A young girl learns all about sexual pleasure
Pam's Training

Chapter 1
My body was beginning to blossom. I was getting hair in my arm pits and
legs and in other private places. My boobs were beginning to develop and
at times I had some really strange feelings. My nipples itched as did my
pussy. Mom in one of her few sober moments had sort of told me about my
body so I knew my period would be starting soon.

And oh yes, my mother. My poor mother. I am the product of a one night
stand when my mom was 17. The sperm donor refuses to have anything to do
with us and I don't even know who he is. When Mom is gone I have searched
thru everything I can find to find out but to no avail. Mom is a sad case
of someone who needs help, and a lot of it. She is a kind loving person
but has no training except in how to please a man. She is only 30 but
looks older because of her hard life and all her drinking. To my knowledge
she doesn't do drugs. Usually she goes out at night and doesn't come home
until early morning. Once in a while she would bring a guy home with her
and he would spend the night. It was one of those nights that I was
introduced to real sex.

I had just gotten home from spending some time with one of my girl friends.
It was about 11 when I heard the front door open and lots of laughing and
carrying on as Mom and a guy entered the house. It was evident from the
conversation and how her words were slurred that she was very drunk. I was
in the living room watching TV and got up to see what was going on just as
they entered and he dumped her on the sofa. Guess she had one too many he
said. I looked at him but didn't think what he said was at all funny. Mom
was passed out completely. His attempt at humor changed to a mild case of
anger. Fuck he muttered, I spend all this money on her and now she is to
drunk to deliver. Then he looked at me. I had changed into my nighty and
should have run to my room when I heard them come in but now I was caught.
The problem with being in a nighty was that it was short and the bottom was
a thong.

Mom's boy friend looked me over up and down and started to smile. I think
you would make a fine substitute for your Mom, he said as he approached me.
I didn't know what to do but knew I was in trouble. I bet you'd love to
spend some time with a guy if you are anything like your Mom. I started to
move around him but he grabbed my arm. Oh no little lady he said. He
pulled me to him and pushed his lips down on mine. He smelled terrible,
whisky and such and tasted even worse as he forced his tongue into my
mouth. I wanted to throw up but didn't have the chance as he moved very
swiftly to accomplish his goal. He let go of my arm just long enough to
grab my nighty and lift it over my head. My aren't those cute little
titties, he observed. I bet the boys just love to play with them. He put
one arm around me and lifted me up towards him and began kissing and biting
my nipples. They were always sore anyway and that sure didn't help. Then
with his other hand he pushed my thong down and started playing with my
pussy. I begged him to stop but he just laughed and said look little lady
this is how it is. I spent a bundle on dinner and drinks for your Mom,
even gave her a hundred bucks. She's to drunk to fuck so you get to earn
that money for her.

He was so strong that this little 85 pound girl couldn't do anything. He
continued to kiss and suck my tits and finger my hole. It hurt cause he
was so rough but I decided I didn't have any choice so might as well get it
over with. I put a hand behind his head which surprised him and he said
that a girl, just relax and enjoy. Marv will fuck you like a real woman.
I became ashamed of myself because the feelings of fear and discomfort were
changing to some feelings that I had never known before. His lips on my tits
and his finger in my pussy were causing really strange sensations.

He picked me up and carried me into Mom's bedroom and thru me down on the
bed. Very quickly I was looking at the first nude man I had ever seen and
the first hard cock. It was about 6 inches long and fairly slim but I
didn't think there was anyway it was going in to my little pussy hole.
Marv surprised me because instead of climbing on he pressed his lips to my
cunny and began using his tongue. When he touched my clit I thought I was
going to explode. I couldn't help myself but put my hands on his head and
pushed my pussy harder against his face. He had his hands under my butt
and was working very hard licking and sucking. Then he moved up and lay
beside me and asked if I had ever played with a cock before. I replied no
and he said well I'll tell you what to do. He told me to take it in my
hand and gently rub it up and down. Take my other hand and play with his
balls very gently because they were very sensitive. I thought why should I
be gentle when he certainly wasn't to start with. But I did what he told
me and was surprised and maybe upset at how marvelous his cock felt in my
hand. I got very interested in my work, playing and rubbing. Then he told
me to run my tongue around the head and take it in my mouth. In nothing
flat I was giving my first blow job. Watch the teeth he kept saying. Oh
yessss now you've got it. Keep it up, keep it up. Then he pushed me back
on my back and got on top of me. I begged him to put on a condom cause I
didn't want to get preg my first time. He said he didn't have any so I
told him I knew where Mom kept some. He let me up and I got in her dresser
and got one.

Do you know how to put one on he asked. Heavens no I said, ive never even
seen one. He explained how and after some fumbling around I got it on.
Marv pulled me down on the bed with him and got on top again. This time he
pulled my legs up by his shoulders, put his hand on his cock and aimed it
at my cunny. I was very wet from his attention and the head of his cock
entered quite easily. He took his time and I adjusted quite rapidly so
there wasn't too much pain. Then his cock was pushing against my
maidenhead and it hurt when he pushed thru. He apologized but kept going
and the pain went away. He started out slowly running his hard on in and
out of my pussy. I had to admit that I was beginning to enjoy the feeling.
Then his speed picked up and just as I felt a new emotion engulf me he said
Oh yessss I'm cumming. About three more thrusts and he laid down on me,
his cock buried in my cunt.

Marv laid there for a few minutes and then started to get off. He put his
fingers down on his cock to make sure the condom came out with it. I
looked and there was a big collection of cum in the end of it. Marv just
laid out beside me with the condom on his stomach. Ever taste a guy's cum
he asked. I said no and kind of laughed. You know you are the first guy
I've done anything with. He took the condom between his fingers and rolled
over to me. Open up he said. I didn't know if I wanted to open my mouth
or not but finally did. Marv held the rubber so the contents ran out and
into my mouth. At first I just about gagged, but the kind of ran it around
in my mouth and decided it wasn't all that bad. Marv said it was much
better when sucked directly from the source.

Chapter 2
The days after my encounter with Mom's boy friend Marv, had me wondering
all about sex. Thinking about it consumed my every waking hour. And my
exploration of my body took on new and satisfying dimensions. In bed at
night I played with my tits and fingered my cunny until I had that
wonderful feeling that I had had with Marv's hard cock in me. In the
shower I used what ever I could find to penetrate it. Mom had not
mentioned that night and I didn't either. I don't know if she was curious
as to why her bed was so messed up but it was never brought up.

She went out every night as was her usual routine. About two weeks later I
was in bed when I heard her and a guy come in. They were laughing and
having fun like Mom always did when she brought home a lover. This time,
however I was very interested. I listened as they messed around down in
the living room and was about to get up and go peek in on them when they
came down the hall to Mom's room. Mom always looked in on me so I
pretended to be a sleep when the door opened. Then the party moved to her
room and with both doors shut I couldn't hear much of what was being said.

I crept across the hall and silently turned the handle on Mom's door and
opened it a crack. Mom and her fella were kissing and playing, his hand on
her tits and her's on his already hard cock. Very quickly they undressed
each other and two nude lovers took the game to a higher level. Mom went
down to the hard cock in her hand and began giving a very expressive blow
job. I was thinking back to sucking Marv's cock and thought if I had
worked that hard he would have cum in my mouth. Then her guy took over and
went down to her cunny and began licking and sucking like there was no
tomorrow. Then she said get up her horsy, I want to ride `um cowboy. He
laid on his back on the bed and Mom lowered her hot cunt down on his hard
tool and went to town. She was whooping and hollering like she was on a
bronc. Pretty soon he pulled her down to him and in one motion rolled them
both over so he was on top. He began fucking her harder and faster then
Marv ever accomplished with me. Soon he collapsed as his hot cum filled
her pussy. He laid there for a minute and then said I sure would like to
stay for seconds but i've got an early meeting so better go get some sleep.
Mom didn't even acknowledge that he had said anything and didn't say a word
as he left the room. She just laid there, legs spread like she was a
sleep. I could see his cum starting to drip out of her pussy. It was like
in a nest, a nest I was beginning to have strong feelings to explore.

I couldn't understand this very strong urge to go to my mother and do
something. I didn't know what but do something. I crept over to her and
got down on the floor between legs. I was drawn to her cummy cunt like it
was a magnet. Without any conscious effort on my part my face was getting
closer and closer. Then my cheek touched her thigh and I thought it would
be all over but she must have thought I was her boy friend coming back for
more. Her legs parted a little more allowing me to move clear into her
cunny. The next thing my tongue was licking up his sticky cum. I savored
every tongue full. The combination of his cum and Mom's juice made a very
taste treat. I licked a little harder and faster and found Mom's clit.
When I started working on it she put her hand on my head and then froze,
realizing that it wasn't her boy friend licking her pussy.

What are you doing she screamed. I ran my hands under her butt and held on
so she couldn't get away. Enjoying the wonderful reward of the great fuck
you just had with your boy friend, I said. Let go of me and stop that. I just
kept licking and she couldn't push me off. Soon her efforts to get me to
stop diminished as she began to enjoy the cunt licking she was getting. I
must have spent 10 or 15 minutes at my mother's love hole. She rewarded me
with a gusher of love juice. Stream after stream shooting as I continued
to lick her hole. Finally I just popped up beside her and asked her if I
did good. She just looked at me and said I can't believe what just
happened. If I wasn't so ashamed I would admit that it was very enjoyable.
I said she should get used to it because every time she brought a lover
home I was going to give her enjoyment after he left.

Chapter 3
Over the next month or so Mom didn't bring home one of her guys except
maybe three times. That meant I only got to devour her hot wet cum filled
cunt only three times. I decided being at the mercy of her boy friends
wasn't going to cut it so one afternoon when Mom was getting ready to go
out I popped into her room and curled up on her bed. Why don't you stay
home tonight I asked her. She looked at me with a quizzed look on her face
and asked me why? She was setting at her make up table in a white robe
with nothing on under it. I moved over to her side kneeling on the floor.
Cause then we could have a girl's night, I said. I took one of her feet in
my hand and told her I could give her a pedicure and then as I ran my hand
up her leg I said and maybe even give you a shave and a haircut. Just as I
said haircut my fingers reached her pussy and I found her clit. I pinched
it and played with it for the few seconds before she grabbed my hand and
said No No No, no more of that.

I said Oh Mom, you are such a prude. I would never touch you again if I
thought you really meant that. While I was talking to her I was also
running my hand back up to her pussy. When my fingers reached her clit and
began doing a dance with it, she started to become very sort of agitated.
Pam you just have to stop that. It just isn't right for me to allow you to
play with my pussy. No matter how good it feels. I said does that mean I
can lick it again, I can't play with it with my lips and tongue and fingers
until you reward me with a face full of love juice. Are you saying you
reallllly don't want me to give you the pleasure that I have 5 or 6 times
over the last month or so. More pleasure then you probably got from some
of your dates.

I had not removed my hand and she had not removed it for me. I was
tweaking her clit with my fingers as I fucked her with two and then three.
She kept telling me how wrong this was, saying Pam you just have to stop
and Pam please don't do that anymore. All the time spreading her legs a
little wider and opening her robe so I had no barriers before me. I moved
over toward her and took one of her breasts in my hand and kissed and bit
the nipple. Then I took the other one and repeated my attention. Then I
kissed her, full on the mouth and buried my tongue between her lips. Her
reaction was as I suspected it would be. She just moaned and tried to take
deep breaths. Then I stood up and removed my t-shirt, moving my bare tits
to right in front of her face. Then as I dropped my shorts and panties I
brushed her lips with my nipple. She grabbed me in both hands and pulled
me to her so that my breast was planted firmly in her mouth. She sucked my
tit a little and then said this is so wrong and then sucked it some more.
I didn't want to hear anymore about how bad what we were doing was so I
gave her a playful slap on the side of the face. She looked very startled
and I said for her to stop protesting. That I was going to do what I
wanted with her when ever I wanted and she wanted me to so just lay back
and enjoy. She let go of me and laid back on the bed. I decided to take
full advantage of her being under my control and moved up and lowered my
pussy down on her face. I didn't know if Mom had ever been with another
woman but she sort of acted like she had and like it. She cradled my ass
in her hands and began sucking and licking my cunt. She was very good and
had me moaning and humping like mad. I was squeezing my own tits and
pulling the nipples as she did the same thing to my clit. Very shortly my
climax began to build and then I released torrents of hot love juice into
her waiting mouth. When I was thru and she relaxed her hold on my buns I
rolled off and laid beside her. I laid there a minute and then rolled over
next to her, put my hand on her tit, kissed her on the cheek and said I
love you Mom.

We both jumped about a foot when the phone rang. I looked at the clock and
it was straight up 7 O'clock. Mom said I don't think that would be a good
idea tonight and because we have other plans and well OK as long as it
isn't a late night. She hung up and turned to me and said we have to get
ready. Marv and his son are bringing a pizza over for dinner. His son is
your age and Marv wants you two to meet. I thought yeah sure, he wants me
to fuck him. Mom headed for the shower and I followed. I wanted to join
her but she said we don't have time, they will be here in about 30 minutes.
She told me to go make her bed and then I could have the shower.

We were just barely ready when the door bell rang. Mom was in a nice
blouse that showed off her beautiful tits and a short skirt that almost
showed off her pussy. I was in t shirt and shorts. I tweaked my nipples
so they showed thru the material and made sure my shorts were low enough to
almost show my pubic hair. I decided if he wanted a slut that was what he
was going to get.

I had forgotten how handsome Marv is but his son was even better looking.
I was in love immediately. He was as tall as Marv, about 6'2" probably
about 170 pounds and really nice face. His name was Morgan. Mom and Marv
hugged and kissed then Marv gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek. Morgan
said hey do I get left out. I went over to him and gave him a hug and
started to kiss his cheek. He turned his head so my lips were on his and
then held me there while his tongue entered my mouth. The dance began. We
held that kiss for quite a while. Any way long enough that I could feel
his cock growing as he held me very tightly against him. Then Marv said
come on children, the pizza is get cold. I almost said fuck the pizza but
decided I shouldn't be too eager.

The last piece of pizza was gone and I looked at the clock. It was 5
minutes till 8 and I told myself I was going to have his cock in my hand,
mouth or pussy by 8. I got up and cleared the table and asked Morgan if he
would like to check my DVD collection. He said sure and we headed for my
room. I glanced at Mom and Marv and both were smiling. We got to my room;
I closed the door and saw that my clock said 8. I wrapped my arms around
Morgan, planted a kiss on his mouth and pushed him back on the bed. He was
very receptive and I was only a couple of minutes late in my resolve. I
just about had a heart attach when I pulled his cock out of his pants. It
was as big or bigger then I remembered his Dad's. He practically ripped my
cloths of as I did his. By 5 minutes after we were both nude, he was very
hard and I was very wet.

We kissed again and I started sucking his tongue. Then I moved down and
worked on each nipple and then his naval. Meanwhile I was stroking his
cock, running my fingers around his ball sac and gently squeezing his
balls. When I started licking his cock I thought he was going to cum right
then. I tried the best I could to take his whole cock in my mouth but it
was just tooo big. I had to settle for about 4 or 5 inches but oh what a
mouthful that was. I bobbed my head up and down as my lips caressed his
cock. He said ohhh noooo you are making me cum. And with that he shot me
one big load of hot sticky cum. I swallowed and swallowed but couldn't
keep up with production. I kept sucking and licking until he was thru and
his cock lost its erection.

Why did you do that, he asked. I wanted to fuck you. Oh you will my love
I replied. The night is young and so are we. I laid my head on his chest
and started tonguing his nipples again. Then I took his soft tool in a
firm grip and began stroking it. He didn't come around very fast so I
moved up and lowered my wet pussy on his face. He didn't react very fast
so I just started rubbing it on his mouth and nose. At first he was very
tentative; I could barely feel his tongue. Then he started getting with
the program and it felt like a small very erect cock probing my cunny. I
started rocking back and forth, and he increased his intensity. I reached
around and took his half hard cock in my hand and told him to keep it up.
Pretty soon he would be ready for me to ride him. At times it felt like
his tongue was a machine flicking at my clit. At other times it felt like
he had clamped weights to my pussy lips he was pulling on them so hard.
His cock had grown bigger then it was before so I moved down and lowered my
cunt down on it. Morgan took his cock in hand a started rubbing my pussy
with it. Then he held it steady and I slowly sat on it. Three then four
then five inches entered my love canal. Soon the whole thing was in me and
I was in heaven again. I slowly moved around working his cock in and out of
my cunt. Forward and back, side to side I moved. Morgan was talking to me
like ohhh yessss doo that some more and stuff like that. It was really
feeling good in me also. Morgan put his hands on my sides and shoved his
cock really hard into me. Then I could feel the warm glow of his cum
filling my insides. Then it was over for him but not for me. He almost
went to sleep while his cock was still in me. I got really pissed because
he didn't give a shit if I was satisfied or not, just that he was.

I laid down on the bed beside him and I to went to sleep. Sometime later
my pussy was being attended to. A tongue was flicking my clit while my
pussy lips were be gently caressed. I opened my eyes to see Mom with her
face buried in my cunt. I took her head in my hands and gently pushed my
pelvis towards her face. I had little climax after climax with my juice
flowing all over. Mom licked and licked and then laid down beside me. You
must have been really fucked from all the cum and juice in your cunt, she
said. I said ohhhh yesssss it was a royal fuck alright. Well just lay
there child and let mother clean you up.

I hope you enjoyed my story. Please vote and send any comments to
pammy2288 at yahoo dot com I answer all emails.

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2012-04-11 21:42:44
Just a comment. You did a good job of creating a story. The problem is how you posted it. A few spelling errors. You need to add punctuation and quotes to the dialog, to separate the speaking parts. Maybe do separate paragraphs for each part. Check out some of the other well written stories to see how they are posted. You have good ideas, Just improve the presentation. Keep going, not bad for a start.

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