My name is William and I’m fourteen. I have brown hair and blue eyes. My cock is over eight inches long. My father was fifteen years older then my mother. My mother was only five feet tall with firm C cup breasts. He got her pregnant when she was only sixteen. My father is always working and he and my mother really don’t have a sex life. I know because more then once I heard them argue about it.

It was the beginning of summer break and I had been looking forward to the summer. My thirteen year old sister Dawn was spending a month with my grandparents so I was on my own. That was before mom told me last week that I was going to summer camp. I hadn’t wanted to but wasn’t given a choice. The only good thing was I got to invite Dave, my best friend to go with me. Mom was up early, Dave had spent the night and mom got us going.

It was a long drive up into the mountains. When we pulled into the campground I looked around. I could see cabins scattered around. There was a single large building that was where we would eat our meals. Through the trees I could see the blue of water where a lake was. Dave and I pulled out our backpacks and mom surprised me by pulling out a large pack with a sleeping bag like mine. I looked at the pack and sleeping bag, “What’s that for?”

Mom smiled, “I’m going to be your group consular.”

Dave and I looked at each other and shook our heads, this was going to suck. At the mess hall we met Allen, Tom, Matt and Sam. They were the rest of our group. Mom smiled at them, “You boys can call me Abby. We are staying in the cabin named Sparrow Hawk. After we put our belongings away, I’ll show you around and give you an idea what we can do for our month here.”

They looked at each other and picked up their packs and sleeping bags to follow her and I followed along at the back. I was surprised to find the cabin was set almost by itself in a cluster of pine trees that almost hid it completely. We even had a bathroom and shower all to ourselves. Mom held the door as we filed in and then came in behind us. The room was large with eight twin beds and a door in the other wall.

Mom smiled as she set her pack down, “First I need two of you to go into the other room and bring the bed into this room. William, why don’t you and Dave do that? Allen and Tom, grab the end bed and take it into the other room. Matt and Sam, get the bed next to that one and take it into the other room as well.”

We all looked at each other and then moved to do as she said. Dave and I found a queen size bed like you see in a camping cabin and started moving it out. It wasn’t long before the two twin beds were in the smaller room and the queen size bed was in their place. We stood around looking at my mother and she smiled, “Okay time for our talk. I have talked to each of your mothers. They said to tell you that what we do here is to stay here. You are not to tell anyone. Now, while you are here you are going to fuck me.”

We looked at each other and mother laughed, “For the next month I am going to be your whore.”

I couldn’t believe this, “Mom!”

She smiled as she walked to me and caressed my face, “I’m tired of being frustrated and ignored.”

I looked at her pleadingly and she caressed my face again before looking around, “Every night one of you will sleep with me and William. We are going to go look around before lunch and then come back here after. I will give each of you a blowjob. When we finish, it will be your turn and each of you will lick my pussy until I cum at least once.”

Mom hesitated, “After that each of you will fuck me. When we finish we are going to take a nice walk and talk about what we are going to do for the next month. After dinner is showers and bed. You can take turns fucking me until we have to turn the lights out. William and one of you can sleep with me each night and you can fuck me during the night as much as you want.”

All the guys were grinning, including Dave. Mom looked at me and sighed before nodding to the beds, “Put your bags on a bed.”

Mom took my hand, “Grab your bag William.”

I reluctantly picked up my bag and let her lead me to the bigger bed. Mom pulled the large sleeping bag off the top of her bag and unrolled it. I hesitated and did the same thing. Mom unzipped them and I helped her put them together. Mom set her pack on the shelf on the wall and I set mine beside hers.

Mom led us out and we started walking around looking at everything. After a lunch of soup and sandwiches mom led us back to the cabin. She closed the door and looked at each of us, “Time to get undressed boys.”

I looked around as mom walked to our bed. She turned so all of us could watch as she undressed. I shook myself as she finished. Mom was a MILF and I knew it. There wasn’t anything I could do to stop her so I slowly took my clothes off. Mom nodded when I finished and gestured, “Come here William.”

I took a breath and gathered my clothes before walking to the bed. Mom was smiling as she took my clothes and set them up on a shelf. She pushed me onto the bed and had me lay on my back before looking around at the guys, “Gather around the bed.”

She waited and then she caressed my stomach as she looked at my cock, “You have a really nice cock William.”

I watched as mom leaned over and licked the pre cum off my hard cock. I shivered as she kept licking my cock and then put it in her mouth. The feel of her warm mouth as she fucked my cock in and out made me groan and thrust up with my hips. I lasted all of maybe a minute before shuddering and grabbing the bed as I started spurting huge, thick streams of cum.

Mom pushed down to get my pumping cock in her throat as I spewed load after load. I sighed as I stopped and mom lifted up to lick my cock clean. She smiled at me, “Your cum tasted good baby.”

I smiled and she rubbed my tummy, “Let someone take your place.”

I looked at her and bit my lip before sighing and slipping off the bed. I moved to the head of the bed as Sam shyly looked at me like he wanted to apologize and moved onto the bed. I closed my eyes, “Don’t worry about it Sam. It felt great so just relax and enjoy it.”

He grinned and nodded as he lay back. Mom smiled at me and then reached out to caress Sam. She bent over and I watched her lick his cock. I looked at the guys to see them staring intently. I looked back at mom as she started fucking his cock with her mouth. He groaned and reached down to hold mom’s head as his hips thrust up. He fucked his cock in and out of her mouth for a minute or more and then grunted.

Mom pushed her head down as he started pumping his cum down her throat. He was grunting and groaning until he was done and mom pulled back to lick his cock clean. He was followed by Allen, Matt and Dave. Mom licked and mouth fucked their cocks until they came and then swallowed their cum. When Dave slid off the bed with a big grin, mom smiled and laid back on the bed. She smiled at me, “William? Come lick my pussy.”

I had been watching mom and couldn’t wait to touch her. I moved onto the bed and felt her tits before giving her a kiss and moving down her body. She opened her legs and spread them as I slid down. I leaned in and smelled her pussy. I loved the scent, the slightly musky smell. I opened her pussy with my thumbs and mom shivered at my touch.

I licked through her pussy and she pushed it up. I smiled and pushed my tongue in her before licking through her slit again. Mom moaned and shuddered as I covered her clit and sucked while wiggling my tongue. Mom shuddered again as I used my thumbs to rub along her pussy while licking and teasing her clit. She finally jerked and spasmed, “Oh fuck! Baby stop.”

I stopped and looked up her panting body with a wet face. Mom smiled, “You did good honey. Let one of the others try.”

I moved off the bed even though I wanted to fuck her. I watched as one by one the other guys licked mom’s pussy. When Matt finished and moved off the bed, mom sighed and relaxed before looking around. She smiled and held her arms out as she lay there with her legs spread, “William?”

I hastily moved onto the bed and between her legs. By now the thought that she was my mother was far from my mind. Mom guided my drooling cock to her pussy and I pushed in. She lifted and wrapped her legs around me as I started fucking her hard and fast. I slowed and mom rubbed my back as the guys laughed. Mom smiled and kissed me, “Nice and slow baby.”

I took a breath and pulled back to start fucking her with long, slow strokes. Her warm pussy felt amazing around my cock, slippery and kind of silky. I loved burying my cock and just grinding against her. Mom shuddered and I felt her pussy squeeze my cock. I couldn’t help it when I started fucking her harder.

Mom was grunting and shaking her head as she thrust up to meet my hips. I finally pushed into her and held still as my whole body went tight. My cock was jerking and I felt it throbbing. Suddenly I was pumping thick streams of cum against her womb and mom was convulsing, “Yes!”

I spurted and sprayed her pussy with load after load until I stopped with a sighed. Mom shuddered and hugged me and I reluctantly pulled out and moved off the bed. Allen was next and he was grinning as he climbed between mom’s legs. He looked between their bodies and then slowly started to fuck mom. After everyone finished, mom sighed and sat up. “Everyone get dressed.”

I looked at the cummy mess between her legs, “Do you have an extra towel mom?”

She looked between her legs and then at the sleeping bag. She smiled, “Don’t worry about it baby.”

After we dressed, mom led us out and we walked down to the lake and then along the shore. Mom talked about when and where we could touch her or have sex. She explained about her period, that we would learn about anal sex then. You would think that the day would stretch out but it didn’t. Dinner was quick and easy, macaroni and cheese and hot dogs. In the cabin mom nodded to shelves where our packs were, “Showers.”

I hesitated and then opened my pack and pulled out my towel, shower shoes and shower kit. I hesitated again and then grabbed my pajama bottoms. Mom frowned and cleared her throat and I shook my head, “I am not getting bitten somewhere private.”

Mom grinned, “Good idea.”

She stood by the door until we were already, “Boys? William and I are going to shower together. I know you don’t think it is fair that he gets to sleep with me every night.”

She looked down and then looked at me, “I’m afraid I can’t tell you why. I promise, I will take care of each of you but I need William okay?”

I was surprised when they nodded and told mom they understood. At the shower slash bathroom there were two sides. The men’s side and a women’s side, everyone but mom and I went into the men’s side. Mom led me into the other bathroom and we set our stuff by the showers.

Mom took my hand and led me to a toilet and sat down with her legs spread. I watched as mom peed and pooped and then she picked the small case up off the floor and started teaching me about douches and enemas. When we were done, she led me into the showers. Mom let me wash her and smiled when I felt her while doing it. When it was her turn to wash me she was gentle, “William, I know this is embarrassing you.”

She paused and then caressed my chest, “Your father stopped having sex with me almost five years ago.”

Again she stopped and just quietly washed me before leaning against me, “I never really did anything… sexual. It was only your father and I and well, I want to live and experience… sex.”

She leaned back and looked into my face, “When we get back your father will have moved into the guestroom. If you want… you can sleep with me and be my lover.”

I looked at her and realized she was afraid. I hugged her and caressed her back before pulling back to look at her, “What about Dawn?”

Mom smiled and then laughed, “Oh baby, we are going to make Dawn a slut. She will sleep with us and lick my pussy and let you fuck her tight little pussy. I was thinking we could start having weekend camping trips. You and Dave can fuck us all you want out in the woods somewhere.”

I smiled, “I was first with you. Dave might want to be first with Dawn.”

Mom grinned as she caressed my chest, “You aren’t mad then?”

I rubbed a nipple, “Mom for the next month I am going to make sure we fuck you every way we can.”

She grinned and hugged me before stepping back, “We better finish.”

I nodded and turned the water off. Mom smiled as she handed me my towel, “Let’s not tell Dave about Dawn just yet.”

I grinned and reached out to dry her with my towel. Mom laughed and held still until I was done and then she dried me. We walked back to the cabin and found all the guys waiting. I kissed mom’s cheek, took her towel, shower stuff and robe before gently pushing her towards our bed. “Who wants to try fucking her doggy style?”

That was an amazing month. We each fucked mom four to six times a day. She let us fuck her ass, we fucked her pussy with someone else or double penetrated her. She loved sucking cock and swallowing cum. She was our living sex doll. Anything we wanted to try, she did. We fucked in the woods, in the water at night and even on the porch to the dinning hall.

All good things come to an end and our summer camp finally ended. All the guys got my address so they could write to mom or come visit even though their mom’s were waiting. The ride home seemed much to short but mom wore her bikini all the way and even stopped twice so Dave could fuck her. When we got to his house he opened the car door and looked back, “Do you think we might… keep having sex?”

Mom frowned, “Well, I’ll think about it.”

He nodded to me and started to close the door when I cleared my throat. “Mom is taking Dawn camping this weekend. Want to tag along and make sure Dawn doesn’t burn the forest down?”

He grinned and glanced at mom, “Sure.”

I grinned, “Come over at eight to help us pack.”

We watched him walk into the house and I grinned at mom. She laughed and drove us home. Dad was at work of course, but Dawn ran screaming into mom’s arms. Mom hugged her and Dawn whispered something to mom as she blushed. Mom looked at me, “Well if you broke it with the dildo than I guess you’re ready to be a woman.”

Dawn blushed as she looked at me, “Mom!”

Mom caressed her face and looked at me, “Bring the bags in would you William.”

I smiled and headed back to the car. I brought everything into the house and hesitated before carrying our packs into mom’s room. She looked up from talking to Dawn and my sister blushed. I smiled and set our packs down, “Mom? Do you want me to… move my stuff?”

She smiled and nodded, “Give us a few minutes. Go look in the kitchen and see if we need to go shopping for dinner.”

I nodded and closed the door behind me. I was pulling everything out when mom and Dawn came out. Dawn was blushing as she walked to me and cupped my face determinedly and kissed me. I let her finish and sighed before putting my arms around her and kissing her passionately.

When she melted in my arms and moaned, I stopped and pulled back. Dawn was blinking and smiling as she looked up at me. I caressed her face, “That is how I like it beautiful.”

She blushed and mom laughed as she walked to the counter and started looking at what I had. She smiled and nodded as she put everything back in the refrigerator. She turned to us and put her arms around our waist, “time to teach Dawn about blowjobs.”

I smiled, “Did you tell her about…”

Mom nodded, “She can’t wait.”

I grinned, “Dave will love you for letting him be your first.”

Dawn was blushing but smiled, “well you didn’t want it.”

I grinned, “Oh, I wanted it alright and as soon as Dave and you finish, I intend to put a lot of cum inside you.”

In mom’s room she pushed me towards the bed, “Lay back William.”

I grinned as I stripped and moved onto the bed and lay on my back. Mom and Dawn undressed and mom took Dawn’s hand and they sat by my hip. I closed my eyes and a moment later shivered as I felt a tongue licking my cock. I could hear mom whispering to Dawn as she licked the pre cum off the head.

It was a couple of minutes before I felt her mouth around my cock as she began to fuck it in and out with her mouth. She couldn’t take my cock as deep as mom but it still felt good. I knew she would have an aching jaw if she did this to long so I didn’t hold back. It was only a couple of minutes before I groaned, “I’m going to cum!”

Mom was talking again but I wasn’t listening as I shuddered and my hips lifted off the bed. I started spurting cum into the back of Dawn’s throat and she started swallowing. I hadn’t cum all day and pumped six large jets before relaxing with a sigh. Dawn pulled her mouth off my cock and licked the head before grinning at mom, “That was great!”

Mom laughed and reached past her to stroke my still hard cock, “Young men usually stay hard. Your brother sure does.”

She moved around Dawn and straddled my waist. Dawn moved up beside me as mom lowered her pussy down my cock. I shivered as I felt mom’s warm cummy pussy. Mom began rocking back and forth, fucking my cock deep into her pussy. Dawn leaned on me and I smiled and pulled her until I could suck on one of her nipples. She jerked in surprise, “Ohhhh!”

Mom laughed and leaned forward to help me move Dawn until she was straddling my face. I pulled her down until I was able to lick her clit making her jerk. Mom started rocking harder, almost pulling off my cock before pushing back. I pushed my tongue up into Dawn and then started wiggling and teasing her clit. It wasn’t long before Dawn was panting and erratically thrusting back and forth on my face.

She finally jerked and shuddered before squirting a little in my face. She rolled off me as Mom groaned and sat back fully impaling herself on my throbbing cock. I reached out for mom’s breasts as I started spewing cum. Mom jerked and shivered as warm cum filled her pussy. I pumped spurt after spurt and mom jerked with each one. When I stopped cumming, mom sighed and rolled onto the bed. She reached out to Dawn, “Okay baby now you can try it.”

I looked at mom as Dawn blushed and moved down between her legs. I grinned and kissed mom as she shuddered. I moved down to kiss her hip and watch as Dawn licked through her leaking pussy. I reached out to caress my sister, “Pay attention to her clit. Use your fingers to hold her pussy open while you lick through it.”

Dawn looked at me and I smiled, “Mom spent a month teaching me.”

She nodded and went back to licking and sucking mom’s clit. When mom shuddered hard and moaned, Dawn looked up and grinned at me. I moved to kiss her before looking up mom’s body, “We need to wash and pack everything for the camping trip.”

Mom grinned, “Dave will be calling soon.”

I nodded and slipped out of bed before holding out my hand to mom and Dawn, “Come on, I’ll help clean you up.”

Mom grinned as she prodded Dawn out of bed and then followed her. I felt mom and Dawn as we showered and then it was Dawn’s turn as mom washed me. Dawn and I washed clothes and packed while mom went out. When she came back it was with someone following her in an RV. Mom grinned and showed us around. Dawn smiled at the two beds, “One for each of us mom.”

Mom laughed, “We can switch men every night.”

I grinned, “And get it from both during the day.”

They giggled and we started packing everything into the RV. I wasn’t surprised when Dave called to ask if he could come over early. When he knocked on the door, Dawn answered it. She was wearing a skimpy bikini and smiled as she let Dave in. I was in the kitchen with mom and turned to wave at him before turning back to what I was doing. Dawn took his hand, “Come with me, I have a surprise.”

Dave dropped his pack and followed her down the hall. I grinned at mom and moved to feel her butt. She laughed and pushed me back to finish what I was doing. I wasn’t surprised when the phone rang and it was Dad calling to tell mom he wouldn’t be home. Mom told him she had bought an old RV and we were going camping.

We finished making the sandwiches and soup before Dawn and Dave came out. Dave had a grin on his face and Dawn had a satisfied look about her. I smiled, “Well?”

She laughed, “It was soo good!”

Mom laughed with me and I headed for the door carrying the wicker basket with lunch, “Time to go.”

Five minutes later mom was driving away. I let Dave and Dawn eat while I fed mom. When she finished, I kissed her cheek, “I’m taking Dawn to bed.”

She grinned and looked into the back, “Dawn? William wants to fuck you.”

Dawn laughed as she stood up, “Okay.”

I grinned as I passed Dave, “Keep mom company.”

He grinned and stood to move towards mom. By the time I reached the bed Dawn had already stripped her bikini off and I quickly undressed. I followed her onto the bed and kissed her, “You really like it?”

She nodded, “Feeling him inside me was great.”

I smiled and moved between her legs. I slowly forced my cock into her tight, slippery pussy. I started fucking her with slow thrusts that made her shudder. I kissed her again, “Want to sleep with Dave tonight?”

She grunted and then nodded as she wrapped her arms around me. I fucked her hard for a minute and she was jerking and gasping when I buried my cock to just press against her hard. Dawn lifted her hips and yelled, “YES!”

I smiled and went back to long, slow, deep thrusts and she shuddered and held me tight, “Don’t stop Will!”

I didn’t and kept fucking her as she thrashed and bucked and twisted. I finally fucked her hard trying to cum in her tight, squeezing pussy. Dawn arched her back as I buried my cock and pressed tight against her womb. My cock erupted in strong gushing jets and she screamed, “I’M CUMMING!”

I pumped and spurted until my cock was only throbbing. Dawn sighed and then shuddered before hugging me, “I love getting fucked.”

I laughed and pulled out of her, “Tell Dave you are sleeping with him tonight.”

She nodded and grinned as I helped her out of bed. We dressed and I headed back up to the front. Mom and Dave were grinning and mom glanced at Dawn, “It sounded like your brother gave it to you good.”

Dawn nodded and slid onto Dave’s lap, “He’s going to sleep with you tonight.”

Mom grinned, “Good I need a good fucking.”

Dawn grinned and stood to pull Dave up and after her. I grinned as I took Dave’s place in the other seat. Dave and Dawn were sitting on the couch in back and Dave was teasing and playing with her slimy pussy. When mom finally turned in at the campgrounds she was more than ready to stop. I grinned as I paid and walked to the spot she was parked in.

When I walked into the RV mom was moaning on the couch. Dawn was between her legs as Dave kissed her. I grinned and rubbed Dawn’s butt, “Take Dave out and look around.”

She grinned as she looked back at me and I pulled mom around until she was laying on the couch. I stripped as Dawn put her bikini on and Dave got dressed. I moved between mom’s legs as she lifted and spread them. I pushed into her and started to fuck her with long, slow, deep thrusts. Mom’s pussy squeezed my cock as I entered her and she shuddered, “Oh baby!”

I continued to fuck her nice and slow and mom kept shaking as her warm slippery pussy tried to milk my cock. A few minutes later mom was panting and breathing hard as she shuddered and jerked around. Her slick, wet pussy was tight around my cock and she finally became stiff. I had seen this many times during summer camp and fucked mom hard as she tried to scream. I shoved into her and began to spurt and pump cum against her womb. Mom found her voice and wailed, “YYYEEEESSSSSSS!”

I spurted jet after jet into her as she bucked and twisted around. When I stopped cumming mom slowly relaxed and her legs wrapped around me. She smiled and caressed my shoulders, “You know how to fuck me baby.”

I pulled out of her and looked around before picking up mom’s bikini and my shorts, “Let’s set up camp mom.”

We pulled out four folding chairs from under the RV and I went to get some wood for a fire. Dawn helped mom make dinner as Dave and I opened the awning and sealed the screen around the side of the RV. We set the table and mom and Dawn put dinner on the table. Mom sat with me while Dave sat with Dawn. It was a fun dinner and nothing like the dinners we used to have.

After dinner Dave and I cleaned up and we started the fire in the pit outside. We moved the chairs out and Mom sat in my lap after pulling my pants down and removing her bottoms. Dawn was doing the same thing with Dave. I held mom from behind and cupped her breasts as her warm pussy squeezed my cock. Mom moved slowly, thrusting back and forth. I played with her nipples and kissed her under the ear as Dawn moaned out loud.

We looked at her as she shuddered and wiggled on Dave. Mom grinned and thrust back and forth harder. Her pussy spasmed around my cock when she became erratic and I reached down to finger her clit. Mom jerked and gasped, “Fuck!”

Dave had his hand over Dawn’s mouth to keep her from screaming. I stood and pulled out of mom before turning towards the RV, “Take her to bed Dave.”

I pulled mom behind me and into the RV before pulling her back to our bed. Mom moved onto the bed quickly and lay back with her legs spread. I crawled between her legs and pushed back into her pussy and mom arched her hips, “AAAAHHHHH!”

An echo came from the other bed, “OOOOHHHH!”

I fucked mom with long thrusts and pressed against her each time I buried my cock. Mom wrapped her legs around me as I buried my cock to hump and pressed into her. She stiffened and then bucked and jerked around as her pussy tightened and squeezed my cock. “YES!”

I held her shaking body as Dawn cried out and mom slowly calmed down. I kissed her and started fucking her, trying to cum. Mom knew I needed it and planted her feet wide apart and humped up each time I thrust into her. It wasn’t long before I was spurting cum against her womb and she was shaking, “YES! SPUNK ME BABY!”

I pumped and spewed deep inside her until I was done and slowly pulled out to lie beside her and cup one of her breasts. Mom shuddered and sighed before looking across at Dawn. She grinned and turned to snuggle against me. I fucked mom once more when I woke up in the middle of the night. The next morning I woke to Dawn moaning as Dave fucked her.

Mom had already gotten up and I rolled out of bed. I joined her in the small kitchen and helped her make breakfast. She caressed my chest and gave me a kiss before going to get Dave and Dawn. My sister was smiling when she came in and I pulled her onto my lap. She wiggled and I lifted her to push my cock into her tight, slimy pussy.

I started feeding her as mom and David finally came out. Dave grinned and kissed mom before pulling her onto his lap. Dawn’s tight warm pussy spasmed and she shuddered before starting to rock. I cupped and felt her breasts as she started breathing faster. She stiffened and her tight pussy contracted to stop me from cumming. She jerked erratically and turned to kiss me hard. I groaned and David laughed, “Her pussy squeezes hard.”

Mom smiled as I went back to feeling Dawn’s breasts, “I am going to fuck you so much.”

Dawn grinned and wiggled in my lap, “I’m not on birth control.”

I looked at her and then at mom. She was smiling but didn’t say anything. I caressed my sister as she began to move again, “You could get pregnant.”

She looked at mom and Dave, “I will get pregnant and Dave is going to get mom pregnant. Tomorrow is when I will be fertile.”

I looked at mom and she grinned, “Maybe you can father the next one.”

Dave cleared his throat, “Mom was acting strange when I got home.”

Mom giggled, “She is having her period. That’s why I had William ask you to come camping. When we get back she is going to ask you to start having sex with her.”

Dave’s eye’s lit up, “Really?”

Mom grinned, “And when William spends the night she is going to fuck him too.”

Dawn hugged me, “And I will fuck your friends when they come over.

I held her hips and began thrusting her back and forth, “who else is going to get pregnant?”

Mom shuddered and giggled, “All the mom’s. I think I’m the only one letting someone not her son get her pregnant.”

I looked at Dave, “I...”

Dawn’s tight pussy squeezed my cock, “But you get to get me pregnant.”

I caressed Dawn’s hips as she spasmed and then sighed. I lifted her off my cock and went to get my shorts. When I came back Mom was off Dave and tried to stop me. I shook my head and left to walk around the camp site. I was sitting beside the river when mom found me. She sat and waited and I couldn’t look at her to say anything. She sighed and leaned against me, “Dave is your friend.”

I looked at her and looked away. Mom rubbed my back, “you don’t want him to get me pregnant.”

I shook my head, “He is going to get his own mother pregnant.”

I looked at her, “And you want him to get you pregnant too.”

Mom bit her lip as I stood, “Do what you want mom, you have since you started.”

I left and walked back to the RV. Dave and Dawn where talking outside as I went in. I grabbed a shirt and my sandals before shouldering my pack. When I walked out mom was with them and she opened her mouth but I turned away and started walking. I knew she would come after me and as soon as I reached the road I moved off into the woods to follow along beside it.

It wasn’t long before the RV passed me. I sighed as I began to think about what I was going to do when I got home. Mom came back up the road a little later and then slowly came back as I stood behind a thick pine. It was dark when I got home. The RV was parked in front of the house but the lights were on. I walked in and Mom stood up with Dawn beside her, Dave wasn’t there. I headed for the hall and mom cried, “William!”

I ignored her and Dawn who ran after me. I walked into my run and turned to face Dawn, “Stay with Mom. She made her bed, she can sleep in it.”

She opened her mouth but I closed the door. I tossed my pack on my desk and laid back on the bed crying silently. Mom stepped in and quietly closed the door before crossing to the bed and sitting down. “William?”

I turned away, “leave me alone mom.”

She sighed and laid on the bed behind me, “Dave went home. I’m not going to let him get me pregnant.”

I shook my head, “You just don’t get it. You said it, all the other mothers are letting their sons get them pregnant.”

I turned to see her, “Except you. You want someone else to get you pregnant.”

I turned away, “That hurt mom. You basically said you don’t want me to get you pregnant, that I’m not good enough or…”

I shook my head, “Just leave me alone.”

Mom stood, “You’re wrong baby.”

I turned my head and looked at her, “Am I? You wanted to have sex and used me to do it. You decided to get pregnant and used me to get my friend to do it. Tell me where I am wrong.”

Mom looked down and turned to walk out. It was very early in the morning when she slipped into my bed. I shifted and didn’t move as she sobbed, “I’m sorry baby, please don’t push me away.”

I sighed and turned to hold her, “I liked loving you mom. But if you want me to keep being your lover, than you need to be mine.”

Mom sniffed, “It will be just you honey, I promise.”

I shook my head, “no mom, it will be My decision. You can ask if you want to have sex with Dave or anyone else but you have to agree to me deciding if you do. You asked me to be your lover remember?”

She leaned against me, “I promise.”

I caressed her, “If you want Dave to get you pregnant, he can do it next time.”

Mom caressed me, “he was upset.”

I sighed, “I like Dave mom, but this was personal and didn’t have anything to do with him.”

She rubbed my sweaty shirt, “What about Dawn?”

I looked at her, “What about Dawn? You said we are going to make Dawn a slut. That she will sleep with us and lick your pussy and let me fuck her. If she wants to get pregnant we will decide who. I very much want to do it, but it will be all three of us to decide. Where is dad?”

Mom snorted, “He never came home.”

I moved off the bed, “Undress.”

I quickly stripped and waited for mom before leading her to Dawn’s room. I lifted the light blanket and sheet to see her wearing pajamas. I shook her and she opened her eyes to look at me, “William?”

I frowned, “You are not allowed to wear pajamas and you should be in mom’s bed.”

She sat up and looked at mom, “Mom?”

Mom smiled, “Take your clothes off and go get in my bed.”

Dawn nodded and climbed out and stripped quickly, mom took her hand and they walked out. I followed but went into mom’s bathroom and took a quick shower. I walked back into the bedroom and crossed to shut the light off before climbing into the bed. I moved over Dawn and settled between her and mom, “Did mom talk to you?”

Dawn was quiet, “Yes.”

I took her hand, “Do you know why I was upset?”

I felt Dawn turn to look at me, “No, I wanted you to get me pregnant. I thought that would make you happy.”

I sighed, “It wasn’t you Dawn. Every mother BUT mom wanted their own son to get them pregnant.”

Dawn shifted, “Oh, I understand now.”

I caressed her as mom moved to hold me. She whispered, “I promised your brother in camp to be his lover and I… betrayed him.”

Dawn put her head on my shoulder, “What are we going to do?”

Mom reached out to touch her face, “Well, I am going to let your brother get me pregnant. If Dave wants, your brother has said he could get me pregnant next time. You, me and your brother need to decide if you are going to get pregnant and by who.”

Dawn giggled, “I still want William to do it.”

Dad died a year after everything started but left us well off. Even after ten years mom is still my lover and Dawn is our slut. Mom has had three babies, two are mine. Dawn has had four and all are mine.

The next summers were filled with sex. All six of us guys had our mothers there as well as Dawn. The cabin we use is a large one not to far from the old summer camp. We take turns fucking all the women for a month and then go home.
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