(Dedicated to Aoikhi)
My name is Michael James and my nightmares always start the same. We were moving through a small village, each hummer separate from the one in front and behind. I glanced at my gunner as I got a bad feeling, “Keep your eyes open Alison.”

I shifted my M4 and then an explosion blew straight out and into the lead vehicle. As we came to a stop and I bailed out. A second explosion flipped the trailing vehicle and insurgents appeared. I fired into the three closest, one with an RPG. I came to my feet and yanked Private Wilson up and shoved him towards a low wall, “set up a perimeter.”

I keyed my radio as my vehicle was raked with automatic fire, “Sierra Six this is Sierra 16alpha, we have been hit and need support at TRP 7.”

I moved to the doorway of the hummer and reached in to pulled a wounded Alison out and shifted him over my shoulder. I turned and grunted as rounds slammed into my vest. I fired off hand at the two insurgents on the roof top beside the burning lead vehicle. I reached into my vehicle as I juggled Alison and grabbed Private Harris. He was screaming and blood was pouring from his shoulder.

I yanked him out as I walked towards the low wall with Wilson behind it. I fired into an insurgent as he ran towards me from the rear and dropped Harris, “get him under cover Wilson.”

I knelt and set Alison down as he groaned and came to my feet. I turned as several more insurgents headed towards us from across the street. I fired calmly and ignored the searing pain in my right thigh. I headed towards the lead vehicle and grunted as a bullet slammed into my left shoulder. I turned and fired the M4 one handed killing the insurgent standing in a doorway. I continued towards the vehicle as I dropped the magazine and replaced it.

One look inside told me Corporal Jones and Private Anderson were dead but Specialist Monroe was alive. I pulled him out as firing from the men in the third vehicle began. I put Monroe over my shoulder and shot a running insurgent point blank. He slammed into me and I let my rifle drop onto its lanyard to shove the man away. Suddenly his body was jerking as it was riddled with bullets from other insurgents.

I didn’t think and grabbed the pistol at his waist and brought it up as he fell. I fired into the chest of the two standing insurgents and looked around after they fell. I tucked the pistol into my cargo pocket and pulled my rifle up as I pushed away and limped towards the perimeter. I set Monroe down and noticed the Lt beside his hummer. He was holding his side with one hand and his rifle with the other.

I had been ignoring the constant calls on the radio and keyed it as I stood and started for the Lt, “Sierra Six this is Sierra 16alpha, we have heavy casualties and need support and med vac helo’s.”

“Sierra 16alpha what is the enemy strength?”

I glanced around as I knelt and grabbed the Lt’s collar, “I estimate a platoon at least.”

I stood and staggered as bullets impacted on my vest from the rear and a tearing pain ripped through my upper right arm. I turned and held my rifle out and fired as I swept a doorway with automatic fire with several men in it.

I pulled a struggling Lt after me and glanced back to see movement in the over turned last vehicle. The four men from vehicle three were firing and keeping the insurgents back as I set the Lt down and turned away. I changed my magazine as I headed towards the overturned vehicle.

I was just in time to bring my rifle up and around as two insurgents ran around the vehicle holding what looked like an explosives charge. I sprayed both and staggered as my left leg was almost yanked out from under me. There was more searing pain I tried to ignore as I knelt and reached into the vehicle and grabbed Sergeant George and pulled him clear.

I shifted and leaned in to look before reaching for Private Michaels. The driver was dead so I ignored him for now. I pulled Michaels unconscious body out and half lifted him to drape him over my shoulder, “Lets go Will.”

I grabbed the Sergeant and pulled as I struggled to stand. I pulled him along as I started back to our men and stumbled as more bullets hit my back. I turned and pushed the Sergeant towards the perimeter.

Two insurgents were behind us and one was ready to fire another RPG. I swept them with fire from my rifle and they both fell but the RPG fired. I dropped and rolled over Michaels to shield him just as the rocket exploded ten feet away. Shrapnel ripped through my right arm and leg and I couldn’t hold the scream.

I struggled up and turned to drag Michaels after me towards the perimeter. I dropped him as another group of insurgent charged and brought up my rifle to empty it. I slowly knelt to drag Michaels after me and Wilson took him. I sat and leaned back against the wall as help finally arrived in the form of four Apache helicopters.

I woke up sweating and slowly sat up. At first everything was strange and then I remembered, I was in Japan. I was in a northern city up in the mountains. After the attack and the hospitals, I had wanted to get away. I had learned to speak Japanese for fun when I was younger and decided to come here.

I glanced at the early morning light and rolled out of bed. I dressed slowly and ignored the stiffness, one of the reasons the army medically retired me. Four bullet wounds and multiple shrapnel wounds. My vest had taken over twenty nine hits.

I glanced at the large pistol on the dresser and put it in a drawer. It was from the insurgent I had taken it from. I made my way downstairs and walked the few blocks to where the pool I used was. I nodded to the women in the office and stripped to my suit. I slipped into the water and began my exercises. I had been coming here for over a week. I heard someone slip into the water but continued with my exercises. A small hand touched my shoulder, “more stretching first.”

I looked at her to see a young Japanese woman. She was slender but something whispered that she had grace. She smiled and moved me towards the shallower end and began stretching my arm. It both hurt and seemed to make it more flexible. Slowly she worked with me until she began showing me exercises. She smiled and began swimming laps as I worked on my exercises.

When I finished, she was just leaving. I dried off and dressed before leaving and heading across to my job. That had been a surprise, my first interview for a job was in a small office. Not that I needed it, I was medically retired as a Staff Sergeant with fifty percent disability. I also had a large amount of stocks from my grandparents. I was just passing a building as a well dressed man came out with two other men. The men almost screamed bodyguard.

I glanced around and stiffened before spinning and diving into the well dressed man. His bodyguards were beginning to react when the entranceway was raked by bullets and I whispered, “Stay down.”

I stayed over him until the car I had seen raced off. I groaned as I tried to move off him and then one of his guards was yanking me up. The other guard was down with what looked like several bullet wounds. The guard started to slam me into the wall and the man spoke, “Stop!”

He came to his feet and looked at me, “Do you know who I am?”

I pushed his guard’s hand off me, “a business man?”

He smiled, “perhaps we will talk again.”

He gestured and they walked away leaving the other man. I moved to him and knelt but one close look and I knew he was gone. The police were very through and I was able to give a good description of the young men and the vehicle they used. The rest of my day seemed to go smoother. The office manager received calls and I noticed him looking at me.

When I left work I walked several blocks and stopped to look into a dojo. I smiled as I watched the young woman from this morning. She seemed to be the boss or head instructor. I walked in and bowed to the old woman in the office, “How much to take classes?”

She looked at me and frowned before talking and I listened as she began describing everything and it surprised me. I bowed when she finished, “Thank you for explaining. I will think on it.”

I turned to leave and saw the girl watching as I left. I ate a small meal before going to the pool for more exercises and then back to my small apartment. I glanced around and knew someone had been in my place. I checked the pistol in the drawer before setting it beside the bed. I undressed and sorted my dirty clothes before putting on a pair of light cotton sleeping pants.

I headed out to do laundry in the building. When I came back, I finally decided once more to get some sleep, if I could. The dream was as real as each and every time and I woke sweating. I dressed quietly and headed out to the pool. I had only been stretching for a couple of minutes when the girl was suddenly there again.

She was hands on as she helped me stretch and start exercising and then she began swimming her laps. I watched her as I worked and smiled at the graceful way she moved. I finished and decided to swim a coupled of laps before getting out. I was drying off when she was there again. I smiled as she touched a scar on my shoulder, “My name is Michael.”

She looked into my face, “You were in combat?”

I looked away, “Yes.”

She nodded, “and you took a life?”

I slowly moved her hand, “yes.”

I turned and reached for my shirt and began dressing. I turned to see her walking away and sighed before leaving. I went home and showered before dressing. I walked to work thinking about the girl but noticed the man following me. I was still early since today we opened a little later. It was my turn to buy lunch and sent the officer manager’s son out. When I left for the day I walked around to the dojo where I had seen the girl.

I didn’t see her and left. I found a small pin in my door when I got home. It was a Yin and Yang pin and I slipped it into my pocket before going in. I stretched and changed into more comfortable clothes before going out. I wasn’t up to running yet but I started walking. When the two punks stepped in front of me, I shook my head, “no money guys.”

One grinned and said something to the other and pulled a knife. I shifted back and waited as they moved towards me. One lunged and I half turned and I grabbed his hand and twisted as I kicked the other guy in the balls. I turned with the arm and brought it down on my shoulder to hear the crack as bones broke.

I let him go as I continued to turn and slugged him in the face. He went down and his partner was already curled around himself. I knelt and picked up both knives, “you won’t be needing these.”

I snapped the blades on the sidewalk and tossed the handles towards them. I stood and decided a return home might be in order. I noticed the man following me was grinning as he continued. The next day the girl was once more there helping me stretch. She smiled, “my name is Aoikhi.”

I smiled, “Song Bird.”

She nodded and touched a scar, “wear the pin.”

I looked at her and she bowed slightly before turning to start her laps. Each day it was something I looked forward to doing. Aoikhi was something special that I looked forward to everyday. It was beginning to warm up outside as spring appeared. I had been here over a month when I returned to my apartment to find a note in the door. I looked at it and opened it to read it. It was simple and unsigned, “come to the cherry tree field tonight.”

I thought of the pin I now wore. I changed into more comfortable clothes and went to eat. I had just started running again and knew where the cherry orchard was. I walked out to see it in full bloom and sat to watch as the sun started to set. I jerked when Aoikhi stopped next to me and came to my feet, “you came.”

She smiled, “yes.”

I turned to look at the sunset, “its beautiful like you.”

She put her hand in mine, “thank you.”

When the show ended I turned and smiled at Aoikhi. She looked so beautiful, I moved closer and kissed her softly. She seemed to melt into my arm as the kiss lingered. I held her body against mine and could smell her scent mixed in with the gentle smell of cherry blossoms. I pulled back slowly as I looked into her eyes in the fading light, “walk with me?”

She smiled and nodded so I turned as my heart seemed to beat faster. I held her hand as we walked through the orchard and I began telling her about myself. She was quiet as I talked but I could tell she was listening. As we came to the edge of the orchard I turned to look at Aoikhi and gently kissed her again, “will you be my girlfriend?”

She smiled, “that is why I wished you to come here. I find you very attractive.”

She pulled me close for another kiss. It was like warmth washed through me and made me lighter. The pain and memories that haunted me seemed to fade away and the only thing I knew was the soft body against mine. I sighed when she pulled away and looked at her before smiling. I took her hand and walked towards her compound with a happy feeling in my heart.

She kept looking at me and when we finally stopped I didn’t want to let her hand go. I embraced her and kissed her passionately as she clung to me. I caressed her face, “Will you have dinner with me tomorrow?”

Aoikhi smiled and nodded, “come here tomorrow after you leave your work.”

I kissed her and let her go, afraid I would never hold her again. She waited and then smiled before turning and walking into the compound. I walked home feeling on top of the world and ignored my shadow as he followed me. I slept soundly and for once didn’t relive my nightmare. I woke refreshed and dressed quickly anticipating seeing Aoikhi.

I had finished my stretches and had began swimming laps when she dove into the pool. I stood in waist deep water as she swam to me and smiled. I couldn’t looked away from her beautiful face as she stepped closer. I kissed her and held her body before realizing I was hard and she had probably felt it. I shook myself and moved back, “we should swim.”

She nodded and we turned to start swimming together. She pushed me but I kept up which made her smile when she looked at me. When she stopped I was tired but felt satisfied. We dried off together and then dressed. I embraced her before she could go and kissed her softly. The days slowly slipped past, each morning we would meet and swim and each afternoon we would walk to see the cherry trees in bloom and then eat together.

The blossoms were gone when I decided to ask Aoikhi to make love. The weather was just beginning to warm up more and it was nice out. I brought a blanket with me when I went to meet her and she smiled as if she expected it. There were a few people still in the orchard as I spread the blanket and we laid down. I held her and kissed her as it grew later.

The people left as we lay watching the sunset together. In the fading light I caressed Aoikhi’s body and slipped my hand into her blouse to cup her breast as I kissed her. I felt her firm breast and rubbed her erect nipple as I kissed the side of her neck and under her ear. She was moaning softly as I caressed down her body to her pelvis and back to the breast.

It wasn’t long before she shuddered and reached for my hand and pulled it down to her pelvis. She fumbled with her skirt and then pulled my hand under it and over her panties. I felt and rubbed her warm almost hot pussy through the panties as I continued to kiss her. Aoikhi was moaning and clung to me as she lifted and thrust her pussy against my hand.

I moved my hand up and slipped it under her panties before sliding it down again. She shuddered hard as my hand slipped onto her warm pussy and rubbed her clit. I started slipping my finger back and forth over her clit and through her wet pussy. Aoikhi spasmed and thrust her hips up again. She unbuttoned her blouse as I kissed her and I bent to suck on her nipples.

She was breathing hard as her body kept shaking and shuddering. I went back and forth, kissing and sucking on her nipples as I fingered her and finally slipped a finger inside her. With all her exercises and training I wasn’t surprised to find no hymen and my finger pushed in deeper. I was rubbing her clit with the palm of my hand as I went back to kissing her.

I fucked my finger in and out while pressing and rubbing her clit. Aoikhi started grunting as her extremely tight pussy kept squeezing my finger. I finally moved down her body and reached under her skirt to pull her panties down and off with her skirt and she lifted her hips to help me.

I smiled when I saw her smooth bald pussy and leaned down to smell her womanly fragrance. I opened her pussy and licked through is several times as she groaned and shuddered and then I started wiggling the tip of my tongue on her clit. I covered it a couple of minutes later as she thrust up and sucked as I kept teasing it.

She gasped and shuddered hard before beginning to spasm. I licked through her pussy as she squirted a little and pushed my tongue up inside her. Aoikhi stiffened and then arched her back, “YES!”

I lifted up as she pulled on me. I moved up and her hands reached for my pants. I opened and pushed my pants down as she grabbed my cock and pulled it to her pussy. I kissed her and pushed with my hips and she groaned and clutched me as I slowly forced my thick cock into her. I kept kissing her as I began to fuck her slowly.

Her pussy was extremely tight and kept squeezing my cock as I pushed deeper. She was shuddering and grunting and kissed me continuously as her hips lifted and she began thrusting up to meet mine. My cock finally hit her cervix and she hissed and jerked. I kissed her and pulled back before continuing to fuck her.

Aoikhi stiffened and then started convulsing as her tight pussy spasmed and squeezed my cock. It had been so long for me that I couldn’t hold it and pressed against her womb as I began to pump and spew huge ropes of cum. That made her buck and thrash around even more as she felt warm cum pumping into her.

It was a long time before we both relaxed and I pulled out to hold her. I caressed her body in the moonlight and she sighed and turned to touch my face. I kissed her and she smiled and pushed me onto my back before straddling me. She lay on me and we continued to kiss as she pushed back. My hard cock pushed back into her and I moaned into her mouth as we kissed.

Aoikhi began rocking back and forth, taking my cock deeper. She was shuddering as her tight pussy kept grasping at me. I caressed her hips and sides as we kissed and pressed into each other. She was moaning and shaking a little harder before spasming and jerking around. I thrust into her and pressed against her womb and she stiffened before twisting and thrashing around as she screamed into my mouth.

I kept thrusting up into her and she continued to rock and thrust back onto my cock. She sat up and then squatted before starting to fuck my cock. Her pussy seemed tighter and she was shaking as her pussy kept squeezing me. It wasn’t long before I groaned as I caressed her breasts, “Aoikhi?”

She thrust down taking my cock into her womb as I was suddenly pumping strong gushing spurts of cum. She grunted and jerked with each jet I put in her and kept smiling at me. When I stopped cumming, she sighed and went to her knees before laying on me. I held her and caressed her body as she caught her breath. She finally lifted her head to look at me, “Again?”

I grinned and hugged her before rolling her off me. I went to my knees to see her on her knees wiggling her butt at me. I laughed and caressed her cute butt as I moved behind her. I rubbed her slippery clit before fitting my cock to her pussy and slowly pushing in. She groaned and pushed back as I pushed in and my cock went all the way to her womb.

We both shuddered and her tight pussy squeezed my cock again. I held her hips as I began to fuck her and she kept thrusting back each time. I felt and caressed her hips and then rubbed her warm ass. I was surprised when she pushed back and cried out. I held her with my cock deep inside her, “Next time Aoikhi, we can try that next time.”

She shuddered and pulled away only to thrust back. I smiled and held her hips before fucking her with long, deep thrusts. She was grunting as my cock kept pressing into her womb and a minute later began jerking and spasming as she collapsed to the blanket. I smiled and straddled her legs before bending my cock and pushing back into her and starting to fuck her again.

I lay over her and fucked down into her and she kept lifting her butt as she jerked and spasmed. Her slippery pussy continued to squeezed and milk my cock as I fucked her with long, slow, deep thrusts. Her body kept jerking and thrashing around and she was moaning and pushing back.

It was several minutes before she started bucking and convulsing hard. Her pussy tightened and I groaned as I pushed into her and began to spurt another load of cum. Aoikhi jerked and lifted her hips as she felt the warm flood of cum flowing into her, “YES!”

When I stopped cumming I pulled out and moved over beside her. She turned and snuggled against me and put her head on my shoulder. I caressed her bare shoulders and realized she had removed her blouse. I lifted her face and kissed her softly as I caressed her face, “thank you.”

She smiled and caress my face before grinning and straddling me, “Again?”

I laughed and reached between us as she lifted up. I held my still hard cock up and she slowly sat down. She sighed and began rocking and thrusting back and forth. She added a rolling twist that made me groan. She grinned and rubbed my chest as she pushed my shirt up. She shivered as her pussy seemed to start milking my cock, squeezing and letting it go.

I felt her breasts and started playing with her nipples as her breathing came faster and she started to shudder. She was rocking more so that my cock actually pulled out of her before she thrust back and down. My cock would slid into her and push against her womb and Aoikhi would shudder or jerk. She was breathing harder and began fucking me faster, her pussy kept squeezing me almost painfully tight.

It was several minutes before she jerked and then began convulsing and I pulled her down to kiss her passionately. She shivered and shuddered as her pussy rippled around my cock and finally sighed and pushed back before sitting up, “Again.”

I grinned and caressed her hips and pelvis, “Again?”

She smiled and began her rolling twist as she rocked and thrusts back and forth. Her pussy was still milking my cock each time it was buried deep inside her. It wasn’t long before she began to grunt and jerk. I kept caressing her as her thrusts became longer and I got closer to cumming. She began spasming and shaking and I shuddered before pulling her down and rolling. I started to fuck into her belly with long, deep thrusts.

She lifted and spread her legs as she grunted with each thrust and kept shuddering. A minute later I pushed into her and held her as I kissed her. My cock was throbbing and then began to pump spurts of warm cum into her womb. Aoikhi jerked and shuddered harder as she clung to me and held the kiss as I continued to cum inside her. When I finally stopped she sighed and relaxed as she caressed my body. I kissed her before pulling out and laying beside her, “Will you sleep with me?”

She laughed and turned to kiss me before looking around for her clothes. I found my pants I had kicked away and we got dressed and folded the blanket. I took her hand as we walked back to my small apartment. Along the way we stopped to eat and buy drinks. After I closed the door Aoikhi kissed me and turned to walk towards the bathroom. I grinned and undressed before following.

She smiled as I started the shower. I waited as she finished peeing and helped her undress before pulling her into the shower. I kissed her and held her soft body against me before beginning to wash her. She smiled and kept caressing me. When I finished she began to slowly wash me. I kept reaching out to touch her and caress her amazing body.

When she finished, I shut the water off and stepped out before pulling my towel out to dry her. She waited until I had dried myself before pulling me back into the other room and across to the bed. She was smiling as she turned to kiss me and I moved her onto the bed as I held the kiss. I caressed her body as I laid beside her, “You are so beautiful Aoikhi.”

She caressed my face and smiled as I bent to suck on one of her nipples before sliding down the bed and between her legs. She ran her fingers through my hair and pulled my face to her pussy as I leaned in to lick through it. I nibbled on her small inner lips and teased her clit before sucking. I pushed my tongue in and out of her and licked her before going back to teasing her clit with the tip of my tongue.

When her body stiffened and then began shaking, I sucked on her clit hard and squeezed it between my lips. She jerked away and started thrashing around as she cried out. I moved up her body and kissed her before slowly forcing my cock back into her tight pussy. She sighed and held me as I began to fuck her slowly. When I hit her cervix she grunted and thrust up.

I kept kissing her and started grinding. Aoikhi was shuddering and then spasming as her tight pussy kept squeezing me. She wet me a couple of times as she jerked and finally she held me and rolled. She sat up and grinned as she began thrusting and rocking. I tugged on her nipples and she groaned as her pussy spasmed. She shifted and moved until she was squatting and began pumping up and down. I groaned after less then a minute and reached for her, “Aoikhi!”

She laughed and thrust down as I lifted my hips and began spurting cum. I was shuddering as I pumped cum against her womb and she shuddered and shook. When I stopped cumming she shifted around and lifted her hips so my cock would come out of her before laying on me. I held her and caressed her wonderful body, “I love you my song bird.”

She turned her head and kissed me softly and that was how we fell asleep. I woke as she moved off me and walked to the bathroom. I slipped out of bed and followed her. There was something about the morning as we swam together and I kissed her before she left to go home. Our walk that afternoon was filled with caresses and kissing. I loved the way she felt in my arms and the way she seemed to melt against me.

After we ate, Aoikhi held my hand and led me to my apartment. She stripped as soon as the door was closed and kissed me passionately as she undressed me. I bent and lifted her in my arms before carrying her to the bed. I set her down as I kissed her softly and then started kissing down her body. I licked and sucked on her erect nipples as she shuddered and moaned.

I moved lower as I shifted around so that I was between her legs. I licked through her pussy and nibbled on her labia before pushing my tongue inside her. I sucked and teased her clit as she lifted her hips and shivered. As she began to shudder and moan I slipped a couple of fingers inside her. I fucked into the soft spongy area as I squeezed her clit with my lips.

Aoikhi was shaking as her body kept lifting off the bed. A minute later she stiffened and howled before starting to thrash around and squirt in my face. She was bucking and jerking violently as her tight pussy squeezed my fingers. I pulled my fingers out as she squirted again and moved up her body. I pushed into her pussy and she arched her back and screamed as she squirted again.

She was still jerking around and bucking as I began to fuck her. I used long, deep thrusts that had my cock hitting and pushing her womb open. Aoikhi jerked and howled as her womb opened and began convulsing again as she squirted. I buried my cock to hump and press into her and she continued to thrash around and buck as her pussy squeezed and spasmed around my cock.

I thrust into her a minute later and held her as I began to spurt and pump cum. She jerked and lifted her pussy as I continued to spew warm cum into her womb. When I stopped cumming she shuddered and kissed me. I pulled out and moved to lay beside her and she turned to caress my side and hip. I caressed her and kept kissing her before pulling her naked body against mine.

Aoikhi moved over me as I turned to lay on my back. She put her head on my shoulder and I think we were both surprised when we fell asleep. Everyday seemed to bring us together and I couldn’t think of spending my time with anyone but her. I thought long about her and finally slipped out of work early. I went to a small shop and looked at rings. I finally bought a plain gold band with tiny jade stones that went around it.

I met Aoikhi as she left her compound and walked with her to the cherry orchard. I led her to the very center and turned to kiss her before going to my knee, “My song bird, I love you very much. I have thought about this a great deal. I have little to offer you but myself and my love. Will you marry me?”

Aoikhi caressed my face, “Yes.”

I stood and kissed her and she sighed as she leaned against me, “We must ask my family.”

I hugged her and didn’t think anything of asking her mom and dad. What I didn’t expect was the huge crowd the next weekend. I didn’t expect to be grilled by several men either. I sat in a room alone while they talked and a long time later Aoikhi came to get me.

Our days were like before, spent walking and holding hands before going to my room. Slowly the wedding plans came together. As much as I didn’t want to wait, I did. It was spring and the cherry trees were in bloom. I watched Aoikhi walk to me in a traditional Kimono. All I had eyes for was her and barely remember what I said.

The house we went to after the reception was new. It wasn’t far from the orchard and I had it built in the tradition Japanese style. I carried Aoikhi over the threshold and kicked off my shoes before continuing back to our bedroom. I set her down and kissed her softly before slowly undressing her. She waited and kissed me before undressing me and then pulling me to the bed.

Cherry blossoms were sprinkled over the bed. I laid my wife back and caressed her body. I kissed her passionately before kissing down her body. I kissed her clit and then licked through her pussy. I nibbled on her labia and pushed my tongue into her before moving up to cover her clit. I teased it with the tip of my tongue as I sucked. Aoikhi shuddered as her hand held my head and her hips lifted.

I continued to use my tongue on her clit and started squeezing it with my lips and humming. It wasn’t long before she as shuddering and jerking. I finally moved up her body to kiss her as her hand positioned my cock. I pushed into her as I nuzzled her neck and went back to kissing her. I fucked her slowly and her tight pussy kept squeezing my cock as I pushed deeper.

It was a few minutes before I hit her womb and she started convulsing. Aoikhi lifted her legs and wrapped them around me as I started to fuck in and out of her womb. Her hips were thrusting up into me as she continued to spasm and jerk. Her warm, tight pussy was constantly grasping and squeezing my cock as she wet me repeatedly. As I fucked her harder she began to wail and clutch at me.

I kept kissing her as we fucked and finally after she had cum several times, I thrust into her and held her shaking body. My cock was throbbing and jerking as it swelled and then I groaned and shuddered as I began to spew huge gushing spurts of cum. Aoikhi held me tight as warm sperm flooded her womb. She was still twitching and spasming as her pussy tightened.

When I stopped cumming I kissed her as she sighed and slowly pulled out. She smiled and snuggled against me, “thank you my husband.”

I caressed her breast and rubbed the nipple, “I want to get you pregnant my song bird.”

Aoikhi grinned, “I am no long taking birth control.”

I have never had another nightmare. Aoikhi had twin daughters the first time and we are expecting again. Every spring we walk in the cherry orchard and I have several cherry trees around our home.


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