My name always makes people look at me, I was born on the planet Paradise, I’m Simon Charles Blood. I grew up learning about engineering and data encryption recovering, I also learned about interstellar navigation. The tramp freighter dropped me on Griffin which was just another dead end. It used to be a major fleet repair base five hundred years ago.

That was where I found the wrecked stealthed corvette. I managed to find its secondary AI database. That was a major find because it also gave me several other lost secrets. It took me two years to work my way off Griffin on a shit hauler headed to Cloud. On Cloud I met Jesse and Matt, a ships engineer and a back up pilot. We met Pop just before we managed to catch a transport to Regent.

I should describe us; I am two meters tall with sandy hair and hazel eyes. My cock is around eight and a half inches. Jesse was a year older and ten centimeters shorter than me with black hair and brown eyes. Matt was a five years older and a several centimeters taller with blond hair and blue eyes. Pop was a couple of decades older than us and about my height with grey eyes and graying hair.

Pop was the one to bring up the idea of becoming privateers. For whatever reason I was the one they looked to for a decision. I was the one to make the plans and I managed to slip into the palace. I waited in the Empress’s study for eight hours before she came in. Ten minutes later I stepped out of the closet I had hidden in and made my pitch.

She should have summoned guards immediately but she didn’t. She should have said no but she listened to everything I said. When I finished she glanced at a data screen and made a few notes before touching it with her ring. She pushed it across the desk and looked at me, “If you are caught I will deny everything. Take any ship to the planet I listed, they will arrange to buy any ship and any cargo you take. Our priority is fuel transports and cargo ships.”

I nodded and turned to slip out the way I had entered. It was a little harder getting out but not impossible. The letter of marquee she gave me made Jesse, Pop and Matt grin. We pooled our funds to buy supplies and slip onto a tramp freighter. After several stops and transfers, we landed on Price. Price was a major merchant hub but it was also a Rogue world. We found an abandoned building just outside of the port. The plan we needed called for us to steal a ship.

Pop and Matt found the old obsolete insystem life boat. We all did odd jobs to fix it and then I stole the parts we needed to finish preparing for the target ship. The Ogaloff Seraz El Niff was the one we picked. He was an ultra rich merchant prince that made trips to and from Price all the time. His ship was a Royal class star yacht and very fast. After three months he landed for a major merchant enclave conference.

Once he was gone Pop watched the conference building where they were having the enclave while I slipped onto the ship. I planted stun bombs in every room. It was the middle of the night and almost everyone was asleep. I even managed to slip onto the bridge and plant one under the captain’s chair. Engineering was harder but I still managed it and then I used a storage space to hide in. We were surprised when the merchant returned with his wives and children. They told me and waited, I thought about it, “I’m already in place so it’s still a go.”

We were tapped into the control grid so we knew when the ship contacted them. Pop brought the life boat alive before turning it and heading up. It was only an hour before the yacht broke atmosphere. I timed their approach to the life boat by Matt’s constant updates. I put on the neural helmet I had made and flipped the switch on the remote transmitter.

The life boat swerved and Matt launched the tractor beam to catch the yacht. The range was limited but they were in range and began to reel the yacht in. The life boat clanged against an airlock as I moved to the airlock hatch and placed a small electronic override on the controls. I opened the airlock as Pop started tossing our bags from the boat.

I headed towards the bridge as Jesse and Matt went towards engineering. Everyone was stunned and we only had to secure them. We didn’t waste time and began dragging the dozen crewmen and the six bodyguards. We had talked about the family and put the three women and all six girls in one set of quarters.

The son we put in the life boat with his father. After kicking the lifeboat loose on a return program we continued towards the heliopause. The guys knew I had a thing for young women but I had promised them first pick of the females.

After we jumped Pop stopped and we went to work. Jesse started putting together the new stealth emitter I had designed and made in several components. Matt and I took the small sonic neural cannons and put on hard suits. We went out each side of the ship and began installing them on the outside hull. When we finished, we went to help Jesse install the holographic controls in engineering and on the bridge. When we finished I sighed and stretch, “try it.”

Pop grinned and reached out from the captain’s chair and brought the engines alive with the remote holographic control. He touched another and the particle screen flickered before staying green. We grinned at each other and Matt cleared his throat, “I get first pick of the women and I want the one with the long black hair. The ship log says her name is Michelle.”

Jesse grinned, “I want the short haired blond named Jazeria.”

Pop grinned, “That leaves the fiery one for me. The log says she is Jillian.”

I sighed, “That only leaves the girls for me to pick through.”

They laughed and Matt hit my shoulder, “We decided you can have them all.”

I grinned, “Six girls?”

Jesse grinned, “Just don’t tear them open.”

I laughed and waved as I left, “Shut the engines down and watch the scans.”

This was our first hunting ground. We would stay for two week before moving to another spot if nothing came. I opened the quarters with the women and girls and stepped in. One of the things we had done while they were stunned was to remove all their clothes. That was when we found each one had an egg shaped neural stimulator in their pussy. They stood together and I pulled the girls away from their mothers. I stood them on one side of the room, “You belong to me now.”

They were frightened as I turned to their mothers, “Your new masters will come for you. After I have talking to my slaves, they may spend time with you if you are available.”

I moved the girls out into the passageway and then to their father’s old quarters which were mine now. They were clutching each other as I closed and locked the hatch and undressed. I crossed to sit on the white reptilian hide couch and gestured in front of me, “Sit down.”

They slowly did as I told them and I relaxed, “First, I saw the neural stimulators. Did your father fuck you?”

I looked at them and slowly one by one they nodded. I smiled, “I will use each of you once a day and sleep with you each night. Now I checked the logs and have your names and ages but not your schooling.”

They looked at each other before looking back at me. The oldest cleared her throat, “Father never allowed us to learn.”

I shook my head, “Well, you will for me. You will learn to read, write and count. You will also learn about how a ship works and how to pilot one.”

I hesitated before gesturing to the youngest, her name was Sarah and she was thirteen, “Come here Sarah.”

She looked wide eyed but stood to come to me as she trembled. I pulled her onto my lap and spread her legs so the other girls could see her open slit. I slowly pulled the small egg out of her and she shuddered. I set it aside and looked at the girls as I fingered her slit, “Do you girls lick each other?”

They looked at each other before shaking their heads. I sighed and pointed to Star who was the oldest at sixteen, “Come here and lick her.”

She moved forward hesitantly as I leaned Sarah back and held her pussy open. When she licked, Sarah she gasped and shuddered before grinning as Star looked up into her face. Star grinned back and went back to licking her. She wiggled and moaned as her sister licked her and I quietly told her what to lick and suck. My cock was leaking pre cum like crazy and I finally lifted Sarah and positioned my cock.

I knew her pussy might not take my whole cock but she sure tried as she pushed down suddenly. I shuddered as my cock was forced into her very tight pussy. I held and caressed her as Star continued to lick her and she slowly thrust back and forth on my cock. The other girls watched quietly as I only caressed Sarah letting her do all the work. She managed to take almost all my cock before I pressed against her womb.

She was jerking and shuddering as her pussy spasmed around my cock. I touched Star to make her stop before picking up the egg shaped neural stimulator. I touched it to Sarah’s small clit and pressed the button on the cord to turn it on. Sarah jerked and stiffened as her pussy tightened. She started convulsing and shaking as I continued to rub her clit with the egg, “yes!”

It had been way to long for me and I held her body against me as my cock spewed a thick stream of warm cum. Sarah looked back and jerked with each explosion as I pumped it into her. She wasn’t able to take it all and her womb expanded before sperm began leaking around my cock. When I stopped cumming I sighed and shuddered, “Thank you very much Sarah.”

She giggled, “You made me all slimy and warm.”

I caressed her body, “did your father do that?”

All the girls shook their heads and I grinned as I lifted Sarah’s body off my cock, “Well, I will.”

I let her take her egg and sit with her sisters and gestured for Pamela to come to me. She was hesitant as I sat her on my lap and nodded to Catherine, “Catherine?”

Pamela turned her head to look at me, “She’s Kate.”

I smiled, “Kate it is.”

Kate smiled as she came to me and I opened Pamela’s pussy, “Want to try licking your sister?”

She nodded and bent to look at her sister’s open pussy intently. I laughed and gestured to her other sisters, “You girls can relax and look at each other or practice on each other.”

Star grinned and pulled on Sarah, “You lick me now Sarah.”

That seemed to break the ice and the next thing I knew they were all laid back looking at each other and playing. I shook my head and pulled Pamela’s egg out before Kate started exploring and licking her. It wasn’t long before she was shuddering and moaning. Kate seemed to enjoy making her sister spasm and when she screamed and started convulsing Kate latched onto her clit.

I finally lifted her and moved her back before lowering her to my cock. Kate was the one to grab my cock and place it in the entrance to her sister’s pussy. I lowered Pamela and forced her onto my cock. I held her after that and Kate laughed as she moved up to suck on her sister’s nipples. Pam shuddered and pulled her into a hug as her pussy squeezed my cock. Kate pulled back and her hands went to Pam’s hips before moving her back and forth with a giggle.

Pam groaned as she fucked my cock and kept lifting up before thrusting down and back. For being as old as she was she seemed to love my cock in her. By the time I was ready to cum she was taking most of my cock and spasming. I stood suddenly and she was completely impaled as I grunted and began spewing a torrent of cum up into her belly.

She was jerking with each jet of sperm as it spurting into her until I was done and then she sighed and just held my arms. Several of her sisters were yawning and I gestured to the low table, “Put your eggs on the table and go get in bed.”

They scrambled to obey me and I carried Pam to bed still on my cock. I lift Pam off my cock and lay her down with her sisters. The bed was huge and they fit easily but I moved them around before laying on the edge and spooning behind Millie. I had been up a long time and slowly relaxed as the girls shifted around before quieting. I woke to the beep of the intercom and moved off the bed to answer it, “Yeah?”

“Your shift.”

I stretched and nodded to Pop in the small holograph, “Let me grab a meal and I’ll be right there.”

I woke the girls and led them into the bathroom before getting dressed. I stopped in the large dinning area to get meal packs before leading them to the bridge. Star and Millie ran to their mother when we came in and she swept them up to cry and hold them. I sat the other girls down as they pouted and passed out meals. I looked at Pop, “Everything still green?”

He nodded, “Jillian and I enjoyed each other but I kept watch. Nothing showed on the scan.”

I nodded and took his place in the captain’s chair, “If she isn’t tired she can stay. I was going to start teaching the girls how to read and write.”

He frowned, “They don’t…”

Pop nodded, “never mind, I understand. Sure she can stay, she slept some in my lap earlier.”

Jillian turned when she heard us talking about her. I gestured as he left and handed her my meal, “Sit with the girls.”

She looked down and nodded as she moved to sit on the floor. I checked the scan and let the girls eat. I smiled as they whispered to Jillian and giggled. She looked at me several times as she whispered to the girls and then she grinned. I finally looked at them and had them put the trash to one side. I used a spare holograph display and started teaching them the letters of the alphabet.

Jillian was as interested as the girls. I barely glanced at Jazaria and Michelle when Matt and Jesse slipped them into the group. When Matt returned with meal packs for lunch they sat together and whispered. I had Matt take the trash out before starting a class on numbers. When Jesse relieved me, Jazaria kissed my cheek and whispered, “Thank you master.”

She slipped onto Jesse’s lap and snuggled against him and he smiled as he held and caressed her. I led them out and began a tour of the ship even though I thought they might already know where everything was. I stopped by the quarters Pop had picked and Jillian hugged her daughters before going in. I left Michelle with Matt and took the girls to our rooms. After I closed the door, I undressed and moved to the bed, “Millie?”

I gestured for the other girls, “Get your eggs and come to bed.”

I laid Millie beside me as she trembled and whispered, “Please don’t hurt me.”

I caressed her body, “did your father?”

She nodded and I softly caressed her pelvis, “Did I hurt Sarah or Pam?”

Millie shook her head and I smiled at Tracy, “Why don’t you show me how you lick pussy.”

She grinned and moved onto the bed and between Millie’s legs. She licked through her pussy before sucking on her clit. Millie gasped and shuddered as her hips lifted. I rubbed her firm breasts before bending to suck on a nipple. The other girls moved onto the bed and started playing with each others pussy. I smiled and kissed Millie softly as she groaned and shivered.

It was about ten minutes before I touched Tracy and moved between Millie’s legs. I rubbed my drooling cock through her pussy before slowly forcing it into her. She shuddered and hugged me as I began to fuck her slowly. It was several minutes before she shuddered and her pussy squeezed my cock. I pulled almost out of her to kiss her and whisper, “Should I stop?”

She clutched at me, “NO!”

I kissed her again, “What do you want?”

Millie shuddered and pulled on me, “Fuck me?”

I moved up and fucked her slowly and pressed against her cervix. Millie groaned and shuddered as she began to fuck her hips up. She was wetter and my cock slipping in and out of her easier. I shuddered several minutes later and pushed against her womb as I began to spew a solid stream of cum. Millie stiffened with her eyes wide, “OOOOHHHHH!”

She kept shuddering as I pumped and spewed cum through into her belly. When I stopped she sighed and giggled, “I liked that.”

I kissed her before pulling out and moving to Tracy. I caressed her body and kissed her before feeling and then fingering her pussy. I turned the egg on in her pussy as I rubbed her clit and she gasped and shuddered. I licked her breasts and sucked on a nipple. Tracy shuddered and lifted her hips as she screamed and squirted a little.

The other girls sat up as I chuckled and then kissed her. I shut her egg off and pulled it out before setting it aside and rolling and pulling her with me, “Fuck me.”

She grinned and straddled my waist before lifting up. Before she could position my cock, Kate was there doing it for her. I held her waist lightly as she wiggled and thrust and struggled before my thick cock finally pushed into her. Tracy shuddered and groaned as she slowly sat on my cock. She grinned at her sisters and started thrusting back and forth. I rubbed her nipples and caressed her hips and Tracy shuddered and moaned. Star laughed and Millie giggled, “Horny bitch.”

Tracy laughed happily, “Yes and now we have our own man.”

Her pussy squeezed my cock as she shuddered and I saw the other girls looking at each other. Kate grinned and caressed my chest, “He isn’t like dad though.”

Sarah crawled over to kissed me, “He made it feel good.”

I reached between her legs to rub her tiny clit and she shuddered before grinning. The other girls giggled and Sarah laughed happily. I caressed her face before turning to Tracy, “Thrust back and forth.”

She grinned and did what I told her before shuddering as she wet me slightly. I caressed her hips, “Now rock forward and lift up a little before rocking back and sitting down.”

She nodded and did what I told her. My cock slipped almost out of her before she sat back and sank it into her belly. She gasped and shuddered before spasming as her pussy tightened around my cock, “YES!”

She kept jerking and shaking and I pulled her down before shifting around and rolling. I fucked into her slowly and Tracy stiffened and then began to shudder as I pressed into her womb and pumped huge ropes of sperm. She laughed as her pussy clamped down on my spurting cock. I put six spurts into her before I stopped and kissed her as she hugged me. I pulled out of her and moved to the side of the bed, “Who wants to go exploring the empty quarters?”

They scrambled out of bed and I nodded to the eggs, “go clean those and put them back on the table.”

I dressed and walked to the door to wait. For the next couple of hours we went through all the unused quarters and then we went to the dinning room. Everyone was there accept Matt. The girls ran to their mothers who held them while I crossed to ready warm meal packs. I found juice and added it to the meals before placing everything on a table.

The women were grinning at me and Pop and Jesse chuckled. Jesse nodded to Tracy, “That one said she wants you to fuck her all the time.”

The girls giggled and Tracy grinned. I smiled as I began to eat, “they seem to like sex that’s for sure.”

Jillian laughed, “Millie said you make her father look like a little boy.”

Pop laughed as he reached out to caress her face, “He was a little boy.”

She smiled at him, “I know that now.”

Jaszaria leaned against Jesse, “My girls enjoy how you make them feel.”

Michelle nodded, “Mine too. Of course Kate said she should be the next one you fuck and can’t wait.”

I glanced at Kate as she looked down, “We will take care of that after dinner.”

She looked up at me and I grinned, “I get to taste her first.”

The other girls giggled and she grinned. Jillian laughed, “Don’t forget Star.”

I smiled, “I won’t.”

I checked with Matt before heading back to my quarters. The girls were already shuddering on the bed while using their eggs and fingering each other. I stripped next to the bed and reached out to turn Kate and pull her to the edge of the bed. I knelt as she looked at me and pulled her egg out before licking through her pussy.

I nibbled on her small inner lips and squeezed her clit between my lips. She was shuddering and shaking as I began to suck on it and wiggle my tongue against it. When I pushed my tongue back into her tight hole she stiffened and then arched her back, “Yes!”

I grinned and turned her on the bed before moving over her. I slowly forced my cock into her and held her, “You okay angel?”

She shuddered and thrust her pussy up, “yes.”

The others giggled and she grinned. I started fucking her with long thrusts and she met each one. She began breathing harder and her pussy kept squeezing and spasming around my cock. After a few minutes she stiffened and then jerked around as her pussy clamped down, “OOOHHHHH!”

I fucked her harder and Kate only spasmed and thrashed around more erratically. Her pussy was going crazy on my cock and I finally pressed against her cervix and began to spew cum. Kate howled as she felt my warm cum pumping into her and stiffen. I spurted and sprayed cum into her womb and she finally shuddered and relaxed. I kissed her and just held her, “Okay?”

She smiled softly, “Yes.”

I pulled out of her and moved over her. I caressed Star’s breasts and rubbed a nipple. She grinned and reached down to pull her egg out. I turned and kissed her and glanced down as Sarah crawled between her legs. I grinned and started sucking and playing with Star’s breasts as Sarah began licking her pussy. Millie crawled over to suck on Star’s other nipple and she started shaking. Her body finally stiffened and then she was spasming, “AAAAAHHHHHHH!”

Sarah laughed and moved as I moved over Star. I pushed and forced my cock into Star and she gasped and held her hips up. I slowly buried my cock and held her as she groaned, “It feels wonderful.”

The girls laughed and I kissed her before starting to fuck her. She was more then ready and almost all my cock fit inside her. I was fucking into her cervix like I had with her sisters and she was moaning and shuddering. I buried my cock to press and hump against her and she gasped and spasmed as her pussy contracted, “YYYYEEEEEESSSSSSSS!”

I held her and humped against her slowly as she shook and finally went back to fucking her with long strokes. Star shuddered and her pussy squeezed my cock as I gradually fucked her harder. She came several times before I pressed into her and began to pump strong spurts of cum. Star arched her back and spasmed as her pussy tightened, “OOOOHHHH!”

I pulled out of her and moved over. When I lay back Pam and Tracy moved to me and began licking my cummy cock as Millie dove between Star’s legs and started licking her leaking pussy. For three days I fucked each of them once a day. I taught all of them including their mothers each day too. We were eating when Pop used the ships intercom, “We have a freighter.”

I looked at Jesse and then patted Millie’s cute butt, “You girls go to our room.”

I watched them leave with Jazaria and headed to the bridge. Jesse and I watched as Pop brought all the systems alive and accelerated towards the ship. We waited but they didn’t react and Matt ran in, “Well?”

I grinned, “They don’t see us.”

We grinned at each other and then I zoomed the display to touch the center starboard airlock, “Parallel here before moving closer. It should give us maximum spread from the cannons.”

Pop nodded and I headed to our port airlock. Matt and Jesse both joined me nervously and an hour later as our ship breached their particle shield and Pop’s fired the cannons. When they stopped we were still drifting closer and I fired the four tractor beams to pull us to their airlock. When we opened their inner airlock it was to a quiet ship. I headed for the bridge while Jesse went aft and Matt began checking quarters.

Thirty minutes later we were stuffing the crew into a lifeglobe and kicking it free. I was pulling one of the kit bags we needed towards the freighter’s engineering section with Jesse and Matt began setting up his own remote holographic connections on the bridge. I nodded to Jesse and he touched the activation screen. I opened our short range intercom, “Alright Pop, try it.”

We watched the controls move and grinned before heading back to our ship. A few minutes later Matt joined us and we went to watch Pop shut almost everything on our ship down as he turned the freighter. We watched for thirty minutes before Pop activated the stealth and both ships disappeared.

Matt, Jesse and I went back to the freighter and began going through the quarters slowly. When we finished Matt relieved Pop and Jesse headed to his quarters for some sleep. I walked into my quarters and the girls jumped up and ran to hug me. I smiled and caressed them, “I’m fine, undress me.”

They grinned and Millie rubbed my chest, “It’s my turn and I want you to fuck me from behind.”

Star laughed, “She had us doing it to her and didn’t want to stop.”

I laughed as I headed towards the bed. Millie scrambled onto the bed on hands and knees before smiling back at me. I finger her very wet slit and squeezed her clit. She groaned and shuddered as she pushed back. I shook my head as the other girls climbed onto the bed. I pushed into her tight pussy slowly and held her hips as she jerked and shuddered.

The other girls giggled as she moaned and her pussy tightened. I started fucking her with deep thrusts that pressed my cock against her womb. I loved the way my cock slipped through her tight, slippery pussy. Millie was spasming and jerking like she was having a seizure. When I pressed against her cervix and pushed as I began to unload cum, she jerked with the first stream of warm sperm pumping into her womb and howled, “MASTER!”

I shuddered as I spurted and spewed until cum was leaking around my throbbing cock. I caressed her hips before slowly pulling out of her. She sank to the bed and shuddered as I turned to reach for Sarah. She grinned and stood on the bed to hop onto me and wrap her legs around my waist. Hands guided my cock and I lowered her. My thick cock impaled her and she shuddered as her pussy tightened. She giggled and bounced as the other girls laughed. I hugged her and turned to sit on the edge of the bed, “Okay little Minx.”

She thrust and shuddered and moaned. I glanced at the door to see Jazaria and nodded to her. Sarah was grunting now as she lifted up to fuck just the tip of my cock. Her tight pussy was very wet, making my cock slip in and out easier. She kept jerking and spasming and finally I held her waist and gently pulled her down onto my throbbing cock. Sarah shuddered hard as she looked into my face, “Do it now! CUM IN ME!”

I groaned as I began spewing cum into her womb and she went wild, bucking and jerking around as she howled. I held her body and grunted as I sent spurt after spurt into her and it began leaking out. When I stopped cumming Sarah trembled and leaned against me with a sigh, “That was the best one yet.”

The girls laughed and her mother came closer to rub her back, “You really like it don’t you?”

She grinned at her, “Yes, he lets me do it my way.”

Jazaria giggled, “God, you fucked him so good.”

Sarah laughed as I turned and dumped her onto the bed, “Whose turn to lick her?”

Jazaria touched my shoulder, “May I?”

I looked at her and turned to reach to the intercom, “Jesse?”

It was a minute before he answered, “Yeah?”

I smiled as I looked at Jazaria, “Jazaria wants to lick Sarah clean.”

The intercom came on to him chuckling, “Let her if you want.”

I nodded to Jazaria, “go ahead.”

She smiled and turned to her daughter and knelt between her legs. She caressed her thighs and leaned in to kiss her tiny clit. Sarah shivered and lifted her hips. Tracy came closer, “She’s really sensitive on her clitty.”

Jazaria smiled at her, “so I see.”

Tracy leaned over and held Sarah’s pussy open, “lick the cum leaking out.”

I moved onto the bed and around until I was behind Star. She grinned and reached down to pull her egg out. She lifted her leg and guided my cock to her pussy and I pushed all the way into her slowly. She shuddered as her pussy squeezed me and began pushing her butt back as I fucked her. We both watched Jazaria and Tracy as Sarah spasmed and shuddered through several orgasms.

I finally groaned as Star’s pussy squeezed my cock. Everyone turned to watch as I held still with my cock buried completely and began spurting cum into Star. She shuddered and thrust back, “I love feeling that master.”

The others laughed and I pulled out of Star before turning to give her a kiss. I looked at the other girls, “Whose turn to sleep beside me?”

Kate and Pam moved over and around until one was on each side of me. They snuggled against me as Jazaria kissed her daughter and walked towards the door. I called for the lights to dim and Kate whispered, “Do you think mom would come and be with me?”

I smiled, “Have you asked her?”

Sarah whispered, “I asked mommy to come.”

Millie sighed, “I would like mom to see.”

I heard sniffling and sighed, “Computer?”

The quarters AI brightened the room slightly, “Yes?”

I squeezed Kate and Pam, “Contact Pop, Matt and Jesse. Ask them to please send the women to me to sleep with their daughters.”

“One moment Captain.”

“The women are on the way.”

I moved over the girls, “Thank you computer.”

I kissed Tracy on the edge of the bed, “Tonight you girls snuggle with your mothers and talk to them.”

I dressed and met the three women at the door, “Stay with the girls and let them hold you and talk if they want.”

I headed to the bridge and was surprised to find Pop, Jesse and Matt there, “What’s up?”

Jesse turned and grinned, “We thought you would show up.”

I walked to Matt in the Captain’s chair, “The girls needed their mothers.”

Jesse smiled, “Jazaria just found me when you called.”

I smiled as I looked at the scan to see a battleship a light hour to one side, “how long has that battleship been there?”

Matt shrugged, “not long. Its forward screen pasted ten minutes ago. Their off our course so I didn’t say anything.”

I shook my head, “We were lucky. They were close enough to have heard a distress call.”

Pop snorted, “No one was awake to call.”

I grinned with Jesse and Matt, “yeah.”

I sighed and tapped Matt on the shoulder, “I’ll take watch.”

He moved and I took his place. I looked at the other guys, “I was thinking of letting one set of daughters sleep with their mothers and maybe scheduling some family time for them and their mothers.”

Pop grinned, “They know about sex so I don’t see a problem if they stay with Jillian and I.”

Matt and Jesse nodded and I grinned, “Make sure you get drained or the little minxes will try it themselves.”

They laughed and I waved, “Go use a sleep aid.”

That was a start, every night I let one set of daughters join their mother. Whenever we could, we let them spend time together. Of course we took turns giving all of the classes, on the ship and learning to read and write. It was just over a week when I watched Pop and Jesse move away from us. I turned and began our descent down to the port. Pop would be bringing the freighter down after us.

I used the name and contact information the Empress had provided and a lone man was waiting beside the ocean side docking slip. I shut everything down and headed back to the airlock. I was wary as I met him, “I was told to contact you to arraign the sale of ships or goods.”

He frowned, “Someone very powerful said you might be contacting me.”

He glanced around, “Where’s the ship?”

I grinned, “Coming down. A freighter loaded with military supplies for Decker.”

He jerked, “A freighter?”

I grinned, “They were the first to wander by. We also need new papers for the yacht.”

He glanced at the yacht, “I can have those tomorrow but it will cost.”

I turned at the huge rumble as the freighter slowed and stopped on the other side of the docking slip, “I think we can work something out.”

I turned and slowly pulled a data pad from my shirt. I handed it to him and he started flipping through the inventory from the freighter. I saw his eyes widen several times and finally he glanced at me, “Give me a minute.”

He walked several feet away as he pulled out a pocket communication pad. A minute later he walked back to me, “How much do you want?”

We had talked about this and I smiled, “SHE said you would buy what we brought. You set the price.”

His eyes widened and he nodded before looking at the huge freighter, “ten million for the freighter and two for the cargo.”

I nodded, “and the new papers?”

He glanced at the yacht, “They’ll be sent within an hour at no cost.”

I glanced at the pad I had given him, “my account number is in the header.”

He nodded, “the credits will be sent when my people check the ship.”

I shrugged, “don’t take to long; a battleship and escorts passed us headed for Trinity a week ago.”

He looked at me hard, “They didn’t contact you?”

I grinned, “Let’s just say they didn’t see us.”

An hour later we were heading out to do some shopping. The huge freighter was already beginning its long trip somewhere else and now we were going to buy things we needed and some things we just wanted. I was dragged everywhere by my girls and bought everything from clothes they would barely wear to perfume to jewelry. I also bought teaching pads and a holo AI tutor. We ate a nice dinner and finally headed back to the ship.

By the time we returned to the ship I was tired. Star and Millie kissed me and they headed towards Pop’s room and their mother. Kate pulled me towards the bathroom as the other girls giggled and headed for the holo table. Kate undressed me and slipped her dress off before pulling me into the warm scented bath. She sighed and leaned against me as I smiled and relaxed, “You want me to wash you?”

She nodded and I gently washed her body until she was almost vibrating. She finally shuddered and pushed me back before straddling me and forcing my cock into her tight pussy. She started rocking and wiggling around as her pussy spasmed on my cock. She fucked me harder as I caressed her hips and sides, her tight pussy spasmed and squeezed my cock even tighter.

When she stiffened and screamed I held her hips as I pumped and spewed cum into her. She jerked and shook as warm sperm filled her and slowly fell against me as I caressed and rubbed her bare back. I waited and she whispered as if afraid of what I would say, “I love you.”

I hugged her, “I love you to Catherine.”

She hugged me and sat back, “Pam wants you to fuck her from behind.”

I laughed, “She needs to sit on me so I don’t go to deep.”

Kate grinned, “She said to fuck her like a bitch.”

I shook my head and slowly lifted Kate off my cock. I groaned and shuddered and she giggled. I pulled her out and drained the water before pulling her into the shower for a quick rinse. I dried her and put my arm around her as we went into the bedroom. Pam sat up and moved to the edge of the bed before pulling her egg out, “I really need him.”

Kate laughed and rubbed her pussy before climbing into bed. I caressed Pam’s body before flipping her over and putting her on her hands and knees. The girls giggled and Pam grinned back at me as I bent my cock and slowly forced it into her. She was wet and slippery and my cock pushed into her easily. I started fucking deeper and she shuddered as her pussy tightened.

I was careful not the fuck her to hard as my cock began pressing against her womb. Pam was shaking and moaning as she put her head down and kept thrusting her butt back. I liked the way her tight pussy kept squeezing my cock as she got wetter. Every couple of minutes she would become erratic and shudder hard as she screamed into the bed.

I finally buried my cock as it throbbed and jerked and began pumping sperm into her. Pam stiffened and then shoved back onto my spurting cock hard, “YES!”

I held her in place as I filled her womb and finally pulled out to pat her butt, “Go lay down now.”

She grinned as she turned and hugged me before giving me a kiss. I slept between Sarah and Tracy and woke in the middle of the night like I always do. Tracy was stroking my cock and looking into my face, “I’m horny master.”

I smiled and caressed her face before rolling so that I was between her legs. I pushed into her tight pussy and began to fuck deeper. I was using long, deep thrusts and she was shaking in moments as her pussy grabbed my cock. She clung to me as I pressed against her womb and rolled so she was straddling me. Tracy grinned and sat up before thrusting back and forth and rocking.

She kept pushing down hard to force my cock against and then into her cervix. Her pussy was wet and slippery and kept squeezing my cock as she fucked me. Soon she was using long strokes that pulled my cock out before she jammed it back to her baby maker. Every other minute it seemed she was stiffening before shaking and having spasms.

I finally groaned as my cock began jerking and Tracy thrust down and held still as I began pumping strong gushing spurts into her womb. It filled quickly and began leaking as she trembled and shuddered while her pussy tried to hold my cock inside her. When I stopped cumming she sighed and slowly laid on me, “Thank you master.”

I caressed her body and relaxed. Tracy fell asleep quickly even with my cock stretching her pussy. I followed her into sleep and woke to the ships morning chime. I moved Tracy off me and went to wash before dressing and heading to the bridge. I nodded to Pop and slipped into the pilots chair before bringing everything to life. An hour later we were headed out of the system. I looked at Pop, Matt and Jesse, “Are we agreed, Hell for the first couple of weeks?”

Pop nodded, “The contact said they built a smelting factory and an orbital supply depot. The jump point to Decker would be worth watching.”

After the ship jumped, Jesse engaged the stealth system and we changed course. Matt slapped my shoulder as he headed out, “I’ll set up the AI in the common room.”

I smiled and relaxed, Pop cleared his throat, “Simon?”

I looked at his serious face, “Yeah?”

He looked down, “this morning…well, Millie…”

I grinned, “She fucked you awake.”

Pop nodded, “I didn’t know… god, she liked it.”

I laughed, “Did you tell her to wash this morning?”

He nodded, “She was leaking.”

I smiled, “Yeah, there isn’t a lot of room inside her.”

I reached up and gripped his arm, “You didn’t hurt her and I’ll bet it felt good.”

He grinned, “I haven’t cum that hard in years.”

I gestured, “Tell my little bitch to come see me.”

Pop walked out as I set the auto pilot and watched the scans. Millie came in slowly and stood beside my chair, “master?”

I looked at her, “You fucked Pop without asking.”

She trembled, “I’m sorry master I was really itchy and…and horny.”

I sighed and pulled her onto my lap, “Listen to me Millie. You belong to me and Pop lets you sleep with your mother because I asked. He didn’t ask to have sex with you and felt like he betrayed me. I don’t mind but it made him feel bad. Now I will have to tell the others that if they want, they may have sex with you or your sisters. You will go to your sisters and apologize. If you sleep with any of the men and get horny you will wake them and ask for sex or you will come to me.”

Her lip was quivering and I hugged her, “For the next week you will only sleep in my bed. Each night you will present your pussy to me so I may fuck you.”

She looked up and smiled, “Yes master.”

I reached down to finger her pussy, “Now I am busy so you will go back to your sisters for classes.”

Millie jumped down and ran out and a couple of minutes later Matt, Jesse and Pop came back in. I glanced at them and turned to face them, “The AI has them occupied?”

Matt grinned, “Fascinated would be closer.”

I smiled and looked at each of them, “by now you know what a bastard the girls father was. I am just now weaning them from the neural stimulators. All of them want sex.”

I looked them again, “There are six of them and I am not a superman.”

Jesse grinned, “So you want us to fuck them.”

I grinned, “Tell their mothers. I’m sure by now you have worn them out.”

Pop chuckled, “Jillian could use a break.”

I looked at Matt and Jesse, “The girls need to learn that not all men will be like their father.”

They nodded and I gestured to the hatch, “Go rest or whatever.”

They laughed as they walked out and quiet returned, letting me think. It was a couple of hours before I used the intercom and called Star to the bridge. When she walked in she was frowning. I turned and pulled her onto my lap, “Millie told everyone?”

She nodded and I hugged her, “I have been thinking. You are oldest so I am making you my mate. Like your mother and Pop or Matt and Michelle.”

She was looking at me with wide eyes. I caressed her body, “You will be in charge of the other girls. You will keep track and make sure they are used evenly. Now Mellie is being punished for a week. She is only to sleep with us and will present herself to me each night to be fucked. Hopefully she will start sleeping through the night.”

Star grinned, “You took her egg away.”

I checked the readouts and reached between her legs. I started fingering her and rubbing her clit. Star sighed and spread her legs to give me more room. I kissed her passionately as she stiffened and jerked, her pussy squeezing my finger. I waited until she finished cumming before letting her slip off my lap. A few hours later Matt walked in with a huge grin on his face, “Your Pam sure loves to fuck.”

I smiled as I went over the ship status and headed towards the common room. As soon as I walked in the girls ran to me and pulled me to a couch. Jesse and a smiling Jazaria were relaxing across the room. Star sat beside me and leaned against me, “We have each been used Master.”

I caressed her thigh, “And did everyone enjoy it?”

They all started talking at once but the answer to my question seemed to be yes. I pulled Sarah onto my lap, “How was school?”

That brought even more chattered and I finally laughed and stood, “enough my little monsters. Let’s go find something to eat.”

When I stood, Star slipped her hand into mine, “Tracy wants to sleep with us tonight.”

I glanced at Tracy and nodded, “She doesn’t have to sleep with her mother if she doesn’t want to.”

After we ate they pulled me back to the common room to watch a new vid. Star sat in my lap as the other girls clustered around the holo table. She put my hand on her breast, “I asked Pop to fuck me first so the others would see he was gentle.”

I rubbed her hard nipple, “And did you do Matt and Jesse?”

Star shuddered, “Yes, but only Pop came in me. We took turns so they would last long enough for all of us.”

I smiled and hugged her as I gave her a kiss. I fingered her all during the vid and finally stood when it ended. I kissed Star, “Take Sarah to her mother and come get ready for bed.”

I led the others to our room and started getting ready for bed. When I came to the bed Millie was waiting on the edge and turned and went to her knees, “Master?”

I rubbed her cummy pussy and teased her clit as the other girls crawled into bed. I bent my cock and slowly pushed into Millie and she shuddered and pushed back. I fucked her with long, deep thrusts and she began to shake and her pussy kept squeezing my cock. I kept hitting her cervix and she only moaned and shuddered harder.

Her slimy pussy felt good and my cock finally pushed into her womb. She gasped and held her butt back as her body spasmed and jerked. I buried my throbbing cock in her and jabbed slightly and a moment later began pumping cum. She stiffened and then shuddered as I filled her belly with warm sperm. I pulled out when I was done and rubbed her butt. “Scoot over by Tracy and see if she will lick you.”

She crawled across the bed as I turned and sat, “Pam?”

Pam grinned as she straddled me. I caressed her hips as she fitted my cock to her cummy pussy. It was easier to push into her tight pussy since she had cum in her. She shuddered, “It was fun fucking Pop, Matt and Jesse today.”

I rubbed her nipples, “you might not get to everyday.”

She shuddered and her pussy spasmed as she rocked and thrust back and forth, “We know, Star told us.”

I reached down to finger her clit and she shuddered as her pussy squeezed my cock. I caressed her hip and back as she jerked and shook. She leaned into me as she became erratic and my cock pressed her cervix open. Pam jerked and convulsed as I grunted and began spewing cum. She stiffened and cried out as she felt the warm cum pumping into her and expanding her womb. When I stopped cumming she shuddered and then grinned, “You cum the best master.”

I caressed her hips and butt before hugging her, “Into bed.”

She lifted off my cock and grinned as she crawled into bed beside Millie. Kate moved behind me and laid back spreading her legs. I smiled and turned to caress her hips and pelvis, “Star?”

She moved from the foot of the bed and sat beside me, “master?”

I fingered Kate’s clit, “When would be a good time for you to get pregnant?”

Kate shuddered but Star was quiet. I glanced at her and she was grinning. She hugged me, “Now?”

I laughed, “You still have your implant.”

I slipped my finger into Kate’s pussy as she spasmed, “You are almost seventeen and soon Catherine will be sixteen.”

Kate’s pussy squeezed my finger and I smiled before turning to Star, “We can buy an artificial womb or three. We have more cabins if we need them but we won’t be doing this forever.”

Star kissed me, “Tomorrow we can go to the sick bay and remove my implant.”

Kate shuddered and Star looked at her, “We’ll remove Kate’s too.”

I laughed and turned to move onto the bed between her sister’s legs. Kate pulled me into her and sighed as I pushed against her womb, “I would like a baby.”

Tracy moved and reached out to touch my shoulder, “Master. I want a baby too.”

I groaned and buried my cock as Star shifted. I felt Kate’s tight pussy squeezing and milking my cock and looked at Tracy. I thought about it and sighed, if I used an artificial womb she would be okay. I looked at Star, “Tomorrow we will talk about who gets pregnant.”

She nodded and moved onto the bed before pushing Tracy down and moving between her legs. I started to fuck Kate slowly and she groaned and clung to me, “I love fucking master.”

I smiled and started pulling out of her before pushing back into her womb. She jerked and began spasming a few minutes later, “YYYEEEEESSSSSS!”

I pressed and humped into her and then fucked her hard for a minute and Kate kept convulsing as her pussy tried to hold my cock. I kissed her as I buried my cock and used short, tiny jabs. She stiffened and screamed before jerking and thrashing around as her legs kicked and jerked. I waited until she started to relax and pulled out. I kissed her, “That was nice Catherine.”

She sighed and then grinned, “I get your morning load of cum.”

Star laughed, “Greedy slut.”

I turned Star and lifted her butt before pushing into her tight pussy. She shuddered and groaned as I began fucking her. I used long thrusts that pushed against her cervix firmly. Star was thrusting back onto my cock as I held her hips and fucked her. Tracy turned and slipped under her, Star shuddered as her pussy tightened and bent her head to lick through her sister’s pussy.

I kept going as she shuddered and shook. Her pussy was constantly spasming and milking my cock. Tracy was groaning and Star was slowly stiffening. I finally thrust into her and held her hips as I began pumping cum into her. She lifted her head to scream as her pussy clamped down. I spewed and spurted and pumped and then I was done. I pulled out and rolled her to one side, “Turn around Tracy.”

She grinned and quickly did as I told her with her legs spread wide. I moved up and forced my cock into her. I started to fuck her slippery pussy and she clutched at me, “Please master? Can I have a baby?”

Star snuggled closer and caressed her cheek, “Tomorrow we will talk about it. Now fuck him sis.”

Tracy shuddered as her tight pussy squeezed my cock. Tracy was shuddering and her pussy was spasming after just a couple of minutes. She jerked and convulsed as I fucked her with short, grinding thrusts. She was constantly cumming, her tight pussy kept squeezing my cock and she was squirting on me a little.

It took fifteen or twenty minutes before I pressed into her womb and began spewing cum. Tracy stiffened and held her hips up, “YES!”

I pumped her belly full and then held her as she sighed and relaxed. I pulled out and moved over between Pam and Kate. They snuggled against me as I dimmed the light and Star came to snuggle against Pam. When I woke up they were all still asleep. I looked at each of them and slipped out of bed.

I dressed and walked to the dinning area for coffee. I smiled when I saw Pop and Matt eating with the three women. I took my cup to the table and sat, “I need to buy a few artificial wombs.”

The women looked at me and Pop grinned, “Star?”

I nodded, “And Catherine and maybe Tracy.”

I looked at the women, “They were very... determined.”

Jazaria smiled, “You will use an artificial womb?”

I nodded, “It is considered safer.”

She grinned as she looked at her plate, “Sarah is going to demand you get her pregnant too.”

I looked at her and both Jillian and Michelle laughed. Michelle smiled, “My Pam is going to want you to get her pregnant if Catherine is.”

Jillian looked at Pop, “Millie was already asking how to remove her implant.”

I sighed and both Pop and Matt laughed. I shook my head, “They better learn to share before they break me.”

They all laughed again and we turned to look as Star led all the girls in. I nodded to the meal packs and watched them get their breakfast. I smiled at Tracy, “Next month you will get pregnant.”

I looked at Millie, “You too, so stop trying to find away to remove your implant.”

They were grinning as Pam and Sarah looked around. I kissed Star’s cheek as she sat beside me, “Pam and Sarah get their chance in two months. I don’t want six babies born on the same day.”

Star grinned, “Just two?”

I reached between her legs to caress her pussy, “two will be enough for now.”

She shuddered and spread her legs before looking at the other girls, “Tracy? You start first today if Pop, Matt or Jesse want someone. Kate and I can’t do it until our master has us safely pregnant.”

Tracy grinned with the other girls and looked at Matt, “Are you horny master Matt?”

We laughed as Michelle leaned against him, “After breakfast, two of you may fuck him.”

I shook my head and stood, “Star and Catherine come with me.”

They hopped up quickly and grabbed each hand as I headed to the sick bay. It didn’t take long to remove the implants and use the med scanner to pull an egg to their womb after building the lining up. When I finished Star was grinning and took my hand to pull me after her, “Me first.”

Kate was grinning as she grabbed my other hand and followed. I stripped beside the bed and knelt as Star sat on the edge. I pushed her back and leaning in to lick through her pussy as Kate giggled and leaned over to suck on one of her nipples. Star moaned and shuddered as I began teasing her clit and sucking, stopping only to lick her pussy and tongue fuck her.

When she started bucking and jerking around I stood. Kate looked at me and pulled on Star to turn her. I moved over her and pushed her legs open before Kate guided my cock to her sister’s pussy. I pushed in and began to fuck her with slow thrusts. Star groaned and put her feet over my thighs as her hips met mine. I kept fucking her as she began to shudder and Kate moved close and hesitantly kissed her.

Star groaned and cupped her head with her hand and pulled her back for another long passionate kiss as I pushing into her womb. I started using short humping thrusts and she began to shake and then convulse, “YES!”

I took my turn in kissing her and then started fucking her harder with long, deep thrusts that made her grunt. Her warm, slippery pussy almost seemed to pulse as she kept shaking and I finally pushed into her womb and began spurting and pumping cum. Star screamed as she lifted and spread her legs, “YES!”

I pumped and spewed and spurted and then just held her shaking body. I kissed her as she let her legs drop to the bed and then pulled out. She was smiling and turned to caress Kate, “Let him love you now.”

Kate lay back with a grin as I moved over and down to her pussy. I started licking and nibbling and she shuddered and spread her legs. I teased her clit as she lifted her hips and shook. I continued to lick and push my tongue into her and she kept shuddering. When I sucked and gently nibbled on her clit, her back arched and she squirted girl cum, “YES!”

I kept licking and caressing her until she relaxed and then I moved up her body. I slowly worked my hard cock into her tight pussy and Kate groaned as she put her legs over mine and held me. I began to fuck her nice and slow and it wasn’t long before she was shaking as her pussy squeezed my cock. She started shuddering almost constantly and clung to me, “I want this so much master.”

I kissed her and pressed her cervix open before pulling back. Star reached over to take her sister’s hand as I started fucking Kate a little harder. It was another fifteen minutes before I needed to cum and she was shuddering and spasming the whole time. I pressed into her and kissed her hard as my cock jerked and began spewing huge torrents of cum.

Kate lifted her legs and spread them wide like Star had as I pumped warm sperm into her fertile womb. She clutched at me and held me tight, “YYYYYEEEEEEESSSSSSSSS!”

When I finally stopped cumming I pulled out of her and gave her another kiss, “thank you Catherine.”

She smiled, “Your welcome master.”

I caressed Star, “Stay in bed for awhile and then you can come out.”

She nodded and I dressed before heading to the bridge. Every two hours I fucked Star and Kate while the other girls either watched or went to ask Pop, Matt or Jesse if they wanted to fuck. I still managed to fuck Millie each night before we slept. We were barely set up on the jump point before a freighter jumped out. Matt was piloting and started after them.

They never saw us until we breached their particle shield and even then they only knew something was there. The cannons worked perfectly and we loaded the crew in a lifeglobe before jettisoning it. We worked quickly and installed our systems. It wasn’t long before we were putting our ship on standby and searching the freighter as Matt turned it and set course.

I walked into my suite and the girls came to their feet. Star grinned as she walked to me with a sway to her hips, “Catherine and I asked mom to test us and we’re pregnant.”

I grinned and swept her up and spun her around before reached for Catherine. She was grinning with Star as I kissed her and Star pulled me towards the bed, “you need to fuck Tracy, Millie, Pam and Sarah.”

The girls were grinning as I stopped and undressed before walking to the couch, “Sarah?”

They all laughed and came to sit on the floor in front of me as Sarah climbed into my lap. I caressed her hips and pelvis as she leaned back against me, “whose turn to lick you?”

They laughed as Star came forward and knelt between her legs. It wasn’t long before Sarah was shuddering and wiggling on my lap. She lifted up and Star positioned my cock before Sarah sat and forced it up into her tight pussy. She sighed and leaned back, “I like your cock the best master.”

I laughed and hugged her. Star went back to teasing her clit and she began to wiggle and squirm as her pussy squeezed my cock. The other girls had paired off and were kissing and feeling each other. Sarah was jerking and shuddering when I finally groaned and held her down with my cock pushing into her womb. I began pumping thick spurts and she jerked and shuddered as her pussy clamped down.

When I stopped cumming she turned to kiss me and then lifted up and moved to the floor and laid back. Pam laughed as Kate began licking Sarah and climbed onto my lap. She straddled me and glanced back as Star sat back. She lifted up and guided my slimy cock to her pussy and sat down forcing my cock into her. She shuddered as my cock sank to her womb and hugged me.

I caressed her body as she began to rock and thrust. She grunted each time my cock pushed against her cervix. I bent to kissed her and she clung to me as her tight pussy squeezed my cock and she wet me. I laughed and hugged her as she fucked me erratically and started shaking her head. She was already panting and having small jerky twitches. I reached between us as she stiffened and rubbed her small clit.

She jerked and started convulsing as her tight pussy contracted and squeezed my cock. She was grinning as she looked into my face and I kissed her before standing. She was fully impaled on my cock as I moved to the bed and lifted her shuddering body off my cock. I turned her and set her on the edge of the bed on her hands and knees. She grinned back at me as I rubbed the head of my cock back through her slit and pushed in.

I held her waist and began to fuck her nice and slow with long thrusts that pressed against her womb. It wasn’t long before Pam was shuddering and spasming as her pussy milked my cock. I started fucking her a little harder and she kept thrusting back as her tight pussy squeezed my cock.

When I was finally ready, I thrust into her and held her as my cock pressed her womb open. I shuddered as I began spewing huge, strong gushes of cum. Pam arched her back and howled, “YYYYYEEEEEEESSSSSSSS!”

I pumped spurt after spurt that quickly filled her belly and began to leak. I pushed her shaking body down on the bed and turned to the other girls, “come to bed.”

They were grinning as they scrambled up and ran to jump on the bed. Star was last as she walked to me with a sway to her hips. She kissed me and shooed Millie into bed. She moved to the other side and slid in next to Sarah and pulled Pam closer too. Kate was next to Pam and grinned as she hugged Tracy. I laid beside Millie and began caressing her as she sighed.

Her pussy was very wet and she shuddered when I slipped my finger into her. I finger fucked her through a couple of orgasms before moving over her and fitting my cock to her pussy. She clutched at me and pulled my cock into her with a moan. I kissed her and began to fuck her with long, deep thrusts. Her tight pussy was continuously squeezing my cock as it started hitting her cervix.

I felt when her womb opened a few minutes later as Millie screamed and started convulsing. She was jerking and thrashing around as she got a lot wetter and her pussy tightened. When she did it the third time I was ready and held her as my cock throbbed inside her womb and began to pump huge spurts of cum. Millie spasmed as her pussy clamped down and screamed, “YES! CUM IN ME MASTER!”

When I stopped cumming she was full. I kissed her and held her for a minute before pulling out. I laid on my back between her and Tracy. I caressed Tracy’s leg and thigh, “Are you wet honey?”

She laughed as she straddled me and fitted my slimy cock to her tight pussy and pushed down. I caressed her hips as her tight pussy squeezed me and she began rocking back and forth. I cupped her breasts as she shuddered and grinned, “I love fucking you master.”

I laughed as the other girls giggled and Tracy groaned as my cock began rubbing and pressing against her womb. She spasmed and jerked as her pussy contracted around my cock. I reached between her legs and began to rub her clit and she gasped and jerked before thrusting back and forth. She was breathing harder and shaking as her pussy continued to squeeze and milk my cock.

Her cervix opened and my cock began fucking in and out of her womb as she began convulsing and spasming erratically. She was moaning incoherently as she began to haltingly fuck me while twisting and wiggling. Every couple of minutes she would jerk and spasmed as she got wetter. It was almost twenty minutes before I pulled her hips down as my cock throbbed and jerked.

She stiffened and looked into my face and then began jerking and shaking hard as I began spurting cum into her womb. When I finished, she sighed and slowly relaxed as she lay on me. I held her and caressed her body as she lifted her hips and slipped half off me. Millie snuggled against my other side and it wasn’t long before they were all asleep.

The next two weeks were pleasant as the girls were back to taking turns with me. When our contact met me by the docking slip he was grinning. I led him to the freighter Pop and Matt had landed a few minutes before. An hour later it was leaving and a large amount of credits were added to our account. We had everyone dress up and went shopping.

This time I bought a dozen artificial wombs just in case. I wasn’t surprised when the three ladies decided on our return to the ship to get pregnant. Pop, Matt and Jesse had grins that wouldn’t leave. We loaded the girls trinkets and baby things as well as the few things we had bought. We had a request for any freighter leaving Aberdeen so I made a system check before lifting from Scottsland while everyone was eating.

We had refueled from the last freighter and filled our water tanks. After jumping out of the system I switched on the stealth system and changed course for Aberdeen. Jesse relieved me with a big smile, “Jazaria is excited to get pregnant again.”

I laughed as I let him take my seat, “so were Star and Catherine.”

He laughed as I walked out. Star was waiting and pulled me to our suite. She grinned, “The other men are off limits until they get our moms pregnant.”

I caressed her face, “Spread out the schedule for the girls.”

She nodded and turned once the door was closed. Most of the girls were asleep but Sarah was sitting on the couch waiting with her legs spread as she fingered her clit. I smiled as Star began stripping me, “I see you are ahead of me.”

She grinned and pulled me to the couch. Sarah stood to hug me and whisper, “will you fuck me like Star and Catherine?”

I kissed her and caressed her small body, “Sure.”

I picked her up and carried her to the bed. The other girls were on the far side as Star turned the covers back. I laid Sarah down and kissed her before I shifted over her. She lifted and spread her legs and I felt her hand as she guided my cock to her pussy. I slowly forced my cock into her and began to fuck her. She wrapped her legs around my waist as I pushed deeper to hit her cervix.

She shuddered and moaned as I pulled back and then pushed into her and started to grind and press. Her womb opened and I slid in. Sarah shuddered as her extremely tight pussy squeezed my cock and she thrust up and hissed, “YES!”

I pulled back to start fucking her with long thrusts and she began spasming as she squirted on me. She continued to shudder and convulse as I fucked her and pressed her face against me to scream. I didn’t try to hold back and pushed into her womb and held still as I spurted and spewed. She lifted her hips and tightened her hold on me.

When I stopped cumming her belly was full. I pulled out and turned to slide her further onto the bed. I kissed her before turning to Star who was rubbing her pussy. She grinned and pushed me onto my back before straddling my waist. She slowly impaled herself on my cummy cock and shuddered as she put her hands on my chest. She began twisting and rocking as she slowly thrust back and forth.

I cupped her breasts and felt them as she began to breath faster. It wasn’t long before she was shuddering and her tight pussy was grasping at my cock. A few minutes more and she was erratic and panting as she wet me and spasmed. I reached between her legs and started to rub her clit and Star jerked as her pussy tightened, “YES!”

I grinned and pulled her down before shifting around until she was under me. I started fucking her with long, deep thrusts and she began convulsing. As I got closer to cumming Star began to buck and thrash around. I finally held her as I buried my cock and began pumping spurts of cum. She stiffened and clutched at me as I filled her pussy.

When I was done she shuddered and relaxed. I kissed her softly and pulled out before laying between her and Sarah who snuggled against me. Star turned and put her head on my shoulder a minute later. A week later we were watching a large freighter after it had jumped out of Aberdeen. Pop was on the bridge and we were in the airlock.

When we boarded the freighter it was to find soldiers, they were stunned like the crew. We stripped them of identification and began moving them to the lifeglobes with the crew. We made a second check and Jesse used a wide spectrum scanner to sweep the ship. We found a couple of trackers and put them in the globes before kicking them free. When I walked into my suite Star stood and grinned, “Tracy and Millie are ready for you to get pregnant.”

I smiled and caressed her face as I looked at the girls sitting on the couch, “Are your mothers pregnant?”

Star grinned, “They are telling Pop, Matt and Jesse as soon as you say it is clear.”

I laughed and nodded, “Tell them.”

I stripped as I walked towards the bathroom, “Come wash me girls.”

My bath was full of splashing and playing. I finally stood and rinsed off in the shower before drying. The girls were ahead of me and pulled me to the bed where Tracy was waiting. I laid beside her and caressed her body. She was smiling as she touched my face and caressed me, “Can I be on top?”

I sucked on one of her nipples before kissing her, “Of course.”

The other girls were sitting around the bed as Tracy shuddered and rolled before straddling me. She grinned as she fit my cock to her tight pussy, “Guest what?”

I held her hips as she wiggled and forced my cock inside her, “What?”

She bent to kiss me, “Mom used the med scanner and she said I would have twins.”

I laughed and hugged her before sitting her up, “Only if you get to work so I can fill your baby factory.”

The girls laughed and Tracy grinned as she began to rock and thrust, “Tell me before you cum. I want you to roll over so you can do it in my womb.”

I tugged on her nipples, “Your wish is my command.”

She grinned as the girls laughed again. She went back to rocking and thrusting as she rolled her hips and twisted. I laughed and rubbed her clit as her pussy spasmed and squeezed my cock. She jerked and shuddered before moaning and wetting me. She started to become erratic and her pussy seemed to ripple around my cock. I could feel her womb open and shuddered before pulling her down and rolling over.

I kissed her as I began fucking her with long strokes. Tracy jerked and lifted her legs as her pussy contracted. She was almost incoherent as she began to thrash around and thrust her hips up. A couple of minutes later I pushed into her womb as I began spewing cum. She jerked and thrust her hips up as her pussy tightened, “YES!”

She continued to shudder as I filled her belly. When I stopped she sighed and relaxed as I held her and kissed her softly. I pulled out and moved off the bed, “Star? Would you stay with Tracy and bring her to the dinning room in a little while?”

She smiled and nodded as she crawled to Tracy and snuggled against her. I dressed and led the others out to get something to eat. We sat in the common area and watched a movie for a while. I finally stood and lifted Millie in my arms before walking towards our suite. I laid her on the bed and kissed her before undressing. She was fingering her pussy when I moved onto the bed beside her.

I caressed her hips and leaned over to suck on her nipple. Millie sighed and shivered before touching me and pulling on me, “fuck me this way?”

I smiled as I moved over her and she positioned my cock against her pussy. I bent to kiss her before slowly forcing my thick cock into her. She groaned and wiggled her hips as I began to fuck deeper. It wasn’t long before I was hitting her cervix and she was moaning as she lifted her hips. The supplements Star was giving me seemed to be working because my balls felt full.

I fucked her a little harder and Millie started convulsing as her pussy got a lot wetter. I was fucking in and out of her open cervix and she was fucking back hard. I buried my cock as she stiffened and held her trembling body as I began to pump and spurt huge, strong streams of cum. Millie lifted her hips and howled as warm sperm flooded her.

I spewed and sprayed her belly until it was leaking out. Millie sighed when I stopped and slowly relaxed. I pulled out and rolled onto my back and the other girls crowded onto the bed as Star turned the lights down and came back to bed. During our trip back to Scottsland we did a through search of the freighter. Our contact was very eager to get his hands on the stuff collected from the soldiers and paid us a premium plus a bonus.

We decided a vacation was in order and headed for Paradise. During the trip I used the holo remote to move the babies Star and Catherine carried and put them in two artificial wombs. The girls were back to letting the others fuck them. Mellie and Tracy both tested positive so they were pregnant. Paradise was fun, we had a small private island to ourselves.

The girls played on the beach and in the warm ocean water. We stayed for two weeks before deciding to get back to work. It took us a week to reach Trinity and set up. Jillian, Michelle, Jazaria, Tracy and Millie all had their babies moved to artificial wombs. Pam and Sarah were ready to get pregnant even if I wasn’t sure. At least with the artificial wombs I knew it would be both safer and easier for them.

Star and the others were helping to service Pop, Matt and Jesse as I got off watch and walked to our room. Sarah and Pam were on the bed and grinned when I came in. I smiled and undressed as I crossed to the bed. I moved onto the bed and kissed Pam before she pushed me towards Sarah. I caressed Sarah’s body and she sighed before shivering and pushing me onto my back.

She straddled me and rubbed her pussy back and forth on my cock getting it wet. She shivered and grinned as she lifted up and Pam held my cock. She wiggled and pushed and forced my cock into her tight pussy. Sarah sighed and didn’t wait as she began to rock and thrust. Slowly she forced my cock deeper until I was fucking against her womb.

She grunted and began shaking and then spasming as her pussy squeezed my cock. I rubbed her nipples and kneaded her breasts and Sarah stiffened and then went wild. She jerked and twisted and kept slamming down on my cock. Star had fed me supplements and for the last day kept the girls away. I pulled Sarah down on my cock as it swelled and throbbed.

She spasmed and jerked as she looked at me and then she howled as she felt the huge gushing torrent of cum pumping into her womb. She started convulsing as I held her impaled and spewed thick streams of sperm into her belly. Sarah dropped to my chest panting when I stopped cumming and I hugged her before lifting her hips and sliding her off me.

She rolled onto her back and giggled as she covered her pussy with a small hand. I smiled and looked at Pam to see her smiling and fingering her pussy. She bent to kiss me, “Will you do it from behind? I really like it that way.”

I kissed her and caressed her before turning her onto her stomach and moving down behind her. I fingered her clit for a minute until Pam was shuddering constantly. I shifted and slowly forced my cock into her and she groaned as she pushed back. I started fucking her tight, slippery pussy slowly and she kept pushing back. Her pussy kept squeezing my cock each time I pushed into her.

It wasn’t long before she was shaking and trembling as my cock slowly pushed open her womb. I fucked in and out slowly and stayed deep inside her and Pam began to convulse. It was about ten minute before I shuddered as I slowly pushed into her womb and held her as my cock swelled. I grunted as I started spewing and pumping warm cum in her womb and she howled, “YYYYEEEEESSSSSSSS!”

She was shaking and spasmed as I continued to spurt in her belly. When I finally stopped cumming I pushed her down on the bed and laid between her and Sarah. Sarah snuggled against me and a minute later so did Pam. I hugged them, “Every couple of hours I will do one of you until we know you are pregnant.”

They grinned and snuggled against me. They seemed to delight in being the only two I fucked that week. It took that long before we had a freighter come through and it was a large armed one. Pop moved us after it and we waited tensely until we breached the particle shield and fired the stun cannons. The crew was twice as large as it should be.

Like before we stripped and dumped the crew in lifeglobes before setting up the freighter. As Pop turned us and put us on course, we headed towards the common room. I had already given the all clear and we found everyone except Pop and Jillian waiting. Sarah and Pam ran into my arms as the other girls followed. Sarah grinned up at me, “Guess what?”

I shook her and bent to kiss Tracy and Millie. Star and Catherine were smiling and kissed me before I looked at Sarah and Pam, “What?”

They looked at each other and blurted out together, “We’re pregnant!”

I grinned and hugged them again as everyone laughed. Star turned Sarah, “Sarah? Jesse has been waiting for this.”

She turned Sarah and she grinned and ran to take her mother’s hand. Star turned Pam, “Matt wants you now.”

Pam laughed as she ran to her mother and Star turned to take my hand, “And we want you.”

I smiled and let her lead me to our room. The girls undressed me inside the door and Millie pushed me towards the bed and Star who was waiting, “go fuck your wife.”

The girls giggled as I crossed to the bed and laid beside Star. I caressed her body as she shivered and kissed her. She caressed my face and pushed it down her body. I laughed and sucked on a nipple before sliding down between her legs. I opened her pussy and licked through it before nibbling on her inner lips. I sucked on her clit as she jerked and shuddered and started teasing it with the tip of my tongue.

I continued to lick and tease her and Star began to spasm and thrust her hips up. I kissed up her body as I moved over her. I kissed her softly as I pushed into her tight pussy and she moaned and hugged me tight. I started fucking her slowly and our hips met as she lifted hers. It wasn’t long before I was pressing against her womb and she was shaking and spasming.

Her tight pussy kept squeezing my cock and spasming. I continued to fuck her slow and deep and Star wet me before starting to convulse. Her pussy grasped my cock as she bucked and thrashed around. I buried my cock and began to hump and press against her. She kept jerking and spasming as I kissed her and slowly her body began to stiffen.

I was ready when she suddenly started thrashing around again and pushed against her womb to open it. She screamed as I began spurting and pumping thick jets of cum. I spurted and spewed a half dozen thick jets of cum before I stopped and she sighed as she began to relax. I pulled out of her grasping pussy and kissed her before laying beside her. She smiled and turned to caress me before rolling off the bed. She walked towards the bathroom as Catherine stood from the couch and came to the bed.

We took ships for five years until the war ended, by then we were wealthy many times over. My girls had each had a second child as did their mothers, the ship almost seemed crowded with all the babies. We settled on Paradise, each of us bought an island in a small group not far from each other. We took apart our equipment and sold the ship before settling down. My girls take turns sleeping with me now and during the day if they need it or think I do they will drag me to bed.
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