I had just started high school when my older sister moved back into the house. It had just been mom and I for the last two years. My older sister Pat had moved into a dorm room at the local college after she had graduated high school. We still got to see her fairly often but I never expected her to move back in. It was apparent why she was back, she was three months pregnant.

She had gotten pregnant and didn’t even know who the father was. Pat looked a lot like my mother, she was five one and had beautiful C cup tits with an ass I had always loved to look at with a nice gap under her pussy. She let her hair grow like mom’s and it was down to her waist. Mom was surprisingly understanding about Pat’s condition. From the first day it really hit me hard.

Pat never seemed to wear panties or a bra. In the evenings she only wore a long shirt that didn’t really cover anything. When she sat at the counter on a stool talking to mom I could see her pink asshole and the back of her pussy. It was driving me crazy, I was only fifteen and horny all the time. I had one girlfriend and that had broken up when she felt how big my cock was.

My cock was larger than other guys. I am almost nine inches long and very thick at two inches. I finally lost my battle after two weeks. Pat was sitting on a stool talking to mom while she was doing the dishes. I was only wearing my pajama bottoms and had been staring at Pat’s gaping pussy. I walked up behind Pat and let my cock slip out the front of my pants.

I bent my knees and guided my cock to her pussy before suddenly pushing in. Pat was listening to mom and her head snapped around to stare at me and I held her hips and pushed into her deeper. She shivered and smiled before turning back to mom. I held her and slowly began to fuck in and out. I couldn’t believe how good Pat felt.

She continued to talk to mom as if nothing was going on. She paused a couple of minutes after I started and then shook her head. I almost groaned as her pussy spasmed around my cock. Mom had glanced at us but didn’t say anything. It was only a minute later that I slowly pushed as deep into her as I could before spewing huge streams of cum. Pat glanced back and smiled as I continued to pump my cum into her. When I finished, I slowly pulled out but gave her a hug and whispered, “Thanks Pat.”

Pat smiled but continued to talk to mom. I put my slimy, still hard cock away and leaned on the counter. Mom finally finished the dishes and walked around the counter. She was smiling as she reached down to wipe her fingers through Pat’s cummy pussy. Pat shivered but only turned to mom expecting her to say something. Mom lifted her cummy fingers and sucked them before smiling and walking into the living room.

We followed mom into the other room and sat on the couch to watch a movie. Mom was across the room in her large comfortable chair. Pat lay down on the couch to stretch out and put her head in my lap. It was only a little later that I felt her pulling my cock out the front of my pajamas. Before I could say anything she put her mouth over the head of my cock.

She sucked and used her tongue as she began to fuck the head of my cock with her mouth. I glanced at mom to see her turned in her chair to watch us. Pat seemed to really enjoy what she was doing and after about five minutes I couldn’t take any more, “Pat?”

I knew she felt my cock swell but she kept fucking it with her mouth. I sat back and just let it come, I spurted thick streams of cum into her waiting mouth. Pat didn’t even stop fucking my cock as she began swallowing. When I finished, I caressed her face and she pulled off my cock and gave it a kiss. I wanted to do her but she shook her head and sat up and leaned into me whispering, “Just finger me.”

I grinned and looked at mom to see her with her hand in her own pants. I slipped my hand between Pat’s legs and she spread them even more giving mom a good view of her cummy pussy. I slipped my finger through her slimy slit and began running my finger from her clit down into her slimy, cummy hole curling my finger as I entered her.

Pat began panting and breathing hard. After a few minutes her pussy spasmed and squeezed my finger while she shivered and shuddered. She finally relaxed and I pulled my finger out of her slowly. It was a few minutes later that I kissed Pat good night and got up to go to my room. I brushed my teeth and walked into my room to see Pat on the edge of my bed with her ass in the air.

I smiled as I let my sleeping pants drop to the floor and moved behind Pat. I slowly entered her and pushed all the way to her womb. I pulled back and started fucking her with slow, deep strokes that made Pat groan. It felt so good feeling her slippery pussy around my cock. I moved easily and started rubbing her warm asshole.

Pat shuddered but didn’t say anything. It took almost fifteen minutes and her wonderful pussy had squeezed me tight three times while she came. Even as I began pumping thick ropes of cum it began to spasm again. Pat shuddered and sighed as she felt my sperm splashing against her womb. When I finished cumming, I pushed her onto the bed and under the covers.

I turned out the lights and climbed in behind her, sliding my cock between her legs and under her hot slimy pussy. I put my arm around her and held her against me as our breathing slowed. I woke up in the middle of the night, my cock almost painfully hard. It was still under Pat’s warm, cummy pussy so I moved down and pushed.

I slid into her and started fucking nice and slow. Pat moaned in her sleep and pushed her butt back against me. I couldn’t really go that deep and didn’t care, she felt wonderful. My cock was slipping all the way out of her before I pushed back in. She moaned again and shivered as I pushed a little deeper. This was just a night fuck for my release.

It wasn’t long before I shuddered and pushed against her as I pumped another load of cum that caused Pat to sigh. I held her and after I caught my breath went back to sleep, my cock still inside her. When I woke up my cock had come out of Pat and I needed to pee. I rolled out of bed and headed into the bathroom. When I came into the kitchen I saw Pat on the stool drinking coffee.

She was wearing her tee shirt and no panties again. I grinned and let my cock slip out the front of my sleeping pants before moving up behind her. I positioned my cock and pushed into what I thought would be a slick, slimy pussy. It wasn’t and it wasn’t Pat. Mom turned her head as I wrapped my arms around her waist holding her in position to be fucked. I froze and mom smiled, “Well, since you got it in you might as well fuck it.”

I smiled and held her waist as I began moving. I let one of my hands drop and began to finger her clit while I fucked her from behind. If anything mom felt better then Pat. I stayed against mom as I fucked up into her and she began to shudder and breathe harder. Since I had fucked Pat so much I was in no hurry and used long, deep strokes while rubbing her clit and mom turned her head to kiss me.

It was only a few minutes after I started when mom dropped her head onto the counter with a groan and started spasming. Her pussy tightened and milked my cock before getting much wetter. As mom jerked and convulsed, I groaned and shoved in deep to start spurting cum deep inside her. Mom groaned and shuddered as she felt my cum.

When I finished, mom sighed and slowly moved forward so that my cock slipped out of her. She turned and slipped off the stool to embrace me. After a soft kiss she patted my cheek, “I only need it every few days. Go back to your room and fuck your sister, she’s your cum slut now.”

I grinned and kissed mom before turning to head back to my room. Pat was sleeping with her butt in the air and I smiled as I stripped off my sleeping pants. I moved onto the bed behind her and straddled her legs as I moved up and slowly pushed my cock into her. Pat whimpered and pushed her butt back to meet my thrust. I started fucking her slow and deep, pushing against her womb gently.

She shivered and fucked back meeting each of my thrusts and a minute later she turned her head to the side. She smiled but didn’t say anything as I continued to fuck her messy pussy. It was wonderful feeling her slimy pussy as I slipped in and out of her. I liked feeling the way her pussy would spasm and grasp at my cock when her whole body shook.

She moaned each time she came and finally after almost twenty minutes I pulled out quickly and moved around to hold my swollen cock by her mouth. Pat grabbed my cock and I released it as it jerked and spurted cum into her open mouth. She quickly put the head of my cock in her mouth as I continued to spray cum. I shivered as I spent myself in her mouth and finally she licked my cock and let me go. I sighed and pulled her against me, “You really like it don’t you.”

Pat nodded, “Yeah, guys don’t understand.”

I hugged her, “I like watching you enjoying it. Mom said you’re my cum slut. What do you think?”

Pat looked into my face and smiled, “Well, I love you and you taste great. You have a wonderful cock that stretches me and fills me. You cum a lot and from as much as we have fucked, I would say you have more then enough to keep me satisfied… Sure, I’ll be your cum slut.”

I shook my head, “You are in for a lot of sex then.”

She grinned and gave me a quick kiss, “Come help me shower.”

I grinned as I slid off the bed and helped her out. I took her hand and led her into the bathroom and started a shower. I made her stand still while I washed her and cleaned some of the cum out of her pussy. She shuddered and held me when I did that. When I finished and dried her, she gave me a kiss before going to her room to get dressed.

She had a doctor’s visit with mom so I was left home by myself. I dressed and started doing some chores I had been neglecting and finished as mom and Pat got home. They were happy and giggly when they passed me as I was putting the mower away. I straightened up and headed into the house. I went to take a shower to wash the sweat off as well as grass.

When I stepped out of the shower Pat was there holding my towel. She dried me and then sat me on the toilet before kneeling between my legs. She leaned over and started licking my cock and a moment later she had my cock in her mouth. I caressed her face as she looked up at me, “Thanks Pat.”

The swirl of her tongue on my cock was her answer and I groaned. She fucked just the head of my cock and felt and caressed my balls. It didn’t take long for me to shiver and warn her, “I’m going to cum Pat.”

She kept mouth fucking my cock and I groaned as I started cumming. I spurted thick jets of cum into her mouth and Pat swallowed each one. When I stopped cumming, she licked my cock clean and grinned at me, “Yummy.”

I laughed and pulled her up. I kissed her and turned her before swatting her butt, “I’ll see if mom will take us to the mall.”

Pat grinned and put her arm through mine, “That sounds good.”

I spent the day being dragged from store to store by mom and Pat. At least I got them to stop for lunch before they went back to terrorizing the sales clerks. When we came home I smiled as I watched mom and Pat walk down the hall in front of me. I shook my head and headed for the kitchen and started pulling stuff out for dinner.

Like always mom walked in and chased me out. I grinned and went to check on the movies for later and came back to see Pat on the stool again. I walked up behind her and reached around to cup her breasts while pushing my crotch against her butt, “You keep sticking this out, I’m going to used it.”

Pat grinned back at me as mom turned from the stove and looked at us, “I didn’t tell you he snuck up on me and shoved his cock all the way to my baby factory.”

Pam laughed as she kissed me and looked at mom, “Yeah, I liked feeling that.”

Mom smiled as she turned back to the stove, “So did I.”

I caressed down Pat’s sides to her hips and she shivered and tilted her hips. I opened my pants and pulled my hard cock out before rubbing her pussy. I slowly pushed into her and she shuddered and sighed, “I love your big cock little brother.”

Mom glanced back and smiled before turning away. I held Pat’s hips and fucked her slowly, enjoying the feel of her warm pussy around my cock. I was using long strokes that pulled my cock almost out of her before I slowly slid back in. It wasn’t long before Pat put her head down as she shuddered and shook, “mmmmmm!”

Mom looked at me, “Harder.”

I grinned and fucked Pat hard for a minute and she started jerking and spasming, her warm pussy squeezed and tightened around my cock. I finally thrust into her and held her hips as my cock throbbed and started pumping large spurts of cum against her womb. Pat grunted and then shuddered hard, “YES!”

She jerked erratically and kept shaking as I pumped ropes of cum into her. I finally stopped cumming and Pat sighed and gave a big shake, “God I love it when he cums in me.”

Mom laughed, “And when you swallow. You’re a cum slut baby.”

Pat grinned and looked over her shoulder as I pulled out of her messy pussy, “Thank goodness my brother is a stud.”

Mother laughed and I grinned as I hugged Pat and gave her a kiss. I put my cock away before going into the kitchen to help mom. After dinner we sat together watching a horror movie mom and Pat both wanted to watch. They both ended up half on my lap clutching at me. Finally it was bed time and we went to get ready for bed. When I walked into my room Pat was naked on my bed with her legs spread.

I smiled as I turned out the light and headed towards the bed. I kissed Pat and felt her body before moving over her. I slipped my cock into her and slowly pushed in. Pat groaned and her hips lifted as I began fucking her, at first it was slow with nice deep thrusts. That didn’t last as we fucked each other hard. I finally buried my cock deep inside and just humped against her. Pat jerked and spasmed as her pussy squeezed and tightened on my cock. I laughed and kissed her before going back to long, deep thrusts. Pat shuddered hard and screamed, “JOE!”

I kissed her passionately and shuddered as I buried my cock before spurting more jets of cum into her already messy pussy. Pat spasmed erratically and thrashed around as I filled her again. When I stopped and kissed her, she lay panting and twitching. I pulled out of her before pulling the covers over us and snuggling up against her. I woke once in the middle of the night and Pat was sleeping peacefully. I caressed her body before going back to sleep.

I woke to Pat slipping out of bed and stretched before following her. As normal I was hard and horny. I didn’t even think of the bathroom as I headed towards the kitchen. This time I knew it was mom, she was leaning over the sink looking out the window. Like yesterday she was only wearing a tee shirt. I walked up behind her and spread my legs before bending my cock and fitting it to her pussy.

Mom looked over her shoulder as I slowly pushed into her and held her hips. I shuddered as her warm pussy squeezed my cock and she shuddered before turning back to the window. I used long, slow thrusts and she began shaking. My thick cock started pressing her womb open and mom only spasmed harder and pressed back to get more cock inside her.

Pat came up behind me and put her arms around me as I continued to fuck mom nice and slow. Mom had bent forward more and kept thrusting back as I pushed into her. I fucked her harder for a minute and then went back to long, slow thrusts when she spasmed and her pussy tightened. Pat laughed when mom stiffened and screamed before shuddering really hard. Each time mom came and squeezed my cock she would quietly whisper, “Knock me up baby!”

It was a long time before I groaned and Pat whispered loud enough for mom to hear. “Knock mom up little brother!”

I thrust into her hard and mom screamed as my cock slammed through and into her womb. I began pumping and spewing huge, strong jets of cum as she shook and Pat hugged me and rubbed my chest. Mom jerked and spasmed with each explosion of warm cum into her womb and then sighed when I stopped. I bent to kiss the back of her neck, “Morning mom.”

She shuddered as I slowly pulled out of her and turned in time for Pat to hug her. Mom laughed and shook her as I went to start breakfast. Mom walked with Pat towards the front room and when I peeked in she was laid back with her hips lifted, she grinned, “I have to keep your sperm inside long enough to do the job.”

Six years later I went to work with mom and Pat. Mom has had a daughter and a son, Pat had a girl and then another, followed by a third. She is still my cum slut and sleeps with me, just like mom.
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