something new I wanted to try out
My name is Kevin or at least it used to be. It all started the first weekend of summer after my high school graduation, which was also to be my first time having sex with my girlfriend Claire. Now by no means am I a virgin nor is she, but unlike the other sex crazed sluts I had dated before she wanted to take things slow. We fooled around of course but minor things, the most sexual thing we ever did was oral and showering together. Back to the story at hand.

I had just arrived at her apartment in my 1970 Chevelle SS. A much desired Graduation gift from my parents and some money from own pocket, being most of the fee… anyway, I looked up to her balcony and sighed softly. She lived on the top floor which happened to be about twenty or so stories high. Sadly the lobby elevator was used only for staff to bring up luggage to the rooms. The public elevator was on the fifth floor. So I grabbed my duffle bag and carried it to the fifth floor and rode the elevator the rest of the way up. With a small grin playing at my lips I approached her door, raising my hand to knock upon her door I heard a voice unknown to me. The voice certainly belonged to that of an older man, perhaps her brother or her boss? I dreaded to think that I might be her father.

Our relation ship was not secret I had met her family once at a hotel gallery which Claire had taken me to. They were nice enough but her father although polite to me held a presence that demanded respect, he of course loved his daughter and wanted the best for her. I of course told him that I was planning to become a business man myself; I had considerable skill in advertisement and planned to take courses in university to expand my knowledge of the field along with business courses. Truth be told I received a letter from the university saying that I was to start one week after the summer holidays.

Taking a deep breath I closed my eyes then knocked on the door. Opening my eyes I waited for a moment as I heard nothing but silence then sound of rushed foot steps. The door opened and needless to say I was stunned to find who had answered it. It was not her brother or her father or her boss, this man was someone whom I had never met before. He glared down at me since he was a good few inches taller them my six foot height. “Who the hell are you kid and what the hell do you want here?” not a question really more of a demand.

Clearing my throat I calmly stated at I was in fact Claire’s current boyfriend and I was here to see her. That didn’t seem to please this guy, not one bit. He grabbed my shirt and pulled me into the room, but felt more like he wanted to toss me inside. Which he did a few seconds after closing the door, I fell on to the glass table which shattered under my weight of 190 pounds, none of it being fat. Some of the shards embedded into my bare arms and partly exposed lower back, luckily nothing life threatening… yet.

Claire rushed to my side and glared at the man standing in front of us. “You didn’t need to do something like that!”

Her outburst did little to help the situation, this guy whoever he was did not approve of women talking back. He grabbed hold of Claire by her long brown hair and kicked me back down to the floor. He was very heavy considering that he didn’t look like a beefed up guy. I tried to moved but the glass digging into my back was preventing me from doing much of anything. So I reached into my pocket and pulled out my pocket knife. Now I never used it on a person in any manner, I carried it mostly as protection should the need arise which in all my years never happened until now. I flipped it open and slashed the four inch blade across this asshole’s calf, drawing blood.

He lifted his leg and tossed Claire aside. I scrambled to my feet holding the knife and standing ready to fight this prick.

In case you were wondering I took a few lessons in MMA last year. The things I learned stuck and left me with some knowledge on how to defend my self in a fight. They would be needed at this time and I hoped that I wasn’t too rusty.

We fought with everything we hand, getting in as many hits as possible. Unfortunately for me I fell after tripping over the glass table’s metal frame. My opponent descended upon me and tried to put me into a submission choke hold. I however was able to reverse this and put him into a sleeper hold. Claire was already on the phone dialling 911.

The cops arrived ten minutes later and I was still holding this prick in place. He was breathing of course but I didn’t want to risk another struggle inside the apartment. So I kept the hold in place ready for him to wake up. Once the cops entered the room I relaxed a bit and sighed. Claire explained what happened while the cops arresting the guy who turned out to be her ex-boyfriend who she had an active restraining order against. Apparently he just got out of prison for many violent acts against her and her friends.

After the cops interviewed us and left Claire and I began to clean up the apartment. Once all the glass was disposed of we sat down on the couch and relaxed. We started to cuddle and kiss each other, but that soon changed into a fury of groping fondling and teasing. We ended up in the bedroom lying naked in each other’s arms. She was stroking my shaft and I was teasing her clit, getting her worked up usually made her lust after me.

Claire soon grew tired of my teasing and I was getting close to reaching my limit. She quickly straddled me and lowered herself onto my hard dick. Since she was so wet the penetration was easy and she sighed in content. Fully impaled she started to rock back and forth, side to side then up and down. She was tight and so very hot; I wasn’t sure how long I would last.

Moaning softly she leaned down and started to kiss me, our tongues danced from her mouth to mine and in between. Her pace grew faster and faster, driving both of us closer to our peak. Then I remembered that I wasn’t wearing a condom. She saw the look o my face and smiled her sexy smile. “It’s okay baby you can cum inside me today.” She said then nipped at my neck. She enjoyed giving my little remarks on my body. Said it was her way of marking me as her man.

I reached my climax first, feeling my seed filling her set her off into a shuddering fit of pleasure. Her back arched and her moan echoed in the room as she continued to ride me, trying to make her orgasm last as long as she could withstand.

Once we came down from our orgasmic high she wrapped her arms around my neck and smiled. “That was wonderful darling.” She said laying her head on my chest and closing her eyes. She was about to move off when she felt my dick becoming hard once again. With a small giggle she kissed my neck and ground her crotch against mine. “Wanting to go another round I see, well then you can do all the work this time.”

With a smirk playing on my lips I rolled so that she was lying on her back. Kissing her neck and moving ever so slowly downward I thrust my hips penetrating her once again. I decided to tease her a bit by only using short thrusts, pulling nearly all the way out then sliding only a few inches in. I figured this would drive her crazy. I was right.

She soon got annoyed with my teasing and glared at me. Her eyes showed a hunger that I saw only once before today. Her legs wrapped around my waist and she pulled me close making my erection slide deep into her body. “No more teasing or you’ll get a punishment.” She stated firmly.

However I pretended not to hear her and continued to tease her body. I wanted to see how much of this slow sweet torture Claire could take before she would be so frustrated that she enforced her ‘punishment’. Honestly it didn’t take as long as I had thought.

Claire flipped us so she was once again on top. Taking my hands she cuffed me to the bar at the head of her bed. We enjoyed some bondage games every now and then. She rode me to orgasm, however when I announced that I was going to cum she pulled herself off me and wrapped her thumb and index finger around the base of my dick. “Now its time for your punishment.” Her voice was firm yet she had a very mischievous smile. Making sure her grip on me was firm she began to give me a blowjob. I easily reached my limit but her grip on me prevented any of my cum from escaping into her mouth.

She continued her actions teasing me with her tongue and every other technique she had learned from our oral trials some months earlier. Needless to say she knew how to get me to make me cum when she wanted. And now that the head of my cock was sensitive she used that to her advantage.

I came twice more but she still didn’t let any cum leave my body. Finally I couldn’t take it any more and begged her to let me cum inside her, or anywhere for that matter. Satisfied with my plea for release she mounted me and rode my cock until I shot heavy loads of my seed into hot wet pussy.

When I was done and panting rather heavily Claire smiled down at me in triumph. “If you ever tease me like that again this will happen again.” She stated in her ‘I’m the boss’ way. I merely nodded and sighed.

The next morning we loaded our bags in my car then drove off to the beach, or rather Claire’s family’s private beach. It was a three hour drive and another hour hike through the woods before we reached the secluded beach. And it was beautiful. The beach was untouched and pure. The ocean was a lovely bluish green and the waves were great for surfing. Hidden in the trees was a hut used for changing or a place to sleep in the cool shade.

Since no one ever came to this beach Claire decided to skinny dip. I watched with some amusement as she tried to run and discard her shorts and panties. She fell once but it allowed her to remove her clothing. Standing up glad in her naked beauty she waved me over as she slowly made her way into cool water.

We swam out as far as we could but the reef blocked us from going too far out. Diving under the water we saw many fish and sea creatures. The beauty of the beach was nothing compared to that of the world under the ocean waves. All the colours of the fish and sea life were simply amazing. As we ventured further along the reef I felt something on my leg, but found nothing there when I looked for the source of the warm feeling. Figuring it was some fish or other small harmless creature of the reef I dismissed the feeling at nothing more then an accidental bump.

Upon our return to the sandy shore Claire took me by the hand and led me into the little hut. She was wearing that sexy smile of hers and it didn’t take much thought to guess what she had in mind.

We left the beach before it got too dark; on the drive back to her apartment I wasn’t feeling all that great, my body felt like it was on fire. When we got up to her place I was shaking like crazy and sweating like I was sitting in a sauna. Claire did what she could but it was no use. I told her it was probably just heat stroke; after all it was insanely hot today. Moving to the bed I fell asleep in Claire’s arms.

When I woke up Claire was still asleep hidden under the covers as she usually ended up. Stretching and letting out a yawn I moved out of bed and went into the bathroom to relieve my bladder. I pulled down my boxer but my hands felt nothing but smooth skin. I looked down and yelled in shock, but the voice wasn’t mine it was higher and feminine. Frantic I ran to the mirror and stared wide eyed at a sexy red haired woman. I rubbed my eyes believing that I was still dreaming. Vision cleared and still I stared back at that same sexy redhead. I examined my new body quickly before rushing back to Claire.

I was female obviously; about five foot nine with shoulder length red hair. My body was somewhat athletic yet nicely curved in all the right places. But my breasts yes my breast were a large C-cup or maybe a small D.

Nudging Claire I spoke to her in the deepest voice my new form could manage. It didn’t work, so I resorted to opening the curtains to let in the bright summer light then ripped off the blankets. I smiled at the woman I cared so much about but notices something between her legs. Pulling the blanket further down I saw what my body was missing. Claire had a dick! At first I was shocked, but then I got kind of jealous her dick was bigger then the one I used to have. I couldn’t help but crawl on the bed to get a closer look at this thing. It couldn’t be real could it? Maybe a new strap of she put on to tease me with? Only one way to find out for sure, I reach out with my small delicate hand and lightly took hold of the shaft. I gasped as I felt the warmth of it and the pulsing blood running through it.

I don’t know why but I was overcome with the urge to taste it. Slowly I moved closer and stuck out my tongue, lightly I licked the underside of this big dick. I didn’t taste much so I did it again and again until I finally took it into my mouth and started sucking. I was over whelmed by desire and lust. I couldn’t stop myself, I sucked and sucked and sucked some more. My bobbing head was on automatic as I preformed oral sex on this wonderful cock between my lips. Wait… did I just think this was wonderful? I was about to think how wrong this was when I suddenly felt a hand on the top of my head which forced me to take of this cock into my mouth. Then it pulsed twitched and swelled as long thick ropes of hot sperm flooded my mouth. My body reacted on its own again as I swallowed every drop of cum.

When it was over I removed my mouth and licked my lips. Slowly Claire sat up and looked at me, her eyes were half open and she was still partly asleep. “Morning sweetie.” She rubbed her eyes and I braced for the screaming fit she was about to have. But it never came…

“So you decided to have some fun with this did you?” she asked while stroking her semi hard cock. “Well I guess I better make you feel good too huh?”

“C-Claire…? Don’t you notice anything different here?” I asked softly while my gaze shifted from her beautiful face to the cock held in her hand.

“Different?” After giving me a thorough inspection and I do mean thorough, she shook her head and pined my arms above my head. “Well yes now that I got a better look at you.”

I gulped down and stared at her waiting for her to notice that I was now a woman. “And what do you think?” I asked softly.

“Well they do seem to be bigger, how long are these going to get?”

“My breast got bigger? That’s not what I meant Claire. I’m a woman! I was a guy last night and this morning I wake up as a woman!” I exclaimed while wondering what was going on.

“Kimmy did you have that dream again? Honestly you need to stop watch that sci-fi channel before coming to bed.” She shook her head then pulled me into a loving embrace. “You young lady are ground from that channel, no more of this okay I’m starting to worry about you.”

What? Is this real, was all that really a just a vivid dream? I reached down and pinched my leg to make sure. Yep this was real, but how could that be? I remember everything from my life as a guy. I had one last hope to confirm all of this. “Claire what about what happened with your ex the other day?”

She went stiff and looked down at me. “Are you still worried about that? Oh baby, its okay he will never hurt you again.”

Holy shit….

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