Old voyeur watches twe preteen girls explore their sexuality
I have been mostly hearing and occasionally watching two young girls tease and taunt each other for a week now. I'm in hopes they will soon break through their inhibitions and perform some sexual act, providing no adult realizes before hand whats going on and intervenes. The girls are both somewhere between 10 and 12 years old and just on the verge of budding out. Both have tiny little protruding nipple size breasts and long tanned legs with firm young muscular butts.

Celia the shorter of the two lives next door and her cousin Marie is staying with the family for the summer. The girls are spending their summer vacation whiling away the warm days. They are often left alone to fend for themselves while mom attends to shopping and other family duties.

Both girls have been enjoying jumping on a trampoline several hours a day that was located near our joint property line and out of sight of their house. It was put there to give the parents a break from the constant turmoil of kids playing. It gave me a great view of the girls as they appear above the fence. At first I smiled and took little notice as they shrieked and giggled. What got my attention the first time was when things got quiet. They had not noticed me working close to the fence clearing out weeds from the tall dense foliage, so I quietly found a knot hole to peek through.

The girls were sitting on the edge of the trampoline about 5 feet from the fence facing me, each daring the other to remove her top. Finally Marie said “ I will if you will” and pulled her t-shirt off. When Celia removed hers they began comparing their cute little nubbin breasts. They would each in the beginning reach over and pinch the others small nipples and giggles quietly. Marie was the taller and sexy of the two but Celia was more aggressive. She would take Marie's small nipple between her thumb and finger and use her other hand to rub it back and forth very fast. The intense friction appeared to give Marie both pain and pleasure at the same time. I heard her ask Celia to “do it again but softer and slower.”

Celia wanted to know “why”. Marie went on to explain “ there are places on a girls body that need to be touched softly. If you will quit fooling around I will show you some things that feel really good. It's like being tickled but better. Once you feel it you will want it all the time”. Celia said show me and Marie licked her thumb and finger then using the saliva began sensuously massaging Celia's nipple. At first Celia started to pull back then held still with her eyes closed and began to enjoy Marie's nipple massage.

As Marie finally quit Celia opened her eyes and said “Oh man that felt good. Your right it kind of tickles but the more you do it the better it feels. I was getting a warm feeling all over. It's like when I run track at school. My nipples rub against my shirt and get really sensitive. It feels so good I don't want to stop.”

Marie said “if you think that feels good I will show you something that will make you crazy. It feels so good that you will do it until you explode.”

Celia laughed and said “ I don't think I want to explode but I think I know what your talking about. Your talking about my pee-er aren’t you.”

Marie nodded her head with an all knowing smile and said “it's called a pussy or cunt or a snatch. But don't say those words in front of your mom or she will get mad. Grownups call it a vagina but don't talk about it much.”

Celia said “ I have a pair of under pants that are to small and pull up in my slit when I wear them. I love the feeling and wear them all the time. My mom keeps throwing them away but I always find them and keep putting them back in the wash. Who told you about this stuff.”

Marie blushed a bit and said “ my brother Phil has been telling me all kinds of stuff and he does things to me that feels really good. Don't say anything or my mom would kill him if she knew. He even showed me a place to watch mom do things with the guy next door. You wouldn't believe it but she goes over in his back yard when his wife isn't home and they do weird things. She started doing stuff with him after dad left.”

Celia asked with wide eyes “ what kind of weird things.”

Marie responded “they get naked and he puts his thing in her pussy. Sometimes he gets on his knees in front of her and puts his mouth on her pussy and licks and kisses it a whole lot. When he does she really moans and makes a lot of noise like she really likes it. Once I saw her get down in front of him and put his thing in her mouth and almost swallow it. When she did it got really big and long but she pushed it all the way down her throat. Phil told me his thing is called a cock or a dick and what happened when it got big was called a hard-on. Phil said mom was giving him a blow job and sucking him off. When he put his thing in her pussy it was called fucking. I watched the whole thing and it was gross, but it looked like they were having a lot of fun.”

“Oh wow. It really sounds gross. How could you stand to watch it” Celia asked.

Marie said “the first time it was kind of sick but I couldn't take my eyes off them. Phil said I would learn to like what they were doing when I get older. When I was bent over watching through the fence, Phil pulled my panties down and put his hand on my pussy and A-hole and rubbed them a lot. Phil has been doing some of those things to me and it feels really good. He says we can't do the fucking part cause I could get pregnant but we do all the other stuff, that is until he can find one of dad's rubbers if he left any when he took off.”

“Oh gosh! you didn't let him put his thing in your mouth did you” Celia asked. “That would be so gross. I wouldn't trust him. He might pee in your mouth.”.

Marie smiled with a wistful look and replied “it is one of the most fun things. You should see Phil wiggle and squirm when I suck him. If I do it enough he has what is called a climax or orgasm where he squirts this clear sticky stuff out of his dick. He said it's called semen or cum and it's what gets a girl pregnant. The first time he did it I almost barfed but when I tasted that it was just a little salty with no real taste I kind of started enjoying it.”

“Oh gross. That would make me so barfed out. If you get it in your mouth could you still get pregnant” Celia asked.

“No it has to be inside a girls pussy to get pregnant” Marie said.” He has tried to get his thing in my A-hole a couple of times but it won't fit. It hurts when he tries and I complain a lot but it feels kind of good at the same time. If he tried a little harder it would go in but I’m not going to tell him. I have been putting a hair brush handle up there and it feels so radical. The last time I did it I think I had a climax cause I almost passed out with the brush in my ass and rubbing my pussy. The feeling was so extreme but only a little sticky fluid came out after so I’m not sure. If it felt any better I think I would die.”

“When mom leaves later I want to feel what it's like. We can go in the old play house and fool around. If any one is coming we will hear them so we don't get caught” Celia said. Just then Celia's mom call them to go with her on an errand. When I saw them leave I slipped into their yard with a drill and cut a spy hole in the back wall of the old playhouse. with hopes of seeing something later. The old playhouse was a large utility shed converted over for the kids. It was built on the property line and my utility shed backed up on it. I drilled a small hole in a unnoticeable but advantageous location that went through to my shed. Before they returned I cleared out a section of my shed so I would have a comfortable area to sit and observe anything the girls might do.

To my great disappointment Celia's mother didn't get back with them until late. They did come out and jumped on the trampoline for a while then resumed their seats on the edge to talk. Celia said “ mom's not going back out today so we better not mess around with you know what. I was sure looking forward to trying some of the things you were telling me about. It was making my pee-er kind of tingle just thinking about it. Does that mean I’m gay. I heard at school if you do things with another girl your gay”. Marie smiled and said “ I don't think so. I think your only gay if you only like females and you and I both like boys too so I think were all right. Anything we do together doesn't count or matter.”

Celia blurted out “ I get the funnest feeling inside when certain boys pay attention to me. It's a kind of tingling but it's like I want something more and don't know what it is”. Marie replied “ I have been feeling the same way for a long time and now I think whats missing is what I watched my mom doing. I think the fucking and the other stuff she does is what I want. I'm really scared when Phil fools around with me but it's really exciting and feels so good. If you get a chance see if he will do it to you”. Celia closed her eyes and said “ oh boy! I can't wait to see if he will.”

Before they went inside they both agreed to look around for items like hair brushes or candles to bring out to the playhouse for later entertainment. As they discussed shapes and sizes and the need for a lubricant I was about to squirt a load in my pants as I pictured the things they might do. Oh shit will tomorrow never come. I don't think I can wait.

The dense foliage around that area of the yard is now weed free. I have spent hours digging and biding my time in hopes of some action to start. The girls have brought out an assortment of small round objects they discuss and share with each other before hiding them in the playhouse. I was in hopes of seeing large phallic objects with visions of baseball bats and the like. What they did bring was a hair brush with a rounded handle and several candles with a small tube of hand lotion to use as a lubricant. With the exception of one very long candle most items were small and no longer than four of five inches.

The girls had many conversations over the following days about their toys. I was on the brink of loosing my mind with lust and had all but given up hope when as they sat talking, Celia's mom popped out to say she was having lunch with a friend and then going shopping. She had left them lunch in the frig and not to leave the property or get in trouble. Also if they need her call on her cell. Both girls yelled “OK” and turned away smiling wickedly at each other.

As Celia's mom pulled out of the driveway the girls walked over to the playhouse. I had already entered my shed and was anxiously waiting with my eye at the spyhole. The girls came in and brought out their stash of toys. Celia looked at Marie and said “ I’m really nervous. What do we do first”. Marie said “ well first you take off your shorts and panties.”

Celia stood and slid her shorts off and dropped her cotton panties. She stood there wearing only a short t-shirt and sandals. Her small hairless pubic mound glistened as if it was oiled and the pale skin contrasted with her dark tanned legs. Marie stepped forward and squatted before her. She directed Celia to sit on the edge of a chair with her legs spread. Marie said “ we need to pop your cherry. I did mine a couple of months ago but never told Phil. I think it's the only thing holding him back from fucking me and I'm scared for him to start. Even if he has a rubber the first time he will want to do it without one and will start taking chances. You rub right here on this little bump at the top. This will probably hurt a bit but I will be careful.”

The sight of Marie kneeling in front of Celia's nude crotch was very sensual. Celia was rubbing her small clitoris and moaning. Marie had a small round handled brush she had liberally coated with hand lotion and was pushing it in and out of Celia's open pussy about an inch deep. Each thrust was a little harder and deeper than the last and was bumping into some obstruction. Celia moaned and said “ it feels really good but I don't think it will go any further in. This makes me tingle and burn on the inside. It feels like I have to pee really bad. Do you think I’m about to climax? Oh no! Marie it won't go in any more. It really hurts when you push harder. I think your going to hurt my insides if you keep doing that. Ohhh Nooo!”

As she shrieked the last comment the brush handle Marie was pushing disappeared into Celia's little slit about three inches. Marie stopped and removed her hand from the bristle part of the brush. It protruded from Celia's pussy with a few drops of blood dripping off. Celia looked down and saw the brush end with the small amount of blood and her eyes grew huge in fear. She feared Marie had damaged her insides and they would both be in trouble. Marie told her it was OK and to sit there leaving it inserted.

As she said it she stood up and slowly started pulling her own shorts and panties down. When they were off she kicked them free and removed her t-shirt. She stood there nude except for a pair of sandals. Her body was slender and tan. She had a sexy little butt and had not yet started to develop wider hips so there was little waist definition yet she was a total vision of underage lovleyness.

Celia was still sitting with the brush protruding from her pussy and wide open fearful eyes. She was afraid to move and asked what she should do now. Marie said” I will show you”. She retrieved the long slender red candle and after lubricating it said “watch this.” She placed one foot on the other chair giving both Celia and me an unobstructed view as she slid at least 5 inches of the candle into her taught little hairless pussy. Her pursed mouth made a sucking sound as the candle disappeared. She stood still with her eyes closed savoring the sensation for a few moments then started slowly stroking the long candle in and out of herself. Celia was spell bound watching Marie take in more of the candle on each stroke.

Celia finally asked “ I thought we were supposed to use these things on our A-holes. I didn't think you were going to put it in my pee-er”. Marie replied “it feels really good in either one but it's best in your pussy. It took me a long time to finally break my cherry and I knew if I told you what I was going to do you would have stopped me. Once it's in it just gets better feeling. How does it feel now.” Celia pondered the question for a few seconds and began slightly pushing and pulling the brush. She said “ it burns a bit but it has a real good tingling. When I push it in my muscles down there get tight and it feels even better.”

Marie said “ a girl at school says this is what we are supposed to save for marriage. The thing is we would have to go for years and years waiting to feel this good. We will both be able to enjoy this and other things now. I will show you stuff Phil taught me you won't believe, that feels so good it will make you almost faint.”

Marie extracted the candle so slowly it looked as if it might never end. When it was finally out she put it aside on the table. She took Celia’s hand and had her stand up with the brush still inserted and had her walk around the playhouse. Marie removed Celia's t-shirt so they were both totally nude except for sandals. The sight of their brown slender preteen bodies was unbelievable. The brush was slightly larger on the end which helped keep it firmly in place as Marie had Celia take long strides around her and then had her squat with her knees wide open. As she took the brush and gave it a full twist, Celia sucked in air and moaned “ ooh-myyy” in a long growl.

Marie had Celia stand back up and lean against the table while putting one foot on the chair. Her tender young pussy was now spread open and and looked violated with the small brush head still in place. Marie wet her finger in her mouth and placed it in the top of Celia's slit above the brush. She held the brush with the other hand and began a slow stroke in and out as she rubbed Celia's small clitoris in a circular motion.

Celia flinched and tried to pull away but found she could not pull her impaled pussy away from the brush handle Marie held. Her face was scrunched up with her eyes closed as she bore the intense stimulation without making a sound. Marie was obviously enjoying the sexual manipulations she was performing on her cousin. She had her tongue sticking out as if in intense concentration as she stared at what she was doing to Celia's pussy. She all of a sudden removed her finger and dipped her head forward. She softly wiggled her pointed small tongue into the cleft at the top of her pussy. Celia looked down and was astounded at what she saw and felt her cousin doing. She moaned from the pleasure Marie was imparting and said “oh Marie that feels so good, but should you be doing that. I don't think you are supposed to do things like that.”

Marie looked up and said “ everyone does stuff like this. Phil showed me on the internet. Boys and girls do this to each other all the time. If your not having fun I will stop or I could show you some other things that feel even better.”

Celia thought about it as Marie proceeded to replace the tip of her small tongue in the top of Celia's slit. Celia's mind was made up in seconds as she said “oh that feels so good. It sends little tingles through my whole body. It's like the best tickling you could feel and it makes you want more. I would like you to tell me about the other things and maybe do some of them.”

Marie continued to probe Celia's clit for another minute and then leaned back and began to tell her about the things she had learned. “ you have to forget about the things your parents said were naughty or nasty. A lot of those things are what parents do for fun. I have seen my father and then the neighbor do things to my mom that they would kill me for doing. Do you feel how naughty it feels right now to be naked. Ever time I get naked with another person I know it's supposed to be wrong but it actually feels good and our parents do it for fun all the time. I saw your mom rubbing your dad's thing through his pants the other night and your dad was getting a hard on.”

Celia opened her eyes and said “ I wondered what they were doing and laughing about. I hear them making funny noises at night sometimes. My mom says Oh God a lot. What are some of the other things people do for fun.”

Marie stood up and said “ let me show you. But first I need to pee. Give me that coffee can I don't want to have to get dressed and go inside”. She sat the can on the floor and squatted over it with legs spread wide. Then taking hold of each side of her delicate pussy lips, parted them and began squirting a stream of hot urine into the can. Celia squatted down in front of Marie and watched with rapt attention as she held the brush in her own pussy and moved it slowly. She said “ gosh!! It's even exciting to watch you pee. Why does it make me tingle and feel good just seeing you naked and peeing.”

Marie continued squirting the stream of urine as she replied “ I think cause it's something we have been taught is wrong. It gets me excited being naked and having you watch me pee. Doing something we think is wrong has an excitement to it. When you see adults say it's bad and then they get excited doing it must mean it's not really bad but something they are afraid for us to do until we are older.” Marie finished squirting with a last few pulses of pee then stood wiping the clinging drops off with her finger.

Celia stepped over the can and slowly pulled the brush handle out. As it came free she flinched and sucked in air. She squatted over the can and said “ do you want to watch me pee too. It is such a rush being exposed like this. It feels like some kind of a slick gooey stuff is coming out of me.” Marie said “ Phil told me it's called a girls cum just like a boys but we don't squirt it out like they do. It just kind of runs out slow. I know the time I thought I climaxed there was a lot more of it than before. Here let me taste it.”

She inserted her finger in Celia's cleft and rubbed up and down then inserted her finger in her mouth saying “ mmm that tasted just like mine. It's a little salty and really sticky. You should taste this and we should do a sixty nine after you pee. Phil and I do it and it's really far-out. “

The girls each inserted a finger in their own slits and tasted their juices, then inserted their fingers into each other and tasted the others essence. Both delighted in the ability to make the other squirm and probed the other deeply. Celia finally pushed Marie's arm away and said “ you have to stop. I need to pee really bad and I can't with your finger in me.”

She pulled her lips apart and started to squirt a stream of urine into the can. Marie put her finger into the stream of urine and began rubbing Celia's slit and giggled as the stream was interrupted and sprayed allover her hand. She then inserted her finger stopping the flow. She began plunging her finger in and out causing the stream to stop and start as they both began to laugh.

Marie dried her hand on a paper towel and then used it to dab at both of their pussies and said “ now for a sixty nine. This is Phil's favorite.” She then laid on her back and directed Celia to get on top of her with her head above Marie’s pussy. When Celia was in position Marie lifted her head a little and raked her pointed tongue up and down Celia's petite pussy lips. Celia shuddered with pleasure. Marie reached around her cousin's legs with both hands and pulled the delicate lips apart, then proceeded to lick the exposed area delicately.

Marie stopped for a moment and said “ when I do something to you that feels especially good then you do the same thing to me and we both can enjoy it. I will do the same and it will be like we are doing it to ourselves. “ Marie started in on Celia's pussy again with a passion. Celia reluctantly touched Marie’s pussy lips with her tongue as if testing whether she really wanted to. Soon both girls were greedily eating pussy as if they were old pro's. Celia was starting to breath hard and was grinding her crotch into Marie face. She soon stopped, arched her body and began moaning while taking quick short breaths and whispering “ oh yes! Oh yes! Oh yes! Oh please don't stop. Oh that feels so good.”

Celia looked as if she was being shocked with a low voltage current. Her body twitched and almost vibrated as she experienced her first orgasm. Her cousin finally came up blubbering saying “ Celia! I thought you were going to drown me. I couldn't swallow fast enough. You had so much cum running out of you. That was so far out and it was your first time. I think I did once but not like that. I wish I could cum like that.”

The girls both got up and sat in the chairs looking at each other sheepishly. Marie finally broke the silence saying “ I have some news you might be interested in. I heard your mom talking to mine last night and they are going to go on a day trip next week. My brother Phil is going to come here to stay with us while they are gone. That means we will have him to ourselves all day.”

Celia smiled wickedly and said as she bounced up and down “that is so great because last night I snuck upstairs and got into my dad's stash of dirty magazines and other stuff. Some of his stuff looks like the toys we brought out here but his are really big. He had so much stuff he won't notice I took a whole box of rubbers I was going to give to you to take home if you wanted them. If he will do it intend to bring Phil out here and have him fuck me a whole bunch that day. Oh gosh! I can hardly wait. How about we get some of my dad's toys and try them. I think some of them even have vibrators in them.”

Marie said with a sly smile“ wow! That sound like a lot of fun and maybe it's time for me to let Phil do it to me too. Usually it's Phil that has a surprise for me but this time I think he is in for more of a surprise than he can handle”

In my mind I was thinking I can hardly wait either and I mean HARDLY.

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Y couldnt the girls be ynger and get raped

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To Anonymous reader
2012-04-14 00:02:32
I am also 65, in my experience the hymen is in fact a little way inside. Maybe it just feels that way if the inner labia are properly engorged. But you can't rely on a picture to portray the reality.

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As soon the girls left the play house, I would have had to get that can full of girl pee and drank it all. I love drinking pee from women and really want to try some from a young girl.

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I would have lol'd if the story is just about the girls and at the end you write something like.
"And then a hobo in the bushes watching this scene just came.
The End"
Well it was funny in my head anyway.


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Sorry my approximation confused you.

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