Rebecca and I had been friends since fourth grade. We started dating when we were sixteen, she only lived next door. We were married when we were seventeen. We did everything together after we got off work. I had been talking to some people about some very shady things, ‘spy stuff.’ We were eighteen when Becca started acting different, like she was hiding something and I knew something was wrong.

It took three days to find the man she was cheating on me with. With everything I knew, I bugged them, the room they used, everything. When I heard and saw him give Becca a small pinky ring and tell her it was a birth ring for the baby he wanted her to have, I was angry and so pissed. Not because he asked, but because Becca took it. I went straight to the court and filed for a legal separation.

I went home and waited for Becca. They had spent their lunch in a cheap hotel room. I packed everything and made some calls to the shadow people trying to recruit me. When Becca came home I was in the kitchen. She smiled as she came in and I sat her at the table saying I had something to talk about.

After she sat down I reached for her hand. I pulled her new ring off and set the separation notice on the table. I set the ring on the notice and then while she looked at me white faced. I pulled my wedding ring off and set it beside the other ring. I turned and started walking for the door and almost reached it when she called for me to stop.

I turned at the door and looked at her standing in the kitchen doorway, “You were my friend Becca. I can understand fucking some guy. I guess I’m not sexually exciting for you, but accepting that ring with the purpose of getting pregnant…”

I shook my head and opened the door and left. That was two year ago. I do… work, all over the world and get paid very well for what I do. In two years I had made twenty million dollars. The one thing that never changed was Becca. I always kept track of her and she knew it because she always talked to me as if I was there. I didn’t file for divorce and neither did she so she was still legally my wife. I had two places in the city she lived in, one overt and one covert.

I had just finished a very risky mission and was on my way home when I got the call from Becca’s mom. Like always, I let it go to voice mail and then listened to it. What I heard worried me. For the last two years Becca had moved back home and lived with her parents. She had only dated a couple of times and I knew who the men were. She hadn’t gotten pregnant and I knew she had given the ring back.

Becca’s mom said she was worried about Becca because she hadn’t come home when she said she would. The new guy she was seeing seemed… off. Becca’s mom said she had gone to see him but never returned and that was last night. I thought about what could have happened all the way home. It was only a couple of hours before we landed and I left the airport.

I made some checks and Becca was still missing and it had been almost twenty four hours. The tracking unit on her car gave me the position. When I found the car twenty minutes later I knew it was bad. I went to my covert house and started putting things together. The car had been to her boyfriend’s house last night and then driven to the dump site. When I was ready, I drove a white panel van to her boyfriend’s.

I was wearing a long coat so no one saw the weapons or equipment I was carrying. The lock on the front door was easy to pick. I knew he was inside with two other men that were… questionable. I opened the door and walked in. He looked at me and the two men with him and stood, “Who the hell are you!”

I smiled, “I need to know where Rebecca is.”

He looked at the men, “Throw him out.”

I shook my head as they walked towards me and pulled the caseless 45 with silencer. I shot both men in the head and pointed the pistol at Becca’s boyfriend as I walked towards him. His face had gone white, “I don’t know where…”

I put the muzzle against his forehead, “Then you are worthless so I guess I’ll just kill you.”

He licked his lips, “Carlos, I sold her to Carlos!”

I stepped back, “Where do I find Carlos right now?”

He looked around and I pointed the pistol at his crotch, “We can do it this way.”

“5572 Blue Heron way!”

I nodded and turned, I took a step before turning back. He had started to slump in relief, “You touched something that belonged to me. Becca is my wife.”

I shot him between the eyes and walked out. I backed the van up to the garage and carried the three bodies out and cleaned up. When I drove past Carlos’s house it had several cars in the drive and a couple on the street. I walked back to the house and slipped around to the back door where I picked the lock.

I walked into the house and found six men in the living room laughing about the whore they had been fucking. I knew who Carlos was by the way he dressed and acted. I walked into the room and shot the five other men before stopping with my pistol pointed straight at his white face. He stood slowly, “You don’t know…”

I shot him in the leg as I walked closer. He screamed as he fell and I stood over him, “Where is the woman named Rebecca?”

He snarled, “I don’t know what…”

I shot his other leg and he jerked and screamed again. I pointed straight at his head, “That was strike two. Where is the woman?”

He was whimpering and I kicked his leg. He screamed again, “In the country, at the training house!”

I looked at him as my chest tightened, “Address?”

He looked around and I bent down to put the warm muzzle on his forehead, “Address!”

His eyes were wide, “17832 Route four ten.”

I nodded and stepped back, “You touched something that belonged to me. She was my wife.”

His eyes widened before I put a bullet between them. I pulled the van up and put the bodies in the back. I cleaned up and headed out to the address where this… training house was. The drive by showed a house in the country with no close neighbors. It was set back from the road about two hundred yards and the drive had video camera’s and motion detectors. I parked down the road at a gate across the street.

It took me thirty minutes of crawling across the dark field to reach the ranch house. I used a fiber camera to check the rooms and found Becca in the living room. She was on this tall bench with her legs in stirrups that held them open. There were ten or twelve men in the house and one was fucking Becca while she grunted and shuddered.

I pulled the small canister from my pack and used a silent drill to drill through close to the floor. I pushed a tube in and connected it to the canister before turning the canister on. It took about ten minutes and then I shut the canister off and put the small breather mask on. I opened the unlocked front door and just walked in. I checked the rest of the house and came back to Becca.

I gave her a sedative that would keep her out for several hours and went to each man and knelt. A long ice pick stabbed into each brain to kill them. I found the video recorder and every video that had Becca. I went out and drove the van in and loaded the bodies. I put Becca in the passenger seat after putting a set of coveralls on her. I cleaned up in the house and drove Becca home.

Her parents were up but I had always been able to sneak in. I stripped Becca and put a pill in her mouth and helped her swallow it. I slipped her into her bed and went to her dresser. I opened her jewelry box and looked at my wedding ring for a long time before taking it and putting it on.

At her desk I cut off a tiny strip of paper and drew an eye, a whiskey still and a u with a small heart in it. I went to Becca and slipped it under her wedding ring. I walked to the door and opened it and closed it loudly before slipping back out the window. In my covert house I started disposal of the bodies as I listened to Becca as her parents woke her.

It took all night to destroy the bodies and other evidence. I listened as Becca held her mom and dad. They were angry and wanted to call the police but Becca stopped them. I wasn’t sure if she knew or suspected what I had done or just didn’t want to talk about it. I was tired when I slipped into her house that night.

Becca was sleeping on her bed with her mother behind her snoring quietly. I stood beside her for several minutes wanting to touch her but afraid at the same time. I finally turned to the window and took a step.


I stopped and stood there before finally turning to the bed. Becca was looking at me peacefully, “You came for me.”

I smiled, “I was mad at you for what you did but you have always been my friend. I couldn’t just leave you.”

She smiled, “So you were listening.”

I glanced at her mother to see her eyes open. “I was listening and watching.”

Becca sat up, “What did you do?”

I looked into her green eyes, “You’re my friend and wife. What do you think I did?”

She nodded and spoke almost silently, “You killed them.”

I shrugged, “Let’s just say I didn’t like them touching my wife without her consent.”

I turned to the window and heard her shifting on the bed, “Stay with me?”

I stopped knowing this was something I had feared for the last two years. I turned slowly and walked to the bed and sat beside Becca. “I love you with all my heart. I can’t… stay with you knowing you don’t… want me.”

Becca reached out to touch my face, “You have seen the other men I’ve been with. I was curious I guess. It wasn’t that I didn’t want you, I fucked up with Benjamin. I knew the ring was a bad idea. I knew I would never have let him actually get me pregnant. It was the idea of doing something wrong and being with another guy. I always liked our sex, always.”

I looked down, “You like sex with other men.”

She laughed and tugged on me, “You have seen me getting off. I love sex period.”

I nodded at that and she sighed, “Did you give me a birth control pill?”

I smiled, “Of course.”

She looked into my eyes, “Where have you been?”

I sighed and looked towards the window, “Many places, doing things I can’t tell you about.”

She looked at me, “other women?”

I grinned, “Do dreams count?”

She laughed and shook me. “I douched and cleaned up…”

I smiled and caressed her face, “Even after what they did to you?”

Becca looked away, “I had a choice, fight and get raped or let them fuck me and try to enjoy it.”

I nodded, “That was the better choice.”

Becca bit her lip, “You took your ring back.”

I looked at her and sighed, “Maybe I was being wishful, but I want my friend back.”

She smiled, “I talked to you all the time because I missed you too.”

I looked at her mother and stood, “Come with me?”

She didn’t even hesitate in sliding out of bed. I grinned at her cat in the hat pajamas, “Nice duds.”

She grinned and hugged me, whispering, “I really missed you.”

I squeezed her and turned to lead her out. I drove her to my small house and led her in. This house was comfortable and Becca smiled at the pictures of her. She took my hand and led me through the house until she found the bedroom. She turned and undressed me before stepping back and taking her pajamas off. She backed up to the bed, “Fuck me Simon. I need you to help me make new good memories.”

I sighed and followed her to the bed. I pushed her back and knelt to push her legs open before licking her pussy. I teased her clit and nibbled on her labia while rubbing the sides of her pussy. I licked her leaking juice and went back to teasing her clit. She shuddered and thrust her hips up as I kept sucking on her clit. She finally covered her pussy and I moved up her body. I kissed her as I forced my thick cock into her.

I started fucking her with deep strokes until I was pressing against her womb. Becca shivered as her hips met mine and I started short grinding thrusts. A couple of minutes later she was panting, her hips met mine and her pussy spasmed around my cock. She jerked erratically and cried out, “SIMON!”

I buried my cock and just held her shaking body. Becca finally sighed and relaxed and I kissed her before starting to fuck her again. I kept my cock deep inside her and just used short, grinding thrusts. She shuddered after a minute and kissed me passionately. I groaned as I thrust against and then into her cervix and started spurting strong streams of cum.

Becca jerked and spasmed as two years worth of cum began flooding her belly. I pumped and spewed and then spurted and finally sighed as it was over. Becca was still spasming and twitching as I slowly pulled out of her. She looked at me with a grin before rolling onto her stomach. She lifted her butt, “This way now.”

I smiled and moved behind her and shoved into her slimy pussy. I started fucking her with long, deep thrusts and she started grunting. Her warm pussy tightened and squeezed my cock as her body started shaking again. I was using deep thrusts but I did it slowly, planting my cock each time. Becca began to spasm and convulse as she thrust back each time.

I held her hips and fucked her hard and deep, hitting her cervix with every stroke. Becca screamed into the bed as she continued to jerk and twitch. She did it continuously for fifteen minutes until I began gushing torrents of warm sperm. Becca went silent as her body shook and spasmed.

I pumped and spewed until my cock was only throbbing inside her. Becca sighed and slump forward onto the bed. I moved up and laid next to her, softly rubbing and caressing her back. She turned to hold me as she put her head on my shoulder, “Don’t leave me Simon.”

I caressed her, “If I stay, it will only be on my terms.”

She nodded, “I know. I won’t see other guys.”

I laughed, “You are a horny slut Becca. I’m going to put you to work.”

She lifted her head to look at me, “Work?”

I smiled and caressed her face, “Just as soon as you are pregnant.”

She grinned at that, “What am I going to be doing?”

I pulled her against me, “Some times people that… spy, are in one place or another a long time. I am going to sell you to them so they can relieve the pressure.”

Becca laughed, “You want me to be a whore?”

I turned her onto her back and moved between her legs. I pushed into her slimy pussy and pressed into her womb, “You are a whore. You love to fuck and they need a woman. They won’t care if you are pregnant. After the baby you get a month of maternity leave before going back to work.”

Becca groaned and shuddered and her messy pussy tightened, “How often are they going to fuck me?”

I continued to fuck her nice and slow, “Two or three guys a week. Each will probable need to fuck you several times a day.”

Her back arched as she stiffened and her pussy spasmed, “YES!”

I buried my cock and pressed into her and waited until she stopped spasming. As she began to relax I started fucking her with long, hard thrusts. She was grunting and jerking around as I fucked her and a few minutes later she screamed as I started pumping another load of cum. When I stopped cumming I pulled out and lay beside her panting body. I pulled her half onto me and she put her head on my shoulder.

For the next month I made arraignments. I got her passport and made travel plans. Every night I fucked Becca until I fell asleep. She had her period and we fucked even more. Two weeks later she was pregnant. We cleared customs and I drove a rental car away from the airport. Becca was excited to be in a new country especially knowing she was going to fuck several men.

We checked into our hotel and took a walk. In a narrow street I knocked and waited a minute before tapping the door twice. The door opened to a large man with a beard, he grinned and let us in. I took his hand, “Nice to see you Terence.”

He shook my hand and looked at Becca, “This is the woman?”

I nodded, “She’s my wife and pregnant. She has agreed to let you and our friends use her.”

Terence smiled and took her hand, “You are a life saver.”

I laughed, “Is Peter upstairs?”

He nodded, “recording a meeting.”

I kissed Becca’s cheek and headed up the stairs as Terence led Becca into another room. For six years I let Becca service my friends. When we were away her mother watched the children. After our daughter was a son and then a set of twin girls. She is pregnant once more but this time we are retired so I am the only one that fucks her.
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