Inhibitions give way to growing love and a budding romance.
Waiver Note: This is a fictional narrative about men in their late twenties entering into a sexual relationship with underage adolescent young women. The whole of the chapters involves a spectrum of topics ranging from fantasies to complete sexual unions. If the topic is not of interest or offensive to you, please cease reading immediately and move on.

To those who proceed, I apologize for the chapters being long. However, I found it necessary to articulate the story I wanted.

-- seltra

- - -

Throughout the night, Rick’s dreams were laced with images of Adelle in various situations, causing more than one wet dream as he slumbered. He would remember some of them: Adelle, instead of Lexi, being a waitress at the restaurant where he worked, where she took him into the changing area and gave him a blowjob; Adelle being the dancer at the strip bar he had gone to a couple weeks ago, then providing a private show afterwards; Adelle inviting him in to have a shower with her and fondling one another’s bodies before he gave her an intricate tongue treatment; and others.

His current dream was more of a nightmare – he was on his couch with Adelle, deeply involved with each other’s intimate passion. His hands explored the young beauty as she straddled him, their reproductive organs unified, while she thrust meaningfully against his midsection. The dreadful part was when her parents returned early from their business trip and walked into the apartment during their sexual embrace. Adelle wouldn’t lift herself off him, but repeatedly enjoyed pressing herself against him while ignoring her parents. He attempted to apologize profusely to them. Unfortunately, they were still dialling the police—

A slight creak awoke Rick from his slumber. To his relief, the fleeting image disintegrated only to be replaced with his dark bedroom, devoid of life – or was it?

The remnants of sleep blurred his vision. He could see his door was slightly ajar, just enough for someone to pass inside, which he considered odd since he always shut it. The picture began to clear and he realized then he was also staring at the shapely figure of a young female crossing the floor towards his bedside. He glanced at the clock which read 3:44am. It required a couple seconds to regain his bearings and realize the figure approaching was none other than the object of his wanton dreams: Adelle!

“Uncle Rick,” she asked tenderly, “are you awake?”

“Actually, just coming to,” he responded as he wiped some sleep from his eyes and sat up. “Can I get you something, Adelle?”

“I’m tired but I can’t fall asleep on couch very well. I didn’t last couple nights either. I was wondering,” she hesitated, obviously embarrassed about the question on her mind, “can I sleep with you?”

Rick looked upon her. In the dim lighting she stood there in a pair of light-coloured beige panties and her white tank-top. Her hands were clasped in front of her in a sign of humility and innocence, expecting this favour. This could be it! This is the moment of truth, Rick realized, No, this is not a good idea!

“Yeah, I suppose. There’s plenty of room here for two,” he found himself answering without any control, as he opened up his queen-size covers for his invitee. A shout originated in his mind: MOUTH AND ARMS, WHY ARE YOU BETRAYING ME!? The accusation was unanswered.

“Thanks, Uncle Rick. You won’t even notice me here. I have trouble falling asleep in a different place and need some comfort.” She began to climb under the covers with him. Rick wondered whether that was the truth or a convenient story.

Keep cool; get a hold of yourself, Rick, he ordered himself. She can sleep with you. There’s no harm in that. If something’s going to happen, let her have control of the reins. Fortunately, she hadn’t mentioned any moisture within the covers yet and Rick found himself hoping against hope that any fluids he had spilled in his sleep had dried already.

That’s when Adelle noticed something she hadn’t before due to the covers. Rick felt a feminine arm graze against his waking privy member as Adelle slid up beside him. She gasped in delighted surprise. “Ummm...Uncle Rick? You’re...not wearing any clothes, are you?” she asked, a slight delighted surprise in her voice.

Damn your idiocy, Rick! Now what!? “ Just – just a sec, Adelle. Close your eyes, ok?” He clambered out of the other side of the bed and stood with his back to his new sleeping companion. Now, what did I do with those...ah, there they are. Great, just my luck! His boxers still lay across the room at the doorway. Having little other choice, he proceeded to cross the room and retrieve them. Having replaced some guard around his now semi-erect penis, Rick returned to the opposite side of the bed and reoccupied his location adjacent to Adelle. He noticed she was watching him.

“Hey!” he chided, “Did you have your eyes open the whole time?”

“Mm hmm,” she confessed and smiled wistfully. “I didn’t actually agree to close my eyes, did I?”

“Adelle...” Rick started, but couldn’t find the words.

“It’s fine, Uncle Rick. I just wanted to see that chiselled body of yours again – and that your one-eyed beast, too, if I was lucky, but I didn’t get a good look. Oh, well; maybe next time,” she yawned. Rick couldn’t believe he was hearing this from her youthful mouth. He relaxed onto his back while Adelle curled up next to him, facing away. He felt the stirring in his crotch increase as her backside pressed against him. “Uncle Rick?” she queried.

“Hmmm?” he asked nervously.

“Spoon me?”

He took a deep breath and exhaled slowly. They’d already made it this far; what was spooning now? “Alright.” Here we go, Rick thought as he turned on his side, his arm underneath the pillow she lay on. She nestled onto his arm, into his groin and against his chest, sighing contentedly. He was at a loss of where to put his right arm so he lay down his side. His erection continued to expand.

She registered its absence. “Where’s your arm?” Adelle demanded kindly. Again, Rick consented himself to defeat and rested his arm down her legs. The touch of her smooth, delicate skin within his palm was intoxicating. He detected his manhood was expanding by leaps and bounds now. Surely she would notice soon, if she hadn’t already. He dreaded to know what would happen next. Unfortunately, she wouldn’t have any of his on-the-legs comfort. “No, Uncle Rick, I need your hand and arm around me to comfort me,” she requested.

Hesitantly, Rick relocated his arm around her waist. His erection was pulsing now, at near-full expansion. He could feel her exposed midriff in his hand stiffen as she slowly breathed in and out a heavy but amused sigh. “Here,” she offered and gently took his hand in hers and directed his arm around her chest between her breasts, his hand finally coming to rest just below her left collar bone. He considered himself lucky (and simultaneously unlucky) she wasn’t topless or anything – yet. Still, he knew he had reached full extension and width in his boxers. There was no way she wasn’t feeling his growth now.

“Adelle...I really don’t know if—”

She cut him off with, “Please, Uncle Rick? It’s really soothing for me. I’ll be able to fall asleep better this way. In fact—,” she suggested and with that, removed Rick’s hand, only to replace it in the same spot, this time under her shirt! Rick could feel the silky softness of her malleable teenage mammaries as she moved his hand along underneath her clothing with no bra to inhibit his touch. Although he couldn’t detect her left nipple, he knew it was close. His hand was quite literally resting on the top of this young woman’s left breast! She sighed with pure peace and contentment, again nestling herself more deeply into Rick’s loins and chest. “There; perfect! Good night, Uncle Rick. Thank you for this. It means a lot to me. I love you. Sweet dreams.”

His erection had the rigidity of steel rebar now. It yearned to be released again.

“Uh... Good night, Adelle. Sweet dreams to you, too.” That was all he could think to say in return.

Control, Rick! Control! Her skin was so soft and supple that control was nearly unmanageable. She melted into his arms and fell fast asleep. However, sleep was now the furthest thing from Rick’s mind. His eyes were wide and he didn’t have a clue how he was going to handle this.

Eventually, nearly an hour later, Rick calmed down. His manliness deflated at the realization of nothing happening. Rest returned to his weary eyes.

When Rick’s alarm sounded the next morning at 6:30am, his penis solidified immediately. There they were, still spooning, neither of them having moved substantially during the night. Rick discovered very quickly that not only did his hand remain underneath Adelle’s shirt, it had shifted slightly. It now cupped the whole of Adelle’s breast, feeling nipple and all! It was so comfortable and fulfilling to allow his hand to linger, yet he was concerned of her awaking and realizing the compromising situation they were in. Would she be upset? Probably not, but he knew it wasn’t right! It astonished him how she could not be upset after all he had permitted!

Gently, so as not to wake her, he slithered his hand from its confines and reached over to shut off the alarm – or to snooze it at the very least. Adelle was breathing lightly and nestled so snugly against him; it seemed a travesty to terminate her sleep in favour of getting up for the day. He had no idea how to accomplish leaving and her remain asleep. He looked over her. By doing so, her mere presence in his arms placated him unbelievably – every inch of him, that is, with the exception of his engorged rod.

Now, how could he occupy his available hand? As if recognizing a subtle cue, Adelle answered his question. Tenderly she took his hand and gently restored it underneath her shirt and wholly upon her breast. Rick was surprised, but contented to allow it to remain. This is so wrong, he thought, but couldn’t summon the courage to remove himself from the situation. Obviously, she desired this.

His mental phalanx breaking, he began to stroke and caress her female curve affectionately. She breathed deeply and cooed with appreciation. Beneath his warm touch her areola began to stiffen in response. Adelle sighed deeply, tilting her head towards him and opening her eyes.

“Good morning to you, too, Uncle Rick,” she announced and reached her right hand behind his head, running her fingers through her hair. Unexpectedly, she pulled him in for a deep, loving kiss.

Rick became conscious of the scenario and pulled away slightly. “I hope I’m not offending you, Adelle. This just feels so – so good. I hope you’re not feeling violated in any way.” He continued his smooth caresses.

“By you, Uncle Rick? Never,” she assured him. She lay her head back down on the pillow and descended her hand to his lower back, intertwining with his right arm in the process. Smiling contentedly, she announced, “Please, take your time.” Her hand glided further down his body and infiltrated his boxers. She began to grasp his buttocks in her hand, her nails digging into his muscles with passionate temperance. All the while, her breathing resonated deeper and deeper. Rick massaged her chest with greater fervency, knowing it was igniting her lust. He began to experience an overpowering effect from this treasure in his arms. He so desperately wanted to stay, but he knew he had responsibilities – not the least of which was to her parents. He stopped moving his hand, though it remained at its prescribed station.

“Adelle, Sweetie,” he stammered, “what we’re doing is not right – at least not while you’re so young, anyway. You could get hurt emotionally so badly – and, honestly, I could end up in prison. I thought we went over this last night.”

She turned back to regard his face, a slight irritability across hers. “I don’t care, Uncle Rick!” she defended. “We’re both old enough to make our own decisions – I know I am, regardless of what my parents or the law or anyone else says!” She calmed some and persisted, “After three days I hope you can tell by now that I want to be with you in a deeper and more meaningful way than just the whole faux uncle/niece thing!” Hearing this from her reassured him some.

She continued, controlled, but almost on almost a tirade, “Look, I know it’s technically illegal, but I want it! Sure, I’ve screwed around with numerous guys, but it’s been on a quest to find someone to share not only sex, but love with – and I’ve found him! I realized when I saw you again that it’s been you all along! You’re someone I desire so badly to make love with – and to! Sure, it can still be just gratuitous between us or even others sometimes – why shouldn’t it be? Sex is supposed to be fun and enjoyed, but love goes so much deeper. It’s you I love, Uncle Rick, and I just know your love and passion and pleasure will always be special to me, whether it’s me or some other girl you’re receiving it from – as long as you always return to me! You’ve always been so close to me – and I hope me to you – and now I’m anxious to be closer. Any other guy I’ve been with has been slam-bam-thank-you-ma’am. Although it’s fun once in a while, I’m generally sick of that because none of them have ever taken ‘me’ into consideration, only ‘them’! I let them use me and they leave. It’s so frustrating! You’re the first guy that I’ve shared some intimacy with who has actually offered his care and concern for me – I can tell just because you’re so careful with my tender emotions. You always have been! Therefore, if we just don’t let anyone else find out while it’s, quote/end quote, ‘illegal’, we won’t need to worry about anything, will we?” She finally breathed. Looking at her, Rick’s reassured nature deepened. She had a point.

That new affinity for her began to grow – love? The fortifications he had against a sexual union with Adelle were also quickly subsiding. It wasn’t as before, though, and he knew it. This was different. Instead of feeling he was yielding to temptation, he felt he was embracing a lover. Instead of her forcing her way in, he was opening his fortress to her – two entirely different matters. Was she the one he had been searching for also? Could this be done?

At that instant, the alarm began its wailing again and Rick recovered management of his thoughts. He grimaced. “We’ll have to discuss this more later. I have to go, Adelle,” he told her. “I’m head chef of a kitchen restaurant, you know. I can’t just not show up.”

“Are you sure?” she questioned. She as her hand slid around the front of his boxers. Her fingers began rustling his pubic hair, her nails ever-so-slightly tickling his stretched penile skin.

The decision to leave her was so excruciating! A desperate “Yeah...” was all he could manage. He removed his hand from her shirt – ensuring to knead her breast lightly upon departure – and shut off the alarm. He took her face genially in his free hand and embraced her in a deep and satisfying kiss before he arose from the bed. Looking back, he could observe the disappointment clearly in her eyes. “I don’t want to go; and I really want to discuss this further with you. If you’re serious about this, I promise to make it up to you, though.” In having to leave, his affinity was growing.

She smiled her pleasing smile again and he grew weak at the sight. “And I promise to finish what I started – in all seriousness,” she replied and included, “I’m tired, though, so I’m just going to sleep for a while more. Is that ok?”

“Perfectly fine, Adelle.”

Adelle watched as Rick shed his boxers. He appreciated the fact that suddenly nudity wasn’t shameful in front of this petite young woman anymore, even with a raging expression of his sex. Obtaining a towel and departing for the shower, he smiled lovingly at her, and she to him, at the room’s exit. Again, words were not needed.

Despite the necessity to prepare for his employment, Rick’s urge to acquaint himself more profoundly with Adelle was insatiable. He understood clearly that she had promised to forge greater bonds with him later on, yet seeing her lying peacefully on his bed revitalized his primal urge. Although his phallus was extended, there was no longer an uncontrollable appetite to satisfy it. He knew it would be satisfied later. Instead, it was driving him to gratify her.

As he stood there in the doorway, a new sense of unity with Adelle gripped and overcame him. He had been so distant – but only out of necessity. Now, with such inhibitions fleeing, he needed to let her know how deep his desire for her truly was, and how committed he would be to her. Rick dropped the towel in his hands, hiding nothing as he crossed the room to return to his new, young lover. She sat up on the bed’s edge, waiting to receive him.

“I can’t stay long, but I can forego my shower. Since I won’t be exercising this morning, I’ll have enough time,” he confided. Her eyes displayed she wasn’t quite sure what his intentions were, but she was highly obliged to find out. He took her head by both hands. She interpreted this as an invitation to absorb his manhood as before, but Rick stopped her. He had other ideas. He leaned down and again kissed her passionately. She wilfully returned his offer.

For several minutes they remained in that position, their lips and tongues interacting excitedly with each other. Several times she attempted to obtain his penis in her hands, but each attempt was thwarted. Adelle’s confusion grew, but she resorted to being patient and accept what he had in store.

Rick reached down and grasped the hem of her white tank-top. Lifting it off her, the intensity of Adelle’s enthusiasm only grew. Desperately she now needed the knowledge of his aims. Her hair fell from the shirt, lighting randomly and attractively across her shoulders. Rick’s hands wove their way across her newly exposed skin, his lips following as he descended himself to the floor. He took great satisfaction in stimulating her lovely areolas. Adelle squirmed and gasped, sighing each time he passed over her prominent breasts. They both began to revel in the exquisite feel of Rick’s now unreserved touch and kisses.

As Rick reached her navel a compelling scent infiltrated his nostrils; he knew her lust was fully active. Convinced that her sensitive love channel was thoroughly moistened, he followed the aroma, knelt below her and delicately removed her last shred of clothing to reveal her coveted treasure. A smooth, hairless gem awaited him. Rick took one last look at Adelle, who gazed back down upon him with longing, realizing what about to transpire. With that, Rick weaved his arms beneath her as she lay back on the bed. Her legs ascended over his shoulders, spreading widely. A second later, he bowed his face into where those flawless legs connected and set his mouth into action.

Adelle unleashed a low scream of ardour and laid back on the bed, not ceasing to moan in delight. She had been begging for this for days now. The rising, lustful fire that gripped her body excited her to the point of pre-orgasm; there she remained for several minutes in pure bliss while Rick worked his lips and tongue like magic across her willing and sensitive organs. It was the most exquisite session of oral stimulation she had ever experienced! Gripping his hair, she arched her back in pleasure, forcing her hips towards Rick’s generous offerings. She breathed and moaned sharply as Rick advanced his expert cunnilingus, his hands wandering leisurely across her bare skin, concentrating on her breasts and nipples.

“Ohhh...! Oh, Uncle Rick...! Uncle...Rick... Yes...oh, yes...! I’ve been...ohhh...! Wanting this...aaah...! So...badly...!” she purred breathlessly, “Ohhh...that’s so good...mmmm...right there...! me...Uncle Rick...! Hmmm...don’t stop... Eat pussy...! Oh...yeah...!”

Ceaselessly Rick assailed her petite, yearning cavity. With her legs spread wide, his tongue danced happily amongst the lips meant to defend this sensitive region against intrusion, then plunged as deeply as possible inside his delighted young maiden as they parted. This routine he performed repeatedly and with diverse concentration, advancing Adelle’s pleasure each time.

“Yeah...oooh...yeah... Uncle Rick...oh-oh oooh...! Right there...yeah...hmmm...!” Adelle moaned ever more intensely.

Then, he went hunting. Within seconds, he discovered his quarry. Adelle’s precious clitoris protruded as an invitation for the ultimate in feminine arousal. Rick set himself in motion, gently flicking and flitting around his new target with his tongue and absorbing it with his lips with varying speeds and intensities. This had the desired effect. Adelle was being sent into overdrive!

“AHHH!” she expressed. “Uncle Rick...! Ohhh...! Ohhh! OOOH! Uncle...Rick...! I’m...c-c-cu...OOOH!!!” screamed Adelle, her body seizing up and contorting. She encircled Rick with her legs while her hands clenched his hair desperately, shoving him into her gratified receptacle. He pursued his goal relentlessly, furiously drinking the juices quickly filling her soft goblet.

It was an orgasm unlike anything Adelle had ever yet encountered. It seemed to course through her body without thought of any cessation. It built for some time before reaching its pinnacle. Once there, for several seconds Adelle became unconscious of nearly everything – including Rick, where she was or even that she was alive. Everything was a void except the presence of a wave of ecstasy reverberating throughout her entire tender, pubescent body. For that duration, all she knew and registered was the breadth of the pleasure she was in.

Eventually, Adelle regained consciousness fully. Her breathing calmed and her eyes fluttered open. There where her legs connected was her cherished Uncle Rick.

“Welcome back,” he smiled. “How was that?” His voiced caused her to close her eyes and inhale deeply.

“Wow... Uncle Rick... That was... Oh, there are no words! That was the best orgasm I’ve ever had! I love you, Uncle Rick! Oh, thank you! Thank you! Thank you!” she exclaimed. She sat up and the two naked lovers embraced each other and kissed with such fury and passion that they both wondered whether they would – or should – ever let go of each other again. With their exposed bodies pressed tightly against one another, they knew they had each found what they had been looking for in a lover: the joy of being needed yet also the joy of freedom, reciprocated between them.

Mournfully Rick backed off from the entanglement of love. “I love you, too, Adelle. I do have to go to work now, but I’ll see you when I get home, ok?”

“Ok, Uncle Rick,” she agreed.

He was shaking his head. “One thing, Sweetie; you don’t need to call me ‘Uncle Rick’ during our intimate times together. Maybe still in front of other people, but if it’s just you and me, please just call me ‘Rick’,” he asked.

She giggled. “I was hoping you’d say that,” she smiled. “So, I suppose tonight is when I get to make things up to you?”

“I just started making them up to you. You do something more for me and I’ll be forced to recompense a debt.”

“All the better,” Adelle snickered. Her sly, lustful eyes confirmed to Rick that he’d have some equalizing to do later on. Obviously, she had many plans for the two of them.

Rick released her to get changed, but she grabbed him by his still-outstretched member, asking if he needed to be taken care of. Rick assured her that his lustful hunger wasn’t overwhelming, now that he knew they could share such deep emotions with each other. He promised her it could wait until later. With that, Rick prepared himself for his employment, quickly giving Adelle one last pledging kiss and caress across her skin before he left.

“I’ll be going out with Jiz again tonight,” he stated.

“Ok. I’ll probably be out with friends through the day, too. Don’t know when I’ll be home,” she confided.

“Just not too late, ok?” Rick looked about his room. “Alright, well, I’ll meet you back here later on this evening?” he joked.

“You can count on it – Rick,” she promised and kissed him.

Rick reached the car just as Jiz exited the building as well. Jiz could detect the insufferable grin across Rick’s face from across the parking lot.

“Successful night?” he asked upon meeting Rick at his car.

“Oh, yeah!” Rick admitted. “Let me tell you about!” Clambering into the car, Rick proceeded to relate to his friend all that day about what had transpired since the evening before. Jiz noticed a dramatically improved mood in Rick as his friend rambled on about his adventures with Adelle.

While Adelle certainly appeared to have ideas about how things would progress over the next few days, the two men began to make plans of their own, as well. The two men contrived a number of designs throughout that work day and into the evening as they again hit up the night scene. Their impending days off were going to be spectacular!

Departing for their separate apartments again that night, Jiz had one last gift for Rick. “Here, dude. You’re probably going to need these,” he stated and handed over a small bottle to Rick.

Rick took one look and gasped with disbelief and surprise as he read the label. “Four-hour hard-on pills!? Where the freak did you get these, man!?”

Jiz chuckled. “Oh, that’s my little secret. I’ve had a supplier for years, and I let him know I needed a couple extra bottles. How do you think I kept up my stamina in college – and even now? They work great! They’re perfectly safe; just be sure to let yourself deflate for about an hour or so before popping the next one. That’s a perfect time to settle down with her, talk and get some food. If taken consecutively like that, there should be enough for about a week. Good luck, man!” Jiz encouraged.

Returning to his apartment, Rick walked into the kitchen and placed his priceless new contraband in his medicine cabinet. Oh, I’m a-thinkin’ I’m a-gonna be usin’ dem, he humoured to himself. He confessed to himself that he hadn’t officially come to grips with making love with Adelle – yet. However, he knew the day was fast approaching. They had already gotten each other off orally. When Adelle had first performed herself on his manhood, he was ashamed. Now, however, with their blossoming romance, he was no longer uncomfortable with what she had done for him – or what he had now done earlier for her. His reluctance had evaporated, leaving behind only meaningful intentions. No one untrustworthy would discover their love.

As Rick journeyed down the hall to his bedroom, he began to wonder if Adelle was home yet. One glance into his room dispelled his fears. A few small candles illuminated the surroundings. A slight whiff of spice permeated the air. Soothing music played from somewhere in the chamber also – but what did the location matter? She was here!

“Welcome, my love,” invited a soft and young womanly voice from across the room. In the dimly lit surroundings, Rick could see a shapely feminine figure lift the covers from the bed. Underneath lay a sensual teenage image, her undressed skin warm and inviting. Even from here, Rick could detect the pungent aroma of womanly arousal. “I’ve been expecting you.”

Her sultry voice was all that was required for Rick’s manhood to spring to attention as it had that morning. That single stimulus coupled with the sight of her gorgeous adolescent body illuminated subtly in the candlelight, her personal sensual fragrance wafting through the air from her feminine blossom and the burning, wanton desire that filled him, Rick’s erection reached new limits. He still knew he wasn’t prepared to infiltrate her body with his engorged rod into where the intoxicating smell emanated – nevertheless, they could certainly enjoy themselves until then.

Rick’s mature shaft raged angrily at its confinement, an irritant he was more than willing to remove. He entered the room and closed the door. Shedding his clothing before his youthful companion, he could sense her eyes absorbing every second of the performance. She purred in delight as she viewed his body. Eventually, he knelt beside the bed they would share that night – and hopefully many others – as she slid across the mattress, embracing him in a kiss of desire so full, it nearly sent both of them into climactic bliss then and there. When they finished, Rick spoke.

“Adelle,” he whispered softly, “I love you, but I’m not entirely comfortable actually having sex with a teenager – at least not yet. Everything else I think I’m alright with, but that’s, well, that’s still something I’m working on mentally. My inhibitions are dissolving, though, so it won’t be long.”

He could see slight disappointment in her eyes, but it quickly gave way to understanding. Regardless, she responded, “Rick, you’ve always respected me, even when I was giving you every reason not to. You respected that it may not be right between us and gave me an opportunity to think it all through. I appreciate that. I’m glad, though, that you’re realizing just what we can and do have together. I’ll reciprocate that respect. We’ll only do what we are both comfortable with, agreed? I love you, Rick!”

With that, they kissed deeply again and he climbed into the bed with her. Their hands and lips explored one another, building a pair of bodies profoundly responsive to further stimulations. Gently gripping her malleable breasts, he began his exploration of her body there and worked his way outwards. At last, his hand found the crafted jewel between her legs. With her moans to empower him, his fingers traversed the intricate flesh, inciting yet another orgasm to envelop her young frame.

She couldn’t resist any longer. With her face nestled against his, she whispered, “I need your cock, Rick! I need it in me somewhere, even if it is only my mouth.” Climbing over his face, she engulfed his firm, rigid manliness between her lips. Beginning to oscillate, she tantalized his wide head by whipping her tongue around it repeatedly while plunging him as deeply into her oral cavity as possible. All the while, she maintained a tight seal with her lips, a vacuum securing Rick’s extended flesh inside.

As per his norm, Rick didn’t need a second invitation. Hovering over him was Adelle, her fourteen-year-old flower mere inches from his face. While Adelle worked her masterful skills on his inflexible appendage, he grasped her faultless buttocks and lowered her tender womanliness to his waiting maw. He extended his tongue as he had that morning, stimulating the brim of her tunnel before plunging inside the warm orifice. Her nectar was already present, she having experienced a small orgasm only moments ago. He drank greedily.

He could feel with gratitude the proficient swaying of her head across his sensitive phallus as he alternated his efforts between her love channel and her clitoris – such an invaluable projection – he could now access. He knew when he found a particularly responsive area – Adelle would moan joyfully while her hands on his legs would clench and he could fell her nails digging into his muscles, spurring him on.

Their moans and other expressions of delight continued for several minutes. Rick began to detect Adelle’s body tightening and clenching, particularly as she began to grind her gem across his face. He redoubled his efforts, knowing another orgasm for her was imminent. As he did so, he could sense his own body contracting, all efforts concentrating on Adelle’s motions along his bold shaft. Just as Rick wondered if he could restrain himself any longer, Adelle’s legs and groin seized as a second flood of her juices flowed across his tongue, sweet to the taste! Instantly, he felt his own fluids being pumped into Adelle’s inviting oral chasm as a climax gripped him as well.

They exploded in simultaneous orgasm, each concentrating on the other’s enjoyment, internalizing the other’s liquids thereby prolonging their own sensations as long as humanly possible. When the flood of elation began to subside, they lay there panting, Adelle still lying on Rick’s leg, her mouth near the contracting digit, stroking it gently with her hand. After a moment, she spoke.

“Well, I think I’m ready for bed; how about you, my beau?” she asked, gasping for air.

“I agree, Sweetie. It’s time to rest,” Rick complied from between her thighs, also still breathing heavily.

Adelle lifted herself off him and relaxed into his arms, displaying her dazzling smile and sighing contentedly. Rick pulled the covers over them. He embraced her lovingly as a blissful afterglow overcame them. They kissed each other passionately again, expressing their newfound, unreserved love. Their eyes met, profound affection pouring from one to another.

“Spoon?” Adelle suggested.

“Absolutely!” Rick consented.

Nestling perfectly in to his arms, chest and groin, Adelle contented herself to being comforted by Rick’s loving presence. Rick enveloped his arms around her as he had the night before, only this time without reservation. Having settled his right hand decisively upon her supple left breast, he stroked it gently. She cooed appreciatively and snuggled closer, soon resigning herself to sleep. He soon drifted off also, but not before admiring the precious treasure he held. He knew his worry and hesitancy about making love to someone underage was diminishing to nothing very quickly.

With no regrets, no clothes and nothing but love, the elated couple slept as the candles burned themselves out silently. Their warm bodies compressed against each other, the sense of the other’s open and unrestricted skin soothed them into a profound slumber the whole summer’s night through.

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Seven seconds lol. Nice, larry. :) Here's hoping you like what I've written!


2012-04-10 22:30:01
That was hot. But Rick absolutely has no willpower. He only lasted about six seconds before giving in to his lust. I think I could go at least seven seconds. Maybe only because of my age. You know how to add passion and pure lust to your stories. The only thing that could be any hotter, would be to add scratch and sniff to the computer screen. Looking forward to the next unbelievablly sexy night with the two of them.

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2012-04-10 13:10:16
Well done again can't wait for the next part.

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