(For a young temptress named Emily)
I followed William with the rest of the lads. I wasn’t a lad though and kept getting looks from the others. My name is Emily and I was orphaned when I was ten. William was the one to take me in and he was the one to begin my training. Some said he was old but never to his face. The bow I carried was new, William had given it to me for my sixteenth birthday.

I glanced at the others, they were all older then me. They had learned as had Sir Dawson. I was the only one to beat William with the bow and I was the only one to throw Sir Dawson in combat. I was also the only one to match the Arms master with my new short sword. I smiled, the women at the keep had slipped me a large supply of herbs that were meant to prevent pregnancy.

I glanced at William again, he was going to be my first. There would be others and William and I both knew it. Not because I wanted it but that was the only way he would have me. I sighed and looked ahead of us at the foot soldiers with their long pikes. Tomorrow we would fight so tonight I would bed William, willing or not.

It was late afternoon when we marched into the large camp full of men and he pointed to the left, “Set up on the edge and post a watch.”

I glanced across the field to see the enemy’s camp and shook my head. Kenneth, an older archer marching beside me smiled, “They’re an unkept lot.”

I glanced at him and wondered again why William had partnered me with him. His equipment looked old, well except for the longbow over his shoulder. He was also the only one that didn’t show what he could do for Sir Dawson.

Setting up camp was routine, pitch the two man tents, dig a latrine, set up the commissary for the cooks, dig a trench on the side facing the enemy... After we finished and had eaten I saw William go into his larger tent. Kenneth bumped my shoulder, “Are you going to bed him or not?”

I looked at him in surprise, “How did you...”

He smiled, “The look girl.”

He looked across the camp, “Go do it now or forget about it.”

I grinned and slapped his shoulder, “I think I will.”

I walked across the camp nervously and slipped through his tent flap and he looked up from the map he was studying, “Emily? What are you doing here?”

I started undressing, setting my equipment aside, “You need to finish my training.”

He smiled and leaned back, “and just what training are you lacking?”

I growled as I stalked towards him, “I need to be a woman and you are going to teach me.”

William turned and stood, putting his big hands on my hips, “Are you sure about this Emily?”

I reached for his shirt, “I’m sure.”

He turned me until I was beside his bed and pushed my hands away, “lay down.”

I grinned and laid back on his bed waiting. My pussy was wet and my body almost tingled with the need I felt. William finished undressing and knelt before pushing my legs wider and leaning down to lick through my pussy. I gasped as my world seemed to shatter and shocks raced through my body. He teased my clit and gently bit it as I thrust up, “YES!”

William continued to lick and suck as my body jerked and shook. It was a life time before he lifted his wet face and moved up my body. I was breathing hard as I reached for him and gasped at his huge cock. I was almost afraid to try it but it made my pussy even wetter. He pushed the fat head of his cock back and forth through my pussy and I groaned and spasmed hard. While I was still spasming he thrust into me in one long thrust. I bit back a screamed and tightened my hold on him, “shit!”

He laughed and kissed me as I rode the searing pain in my groin. His cock felt like it was splitting me in two and I knew he hadn’t put it all inside me. He just held me and kept kissing me and finally the pain went away and I shuddered as my pussy squeezed his monster. He groaned and began to fuck me slowly.

At first I winced at the sharp bitting pain. It wasn’t long before that was gone and my body was tingling in pleasure. William kept fucking and I grunted as he hit my womb but didn’t say anything. He was still stretching me and sparks flashed through my body as my pussy spasmed and tightened.

I was shaking and jerked as I squirted a little and William grunted as he pressed deeper. I gasped and clung to him as I felt his cock swell and begin throbbing. The huge stream of warm sperm exploded in my belly and I lost control. I was incoherent as I bucked and thrashed around while he pumped and spewed gallons of his seed into me.

When he sighed and the gushing warmth stopped, I was still shaking and shuddered as my pussy milked his wonderful monster. He slowly pulled out of my pussy and I groaned and shuddered before turning to follow him with a growl, “We aren’t finished.”

He laughed as I straddled him and he caressed my slim body. I lifted up and reached for his huge cock and put it back against my leaking pussy. I pushed back and down and gasped as once more it stretched my pussy and sank to my womb. I shuddered and leaned on him as he reached up to cup my breasts. I started to slowly rock back and forth and jerked in surprise when he squeezed my nipples.

Sparks swept through my body and exploded in my pussy. I jerked and spasmed as my pussy tightened and William groaned, “Damn you’re a tight wench.”

I laughed and rocked back and forth hard and winched slightly as his thick cock kept pushing into my womb. The stretched, full feeling was amazing and it wasn’t long before I was shaking. He was caressing my body, sending shocks everywhere. The feel of his hand on my breast was the best and every time he tugged or pinched the nipple it was like lightning that went through my body.

It was a life time before he groaned and grunted as I continued to spasm. He grabbed my hips and yanked me down and forced his huge cock into me as it began spewing huge spurts of cum. I jerked and shook with each fountain of cum as it exploded inside of me and then leaned on him as I panted and shivered.

I slowly laid on him and for the first time in my life I kissed him. He caressed my body and hips, “You need to return to your tent Emily.”

I smiled and slowly sat up and then stood. I looked between my legs at my red puffy pussy. There was blood as I expected but there was also a lot of white cum leaking down one leg. I grinned as I walked to my clothes. When I was dressed again I turned to William, “Just wait until we are done tomorrow.”

He smiled, “I gave a condition Emily.”

I frowned and he shook his head, “After you have been with another man I will fuck your tight pussy again.”

I grinned, “I that case I will see you after I find someone.”

I left with my body still tingling and my mind whirling. I wanted to do that again and soon. I slipped into our tent and heard Kenneth shift on his bedroll, “Get what you wanted lass?”

I laughed as it struck me and began undressing, “Some old man.”

I heard his chuckle and pulled the last of my clothes off. I moved to his blanket and pulled it back, “I hope you are naked.”

His hands reached for my body and pulled me against him, “Are you sure about this Em?”

I sighed at the feel of naked skin against mine, “He said I need experience with others.”

Kenneth’s hands caressed down to my hips, “And then what lass? What do you want?”

I put my head on his shoulder, “I want William but I already know that may be impossible.”

He caressed my butt and turned to spill me onto the bed before caressing my body. His hand moved over my pelvis and seemed to leave a tingling shock that made my pussy tighten. He leaned over me and sucked on one of my nipples and I stiffened and spasming as lightning and sparks shot through me and exploded in my belly. He switched to my other breast and I began moaning as his hand found my wet, slimy pussy.

The pleasure seemed to race through me and my heart beat faster as he started to rub my pussy and slide a finger into me and pressed against my engorged clit. I jerked my hips up and I shuddered hard, “OOOHHH!”

Kenneth chuckled and moved up to kiss me and I thought he would cover me now. Instead he moved down my body and pushed my legs wide open. I groaned as I realized what he would see and knew he would stop. I jerked in surprise and shock as his mouth covered my clit and then lighting exploded as he sucked and moved his wonderful tongue against my clit.

It felt like small jolts and sparks shooting into my belly and spreading through my body as he began nibbling and gently bitting my clit. I was shaking as I finally reached for him, “Enough!”

He moved up my body and I kissed his wet face. I felt his cock press against my pussy and lifted my hips. I shuddered as it pushed into me and sank deep. It wasn’t as big as William’s but it still stretched my pussy and pushed against my womb. I put my arms around him and held him. He started to fuck me with long thrusts and I jerked as he thrust in against my groin, “yes!”

He moved up slightly but kept fucking me and I gasped and spasmed as his cock fucked in and out and rubbed along my sensitive clit. I was jerking and shaking as he continued to fuck me, my hips seemed to lift and thrust towards him on their own as my body felt like it was on fire. It was a little while before I felt Kenneth shudder and press into me nice and deep.

My body stiffened and suddenly there was the feeling of warmth as he began spewing his seed against and into my womb. The feeling flooded my senses and I clutched him, “OOOOOOHHHHHH!”

He seemed to pump his seed into me forever as my body spasmed and was racked with pleasure. When he stopped spending himself, he shifted and carefully rolled until I was on top. He caressed my body, “Sleep Em.”

I sighed and slowly relaxed with my head on his shoulder. I woke to his hand patted my butt, “Time to wake lass.”

I sighed and glanced at the slight opening into the small tent. I moved off of Kenneth and started dressing. He stopped dressing to touch my foot, “don’t forget the herbs.”

My mouth dropped open, “How did you...”

He smiled as he moved out of the tent and I moved to my pack. I had taken some of the herbs yesterday and pulled a little out now. When I climbed out of the tent others where beginning to move around. In the dawn light I could see the distant camp waking up as well. Kenneth gripped my shoulder, “Stretch.”

I grinned, “I know.”

He nodded and began stretches and I began doing the same. After we finished I put on my short sword and quiver before grabbing my bow and shield and following Kenneth. Breakfast was a hard roll and a large slice of cheese. When we assembled William called out ten of us to go with Sir Dawson. I was frowning as we headed towards the knight and Kenneth chuckled, “We’ll be seeing action lass.”

I looked at him and then at the others. I realized they were all they better marksmen and nodded. We were each given an extra quiver as the company formed up. Our company was on the far left and not to far from a small village.

Our job was to keep the pikemen away from Sir Dawson. I watched the enemy get ready and frowned as I saw a group ride away. Kenneth nudged me, “get your shield ready.”

I looked at him, “I don’t see archers.”

He grinned, “see the boxes behind them?”

I looked and my lips narrowed. The large volley came a minute later and we knelt and locked shields over us. I glanced at Kenneth and he looked grim. As soon as the arrows hit there were a few cries and then it was our turn. I stood and began to shoot, I didn’t bother with the men in the front ranks. I aimed for the men reloading those damn boxes.

The call for a charge came and I switched to watching Sir Dawson as he swept forward. Lord Danners was riding beside him with a banner. For what seemed like a long time they fought and we managed to keep everyone away. Suddenly the group of riders I had seen leave were charging in from the flank. Kenneth cursed and I knew why, we were out of arrows. I slung my bow, “Time to get close old man.”

I started running towards Sir Dawson as I pulled my sword since he was the one we were to protect. I slid through the milling men easily and ducking under a wide swing before stabbing a man through the groin. I broke through the crowd to see several men on horses attacking Sir Dawson and Lord Danners. I ran and jumped, my hands hit the rump of the horse I had ran toward and I slid on behind a foul smelling man.

I slid my sword across his throat and yanked him to the side. As he started to fall I kicked the horse and it lunged into another. As the other horse staggered, the man turned to see me just as I lunged forward to stab him through the eye. I slid up into the saddle and used my knees to grip the horse as I sliced to the right at a man attacking the slightly wounded Lord Danners.

My sword struck the neck and grated as it hit bone and then it was yanked away. I cursed and went to my feet in the saddle before diving and grabbed two riders. We fell to the ground and I rolled forward to my feet before spinning. I kicked one man in the head as he rose to his hands and knees. He dropped and I moved after the other man.

He came to his feet but lost his sword. He held a fancy dagger and lunged at me. I turned and stepped to the side as my hand caught his and twisted. My other hand snapped into his throat as I yanked the dagger away and turned to see Kenneth using a pike to kill a horseman attacking him. I looked around as Lord Danner stopped beside me, “My thanks...”

I glanced up at him and his eyes widened. I grinned, “Your welcome My Lord.”

I turned and headed towards Kenneth as he set the butt of the pike on the ground, “Your getting old Kenneth.”

He grinned, “those are the ones you watch out for lass.”

The enemy was routed and was fleeing and I looked at Sir Dawson as he barked orders. I went looking and found my sword in the man I had killed. I also retrieved the sheath from the man that had tried to use the dagger. Sir Dawson stopped by us and smiled, “Thanks lass, I think you scared them away.”

I grinned and he nodded to Kenneth before heading towards the enemy camp. I sighed and started after him with Kenneth walking along behind. It was several hours before we were released and sent back. Men were already celebrating and Kenneth slipped away. I thought he went to join them but with him you never knew. I was near the village when I saw the five men pushing a girl around.

She was filthy dirty and her clothes were almost rags that barely covered her. I quickened my pace and pushed two men out of my way as I reached them, “Leave her alone!”

A tall man wearing a uniform turned and his eyes lit up, “Now this one we are going to have so much fun with.”

I snap kicked him in the groin and pulled my sword, “You want to have fun with me, then someone is going to die!”

The other men growled and started pulling their swords. I kicked out to my right, catching one man that was to close in the stomach. I spun to the left and slashed out before dropping down and kicking to the left. The man’s feet I kicked, went down with a scream as I heard a bone break. I came to my feet to face the last three. Two held their swords loosely and the third was hesitant. He backed away, “We aren’t getting paid for this.”

The other two looked at each other and backed up as well. I looked around and put my sword away before crossing to the young waif and squatted, “You okay?”

She looked at me timidly and nodded. She looked at the men and then at me, “Do you have any food?”

I glanced at the men again and stood, pulling her up with me, “Come with me.”

I couldn’t just leave her so I started for my tent. I glanced at her as she struggled to keep up, “What’s your name?”

She looked down, “Lila.”

I looked at the small village, “Do you live here? In this village?”

She shook her head, “My family died and I was following the armies to beg food.”

I almost growled at that and stopped at the tent. I hung up my bow and the new quiver of arrows and turned as Kenneth struggled up with a half cask on his shoulders, “What are you doing with that?”

He grinned, “Well, I’m dirty and you are a real mess so I thought we could fill it with water and bathe.”

He looked past me at the girl and then into my face before shaking his head. I shrugged, “She needed help.”

He nodded, “I’ll get the water. Have her strip and check her for bugs.”

I turned to look at Lila and knelt at the tent flap. I dug into my pack and pulled out a night shirt. I reached for her, “come here.”

I stripped off the rags and ignored the few men around as I started combing through her hair. She only had a bit of hair on her pussy but I checked it anyway, I also checked under her arms. Kenneth returned with two buckets of water and dumped them before heading back towards the small stream.

I moved Lila into the water and had her sit. I started washing her hair and almost immediately the water turned brown. I sighed and started on her body, “I think we just need to take you to the stream.”

She smiled shyly, “Yes lady.”

I looked at her and shook my head, “My name is Emily, not lady.”

She looked down, “yes ma’am.”

I tilted her head and stood her, “You need stiffening up and I think I will do it.”

I glanced at Kenneth as he walked up, “Let me dump this and just take her to the water. She is way to dirty.”

He grinned as he set the buckets down and fished in his shirt. He pulled out one of the enemy officers fancy white shirts, “She can wear this when you finish. I’ll be down in a minute.”

I took the shirt and helped Lila out of the tub. I put the night shirt on her and took her hand and started pulling her towards the stream. Kenneth caught up as we got there and handed me a bar of soap, “Some one took this from one of those officers too.”

I smelled the scented soap and smiled before handing the shirt back to him and stripping. I pulled the night shirt off Lila and pulled her into the water. I had her squat and got her wet before lathering my hands and beginning to wash her. I ignored remarks from the few lads that staggered close to see us and finally finished and pushed her towards Kenneth, “Dry her and put the shirt on her.”

He smiled and started doing that as I squatted and began my own bath. I didn’t waste time and finished quickly before walking out. Kenneth handed me a large damp piece of rag to dry off with. I dressed and grinned at the older soldier as he began undressing, “My turn lass.”

When he walked out a little later I had to grin. Instead of our tent he led the way to the cook wagon. We both watched as my waif wolfed down bread and stew the cook dished out. I glanced at William’s tent to see him returning. He actually had a grin and looked clean. I bumped Kenneth, “watch her for me?”

He glanced towards William’s tent, “Ask him for another two man tent.”

I grinned, “What’s the matter? Can’t keep up with two little girls?”

He laughed and pushed me towards William’s tent, “go lass, before this old man puts you over his knee.”

I laughed as I walked towards William’s tent with a sway to my hips. I stepped in and he turned towards me with a grin, “You impressed Lord Danner Emily.”

I started undressing, “he can wait William, right now I need you.”

He sighed, “I told you...”

I laughed as I started towards him, “your bodyguard fucked me William, now you need to take care of me again.”

He grinned as I reached him and started undressing, “Since you put it that way...”

I fingered my wet pussy as he undressed and laid back on his cot. He sat beside me and fingered my pussy before laughing and moving me and laying down, “Fuck me Emily.”

I rolled and straddled him before fitting his thick monster to my pussy. I groaned as he slowly forced it into me and stretched my pussy. I began rocking back and forth as he began tugging and rubbing my nipples, sending sparks shooting through my body. I grunted at the sharp pain when his huge thick cock pushed open my womb. I didn’t stop though and kept fucking him as he grunted and shuddered in pleasure.

I jerked in surprise when one of his big hands caressed my butt and pressed against my ass. I pushed back in pleasure and he grinned, “well try that hole next my girl.”

I laughed and wiggled on him to make him groan and thrust up. I blinked and jerked as one of his thick fingers pushed into my asshole. The pain and pleasure shattered through me as William fucked up into my tight pussy and his finger began to fuck my ass. I jerked and spasmed as pleasure screamed through my body and both my ass and pussy tightened.

William laughed and turned to dump me on the bed before rolling. He start fucking my pussy with long, deep thrusts and I was jerking around and incoherent as the sensations continued to flood my body and mind. When he finally thrust into my belly and grunted as he began to spew a huge, gushing torrent I screamed. He pulled back and suddenly I felt the stretching pain as he pushed the head of his cock into my ass.

He was still spurting and pumping cum and I gasped as I felt the warm seed flooding my bowels. I jerked and tried to push up to get his thick cock deeper and William grunted as he began to fuck me. His huge cock felt painful until I relaxed and let him use me. His cum had made me slick so his cock was slipping in and out easily even if I was tight. The feel sent sparks of pleasure into my belly and pussy as I shuddered.

When he finally buried his cock completely I groaned and clutched at him as he pressed against my hard clit. He kissed me and went back to slowly fucking my ass and I was thrusting up each time he pushed in. The pain seemed to be gone but the pleasure was like waves that crashed and flooded my body. All I knew was his thick, huge cock slipping in and out.

Then William grunted and thrust into me hard and I felt his cock jerk and then there was the warm gushes in my guts as he began spewing his cum. I screamed and tightened my hold as the warmth spread through my body. He sighed and hugged me before pulling out and I shuddered at the empty feeling he left. He lay beside me and caressed my breasts, “Are you going to let Kenneth fuck you again?”

I blushed as I closed my legs, “Yes.”

William smiled and tugged on my nipples which sent shocks to my pussy, “Good.”

I turned and looked at him, “Why can’t...”

He stopped me by putting his finger to my lips, “learn first my Emily.”

I sighed and put my head on his shoulder before moving off his cot, “Kenneth said to ask you for another tent.”

He sat up on the edge on his cot, “Why?”

I grinned, “I have a girl I was going to train.”

William snorted, “She can sleep with you. Tell Kenneth to make you or her sleep on his old body.”

I laughed as I finished dressing, “that’s where I slept last night.”

He grinned and nodded to the door, “Go on girl.”

I walked out and glanced at the sky before walking towards our tent. I could see Kenneth and Lila outside and smiled as I realized he was teaching her how to use a knife. He was only wearing breaches and I could see the many scars on his body. When I got there he grinned, “she’s a quick study.”

I glanced at Lila and smiled, “Not going out to celebrate?”

He snorted, “The young fools will drink any money they have away.”

I looked at him, “We could celebrate a little.”

My pussy was tingling at the thought of having another cock in me. He smiled and looked at Lila, “What about this one?”

I looked at Lila and grinned, “she can learn from me.”

He snorted and I reached for Lila, “Not you old man, me.”

Lila looked at me and bit her lip as she looked at the ground, “I am not pure miss.”

I looked at her thinking she had been raped. She blushed, “I was riding my father’s plow horse when I was younger and... and it broke.”

I looked at her in surprise and then smiled, “Well then, I guess you won’t feel that pain again.”

Kenneth chuckled, “Don’t fret lass.”

I took Lila’s hand and pulled her into the tent. I grinned at Kenneth as he followed us, “William said I can sleep on you.”

He grinned, “You better keep a supply of your herbs handy.”

I pulled the shirt off Lila and started undressing. Kenneth moved around and stripped out of his britches and I smiled at Lila’s wide eyes as she looked at his nice cock. I pushed her back and moved over her to caress her face and give her a tender kiss as she trembled, “I won’t hurt you.”

I smiled and started kissing down her body as Kenneth lay on his side to watch us. I pushed her legs open a little and leaned in to kiss her pussy before licking through it. I grinned at the taste and looked up as she shivered, “That didn’t hurt did it?”

She shook her head and spread her legs a little more. I leaned back into her pussy and started licking and nibbling on her clit and Lila shuddered, “Miss?”

I looked up and she smiled, “it feels nice.”

Kenneth chuckled, “Just relax kitten.”

I went back to licking and then sucked in her small clit. Lila moaned and shuddered as her hips lifted. I licked the small trickle of cum and went back to sucking and teasing her clit. Kenneth moved around behind me and rubbed my cummy pussy and ass. I shivered and pushed back against his fingers as he rubbed my clit and moaned into Lila’s small pussy.

She was moaning softly as her small hips kept pushing up. I was shuddering and wished Kenneth would shove his cock into me when he shifted and slowly worked his cock into my slimy pussy. I groaned and pushed back to help him bury his cock. I jerked in surprise when I felt his calloused thumb slip into my ass. The pleasure rushed through me as my pussy spasmed and tightened.

I sucked on Lila’s small clit as I teased it with my tongue and groaned as Kenneth began to fuck me. He was using both his cock and his thumb in my ass. The sparks and explosions of pleasure made my body shake and he buried his cock before fucking my ass with his thumb. When I shuddered hard and tightened my pussy muscles he laughed and held me with his thumb as he started fucking me again.

I rubbed the sides of Lila’s pussy and the bottom of her drooling hole and she began to jerk and spasm. I kept sucking and wiggling my tongue but began to nibble on her clit too. When Kenneth thrust into me hard and pressed his cock against my womb it sent jolts through me and then I was jerking and spasmed and as my pussy tightened. Almost hot spurts of cum exploded through into my belly and I screamed as I pressed and rubbed Lila hard.

She stiffened and then began to thrash around and spasm as she squirted a little cum in my face. I licked her pussy as she shuddered and moaned and pushed back for Kenneth to finish. When he pulled out and moved back, I kissed up Lila’s body. I kissed her as she put her arms around me. She looked in my eyes, “Can I try that miss Emily?”

I shuddered and grinned as I shifted, “sure Lila.”

I laid back as she moved down my body and between my legs. I shivered at the thought of what she would see. At first she was timid and I shuddered as her tongue licked through my messy pussy. I looked down to see Lila smiling at me. She started licking my clit and it sent shocks straight into my belly. I jerked and moaned as my hips lifted, “ooohhhh!”

I shuddered harder as she sucked on my clit and bit it. I spasmed and knew I squirted a little at the shock of pleasure that crashed through me, “AAAAHHHHHH!”

I looked down to see Kenneth’s head beside Lila’s as he whispered. I shuddered as Lila pushed her tongue inside of me and I felt her rubbing my clit. I arched my back as my pussy exploded in pleasure and felt a finger push into me. I jerked and thrust down onto the finger and tossed my head, “YES!”

I felt a second finger push into me and thrust hard against something that seemed to make my belly catch on fire and shocks race through my body. I knew I was screaming and convulsing as my pussy tightened on the fingers. I was squirting and thrashing and tossing my head as the shocking explosions of pleasure cascaded through me.

Lila finally stopped fucking her fingers into me and just licked my leaking pussy as I shuddered and slowly calmed down. I was panting as I looked down at her and held out my arms. Lila crawled up into my arms, “Did I do it right miss?”

I laughed and hugged her, “you did it just right.”

I looked at Kenneth and sighed, “Why don’t you move over? I need to take care of Kenneth.”

Lila giggled, “his cock was poking me in the side.”

I grinned as she moved off, “Well, I want it to poke me somewhere else.”

Kenneth grinned as he moved up between my legs, “Thanks lass.”

I laughed as I reached between us for his hard cock. I grunted as his cock slid into my messy pussy and wrapped my legs around his waist. He kissed me before beginning to fuck me nice and slow. The feel of his cock stretching my pussy was nice and that tingling feeling quickly spread from my pussy. When he thrust in hard and pressed against me, the shock from my hard clit shot through me.

I shuddered hard and starting jerking as my pussy spasmed around his cock. I lifted my feet and spread my legs as he fucked me hard, pounding against my groin and sending explosions from my clit to my belly. I screamed and clutched at him as he pressed into me and began grinding. I was thrashing around as my wet pussy tried to grasp his cock.

I squirted a couple of times and kept humping my pussy up for Kenneth’s thrusting cock. He buried his cock after several minutes and I grunted as I felt it begin to throb and jerk. I wrapped my legs around him and hugged him tight as he groaned and then I felt the pleasant eruption of warm cum. He jabbed slightly and humped as he spurted and pumped his cum into my womb.

I was holding my hips up and shuddering hard as my pussy tightened. When he stopped cumming it was with a sigh. He pulled out of me, leaving me with the empty, leaking feeling. I shivered and smiled at Lila as she rubbed her pussy. Kenneth moved back to his bedroll and Lila crawled to me to snuggle close. It was pleasant holding her as I fell asleep.

I woke to Kenneth’s touch, “Something is up, get dressed.”

I nodded and looked at Lila as she shifted, “I need to find her something to wear.”

Kenneth was quickly dressing, “leave it to me.”

I shook Lila and moved to start dressing. I grabbed the herbs and swallowed them down as Lila shyly put the shirt back on. I crawled out of the tent as Kenneth trotted back to me carrying another pack and a bundle of clothes. He handed me the rolled up clothing, “We are moving. The noble’s army had reenforcements and they will be here soon.”

I turned and pushed the clothing to Lila, “Put these on.”

Kenneth and I began quickly packing everything up. As we were rolling the tent up I glanced back to see William and Lord Danner heading towards us, “We have company.”

Kenneth glanced towards them and went back to work. I stood and turned as William stopped, “Emily, Lord Danner would like to thank you for your assistance yesterday.”

I glanced at the lord and smiled, “It was my pleasure sir.”

He smiled back, “I was thinking of something a little more then words lass.”

He turned and I saw the middle aged surf, “This is Frederic. I am giving him to you. Don’t worry, he has no family.”

I looked at his calm face and back to the lord, “that isn’t...”

William cleared his throat and I looked at him. He gave a tiny head shake and I sighed and bowed to Lord Danner, “Thank you sir.”

He nodded to William and turned to leave. William shrugged and looked at the surf, “Go to the company supply wagons and draw a squad tent.”

He looked at me and turned to do what he was told. I waited and looked at William, “How am I going to afford a surf?”

He grinned as Kenneth snorted and I glanced at him. He tossed a fat purse, “I forgot to give this to you.”

The purse was heavy and I looked at William. He grinned, “We found their pay chest. Everyone got a bonus.”

Kenneth stretched, “I’ll be back lass.”

He headed towards the village and I looked at William and he was looking at Lila. I smiled, “William this is Lila, my protégée.”

He nodded his head and looked at me, “you can look on the field for a bow, we lost a few men so there should be several extra.”

I nodded and turned back to packing as William left. I straightened as Kenneth walked back pulling several donkeys behind him. I shook my head and he grinned, “With extra equipment they can carry everything.”

Frederic returned carrying the bigger tent with another bedroll and they put it on one of the donkeys. I slipped away as Kenneth, Frederic and Lila tried to decide what to put on the other donkeys. I found a bow on the edge of the battle field as well as a short sword and a couple of daggers. When I returned they had everything packed on the donkeys.

I absently handed a dagger to Frederic as I began fitting a belt over Lila’s shoulder and down to her slim hips. I hung the short sword and fixed another belt to hang a quiver of arrows before slipping the second dagger onto the belt. I handed her the bow, “keep this with you.”

Her eyes were bright as she nodded, “yes miss.”

I sighed, “call me Emily.”

I turned to see Frederic smile and look away and glanced at Kenneth, “When do we move and how far?”

He shrugged, “probably as soon as the company is ready and my guess would be over to the rock walls a couple of leagues back.”

I nodded and looked around as everyone was settling packs. I looked at Frederic, “keep the donkeys with you and follow the company.”

He nodded his head, “Yes miss.”

I looked at Kenneth as he grinned and shook my head. It wasn’t long before we formed up and William led us back the way we had come. The pike company and the small calvary company trailed us. They swung into one field and we continued to the next. I touched Lila and nodded to the far wall, “Get Frederic and go to the other side of that wall.”

She nodded and turned to ran towards Frederic. William had the company stack packs and move back to the wall. The company supply runners appeared with extra quivers of arrows. I glanced around and nudged Kenneth, “Where’s Lord Danner and his people?”

He snorted, “waiting to see if they should run or fight.”

I looked at him and then at William as he swiftly moved through us giving directions. Our squad went to the far corner as the calvary moved into another field and the pikes came back to our side of the wall. I glanced at Kenneth and nodded to the waist high wall beside us. He grinned, “After they begin.”

It was over an hour before the nobles small army filtered into the other field. Thirty minutes later they knelt and their archer pulled bows. William shouted for shields and Kenneth and I locked shields as we knelt. We heard the call for their charge as arrows began landing. I dropped my shield and stood, pulling my bow up and nocking an arrow.

I took the officers leading the charge and then the men in the front rank. I jumped to the low wall and began firing over the men as they began to pull back and into the archers that were trying to cover them. Our small calvary company charged and crashed into the milling men. The archers threw down their bows and turned to run and then it was the ragged remains of the army as the pikes went over the wall and charged.

I saw what looked like richly dressed lords in the second field and narrowed my eyes as I saw one begin to kill what looked like chained or tied men, “KENNETH!”

I began shooting and Kenneth started firing too. A couple of minutes and it was over and the army was running in panic. I looked back to see Frederic and Lila peeking over the wall. I waved for them to come and moved forward to jump over the other wall. Kenneth followed as did our whole squad. William was waving the company forward as I headed for the far wall.

Kenneth and I went over the next wall together and set our bows down before pulling swords. The nobles were dead or dying and I moved to the men that they had been killing. They had their hands tied together and were tied to one another. A girl a little younger then me was crouched next to a falling man. She held a jeweled dagger taken from a nearby dead noble.

I watched her as I moved around and squatted to check the man. I shook my head when I found him dead and the girl sniffled a whimper. I looked at her and slowly reached out and took the dagger. I looked at Frederic as he and Lila came up, “Search the nobles and catch their horses.”

He nodded and turned to do as I asked. Kenneth was freeing a few other men left alive and Lila helped me with the rest. I returned to the girl and knelt, “He’s gone.”

She nodded, “He was my Master.”

I looked at her and noticed her fingers, “You know the bow?”

She nodded and I sighed. I got Kenneth to help and we moved him. Frederic returned with four horses heaped with clothing and weapons. The other men that were freed helped move the men that had been killed and dig graves. William stopped behind me, “You did good Emily. We have until morning before we pull out. I’ll be with our scouts planning our route of march. Your squad leader was wounded so make sure you and the other lads are ready to march first thing.”

I nodded and he left. When we finally finished, the other captives nodded to us and started walking but I reached out to Mickala. I led her back to the tent Frederica had set up. I glanced at Frederic, “is there a stream or some place to wash?”

He nodded towards the far wall, “There’s a stone basin just on the other side.”

I nodded and he handed me a bar of scented soap and some soft clean rags. I looked at Kenneth, “William said we would be pulling out first thing in the morning and to make sure the other lads in our squad were ready.”

He nodded, “Aye, Jamie was hit in the shoulder.”

I reached for Mickala and looked at Lila, “Come on Lila.”

I led them across and over the wall to find a long narrow water basin for animals to drink from. By the look none had been using it for awhile and it looked clear and inviting. I started stripping with Lila as Mickala hesitated. She finally began taking her dirty clothing off as we climbed in. I had Lila sit and splashed water over her as she dunked her head under. I started washing her hair as Mickala joined us and nodded to Lila’s back, “we can do each other. That way we all get clean.”

She smiled and nodded as she knelt behind Lila. By the time we finished with Lila she was grinning. Mickala was next and smiled as we washed her. After they finished washing me, I stood and climbed out to dry off and help Lila and Mickala. I glanced at the clean night clothes on the wall and then across to see Frederic making a fire. When we walked up to the tent he smiled and took all the dirty clothes, “I will take care of this.”

Kenneth was sitting beside a huge pile of fancy clothes and other equipment. I grinned, “Where did you get that?”

He grinned, “Traded it for two bottles of Brandy one of those nobles had.”

I looked at another complete set of equipment with a bow and quiver. Kenneth nodded to Mickala and I smiled. I gestured to Mickala and she looked at me before going to check it. I touched Lila and had her bring her bow and started giving her lessons. Mickala joined us as the company around us settled down to repairing equipment and recovering from the fight.

When Lila began to tire we began teaching her moves for using a shield. After that we called it a day and went back to the tent. Frederic smiled and handed out plates, “Something for lunch miss.”

I smiled at him, “Thank you.”

I sat beside Lila and Mickala as we ate and then handed the empty plate to Frederic as I stood and began walking to each of the others in my squad to be sure they knew about moving out in the morning. Kenneth returned with several saddle packs and grinned as he began putting the clothes and other things away. I returned to the tent and began a careful check of my bow and equipment. I listened to Mickala talking about her lost master and her training.

Frederic slipped away but I noticed him carrying dirty clothing. Later he returned and set up a line to dry the clothes before bringing us dinner. I had been watching William as he left and then returned in the late afternoon with several scouts. After eating dinner and going to the bathroom we returned to the tent and I slipped in.

I looked at the larger area and saw five beds made. I grinned at Kenneth’s being across the tent and mine and two others close together. I stripped and moved to sit on my bed. Lila and Mickala both came in and Lila undressed slowly before looking at me and bitting her lip, “Miss Emily?”

I was brushing my hair and looked at her as Frederic slipped into the tent, “Yes?”

She blushed and looked down, “May I try sex with a man?”

I grinned and looked at Frederic as his face reddened, “Would you mind Frederic? She has never been with a man before.”

He looked from me to Lila and nodded jerkily. I smiled and then looked at Kenneth as he ducked into the tent with wet hair. I smiled, “I see you found the water.”

He grinned as he crossed to his bedroll, “I picked up some gossip too. We are signed up to help fight a siege.”

I looked at him and frowned, sieges were very dangerous. He stripped and looked at me, “we’re lucky to be archers.”

I nodded, there was that. I glanced at Lila as she finished undressing and moved towards Frederic by his bedroll next to the door. He stripped and laid her down before gently caressing her body. My pussy was getting wet from watching and I looked at Mickala to see her rubbing her pussy. I grinned and turned to push her down and suck on one of her nipples before going lower. She groaned as I pushed her legs open and started teasing her clit.

I licked through her wet pussy as she began thrusting up and nibbled on her inner lips. I shuddered as I felt Kenneth behind me fingering me and rubbing my clit. I covered Mickala’s clit and sucked while teasing it with the tip of my tongue. She stiffened and then arched her back, “Yes!”

I jerked and shuddered hard as Kenneth squeezed my clit and a moment later I felt him lick through my pussy. I jerked and thrust down and back with a groan and squeezed Mickala’s clit between my lips. She screamed as her body thrashed back and forth and squirted a little cum into my mouth. I pushed my tongue into her as she spasmed and thrust back onto Kenneth’s face.

I glanced at Lila to see Frederic licking her sweet pussy as she shuddered and held his head. Kenneth moved away and I sighed in regret as I moved up Mickala’s body. I positioned my pussy on hers and humped into her and Mickala groaned as she put her arms around me. I shivered as I felt Kenneth move over me and looked back to see him positioning his cock. I grunted as he slowly thrust into me and waves of pleasure spread from my pussy.

I thrust down against Mickala and then back onto Kenneth’s cock and shuddered as my pussy spasmed and became wetter. I started kissing Mickala as he began fucking me and we got into a rhythm. Mickala was jerking and thrusting into me and I was going back and forth between her and Kenneth as the ball of pleasure grew in my belly.

Lila was moaning loudly and I looked at her to see Frederic between her legs as she wrapped them around his waist. She was spasming and clutching him as he fucked her nice and slow and I smiled before turning back to kiss Mickala. My pussy was grasping and squeezing Kenneth’s hard cock as he fucked me and slowly I became erratic and a little incoherent.

Mickala was spasming and jerking as she screamed into my mouth and then I felt Kenneth bury his cock as he grunted. I jerked and thrust back as I felt the first huge spurt pumping into me and started convulsing as the heat and pleasure seemed to catch fire inside me and explode. I felt warm cum spurt and spew as he jabbed and thrust in and out.

It was a couple of minutes before he pulled out and I was left with that empty feeling. I kissed Mickala and rolled off her. She sighed and then giggled before holding her arms out to Kenneth, “my turn.”

He chuckled and moved forward to lay between her legs. I turned to caress his hip and glanced at Lila to see her laid back beside Frederic was a satisfied look on her face. I smiled and held out my arms, “Lila?”

She looked at me and came to lay against me as I hugged her, “Was it good?”

She grinned and nodded, “Frederic was very nice.”

Mickala was grunting and moaning as Kenneth fucked her nice and slow. Lila grinned and kissed me before sliding down my body and pushing my legs open. I shuddered at the feel of her tongue as it licked through my pussy. I jerked as she nibbled on my clit sending sparks of pleasure shooting through me. She kept pushing her tongue up inside me and sucking on my clit.

I was groaning as my belly tingled and the warmth spread. I started shuddering and shaking as I felt Lila push a finger into me as she sucked and the squeezed my clit with her lips. The explosion of pleasure ripped through me and I was jerking and spasming as I pushed her away and covered my pussy. Lila moved up my body and held me, “Was that okay?”

I chuckled and hugged her, “That was fine.”

She looked back at Frederic who was watching, “Can I sleep with him?”

I rubbed her butt and then hugged her as Mickala groaned and began shuddering hard, “yes.”

Lila moved back to Frederic and Mickala rolled Kenneth onto his back before sitting up. I sighed and reached for my night shirt and left. I stood outside and looked towards William’s tent. I crossed the camp and slipped in to see him talking to a scout and looking at a map. I waited and the scout left before William looked at me frowning, “Not tonight Emily.”

I grinned and walked to the map, “where are we going?”

He turned and started showing me as he talked about what the returning scouts had already told him. He finally caressed my face and bent to kiss me softly, “Go get some sleep.”

I glanced at the door and the scout waiting before nodding. Everyone seemed asleep when I got back to the tent and I crawled into my bedroll. Mickala sighed and turned to snuggle against me. I looked at her in surprise and caressed her before relaxing. I woke to a touch on my foot and glanced at Frederic. He smiled, “there is time if you wish a quick wash miss.”

I nodded and woke Mickala as he woke Kenneth and Lila. I slipped out and headed to wash with both Mickala and Lily following. When I returned I hesitated and then looked at Frederic as he handed the three of us a cup of herb tea. I lifted my eyebrow and he reddened, “I found the herbs you would need to keep from being with child.”

I grinned, “Thank you.”

He nodded to a small pot of porridge before heading into the tent. Kenneth came out and stretched before turning to pull his pack out. I went to wake my squad before returning. William crossed the camp as everyone was packing up. He stopped and smiled at Lila as she adjusting her equipment before turning to me. He handed me a squad leader badge, “it’s your squad now Emily.”

I opened my mouth as my heart raced and then grinned, “Thanks William.”

He nodded and glanced at Kenneth, “Lord Ellis wants you back.”

Kenneth sighed and kissed my cheek, “You know what to do Emily, just don’t over think it.”

He slung his pack and headed towards the road and I looked at William. He smiled, “I borrowed him to make sure you were ready.”

He looked after Kenneth and then turned away, “We move in less then a mark.”

I glanced at Frederic as he collapsed the tent and then at Mickala, “do you want a job?”

She nodded and I nodded to Lila, “Watch after her until I come back.”

I began checking my squad of lads and returned to find Frederic and Lila loading the donkeys and horses. I nodded and looked at Mickala, “Standard pay. You will be watching my back.”

She grinned, “among other things.”

I grinned and a little later I led my squad to the road. Frederic was leading the animals behind the column and Lila walked along beside us. We made stops for water and lunch before continuing. I had to send Lila back to Frederic in the afternoon when she started limping. When I checked later she was on one of the horses he was leading. We stopped as it got dark and didn’t bother with tents as we just rolled out bedrolls.

I woke to the night watch’s touch on my foot and slipped out from under Lila and Mickala. I stretched and glanced to where William was. I crossed as he was talking to a couple of scouts. They left and he looked at me and smiled, “How is your apprentice?”

I grinned, “probably as sore as I was the first time you force marched me.”

He laughed and looked around, “We have a week to reach the main companies before they put the keep under siege.”

I nodded, “How’s the road look ahead?”

He smiled, “it’s in good condition.”

I wanted to hug him or kiss him and he sighed before nodding towards my squad, “Your lads are up.”

I glanced back and sighed, “How long before we move?”

William thought about it, “a quarter mark.”

I nodded and started back. That was the way it went for six days. We walked all day and sometimes into the night. We finally walked into a large camp full of other mercenary companies. William led us around and back into a some tall pines. My lieutenant, (a tall nobles son) nodded to an area for my squad and we began making camp.

As it was getting dark I made sure my lads went to eat. Frederic appeared with food for us and we sat. I watched William’s tent as a few of the other company commanders came and went. I glanced at Mickala and Lila before standing as William’s tent lamp darkened. I handed my plate to Frederic as I started walking. I slipped into William’s tent and he turned from his bed, “I was hoping you would come.”

I smiled as I crossed to him. I caressed his face and began undressing. He grinned and stripped before I was finished. I pushed him onto his bed and straddled him before laying down and kissing him. His hands caressed my naked body, sending shudders through me. I lifted up and reached between us. I pushed back and down and his thick cock pushed into me.

I groaned as his cock stretched my tight pussy and filled me. I kissed him before sitting up and beginning to rock. When I felt his monster hit my womb it was a jolt that sent shocks through my body. He cupped my breasts and pinched the nipples which sent strong tingles straight to my pussy. I jerked and screamed as I came and started shaking.

I grunted and jerked at the sudden eruption of warm sperm as it pumped into my belly. William pulled me down and shifted around as he pumped and spurted inside me. I wrapped my legs around him as he began to fuck into my slimy pussy. The warmth in my pussy spread as I started thrusting up onto his thick cock. I spasmed as his monster began fucking in and out of my womb.

The pleasure pain filled my mind and body as it kept exploding deep in my belly. All I could think of as I wrapped my legs around William was his cock sliding in and out of me. My pussy was stretched but kept squeezing him as he fucked me and I started convulsing erratically. I froze when he grunted and kissed me hard as his monster began spewing more warm sperm into my belly.

I lifted my hips and spasmed as he spurted his warm seed and clung to him. When he was done, he sighed and slowing pulled out leaving me feeling empty. He turned onto his side and caressed my hip as I turned to face him. I looked into his smiling face before turning around and moving back against him. He put his arm over me and cupped my breast as he kissed my bare shoulder.

I woke as his thick cock pushed into me and shuddered before looking back and smiling. I bent a little as he held my hip and began to fuck my slimy pussy deeper. I shuddered as his thick cock kept rubbing across something that sent sharp tingles shooting through my pussy and seemed to fill my head. He was grunting as he fucked me a little harder and I jerked when his thick cock hit my leaking womb.

I started thrusting back as the tingles grew stronger and felt like shocks and ripples that exploded inside me. I was jerking and convulsing when William thrust into my womb and began spewing a huge load of cum. It filled my mind as I lost control of my body and squirted on him. I thrashed around and stuffed his blanket in my mouth before screaming.

It was awhile before I was rational and shuddered as my pussy squeezed his cock. William was still holding me and smiled as I looked back, “Good morning Emily.”

I grinned as I moved away and let his thick cock slip out before turning to hug him and give him a kiss. He caressed my body and sighed, “Time to get ready to face the enemy.”

I kissed him and rolled out of bed, “I need to go wake my lads.”

I dressed quickly and left as William was still dressing. I shook tents and then ducked into mine as I began to strip again. Both Mickala and Lila were draped over Frederic who was looking at me unsure. I grinned, “Make sure they take their cup of herbs. We should see some action today so stay back. If anything happens to me, you go with Lila and take care of her.”

He nodded as both girls moved off him and started dressing. I changed into clean clothes and nodded to the dirty ones, “If you can find water...”

He grinned, “I’ll take care off it miss.”

I hesitated and then put my herbs in my tin cup before going back out. I added water and swirled it around before drinking it down as I looked at my squad. Mickala came out and stretched before smiling at me, “he was nice.”

I nodded as I gathered my sword and shield after slinging my bow and tying my quiver to my belt. I glanced at Lila as she came out in one of the clean fancy shirts Kenneth had left, “Stay back and watch our shield work. If there is time I want you to shoot a hundred arrows. Don’t worry about hitting what you aim at, we need to build up your muscles.”

She nodded, “Yes miss Emily.”

I looked at Frederic as he hurried to the company cook. I smiled and looked at Lila again, “Have Frederic look for a stream or someplace we can wash when we come back.”

I nodded to Mickala and went to start making checks on my lads and get with the lieutenant. When we moved out it was to march through the trees a short distance. I could see a small keep on a low ridge through the trees. I looked at everything as William positioned us just out of their bow shot. I knew whoever was in the keep would have the reach on us and waited.

There were a few parleys but nothing was happening and everyone just sat. I had been paying close attention and saw a large brush covered drainage tunnel at the base of the ridge. The more I looked at it the more I thought. I finally stood and looked around for William. I pulled the lieutenant after me as I headed to William as he was talking to another commander.

I stopped a few feet away and he looked at me and frowned. I gave him one of his tiny hand signals and he blinked before stepping closer. I explained about drainage tunnel and he looked, “I don’t see it.”

The lieutenant had frowned and then grinned, “it’s mostly covered by brush but a man could crawl up it.”

William looked towards the ridge and nodded, “back to your positions.”

He turned to the other commander that had been waiting as we went back into the ranks. A little later word was passed to return to our camp. I was disappointed but realized trying anything in the daylight would get men killed and we were not in the business of dying. Frederic was waiting and led Mickala and I to a large canvas tub with a curtain around it. I grinned and looked at Mickala as she giggled, I kissed Frederic, “Thank you.”

He smiled and nodded to a towel and real soap before backing out. We both fit in the tub and I held her against me and washed her. When I finished she kissed me and turned to wash me. Feeling her naked body against mine sent tingles to my pussy. I finally stopped her and we got out and dried off before dressing. We spent the rest of the day teaching Lila, both the bow and the sword.

The lieutenant appeared as it began to get dark, “All your lads are thin. Wrap your bows and quivers and follow me.”

I nodded and got my squad going before turning to Lila and Frederic, “kept a candle going.”

Frederic nodded and I saw Lila’s hand slip into his. I led my squad after the lieutenant and we fell in behind a black suited squad. We slipped out and stayed close to the ground. There were still torches on the keep walls but the light didn’t reach us. There were a couple of squads behind us as we approached the drainage tunnel. The lieutenant whispered in my ear, “We cover the other squads as they open the gates.”

I nodded and passed it back to Mickala and she passed it on. Crawling through the tunnel was terrifying. I slipped out behind the lieutenant and moved aside as I uncovered my bow and quiver. Mickala was beside me and I watched in the dim torch light as each of my squad emerged and moved to get ready. The first squad slipped away and I heard a creaking at the gate before several guards started shouting.

That was when we picked targets and began shooting. The other squads moved to hold the open gate as the keep came alive. Suddenly arrows came from inner keep arrow slits and a couple of lads fell screaming. The mercenary companies rushed through the open gates and straight across to the main keep doors that were being held by another squad. I stood and grabbed Mickala, “Stay close.”

I looked at my squad, “Follow me and watch who you shoot.”

We followed the companies into the main keep and began shooting those we could. Finally I slung my bow and pulled my short sword. My squad followed as I led them deeper and we began searching the small upper floor rooms. The fight was pretty much over as we moved back towards the main hall. We had collected souvenirs along the way. Mickala had several fancy sheets folded up while I had managed to grab a small box of jewelry and a few warm looking blankets.

William stopped me when we came in, “lieutenant Charles took an arrow, you’re in charge. Let your people enjoy our victory tonight.”

I nodded as he turned away and looked at my squad who were grinning. I shrugged, “You heard the captain.”

They grinned and headed away as I led Mickala out and back towards our tent. Frederic and Lila were waiting and smiled when we came in. Frederic had a small lantern lit as I began to strip, “You can go try to collect some loot if you want.”

He grinned, “Thank you miss.”

I watched him leave and sat with Mickala as Lila brought a basin of scented water and began washing us. Once we were clean I grinned at Mickala and we reached for Lila. She squealed as we laid her down and moved down her body. She was only wearing a night shirt that we pulled out of the way as we spread her legs.

She giggled as we both leaned in to lick her pussy one at a time. Mickala moved up her body to lick and suck on her nipples as I started licking and sucking on her clit. Lila moaned and shivered as her hips lifted. I continued to lick her pussy and tease her clit as she shuddered and shook. Finally she spasmed as she reached down to cover her pussy.

My own pussy was wet and leaking and as much as I wanted Lila or Mickala to lick my pussy, I moved to my pack and slipped a long night shirt on. I kissed Mickala’s cheek before slipping out of the tent.

The camp was alive with singing and men drinking as I walked to William’s tent and slipped in. He looked up from some papers he was reading. I pulled off my night shirt and walked to him naked. He smiled as he sat back, “You did real good Emily. We got another bonus.”

I reached him and began undressing him, “Then you can give me my bonus.”

William laughed as he stood and pulled me to bed. He laid me down and moved over my body before pushing his big, thick monster into my wet pussy. I shuddered as I felt him stretching me and sending sharp tingles of pleasure coursing through my body. I wrapped my legs around him as he began to fuck me. He kissed me hard and fucked into me deep.

I stiffened as the tingles in my belly exploded and started jerking and thrashing around. William kept kissing me but didn’t stop or slow as he fucked my pussy. My whole body seemed to feel hot and tingly as I continue to thrust my pussy up for his thick cock. I arched my back and screamed into his mouth as I felt him shove into my womb and spew warm sperm.

I jerked and convulsed as he pumped huge streams that filled my aching belly until it was full. William sighed and kissed me softly before pulling out and laying beside my panting body, “Thanks Emily, I really needed that.”

I grinned and looked at him before turning to kiss him. He held me and caressed my back and hips. He fucked me five more times that night and I woke with him in my arms. I smiled as I looked into his peaceful face and slipped out of bed, I put my night shirt on and left. The camp was quiet as I crossed to my tent and went in. A large bed had been made up and both Lila and Mickala was snuggled against Frederic.

I slipped in beside Lila and put my head down as I held her. I woke a little later as Frederic slipped out and sat up. I moved to my pack and got out my herbs before looking at Lila and Mickala. Frederic came back in and smiled when he saw me, “good morning miss.”

I smiled, “yes it is. Would you look around and see if you can’t find some more herbs...”

He picked up a large pouch, “After the other night I went looking miss.”

I grinned and nodded, “I need to check with the captain to see how long we will be here.”

He started dressing as Lila and Mickala got up. I dressed and slipped out before starting to check my squad and then checking with the other squad leaders. When I headed to William’s tent they all followed me with big grins. William was sitting at his table counting money when we came in. He grinned and pushed stacks across towards us, “You saved me from calling you.”

I collected my squads share and waited until the others were done. I cleared my throat, “I’m only a junior squad leader William. One of the others might want to take the lieutenant spot.”

The other squad leaders chuckled and I looked at them and then at William. He smiled, “They are happy where they are. I taught you Emily, you know how to do the job.”

I looked at the others, “You argue over my orders and I will crack your heads.”

They grinned and turned to leave as I turned back to William, “Where to now?”

He sat back and sighed, “Since this ended so quickly we can take a couple of days. I had something lined up in case this fell through. A large merchant caravan needs an escort all the way to Constantinople.”

He stood and came around the table and caressed my cheek before kissing me softly, “Have your man move your tent next to mine.”

I grinned and spun before leaving. Frederic was outside with Mickala and Lila. I told Frederic to move the tent and pulled Mickala and Lila after me as I told my squad leaders to have the lads rest and paid my old squad before appointing one as the squad leader.

I spent the day with Mickala practicing with Lila. We used swords, shields, daggers and the bow and I began teaching her how to fight with just her hands and feet. Frederic moved our tent and took care of our animals. He put up a small curtained area between William’s tent and ours with his bath.

William was walking around all day talking to the lads. The wounded and dead were seen to as well as messengers sent out. Mickala and Lila joined me in the small curtained bathing area. I turned as the curtain moved and a robed William slipped in. I grinned and dropped my robe before walking to him. Mickala and Lila were both in the bath as I kissed him and pulled his robe off.

I stroked his hard cock before turning to look at Mickala and Lila who were staring. They grinned and I laughed as I bent forward to hold the side of the bath. William chuckled as he moved behind me and I felt his fingers as he began feeling my wet pussy. I shuddered as he rubbed my clit and a moment later grunted as his thick cock stretched my pussy and pushed into me.

Tingling warmth spread from my belly to my breasts. Mickala grinned up at me and reached up to pinch my nipples as William started fucking me. I jerked as my pussy tightened and sparks exploded and shot from my nipples to my pussy. I grunted and spasmed as his thick cock forced my womb open as he kept fucking me. The pleasure pain rippled through me and I started to shake.

I kept shuddering as I thrust back onto his thick cock and closed my eyes in pleasure. He finally jabbed into my belly and held me as his cock throbbed and jerked. I opened my eyes in surprise when he grunted and began pumping thick creamy spurts of cum into me. I jerked and shook but he held me as he spewed his seed. When he was done, he pulled out and stood me up and turned me.

I shuddered as his warm sperm began leaking and embraced him. He kissed me softly, “I have to leave for a day or two. Be ready to leave when I get back.”

I caressed his face, “We’ll be ready.”

The next two days were spent repairing or replacing equipment. Frederic slept in our bed each night with Lila and Mickala. Either Lila or Mickala would love me and we took turns licking each other. I was extremely horny when William returned. I heard him as the guard took his horse away and slipped out of bed before putting a night shirt on.

I slipped into his tent and he turned from undressing. He smiled as I walked to him and pulled the long night shirt off and dropped it. He embraced me and kissed me as he caressed my body. It was many years before we settled down in a nice villa by the sea. Lila and Frederic married and live close by. Mickala shares our bed and has become our mistress.
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