My name is Allen and I am fourteen. With all the growing I have done, I am five feet ten. I have light brown hair and blue eyes. My cock has grown with me and was almost nine inches long and very thick. Mom and dad adopted me when I was a boy. Since dad worked all the time we didn’t really get to do a lot of things. He did make up for it though.

Our backyard was large and had a lot of trees. The problem was that most of the yard was on a slope. Dad and I had put in three small fish ponds and waterfalls coming down the hill. In the flat space beside the bottom pond we built a rubber pad so I would have a flat space for a tent. The rest of the flat space was grass, which wasn’t really that much.

Over the whole flat part of the backyard were two huge sun screens that overlapped. We used to sleep in the tent and pretend we were camping in the woods. Dad had bought me a double queen air mattress at the beginning of last year because I had a growth spurt, that was right before the accident. He had swerved to miss hitting a little girl that ran into the street and hit a light pole. He died before they got him to the hospital, they said it was a brain hemorrhage.

That was last year, since then it has just been mom and I. With dad’s insurance money mom didn’t have to work but she enjoyed being with her friends at work. I could tell mom was lonely with dad gone and so was I.

I had started spending more nights out in the tent. I zipped both dad’s and my sleeping bags together because it was more comfortable. I had also picked up dad’s habit of sleeping in the nude. Both he and mom did that and I guess I just wanted something to remind me.

It was Friday, mom had the weekend off but it was raining hard outside. I guess we were both missing dad and were quiet. After dinner I cleaned up and did the dishes before sitting in the window seat to read. Not that I ended up reading, I just stared out at the rain. At eight I called it a night and went to brush my teeth.

Mom was staring out her window when I went in to kiss her goodnight. She was wearing her robe and it opened slightly to show one of her lovely breasts. When I stared, she looked from her open robe to me and laughed before pulling my face down for a second kiss, “Good night Allen.”

I stammered a good night and headed for the back door automatically. My tent was a large one and we had two folding chair inside with the bed. I stripped and crawled into the cold sleeping bag hoping it would warm up soon. I was just starting to relax when I heard the back door close. A minute later mom was unzipping the door and coming in.

She closed and zipped the door before putting her slippers beside mine. In the light from one of the yard lights I watched as mom slipped out of her robe and turned to the bed. I could see her naked body as she crossed the tent and held the sleeping bag open for her. She slid in quickly, “its cold.”

She shifted and started to climb over me to the other side of the sleeping bag. I don’t know why but I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her down on top of me. She almost seemed to hesitate before relaxing on my chest while I held her. She put her head on my shoulder as I pulled the sleeping bag closed over us. I didn’t really think about my hard cock, I was always hard.

It wasn’t long before mom stopped shivering and her legs spread more. I could feel the heat of her pussy on the tip of my cock. Before I could say anything she moved up and pushed back. My eyes widened as suddenly my cock pushed against her hot, wet pussy and slipped in. She held still for a moment and then wiggled and pushed back.

Before I knew it, my cock was all the way inside her and being held tightly. My arms held her and I looked into her smiling face. She began to rock back and forth and I was thrusting up in time to meet her pussy. The feel of her warm, velvety pussy around my cock was amazing. She rocked and kept jerking her warm pussy down on my cock. It wasn’t long before I shivered and looked into her face, “Mom?”

She smiled and her body relaxed on top of me, her hips held her pussy down as I began spewing cum. My cock seemed to just erupt in huge, gushing jets of sperm and semen. Mom shivered and sighed as I quickly filled her warm pussy. After eight or nine thick streams of cum I stopped and shivered. She giggled, “I think you should cum a little more often Allen.”

I smiled and gave her a squeeze, “Are you offering to be my cum dump.”

She laughed and gave me a shake, “Only if you promise to find a girl to help me.”

She slowly lifted up off my cock and then snuggled down beside me, lying half on top of me. I caressed her naked body, “Where am I going to find a girl that would let me do that to her?”

Mom kissed my bare chest, “What about Melody from next door?”

I looked at her in the dark, “I thought she likes other girls?”

She laughed and gave one of my nipples a tug, “I’ve given her a try. She likes sex and loves to get fucked with something inside her. Her mom wouldn’t mind if you started fucking her.”

I looked at her and sighed, “I’ll think about it, but it isn’t going to get you out of having sex with me.”

Mom laughed and kissed my bare chest, “It’s too late for that baby.”

I woke up suddenly, it was pitch black and then I heard mom beside me. She was on her side facing away from me and I heard her quiet sobs. I rolled against her and she stopped suddenly. It was quiet as I put my arm over her and gently pulled her against me. Her hand grabbed my arm gently, “I miss him so much Allen.”

I kissed her bare shoulder, “I know, so do I.”

Mom finally shifted around until she was on her back, “Fuck me Allen.”

I hesitated and then moved over her, “Nice and easy mom.”

I slowly pushed my cock into her warm, cummy pussy and began to fuck her nice and slow. I held myself tight against her and gave her a soft, gently kiss. I pulled almost all the way out of her and pushed back to her womb and stopped to give her another kiss. I kept repeating it until mom shivered a few minutes later.

After that I fucked her nice and deep only stopping every other time I was buried against her womb. It took almost thirty minutes of her shuddering and shaking before I finally couldn’t hold back. I pushed into her pussy and slowly started pushing harder against her womb, “Mom?”

She was jerking and humping up against me, “Do it!”

I shoved hard and the next thing we knew I was in her womb as my cock began to swell. My cock was jerking and twitching and then I spewed huge, strong streams of cum. She gasped, “Oh fuck!”

I was groaning as I held her tight so she couldn’t get away while I pumped load after load of thick, creamy cum into her womb. Mom sighed as I finished, “Man, do you cum a lot.”

She giggled and I grinned before closing her legs and rolling over. She was on top of me and I just caressed and gently rubbed her back, “Can we sleep like this?”

Mom laughed and lifted up to let my cock slip out of her cum filled pussy. She kissed me and put her head on my chest. It wasn’t long before I felt her breathing change and shortly after that I fell asleep. I woke to dawns light as mom hurriedly climbed off me, “Gotta pee!”

I grinned as she just grabbed her robe and slippers before dancing to the door and opening it. She ran to the back door and I climbed out of the sleeping bag slower and picked up my own clothes. By the time I walked into the kitchen mom was making breakfast. I walked up behind her and put my hands around her, slipping my hands inside her robe to cup her breasts. I kissed the back of her neck, “I love you mom.”

She leaned back against me and turned her head for a kiss. I rubbed her nipples with my thumbs and she shivered and turned in my arms. She held me and gave me a soft kiss. I let my hands slip down to cup her bare butt under the robe as I pushed it open. She moaned into my mouth and pressed her pussy against my cock. I lifted her onto the counter and she spread her legs.

I positioned my cock and slid into her and she sighed. I fucked her slow and as deep as I could which wasn’t deep enough. Mom was shuddering and moaning before long and reached down to start rubbing her clit. I watched as she shuddered and her pussy tightened around my cock. She jerked and spasmed and shook her head.

I kept fucking her and she only shuddered and jerked each time my cock pushed back inside her pussy. It took over ten minutes before I felt myself getting tense. I pulled her off the counter and all the way onto my cock as I groaned and began pumping strong spurts of cum.

I was inside mom’s womb as I unloaded huge streams of sperm and semen that quickly filled it and began forcing its way out around my spewing cock. I groaned with her as my cock jumped and jerked deep inside her and she giggled, “I better call Melody and have her come over.”

I grinned and kissed her while caressing her body, “Do I get to watch her lick you clean?”

Mom laughed and leaned over with my cock still inside her. She grabbed the kitchen phone and called next door. I kept caressing her as she talked to Melody about needing her help with a leak. It was only a minute later that Melody opened the front door and walked in.

I still held mom in my arms, impaled on my cock. Melody stopped in the doorway and looked at us and mom put her hands on the counter and pulled up and off my cock. She smiled and held out her hand, “Come help me with the cum leaking out of my pussy.”

Melody grinned and then giggled as she walked to mom. I smiled as she undressed before she even reached her. I moved to the table and sat down as Melody spread mom’s legs and bent to lick her leaking pussy. Mom moaned and shivered as she smiled at me, “Want to be Allen’s other cum slut Mel?”

Melody looked up into her face and nodded before gently nibbling on her clit. Mom jerked and sucked in her breath as she started shaking. I grinned and relaxed as I watched Melody with mom. She shuddered and jerked as Melody kept teasing her clit and tonguing her leaking hole. Mom finally pushed her back and laughed, “Enough.”

Melody laughed as she stood between mom’s legs and kissed her on the mouth. She looked over her shoulder at me, “Can I try your cock?”

I thought she meant giving me a blow job and nodded, “Sure.”

She kissed mom quick and turned to walk to me. She only slowed slightly as she straddled my legs and reached her hand down to position my cock. She sat down and had to push to force my thick cock into her. She shuddered and groaned as she leaned against me. I caressed her naked body, “You really want to be my girlfriend?”

She shivered and grunted before pushing back to look into my face, “Since I was twelve.”

She closed her eyes and started thrusting back and forth. I smiled as I looked over her shoulder at mom. She had slid off the counter and leaned back to rub her clit. I loved feeling Melody’s tight, slippery pussy as she fucked me.

I used one hand to cup a breast and rub her nipple and the other to hold her hip. Melody was shaking as her pussy rippled around my cock. She shook her head as I finally just stood up, impaling her with my cock pushing into her womb. She jerked, “SHIT!”

I held her butt as I turned to walk back to my room and the bed. I slowly sat and then rolled so that she was under me. She held me tightly as I positioned myself and then kissed her. I looked into her eyes and started fucking her with short thrusts. I kept my cock deep inside her and with each thrust I pressed against her hard.

She started shaking as she lifted her legs straight up in the air. She was grunting and her pussy was spasming around my cock. I kissed her as I felt my balls tighten and then I was spewing large ropes of sperm into her womb. She jerked and wrapped her legs around my waist as I pumped and spurted.

When I finally stopped cumming, I slowly and reluctantly pulled out. I lay next to her and mom came to sit on the bed. I cupped her breast, “I cum a lot Melody. You felt how deep I was.”

She grinned and turned to kiss me hard before caressing my face, “Mom knows I want to have sex with you. That’s why she put me on the pill. If you still get me pregnant she won’t say anything.”

I looked at mom when she snorted and Melody turned to look at her, “What?”

Mom reached out to caress her, “Your dad wants to get you pregnant.”

She looked surprised and then grinned as she looked at me, “Should I let him try?”

I was a little jealous but… Melody rubbed my chest, “Now that I’m slimy with your stuff in my womb?”

I looked at mom as she laughed at Melody, “Tell your mom and rape him. Then douche and come back to spend the night.”

Melody smiled but looked at me, “Okay?”

I sighed and rubbed her nipple, “Fine, but make him fuck you with my cum in you.”

She grinned and rolled to kiss me before scooting out of bed and walking out. I looked at mom, “That hurt a little.”

She reached out to caress my body, “He isn’t a threat baby. He is Melody’s father and you know he loves her. Besides, she’s on the pill. I doubt if either of you will get her pregnant.”

I grinned, “I can still try.”

She laughed as she moved off the bed, “Come take a shower.”

I loved feeling her as I washed her and she finally laughed and pushed me away so she could rinse off and climb out. I dried off and went to get dressed. When I came out mom was wearing this mini skirt with a low cut blouse that showed a lot of cleavage. I grinned and whistled before walking to her. Mom kissed me and turned towards the front door, “Melody called and we’re going to the mall.”

I grinned, “What happened to her father?”

She laughed and looked back at the door, “Her mom caught ten second Tom as he was pulling out.”

I grinned and headed out back to clean up after the storm. I took extra time to clean the fish ponds and clear all the trash out of the water. When I finally came into the house it was after lunch time. Mom and Melody looked up as I opened the door and walked in.

Melody blushed but jumped up and rushed to me and jumped into my arms. She kissed me and grinned, “Mom told dad that if he ever so much as looks at me, she is filing for divorce.”

She caressed my face, “Daddy has a tiny dick.”

I smiled at that, “Careful my cum slut or you’ll get something.”

Mom laughed as Melody grinned, she kissed me and turned to look at mom, “Your mom is next.”

I grinned at mom, “Has my girlfriend got you warmed up mom?”

She looked at Melody, “We just finished.”

I held out my hand as I let Melody go, “In that case.”

Mom laughed as she stood and walked to me with a sexy sway. I kissed her and pulled her against me. She groaned and shuddered before pulling back and taking my hand. She led me back to her bed and smiled before turning and lifting the skirt to show she wasn’t wearing panties. Melody laughed from the door, “Bend her over the bed.”

I grinned as I dropped my pants and moved behind mom. She bent over and spread her legs as she looked back at me. I rubbed her wet pussy before fitting my cock and pushing. I pushed into her easily and held her as she shuddered and her pussy spasmed around my cock. I laughed and pulled almost all the way out before thrusting in again. Mom jerked and shuddered hard, “YES!”

I fucked her with long, deep thrusts that made her moan and thrust back. I loved the way her pussy contracted and tried to hold my cock inside her. She was shaking hard as Melody came to the bed and lay down. She turned and moved sideways until she was under mom and sucking on her nipples. Mom jerked and spasmed, her pussy clamping down as she screamed, “FUCK YES!”

I shuddered as my balls tightened and then my cock was jerking and throbbing before I was suddenly pumping a thick stream of sperm into her fertile belly. She jerked as the warm cum filled her and sighed with each strong gush as it pumped into her. When I pulled out, I pushed her onto the bed and Melody laughed as she spread her legs and started licking the cum leaking out.

I finished undressing and moved onto the bed and just watched mom and Melody. Mom finally pushed Melody towards me, “Fuck this slut Allen.”

Melody laughed as she laid back, “Yeah fuck me.”

I moved between her legs and pushed into her tight pussy. She put her arms around me, “I douched after dad finished.”

I fucked into her deeper and began pushing on her womb, “good because I am going to fill you up and get you pregnant like mom.”

Mom gasped, “ooohhhh!”

I looked at her with Melody and Mom smiled, “all this talk and I never thought about me getting pregnant.”

Melody grinned, “You aren’t on the pill?”

Mom shook her head, “No, I never...”

She laughed and turned to rub my back, “I always wanted to have a baby.”

I reached out to caress her hip, “just lay back then and I will get back to you.”

She laughed and I turned to kiss Melody as I began to fuck her. I used long, deep thrusts that pressed my cock against the back of her pussy. A few minutes after I started she began to moan and shake. Her pussy got wetter and was spasming as it milked my cock. I was slowly fucking in and out of her womb and it wasn’t long before she began to convulse.

Her pussy tightened as she thrashed around and bucked. I kept fucking her as she started to wail and then howl. She squirted cum and kept bucking and jerking so I fucked her with hard, deep thrusts. I buried my cock as it jerked and held her shaking body as I was spewing a thick, solid stream of cum. Melody gasped and thrust her pussy up as her womb was flooded with warm sperm, “YES!”

I didn’t get Melody pregnant, at least not until she turned sixteen. Mom has gotten pregnant three times so far and I think she is planning to be bred again with Melody. Almost every weekend we sleep in the tent in the backyard.
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