Mom was barely fourteen when she had me. My father’s family had sent him away but didn’t want legal problems so they paid mom a quarter of a million dollars. I guess mom was smart enough to invest in a good company and not touch the money until she was eighteen and on her own. She had my sister Tracy when she was sixteen but wasn’t as lucky, the guy ran off and she never heard from him.

My grandmother helped raise me and Tracy, at least until mom was almost twenty. Grandma died and mom took care of us after that with interest from the money she had made with her investment. We never really saw mom with any guys. She always said she was waiting for me. That always made me feel good, special.

My name is Will, I’m sixteen now and very fit. I don’t do sports in school, the other guys teased me about the size of my balls… well, the size of my cock too, but more often it was my balls. Tracy was fourteen and had short brown hair and a great body with a slim waist. She took after mom, mom had just turned thirty and looked twenty.

She colored her hair so it was blonde. Her body made me want to jack off, her tits looked firm and perky. I had seen her naked once, a year ago when I had walked into her bedroom while she was changing. I had stood there frozen, staring at her and she had smiled, turned me around and given me a push to her door.

Mom and Tracy had been acting strange lately and mom had sold grandma’s house. We moved across the country and she bought a large one story house with an indoor pool and spa. Almost from the moment we got there I could feel tension. It was summer so Tracy and I didn’t have to worry about school yet.

I had decided to swim some laps the first morning we were there. Mom stopped me at the door into the pool area, “No clothes or bathing suits in the pool or spa.”

I looked at her in surprise and a little shock and she caressed my face, “My turn to see you.”

I blinked and suddenly saw the humor and laughed. She grinned and gave me a shake before turning away. I watched her walk, my eyes dropping to her butt. I shrugged and pulled my suit off before walking out to the pool. I guess I got lost in swimming because it was only after I stopped and walked out that I realized that mom was laying back in a lounge chair watching. I stopped walking and stared at her naked body until she chuckled, “Come sit down.”

I smiled and walked to the lounge chair beside her. I sat and leaned back and mom smiled as she relaxed. Tracy walked out a few minutes later and right away I knew mom and Tracy had been talking. She was naked like mom and wasn’t hesitant or embarrassed. She stopped next to mom and leaned over to give her a passionate kiss.

When she was done, she walked to the lounge chair on the other side of me and sat down as if she hadn’t done anything. When I looked from her to mom, mom was looking back at me and smiled, “I told you I was waiting for you. Your sister just keeps me warmed up.”

Tracy laughed, “You only have one setting mom, hot.”

Mom grinned, “Maybe your brother could inject me with something to cool me down.”

She looked down at my cock as Tracy laughed again. I was blushing and finally grinned and got up. I didn’t let mom get up, I moved over her and spread her legs with my knees. I waited but she only smiled and held her arms out. I guided my cock to her wet looking pussy and pushed.

I groaned as my cock slid into her and she shivered as I lay on her body with my cock deep inside her. It was a few moments before I pulled back and started to fuck her. She laughed and wrapped her legs around my butt, “Slow down honey.”

I did as she said but the feeling of a real woman was just too good. I buried my cock against her womb and started spewing my first load of cum inside a woman. Mom jerked and shuddered, “Oh my that feels good.”

It was a minute before I stopped. I felt embarrassed but mom only rubbed my back, “It was your first time honey. You’re still hard, do it again.”

I looked at her and started fucking her messy pussy. She still felt really good, even slimy from my cum and Tracy moved to sit beside us to caress my shoulders, “We need a lover Will.”

I groaned and mom laughed, “After you cum this time, you need to fuck Tracy.”

I shivered as her pussy spasmed and she moaned. Even as I kept fucking her, my cock felt really sensitive. And I had to hold still when I shoved into her all the way. After a minute I started fucking her again, only harder. Mom shivered and shook as I started pounding her pussy.

It was a few minutes before she jerked and had these seizure like convulsions and her pussy spasmed around my pumping cock. I shoved into her hard, hitting the back of her spasming pussy before spewing a huge stream of cum that just seemed to keep going. I shuddered and jerked as mom jerked and thrust her pussy up, “Yes! Pump your baby cream in me!”

I held my spurting cock deep in her and shivered as I filled her pussy and felt it run out around my throbbing cock. When I finally stopped and slowly pulled out, she groaned and shuddered before slowly closing her legs. I sat beside her and cupped a breast, “I love you mom.”

My mother smiled and reached for Tracy’s hand, “We really do want you as our lover.”

I smiled and looked at Tracy, “Tracy isn’t on birth control.”

Tracy blushed and reached out to wrap her hand around my still hard cock, “That’s because I want to get knocked up like mom did.”

I looked at mom and she smiled, “That’s why I bought such a large house.”

I looked from Tracy to mom and then stood before taking Tracy’s hand, “In my bed wench.”

Tracy and mom both laughed and I led Tracy back into the house. We took a quick shower to wash off the chlorine and then I led her to bed. I lay beside her and began to softly caress her body. She sighed and shivered when I caressed her breasts and gave her nipples a gentle tug.

I slipped my hand down and like I had in so many dreams, began to slip my finger in and out of her. Tracy shivered as I rubbed her clit and slipped my finger in and out of her pussy. She spread her legs a little more, “Fuck me, Will.”

I smiled and leaned over to suck on one of her nipples before moving over her. I slowly forced my thick cock into her tight pussy and Tracy groaned. I held her so she could get used to me and she shuddered, “God Will, I’ve wanted this for almost two years.”

I kissed her softly and pulled back. I fucked her with long, slow, deep thrusts and she was shaking each time I buried my cock to push against her cervix. She finally started convulsing as her pussy spasmed, “WILL!”

She shook and jerked as she bucked up onto my thrusting cock. I buried my cock and started humping and grinding against her. Tracy moaned and shuddered as she began thrusting her hips against mine. It was only a moment before I held her shaking hips as I began pouring cum against her womb.

Tracy sighed as she felt the warm sperm filling her. I pumped and spurted in her and she jerked with each jet of cum before sighing as I stopped. I slowly pulled out and lay next to her to feel her breasts and tug on a nipple. “I am going to fuck you and mom so much.”

She laughed as she turned on her side to see me, “Promises, promises.”

I grinned and leaned over to give her a passionate kiss. I cupped her breast, “Come have breakfast and then lay out by the pool.”

Tracy smiled and rolled to kiss me again and then slid out of the bed as I climbed off. We found mom in the kitchen having coffee and looking at ads from the paper. She grinned, “I was just going to come find you. They have a sale at my favorite store.”

Tracy grinned and looked at me, “Lingerie store.”

Mom grinned and I laughed, “Do I get a show later?”

They laughed and mom looked at Tracy, “If you’re good.”

After breakfast they disappeared as I went to my room. I started going through the stuff I hadn’t unpacked and throwing out a lot of old stuff. I finally looked around and sighed as I started taking down posters and throwing away almost everything. My room looked almost barren, even the desk looked childish.

When mom walked in, I was a little withdrawn. She looked around and then came to put her arm around me, “What happened to all your pictures?”

I sighed, “They were okay when I was little but…”

She looked around, “We can go out to look at furniture.”

She suddenly laughed and turned me, “Or… you could move in with me.”

I smiled and hugged her, “I was planning to sleep with you and Tracy but I need to appear to have my own room.”

I kissed her and she moaned as her hips pressed against mine. I dropped my hands to her butt and pressed against her. Mom shivered and kissed me passionately before pushing me back and reaching for my pants. I smiled and let her pull them down and off before pulling her up and reaching for the zipper on her skirt. I let her skirt drop and knelt to pull her tiny panties off.

I stood and pulled her blouse off before turning her and unfastening her bra and letting it fall to the floor. I backed mom to the bed and she sat down suddenly when her knees hit. I grinned and knelt to lift and push her legs open. I licked through her pussy and covered her clit. I started wiggling my tongue against her clit and she started shuddering. She groaned and pushed my face away, “Fuck me Will.”

I grinned and stood her up before turning her around. I bent my cock and pushed into her slowly. She shuddered and thrust back, making my cock slam against her cervix. I held her hips as I began fucking her with long, deep thrusts that made her grunt and moan. A few minutes later mom began shaking and her pussy tightened and squeezed my cock as she screamed, “YES!”

I fucked her hard as her pussy continued to squeeze my cock. I finally slowed to almost pulling out of her before slowly pushing all the way back in to press against her womb. Mom went rigid as she locked her legs and screamed, FUCK!”

I pulled out of her and turned her around before pushing her back on the bed. I spread and lifted her legs again before pushing into her pussy. Mom jerked as I started to fuck her and held her legs up, “YES, FUCK ME!”

I was slamming against her cervix each time I thrust into her and a few minutes later I shuddered as my cock began throbbing and jerking. I thrust against her womb just in time to start spewing cum. Mom jerked and convulsed as warm sperm began filling her, “I’M CUMMING BABY!”

I held my cock against the opening to her womb as I continued to spurt and pump cum and she only jerked and spasmed as it flooded her. When I stopped cumming she sighed and wrapped her legs around my waist, “Thanks honey.”

I grinned and kissed her before pulling out and helping her up. Mom caressed my face, “Get dressed honey and we’ll go look at some new furniture.”

Tracy was all for more shopping and hung on my arm as we walked through the store. I bought a complete bedroom set including a new king size bed. (Mom and Tracy had both grinned at that.) When we got home I headed for the pool and stripped before diving in. I swam a few laps and got out and rinsed off at the pool side shower. I walked into the kitchen to see mom and Tracy making an early dinner.

I smiled and crossed to Tracy before pulling her to the table as she grinned. I dropped my clothes and sat before pulling her onto my lap. I opened her blouse to cup her breasts before undoing her bra. She lifted up and wiggled out of her skirt and panties and mom laughed as I lifted my cock. Tracy straddled me and slowly sat on my cock. I shuddered as my cock pushed into her and looked at mom, “I haven’t asked mom. Are you on birth control?”

Tracy laughed and thrust back and forth, “No she isn’t and yes she wants you to knock her up.”

Mom grinned as she looked at us, “I think two or three more kids will be enough.”

I held Tracy’s naked body against me, “Maybe and maybe four or five.”

She laughed and came to kiss me passionately. Tracy shuddered as her pussy spasmed and squeezed my cock. Mom went back to making dinner and I started caressing my sister’s sides and hips. She was rocking and thrusting back and forth as her tight pussy milked my cock. The head of my cock was constantly rubbing and pushing against her cervix.

Finally it opened and I pushed a tiny bit deeper. Tracy howled and began to thrash around as I tried to hold her. She squirted a little as her pussy spasmed and continuously squeezed my cock. It seemed to just keep going as she jerked and spasmed with my cock buried to her womb. I finally shuddered and pulled her down and against me as my cock erupted and I began spewing strong spurts of cum.

Tracy wailed as warm cum filled her and slowly her jerks and spasms stopped. When I was done cumming she sighed and hugged me, “You keep doing that and I’ll be pregnant soon.”

I smiled, “good.”

She grinned and kissed me before relaxing with my cock still throbbing inside her. Both mom and Tracy did get pregnant. So far mom has had four little girls and Tracy has had two boys. I go to a local college now and Tracy will be starting next fall. We plan to start our own business after Tracy graduates.
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