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Chapter 1; Where Ends Meet.

I could feel the cool wind of the paddle whizzing through the air towards my outstretched ass, the cool breeze provided a moment of relief and comfort as it soothed my aching red raw ass that throbbed and tingled with numbness. However, that relief would only last for a few seconds before another blow struck, sending my ass rippling slightly with its small amount of baby fat that was still present. The impact of the wooden paddle made a loud slap noise as it encountered my smooth skin.

I was bound onto a flat table with wrist restrains at the sides and ankle locks that held me face down, powerless to stop the torture. I was stark naked and shivering through pain and pleasure as I was been beaten. My ass was burning raw but at the same time, my pussy was convulsing and having spasms as I orgasm continually. I was making loud screams that turned into moans as another wave of pleasure hit me riding of the backlash of pain that heightened my senses to a completely new level. I was enjoying this experience, despite the pain.

I laid there with the large man standing over me, repeatedly clashing the paddle against my ass. I held my eyes shut and I tried to remember how I had gotten into this confound situation. I guess it all started a week ago.

My name is Dawn. Samantha Dawn. I am 12 years old. This is my story,…

Chapter 2; A night so long ago.

I stood there under the warm jet of water that caressed my body and eased my muscles that ached from lying funny while asleep. I ran my hands down my body covering my soft skin with soap before letting the water wash it away down the deep black plughole. I loved having a shower but my dad always shouted at me for been in there way to long. I did not care about wasting water really, I just enjoyed the feeling the water gave me as it touched my skin.

As usual, the opening of the bathroom door and the ramblings of my dad entering the room, disrupted my peace. I sighed as I cut the water flow reluctantly and peeled back the soggy shower curtain to reveal my father standing there with his arms folded, holding a stern face as he looked at me.

“Daddy… Just a few more minutes, please?” I said in a pleading voice.

“No Sam. You’ve been in there for fifteen minutes already” he replied with an annoyed tone.

I let out a despairing sigh and clambered out of the bathtub and onto a soft, furry while towel that kissed my feet gently as its wool fibres enveloped my feet, drying the wetness of them.

Now, I know what you are thinking. I am standing naked in front of my daddy in the middle of our bathroom in middle of the morning. Well, Yeah. I am. When I was born, my mother died of childbirth and ever since, my daddy has never remarried or fallen in love with anyone ever again. He raised me all by himself which including bathing me for several years so we were very close and not shy about our bodies. I had seen my daddy naked many times and seen his penis just as he had seen my vagina. It was only a year ago when I had learnt what the male and female parts were actually called!

My primary school had given me sex education in year five when I was newly 12. I am now 13 in two months. Before then, I had always called my vagina a ‘pee pee’ or my dad’s penis a ‘willy’. The school was very small and only housed around 30 kids, which ended up in four or five per class. Anyway, back to the story.

“Come on little Missy” he said while he held a large white woolly towel out for me.

I ran up to my dad and he grabbed me in the towel; wrapping my naked wet body up around it and holding me tight against him in a friendly and embracing hug. I smiled and laughed innocently as he held me there. I could feel his warm breath on my back as his head rested on my shoulder. I loved these moments. He knelt down, moved his head from my shoulder, and planted a soft and gentle kiss on my forehead.

“Now get dried and come get breakfast.” With that, he got up from kneeling in front of me, smiled at me and then left the room leaving the door open behind him.

I stood there with the towel wrapped around me. I smiled to myself and quickly rubbed my body dry before putting the towel on the cold metal radiator in the corner. It was middle of summer in south Italy, so there was hardly ever a need for the radiator. I walked out of the light blue tiled bathroom and into the warm landing with the roof windows casting down two bright beams of sunlight that heated my skin as I walked beneath them.

I continued along the hallway to the end door, a plain wooden door that was painted purple and swarmed with stickers and pieces of paper of various things; Animals, fairies, people, but right in the centre was a rising sun and beneath it the name; Samantha Dawn in bright yellow letters. I entered the sanctuary of my room and closed the door gently behind me. My room was my paradise, the walls a light lilac colour that felt warm and inviting with a faint pink carpet that tickled my feet as I walked along it.

I breathed with relief and took in the air as I walked about in my room. I stopped in front of my long mirror that was standing on the floor, its length revealing my completely naked body. I watched myself with a curious expression as I examined my body. I did not think I was anything special. My hair was a golden blonde, it fell straight down to the top of my back. My breasts, as school had told me, were small mounds that rose up ever so slightly that you could barely notice them but on the surface, there were soft small pink nipples on the tips. I was thin but my body retained some flab from when I was a baby but the excess fat was mostly on my bum.

I continued eyeing myself down and I felt a familiar tingle arise below but I ignored it and continued to examine myself in the mirror. I kept following my body down to my exposed vagina that was small and had a thin slit that ran down the middle of the two lips that were tightly pressed together. I learnt that it would eventually grow hairs and the thought disgusted me but now it was thankfully hairless and smooth. I turned myself to the side, looked down at my ass, and rubbed it gently, smiling as the touch felt good and how soft my skin felt beneath the touch of my fingers. The tingling was continuing but I persisted and ignored it.

I turned back to face the mirror once more at the front and looked up steadily at my face. My face was smooth and delicate, clear from freckles or marks. My cheeks tinted with the faint red rose colour and my nose small and button like which my daddy kept saying was adorable. However, the best part of my body was my eyes. My eyes were a deep sapphire blue colour that sparkled in the light just like the jewel. My daddy said it was a rare colour reserved for only the cutest angels and that many girls would die for eyes like mine. I smiled to myself, proud and satisfied of my looks, I knew I wasn’t the best looking, I just liked to make myself feel like I was and feel happy about it. I turned away from the mirror and watched as I walked over to the bed in the room.

I threw myself onto my bed and laid there peacefully. The softness of my duvet rubbed against my skin and made me relax. My bed was situated across from the walk through window doors that lead out onto a wooden balcony overlooking the valley and hills in the surrounding area. The sunlight felt warm through the glass as it reached my skin and made me tingle slightly. The tingling started to creep down my body towards my vagina.

I did not know why but recently I had started getting these feelings after my showers mostly, it had started soon after my sex education and at first, I had ignored it. Soon the feelings began to intensify and make me feel uncomfortable as if I was bursting for a pee but could not go. It was purely by accident one night I discovered the source of my problems.

I was tossing and turning in my sleep that night and kept continually waking up in darkness and uncomfortable heat. I slept naked all year round, especially in the summer time because of the heat in the valley, I was laying there frustrated when I got an itch at the top of my thigh.

I moved my hand to scratch it gently but in the process accidently rubbed against my little vagina. The feeling sent an electric jolt up my spine and made my shiver but the feeling was not a bad feeling, but a good feeling. Curiously, I brushed my hand on the outside of my vagina again and felt a similar feeling. Several emotions were tossing around my head at the time. Nervousness, Excitement, Curiosity and guilt all swam like little fish in my head. Instinctively I continued to rub at my vagina, becoming braver and enjoying the new found feelings even more each time. I began to slowly thrust my little hips forwards to meet my cautious rubs.

It was during one of these thrusts where my long finger entered the inside of my vagina. It did not go deep but I had not even noticed it entered. I only felt an increase in pleasure as my body exploded. I could feel a hard button like thing at the top of my vagina and I soon discovered this is what caused my body to feel incredible. I slowly rubbed and pushed up against it again and felt my body continue to erupt into pleasure, which caused me to moan out loudly into the still warm night air.

I continued my thrusting as I rubbed against my newfound spot and soon I felt tense and like I was about to burst and wet the bed but the pleasure was too much so I could not stop myself. I kept rubbing myself with my eyes half closed in a daze of pleasure and excitement, all feelings of danger gone. I felt my body go rigid and the bursting feeling erupted and I let out a load scream that echoed in the night and disturbed the peace of the Italian valley. I felt a wetness push past my fingers and trickle out of my vagina slowly onto the mattress and my heart stopped with fear.

My dad burst into the room and flicked the light on but was taken aback by the sight of me laying there naked on the bed on my back with my legs apart and a strange clear liquid seeping out of my vagina. I instantly burst into tears when he saw me and tried to shy myself away but he just came by me, sat on the bed avoiding the wetness, and took me in his warm and soothing embrace. He shushed me gently and it was that night, I had ‘the talk’. He explained to me about masturbation and that it was natural and not a bad thing to do.

I listened to him intently, filled with questions sparked by my young curiosity. He helped me clean myself up and set me back in bed. He kissed me on the forehead and said good-night before he flicked out the light and walked out the room.

That night took place a year ago but ever since, I had been a lot closer to my daddy than I had ever been and was always comfortable been naked around him. During that year I had decided I did not want to wear clothes at home anymore because of the heat and that I liked been naked around the house. With a little reluctance, my daddy agreed that I could stay naked but if anyone ever came over then I was to wear clothes and if we ever went out of the villa grounds as well.

Therefore, I laid there on my bed thinking of the past and pondering over thrilling memories that excited me in ways I cannot even begin to explain. I masturbated quite frequently when in my room. Very occasionally, yet more frequently I had begun to masturbate outside my room, in the living room while watching TV or in the garden while sun bathing or while swimming. I would naturally daydream and have my hand drawn to my vagina where I would begin to rub and coo softly.

I was in that situation now, thinking about the past where I had made myself feel good caused me to wonder off and slowly rub against my warm vagina that was moist with wetness, which happened every time I began to rub. I focused on my present act and threw my head back against my pillow as I probed inside my vagina and rubbed against my special button that made me feel all tingly and excited. The familiar sensation of having to pee soon arose and it was with one last quick and hard rub against my spot that I moaned loudly and felt my body shake and tense as the wetness trickled out of my vagina and onto the bed.

I laid there, dazed but smiling as I felt the waves of pleasure subside. I stroked up and down the length of the gap in my vagina, picking up the wet fluid that was dripping slowly out. I was curious, even more so than usual and it was today, I decided I would look more at what came out of my vagina. My dad had been very vague on details that year ago and I was getting increasingly curious and wanted to know more and more.

I scooped up the runny and clear liquid that was trickling down my skin. It felt warm and sticky in my touch and I brought it up on my hand near my face. I sniffed it gingerly; the aroma was sweet and inviting like honey. I glanced at my door nervously before extending my small pink tongue out of my mouth towards my fingers. I slowly and lightly licked the tip of my finger, taking a little of the liquid into my mouth and letting it rest on my tongue. The taste was strange, sweet and warm like honey yet slightly salty at the same time. The taste was not bad though so I took two of my fingers my mouth and sucked the liquid off them.

The taste began to become increasingly more tasteful and I soon began to suck as much as I could off my hand before scooping down and picking up as much as could and then repeating the process until I could not get much more. I wanted more so I thought carefully to myself before deciding to lean forwards and lick up the small pool that had formed on my mattress. I licked up the pool ignoring the horrible little fibre hairs that I licked up with the sweet tasting nectar.

A knock at the door made me jump and I fell off the bed with a loud thud that shook the floor slightly. I rubbed my bottom as I got up and walked towards the door. I opened it quickly and saw my dad standing there impatiently with a smile on his face. He always smiled, even when he was angry with me, which was not often but at times, he was.

“Aren’t you hungry? Breakfast is getting cold,”

He said as he leaned on the doorframe looking at me. He was looking down my body, as though he was examining me and the thought of it made me feel tingly again for some reason but I put it down on still been able to taste the sweet liquid in my mouth that excited me and not my daddy, which would be stupid. I saw him glance down at my vagina that was still slightly moist, the wetness glistened against the sunlight that peeled in through the glass roof windows, and once he caught a glimpse of it he rolled his eyes at me and chuckled.

I shrugged my shoulders and giggled slightly as I walked past him and towards the stairs before running down them and jumping the last few steps, landing and crouching to break my fall. I ran into the kitchen where a plate of eggs and bacon was resting on the table. I hopped into the seat and took the knife and fork that was laid out and then tucked into my delicious breakfast. My daddy always was a very good cook and often cooked me delicious meals that I thoroughly enjoyed.

My dad walked into the room a minute after and sat down opposite me at the table, taking up his Italian newspaper and reading the news. It was all the same, Italy in crisis. About how we owed people a lot of money. I never bothered with it, it was boring to me and I took no interest. Instead, I hungrily devoured my meal before running off the seat, outside the patio door, and into the pool area. The pool was about a 10 x 10 metre square that rested peacefully in the middle of the tiled pool area that was itself, on a balcony that overlooked to the mountains in the distance.

I glanced at the pool before I decided to run back upstairs to my bedroom where I opened the balcony door that was opposite my bed. I glanced down at the pool that my balcony overlooked and then clambered up onto the edge of my balcony. The edge of the pool was a few feet forwards of the balcony edge and I could make the jump easily. Daddy always hated me jumping from the balcony in case I hurt myself but I usually got away with doing it once.

I breathed in a deep breath before leaping forwards off the balcony and curling up into a ball to make a giant cannon ball. I crashed into the pool, water flew out everywhere and a loud splash erupted. Large waves formed and tossed about the pool edge. I held my breath as the impact crushed against my body. As I gently hit the bottom of the pool floor, I uncurled my body and used my legs to propel myself upwards where I broke the surface of the water to the face of an angry and worried daddy.

I laughed and moved myself on my back and floated there with my arms behind my head as he stood there angrily. Eventually his anger broke and he retreated inside the house and I continued to lay there letting my body float in the water as I slowly kicked and paddled to keep myself afloat. I spread my body to keep myself from sinking. I could feel the tiny water waves splashing up against my vagina, which tickled slightly as I paddled.

I moved to the edge of the pool where it was shallow and had seats built into the pool floor. I sat down, the water up to my tiny, almost none existent breasts and began to slowly rub myself to the point of bursting. I loved rubbing myself in the water, the feeling was much stranger but at the same time much better than just been on dry land.

As I was rubbing, my dad came out of the house and into the pool area wearing his shorts. His legs tanned evenly from the many hours he spent labouring in the fields of the vineyard we owned. He looked at me in the pool for a moment and then rolled his eyes while sighing. I giggled slightly, withdrew my hand from my vagina, and turned myself to lean on the pool edge and look at him.

In his hand was a shiny pamphlet with a pleasant picture of a crisp and white sandy beach with a lush green palm tree over hanging and casting a cool shadow across the tiny grains of sand. Past the beach was an ocean, calm with small waves like dancing white horses that transcended down from a glorious sunset that radiated on the beach. I looked quizzically at the pamphlet with curiosity, trying to piece together why my dad had one.

“What’s that daddy?” I asked him, intrigued.

He smiled and came over to the pool edge where he sat on the edge and let his feet paddle in the water slightly. He held out the pamphlet for me to see and I moved my wet hands up to take it. The material was shiny and glossy so the colours did not run. I turned and rotated the pamphlet trying to decipher it. I noticed a crest in the corner of the page. I ran my wet thumb over it examining it closely. The crest read ‘Union High’.

I turned to my dad and looked at him. My face was full of confusion and he just chuckled at me.

“It’s a school honey.” He said to me, placing his hand on my shoulder. His touch was warm and slightly sweaty.

I turned back to the pamphlet and continued to read it. I opened it up and saw pictures of students, no more than perhaps a year older than me but what shocked me was that they were naked, two girls and a boy all together smiling at the camera. I gasped and turned back to my dad who had continued chuckling the whole time. My eyes were wide and my jaw hung open in disbelief.

“It’s a high school, for nudists like yourself.” He said in a beaming voice, proud of his discovery.
“A very good school in fact.”

I continued to read on about the school. Its facilities all up to date, excellent food, good exam results but then I began to make a startling discovery. The school was on a remote island just off the coast of Madagascar. I turned to my dad, tears forming in the corner of my eyes. Unable to comprehend that he was sending me away so far. My dad sensed my sadness and doubt and instantly hoisted me up out of the water and embraced me in a soft and warm hug. My skin was wetting his skin and his clothes. I began to cry softly into his embrace and my body shook slightly as I shuddered as I breathed in.

“Shush Honey. I’m not sending you away, you don’t have to go if you don’t want to.” He said to me in a calm and soft voice.

I looked up at his face and saw him host a gentle smile that made me feel at ease.

“Really?” I stammered through shuddering breathes.

“Really, I promise, I just thought maybe you’d like to meet some children like yourself.”

The thought of that made me consider the proposition of attending this school. I knew a few children from the village school but they all lived several miles away and I could only see them during school. Therefore, I was often isolated in the villa. Moreover, when the kids at school found out I was often naked at home they laughed at me and made me feel upset. Only a couple remained friends with me and the thought of been able to be friends with kids like me was very appealing.

I took another glimpse at the pamphlet that was now floating away in the pool, becoming soggy and mushy. I looked long and hard at the open page that showed the naked kids all together, happy and smiling. A final tear dropped from my eye and trickled down my cheek before cascading downwards into the wavy pool below that rippled elegantly in the sun light, casting bright reflections of sunlight into the air and onto my daddy’s skin and me.

I turned to face my dad who sat there patiently, awaiting an answer in suspense.

“I want to go daddy.”

I smiled and gave him a big hug and muttered words of thanks but at the same time, my heart felt heavy in my chest and pounded slowly as the feeling of losing my daddy overwhelmed the back of my mind. I closed my eyes tightly and held onto my daddy and while my eyes were closed. It was if the whole holidays flew by until I re-opened them once more.

Chapter 3; Cum Fly with Me

I found myself standing in the airport terminal in Palermo, Italy. Surrounded by hectic passengers who were making their way from gate to gate in search of their plane to some foreign destination. I was bewildered as I held onto my daddy’s hand as he led me through pushing crowds and endless ques. Eventually we ended up at a quiet terminal away from everyone else where we standing in a large room. He knelt down to my level and gave me a final hug and several kisses on my cheek and forehead.

I giggled and tried to push him off telling him to stop been so silly but he proceeded to kiss and tickle me until I had to cry and beg with laughter for him to stop. His eyes were slightly red from crying as were mine but I had defiantly decided I wanted to go to Union High. As we were called for boarding, my dad gave me one final long kiss on the forehead and an endless hug before he let me go and I ran to the ticket woman and gave her my passport and ticket.

He waved franticly as I entered the long boarding tunnel that lead towards the plane. I finally turned away from him as he left my sight and I moved down the stairs that eventually lead to the tarmac outside. There, already cueing up were five other children, all of them looked around the same age as me. We exited into the warm Sicilian air towards a small private jet with the schools crest plastered on the tail wing.

I stood there for a moment on the tarmac staring at the plane. I glanced back at the terminal, my face filled with doubt. I saw my dad at the window, smiling with tears, slowly falling down his red flustered cheek and getting caught up in his neat stubble. He waved at me and I cracked a heart breaking smile as I felt my heart been tore out of my chest. I took a deep breath and felt a shuddering twinge pulse down my spine. I turned towards the metallic steps that stood in front of me. I walked up the steps into the confined space of the plane where a blonde haired flight attendant welcomed me and showed me to my seat.

The plane had eight seats that were evenly spaced out and made of rich cream leather that was padded and felt very comfortable. The floor was a deep royal blue carpet, clean, and sat proudly as it contrasted against the smooth white walls of the plane. I sat in the seat with the seatbelt buckled across my waist and I looked out the window.

Agonising minutes passed with me staring out of the window at the tarmac, desperate to scream out for my daddy to take me home and away from this fabulous nightmare. I gritted my teeth and told myself to be brave. I was 12 years old, not a baby anymore. Nevertheless, it was fruitless. I sat there with worry, even when the engines powered up and began to loudly hum I felt more isolated than I ever had before.

The next twenty minutes blurred and flashed by. The plane taxiing to the runway, the captains drone like voice speaking out from the intercom, the squeals from the other kids who were panicking and finally the giant monstrous roar of the engines as they propelled us down the tarmac runway before the impossible happened. The plane lurched upwards into the air; I always wondered how planes were able to fly because of their weight.

I gripped onto the leather handles of my seat and let my nails dig in to the expensive leather as I held tightly while the plane banked left towards the high sun, climbing higher and higher, soaring like a white falcon looming over the land. Darting left and right as it danced with freedom. Eventually the seatbelt sign gave a loud ping as the light vanished from view and left the children sat there, bemused and ensure whether to act on impulse or remain seated.

I could feel beads of sweat trickle down my brow, a mixture of nerves and anxiety but I needed to feel free. I unclasped the seatbelt with a loud click that gave way to the chorus of clicks that followed from the other children seated all over the plane.

As if on cue, the flight attendant reappeared through the door and into the main passenger compartment. Her smart uniform bore the crest of the school and she gave a warm smile through rich red lipstick lips as she clasped her hands together echoing out a loud clap that grasped the attention of the children on board the plane.

“Welcome boys and girls to none stop flight to Union Island. I am Sally and will be catering your flight today. If you have any questions or needs please let me know and how I may assist you. Drinks and snacks are available throughout the flight, compliments of the school. So please relax and enjoy your flight with us and feel free to move around the cabin.”

Her speech felt rehearsed and surreal, which did not give me much reassurance but I was starving and desperate for some food. I instantly and politely raise my hand high into the air trying to attract Sally’s attention. Sally smiled as she walked over to me and politely asked if everything was ok.

“Can I have some food and drink please?” I asked in a pleading voice.

Sally smiled and retrieved a menu from the catering cabin and presented it to me. I gasped as I looked through the large number of items that were available. Sweets, drinks, chocolates and sandwiches; all array of food was provided. I asked for a ham sandwich and a coke, which Sally happily brought me before attending the needs of the other children.

It was not until now that I properly noticed the other children on the plane. Three boys and a girl, the girl was reading a book as she caught my glance. I instantly looked away in embarrassment and thought I should not have been staring at her. I jumped as I felt a hand rest on my shoulder and a strangers voice say ‘hey’. I breathed deeply and turned to face the girl I had been looking at a few moments ago.

She moved over and stood In front of me. I sat there and watched her nervously, unsure of how to approach her and interact with her. My heart raced with nervousness. She giggled slightly and held her hand out towards me before speaking.

“Ciao, sono Lilly” she said in a rich itallian accent. I stared at her blankly for a moment, trying to remember the italian language.

“Erm.. Parla inglese?” I managed to ramble out in a feeble attempt.

The girl smiled and giggled slightly.

“Ah... inglese..Yeah.. I can speak english. You are not italian no?” she asked.

“No” I laughed as I shook my head slightly “I’ve lived in italy most my life though, I prefer speaking english... if you don’t mind of cource”.

“Nah. I like english. The words make my tongue dance, mind if I sit?” she laughed as she spoke in a pleasent warm tone that was deep with an itallian accent that made her sound sweet. The honey like essence of her voice flooded through me and made me feel relaxed. I nodded and gestured for her to sit, the leather seats wern’t massive but fairly large enough to aconemdate two small girls if they squished together.

She squashed onto the seat with me and I could feel her skin pressed against me. We were both wearing skirts and our smooth hairless legs nestled together. Her skin was soft and felt moisterised. Her legs were rich with a golden tan as most italians were naturally. I took the time to examine her features properly.

Her hair was short and just reached her shoulders, it was coloured a dark walnut ginger and shimmered as the sunlight cascaded against the soft and neat streaks through the diamond frost crusted window of the plane. Her eyes were deep brown and sparkled with confidence and determination while her face was clear with a few light freckles on her cheek bones that ended just before her button nose that was in perfect form, centered on her face. Her lips full with soft pink tint and neat thin eyebrows that were straight and smooth that rested above her eyes.

All together she was beautiful and made me feel rather jelous of her looks. At the same time I felt a weird feelings towards her, like I’d known her a long time and she held a special place in my head. I couldn’t explain the feelings.

“So, your new to this school aswell?” I asked her.

She nodded in response and went on to talk about herself.

“Yeah, my parents decided to send me here cause of been a nudist” she said undoubtly as she reached to take a sip of her own cola.

I swallowed deeply and stammered slightly as my cheeks blushed a bright cherry red. She giggled slightly and asked if I was a nudist too.

“Ye-yeah. I am. I hate wearing clothes.” I stammered out in response, despearte to avoid eye contact with her.

She chuckled slightly, unaware of my embaressment. She danced through the conversation as though it was most normal thing in the world.

“I love having the warm air against my skin and pussy.” She beamed in a quiet voice, oblivious to any of the other passangers on the plane.

I turned to face her and looked at her strangely.

“Pussy?” I asked.

She looked at me strangly for a moment like I was stupid but then she burst out laughing in the seat and she fell on my shoulder and continued laughing hystericly. I sat there bemused at why she was laughing so hard. After several minutes of Lilly hardly been able to breathe she calmed herself and looked at me with a serious expression across her beautiful face.

“You don’t know what a pussy is?” she smirked.

I shook my head in despair, feeling awkward and stupid. I felt I should’ve known and was embarssed I didn’t. I asked her what it was, obviously I knew she didn’t mean a cat. Lilly just looked at me for a moment and then nodded downwards. I looked on the floor for what she was nodding at all the while she just sat there and giggled before she pointed to my vagina.

My eyes widened and I stared down to where her finger was pointing in disbelief.

“My vagina!?” I exclaimed in a sharp whisper.

Lilly just laughed again and nodded.

“It’s a dirty name for it.” She explained, forcing herself not to go off into another giggle fit.

I just looked down and continued in disbelief. A completely new word with meaning I never knew. It leads me to think what else there is in the world that I don’t know about. I shrugged off the feeling and joined in the giggling as me and Lilly talked for a long time about each other’s lives and where we grew up.

About half way through our flight the flight attendant came back into the cabin and clasped her hands firmly together once more attracting our attention.

“Ladies and Gentlemen” she spoke profoundly. “As I understand it, you are all nudists naturally and I am delighted to tell you that now we are over international waters you are free to remove any clothing if you feel the need to do so.” With that the flight attended retreated back into the mess cabin, closing the door behind her.

I looked at Lilly momentarily, as she started removing her shoes and shocks hurryingly. I stared at her In shock, surprised she would actually go naked in front of all these strangers. She caught my glance and looked up at me as she pulled her socks off.

“Aren’t you stripping nude?” She asked in a calm manner.

I stammered out my response in a slur of words that barely accounted for a language.

“In-In-In front of these strangers!?” I hissed, glancing over my shoulder and around my seat where I could see the three boys already have their shirts off. They sat there in the chairs naturally talking as they continued to strip down. My heart was beating rapidly as I turned back to face the front. My eyes were wide with error and embarrassment. I slowly peered to the side and watched Lilly as she continued to undress.

I watched her remove her light blue strap, which gave way to her flat chest. Her breasts were like mine, tiny raised lumps that housed two tiny nipples. I gaped in awe at her chest and the smooth texture of her skin. She hooked her fingers in her waist line before pulling down her violet one piece ruffle skirt. I watched as it slid down her legs and off her feet onto the blue carpet floor below. She sat there in her panties, bright pink panties with hello kitty on them.

She smiled at me and asked if I was going to undress. I found it hard to reply to her, I was too busy watching her body for reasons I could not understand why. Unwillingly she began to undress me herself; first, she raised my arms and pulled off my light pink t-shirt, which revealed my braless chest. I could feel my nipples going hard as the cool air brushed against them. I continued to sit there nervously as she fumbled with my blue denims skirt zip. I unknowingly turned and allowed her access to pull the zip loose and pry my bottom out of the skirt. I was left in my plain white panties while sitting the seat.

Lilly hooked her fingers in the waist band and pulled them down, I raised my bottom and moaned against my will as I felt the open conditioned air blow softly against my pussy. Lilly giggled as I moaned and I suddenly went bright red once more. She held my panties there in her hand and toyed with me with them by throwing them at my face or stroking them across my thigh.

I could feel the tingling feeling in my vag—pussy and the familiar wetness forming inside that trickled out. I glanced at Lilly’s pussy that again looked very similar to mine. Smooth and free from any hair with a tight slit running down the middle. But I also noticed she was seeping out fluids as she squirmed in her seat. As she squirmed, her naked bottom and thigh pressed against mine, which increasingly excited me the more she did it. I panted silently and quickly as I felt the feelings intensify. My curiosity was screaming at me but I could not understand its voice.

Without knowing, I slowly moved my hand to her outer thigh and began to touch and feel the softness of her skin against my touch. I heard her sigh gently as I made contact. I couldn’t withdraw my hand from her body, my mind was been overruled by my body. I pushed harder as I stroked her skin before curving my hand over her leg and down towards her private area where I could feel heat emitting from. I could feel my own pussy becoming increasingly wet with anticipation. I felt my fingers slowly move closer and closer to the radiating source that was equally wet with fluids. I ran my finger down the top of her slit and watched with surprise, horror and lust as she moved her head onto my shoulder and moaned softly and quietly.

I glanced behind us at the boys and was satisfied they hadn’t been alerted to the two girls at the front of the plane. I continued to run my finger up and down her slit and I could feel her hand crawling like a soft silk spider across my own thigh and towards my own pussy. I clasped my mouth shut as she probed the slit with the tip of her finger. I moaned through my hand as she ran the tip down the slit and back up, rubbing against that magical button that made everything turn into fireworks and stars.

Lilly’s finger probing caused me to increase my speed and ferocity as I rubbed Lilly’s glistening pussy. I copied her actions by inserting my finger into the tight folds of her sex and rubbing at her own small button that felt almost identical to my own. We sat there with our heads leant together, moaning and panting softly as we felt each other’s pussies. I could feel Lilly thrusting gently against my finger, causing me to probe deeper into her private area, which then ended up in her moaning louder.

The sound of her moaning sent a shiver up my spine that felt fantastic and drove me to explore deeper into this forbidden reality. I withdrew my saturated finger from Lilly’s pussy and brought it up close to my mouth before I gingerly stuck my tongue out and lapped at fluid covered fingers. Lilly stopped moaning and watched me with awe before she withdrew her fluid covered fingers and devoured them deep into the back of her mouth. She sucked furiously at her fingers and licked the tips of her fingers in a child manner, which we were of course just children.

We continued diving at each others pussies and then devouring the (what she called) juices. At one point Lilly held her hand up to my mouth which was covered in my juices. At first I glanced at it nervously but decided I had already tasted myself so what the hell, I sucked on her fingers and licked the juices away while she continued to ‘finger’ herself as she put it. All these words were new to me and I was only just beginning to see how little I knew.

For several minutes, I felt the bursting feeling deep down in my pussy that threatened to erupt in a massive explosion any time soon. The feelings continued to intensify as Lilly thrust her finger in and out my pussy continually, I could feel my lips squeeze it violently and rippling waves of pleasure and excitement echo through my body. I could feel myself reaching something, something new and amazing, like the excitement the night before Christmas.

Lilly gave a final thrust inwards and then I felt like I exploded. I screamed loudly and I could feel a strong and powerful sensation erupt in my body that flowed from my pussy in large waves that felt my body feel warm and tingly while at the same time heightened and ecstatic. The feeling was barely describable. My eyes felt heavy and tears of joy had formed on the corner of my eye. I could feel my juices trickle out my pussy and meet a warm and soft touch of Lilly’s fingers as she scooped up the precious juice and devoured it into her warm mouth hungrily.

I noticed she must have had a similar feeling to me because her body had gone rigid and stiff with her own juices seeping out of her pussy and onto the seat. I laid there back in my seat slightly dazed and panting heavily, I reached over and swirled my fingers in the opening to the tight entrance and scooped up some of her juices before returning my hand to my mouth and licking Lilly’s juices sparingly, savouring the sweet taste in my mouth. Lilly remained quiet and made a slight purring sound as she closed her eyes and breathes in and out deeply for a moment, I could feel her leg slightly brush and spasm slightly against mine.

Lilly calmed herself for a moment before turning back in the seat and informing the worried boys behind us that I had stubbed my toe and everything was ok. They gave an upward glance, finding it hard to believe Lilly but in the end, they dismissed her and went back to their conversation. Issy turned back around in her seat and grinned at me with her pearl white teeth coated with a bit of juice here and there, I was still exhausted and breathing heavily but I was able to give Lilly a positive grin before giggling softly.

We both sat in silence for a while, letting our strength and energy return to our flustered naked bodies. Thoughts kept spiralling through my mind and I could feel myself thinking about different things, dirty things with boys and girls, girls and girls, even boys and boys. I have to pull myself together I said to myself. I noticed that Lilly had dozed off to sleep and sat there with her head resting on my shoulder, she was breathing gently and I could feel a small tickle of breath brush against my chest area which gave me a soothing feeling and also helped the tingling feeling returned.

I leant back in my seat and gently lowered my head to rest against Lilly’s before closing my eyes. Sleep took hold of my body almost instantaneously and I drifted off into a dream filled with endless possibilities and fantasies.

Chapter 4: Revelations

I awoke with a startle to find the flight attendant lady at the front speaking to us. I shook my head slightly and gently shook Lilly awake so she could listen also. The woman’s words were muffled and inaudible as my hearing struggled to wake up properly. I gave my head a final vigorous shake and managed to return to reality.

“… - So please can all of you return to fully clothes state that is suitable for public display before we land, We are due to land in half an hour so please remain in your seats until then and request any final drinks within the next five minutes. Thank-you.” The woman said before once more retreating into the mess cabin.

“We have to get dressed Lilly” I groaned through my sleepy state.

She yawned and nodded in agreement before we both clumsily fumbled around for our clothes, arranging who’s was who’, Lilly gave a mischievous grin as she handed me her panties to wear and took mine from me. I giggled slightly and shook my head nervously to which Lilly just egged me on, saying I dare you repeatedly in her trusting Italian accent. I sighed and gave in and put her panties on that were slightly too small and pressed against my skin tightly and the started to slip into my pussy and bum.

It felt strange wearing Lilly’s panties but I felt the tingling feelings pulsate through my pussy that lifted my spirits and kept me smiling as we continued to dress. I saw Lilly smiling pleasantly too and figured she was also enjoying the feeling of wearing somebody else’s panties. After we had dressed fully we sat back in the chairs and sighed with relief as we found our strength once more.

“Sam, Can I ask you something?” Lilly asked me in a low and nervous tone, fearing she may offend me with her question.

“I guess so.” I responded with equal shaken nerves.

“How much do you know about sex?” She asked, staring straight into my face.

I blinked blankly for a moment before bursting into hysteric laughter and falling against Lilly who joined in my laughter. I desperately tried to calm myself but I continued to laugh heavily to the point where tears were falling from my eyes and trickling down my cheek and onto my shirt. I managed to gasp out a response in the middle of taking a huge and deep breath;

“Not much. I know the simple stuff.”

Lilly looked at me with a confused expression, she tilted her head slightly as she gazed at me, her look ceased my laughing and left me there looking worried. Her face look equally as worried as her voice quaked slightly;

“Why are you going to Unison High then?” she asked.

“What do you mean? I am going because I’m a nudist. Like you.” I said in response, almost in a pleading tone, begging her to agree with me and say I was right.

“Don’t you know what they do at this school?” She asked, her face alight with panic and fear.

“Wh-What do you mean?” I stammered, I was terrified now and my hearts begin rapidly beating in my chest. I could feel the thud, thud, thud constantly against my rib cage as my heart felt like it was about to explode with terror.

“Sam… They teach you all about sex here. How to do it, How to be good at it.” She said in a solemn tone that chilled me to the core and sent shivers down my spine all the way to my toes.

“What!? Your joking… You can’t be serious, I mean,.. Why? What for? My dad wouldn’t…” I rambled on insanely.

Question after question was fired at Lilly who panicked and looked back behind her seat at the boys who were starting to catch snippets of the conversation, their ears pricked with curiosity, and it was clear they had the intent to eavesdrop at any given moment. Lilly turned back quickly and covered my mouth with her hand, I could slightly taste the dried in juices but in my panic, no arousal took place.

“Calm down Sam. It’s not end of the world. You will enjoy it. You just need to be ready” she said reassuringly, she stroked my arm softly in an attempt to soothe and calm me but I could not relax. The tension hung in the air around us as I sat there in silence. I stared out the window at the approaching island surrounded by a deep blue as the plane descended. The seatbelt sign pinged and the room communicated with a symphony of clicks and clacks as buckles joined. Lilly moved over and did mine for me as I just sat there; taking in this information of what the school was really about.

Doubt and fear clouded my mind but I had to admit to myself that in the back of my head, there was the spark of curiosity and adventure that wanted me to delve deeper into this new forbidden world. Discover all its secrets just like an adventurer out of a book explores a lost temple filled with traps and clues that will unlock a magnificent treasure that will bring the explorer riches and fame. Perhaps that’s what will happen here at this school, I will find riches beyond my wildest dreams. I sighed a deep shuddering breathe as my body lurched backwards as the plane hit the ground and fought against the braking power of the plane as it slowly came to a stop on a tarmac runway surrounding by palm trees and a large white terminal building.

Chapter 5: Setting Sail.

The hot sweltering sun radiated down on my bare skin, while I was used to the heat of southern Italy, the temperature now felt unbearable and the air felt thick and sticky as I pushed my body through as I walked down the steps of the plane. I walked slowly behind Lilly, taking in the recent events and thinking about them intensively through my head. Endless possibilities and emotions spiralled throughout my mind and held my heart in a captivating deep beat which echoed inside my chest.

I looked around at my surroundings as the sun light flared in my eyes but I could make out the rough texture of the black tarmac as it shimmered under the intense heat of the sun. Along the edge of the horizon, I could make out blue skies and the outline of a rich dense green jungle with swooping palm trees. The sight was beautiful and exotic but the heat remained a daunting feature of this paradise.

I followed the group was led by the flight attendant across the tarmac towards an old bus that was a dark green that was rusting at the bottom and loosing paint on its side that revealed a dull metallic grey. We boarded the bus, the air was even more hot and sticky on the bus and the beads of sweat fell down my cheek as I breathed in the uncomfortable air.

I sat beside Lilly on the bus who had tuned out and left me to my own thoughts, I wish she’d start talking to me again, the silence hanging along with the heat made me squirm and worry constantly in my seat. The bus set off across the shimmering tarmac towards a small white building on the edge that had a sign with big red letters; Union Island Airport. The tiny building seemed comical in size compared to the heaving mass of terminals at Palermo back in Italy.

The bus exited out through a checkpoint onto a dirt track rode that had been cleared but the jungle still remained invading on both sides. A jungle was probably not the right name for it. The group of palm tree’s and hanging vines did not go deep as I could faintly see specs of blue in between the gaps of tree’s and leaves. There were no other cars on the road but rather donkey and carts that were pulling heaps of fruit or strange items that were possibly food.

The whole scene was surreal and alien to me, how people could live in such isolation was beyond me but I guessed that it was worth the scenery and peace of the island. I gazed out the window while the bus rocked and jerked over the dirt road, bouncing up and down as it went over un-even surfaces and rough stones buried beneath the brown dust.

The line of tree’s ceased and I could clearly see the sun beginning to set in the west though it was still fairly high in the sky. The ocean was a rich blue with small white waves rolling up the white beach like white stallions frolicking in the water. In the air was the sight of rainbow colours of red, blue, green and yellow as they streaked through the air in the form of strange and exotic birds. They swooped over the bus with ease, letting the air flutter through their feathers before soaring high into the air above the tree line once more.

I looked over my shoulder to see Lilly peering over out the window like I was, her face was lit up in a huge grin and I soon discovered that I was also grinning with similar delight. The thrill of an adventure sored through my blood and made me feel giddy with excitement. Me and Lilly turned in our seats to stare out the large front windows of the bus and approaching we could see a glimpse of modern life as we entered the outskirts of a small town.

The buildings were built in an old style that was unfamiliar to me but they were fresh with paint and looked as though they would stand for a thousand years more before rotting and becoming derelict. The road had turned from dirt into a thin layer of tarmac that soothed the ride of the bus but the cracks and potholes still sent the bus bouncing up and down ferociously. As we entered the town, we began to see more modern buildings pained in a clean crisp white. The houses were not large but they seemed big enough to hold a small family at least on two floors. Even though we were in a small town, the traffic wasn’t heavy and there was only the odd car traveling down the road. I noticed that everyone was walking and that the pavements were busy with people carrying boxes, papers, walking dogs and buzzing around doing various menial tasks.

Soon the houses began to dwindle away and before us stood groups of warehouses and an army of boats lined up in a marina. I had seen many boats when I visited the coastal towns in Italy but the boats always continued to amaze me. Most of them were white like the rest of the town but there would always be the odd one out, a colourful and proud ship that was often small and insignificant but it still shouted out with its colours.

In the marina there was a larger ship at the end of the main pier. Much bigger than a fishing boat yet much smaller than a cruise ship. On the back of the ship there was a logo and above it in thick black letters was written; ‘Union High’ and below the crest, ‘School of arts’. I watched, as we pulled closer to the ship, its size beginning to loom over. The ship looked big enough for at around 100 people or more up close. I closed my eyes and breathed in deeply, the sea air filled my lungs and my heart almost skipped a beat when the bus stopped suddenly.

To be continued.


Thank-you for reading, I’m sorry there isn’t much sex in this and it’s mostly story line but that’s inevitable with first parts in a series. I was originally going to make this part longer but it is already over 10,000 words long so I have decided for now to stop here. I also apologise again for my serious inactivity over the recent months.

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