My Uncle and Aunt owned and lived on a large ranch and every summer for as long as I can remember I went to live there. They had an old camp trailer that I stayed in. I ate my meals with them and their twin daughters. Since I was ten I was the one to ride the fence line almost everyday. I was the one to round up strays in the brush. I rode a horse ten to sixteen hours a day.

I was sixteen when things changed a bit. My cousins were fourteen and I knew they had a crush on me but suddenly my aunt and uncle were encouraging them. I knew neither one used any type of birth control since my aunt and uncle didn’t believe in it. I had also looked at how I felt about the two. I loved having them ride with me. When they didn’t, I always thought about them and wondered what they were doing.

I decided that my uncle and aunt had given me a green light to fuck the girls. I’m five six but well built from all the hard work I do. My cock is well over eight inches and thick. Jamie and Lee had started riding with me everyday but usually only wore shorts with bikini tops.

Both girls were honey blondes with long shoulder length hair and blue eyes. They both had nice firm looking breasts that I would love to suck on. Most people that met them couldn’t tell them apart but I had never had that problem. I knew both girls had lost their cherries to riding so I wasn’t worried about hurting them. It was the beginning of the second week and we had just saddled up and ridden out.

I was relaxed in the saddle as the girls yawned sleepily. They each wore a sheep skin coat over their bikini tops until it warmed up. I smiled, “So which of you wants to go first?”

They looked at me and Lee grinned, “Go first?”

I nodded, “Who do I fuck first?”

They both sat up quickly, fully awake and Jamie grinned, “Me.”

I moved my horse closer, “Take your shorts off.”

I looked at Lee, “You can lead her horse.”

They looked at each other and then Jamie looked at me, “You’re going to fuck me on the horse?”

I nodded, “You’re a cowgirl aren’t you? We’re on a ranch and have fences to check right?”

They looked at each other and Lee looked at me, “What about tonight?”

I nodded, “I will expect both of you to come to bed with me of course.”

They grinned and Jamie stood up in her stirrups as she undid her shorts and pulled them off. I just swung my leg over the saddle and undid my pants before pulling them down. I rolled up my pants and tied them behind the saddle before swinging my leg back over. Jamie was more then ready and was sitting sideways in her saddle. Lee was already tying her reins to a saddle ring.

I moved over and Jamie stood up in her stirrup and swung her other leg over my horse’s neck. The next thing I knew she was sitting against me with her pussy against my hard cock. She looked into my face and bit her lip. I stroked her back, “I can’t pound your pussy hard if we are riding.”

She grinned and Lee laughed. Jamie rubbed the pre cum around the head of my cock, “this is pre cum right?”

I nodded, “Yes. It’s to help make you slippery so I can enter you.”

Lee laughed again, “Believe me, she is already slippery.”

I smiled and opened Jamie’s coat to put one arm around her. I lifted her and shifted slightly and Jamie took my cock and moved it under her. As I slid into her, she settled onto my lap with a sigh. I kissed her and looked around before changing directions slightly. Jamie wrapped her legs around me and I pushed into her a little deeper.

Jamie was tight, warm and slippery. Her pussy seemed to have a life of its own and kept grasping my cock as we rode. She put her arms around me and shivered. It wasn’t long before she groaned and shuddered, “God Lee, he feels better then we thought.”

Lee laughed and slowed to swing around to the other side. She came back beside us as Jamie shuddered and her pussy squeezed my cock. She shook her head, “mmmmm!”

Even with the steady walking bounce of the horse I stayed buried deep inside her. I caressed her body with one hand and kissed her as we rode and Jamie humped against me and ground on me. A few minutes after she had cum, she did it again. She shuddered and jerked as her tight pussy grasped my cock, “OOOhhhh, fuck!”

I glanced at Lee to see her rubbing her pussy. She had opened her shorts and I smiled, “Just take them off Lee.”

She blushed but did as I said. As Jamie began shaking for a third orgasm and her pussy spasmed, I pulled her tight and closed my eyes as I felt the build up before I cum. I groaned as I started spewing cum, spraying deep inside her against her cervix. Jamie jerked as she felt my warm sperm squirting deep in her pussy, “Yes! Spunk in me!”

I pumped load after load into her and Jamie only held me tight. When I stopped, she sighed and put her head on my shoulder while I rubbed and caressed her back. I just rode for a little while with my still hard cock buried inside her and Jamie held me tight. I finally sighed when I saw the fence line. I slowed and brought my horse alongside hers. I rubbed her and kissed her, “Back on your horse Jamie.”

She smiled and caressed my face, “Just wait until tonight.”

I smiled as she lifted up and made her way back onto her horse. I waited and grinned, “You both may only get one or two chances today.”

They grinned as Lee gave Jamie her rains and she stepped over from her horse and swung around in front of me. She guided my cock to her pussy and sat down. She wiggled around as she was slowly impaled on my cock but held me tight. She finally sighed and relaxed before looking at Jamie, “I feel so full and it’s really good.”

Jamie laughed, “It only gets better.”

As we rode along, Lee humped and ground on me. She was shaking and shuddered before we had gone very far. I loved the feel of a warm pussy around my cock and Lee seemed to enjoy my cock impaling her. It was about five minutes later that Lee shuddered and stopped moving as her pussy spasmed, “Oh fuck Jamie!”

I held her against me until she calmed and then she gave me a kiss before rocking and thrusting her pussy onto my cock again. We rode slowly and the walking gait of the horse humped and ground us together. Lee was continuously shuddering and shaking as her tight pussy spasmed around my cock and got wetter. She had her head on my shoulder and kept moaning.

It was about fifteen minutes before I shivered as my cock jerked and got bigger. I pulled Lee tighter against me as I began pumping and spewing cum deep inside her. She jerked and then shuddered as I spurted jet after jet while her pussy tightened, “He’s doing it Jamie!”

She held on and when I finally stopped cumming she sighed and shivered as she slowly relaxed. I caressed and rubbed her bare back, “Time to head back to your horse.”

She grinned and lifted up before moving around and bringing her leg up and over. Jamie brought her horse along side and Lee crossed and swung into the saddle. Both girls rode bottomless and when it warmed up they took their tops off with the coats. They were both happy and playful as we followed the fence and just after noon Jamie rode close to Lee and they giggled before Lee handed her the reins.

I fucked each of them once more before we got back to the ranch that afternoon. They never even bothered putting anything back on and we rode into the ranch yard with both of them naked. My Aunt and Uncle both grinned when they saw the girls nude. After dinner I headed out to the trailer and Lee and Jamie ran to catch up. They were still naked and I only shook my head.

I had pulled the mattress on the bed out under the awing a few days ago because of the heat. I stripped at the trailer while they grinned and stood watching. I pushed them both towards the bed and followed them. I sat back at the head of the bed and pulled Jamie onto my lap before pulling Lee closer. I slapped Jamie’s hand as she reached between her legs for my cock. She laughed as I reached out to feel Lee’s breasts and tug on a nipple, “Are you two nymphomaniacs fertile.”

They laughed and Jamie wiggled on my lap, “Not yet.”

I nodded and then turned Jamie over to caressed and feel her soft butt. They laughed again and I rubbed her asshole, “This is where I will cum when you are fertile.”

They looked at me unsure as I kept rubbing Jamie’s ass. I slowly pushed the tip of my finger in and then pulled it out. Jamie shuddered and Lee grinned, “What if we want you to…”

I looked at her as I pushed my fingertip into Jamie’s ass again, “Children should be planned. I would love to knock you two up but what then?”

I started fucking Jamie ass with my finger. As she moaned Lee leaned over to push a finger into her pussy. “What do you mean?”

I smiled as Jamie moaned and pushed back. I looked away from Jamie and into Lee’s face, “What happens when the summer is over?”

Lee pushed her finger all the way into Jamie and then looked at me with a smile. Jamie groaned and shuddered as her ass squeezed my finger. She slowly turned, pulling both our fingers out of her. She straddled my waist, “Mom and dad already talked to your mom and dad. If we get pregnant, you get to stay. Dad said he would help you build a house for us to live in.”

I sat back stunned, I kept absently caressing her as I thought about it. I suddenly remembered my thought before I decided to have sex with them, including the possibility of a pregnancy. I tugged on a nipple, “Wouldn’t asking me have worked?”

They laughed and Lee pushed Jamie off before taking her place. “Would that have worked?”

I smiled and pulled her hips closer, “Maybe, but if you were serious, you could have just come out during the night and climbed into bed with me.”

They grinned and Lee leaned forward to kiss me, “We thought of that.”

I caressed and felt her bare butt and kissed her back. I rolled so that she was under me and pushed into her wet pussy. Lee shivered as she held me and thrust her hips up to meet mine. I fucked her with deep thrusts and she grunted and sighed which made Jamie laugh and lean close to kiss her, “Slut.”

Lee laughed and looked at Jamie, “So? You are too.”

I grinned and fucked Lee hard for a minute. She grunted each time I shoved my cock into her and pressed against her cervix. I finally slowed to fuck her with my cock deep inside her. I kissed her and pulled out and reached for Jamie.

I pulled her down and rolled her onto her stomach before pushing into her tight pussy. I fucked her as she shivered and her pussy tightened and squeezed my cock. I was fucking down at an angle and knew my cock was rubbing across her g spot. It was a couple of minutes before she shoved back hard and started convulsing, “YYYEEEESSSSSSS!”

I felt her squirt and Lee laughed, “Who’s the slut now?”

I buried my cock as Jamie shuddered hard, “Fuck!”

My cock was throbbing before I started spurting against Jamie’s womb. She jerked and shuddered hard as she felt my warm sperm pumping into her belly. YES!”

When I stopped cumming, I pulled out and rolled onto my back. Both girls snuggled up against me caressing my chest. It was another warm night but with two naked girls against me I didn’t mind. Around midnight I heard the grumble of thunder and woke up. I looked at the two girls and smiled before pushing Lee onto her back and moving between her legs.

I pushed into her tight pussy and started to fuck her with long thrusts that made her grunt and shiver as she opened her eyes. I kept fucking her and she lifted her legs to wrap them around my waist. It wasn’t long before she was shaking and lifted her legs up into the air. I started fucking her harder and her pussy contracted each time I pulled out of her.

Our breathing was coming faster as I finally thrust into her and held my throbbing cock against her womb. Lee arched her back and screamed when my cock exploded with a huge, gushing stream that burst through and began filling her womb. I pumped and spewed cum as she writhed around under me and moaned.

I finally stopped cumming and sighed before kissing her and pulling out. Lee let her legs drop to the bed as I moved to lay next to her. Jamie snuggled against me, “I hope you got that slut pregnant.”

Lee laughed as she turned and put her head on my shoulder, “He sure put enough sperm in me.”

I smiled and held them both as we relaxed again and it began to rain. As the sun started to come up Jamie lifted her head and grinned before reaching over to push Lee out of the way to straddle me. I opened my eyes and absently held her hips as she guided my cock to her pussy and sat down with a sigh.

She was warm, almost hot and her tight pussy seemed to squeeze my cock like it was trying to milk it. I knew right then from her temperature that she was fertile. I reached up to cup her breasts as she started to fuck my cock, “You’re fertile.”

She paused and then bent to kiss me, “I should be.”

I thought about it as she rocked and thrust back and forth. Lee put her head on my shoulder, “Slut.”

Jamie laughed and shuddered as her pussy tightened and squeezed my cock. I sighed and pulled her down before rolling. I started to fuck her with hard, deep thrusts that made her grunt. Lee moved against us, “You going to knock the slut up?”

I buried my cock and ground against her before using short thrusts. I stayed as deep inside her as I could and Jamie started spasming as her hot pussy milked my cock. A couple of minutes later I thrusts into her and pushed her cervix open before spewing a huge load of cum. I shuddered as she screamed and lifted her legs to wrap around me, “YES!”

I pumped and spurted through and into her womb and finally sighed when I stopped. I kissed her and Lee whispered, “I bet you’re pregnant now slut.”

Jamie laughed as her legs dropped to the bed, “Just you wait.”

I kissed her and pulled out before looking at Lee and growling. She grinned and rolled onto her back as I moved off her sister and moved over her. I pushed into her slippery pussy with one long thrust and she groaned and shuddered. I kissed her passionately as I started to fuck her. I used long, deep strokes and didn’t bother to go slow.

It wasn’t long before Lee was jerking and spasming erratically as her hot pussy contracted around my cock. I slowed and kissed her softly and teased her by pressing and humping against her. When she groaned and shuddered, Jamie laughed, “Slut.”

Lee grinned as she continued to shake and I started to fuck her tight pussy hard. She jerked and spasmed before thrashing and kicking out as her pussy tightened and squeezed my cock. She arched her back and howled as I buried my cock in her womb. I waited and then went back to fucking her slowly. Lee was panting and jerking as I began to fuck her harder.

She was spasming and convulsing as I fucked into her cervix hard. When she stiffened and then went wild, bucking and twisting and thrashing around, I shoved into her as my balls pulled up. Lee suddenly froze and clutched at me and then I was pumping a huge stream of warm sperm. She lifted her hips and screamed, “YYYYYEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSS!”

I spewed and spurted again and again and then sighed as I kissed her. She was panting and Jamie leaned on me, “I bet you’re pregnant now slut.”

Lee grinned and then laughed as I slowly pulled out and rolled onto my back, “We need a house with a green house in the center, like a courtyard. The rooms need to open off it and the kitchen should be a big one with a lot of room.”

The girls laughed and hugged me. I sighed and looked towards the rising sun, “Time to get up, we have fence to ride.”

We straightened up and dressed, well I dressed, they put the sheepskin coats on. After saddling the horses we went to the house for breakfast. Their mom grinned and slipped bowls of cereal on the table. I looked at my uncle, “Lee and Jamie want me to get them pregnant.”

He smiled as he absently took his wife’s hand, “Do you have a problem?”

I looked at Lee and Jamie, “No. I was thinking of house plans though.”

He grinned, “Draw something up and we’ll build it together.”

I nodded and finished my breakfast before standing, “We’re going to push any strays out of the brush in the north.”

He nodded, “check the water tank and open the line cabin. I’ll swing by with supplies for you and the girls to stay there a few days.”

I grinned, “Just roll up my bedroll.”

He smiled and we turned to head out. It was an hour after we started that Lee handed her reins to Jamie and swung up in front of me. I move back and let her take my pants off before sitting back in the saddle. She slowly impaled herself on my cock and shuddered before wrapping her legs around me. I put my arms under the coat and around her as she began to sigh.

Her tight pussy kept squeezing my cock as we rode and after a few minutes she jerked and then began to shudder hard. She was a lot wetter and her pussy was rippling and spasming around my cock as it pressed open her womb. Lee was howling which made the horse jerk around and more skittish. It was over ten minutes before I held her butt and pulled her close and started pumping sperm into her womb.

She jerked and shuddered hard as she felt the warm cum pump into her. Jamie laughed, “Getting bred slut?”

Lee groaned and hugged me tight as I spewed and spurted until she was full. She sighed when I stopped cumming and turned her head to kiss me. She grinned at Jamie, “Yes I am.”

I laughed and hugged her before letting her go. It was a few minutes before she lifted up and Jamie brought her horse up. After she was back in her saddle we ended up chasing cows and calves out of the gullies. It was past noon when we rode up to the line shack. Our spare horses were in the corral behind the shack and a stack of hay bales was beside it.

I grinned when I saw the huge horse trough full of water. It was a spare we never used because there was already one in the corral. We unsaddled the horses and brushed them down before putting them in with the other horses. The girls took everything into the shack including my clothes and returned with soap and a wash cloth. The water in the trough was cool and refreshing. I washed Jamie and then Lee before letting them do me.

After we got out Lee kissed me and turned me to Jamie before she walked back into the shack. Jamie grinned and caressed my chest before turning and bending to put her hands on the side of the trough. She spread her legs and wiggled her butt, “come breed me Simon.”

I did and she and Lee both ended up pregnant. Our house is one we built together with their father. Every couple of years the two demand I breed them. I know our life isn’t normal but neither of the girls care and one or both always make sure I am satisfied. We still ride fence together and sometimes I even fuck them in the saddle like real cowgirls.
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