner thigh to get her to spread her legs. I leaned over to open the small box under the side table. I held up a small egg looking vibrator, “We are going to start with this.”

I pushed it into her wet pussy and pushed the button on the end of the cord. Kim jerked and shuddered, “Oh!”

I smiled and leaned over to suck on a nipple before kissing her softly. I cupped her breasts, “When you are not down here in our playroom you will wear this. You may turn it on but only after asking me.”

I shut it off and pulled it out and Kim groaned. I set it on the side table and smiled. I stood holding out my hand, “You’ll like this.”

Kim grinned and waved at mom and dad as I led her across the room. I nodded to the shape on the floor, “There are many positions you can have sex in. This is called a sybian. Besides vibrating, it revolves around a base which also vibrates. The position is cowgirl or reverse cowgirl.”

I had her kneel astride the sybian and carefully fitted the vibrator inside her. She wiggled around and slowly sat. I turned it on and her eyes opened wide and she shuddered. I kept it slow at first and mom and dad came closer. Mom knelt and touched my shoulder, “I’ve always wanted to try one of these.”

I grinned before reaching out to squeeze and tug on one of Kim’s nipples. She jerked and tossed her head as she groaned. “Oh Ben!”

I smiled and looked at mom’s fascinated face before looking up at dad, “You can use the fuck machines when Kim is done with her lessons.”

He grinned and mom laughed as she looked at him, “I get lessons.”

I watched Kim for almost twenty minutes before stopping her. She sighed and shivered before giving me a weak smile. I stood, “Dad wants to give mom a lesson.”

Dad and mom both laughed and Kim grinned as she stood. I embraced her, “Go take a hot bath and relax. Tomorrow I will give you a douche and another enema before we start again.”

She nodded and started for the door when I cleared my throat and pointed towards the egg on the side table. She grinned and picked it up before leaving. I straightened up and started for the stairs, “Have fun.”

I smiled at dad’s quiet, “We will.”

Before I reached the door at the top of the stairs I heard mom’s moan, “Oh fuck!”

I grinned and headed towards my room. I was pulling my pajama pants up when Kim stopped in the doorway, “Can I turn it on?”

I grinned, “After your bath.”

She grinned back and walked away with a sway to her hips. She left the bathroom door open as she sat in the water humming. I was watching TV when mom and dad came upstairs. They were grinning and mom blushed when she saw me. Dad laughed, “We tried a couple of other machines.”

I grinned, “Give mom lessons anytime you want.”

Dad grinned as mom blushed even more before laughing and pulling him toward the hallway and their bedroom. Kim came out and sat on the couch beside me. She was wearing a long tee shirt I recognized as one of my old ones. She leaned against me and spread her legs before reaching between them.

She shuddered and moaned and closed her eyes. I reached between her legs and gently rubbed her clit. Kim shuddered harder and shook her head, “Thanks.”

I nodded and kept rubbing and caressing her small clit as the egg inside her vibrated. Kim came five times before turning the egg off. She looked at me for a minute and then opened the fly on my pajamas and pulled my hard cock out. She looked at my cock for a minute and then kissed my cheek before leaning down and putting my cock in her mouth.

I relaxed against the back of the couch as Kim started fucking my cock with her mouth, using her tongue to lick and tease the head and underside. She groaned and shivered a few minutes later as she felt my body tightened. I was caressing her shoulder through her tee shirt and closed my eyes.

I didn’t bother warning Kim as I started spurting thick clumps of cum. She licked and sucked my cock, pushing my cock to her throat for each spurt. When I finished she pulled back and just licked my cock clean before putting it back in my pajamas and sitting up. I pulled her close for a hug, “Thanks.”

She giggled, “You’re welcum.”

I smiled and held her against me as we watched TV. Mom and dad came out looking sated and Kim grinned at me. At bed time I stopped Kim at her door, “Take your egg out and wash it. When you get up in the morning you can put it back.”

She hugged me again and gave me a kiss before going into her room. I went to my room and thought about jacking off before going to bed but changed my mind. I wanted Kim to get a full load of cum in her belly. I stripped and laid back on my bed thinking about my plan. I woke to mom sitting on the side of my bed.

I sat up and she caressed my chest before lowering her hand to caress my cock, “You’re going slow and explaining what you are doing. Kim needs to feel you inside her.”

I smiled and cupped one of mom’s breasts and rubbed my thumb on her nipple, “You want me to teach her and I will. Yesterday was a start and she learned a lot. She had me break her cherry, give her a douche and enema. She learned about her body and receiving pleasure. She felt my cock and felt me cum in her ass. She learned about giving a blowjob, she did it twice in fact. This morning I will teach her what it feels like for a boy to give her oral sex. When I finish I… will fuck her.”

Mom was moaning softly and shivering as I lowered my hand and slipped it through her robe to feel her pussy. I wasn’t surprised to feel how slimy she was. She shuddered as I slipped a finger into her, “I will teach Kim about sex. For the next six weeks she will be fucked and used. I will do it my way so she knows she is loved.”

Mom shuddered and I felt her pussy squeeze my finger, “The sex toys and machines are to teach her about self pleasure. Now if you keep… coming in my room tempting me, I will put you on the bed and fuck my cock into your womb and give you the biggest load of cum of my life. I know dad is fixed and you are not on birth control.”

She shuddered and moaned and her whole body spasmed. Her pussy kept squeezing my finger as I fucked it in and out. I glanced at the door to see both dad and Kim. I looked back at mom, “Tell me the truth.”

I didn’t add anything as I kept fingering her. Mom groaned and leaned towards me, “God baby I want to fuck you so bad… Kim… I want you to fuck her. I want my baby to feel her brother. I want…”

She was shaking and spasming so bad she couldn’t talk. I pulled my finger out of her and pulled her onto the bed and held her against me, “I can’t really fuck you mom. I want to, but dad is your lover. I know he would like to fuck Kim but she needs… she needs to go slow until she is ready for that. She loves dad and I know when she is ready she will look at him, just as she will look at other boys.”

I gestured to dad and he smiled as he walked closer, “It isn’t something I didn’t guess.”

I looked at Kim who was looking from me to dad. I smiled, “Thinking about it already?”

She frowned and then nodded. I smiled as I caressed mom’s hair as she cried softly when dad sat behind her and put his arms around her. I looked at Kim, “This morning after we clean up, I will go down on you and then we will go to your room where I will lay you on your bed and fuck you.”

Kim looked at me wide eyed, “I’m not on birth control.”

I looked at mom and then sighed, “I guess that puts a stop to things.”

Kim cleared her throat as she walked into my room stripping. She was smiling and had a gleam in her eye. “No it doesn’t. It’s my choice. And I think…”

She kissed dad’s shoulder before climbing on the bed and moving up to straddle my waist, “I think that you love me.”

She grabbed my hard cock and lifted it before fitting it to her pussy. She looked at my face as I grabbed her hips, “You taught me that sex can feel good. I love the way your cock feels in my hand or in my mouth and when you cum in my butt. I have known how to get pregnant since I was ten. Now I want you inside me. If I get pregnant then you, mom and dad will help me, but it is my choice.”

I released her, “Go slow.”

She nodded and sat slowly. My thick cock spread her pussy and slowly went all the way to her cervix. Kim groaned and mom whispered, “Does he feel good baby?”

Kim shivered as dad laughed, “Yes mom, he feels really good.”

She rocked back and forth and then shuddered as her pussy tightened and squeezed my cock. She looked at mom, “After I finish Ben can I let dad fuck me?”

Mom choked and dad chuckled, “Tell you what baby. After you fuck Ben, I’ll lay your mom down and we will watch your brother try to get her pregnant. Then they can watch us.”

Kim shivered, “Can I sleep with Ben from now on?”

Mom laughed, “After we get you started on birth control.”

Dad agreed and I shuddered as I reached up to rub Kim’s nipples. Her tight pussy squeezed my cock as she rocked harder and started shaking. I dropped my hands to her waist, “Back and forth Kim.”

She grinned and thrust back and forth and froze in surprise. Her pussy squeezed my cock and she shuddered before grunting and doing it again. I thrust up into her warm wonderful pussy as it squeezed my cock again. Kim jerked and spasmed as I held her hips, my cock was throbbing and jerking and she looked at me quickly.

She grinned and spread her legs wider forcing my cock deeper into her cervix as I groaned and spewed a huge load of cum. Kim jerked at the warm gush as it pumped into her, “Damn!”

I spasmed and jabbed up into her womb over and over as I pumped huge, gushing torrents of sperm. Kim jerked and groaned, “Oh… my… fucking… god!”

Her body jerked and began shuddering like she was having a seizure. There wasn’t anything I could do because my body kept jerking and spasming as I continued to fill her womb. I finally stopped cumming and sighed as Kim dropped onto my body panting. I hugged her and caressed her bare back as I worked to catch my own breath. She finally turned her head to look at me, “I think it’s to late for birth control.”

Mom and dad laughed and she grinned. I rubbed her butt, “That isn’t going to get you out of my classes.”

Kim grinned again and kissed me before slowly lifting her hips. I sighed and pulled back, letting my slimy cock come out of her full pussy. She slid out of bed and I moved over as mom lay back on my bed. I looked at dad and he nodded, “Go ahead.”

I turned to kiss mom and move over her and between her spread legs. She groaned into my mouth as I pushed and slowly entered her. I shifted and pushed the rest of the way into her before starting to fuck her slowly with short, grinding strokes with my cock pushing against the back of her pussy. I humped and pressed against her hard and it wasn’t long before mom shuddered and arched her back, “I’m cumming!”

Her pussy tightened and squeezed my cock as she kept shaking. I kissed her as I fucked her hard and she convulsed and spasmed while screaming into my mouth. I finally slowed to thrust into her with slow thrusts as she sighed and shivered. Mom lifted her legs and wrapped them around me as she thrust up for my cock.

When the head of my cock pushed into the tight space of her cervix I grunted and let loose. I pumped huge, gushing spurts of cum through into her womb. She jerked and screamed, “BEN!”

I shuddered as I spewed load after load until I finally lay panting on her shaking body. I slowly pulled out and she spasmed and jerked. I kissed her before moving off the bed and looking at dad and Kim. Dad was looking at mom and smiling and Kim was grinning, “Maybe we’ll have the babies at the same time mom.”

Mom looked at her and then grinned before rolling out of bed. She looked at dad, “Your turn honey.”

Dad kissed Kim and she turned to sit and then lay back on my bed as dad sat beside her. He kissed her and started fingering her pussy as she sighed and moaned. I guess dad was horny because he moved between Kim’s legs and thrust into her. She grunted and spread her legs more as dad started to fuck her with slow, deep strokes. It wasn’t long before Kim was shuddering and thrusting up hard.

Dad was fucking her a little harder and she was tossing her head as she moaned. When Kim started thrashing around and bucking, he groaned and jabbed into her. He held her spasming body and grunted, “I’m Cumming!”

She jerked and shook as dad kept jabbing into her as he filled her pussy. When he finished he sighed and just pulled out of her shuddering body. I sat and caressed Kim, “enough for now, douche and showers and then breakfast. After breakfast you go back to the playroom for a couple of lessons.”

She grinned as dad moved off the bed and I helped her up. Mom walked her out saying something about douching together. Dad grinned at me, “I think I’ll take the day off.”

I grinned and turned towards the door, “I think I need to rinse off.”

When I walked downstairs after breakfast Kim was on the couch naked. I smiled as I hung up my robe and glanced across the room at mom on the sybian with dad beside her. I grinned and moved to kneel in front of Kim, “Okay, we are going to go over oral on you. After that we will try a double penetration using two small dildos on the sybian.”

Kim grinned, “Sounds good.”

I cupped her breasts and gently pinched a nipple, “stand up.”

I stood and led her to the corner where I pulled an old sheet off what looked like an exam table. Kim grinned as I helped her up and put her feet in the foot stirrups. I lifted and spread her legs before locking the legs in place. I pulled a stool over and sat between her legs before leaning forwards. I licked through her pussy and she shuddered. I had heard mom right because Kim had just a hint of strawberries.

I nibbled on her inner lips and teased her clit as she shuddered and wiggled. I sucked and wiggled my tongue. I licked her leaking pussy and ignored her moans and cries. Finally I stopped and Kim lay there twitching and having jerky spasms. Mom caressed my shoulders, “I’ll bet she enjoyed that.”

Dad laughed from behind mom and Kim lifted her head to grin. I undid the straps and pulled her off the table before leading her towards the sybian as mom took her place. I pulled the single dildo off and moved to a small box behind the sybian. I came back with the double and put it on before putting lube on it. Dad was between mom’s spread legs as she lay back on the exam table fucking her with long, slow strokes.

I positioned the two dildos and Kim slowly sat, pushing them into both her ass and her pussy. I waited until she was all the way down and then turned it on. I stood up and glanced at mom as she jerked and shuddered while screaming. Kim surprised me by reaching out with shaking hands and pulling my cock closer to her face. She licked the pre cum off and then put it in her mouth as she began shaking.

It wasn’t long before Kim was spasming and jerking. She was incoherent and erratic as she tried to keep sucking my cock. Her whole body was shaking as she convulsed and jerked around. I pulled my cock out as she stiffened and then howled, “BBBBBBEEEEEEEEENNNNNNNNNNNN!”

I knelt and caressed her spasming body before turning the sybain off. Kim was panting and shaking as she looked at me with wide eyes, “Holy fuck!”

Mom and dad laughed from the couch where they were resting and I grinned, “That was dp with the sybain.”

I lifted her off the machine and helped her to the other couch. I had her kneel and lean forward onto the couch before moving behind her. Both her pussy and ass gapped as I pushing my cock into her pussy. Kim jerked as her pussy tightened and I began fucking her. I was more then ready and my cock was leaking like crazy. She was shaking as she thrust back each time I pushed into her.

Her pussy continued to spasm and grasp my cock and she kept moaning. I started slow but we began fucking into each other harder and my cock pushed into her open cervix. She jerked and convulsed as her pussy tightened, “YES!”

I buried my cock with a grunt and held her hips as I began spewing cum. Kim jerked and spasmed as her pussy clamped down on my spurting cock. I pumped her womb full before I was done and caressed her shaking body. I pulled out only to push back into her ass. She groaned and relaxed on the couch as I began fucking her ass with long, slow thrusts. It wasn’t long before she was thrusting back and shuddering as her ass squeezed my cock. I rubbed her hips, “Reach between your legs and rub your clit.”

Kim exploded and started thrusting back hard and thrashing around after that. It was several minutes before I pulled out. I turned her and sat her on the edge on the couch before pushing back into her pussy and cupping her breasts. I kneaded them as I fucked her slow and deep. She was shaking as her cummy pussy kept grasping at my cock.

After a few minutes I pulled out and pushed into her ass again. Kim spasmed as I slid in and then she was convulsing as I began to fuck her. I pushed her hand away and took over rubbing her clit and she jerked hard and continued to have a seizure. She lifted her legs and spread them as she howled and jerked. I shuddered and held her hips as I started fucking her hard.

I pulled out and pushed back into her slippery pussy. I kept fucking her hard and my cock was slipping in and out of her womb. Kim stiffened as I buried it and began pumping more spurts of cum. I shuddered and held her tight as she jerked and shuddered while I flooded her belly. It was a couple of minutes before we caught our breath and I pulled out. I bent over Kim to kiss her, “go take a hot bath. After lunch come back down here. We are going to work on bondage.”

She grinned and wrapped her arms and legs around me, “are you going to fuck me when I’m tied up?”

I kissed her and stood up, “you’ll see.”

I let her stand and leave before going to get my robe. I waved at mom and dad before leaving and going to wash. Both mom and Kim ended up pregnant. Kim waited another two years before she had me get her pregnant again. By then mom was almost ready to have our second daughter. Dad didn’t seem to mind and Kim fucked him at least once almost everyday. Kim and I live together now as if we were married.
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