My name is William Michael James. I’m eighteen years old and live in the hills of Tennessee. I stand over six feet tall with long brown hair and gray eyes. My cock is almost nine inches long and real thick and when I cum it is like I pee my seed. I was alone in the world now, my pa died in the war when I was real young and ma only lived a few years before she followed him.

I had been hunting hogs in the thick hill brush a few miles from home. I was using an old twin barrel shotgun with slugs. Sideways on my belt on the left front was an old 44 black powder Remington pistol and my Arkansas tooth pick was on my left hip. I squatted next to an old stump beside a narrow ravine and waited for the hogs I heard coming. I had already set a snare but you never know about hogs.

I walked out of the brush and onto the main road pulling the litter with the hog on it. I had managed to save powder this time with the vine snare I had used and felt pretty good as I turned to start home. I frowned when I turned the bend a little ways down the road. Sitting beside the road was a fancy carriage and beside it was several people.

I slipped the shotgun back in my left hand and cocked both hammers. As I walked up beside the lead horses Laim Hobbs stepped out of the woods on my right, “howdy Will.”

Brent Carter moved up by the head of the horses, “Why don’t you dropped that scatter gun.”

I knew both men and knew if I dropped my weapon I might end up dead. I smiled at Brent as the barrels of the shotgun lifted and pointed at Laim. I squeezed the trigger as my other hand reached for my Remington and I shifted the shotgun towards Brent. He was still trying to pull the fancy new pistol at his hip when I shot him through the chest with the shotgun.

I shrugged the litter from my shoulders and dropped the empty shotgun as I moved to the right and drew my pistol and brought it up. That was when Haris Pip stepped out and brought the Henry to his shoulder. I was already aiming and shot him through the top of his head before walking around the horses.

Jamie Buckley was standing up from a girl as he fumbled with his pants. He was looking at me as I walked towards him and reached for the new Remington tangled up in his pants, “You know what will happen if you shoot me Will.”

I glanced at the girl he had just raped and brought my pistol up, “I know.”

I shot him between the eyes and watched his body fall. I stopped to kneel and cut the two men on the ground free and moved to help the girl up. She was a strawberry blonde about fourteen with a creamy complexion. She was clutching her dress and blushing as she looked at me. I went to each of the four men I had just killed and stripped them of weapons. I searched each man and found a total of a hundred dollars which was a huge sum.

I also found two fancy leather wallets and watches. I walked to the two men I had freed, one was talking angrily to the girl. I handed the other man the wallets and watches as I juggled the belts with all four new Remington pistols and the Henry rifle. He looked at me and then accepted them, “Thank you.”

I nodded and glanced towards the woods where I had been hearing horses, “You might want to get going.”

He nodded and the other man lifted his hand to hit the girl. The hand froze at the sound my pistol cocking. He looked at me and I shook my head, “You don’t strike women.”

He snarled, “She’s a whore.”

He spun and started climbing into the carriage as the other man climbed up onto the drivers seat. The girl was white face and crying, “Please daddy!”

They just drove off and left her standing there. I shook my head and headed into the brush and led the four horses out tied together. All four looked to be in good shape. I tied the pistols onto one and slipped the Henry into an empty saddle boot on another before going to get my shotgun. The girl clutched my arm, “take me with you?”

I glanced down the road and sighed. I led her to a horse and lifted her into the saddle. I looked at the dead hog and shook my head, Jamie’s father and brothers would be looking for me soon. I turned and started for home. It was only a few minutes before I glanced at the girl, “Why did your father call you a whore?”

She blushed and looked down as she shuddered and squirmed, “I’m real sensitive down there and...well, I liked it.”

I grinned, “It could have been worse. What’s your name?”

She looked at me, “Brenda.”

When we reached my cabin, I slid off and hesitated before pulling the girl down. She was clutching the saddle horn and whispered, “fuck me?”

I looked at the saddle to see it all wet and lifted her dress to see her pussy slimy. I pulled her to the rail in front of the cabin and bent her over it before opening my pants. I pulled her dress up over her butt and slowly pushed into her. I held her hips and started to fuck her as she shuddered violently and her tight pussy gripped my cock.

I had never been with a woman and she felt so good. I planted my cock in her belly and rubbed her warm asshole before reaching around and rubbing her pussy. She spasmed and grabbed my hand to put it at the top of her pussy, “right there.”

I kept feeling her as I started fucking her again. It wasn’t long before I planted my cock in her womb and began pumping large spurts of cum. Brenda grunted and started shaking as her belly filled quicky and my cum began leaking out of her. I sighed and caressed her hips before pulling out. I rubbed her pussy and dropped the dress, “I need to pack.”

She shuddered and stood slowly. It really didn’t take long to put everything I owned on one horse. I put all my bedding on another horse and then pulled down the pistols. I pulled my old cap and ball out of my holster and slid a new Remington 44 in. I moved it around to the back so I could get it with my left hand and put a holster on the right hip with another pistol.

I glance at Brenda and put a thick belt over her shoulder and adjusted it on her left hip. I fastened the last holster to the front of my saddle and loaded my shotgun with bird shot. I took one last look around and started off. We had only reached the thick brush when I saw movement coming up towards the cabin. I rode into the brush and follow a narrow game trail around to a low bluff. I looked back at Brenda and slid out of the saddle. I walked back and helped her down, “Stay here.”

I slipped back on foot and watched as five men rode out in front of my cabin. I knew all five and they were all killers except Tom Buckley. I was ready to turn and leave when they started firing into my cabin. That pissed me off and I moved through the brush and started walking towards them as I drew both pistols and cocked them.

They had all dismounted and tied their horses to a limb. I walked straight into them and when I was five feet away I shot Pete Gross in the back of the head and then did the same to Samuel Wilson a few feet away. I cocked the pistols again as they realized something was wrong and turned. I shot again, shooting Ben Daws through the face and then Elmer Paul in the chest and through the heart.

Tom turned and started to run and I calmly shot him through the spine. I walked to him and turned him over as he screamed and knelt to search him before taking his new pistol. I stripped all the men and collected the horses before going back to the crying Tom Buckley, “If you go after a man, expect to die. Tell your pa I’ll be expecting him.”

I led the horses after me and tied them to the last horse before lifting Brenda back into the saddle. I swung up on my horse and started off through the woods. It wasn’t long before Brenda was moaning and swaying in the saddle. I shook my head and grinned before dismounting. I dug through my things until I found a soft cloth rag.

I lifted Brenda’s skirt and had her raise up before pushing the rag between her legs. I thought about it and pulled out some leather ties and tied her front and back to the saddle before climbing back into my saddle. She was glassy eyed and incoherent by the time we stopped. I sat her down and started stripping the gear off the horses before making camp.

Brenda finally came and got my bedroll and looked at all the others before taking them to. I watched her make one big bed as I started a fire and went to collect more wood. She was arranging the cooking stuff when I pulled my bow out of my belonging. I slipped into the woods quietly and within twenty minutes had two fat rabbits, a few wild onions and some berries.

When I came back into camp Brenda smiled and took everything from me. I pulled out the pistols that had been fired and cleaned them before looking at the rifles. Tom Buckley had a new winchester 73 and I grinned, the others were older Henry’s. After eating and cleaning up, Brenda went out to pee and came back as I was undressing beside the bed. She pulled her dress off before slipping into the bed and grinning, “Lots of padding.”

I slipped in beside her and caressed her body before I kissed her, “Did you have a nice ride today?”

She grinned, “God, I wanted your cock in me so bad.”

I laughed and kissed her before moving over her and between her legs as she parted them and then spread them wider. We kept kissing as her hand fumbled for my cock and positioned it against her pussy. I pushed into her wet, slippery pussy and she shuddered as it tightened to squeeze my cock, “aaaaahhhhh!”

I kept pushing until I was against her womb and then began to fuck her. She hugged me as her legs lifted and wrapped around my butt. I fucked her with deep, firm thrusts and it wasn’t long before her body was racked with spasms. Her tight pussy rippled and milked my cock as I press into her and kissed her hard. I stiffened as I felt her fingernails sink in and then I was flooding her belly with cum.

I shuddered as I pumped and spewed while she bucked and thrashed around raking my back with her nails. When I finished cumming she was still panting and I pulled out and lifted up. I rolled her onto her stomach, “Scratch me now.”

She laughed and lifted her butt, “Put it back in.”

I laughed and pushed back into her leaking pussy. She groaned as she dropped to the bedding and I followed to lay on top on her before beginning to fuck down into her. It wasn’t long before she was shuddering and thrusting back, “yes!”

I lifted up and spread my legs to thrust into her with long, hard thrusts and Brenda spasmed as her pussy tightened, “FUCK ME!”

My thick cock pumped in and out of her womb and she only moaned and shuddered as her hips lifted and pushed back for my cock. Her pussy kept tightening and squeezing my cock and a few minutes later she screamed as her pussy clamped down, “YES!”

I fucked her harder as she convulsed and jerked around under me. Finally after another ten minutes I shoved into her womb and began pumping another gushing stream of sperm. Brenda thrust back hard, “YYYYYEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSS!”

I pumped and spewed and spurted and then just lay on her and held her shaking body. I kissed her bare shoulder and pulled out before laying beside her. Brenda turned to snuggle against me as she caught her breath and I caressed her softly before closing my eyes. I woke in the middle of the night and glanced at the naked girl in my arms. My cock was almost painfully hard so I turned and pushed her onto her back.

I moved over between her legs and slowly pushed into her slimy pussy. I fucked her slowly, going deeper with each thrusts. Brenda was grunting softly in her sleep but when I began fucking in and out of her womb she put her arms around me and groaned as her pussy spasmed and squeezed my cock tight. I fucked her a little harder, trying to cum and Brenda put her feet over my thighs as she humped up.

A few minutes later I grunted and groaned as I held her and began spewing a huge gushing torrent into her belly. Brenda clutched at me, her sharp claws digging in, “YES!”

When I stopped cumming, I pulled out of her and rolled onto my back with a sigh. I reached for her and pulled her half onto me and she put her head on my shoulder. I woke to the hint of dawn and the smell of dew in the air. Brenda had turned away and her warm butt was against my thigh. I smiled and turned towards her as I moved down.

I put my hard cock between her legs and slowly began fucking her. The head of my cock slipped through her slit and then push up inside her. Brenda moaned in her sleep and shivered as her warm, slimy pussy squeezed my cock. I moved closer and fucked her with long, slow thrusts. It was a minute before she was slowly pushing back as she moaned.

My cock easily fucked in and out of her tight pussy because she was so messy and full of cum. I was finally hitting her womb again and Brenda jerked as her pussy tightened. She groaned and rolled away from me and I groaned. I reached for her but she was already turning and throwing a leg over me before sitting up. She lifted my cock and sat down before beginning to rock back and forth hard.

I cupped her firm breasts and played with her hard nipples. She jerked and spasmed hard as her pussy tightened. She didn’t stop fucking me though and a couple of minutes later I thrust up into her belly hard as I began spewing cum. Brenda gasped and jerked as she felt the fresh cum pumping into her. When I stopped cumming she sighed and lay on me, “I need to clean up.”

She looked into my face and bit her lip, “I should be starting my time today too.”

I looked at her and caressed her body, “That’s why you weren’t worried about getting pregnant.”

She shrugged, “I knew they were to late to put a baby in me so why not enjoy it?”

I grinned, “Well, if you keep riding with me that won’t be the case.”

Brenda grinned, “after you get it done, it will be all pleasure too.”

She pushed back and down on my hard cock, “I’ll wash my behind so you can fuck that today.”

I grinned, “I don’t mind blood, if you want it I’ll fill both holes for you.”

She laughed as she slowly stood letting the blanket slip off, “Promises... promises.”

She stood in the nearby stream washing herself as I saddled horses and made breakfast. While Brenda was washing up, I moved things around on the horses. I had four pistols on my saddle now, two in front and two behind plus my old Remington in a saddle bag. I put Brenda up in her saddle but fixed it so she could ride side saddle. I also gave her a couple of clean shirts I had found in a saddle bag, “use these to soak up the blood... or cum.”

She grinned and nodded before shifting around and pushing one under her and between her legs. Riding side saddle seemed to help a little, she still looked a little dazed as we rode but not as bad as before. The first town we came to I bought her a couple more dresses and a few supplies. It was over two weeks before we rode up to the ferry that would take us across to St. Louis.

There were six rough looking men around two brightly colored women. Well, I thought they were women. We were still a little ways away when two men reached for one of the women and one of the men shot the other woman with a shotgun.

They were laughing as they turned to the struggling woman. She kicked one man in the groin and spun to strike another in the throat before turning to face the pack of men. The men had pulled weapons and that was when we rode up. I pulled two pistols from my saddle and cocked them, “I think you should leave her alone.”

One man spun and lifted the shotgun he still held and I shot him through the face. I shot another as he turned lifting an arm with a pistol in his hand. The oriental woman kicked one man that turned towards me and I started to turn to the last one standing when the shotgun I had put on Brenda’s horse went off and he was flung back. I glanced at Brenda as she calmed the horse and then I swung down.

I moved through the men taking weapons and then I went to the young woman and the other one that had been shot. It was a man wearing a brightly colored robe or dress of some kind. I looked at the young woman, “Do you speak English?”

She just looked at me and I sighed before glancing around. Brenda came up and I went to look in the ferry man’s shack. I found four men tied up and cut them loose. They helped tie up the river pirates that were alive, (that was what they called them). We buried the dead ones in a shallow grave and then buried the oriental man proper. By the time we were finished Brenda seemed to have adopted the girl.

Since they were of a like age it was a little comical. Since I had captured or killed the river pirates the ferry men got their money and possessions back. They even gave us a ride across the river free. We led the horses through the huge city and Brenda kept looking around wide eyed. How she understood the girl and directed us to the place she was staying, I will never know.

I thought we would be leaving her but Brenda walked into the shanty with her and after a half hour they came out with two large packs. I sighed as I realized I had someone else depending on me and went to put the packs on a spare horse. I found a gunsmith shop and sold a few of the spare rifles, (I kept the Winchester 73 and gave Brenda and the new girl a Henry). I also sold the pistols I didn’t need.

We found a small boarding house on the other side of the city. At first they didn’t want the oriental girl to stay in the house but Brenda convinced them she was her servant. I was up early and knocked on Brenda’s door before heading down to breakfast with my saddlebags. As we rode away from the city Brenda looked back at the girl, “Her name is Khi. She’s Japanese and that boy was her husband. They were here to do some trading.”

I glanced back, “She doesn’t look sad.”

Brenda snorted, “She was treated really bad.”

She shuddered and I glanced between her legs, “Did you put a rag under you?”

She smiled, “Yes, I even managed to get a few more that were softer.”

I grinned and looked back, “think you’ll get pregnant this time.”

Brenda laughed, “You always ask that and I should be fertile so you might do it tonight.”

We stayed south of the river as we rode to the west. I managed a couple of fat lazy rabbits as we rode and we had a nice dinner. We were camped beside a smaller stream we had crossed. Brenda had only made the one bed again and I glanced at Khi after I washed up. I moved the horses in and reset the picket line before turning to the bed.

I blinked in the fading light as I saw a naked Brenda and Khi kissing each other on the bed. I waited and watched as Brenda caressed and felt her body and Khi sighed and moaned. I undressed and sat at the foot of the bedrolls as Brenda kissed her passionately and started moving down her body.

I grinned as Khi spread her legs and Brenda leaned in and began to lick her pussy with her butt sticking up. I moved behind Brenda and rubbed through her already wet pussy. She shuddered and pushed back and I bent my cock and slowly pushed into her. Brenda groaned as I pushed into her and pressed against her womb. I began to fuck her with long, slow thrusts and she kept pushing back each time.

Her warm almost hot pussy kept squeezing my cock as I buried it inside her. Khi suddenly lifted her hips and cried out as she shuddered hard. I kept fucking Brenda as she shuddered and her pussy spasmed. I watched Khi jerk around and shake, she finally covered her pussy and said something.

I thrust into Brenda and held her hips as I began spewing cum. She stiffened and jerked and as she thrust her butt back, “YES!”

I pumped and spewed and spurted and finally just held her hips before pushing her down on the bed and moving up to lay down. I had just laid back when Brenda pulled Khi to me and pushed her up to straddle me. I looked at Brenda and she grinned, “She said her husband was ichi chin chin. I think she means he had a tiny dick.”

I grinned and caress Khi’s smooth skin before lifting her hips, “Then she better go slow.”

Brenda laughed at the look Khi had as she looked at my cock. I rubbed it back and forth through her pussy and she shuddered before reaching down to hold my hand still. She wiggled and frowned before pushing harder. My cummy cock finally pushed into her and she gasped as she stopped moving. I shuddered at her tight pussy and reached for her hips.

I looked at her face and slowly pulled her hips down forcing my thick cock deeper. Khi’s eyes widened and she stiffened as my cock pressed against her womb. I stopped and reached up to her nipples with one hand and her pussy with the other. I began rubbing and kneading her breasts as my other hand started rubbing her hard little clit.

She shuddered and jerked and then grinned as she leaned forward to put her hands on my chest. Brenda moved around to look under Khi and then came to lay beside us, “Your monster is stretching her little pussy.”

I groaned as Khi’s pussy squeezed my cock and rubbed her clit hard for a second. I put my hands on her hips and started moving her back and forth. She got this startled look and shuddered hard as the head of my head kept pressing and pushing her womb open. She began thrusting on her own but it was more of a rolling thrust.

She was breathing harder and stiffened as my cock pushed through into her womb. She jerked and began thrashing around as her wonderful pussy tightened and released my cock over and over again. Brenda reached up to tug on a nipple, “Lift up and fuck him.”

Khi continued to convulse and I started thrusting up into her. It was only a couple of minutes before I grunted and held her hips as I began to spew large spurts of cum into her belly. She stiffened and gasped as she looked down at me. Her pussy clamped down and she began to twitch and then spasm. I held her as I kept pumping my cum into her small womb and when I stopped she groaned and lay on me.

Brenda and I both caressed her body and she smiled before lifting her hips. She slipped off me on my other side and caressed my chest before putting her head on my shoulder. It was the middle of the night when I woke and glanced at a sleeping Khi. I turned and slipped out from under her before pushing Brenda onto her back and moving between her legs.

I pushed into her as she opened her eyes and put her arms around me. I started fucking her slowly and she shuddered and hugged me. I was using long, deep thrusts that made her grunt. She turned to look at Khi in the moonlight and smiled, “Can we keep her?”

I buried my cock and kissed her as I looked at Khi, “She can stay with us if she wants.”

Brenda grinned, “She will have lots of babies for you.”

I snorted and she looked into my eyes, “I would like a lot of babies too.”

I kissed her and began fucking her harder, “then you better get back to work.”

She laughed and thrust her hips into mine. I pushed into her deep and began to use jabbing, humping thrusts that opened her womb. Brenda was breathing harder and shuddering constantly as I began to fuck her with long, deep thrusts. She was grunting and jerking as her tight pussy kept grabbing my cock.

She clung to me as I continued to fuck her and finally I grunted and thrust into her nice and deep. She jerked violently and her nails dug in as I began spewing huge spurts of warm sperm into her.

When I stopped cumming I kissed her and slowly pulled out. I rolled onto my back and was surprised when Khi shifted over and put her head on my shoulder. Brenda took my other shoulder and I slowly relaxed. I woke to the hint of dawn and glanced at Brenda before turning to Khi. She looked peaceful and beautiful. I moved away from Brenda as I turned Khi onto her back.

Her eyes had snapped open and were looking at me as I smiled and moved between her legs. I bent to kiss her and felt her small hands guiding my cock to her warm pussy. I pushed and forced my cock into her tight pussy and she shuddered and put her arms around me. I began to fuck her and she smiled as her hips lifted to meet mine. She was still slimy from last night so my cock fucked in and out easily until I began pressing against her womb.

Khi grunted and jerked as her tight pussy spasmed and squeezed my cock even harder. She shuddered and clung to me as she lifted her legs to wrap around my waist. I kissed her and kept fucking in and out of her pussy. She was moaning and shaking as her pussy began grasping and letting my cock go. It was several minutes later that she began to stiffen.

I was getting close and started fucking her with need. She lifted her legs up and spread them as I grunted and stiffened. I thrust into her and held her as I began to spew huge streams of cum. She screamed and began thrashing around as her body convulsed and her pussy clamped down. I pumped and spurted and spewed and then just held her jerking body. I kissed her and pulled out of her before smiling at Brenda and getting out of the bedroll.

I started the fire and glanced at the bedroll when I heard Khi moan. I only saw her head and a larger lump down between her legs where Brenda was. I shook my head and went to saddle the horses. I had Khi ride at the back in case Brenda fell off her horse, not that Khi was riding perfectly. It took us almost two weeks to reach Kansas City. It was a busy town with a lot of people.

We rode to the other side where I managed to find us two rooms in a boarding house. I gave Brenda and Khi twenty dollars to shop with and headed back into the city to buy supplies. I found everything we needed and was loading it on a horse I had brought when I heard Tye Buckley snarling at the store owner. I slipped my pistol into my right hand and stepped back into the store.

Tye was holding his pistol on the owner as he loaded supplies into a large sack. There were two other men with him and they were grinning as they stuffed rock candy in their pockets. I pointed my pistol and cocked it as I drew the other one. Tye froze and slowly turned his head. I saw his face blanch white, “Will.”

The other two slowly began reaching for weapons and I shook my head, “Drop your weapon Tye.”

He smiled, “Sure Will.”

The two men suddenly grabbed their pistols and I shifted and shot one through the chest as I cocked the other pistol and shot Tye in the belly. I shot the second man in the belly as he stumbled back and fired his pistol into the floor. I moved forward and knelt to take Tye’s new pistol and the new winchester that had been leaning against a barrel, “You should have stayed home Tye. You never liked your brothers.”

I stood and looked at the store keeper who was holding a shotgun now, “Mind if I leave?”

He smiled and tossed his head towards the door, “I never saw you.”

I found Brenda and Khi both just returning and packed everything up before leaving. If Tye was here then his father Terence was too. It was three days before I saw the horse walking aimlessly with the girl clinging to the saddle. As we got closer I had to grin, the girl was moaning and spasming. Her body kept jerking and her hips kept thrusting into the saddle horn.

I glanced at Brenda who was shuddering and chuckled as I rode up to the horse and took the reins. I tied it to a saddle ring and reached for the girl and pulled her across and onto my lap. As she realized I was there she clung to me and shuddered. Her bottom was completely soaked in her own cum. I glanced at Khi who was grinning and started off again.

I made camp a couple of miles away beside a small stream. Brenda and Khi stripped the dazed girl and led her into the cool water to wash her as I started making something for dinner. Brenda squatted beside me and I rubbed her bare butt, “Who is she and why was she out here?”

Brenda grinned, “Her name is Megan and she lives about ten miles north of here. She decided she wanted to have sex. She was trying to get to Kansas City to work in a saloon.”

I glanced at a naked Khi as she led the naked Megan back into camp. I shook my head and turned back to finish what I was doing. After dinner I went to move the horses while Brenda and Khi cleaned up. When I finished and turned to the camp it was to see all three of them naked on the bedroll.

I undressed as I watched Brenda between Megan’s legs licking her pussy. Khi was kneading her breasts and kissing her as she moaned. I laid down beside them and rubbed Khi’s smooth butt. She looked back with a smile and turned to caress my chest, “Namete manko?”

I looked at her and she turned, she touched my mouth and then reached down to touch her pussy, “Namete manko?”

I grinned and rubbed one of her nipples, “You want me to lick your pussy?”

She shivered and went to her knees before straddling my face, “P l e a s e?”

I kissed her inner thigh and pulled her pussy down as the new girl Megan cried out. I started licking her pussy and nibbling on her inner lips as she shuddered and slowly thrust back and forth on my face. I felt hands stroking my cock as someone straddled me. I covered Khi’s clit and sucked while wiggling my tongue and shivered as I felt a very tight slippery pussy being forced down onto my cock.

Khi was grunting as she thrust erratically and whoever was on my cock was holding still and I heard a loud moan. Khi jerked and spasmed before shuddering and wetting my mouth. She rolled off and I saw Megan shaking on my cock before Brenda was suddenly throwing her leg over my head. I smiled and pulled her hips down and sucked in her clit.

She stiffened and jerked as I felt Megan starting to rock on my cock. It was slow and hesitant at first but before long my cock was hitting her womb each time and she started rocking and fucking me harder. I teased Brenda’s clit and kept licking her leaking pussy. She pressed down and ground against my mouth as her body spasmed. Megan was jerking and grunting as she kept thrusting down onto my cock forcing it in and out of her womb.

I shuddered as I felt my balls tightened and Brenda shuddered and jerked before rolling off. I reached for Megan’s hips and thrust into her hard as my warm sperm exploded into her womb. She stiffened and screamed as she felt warm cum pumping into her for the first time and then she was shaking as her tight pussy squeezed my cock. It was awhile before I stopped cumming and slid my hands up to cup her breasts. She looked into my eyes and smiled, “Hi.”

I tugged on her nipples, “You are my whore now and I intend to fuck you everyday.”

Megan grinned as her pussy squeezed my cock, “okay.”

I turned to spill her off me and reached for Khi who was snuggled with Brenda. She held her arms out, “Yaru?”

Brenda laughed, “She said that to me too. I think she means she wants you to fuck her.”

I moved between Khi’s spread legs and slowly forced my cock into her tight pussy. I began to fuck her as she sighed and pushed her hips up to get my cock deeper. Brenda rubbed my back and Megan came close. I started fucking against her womb and Khi began spasming as her tight pussy squeezed my cock. She jerked and bucked as she clutched at me and cried out.

I kept fucking her and riding her thrashing body until I buried my cock and grunted. I thrust and jabbed and then held her tight as I started pumping and spewing cum. She jerked and lifted her legs to wrap around me as I filled her womb and then only sighed and shuddered. When I stopped cumming she squeezed me, “Watashi wa kekkon shite imasu.”

I looked at her and kissed her before pulling out and laying between her and Brenda. Brenda snuggled against me and a moment later Khi and Megan snuggled close too. I smiled and fingered Brenda and she laughed, “More? You know my bleeding didn’t come this week.”

I looked at her and grinned as I rolled over between her legs, “You’re pregnant?”

She guided my cock to her pussy, “Well, you have been fucking me everyday so I think so.”

I pushed into her almost hot pussy and kissed her as I began to fuck her. Her hips lifted with each thrust and it wasn’t long before she began shuddering as her pussy squeezed my cock. We kept kissing as I fucked her grasping pussy and Brenda started breathing harder and digging her nails into my back.

Each time she spasmed and thrashed around her pussy would tighten almost painfully as she raked my back with her claws. It was twenty minutes before I thrust into her and pressed against her womb before pumping more cum.

She jerked and wrapped her legs around me as she convulsed and cried out. When I stopped cumming, I pulled out slowly and lay back beside her and cupped one of her breasts, “Thanks Brenda.”

She snuggled against me, “you’re welcome.”

I woke after midnight and stood as the horses shifted around. I bent to pick up a rifle as I moved across the camp and saw the coyote. As soon as it saw me it turned and ran. I checked around the camp and walked back to the bedroll. I set the riffle down and looked at Megan laying on her back with her legs parted. I smiled as I lifted the blanket and moved between her legs.

I forced my hard cock into her and Megan shuddered as her tight pussy squeezed my cock. She put her arms around me as I began to fuck her cummy pussy. It wasn’t long before my cock was pushing against her womb and she began to shudder. She dug her nails into my shoulder and bit me as I began to fuck her with long, deep thrusts.

She was jerking and spasming as her pussy kept squeezing and letting my cock go. I fucked her hard for a couple of minutes and tried to ignore the pain as she bit me again and raked my sore back with her nails. I pulled out of her and moved back before rolling her over and lifting her butt. I rubbed my cock through her slimy pussy and started to push back in when she suddenly thrust back impaling her ass on my cock.

There was more then enough cum lubricating her as she stiffened and shuddered hard. I held still and then slowly began to fuck her with shallow thrusts. She was having none of that and started thrusting back harder to get my cock deeper inside her ass. I finally held her hips and just started to fuck her with long, deep thrusts. Megan groaned and her body spasmed, “Fuck this is good.”

Brenda chuckled, “That how we service him when it is our bleeding time.”

Khi said something as Megan thrust back to impale herself on my cock and moaned. “He can fuck my ass anytime he wants.”

I laughed and kept using deep thrusts that caused Megan to jerk and shuddered as her ass kept squeezing my cock. I was completely burying my cock with each long stroke and she started convulsing. Finally I thrust into her and started pumping spurts of cum. Megan stiffened when she felt the warm cum pumping deep in her gut and her ass squeezed my cock as she began shaking.

I shuddered and sighed when I finished and pushed her onto the bed before standing and walking to the stream. I glanced back at Megan’s moan to see Brenda and Khi between her legs. I shook my head and cleaned myself before coming back to bed. I pulled Khi away from Megan and against me before lifting her leg and pushing my cock into her tight pussy.

She groaned and pushed back to get my cock deeper and then sighed as I held her. Our travel was slow with both Brenda and Megan riding side saddle and still shuddering constantly from orgasms. They were both tied to the saddle to keep them from falling. Khi thought it was funning and sometimes rode close as she learned to ride better and leaned out to tug on their nipples.

It was over two weeks before we rode over a rise and saw the Indian camp. It wasn’t big, just a few tepee tents as they were called. On this side of the camp was a group of men and even from here I knew they were trouble. I turned and dismounted before going to Brenda and then Megan. I untied them and pulled them out of the saddle before handing them their rifles.

I nodded to Khi who had already gotten hers and moved to stand with Brenda. I pulled my left pistol and kept it beside my leg as I started forward. Brenda took the reins and led the horses with Megan and Khi beside her. They stopped fifty feet from the rough looking men as I continued forward. There were ten men and from the look and smell coming from the large wagon, buffalo hunters.

There were six Indian men tied up by the wagon and another sprawled on the ground in front of a big man who had been beating him. His hands and feet were tied and there were several cuts on him that I could see. The big man grinned as I stopped walking. He looked towards the wagon, “Look what we have here, a greenhorn with whores.”

I looked at the Indian he had been torturing and then into his face, “You should leave.”

He grinned, showing rotten teeth, “After we scalp these red skins and fuck your whores.”

I shook my head and brought the pistol up as I began drawing the other pistol. I shot a gray bearded man to one side through the belly as three other shots rang out and three other men fell. I shot the big man in the throat and fired at the man standing up in the wagon with a long barreled sharps. Three more shots rang out and two men fell back as they lifted rifles. The last two men turned to run and I shot one in the back of the head and the other low in the back through the spine.

I glanced at the Indian camp to see women and children looking back. I moved to the Indians by the wagon as I holstered my pistols. I cut them loose and went to the Indian that had been beaten. I knelt and cut him free before turning him to see how bad he was hurt. He slowly straightened as he looked at me, “why help?”

I glanced at the other Indians as they moved to the dead and wounded men, “I don’t like bullies and they were planning to harm my... women.”

He glanced past me at Brenda, Khi and Megan and smiled slowly, “they not harm now.”

I laughed as I helped him stand, “No.”

He touched his chest, “Running Deer.”

I touched my chest, “William.”

He grinned and slapped my shoulder before walking towards the wagon. I followed and absently reached to the dead man hanging off the side to take the sharps. I watched Running Deer pull an old rifle from the back of the wagon and then a long knife before turning to me, “come, we go to camp.”

I waved to Brenda and she started leading the horses with Megan and Khi. Running Deer looked at them and then at me, “your women are very beautiful.”

I smiled and turned to fall in beside him as he headed to their camp. We were ignoring the screams from the wounded men as we walked and Running Deer looked at me, “You not hunt Buffalo?”

I smiled, “to much meat, it would spoil or go to waste.”

He smiled and then grinned, “yes.”

Three Indian squaws came to touch him and he touched each ones face before looking at me, “My women.”

I nodded, “They are very pretty.”

He grinned, “Fuck good too.”

I laughed and turned as Brenda, Megan and Khi caught up. I looked at Running Deer, “I was going to the mountains. I would find my own place.”

He looked at the girls, “to many bad men here. Go north and east to Canada.”

I thought about it as he sat and sank down beside him. A white girl came to lead our horses to the side of the camp. Running Deer followed her with his eyes before turning back to me. It turned out Running Deer was made to go to a white school when he was younger. He said he had only stayed one year before leaving.

The camp was alive now as men and women began packing everything up. He looked back at the wagon the buffalo hunters had used and then at me, “it will be cold in the mountains. Take some of the hides to keep your women warm.”

An older woman knelt and began talking to him quietly and he looked at her before smiling and turning to his women nearby, “Em, come here.”

The white girl turned from a bag she was preparing. She walked to us and Running Deer looked at me, “She was taken as a child and has come into season.”

He looked at Brenda and Megan, “She would be a good woman to you. Keep you warm and give many warriors.”

I looked at the stone faced girl thinking of the Indian that used to live in the hills back home. I looked at Brenda and could see her pity. I shook my head and sighed before looking at Running Deer, “Thank you.”

He grinned and looked at Em, “You are his.”

She looked at me for a long time before nodding. I smiled, “Bring your things to Brenda.”

She looked past me before turning and walking to the other women. I looked at Running Deer, “You are going north now?”

He nodded, “into the Canada place.”

I thought about it, “Perhaps I will travel there one day.”

We stood by our horses as the small band moved away and I turned to the wagon. The Indians had left a dozen buffalo hides. I unharnessed the horses and made bundles and hackamores. I shifted a pack off one of the saddles and nodded to the girl Em. She looked at me and then at the horse.

I sighed as I helped Brenda tie herself in and checked Megan before helping Khi into her saddle. I walked to Em who was still standing and lifted her up into the saddle. She held my hands tight, “Emily.”

I looked into her face and smiled as I nodded, “Emily.”

We had only been riding a few minutes when I turned to see Emily clutching the saddle and shuddering. I sighed and swung down and walked back to her horse. I tied her reins to the back of Megan’s horse and pulled her leg over the horse so she was side saddle and tied her to the saddle. I slipped a rag under her and between her legs before going back to my horse.

We stopped a couple of hours before it got dark and I picketed the horses after watering them while the girls set up camp. I came in as they were fixing dinner and Brenda smiled, “Emily is nice. She knows how to do a lot of things.”

I glanced at Emily to see her doing something to one of the buffalo hides with Megan and Khi, “What is she doing?”

Brenda glanced back, “Cleaning and softening the hides, Megan and Khi too. After she showed them what to do.”

I grinned, “Is Khi still sick?”

Brenda smiled, “She feels better. I think she said you must have given her more babies.”

I laughed and the girls looked at me. I looked at Megan, “Megan just had her time so maybe...”

Brenda laughed and kissed me, “Horny man.”

I cupped one of her breasts, “yes.”

She laughed and turned back to the fire and her cooking, “Megan? Its your turn.”

I laughed and turned as Megan stood with a huge grin, “good, I was getting horny.”

They laughed as she walked towards me and I began undressing. I moved to a much wider bed and turned to pull Megan down as she dropped her dress to her feet. She struggled as she reached for my cock but I held her and then kissed down her body. I sucked on her clit as I used a thumb to rub and press against her ass. I kept pushing my tongue up inside her and nibbling from her inner lips back to her clit. It wasn’t long before she was shuddering and jerking around.

I laid her down and moved up her body and kissed her as I forced my drooling cock into her wet pussy. Megan groaned as I began to fuck her tight pussy. She planted her feet on the bed and started thrusting up each time I pushed into her. I was finally hitting her womb and pushing and she arched her back as she screamed. She squirted a little as she dug her nails in and bit my shoulder.

She was jerking and spasmed as her wet pussy squeezed my cock real tight. I buried my cock to grind and hump into her and she started bucking and thrashing around as she tossed her head. I grinned and fucked her hard and Megan grunted as she kept convulsing. It was fifteen or twenty minutes before I thrust into her incoherent body and started spewing thick creamy spurts of cum.

She thrust her pussy up and howled as warm cum pumped into her womb. She was shuddering and shaking as I pumped and spurted and then she dropped back to the bedroll as I stopped. I kissed her and pulled out, “The next one you can swallow.”

She grinned as Brenda and Khi laughed. Khi handed me a plate of food as I stood and I caressed her tummy, “Thank you.”

Khi smiled, “You... are... welcome.”

I grinned and kissed her before reaching down to pull Megan up. After I ate, I looked at the girl Emily. Brenda leaned against me, “She expects you to take her.”

I looked at Brenda, “She’s just a kid.”

She sighed, “Not anymore Michael. She expects you to treat her like a woman.”

I sighed, “Will you...”

Brenda grinned, “We tried, you have to take her and teach her first.”

I stood and handed the plate to Brenda before crossing to Emily. She looked up and I saw a hint of fear before her calm face returned. I reached down and pulled her up and led her to the bedroll before turning to undress her. I laid her trembling body down and sat beside her to just caress her soft skin. It was awhile before I touched her slightly fuzzy pussy. I smiled into her face as I gently rubbed her clit and she gasped and shuddered.

I slipped a finger down into her slit and began rubbing and fingering her. I didn’t push into her after I felt her maidenhead the first time. I used two fingers in her pussy slit and squeezed her clit between them. It wasn’t long before she was moaning and her hips were lifting off the bed. Finally she jerked and shuddered hard as she groaned. I bent to kiss her, “Did you like that?”

She nodded, “Good.”

I moved over her and between her legs. She was trembling again and I smiled and kissed her before kissing down her body. I stopped to suck on both nipples and Emily shuddered. I moved lower as she lifted her head to watch. I pushed her legs open wider and leaned in to lick through her pussy. I heard her gasp and she jerked hard.

I laughed as I pushed my tongue into her very tight pussy and pressed it against her maidenhead. She hissed but I had already pulled out and covered her clit. I started sucking like Brenda and Khi had shown me as I teased it with the tip of my tongue. Emily jerked the thrust her hips up, “YES!”

Brenda, Khi and Megan sat on the edge of the bed as Emily groaned and held my head. I alternated licking through her pussy with fucking my tongue against her maidenhead and sucking on her clit. Emily finally thrashed around and pushed my face away. I moved up her shaking body and kissed her as I pressed my drooling cock to her tight pussy.

She groaned and put her arms around me as I began humping and pressing in and out. Emily began shuddering and moaning again as she got a lot wetter. It was easy for my cock to slip into her now and she wasn’t flinching as it pressed against her maidenhead. When she stiffened and clutched at me, I kissed her passionately as she started thrashing around.

I thrust into her hard and buried my cock against her womb as she screamed. She was still shuddering and shaking and held me tight. I didn’t move as I kissed her and just held her in my arms. It was several minutes before I felt her pussy squeeze my cock. She looked at me in surprise and I smiled, “I didn’t do that.”

She grinned shyly and her tight pussy squeezed me again. I kissed her and began to fuck her with long, slow thrusts. At first she winced but a few minutes later she was moaning and shuddering as her pussy spasmed around my cock. I stopped and kissed her as I used my legs to close hers and then I rolled. She just lay on me and Brenda laughed and moved to us.

She spread Emily’s legs and pulled her up so she was sitting before straddling me behind her. She began to rock and thrust Emily’s hips and Emily jerked and gasped before shuddering hard as her tight pussy squeezed my cock. She looked at me and grinned before doing it herself only harder. I shuddered as her pussy tightened and grabbed her hips, “Slower Emily.”

She was shuddering and shaking and nodded. Brenda began rocking slowly with her and Emily began to moan as she got much wetter. My cock was slipping in and out further each time until I was coming out before she would thrust back and down to push it into her womb. I shuddered and groaned as Emily began thrashing around with Brenda holding her up.

Her pussy was spasming and milking my cock. I caressed her sides and held her hips before pulling her down hard as I thrust up. Emily gasped as my thick cock slammed into her womb and then I began spewing and gushing large, thick spurts of cum. Her eyes were wide and then she jerked and pushed hard against me as she hissed, “YES!”

I pumped and spurted as I held her wildly jerking body. Her pussy kept clamping down and releasing my cock as I filled her womb. When I stopped cumming Emily groaned and Brenda let her lay forward on me. I caressed her hips and sides as her breathing slowed and smiled at Brenda. She grinned and helped roll Emily off me before moving up her body to kissed her, “Did you like?”

Emily nodded and Brenda kissed her. I turned and reached for Khi who had been rubbing her pussy and she grinned and quickly moved to straddle my waist. I cupped her small breasts as her tight pussy slowly slid down my cummy cock. Megan laughed and moved around to join Brenda in kissing Emily, “I am so going to kiss her pussy.”

Emily moaned as Brenda kept kissing her and feeling her breasts and Megan moved down her body. Khi began rocking and twisting as she fucked me and I let one hand move down to rub her clit as my other continued to tug and squeeze her nipples. Her tight pussy was squeezing my cock and trying to milk it as she moaned and shuddered. It wasn’t long before she became erratic and started jerking.

I pulled her down and rolled over before beginning to fuck her with long, hard thrusts that made her grunt and jerk. I continued fucking her as she wet me and started convulsing. She was thrashing around and seemed almost incoherent as her tight pussy spasmed and milked my cock. I was fucking her hard with deep thrusts and Khi was tossing her head and moaning.

Finally I thrust into her and pressed against her womb before I began to pump large, strong spurts of cum. She jerked and lifted her hips as she screamed, her pussy clamping down around my cock. I pumped and spurted and finally just held her. I kissed her before pulling out and looking at Emily who was shuddering as Megan continued to lick her pussy.

I caressed Khi’s hip and then moved around to Brenda. I pushed her onto her back and she lifted her legs and spread them as she held out her arms. I moved over her and pushed into her wet pussy before beginning to fuck her. I used slow thrusts and kept pressing against her and grinding. It didn’t take her long to wrap her legs around me as she jerked and spasmed.

I kept fucking her nice and slow, watching her shudder and cum. Her warm pussy only got wetter as she continued to spasm and shake through orgasm after orgasm. I finally buried my cock and humped and jabbed into her and Brenda howled as her pussy grasped at my cock. I groaned and shuddered when I began spurting cum into her.

She jerked and shook as she felt warm cum pumping inside her and sighed. When I stopped cumming, I kissed her and glanced at Emily who was clutching Megan against her. I pulled out and moved to pull the blankets up. I fucked a sleepy Emily first thing in the morning as she wrapped her legs around my waist. When we rode out Emily was grinning and acting like a different girl. I still had to tie her to the saddle like Brenda and Megan.

Three days later we rode out of a wash and into a mess. Women were screaming and several men were on the ground. Six rough looking men were tearing at the women’s clothes. I slipped out of my saddle as I pulled my pistols. A rifle shot from behind me had one man spinning away and off a woman. I shot another as he scrambled for his pants and a pistol.

All the men stood and put there hands up as I moved into them. I ripped weapons off and pushed them to the ground. I glanced back to see Khi helping Brenda, Megan and Emily off their horses. One man snarled, “their just whores.”

I ignored him until the girls came up and held their rifles on them. I went to the downed men and two boys. There were a few girls crouched by a large carriage holding knives as the other oriental women crawled to them. It looked like the men and boys had been beaten, even the one white man. Khi said something as a better dressed man stood and looked around dazed.

He looked at me and frowned as I put a splint on one of the boys forearm. He moved slowly and picked up a set of swords while looking at me. I nodded to the men, “they were molesting the women.”

One of the men snarled, “Their whores!”

The man walked towards them and I knew what was coming. I moved to the one white man as he sat up with a groan. He looked around and then looked at me, “who are you?”

I grinned, “just passing through.”

I turned as Khi said something to the other man. He looked at her before looking at me. His English was very halting as he bowed, “I am in your debt.”

I looked at Emily, “Round up their horses Emily.”

She nodded and moved off as I gestured to Brenda, “set up camp here.”

She nodded and touched Megan as she turned to the horses. I looked at Khi and hesitated before holding out my hand. She walked to me as the oriental man began helping the other men and boys. He checked the women before walking to me. He ignored Khi as we talked, the other men and boys collected everything that had been scattered. The lone white man accepted the horses from Emily before she went to help set up the camp.

I noticed one of the girls whispering and the others arguing. The man turned with a frown and said something sharp. The girl looked down and I heard her say something. The man looked at her for several moments and then at me before gesturing the girl closer.

She went to her knees in front of him, “I Mickala Jung Aoi, do in front of the gods and these witnesses, do hereby submit myself to this man. I shall submit myself; body, mind, spirt and heart to him to do with as he sees fit. My life is his to direct. His wife shall be my mistress and shall govern over me. This is my decree.”

The man looked at her for a moment, “under penalty of death.”

He turned to me and bowed, “My daughter has chosen to pay my debt. She has pledged herself to you.”

I opened my mouth to say something and Khi squeezed my arm. I looked at her and she gave a tiny shake of her head. I looked at the man and his daughter before sighing and nodding, “I am greatly honored.”

He nodded and looked around at the others before walking to a horse. As they rode away I looked at the calm face of the girl. I nodded to Khi and then to our camp. She nodded and said something before starting towards the camp. I looked at the dead men still laid out and sighed as I began pulling them to a buffalo wallow. The weapons they had were older except the rifles, they were large bore buffalo rifles.

After I finished covering the men and bringing their weapons to camp, Brenda sent me to the creek in the wash. Mickala appeared and undressed before wading to me and beginning to wash me. I let her and when she finished I made her stand and washed her trembling body. I walked her to the shore and used the toweling rags to dry her before doing myself.

When we returned to camp I noticed the mens horses were unhitched from the wagon and picketed with ours. I sat and leaned back against a saddle thinking. Brenda slipped onto my lap and I caressed her bugling tummy, “I think we may try using the wagon.”

She grinned, “the bed is more then big enough to lay down in.”

I looked at her and she grinned, “You could take turns during the day?”

I laughed and hugged her before turning to watch Emily and the new girl Mickala. After dinner I moved the horses and checked around us. It was early so I worked on repairing the harness for the wagon. As it began to get dark I brought the horses in closer. The bed was wider again and I stripped before climbing in beside Brenda.

She kissed me and moved over me and pushed me towards Mickala. I looked at her and she pushed me again, “She wants it.”

I looked at the girl and past her to Khi, Megan and Emily all holding each other watching the girl finger her pussy. I sighed and moved next to Mickala and moved her hand. I caressed her body and kissed her softly before moving down between her legs. I licked through her pussy and pushed my tongue into her. I didn’t feel her maidenhead and covered her clit. I sucked and teased her clit with the tip of my tongue as she shuddered and lifted her hips up.

She was very wet and it wasn’t long before she was spasming and jerking as she moaned. She finally covered her pussy and I moved up her body to kiss her. I lifted up and Brenda was there to guide and position my cock. I pushed and pressed and slowly forced my thick cock into her. Mickala shuddered and put her arms around me. I took a moment and then began to fuck her tight pussy.

It was a couple of moments before my cock was pressing against her womb and she was thrusting up for more. She was breathing hard and my cock was fucking her easily because she was so wet and slippery. I finally pushed into her womb and she stiffened and then began jerking around as she clutched at me. I kissed her and went back to fucking her struggling body.

She began kicking and waving her legs in the air as I fucked her and her tight pussy was spasming and milking my cock as I fucked in and out of her womb. I finally grunted and buried my cock as I began spewing huge gushing spurts. Mickala jerked and thrust up as she looked at me wide eyed. She was shaking as I pumped and poured warm sperm into her womb.

When I finally stopped cumming she shuddered and clung to me. I kissed her as I pulled out and moved towards Megan. Brenda pulled Mickala against her and held her before moving down to lick through her pussy. Megan was grinning as she pushed me onto my back and straddling me. Khi laughed and moved up to straddle my face and I grinned as I pulled her pussy down.

Megan pushed down against my cock as I started sucking on Khi’s clit and then I felt Emily rubbing my stomach. Megan began rocking back and forth, fucking my cummy cock all the way to her womb. Mickala groaned and Megan began to fuck my cock with long strokes. I was licking Khi and sucking on her clit every time I could but she was thrusting back and forth fucking my face erratically.

My cock kept pressing and pushing into Megan’s womb and I reached down to slow her so she wouldn’t hurt herself. Her pussy was hot and very wet as my cock slid in and out of her. Khi shuddered hard as my other hand held her in place so I could lick and tease her clit. I squeezed her clit between my lips and she jerked and spasmed before rolling off me. Emily bent to kiss me as Megan groaned and spasmed while her tight pussy squeezed my cock.

I held Emily in place as I continued to kiss her and began thrusting up into Megan. It wasn’t long before I grunted and groaned and started shuddering as I began spurting and spewing cum. Megan sat down with my cock pushing her womb open as I pumped and spurted warm cum up into her. I pulled away from Emily to catch my breath and saw Mickala spasming and shaking as Khi licked her while Brenda kissed her passionately.

The wagon slowed us but made it more comfortable for the girls. I had been thinking and had decided to change directions. Most people here would never understand me being with several women. It was several days later that I found Terence Buckley and his last two sons. There was a couple more men with him and I only watched as they slowly swung from the trees someone had hung them in. Their horses and other gear were still there so I gathered some of it up and added their horses to mine.

We settled in a nice valley north of the border in Canada.
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