Two Girls Shoot Some Films On The Farm
Saved by Lester 5 First Two Days At The Farm


We had just hit the freeway for about an hour drive to the farm where our porno filming would take place. Ryan was driving the limo and Z and I were in the back seat kissing, fingering laughing and having fun. Probably a lot nervous about this adventure. Once in a while Z’s finger would hit my clit just right and I would let out a moan and hold her hand where it was. We were getting pretty heated when Ryan said,

“If you girls don’t stop that I’m going to stop and fuck both of you.”

Z giggled, “Right here by the side of the road?”

We both laughed and so did Ryan but he also slowed the car down as he did. I said, “Are you really going to stop?” He answered no and we kept going. Pretty soon Z asked Ryan,

“Is it OK if Pam and I write a couple of scripts or at least play out our own ideas?”

“What you got in mind?”

“That we are a couple of farm girls and seduce three farm hands in the hay barn,” she replied.

And I thru in, “And one where we are just introduced and find out neither of us have had sex with another girl so we experiment.”

Ryan continued talking and I continued fingering my girl friends pussy. Occasionally I would put my finger in my mouth and suck her juice off. Then she whispered to me, “Why don’t you go direct to the source?” In an instant I was on my knees between her legs my face in her pussy and my tongue in her hole. Just the place I love to be. We heard a horn honking and looked over and there was a pickup beside us and the guy was watching me lick her cunt. He waved and squirmed around in his seat and pretty soon showed us some money. Then he slowed down and so did Ryan. We parked alongside the road and the guy came up to our car and looked in on us.

“How much?” he asked Ryan.

“Don’t ask me, ask them.” He replied.

I put down the window and Z and I gave him a big smile and Z said, “100 bucks each.”

“What will you do to earn your hundred bucks?” he asked me.

I smiled at him and replied, “I can’t talk to you.”

“Why not?” he asked with a weird look on his face.

“My mommy told me not to talk to strangers.”

I thought all three of them were going to die laughing. I sort of giggled myself. Then I looked at the stranger and said, “blowjob hundred, pussy fuck hundred fifty and ass fuck two hundred. Cum in mouth free.”
He pulled out a wad of $100 bills and peeled off two for Z and two for me. I opened the door and he got in between us. First thing he wanted to do was play with our tits and then while he was going from tit to tit with his lips both of his hands found our bare pussies. He wasn’t particularly cool, just poking a couple of fingers in but we were so hot it didn’t hurt. Z and I had the same idea at the same time; get his cock out so we can find out what we have to work with. I had been running my hand over it and already knew it was nice but when we got his pants down and off we found how nice. My guess and I’m a pretty good guesser it was 10 inches and thick with a neatly trimmed head. I was the first one with it in my mouth sucking it a bit then pushing it down on his stomach and started on his balls. Z joined me so for a bit we each had a nutt in our mouth and a hand on his cock. Then we sucked, alternating while I had it in my mouth Z licked the shaft, then we traded. I looked at her and smiled and pointed that she should be first to fuck. We pulled him down on the floor, Z lowered her hot cunt down on his shaft and the ride began. I was on my knees beside them, one hand on Z’s tit and the other playing with his balls.

The ride went on for a few minutes and I was getting bored so I straddled his head and lowered my hot cunt down on his face. He grabbed my thighs and buried his tongue in my love hole. Z’s hands found my tits and we rode this dude for a while. Z got off his cock and told me it was my turn so I mounted in reverse cowgirl and took his cock in my rosebud not my pussy. He liked that especially after I took the entire hard meat in. Z took my place on his face and the ride continued. After only about 5 minutes of riding it was very apparent from his breathing and tenseness that his cum was about to shot. I got off, turned around and took his cock in my mouth. Z joined me and he started shooting. I took a mouthful and turned it over to Z. We traded back and forth until he was drained. We had spilled a little which we licked up and then sat back. He rested a bit and then grabbed his pants and pulled them on.

“I should get a refund shouldn’t I? I only fucked one ass and one pussy.”

We both laughed and Z said, “No, it’s not our fault you were such a quick cummer.”

He smiled and said, “Hope I run into you again down the road. If you are interested stop at any truck stop and you will be kept busy.”

As we pulled back on the highway I started to kiss Z when I saw a strand of cum on her cheek which I licked off. “That was a fun way to start our adventure,” I said. “Yeah, it would have made a great movie. And so would a stop at the truck stop. What do you think Ryan?” laughed Z.

The rest of the way to the farm both Z and I were very quiet. We held hands but didn’t kiss or play at all, just deep in thought. The Z sort of whispered, “I had forgotten what it was like to have sex for money. I feel dirty for some reason.”

I looked at her and said, “This is really weird girlfriend, I was thinking the same thing. Almost guilty because Lester doesn’t know what I just did.”

“Don’t worry about it,” Ryan said, “Both Eddy and Lester know that you two will be doing all kinds of things while you’re here. It won’t bother them a little bit that you had 20 minutes sex with a truck driver.”

We were quiet once again. Before long we exited the 4 lane onto a side road and then on to a dirt lane. We went up a hill and when we reached the top we saw a scene out of a Rockwell painting. A big, white farm house, big red barn and other out buildings. A field with two cows and two horses grazing and two big dogs running towards us. The farmhouse had a big patio in front and a pool off to the side.

As we approached the house a couple walked out to the patio and waved. He was a handsome dude, she was a beautiful lady, both probably mid-late fifties. His hair was graying but the rest of him was well cared for. His tight t-shirt and tight Levis displayed it beautifully. She was as tall as he was, about 5’10” with long beautiful red hair. Her t-shirt was also tight as were the old pedal pusher type pants she wore. As we walked towards them I couldn’t take my eyes of her crotch. The outline of the lips of her pussy was in full view. Made me a little horney. I grabbed Z’s hand and whispered in her ear. When she looked she squeezed my hand and smiled.

We were introduced to Helen and Arnold. Both seemed very hospitable and friendly. They needed no explanation as to why we were there. Arnold wanted to show Ryan a new filming area so Helen invited Z and me into the house for a tour. She showed us the main living room which was one of the stages, the dining room and kitchen pointing out where the snacks were kept and on to what would be our bedroom and the master bedroom. She told us if we wanted separate rooms that could be arranged. Z and I laughed and she joined in. The master bedroom was also used for filming and I thought what a plush place to have sex. Then she pointed to the couch and asked us to set as she made herself comfortable in a big chair.

“I am your host, your advisor, your consultant and your friend. If there is anything and I mean anything you would like to ask me do so, now or anytime you are here. I will lay out the plan for the next three or four days but you can interrupt anytime. There will be no outside filming on Tuesday or Wednesday, that is the day our outside help comes in to work in the fields. They don’t know what goes on in the house. However during lunch time those two days I won’t be available. I will be in the barn paying the men.”

I looked at her with a quizzical look and asked, “What do you mean?”

“The men are young, adventuresome, and horney,” she replied, “Part of their pay is time with me. I do one on Tuesday and one on Wednesday. You have the run of the house, day or night. You can wear clothes or not. Snacks, showers, whatever, it’s yours. Help yourself.”

“When did you start your career as a porn star?” Z asked.

“I know it wasn’t legal but I was only 17. I had been sexually active since I was 15 and saw it as a way to make some money. That’s where I met Arnold, He was also a porn actor. I really enjoyed filming with him because he has a nice big cock and also a very nice tongue. We learned early on how to please each other. We have lived together for about 22 years.”

“When did you get married?” I asked.

“Oh we aren’t married, never saw the need to.”

“When you were filming did you work mostly with a guy or a gal?” Z asked.

“Pretty much a mix of both. I really enjoy the taste of a woman particularly when she squirts but I also enjoy a hard piece of meat and the juice it shoots.”

“When will we start filming?” I asked, “And will we rehearse or what?”

“The camera guys will get here around 8:30 tomorrow morning and will be ready to shoot in half hour or so. Ryan has said you two are very spontaneous so rehearsal probably won’t be necessary.”

“Which stage will we be starting on?” Z asked.

“Why don’t we go look at them again and you girls decide.”

Helen pointed out the big bed in the Master bedroom we were in and the sofa we were setting on and the shower in the bathroom and remarked that this was a great stage. Then we moved down to the living room and its oversized chairs and couch. Z almost screamed,

“I have a great idea. I could be setting there on the couch, Helen, you would bring Pam in and introduce us and leave us because you needed to run an errand. For a little bit Pam and I would discuss boys, and what they tried to do to us and then we would ask each other if we had ever played around with one of our girl friends. Of course we would end up licking each other’s pussy’s and fingering and stuff. Then you would come back and catch us and scold us until we started messing around with you and you join us in licking and fingering. Wouldn’t that make a great movie?”

Helen gave a big smile and said, “You might be onto something. I’ll chat with Ryan and see what he thinks.”
I looked and Z and could tell she had the same idea that I had. I took her hand and we went over to Helen. We both got on our knees before her and put our hands on her legs. “We think we better have a taste test before this idea goes any further,” I smiled.

In an instant Helen’s legs were spread and our fingers were playing in her love zone. We were not surprised to find a bare pussy but were surprised that she was not completely shaved. Nicely trimmed but not completely. We lifted her legs and pulled her forward and began to devour her cunt. I left the pussy to Z and moved hands and lips upward to attach her tits. Very large, very firm and very natural tits. Her nipples were big and the more I played with them the larger and harder they got. Then hands were under mine on her mounds because Z had decided to trade places. Fine with me as I kissed and licked back down to Helen’s pussy.

Our assault continued for 10 or so minutes before Helen began loud moaning and thrashing about. I grabbed her legs to keep my face in her cunt and she pushed her pussy hard against my mouth. Z knew what I knew, that a major climax was about to occur so slipped down beside me. Our tongues played with each other as we both licked her cunt and clit. Then the shower began. I had made Z squirt a couple of times but Helen’s was like a squirting fountain with 5 or 6 major streams of her love juice hitting our mouths. And then she passed out. We patted her legs and called out to her but for several minutes Helen was gone. Her quivering body although she was asleep made us very concerned. Then she lay quiet and gave out with some soft moans. Her eyes opened and she gave us a big smile. “That was the most wonderful climax I have had in a long time. You girls are really good.”

After 10 or 15 minutes of recovery Helen told us there was one area she hadn’t shown us and to follow her. She took us back to the master bedroom and opened the door to a big closet. There were bunches of dresses and pants and blouses hanging on one side and lots of drawers on the other with shoe racks on the end.

“Everything in here is for your use and everything is sorted by sizes. When you find something that fits the other clothes around it will be the same size. The same in the drawers and the shoes. Please put things back exactly where you find them, OK?”

Helen left us to our exploring and Z and I did just that. We looked at nearly every hanging thing, in every drawer and at every pair of shoes. “We need to pick our cloths for tomorrow.” I said, “Something that will make us look like school girls instead of sluts.”

Z laughed and smiled at me, “You don’t like me looking like a slut?” Then she said, “Oh, my gawd!”

“What?” I asked her.

“Look at this.”

She had opened a drawer and when I looked in it was the biggest assortment of toys I had ever seen or could imagine. Every size of cock, every toy to rub, or fuck or pleasure your pussy or ass with. Several different strapons with changeable tools. I saw one you could fuck and pussy and asshole at the same time. “This discovery has the makings of another segment of our movie,” Z said with a big smile.

We had finished picking out our costume for the next day when a voice came over the loud speaker, “Dinner in 10 minutes girls.” I realized that the only thing I had had to eat all day was pussy. I was starving. We didn’t have any cloths on so decided to go to dinner nude. We washed up and headed for the dining room. When we went thru the door I saw the other three, Ryan, Helen and Arnold already seated. “OH, we didn’t realize dinner was formal,” I said with a grin as I put one hand across my breasts and the other covering my pussy.
Arnold stood up and said, “It’s not formal tonight, I’ll join you,” and dropped his cloths to the floor. The first thing I looked at of course was his cock which was very nice, even while soft. But I also saw that it was beginning to grow. Apparently two nude teenage girls were having an effect. The vacant places at the table were on either side of Arnold so Z and I took them. Food was passed, chatter was lively and dinner was most enjoyable. About half way thru I noticed Z had a very firm grip on Arnold’s cock. It was very hard now and very large, not only in length but also in girth. My hand joined hers in playing. The meal was finished and Helen got up to clear the dishes.

“Alright girls, if you are going to molest Arnold it will be done in the living room so Ryan and I can watch.”

For some reason or other I thought we were playing with his cock without be observed. I guess that was a ridiculous assumption. We moved to the living room where Z and I sucked and were fucked in asshole and cunny for the next 20 minutes or so. The load of cum he shot in our mouths and on our faces was tremendous and delicious. After a bit of conversation Z and I headed for our room.

We washed up and headed for bed. I was laying on my back but Z asked me to turn to my side which I did and she spooned in behind me. I loved the feeling of her body touching me from top to bottom. “You know what?” Z asked.

“What?” I replied.

“We make a hell of a team. We made a gal and a guy that are professionals have climaxes like they probably haven’t had in a long time. And we both loved every minute of it.”

“Yes we did and yes we did,” sighed.

“Tomorrow I’m going to do the same thing to you while we are filming,” Z said. “So that’s something you have to look forward to.”

We drifted off to sleep and didn’t wake up until about 8 in the morning. I was still in Z’s arms with our bodies pressed together. I had to pee really bad so slipped away and headed for the bathroom. As I finished Z appeared in the door and said, “Good morning girlfriend,” and bent over and kissed my lips. I said, “Morning lover,” and got up and entered the shower. Z peed and joined me and we washed each other’s bodies. I want to clean her cunny with my tongue but thought we better get ready to do that on film.

Z had picked a t-shirt that said Milton High on it with a short skirt, knee high socks that had red, yellow and green horizontal stripes and a pair of loafers. I chose a very plain fairly low cut dress that came down about halfway to my knees and flip flops. Both of us wore a bra and thongs. Z did her hair in a pig tail and I did mine just combed. We both wore very little makeup. We truly looked like a couple of regular school girls.

Helen looked at us as we entered the dining room and said, “My aren’t we dressed different today. You must
be appearing in a play or something.”

We both smiled at her and sat down for some breakfast. Helen told us that there was going to be no preparation for the shooting. We would do exactly like Z had suggested and we two girls would be responsible to make it work. I am not going to watch because I want to be as surprised as possible when I enter. I am not anticipating what the ending will be but I’m sure you girls have something in mind.
I was getting really excited because I wanted my girl friend. We finished breakfast and I kind of pushed everyone into the living room. Z sat very proper like on the couch and I kissed her and told her I was so ready. Helen called me and we headed out the door. I guess the cameras started rolling because soon Ryan motioned for us to come in. Helen knocked on the door then waved to Z and opened it and we entered. The lady said,

“Good morning Yzeena, This I Pam. Pam this is Yzeena. I’ll be gone for an hour or so but we’ll go out to lunch when I get back.”

We both told Helen to have fun and I sat down on the couch with Yzenna. Then I said, “So, Yzenna, how long have you known Helen?” She reached over and touched my arm and said, “Please, just call me Z.”
I said OK and then waited for answer. “We first met when my Mom and I moved in here about a year ago. She and Mom have become very close. They work at the same bank. How about you?”

“She’s my Aunt,” I replied, “I’m staying with her for a couple days. Do you have a boy friend?”

“No,” Z said, “Do you?”

This banter went back and forth until I asked the turning point question. “You have really nice breasts and I’ll bet the guy’s hands are all over you when you’re out on a date.”

“Yeah, I get felt up a lot.”

“Do you let them?”

“Depends on who the guy is.”

“You mean you let some guys play with your tits?” I asked with fake concern.

“Just one guy but I’ve only been out with him a couple times. Last time he put his hand under my skirt.”

“No way,” I said, “And you let him?”

“Yes he ran it all the way up to my pussy and rubbed his finger up and down then slipped it under my panties and put his finger in me.”

I waited for a minute to build the suspense and then asked, “How did it feel?”

Z waited a minute before her answer. “Good, really good.”

While this conversation was going on Z had crossed her legs and was setting facing me. Her skirt was up and I could see her pussy. There was a wet spot on her thong. I almost reached out with my finger but waited.

“You know what, how long have I been here, maybe 15 minutes and I feel that I really like you. You are so honest and friendly and funny, I really like you.”

Z sort of smiled her sexy smile and replied that she like me too. So I asked, “Have you ever messed around with one of your girl friends?”

“NO, have you?”

“No but my Dad has a DVD of two girls making out.” I looked for her reaction and then added, “And it looked like fun.”

I decided that now was the time. I scooted over to Z and put my hand on her breast. Her hand went behind my head and pulled my face to hers and we kissed. From then on it was all sex. I pulled her shirt up, unhooked her bra and play with her tits. She did the same to me and then we went for our pussies. I licked her, she licked me and we went in to 69. We had both climaxed a couple of times and I had a pretty good squirt one time. Her clit got bigger and harder then I had ever seen it and I’m sure mine did too. I guess it must have been that we were being filmed but something definitely made our sex more intense. Then the door opened and a very angry Helen hollered,

“What in the world are you girls doing? What is going on here? I can’t believe what I’m seeing.” She came over and grabbed my hair and pulled me off of Z. I was sort of scared because it seemed she was really pissed. I sat next to Z and listened to more verbal abuse. I looked at Z and she sort of smiled and we both got up and went over to Helen. I grabbed her thin white top and ripped if off. Z took a handful of her beautiful red hair and pulled her over to the couch. “Sit down there bitch,” she ordered, “You are thru hollering at us.
I pulled Helen forward on the seat, lifted her skirt up and ran my fingers under her thong. Without any kind of foreplay I rammed to fingers into her cunt. She sort of jumped not expecting it I guess. Z had her bra off and was literally chewing on her nipples. We were being sort of mean but Helen was whimpering like she was enjoying it. In fact when I started tugging at her thong she lifted so I could pull it off. Then I buried my face in her cunny. She was already so wet she was delicious but I got her wetter. Z’s hand came down and was working her clit while I fucked her with my tongue. Then my girlfriend’s tongue was touching mine as we both licked and pushed in deep. I left her pussy for Z to work on and kissed up to her tits. As I roughly squeezed them, one in each hand I looked at her face. Her eyes were closed her tongue was moving over her lips and the look was of complete involvement. Then the shaking started. First her arms and upper body. She pushed her pelvis hard against Z’s face and her legs began quivering. I just knew a major climax was about to happen. Z and I kissed, our faces turned towards Helen’s cunt and about 6 inches away. The first squirt of her love juice hit us right on target, as did the second and third. Z pulled away from me and took the fourth in her mouth then returned to our kiss, filling my mouth with woman cum. Things became very quiet and when I looked at Helen I realized she had passed out. Z and I started licking cum of each other’s faces and then settled into a long kiss.

We heard a very quiet “Cut” from the camera crew but our kiss didn’t stop for a bit longer. I whispered to Z, “I think we done good.”

We crawled up and lay next to Helen with our arm around her. In a few minutes she started to come around. There had been no activity from Ryan or the camera crew since someone had said cut. But when Helen opened her eyes and returned our hugs Ryan came over to us and said, “In all my years of porn I have never seen anything like you just produced. There is no way I can cut that to a 30 minute movie. We filmed for 68 minutes and its going to be tough to cut it to an hour.”

Z and I smiled at each other as we laid with our faces on Helen’s breasts. Then it dawned on me, we had just made 6 thousand dollars apiece. Unreal to say the least. Getting paid to have wonderful sex with a wonderful lady. Unreal.

It was not even noon yet and it was Tuesday and I got to thinking. Helen said she had to go give payment to one of the field hands and she was lying here like she had no intention of going anywhere. A grin hit my fact as a thought struck me. Why don’t Z and I make the payment for her? I moved up and whispered in her ear. She squeezed my arm and I took that as a yes and kissed her lips and got up. Z looked at me with her ‘what’s going on look’ and I gave her the ‘follow me smile.’ As we went down the hall I giggled and said, “We are about to become payroll dept employees. Let’s shower and then head for the barn.” She laughed as it hit her what was going on and she asked, “Who gets to sign, you or me.”

As we went thru the door to the barn I spotted this big, black dude coming out of one of the stalls. He was way over six feet and probably 250 – 280 pounds. His Levis and blue shirt were very tight.

“Who are you? Where is Helen?” he asked.

“Helen is in bed,” Z told him. “We came to see if there was anything we could do. Helen told us she had a chore to do but didn’t say what it was.”

“Or maybe there’s something we can do to help you,” I thru in.

The guy was absolutely captivated by Z. Maybe because she was also black or maybe because she was so beautiful or maybe it was her big tits but he didn’t even know I was in the room. But I enjoyed watching Z rub her tits on his arm and look up into his eyes and then her hand was on the mound in his pants. She had his belt undone, pants down and cock in mouth in seconds. She was still on her feet bent over sucking him until she pushed him backwards down on the hay. Then she continued sucking. I got one leg of his levies down and off so we could spread his legs allowing me to move in and help. We traded sucking balls and sucking cock for a bit then Z lowered her hot cunt down on his face. He relished it, bringing sounds of joy from my girlfriend.

Z lifted off his face while she asked him, “Who do you want to fuck first and which hole, cunt or ass?”

“Your pussy, you can’t take me in the ass.”

“We’ll see about that,” she replied as she moved down over his cock. I held it as her pussy lowered onto his hard meat. It was big, no doubt about that but I was sure both of us could handle it in our rosebud. Our field hand took over and started pumping hard into Z’s pussy. I got down and licked his balls as they went up and down in front of my mouth. I also ran my tongue around Z’s asshole and pushed it in, trying to get her ready for his cock. She reached around and patted my ass and said, “Now” and lifted off his cock. I aimed it at her other hole and she sat back down. She took it with little discomfort.

The field hand said he couldn’t believe that she had taken him in her ass but that it felt wonderful. He increased his speed and moans were coming from my girlfriend. I had been with Z enough times to know that she was cumming as he was pumping furiously and then collapsed on the hay. She laid down on him enjoying his cock buried in her ass. After a few minutes of rest she rolled over on the hay beside him. I took his soft cock in my mouth a sucked out the last of his cum. Then I did clean up on my lover, licking her pussy and rosebud. The dude got up and left without even a thank you or kiss my ass. I looked in Z’s eyes and told her I really needed fucked. She got up, pulled me up and said “come on, I’ve got an idea.”

We ran to the house, down the hall to the closet that had all the cloths and other stuff in it. She opened the toy drawer and picked up the piece for the strap on that fucked both holes at the same time. “Think this will do the job?” she asked with a biggg smile.

She picked up the necessary parts and we ran to our room. She kissed me, stripped me and pushed me down on the bed. Then she undressed, attached the tool to the belt and strapped it on. She was so beautiful with that big cock sticking out. I thought she would mount me and start fucking but no, she kissed the lips of my pussy and began licking. She looked up and said, “Got to make sure you are ready.”

After a bit she decided I was and moved over me. I spread my legs and lifted my pelvis towards those two big cocks. Z gently pushed the heads into my openings and started fucking. It wasn’t the real thing but they felt really good. I was hammered until I just couldn’t take it anymore and collapsed after one of the best climaxes ever. Z kissed me and asked, “Feel better now?” I just smiled.

We dozed off for awhile and when I awoke Z was lying beside me with the love tool still strapped in place. A smile appeared on her face as she put her arm around me and cuddled. “What we going to do for an encore?”

“You mean us, or for a movie?” I asked.

“For a movie.”

“Rape Helen and Arnold.”

“What do you mean?”

I had thought a little bit about it but didn’t know if it would work. “Well we need to talk to Ryan about the technical stuff but I’m thinking we go into their room after midnight, tie them up, put on strapons and fuck them both. Let it go from there.”

“You are fucking weird girlfriend,” was Z’s response.

“I know I am but I also know you’re hot for the idea. I can see it in your face.” I reached for my cell phone and called Ryan asking him if he could come to our room. He said sure and in a few minutes was setting on the bed with us. I explained my idea and Z thru in some thoughts and his reaction and answer was,

“You girls are weird, really weird. When do you want to film it?”

“Sometime after midnight.” Z replied.

“OK, I’ll call you at 1 and we’ll get started.”

Z and I chatted about what we would do to Helen and Arnold when I said, “We’ve got to go find a costume and get the strapons. Z agreed so we headed for the closet that held all the goodies. We looked thru skirts and shirts and nighties and then I saw the one piece leopard print pajamas. The arms went clear to the wrists and legs went clear to the ankles. They were tight which showed off our bodies, but very easy to get off. “Perfect,” said Z who handed me a pair of brown slippers, “This will complete our outfit. Then I handed her a mask, the face of a cat. They only covered half our face which would leave our mouths open to do whatever needed to be done.

I wanted to devour the leopard lying next to me but knew we needed some sleep so kissed her goodnight and turned on my side away from her.
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