When I caught my wife cheating on me with her boss it tore my heart out. She tried to be all loving and apologized but it hurt. I ended up across town getting drunk at my older brother’s. Susan and I had been together since junior high school. I poured my heart out to Peter and he ended up putting me to bed. The next day he sat me down and talked me into going to dad’s cabin for a couple of weeks.

Susan was at work when we pulled up at my house and he watched me pack before I drove off. I don’t know if I would have left if I had known what Peter planned. I spent two weeks thinking and trying to decide what to do about Susan. When I went home it was to a completely different life and a different wife.

I walked through the door and stopped as Susan walked to me from the kitchen. She was completely naked and her usually trimmed pussy was bald. There was a tattoo above her bald slit, ‘Sam’s Whore.’ I didn’t know what to say as she melted into my arms and kissed me passionately. She stepped back and took my hand before leading me into the front room. When I was in front of the couch she turned and undressed me.

She sat me on the couch and picked up the remote for the TV and DVD player. She straddled me and guided my cock to her pussy and sat down. I sighed and shivered as she moaned and leaned into me. She finally leaned back and looked into my face, “I’m sorry Sam. I won’t cheat anymore. Peter said I was to make you watch my… training.”

She turned on the TV and hesitated before turning on the DVD, “This is just the first day.”

The video started and if I wasn’t buried to the balls in her, I would have left. Susan leaned against my chest and spread her legs wider to get me even deeper inside her, not that I could unless her womb opened. The screen started with Susan walking through the door and four guys grabbing her. They pulled her screaming back to the bedroom where they cut her clothing off with scissors and held her on the bed on her stomach.

Peter sat on the bed beside her and slapped her ass hard, “Before you get fucked, this is payback for hurting my brother. From now on you will ask his permission before letting anyone fuck you. If you don’t I will beat you. If you refuse anyone, I will beat you. If you don’t beg for their cum, I will beat you. When I am finished, you will have all the hair on your pussy removed permanently and put a tattoo above it saying you are my brother’s whore. If you ever cheat again I will take you to South America and sell you to a cheap whorehouse.”

Peter stood up and the men turned Susan over and one man moved between her legs. She screamed and struggled and the man moved back. They turned her over and Peter used a wooden paddle to beat her ass until she was begging for it to stop. They turned her over and the man moved back between her legs. Susan hesitated, “Can I fuck him Peter?”

Peter leaned over and slapped her tit, “You ask Sam!”

Susan cringed, “Can he fuck me Sam?”

Peter nodded and the guy shoved into Susan and started fucking her. He wasn’t gentle and didn’t care if she got anything out of it. Five minute later he groaned, “I’m going to cum whore!”

Peter leaned over them, “Beg for it slut!”

She nodded in fright, “Please cum in me.”

The guy jerked and slammed into her a couple of times before holding still. Susan jerked and looked a little wild eyed as he pumped his cum deep inside her. When he finished and pulled out the camera zoomed in to show his cum leaking out. I looked away from the screen to Susan. She was leaning on me as her hips slowly fucked my cock, “I was terrified at first but excited too.”

A second man moved onto the bed between her legs and she looked away, “Please Sam, can he fuck me.”

Peter leaned over and slapped her tit again, “You better start sounding like you mean it whore!”

She had screamed and nodded quickly sounding more eager, “Can he fuck me Sam, please?”

Peter nodded to the guy and he shoved into her slimy pussy. He was like the first guy and fucked her hard. This time I saw her hips moving as she started fucking him back. I groaned and pulled Susan against me as my cock jerked. She moaned, “Cum in me Sam. Please, please!”

I shuddered and spewed cum deep inside her as she shuddered on my lap. I looked at the TV and the guy groaned, “I’m going to cum whore!”

The Susan on the screen was shuddering, “Cum in me please!”

The guy shuddered and she started grunting as he pumped his spunk into her spasming pussy. When he stopped he just pulled out and got off the bed to walk away. As my cum began to leak around my still hard cock she began to fuck me with tiny thrusts. I rubbed her back, “How many did you take that first day?”

Susan was hesitant to answer but finally she whispered, “Thirty.”

I pushed her back to look into her face and she kept looking down. Finally she shrugged, “I’m a whore Sam and I loved it. I love having a cock in me.”

She looked up into my face, “That first week Peter had so many men fucking me that I couldn’t think of anything except the next cock. I was begging for them to fuck me Sam.”

She took a breath and looked over her shoulder at herself getting fucked. She looked back at me with a smile, “As much as I loved it, I won’t cheat. Not because of what Peter threatened but because I don’t need to. The real lesson I learned was that as much as I love cock, I love you more.”

“I love the way you make me feel. I like the way your cock spreads me open and pushes against my womb. I love the way you touch me and hold me. To them I was just a pussy to fuck and cum in, just like for my boss.”

Susan caressed my face, “We are going to have a lot more sex though.”

I squeezed her and then pushed her back and off me. I pulled her around the couch and bent her over the back. I pushed into her cummy pussy and fucked her while watching another man pumping cum into her shaking body. Susan was shuddering and jerking in a couple of minutes.

She was thrusting her butt back for my cock as I fucked her nice and deep. It took me longer to cum this time. Susan continued to shudder and jerk while her pussy spasmed. When I was finally ready I pushed against her womb, “Susan?”

She groaned, “Please cum in me Sam, please!”

I shuddered and pumped another thick load of cum against her womb as I held her hips against me. Susan jerked with each spurt and shuddered between them. When I finished she sighed and I slowly pulled out. I hesitated and then stood her up and turned her around. I caressed her face and then kissed her before grabbing my suitcase and pulling her after me towards the bedroom.

I only dropped the suitcase as I continued into the bathroom. I started a shower and pulled Susan in with me. She kept caressing me and giving me kisses as I washed her. I cupped a breast as she stood in front of me with her back against my chest. I thought about something and looked at the side of her face, “Did you use birth control?”

She nodded as she looked down and then turned in my arms. She leaned against me, “You saw the tattoo Peter made me get?”

I nodded and she looked up, “I paid for it by letting him fuck me.”

She took a breath, “Peter took my pills away the day before yesterday and I have douched four times since he fucked me.”

I tilted her head, “Are you saying you might be pregnant?”

She hesitated and then nodded, “I douched right after.”

I sighed, “And I just came in you twice.”

Susan cupped my face, “It doesn’t matter. I won’t douche after you fuck me. If I am pregnant with Peter’s child then…”

I stopped her, “Peter can’t have children.”

She blinked and then grinned and seemed relieved, “Then you get to do the job.”

I caressed her breasts and then looked into her face, “Are you sure Susan?”

She kissed me and then turned and put her hands on the wall and wiggled her butt, “Please fuck me Sam.”

I smiled as I caressed her butt and then moved behind her and pushed my cock into her. I fucked her slow and deep and she shivered with each thrust. When I rubbed her warm asshole she jerked and shoved back hard, “YES! Finger my ass, please Sam!”

I kept fucking her and began pushing my finger against her asshole. A moment later her ass opened and my finger slipped in so I started finger fucking her ass. I pulled out of her pussy and slowly pushed my cock into her warm ass. Susan grunted and pushed back as my cock forced her ass open. When I started fucking her, she groaned and shuddered really hard squeezing my cock, “Yes! Fuck my ass!”

I held her hips and fucked her hard and deep and she only jerked and shuddered. It wasn’t long before I needed to cum and I didn’t want to cum in her ass. I pulled out and shoved back into her pussy. I slid in all the way and held her hips as I groaned. Susan shuddered and looked back, “Cum in me Sam!”

I shuddered as my cock jerked and then I was pumping thick spurts of cum. She jerked and shuddered as I spewed cum into her until it began leaking out. When I stopped cumming I sighed and pulled out. I turned Susan and reached down to clean her pussy. I led her out of the shower and we dried off. I slipped a pair of sleeping pants on and we went into the kitchen.

I decided to fix dinner and sat Susan on the counter by where I was working. When the door bell rang she hopped off the counter and kissed my cheek before walking naked to the door. At first I was worried about her being naked but she came back leading Peter. He looked a little red faced and I frowned, “If I had known what you were going to do…”

He nodded and looked at Susan, “She deserved what she got.”

I looked at him and knew he had only been paying her back. I looked at Susan as she fidgeted, “Yes?”

She blushed and embraced me rubbing against me. She looked into my face, “You said he can’t have children. Can he fuck me Sam, please?”

I looked at a flushed faced Peter and then grinned, “She’s my whore. Take her to bed and fuck her Peter.”

He looked from me to Susan, “But…”

I waved my hand, “You made her this way. You go fuck her.”

He grinned as she walked to him and took his hand before heading towards the bedroom. I went back to cooking ignoring the thought of my brother with Susan. It was fifteen minutes before they came back and she looked sated. Peter was a little red faced as I set the table and put dinner on it. Susan came to sit in my lap and we fed each other. I looked at Peter after we were done eating, “I guess you want a niece or nephew.”

He blushed and looked at Susan, “She…”

He cleared his throat and looked at me, “I only have one brother. Yes, I would like more family.”

I cupped one of her tits, “Well, give my whore nine months and you’ll have one. Of course she will be even hornier so I might need some help. We do have room if you would be willing to move in.”

He looked at me, “Are you sure Sam?”

I smiled, “Both of us in bed with her, fucking her all the time, what’s to think about.”

Susan laughed, “I’ll have two husbands.”

I tugged on a nipple, “Did you get double fucked?”

She shivered and looked at Peter, “No.”

I looked at Peter, “Front or back?”

He grinned, “Back.”

I stood as Susan slid off my lap with a huge grin. I led her back to the bedroom with Peter following. I pulled my sleeping pants off and lay back on the bed. Susan straddled me and rubbed my chest, “will you and Peter fuck me Sam?”

I tugged on a nipple, “yes.”

She grinned as she lifted up to fit my cock to her cummy pussy. I pulled her down and she shuddered as my cock slid into her. She slowly fucked my cock and then stopped moving as the bed shifted and Peter moved behind her. I could feel his cock as he slowly pushed into her ass. I held her as my brother started to slowly fuck her ass deeper.

Susan shuddered and her pussy tightened and squeezed my cock. She shook her head and moaned as I pulled out when Peter pushed in. I fucked into her and Peter pulled back. Susan gasped, “YES!”

Peter and I both laughed and kept fucking her with firm, deep strokes. She just shook and spasmed between us. Every couple of minutes her pussy would tighten and squeeze me as she cried out. It was awhile before Peter grunted, “Sam?”

I shuddered as I felt his cock throbbing and jerking. Susan jerked and shuddered, “Cum in my ass Peter!”

I held Susan’s hips as he pumped and spewed cum in her. She sighed as he slowly pulled out. I smiled and caressed her hips before rolling over. I started fucking her hard and deep and she just grunted and thrust up to meet me. It wasn’t long before I grunted and shoved into her as my cock jerked and throbbed. Susan shuddered and gasp, “Come in me baby, please!”

I shuddered as I pumped and spurted against her womb. Susan was racked with shakes and spasms as her pussy milked my spewing cock. When I stopped, she sighed and then pulled me down for a passionate kiss. She grinned, “That was great Sam.”

I caressed her face before moving off her. Peter grinned as I slid out of bed, “She’s a good whore.”

I sighed and turned to shut the light off, “I get the right side of the bed.”

Peter laughed as he pulled the covers up over him and Susan. After I slipped into bed she snuggled against me, “I’m so sorry I hurt you.”

I nodded and she sighed as she put her head on my shoulder. I woke a couple of hours later when I heard Susan whisper, “Will you fuck me Peter?”

I turned to see a sleepy Peter push her onto her back and move between her legs. I turned onto my side and reached between them to rub her nipples, “Horny?”

Susan groaned as Peter thrust into her and started to fuck her. She was grunting and shaking as my brother fucked her hard. It wasn’t long before he slammed into her and she jerked, “FUCK! Cum in me Peter!”

My cock was rock hard and drooling when Peter pulled out. As he moved off I moved between her legs and shoved into her. I fucked her with deep thrusts that had her convulsing. This was my fuck and Susan just held me as I fucked her slimy pussy.

I rubbed against and ground on her groin each time I was buried inside her. Susan continued spasming and jerking while her slimy pussy contracted and rippled around my cock. It wasn’t long before she started bucking and thrashing around, “FUCK YES!”

I grunted as I shoved into her and began spewing cum. Susan jerked, “YES! Cum in me Sam!”

I pumped and spurted thick ropes of sperm while she continued to shake. When I stopped cumming she sighed and relaxed, “Thank you Sam.”

I kissed her and pulled out to roll onto my back. Peter chuckled as Susan turned to snuggled against me. I grinned and caressed her naked body before relaxing and falling asleep. I woke as Peter slipped off the bed and headed towards the bathroom.

I smiled and looked at Susan’s sleeping face before kissing her awake. I heard Peter in the shower and patted her butt, “Go make sure Peter is satisfied before he leaves.”

She grinned and kissed me before rolling out of bed and walking towards the bathroom with a sexy sway to her hips. I got up and slipped a pair of pants on before heading towards the kitchen and the coffee pot. It was a little while before my brother walked in dressed. He took the offered cup and looked at me after taking a drink, “You sure about this Sam?”

I shrugged, “better my brother than a stranger. Move your stuff in if you want.”

He nodded, “You going back to work?”

I nodded, “I need to.”

When I got home Peter was in the backyard with a naked Susan. He was making her pose in the sprinkler as he took pictures. I grinned and went to change before coming back out. Peter saw me and grinned, “I’m taking black and white stills.”

I grinned as Susan came to me and knelt in front of me. She reached out to open my pants and pulled my cock out before looking up at my face, “Can I suck your cock Sam?”

I caressed her face, “Go ahead.”

She started licking my cock and I groaned before glancing at my brother. He was grinning as he walked around us and snapped more pictures. Susan finally put my cock in her mouth and started fucking it all the way to her throat. I shuddered and pushed her back before pulling her up against me for a kiss. I turned her around and she spread her legs as she bent over.

I bent my cock and pushed into her before pulling her up against me. I reached around her to cup her breasts and she shuddered as her pussy tightened and squeezed my cock. She turned her head for a kiss and I held it as I turned with her and shuffled to the lawn table. I let her go and she laid forward onto the table as I started fucking her was deep strokes.

She was shuddering and her pussy felt a little slick so Peter must have fucked her already. She jerked and spasmed hard a couple of minutes after I started fucking her. She covered her mouth and screamed, “fuck me!”

I shuddered and rubbed her warm asshole, “I’m going to cum.”

Susan jerked, “In me Sam, Please cum inside me!”

I groaned as I pressed that tiny bit more to open her womb before I began spurting and pumping cum. Susan jerked and shuddered hard as she felt warm sperm exploding into her belly, “YYYYEEEESSSSSS!”

I grunted as I jabbed into her and kept filling her pussy. When I stopped Susan sighed and shuddered as she relaxed. I pulled out and rubbed through her messy pussy, “Dry off and come inside.”

I pulled my pants up and went into the house. Peter followed and grinned as he set the camera on the table, “I’m heading out to see a friend.”

I nodded and turned as Susan walked in. She came to embrace me as Peter left. I pulled her back to the bed and laid her down before starting to caress her body. She shuddered and smiled as I bent to suck on one of her nipples. I took my time and felt her and caressed her body until she was breathing hard. She groaned and pulled on me, “please fuck me Sam!”

I turned and slipped between her legs before kissing her as I pushed into her slimy pussy. She groaned into my mouth as her warm pussy tightened. I started fucking her with long, deep thrusts and it wasn’t long before she began to convulse.

She lifted her legs to wrap them around my waist as her pussy squeezed my cock almost constantly. I buried my cock in her womb and slow jabbed and humped in and out. Susan slowly stiffened and then she jerked and screamed as she began to buck and thrash around. I rode her and started to fuck her with hard, deep thrusts.

She howled and kept jerking as she got wetter and lifted her legs straight up. It was almost five minutes before I buried my cock as it jerked and throbbed. She clutched at me as her slimy pussy tightened and wailed, “CCCOOOMMMMEEEEE...IIINNN...MMMMEEEEEE!”

I shuddered and pressed into her hard as I began spurting again. I pumped spurt after spurt and she kept jerking with each warm eruption of sperm as it filled her. When I stopped cumming she groaned and relaxed, letting her legs drop to the bed. I rolled onto my back but pulled her with me so she ended on top. She sighed and put her head on my shoulder.

Peter only stayed a year before he got a new job offer across the country, it was to good to pass up so he left. Susan is a stay at home mom and we are more happy now. I fuck her a dozen times a day and she loves it.
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