I was an orphan, my name is Samuel and I was sixteen when my parents were both killed in an accident. It should have been a happy wonderful summer. Dad had won a lottery and taken the pay out. He and mom had gone out to celebrate and never even reached the restaurant. I had spent the summer fighting red tape so that social services would leave me alone.

The house we lived in had been rented and I had to move out. I bought a huge old brick warehouse for almost nothing and basically camped out while fixing it up. I put a wooden floor at one end of the big open space. The shower was all glass and out in the open along one of a walls. In one of the two rooms I had put in sinks, a huge sunken bathtub and a toilet. In the other, which was really large, I had built a kitchen.

I had replaced the large overhead lights with chandeliers that I made. I had furniture for a front room by the front door and against the far wall I placed a king size bed with two standing closets. I also had a complete dinning room set by the kitchen.

It was the day before school started that something happened that really made me think. By now I was comfortable living by myself. I had seen a girl I knew and liked and found out she was pregnant. She was crying when I saw her at the mall and I found out her parents were kicking her out of their house because she had gotten pregnant.

That first morning of school was filled with gossip and I found out three other girls were in Kerry’s predicament. They had all been abandoned by boyfriends after getting pregnant. They were all having trouble at home. And they were all looked down upon by the other girls. I had thought to invite Kerry to live with me and suddenly there were four girls that needed help.

After thinking about it for a whole second, I walked across the crowded lunch room and stopped at the table where Kerry and the other girls sat by themselves. Without asking I sat down while they watched. I took a breath and thought, ‘here goes nothing.’ “I can help.”

The girls only looked at me and I finally looked down, “I… I will pay each of you to stay with me. You will have a nice bed to sleep in, something to eat and a place you can share.”

Kerry was the one to speak for them, “You want to pay us to have sex. Do you know what that is?”

I looked up at their angry faces, “Normally, people would call it marriage. The husband pays for everything and the wife gives him sex.”

They looked at each other and burst out laughing. I smiled and relaxed, “You know me Kerry. My mom and dad died so I don’t have anyone. I have been thinking about this since I found out about you getting pregnant. I… will pay each of you five thousand dollars a month. That is more than enough to live on and put away for your future.”

They were staring at me with wide eyes. I shrugged, “My parents won a lot of money before they died and I invested it.”

I stood up, “Think about it.”

I left and went outside afraid of what they might say. I finished the rest of the afternoon classes in a kind of fog. I walked to my car and opened the door to sit down. I had decided that it would be easier if I waited for most of the other cars to leave.

Kerry’s hand on my shoulder almost gave me a heart attack. She grinned as I jerked and started. The other girls were with her and she smiled, “Since we already have the reputation we decided to accept your offer.”

I grinned, “In that case, would you like to go to the furniture store and pick out your bedroom sets?”

Kerry grinned and nodded. Kerry was a tall strawberry blonde. The other three girls were Gina, she was a long haired blonde. There was Crystal, she had short black hair. Last was Michelle, she told me to call her Mike. She had brown hair that was shoulder length.

I was surprised when they didn’t spend a lot of time picking out a bedroom set. I sat on a couch waiting for them and went online using my laptop. I found four nice walk in closet sets that you put together and ordered them. I paid for everything and took the girls home. They had told me they would get their parents to bring them over. I stopped and bought groceries before going home.

I had left the front door open and was putting the groceries away when Crystal showed up and poked her head in. I had a motion sensor by the front door and walked out of the kitchen. I smiled at Crystal as she hesitantly came in. She was looking around when her mom came in carrying a suitcase. I took the suitcase to the side where my bed was and put it down.

I showed them around and her mom was actually grinning by the time she left. The other girls showed up, but their parents didn’t even come in. It was a quiet nervous night that ended with me washing each girl and sending them to bed. I had to jack off several times before I could pull a blanket over myself on the couch. I had told the girls that I would wait for their beds to be set up.

The next day I drove them to school and they seemed happy. In all but one class I had at least one of the girls. They sat with me and more then once teased me with a flash of thigh. After school I them drove home and it was only ten minutes before the furniture truck showed up with their beds. An hour later it was the delivery truck with the walk in closets.

The girls went crazy when they saw the walk in closet sets. I set one up for Kerry and then announced that we had to go out. At first they groaned that I needed to put their closets in too. I smiled, “You don’t have sheets or blankets for your beds. I was also thinking of taking you out to a nice dinner.”

After that they were more then happy to go shopping with me. I couldn’t believe all the stuff I ended up buying beside sheets and blankets. Like towels and washing mitts and more towels for the above ground spa and pool. Then there were things that just caught their eyes. Dinner was nice, we were seated in a secluded area but the waitress still paid attention.

When Kerry came back from the bathroom, she put my hand on her bare pussy under her skirt. All the girls laughed at my startled look. Kerry spread her legs and moved my hand to start rubbing her pussy. I glanced around and saw the waitress looking. She saw me looking and smiled at me. I leaned closer to Kerry, “Turn sideways a little and spread your legs so the waitress can see you better.”

Kerry blushed as she looked towards the waitress, but she did as I told her. I slipped one finger through her slit and started finger fucking her. It wasn’t long before she was panting and shivering. When I felt her pussy get really wet as it squeezed my finger, I knew she was cumming.

Kerry had her eyes on the waitress and just kept shuddering. She finally groaned and I slowly pulled my finger out of her pussy. I kissed Kerry under her ear and looked at the other girls, “Time to go home yet?”

They grinned and we slid out of the booth. I left a nice tip while the girls insisted they had to go to the bathroom again. They met me at the front door giggling. The waitress had slipped into the bathroom to get a phone number for Kerry. When we got home the girls stripped and began helping me put their beds together. While they put sheets and blankets on, I started putting together another closet.

When I finished the last one they all took me to the shower so I could wash them. They seemed to really like the idea of me washing and taking care of them. Crystal was the last and after they had dried their hair and headed to their own beds, she took my hand and led me to her bed, “Tonight you sleep with me.”

I grinned and kissed her, “Thank you.”

She grinned, “Wait until tomorrow morning to say that.”

She moved onto the bed and lay on her side. I hesitated and then followed her. I lay beside her and slowly reached out to caress her breasts. Crystal smiled, “its okay, you can feel them.”

I smiled and leaned towards her to suck one of her nipples. She groaned and shivered as her hand cupped the back of my head. I let my hand gently roam over her body. She rolled onto her back as my hand slipped between her legs. I loved feeling her smooth bald pussy and licked her nipple before giving her a kiss. I slipped my finger between her pussy lips and down through her slit.

Crystal groaned and shuddered as I used the whole finger to rub her clit and slip it inside her. It wasn’t long before she was moaning and her hips began humping up against my hand as I finger fucked her. I sucked on one of her nipples as she began breathing hard. When she shuddered and gasped, her pussy tightened on my finger. It was amazing to watch as Crystal shivered and shuddered and came.

I slowly pulled my finger out of her and licked it while she watched and grinned. I moved down the bed and between her legs. I put her legs on my shoulders as I leaned in and began licking her pussy. Crystal moaned and shuddered as I sucked in her clit and began teasing it with my tongue. It was amazing to taste a girl and I went to town.

I licked her pussy and sucked her clit into my mouth before wiggling my tongue against it. I was having a great time as Crystal jerked and shuddered and twitched and finally had seizure like convulsions. She covered her pussy with her hand, “Please just fuck me!”

I grinned and moved up her body. Crystal reached between us and guided my drooling cock to her pussy. I groaned as I slowly pushed into her until my thick cock was against the back of her pussy. Crystal shuddered, “God you’re big, go slow.”

Go slow? I didn’t even want to move because it felt so good. Crystal finally giggled and shook me. I grinned, “Sorry but you feel really good.”

She kissed me softly, “I feel really full.”

I smiled and started to fuck her slowly, using long, deep strokes. Crystal was shuddering and holding me as I slipped in and out of her pussy. It wasn’t long before she gasped and jerked and had seizures as her pussy spasmed and squeezed my cock. She shook her head, “It never felt this good before.”

I shivered, “Crystal?”

She laughed, “Go ahead, you can’t get me anymore pregnant.”

There was giggling and laughter from the other girls as I groaned. My body tensed and I started pumping strong spurts of cum deep inside her. Crystal jerked and then shivered, “Oh my!”

I pumped and spewed load after load into her and she only sighed and held me. When I was done, I smiled and pulled back before starting to fuck her now cum filled pussy. Crystal shuddered and then laughed as she held me. This time I was in no hurry and was more relaxed as I fucked into her nice and deep.

The slippery feel of fucking her cummy pussy was amazing. It wasn’t long before she shuddered and moaned as her pussy squeezed my cock and she jerked and spasmed, “Oh yes!”

She held me as I slowly pushed all the way into her and humped against her. Crystal groaned as her pussy grasped my cock and she began humping up against me. I went to long, slow, deep strokes and Crystal jerked when my cock came out before slowly pushing all the way back in. I smiled as I watched Crystal shuddered and spasm each time my cock came out of her and then opened her pussy again.

This time I lasted through five of her orgasms until I needed to cum. I buried my cock and started pumping thick, strong spurts deep inside her. Crystal shuddered and laughed as I groaned and ground my pelvis against her. When I kissed her and slowly pulled out she sighed, “That was so good. Why couldn’t I have found you before I got pregnant?”

The other girls laughed and I turned to look in their direction to see them all sitting on Kerry’s bed. I smiled, “Should I build stadium seats for you?”

They laughed and Kerry slid out of her bed to cross to Crystal’s bed. She sat on the edge and caressed Crystal bare thigh. “Sam, the sex we had was always rushed and over far to quickly to satisfy us.”

She looked from Crystal to me and smiled, “Watching you and Crystal was… really helpful and reassuring. I think…”

She looked back at Mike and Gina before looking at me, “I think that is what we dreamed sex would be.”

She leaned close and kissed my cheek before walking back to her bed. I looked at Crystal, “More?”

She groaned as the others laughed. I sighed and she nudged me, “Go fuck Kerry.”

I looked at her and caressed her breasts, “Are you sure?”

She smiled and nodded, “You want more and I am… satisfied.”

I grinned and moved over her to kiss her before sliding out of the bed and walking towards Kerry’s. She grinned as she pulled her long tee shirt over her head and then quickly pulled her panties down and off. I pushed her back on the bed as she grinned and the other girls giggled around us.

I knelt at the edge of the bed and gently pushed her legs apart. Kerry shuddered when I sucked on her clit and teased it with my tongue. I licked from her asshole to her clit and gently bit it. She jerked and shuddered as she screamed, “OH GOD!”

The other girls laughed as she kept shaking and I went back to licking up the girl cum she was leaking. I rubbed along her pussy with my thumb as I sucked on her clit again and wiggled my tongue on it. Kerry stiffened, “Oh fuck!”

She shuddered almost like she was having convulsions and pulled on my head. I moved up her shaking body and one of her hands reached between us. I pushed and entered her warm, tight pussy. I shivered as Kerry groaned and lifted her legs to wrap them around my butt. I slowly fucked her and a minute later buried my cock to press firmly against her thrusting pelvis. She groaned and shuddered, “Damn!”

Her pussy was squeezing my cock and it took a couple of minutes before she laughed. “I had to get pregnant to get the best fuck of my life.”

I grinned as the other girls laughed and Gina reached out to rub my butt. I fucked Kerry hard for a minute and then went back to slow, deep thrusts that made her groan as her body shuddered and her pussy spasmed. I kept fucking her slowly and she jerked and shuddered. I liked the way her warm pussy continuously squeezed and milked my cock.

After the forth time she came I shivered as I buried my throbbing cock and Kerry jerked and spasmed as she felt my warm cum pumping into her. I held still to keep from jabbing into her. I was shivering and sighed when I stopped cumming and held Kerry until she finally relaxed. I pulled out of her and lay down beside her as I looked around at the girls.

Gina was grinning as she reached out to wrap her hand around my cummy cock. “Look, he’s still hard!”

The girls snickered as I blushed. Kerry turned and kissed me, “None of our boyfriends ever stayed hard.”

Gina stood and pulled her panties down and off before climbing back onto the bed. She grinned at Kerry, “Do you mind?”

Kerry grinned and waved as the other girls laughed. I looked at Gina and she straddled me before guiding my cock to her wet pussy. She started rocking back and forth fucking my cock deeper inside her. I reached up to hold her breasts and rub the nipples with my thumb. Gina shuddered and thrust back and forth. She got a surprised look on her face and shuddered hard as her pussy squeezed my cock.

She was spasming as she went back to thrusting back and forth erratically. I used one hand to rub her clit and the other the play with her nipples. Gina jerked as if shocked when I started and then she began having spasms. Her tight pussy milked my cock as she fucked me erratically. The others had big grins on their faces as Gina bucked and thrust back and forth. She finally jerked and shuddered before laying on me, “Damn!”

I laughed and lifted her hips and slid her to the side. I turned her and lifted her leg before pushing back into her from behind. She sighed and shivered as I cupped her breast and kissed her bare shoulder before thrusting with my hips. I fucked her slowly while rubbing her nipple and it wasn’t long before she was thrusting back against me hard. She was breathing hard and shaking as her pussy squeezed my cock.

I started fucking her a little harder and she jerked as I buried my cock and held her as if to keep her from escaping. She grunted and then jerked as I began spurting warm cum against her womb, “Shit!”

She was shaking and spasming like she was having a seizure as I spurted jets of cum deep inside her. When I stopped and let her go she shuddered and then laughed as she pulled away. She turned to kiss me and then crawled out of bed. Kerry moved over to kiss my cheek and Crystal pulled me out of bed, “Bed time you sluts.”

They laughed as Crystal led me back to her bed. I helped her in and walked to turn all the lights off before coming back and climbing in beside her. It was a few minutes before she sighed and turned to put her head on my shoulder. I smiled to myself and caressed her bare shoulder before whispering, “Thank you Crystal.”

She turned her head to kiss my shoulder and a short time later I was asleep. I woke to the alarm and carefully shifted out from under Crystal. I made breakfast as the girls got up and washed. I took a quick shower before getting dressed and leading the way to the car. School was a little strange with girls whispering and giggling at me. I ate lunch with Kerry, Crystal, Gina and Mike. They were grinning and taking turns kissing me.

I was walking to my last class when two guys stepped in front of me. One looked around as the other reached out to shove me. I doubt they expected me to do anything. I used one hand to brush both hands away before he could push. I was already turning and putting my weight behind a punch. It landed right in the middle of his chest and he went flying backwards to crash into the lockers.

I spun and brought my other hand out in a back fist just in time to hit the other guy in the face. I moved towards the first guy as he staggered away from the lockers and hit him in the stomach. As he dropped to the hall floor vomiting I looked back and forth as the other students backed away. I knew who they were, one was Kerry’s ex boyfriend and the other was his friend and a bully. I squatted and grabbed Kyle’s hair, “Try it again and I will break every bone in your body.”

I let him go and stood before heading to my locker and then my class. After school I waited at the car and Kerry was the first to reach me. She had a huge grin on her face and embraced me before kissing me passionately. She pulled back and grinned, “Everyone knows you beat up Kyle.”

I shrugged with a red face because I was embarrassed. The ride home was full of laughter and giggles. Gina answered her phone after we started doing homework and grinned before looking at me, “I have a couple of girlfriends coming over.”

Kerry, Crystal and Mike put their heads together with Gina and a minute later Mike was walking towards me grinning. I sat back and smiled nervously, “What?”

She laughed and pulled me up, “I’m horny.”

I grinned and caressed her side before cupping one of her breasts, “What about Gina’s guests?”

She grinned as she turned to pull me towards her bed, “everyone thinks we’re sluts. Besides, we already told everyone that you are our lover.”

She started undressing beside her bed and I hesitated before doing the same thing. I followed her onto the bed and grinned, “Can I lick your pussy?”

Mike grinned as she laid back and spread her legs, “I was hoping you would.”

I grinned and moved between her legs and licked through her pussy. Mike gasped and shivered as I nibbled on her inner lips and pushed my tongue up inside her. I licked her pussy again before sucking on her clit and teasing it with my tongue. She shuddered hard and moaned as her hips lifted off the bed. I kept wiggling my tongue against her clit before tongue fucking her for a minute. I rubbed the sides of her pussy as I licked her and sucked on her clit again.

A few minutes later Mike stiffened and screamed as she spasmed and covered her pussy. I looked up and she was shaking and jerking. I crawled up her body ignoring the whispers at the foot of the bed. I kissed her softly, “Can I fuck you?”

Mike laughed and hugged me, “Yes.”

I lifted up and positioned my cock before pushing into her. I didn’t shove or thrust hard and kissed her as I began to fuck her slowly. I used long, deep thrusts but slowly. Mike was thrusting up each time I pushed into her and her warm pussy kept squeezing my cock. She was breathing harder and shuddering a few minutes later when I buried my cock.

I humped into her and pressed as I kept kissing her. Mike groaned and stiffened before kicking and jerking. Her pussy spasmed and tightened and I groaned as I began to pump thick jets of cum. She jerked and shook as I pumped it into her and finally I stopped cumming and just held her, “Thank you Mike.”

She shuddered and hugged me, “your welcome.”

I pulled out of her and lay beside her and glanced at the girls sitting on the foot of the bed. Kerry grinned, “They didn’t believe us.”

I shook my head and turned to kiss Mike before slipping off the bed. I dressed and headed back to finish my homework. I made dinner for the girls and their friends and turned on a movie Crystal wanted to watch. After their friends left they were grinning and giggling as they stripped for showers.

Over the years the girls have made a lot of very good friends that don’t judge them. Our home was more then large enough for the babies and the ones they all had just after graduating. We are working on my second set of babies now. The girls are going to a local college and their parents all visit often. Each night I sleep in a different bed and sometimes with more than one of the girls.
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