Young Teen Girl's First Sexual Expierence
Subject: First Date

It was a beautiful spring evening. I was in seventh heaven, on my way to
the dance with Tim Edwards. Me a 14 year old freshman, Tim a junior and a
real catch. My friends and all the girls in the sophomore and junior class
were jealous because Tim had asked me to the dance.

I had dreamed of going to my first dance with someone special and my dreams
were being answered. Not only my first dance but really my first real date
with a boy. I knew some girls talked about making out with Tim but my
thoughts were that they probably seduced him. While I was dancing with
him, he held me very close and very tight, our bodies melted together and
we moved as one. Something in his pocket kept poking me and months later I
realized it was not his comb. After three or four dances Tim asked me If I
wanted to go out to his car for awhile. I smiled at him and said sure. We
settled into the back seat and Tim asked me if I wanted a beer. I declined
so he opened one for himself and offered me a drink. I raised the bottle
to my lips and took a sip. It was my first taste and it was really quite
good. Tim put his arm around my shoulders and drew me close to him. He
nibbled on my ear and kissed and licked it. It sent shocks thru my body
and I started to feel a twinge between my legs.

Tim finished his beer and we headed back to the gym. Several kids looked
at us and grinned, I guessed later they must have thought we had made love.
We danced several more dances and Tim told me he was thirsty again so we
headed for his car. This time he opened two beers and handed one to me. I
really didn't want a whole one but didn't have much choice. Tim drank his
down quickly and kept encouraging me to finish mine. When mine was gone he
put his arms around me and kissed me, at first a couple of pecks and then a
serious lip lock, pushing his tongue into my mouth. That kiss lasted a long
time and my body was shaking from the arousal it caused. Tim started
rubbing my tiny tits and then his hand was on my thigh, up under my dress.

I put my hand on his but he didn't stop moving it. Caressing the inside of
my thighs, running his hand up and down, each time getting closer and
closer to my pussy. I knew I should stop him but I was completely under
his control. The beer and his kisses were making me lose control. And then
I felt his finger, stroking the slit between my pussy lips. The Tim
slipped a finger under my panty crotch and continued sliding up and down my
bare pussy. By this time I was completely his, both arms were wrapped
around him and my legs were spread giving him easy access to my promised

"We should go back into the dance, shouldn't we?" Tim asked.

"Yes we should but give me a minute to straighten up a little," I replied.
"I don't know if I can even walk. That beer really hit me."

"You'll be alright," Tim assured me.

This time in, the other kids really gave us the eye. I was sure they could
tell that I had been completely out of control. But I didn't care. Tim
took me in his arms and we danced a slow dance, rubbing our bodies, and
once again something was poking me. By tradition, the last dance was done
with almost all the lights out. In the dark Tim started rubbing my tits
again. I held his hand but that didn't stop him. Then he put both his
hands down on my butt and pushed his pelvis against mine. Then I realized
what had been poking me. I didn't know what to do but Tim held me so tight
I didn't have much choice.

On our way out to the car Tim stopped and talked with a couple of his

"Is it all right if Tony and Seth go with us," Tim asked.

"I guess so," I replied. I didn't realize that Tim thought I knew that he
and I were going to have sex and he was asking me if it would be alright if
Tony and Seth joined in.

Tim suggested that Seth drive and he and I got in the back seat with Seth
and Tony in front. We weren't even out of the parking lot and Tim's tongue
was in my mouth and his finger was stroking my pussy. Soon he put his hand
on mine and moved it down to the bulge in his pants. I had only seen one
cock up to that point in my life and that was the tiny thing on my little
brother. Tim's felt huge. I stroked it and rubbed it until Tim asked me
to help him get his pants down. We finally got his pants open and down to
his knees allowing his hard cock to spring free. The moonlight coming thru
the window caste a weird glow on it and the head glistened from the precum.

"Kiss my cock, pleaseeeee," Tim begged. "Run your tongue around the head,

I took his cock in my hand. It was strangely soft but very hard and very
hot. I bent over and kissed the head as he had asked. Then he put his
hand on the back of my head and forced my mouth down on his cock. The
sound of a soft "Yes" from the front seat brought me back to reality as I
realized that Tony was watching everything that was going on.

I tried to set up but Tim would let go of my head. I struggled a little
while but then settled down to my task at hand. The groans and sighs from
Tim told me that I was doing something right. The movement of his pelvis
up against my face as I lowered down on his cock confirmed. Then Tim moved
around so he could once again finger my pussy. My love juice was leaking
out of my cunny, making my panties very wet. Tim pulled them down and
started entering my pussy with his finger. First just one, just in to the
knuckle, then two, flicking around inside my love hole.

Tim move over me, spreading my legs with his and rubbing my cunny with his
cock head. I was so hot and wanting him to enter me I wrapped my legs
around him and helped him find the mark. Two or three strokes and his cock
was against my maiden barrier.

"You are a virgin," he asked, surprised.

"Well yes," I replied.

"I don't want to hurt you," he said.

"It will hurt a little but don't worry about it."

With that, I pushed on his back with my feet and held him tight with my
legs, wanting him to penetrate and take my virginity. He pushed just as I
pushed and his cock entered the promised land. The pain was very brief and
then the excitement took over. Tim's entire cock was sliding in and out of
my pussy. The feeling was unbelievable, I never had imagined how

"Oh god I'm going to cum," Tim panted. "You are so fucking tight I can't
believe how great it feels."

All I could do was say "mmmmmmmmmmmmmm" Then I felt some kind of hot fluid
filling Me inside. Tim just laid down on me. Panting with sweat dripping
off his face. Then he moved off of me and started pulling his pants up. I
moved around making ready to dressing myself when Tim left the back seat
and Tony got in.

"Don't put those back on," he said, "I'll just have to take them back off."

I started to say something but couldn't talk with Tony's tongue buried in
my mouth. His hands were on my tits and very shortly in my pussy. I
didn't stop to think what was happening, just started to enjoy a new
lover. Tony worked much faster than Tim had and in only a few minutes he
was pushing his cock into my mouth. It was fatter than Tim's no way could
I take as much of it. I sucked and licked up and down the shaft, playing
with his balls as I did. His moans were louder than Tim's and I wondered
if he was going to cum in my mouth. I knew both his hands were on my head
but I felt fingers playing with my cunt. I realized that Seth was
fingering me while I was sucking Tony.

Suddenly a hard cock was entering my cunt from behind. What a slut I was
two cocks at the same time. One in my mouth, one in my cunt. I couldn't
move away from Seth and Tony wouldn't let me stop sucking him so I did the
best I could. The speed of the cock hammering my cunt and the cock fucking
my mouth increased as both boys rapidly approached climax, as was I. I had
had a small one with Tim but I felt an explosion coming on. Seth cried out
"I'm cumming," just as Tony's moans and panting told the world that he was.
His load of hot sticky cum filled my mouth. I couldn't swallow fast enough so it
was running down my chin. And then mine hit, love juice squirting out of my cunt
all over Seth and Tony.

I was exhausted as were the boys. We tried catching out breaths. While we
were recovering, Tim got behind the wheel and started driving us back to
town. By the time we got to Seth's car I was somewhat composed but could
still feel the cum dripping out of my pussy.

Seth suggested he take me home because I lived on his way home which Tim
agreed to. He gave me a long kiss and squeezed my tits and said thanks for
a great evening. I got into Seth's car and we headed out. On the way Seth
pulled into an orchard and turned off the lights and the car.

"What's going on?" I asked."

"I'm going to tell you something but you have to promise me you won't tell
anyone, particularly Tim and Tony," Seth said.

"OK," I replied.

Seth took my hands and looked at me as he spoke. "I've only fucked one
other girl and that was about a year ago. I really enjoyed it but it also
scared me. When Tim stopped and talked with us on the way out of the dance
he told us he thought maybe we might be able to fuck you also. I
remembered how wonderful my first time felt but I also remembered what I
had wanted to do but hadn't."

"What was that," I asked.

"I wanted to lick her pussy. I have thought about that more than I have
the actual act of fucking her. Would you let me lick yours?" He asked.

I had heard the girls talk about how wonderful it feels but had never had
the satisfaction. I took Seth's face in my hands and planted a special hot
kiss on his mouth.

"I would like that very much Seth," I told him. "But I don't know if
tonight is the right time for your first time. I have a load of Tim's and
your cum in me. Plus all of my juice that all of you caused."

"I don't care," Seth blurted out. "I want to feel what its like to run my
tongue in and out of you."

With those words Seth moved down between my legs, I hooked my fingers in my
undies and pushed them down and then spread wide so my new lover could have
full access to my hot wet cunt. Without hesitation, Seth began licking and
sucking on my pussy. I knew he must have been getting mouthful after
mouthful of my, his and Tim's cum. But on and on he licked and sucked and
kissed and fingered in and out of my love hole. Slurping and moaning,
eagerly covering my pussy with his efforts.

"Oh this feels so good Seth." I whispered. "I'm going to want you to fuck
me again." I pushed my pussy up into his face. He gripped my ass cheeks
in both hands and buried his face in my wet hot cunt.

"I could lick you all night Mindy, you taste so good."

Seth continued licking and playing with my pussy until another climax was
about to reward him. With no warning I pushed my cunt into his face and
left it there, squirting my hot juice in his mouth and down onto his chest.

"That was so delicious," he cried.

I wanted to suck his cock and taste his cum but it was almost 3 in the
morning. My folks were going to be all over me when I got home.

"You've got to take me home," I said. "I've got to get home before it gets
any later."

I started pulling on my panties and trying to make myself a little more
presentable. I had cum all over my cloths and face and tits. And of
course the inside of my thighs were wet. I knew my folks were going to
know what had happened. I got out of the car and reached back in and gave
Seth a little kiss.

"Thanks for the fun tonight and thanks for the ride home," I said.

"If I call you will you go out with me or are you Tim's girl" Seth asked.

"Right now I'm nobody's girl," I replied. "Call Me."

As I approached the door I couldn't figure out why the house was dark. I
knew mom and dad had gone to a party but knew they were home by now. I
carefully opened and closed the door and headed for my room. I entered and
closed the door and let out a sigh of relief. As I walked past my bed I
was grabbed by two very strong hands.

"You smell like a French whorehouse," my dad whispered. "How many guys did
you fuck tonight anyway?" "The smell of sex is overwhelming."

"What are you doing in here," I Asked. "And where is Mom?"

"Your mom got drunk tonight and is passed out in there in our bed." "I
wanted a hot fuck when we got home but she didn't stay awake long enough."

I had dropped my coat at the door and was unbuttoning my blouse when dad
grabbed me. He put his hand under my open blouse and started squeezing my

"My god you've got dry cum all over your tits and chest." He exclaimed.

He pulled my skirt off and felt inside of my thighs and said "And all over
your thighs and stomach. You must have been the queen of a gang bang."

His finger entered my cunny and I started feeling all funny again. It
didn't matter that he was my father, the only thing that was important was
he was a man and wanted to fuck. Then I realized he didn't have a shirt on
and remembered he slept in the nude. I dropped to my knees between his
legs and took his now hard cock in my hand.

"Yes father, your daughter is a slut. I entertained three cocks tonight.
Got fucked by two of them and sucked two of them. I climaxed enough to
float a battle ship and drank enough cum that I won't have to eat for a

I licked the head of his cock and then buried it in my mouth and throat.
Daddy's cock is much bigger both length and thickness than either of the
boys so as I was licking and sucking it I was also thinking how wonderful
that big cock was going to feel plunging deep into my love canal. Daddy was
forcing my mouth further and further down on his cock. The head was at my
throat but could go no further. Daddy kept pushing my head And I kept
gagging until final I bit his cock.

He yelped and slapped me a hard face slap. I called him a son of a bitch
for hitting me and he called me a cunt whore for biting him. I told him I
couldn't breathe. He grabbed me and thru me down on the bed. He started
slapping my face with his hard cock and saying,

"Beg me you little slut. Beg me to fuck you with my hard cock.'

"Pleaseeeeee push that post all the way in my tight little cunt and fuck my
brains out."

With that he kneeled between my legs and rubbed my wet cunt with the head
of his cock, getting it slick and ready to penetrate me. I spread as wide
as I could and opened my cunt lips with my fingers so he could bury his
hard meat in his tender young daughter. I was just beginning to really
enjoy his hard cock pounding my pussy when he pulled it out moved around so
it was pointed at my face and shot his load all over my eyes and down into
my mouth. And it was a big load. Then without a word he left my room and
headed for his own.

I used my finger to push his cum down into my mouth then got up and headed
for the bathroom. It was about 4 o'clock but I thought what the hell and
took a shower to get everybody's cum of my. Then I headed for a long

That night was the first night of my relationship with three boys and a
man. I enjoyed sex with all of them on a regular basis and still found
time to develop relationships with other people including my Mother. But
that's another story.

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good story until the old man came into the picture


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What a hot slut, where were you when I went to high school?

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