My beautiful daughter.
Haley Part Three

I really hate to waste all this space in a preamble to my stories. I thought the one I had at the beginning of the stories I edited so far would have been sufficient, but it seems the self appointed pedo police are hell bent there are minor children in my fictitious fantasy stories.

I have always been fond of small dicks and pussies. The problem is some of you think only young children possess them. My dick has always been little. Yet I am not a child. I know women that have tiny tits, little pussies, and no hair down there. They are not children either. And that’s in the real world. In Fantasy Land, the guys and gals alike can be short, skinny, and hairless without being minors.

As a matter of fact, there is an island in Fantasy Land that puts restrictors on all its males’ penises to keep them little after puberty, much the same as the Japanese do their women’s feet. The girls use a special cream that shrinks the vagina. I mean, what girl wants a big sloppy pussy when all the men have tiny pencil dicks?

I can’t tell you the name of the island for security reasons, but I can tell you it isn’t Fantasy Island. All of its citizens stay young looking and never gain much stature. No one ever dies there. Its due to some chemical in the soil. That’s the reason for the security. Otherwise there’d be a stampede of dumb asses (Pedo Police included) storming the fictitious beach ruining the lives of these wonderful people.

For those of you who have a little common sense, I apologize for being blunt. For those of you that don’t, please get some. I have searched far and wide up and down Fantasy Road for many a year to find the characters I was looking for.

First I found a cute little midget. He is very petite, but unlike David Bennent who was eighteen and looked ten, when he starred as Honeythorn Gump in Legends, my midget is twenty one and could pass for twelve in short shorts. Trust me. Twelve he ain‘t. The mother fucker had a twelve inch dick when I first saw him. It seems a lot of folks in Fantasy Land have twelve inch dicks. Most of them are as fictitious as their dicks.

I couldn’t deal with the cute little bastard having all that dick, so I cut it off for him and sewed a skinny pencil dick in its place. You can find those all up and down the road in Fantasy Land. They are a dime a dozen. Then I slapped the silly bitch around for awhile until he got a bad case of amnesia. At that point I told him he is my twenty one year old little boy. He, not wanting more amnesia treatments, believes he is so.

The little fucker also plays any character I ask him to. Since that time I have acquired several other characters the same way. They all play different characters in my many stories. They all do what I tell them to, but they won’t touch a part portraying a young child. They’ll let me tell about a person’s childhood, but that’s about it.

Melinda, the only one that doesn’t mind me using her real fictitious name, is one of three girl characters I have acquired other than the ones from the island. Melinda is twenty three. She will occasionally play a girl as young as sixteen, but refuses to stoop any lower. She is smooth, petite and very desirable. The only problem I had with her was her pussy was all hairy and loose. I couldn’t stand that. I did laser hair removal on her and I must say she looks sweet being that smooth and hairless.

I got one of those African head hunter guys to help me with her big old nasty pussy. He used his head shrinking magic to make her pussy small and tight to my delight. I convinced her to have breast reduction surgery. I love a flat chested bitch.

I like em small and she had always wanted to look a little boyish. She may even play a guy part at some time or the other. Who knows. When she does, it will still be a fictitious part. She looks like a young girl. So much so, I have to lie about her age. The bitch couldn’t get into a G rated movie without her fictitious parents. She doesn’t like anything real. Not many in Fantasy Land do.

I also use some of the folks from the island. I like that because they work cheap and I don’t have to cut off their dicks nor do I have to give them amnesia treatments. This also lets me avoid dealing with the head hunter. That dude’s a little weird for my tastes.

True, I call some of them little boys and little girls. Some of them are quite naïve when it comes to sex, but that is only because their fictitious Fathers were very protective of them as they weren’t growing up. Bottom line, there are no fucking children in my fantasy stories. Fictitious or otherwise. I would like for you folks that have pedophilia stuck in your minds to either get past the dumb shit or quit reading my stories. The rest of you can feel free to enjoy.

Haley is a very long and complicated story. It is nearly book length. Probably thirteen chapters. There is a lot going on in it. I built the characters up slowly to allow you, the reader to relate to them. Haley’s childhood is described, but the references to sex when she was a child are the normal curiosity type stuff all parents had to deal with as their children progressed in age. Believe me, once the sex stuff started, she was of age for this site.

Unlike my previous stories, the characters portrayed in the sex scenes in this story are younger than twenty one. However they are at least sixteen. If you think they are younger, perhaps I could recommend a good therapist to help you get children out of your mind. This story is not for you folks that want a quick nut. It is for the more sophisticated reader who while he still wants plenty of sex, also enjoys some plot.

For the technical aspects of the story, I use the things I know to add credibility to the events in the story. The rest I simply make up using wording that makes it seem probable. I apologize that some of it will not stand up to scientific reasoning. It isn’t meant to. This is all fantasy. Happy reading.

Chapter Three

Haley had been beating me off for several more weeks. I started sleeping in the nude again as Haley was going to come in contact with my penis regardless of whether I had underpants on or not. I had just as well be comfortable. Haley loved it. She would immediately snuggle her body up close to my penis as she hugged me when she got in the bed. When Haley wasn't playing with it in the bed, she hugged me closely so my thing would rub against her nude little body.

She would get in positions for it to rub against her belly, her legs, and sometimes against the back of her ass. Haley was especially fond of rubbing my dickhead across her bared nipples. It drove her crazy when her nipple dragged through the hole in the end of it. I didn't want my thing rubbing all over my daughter, but she did it so innocently I couldn't bring myself to stop her.

Besides, it allowed me to feel really close with my Haley. I decided it wasn't going to hurt anything to let her cuddle up close as long as she didn't put her head down there or get it too close to her puss. I still made Haley get dressed when she got out of bed. I was hoping to maintain some semblance of normalcy in her life.

Haley was still abiding by the rules and only breezing through every now and then in the nude even though we both already knew I liked looking at her naked. She would beat me off in different parts of the house. I couldn't believe how much she liked doing it for me.

Sometimes, it felt like she had my thing in her hand most of the day. Actually some days she really did. I awoke one Saturday. Haley was sitting in the bed next to me. She still had the covers up around her waist. I could see from her bare chest she hadn't gotten dressed yet. She had the covers pulled off of me and was gently stroking my penis. When she realized I was awake she stopped playing with it and sat there staring at it.

I told her, "Haley, Its time for breakfast. Go ahead and get your clothes on." Haley just sat there with a dazed look on her face. It almost looked as if my young daughter was getting horny. I couldn't think that way about Haley, so I wanted to think it was something else, even though I knew better.

Suddenly Haley pulled the covers off of her and shut her eyes real tight. I couldn't help asking, "What are you doing now, Haley?" Haley's reply almost floored me. "I decided to get naked and my eyes are shut. I am waiting for you to see if you can shoot off looking at me."

I was stunned. I wasn't sure what to do. I finally found my tongue. "Haley, I can't do it here in the bed. I'll make a mess. Let's go to the bathroom and I'll try it there." Haley opened her eyes momentarily to prop some pillows on the bed.

"Daddy, I want to stay in here. If you lay back against these pillows, your juice will squirt onto your stomach. I can scoop it off when you finish and there will be no mess. I will stand over there where you can see me. I promise not to peek."

I realized there was no point to arguing about this new situation. I had told her that when she decided to get naked I would try to shoot off looking at her if she promised to keep her eyes shut. I couldn't back out now. That would be the same thing as lying to her.

I laid back against the pillows. I was surprised how comfortable I was. Haley stood over in the floor with her eyes shut tight. I reluctantly started stroking my penis as I looked at Haley. At first I had trouble getting a hard on. Later, I thought about how good Haley makes me feel when her hands are on my dick.

I got hard right away. Suddenly I realized just how pretty Haley really is. I was enjoying looking at her and I got very excited looking at her pussy. I remembered how wonderful her soft skin felt when she rubbed up against my peter at night.

I started imagining how wonderful I would feel with my thing probing sweetly and warmly between her legs. I shot off in only a few minutes. It was fantastic beating off looking at my young daughter. I wanted to do this some more. I was hoping Haley would bring it up again soon. I told her she would have to decide when she wanted to do it. I made up my mind as her Dad, I would never initiate any of it. "Haley, you can open your eyes now. I am finished."

Haley opened her eyes and came running over to me. She looked at the juice I ejaculated all over my belly. "Oh, wow. Daddy. Cool. You can shoot off looking at me. Promise me you'll let me watch you shoot off real soon."

She started swiping her fingers through my jism and eating it. I could tell she wanted to go straight down and lick it off, but she was afraid to push her luck. It was hard for me to admit it, but I have started getting very excited watching Haley eat my cum. I couldn't help fantasizing at times about filling her little mouth with my excitement.

Naturally I wasn't going to tell Haley. If I did, she would beg me to let her do it now. I wanted to keep her that way as long as possible. "OK, Honey. I promise. How about waiting until the first of next week. If I am still alright with it then, you can start watching. Remember I will not ask you to do it. You have to decide when and if you want to do me. OK?"

Haley broke into a wide grin. "Sure, Daddy. That's okay by me. Haley put her hand on my dick, stroking gently. This was the first time she beat me off while I could see her nudity. I knew it wouldn't be the last.

Its amazing the way things turn out at times. It has been close to a year now since Haley started playing with my thing and she shows no signs of giving it up. The thing I find hardest to get a grip on is I really don't want her to stop. I was surprised. I didn't mind Haley watching me jerk myself off. I actually found it to be quite a turn on. It was pretty neat staring at her beautiful body and watching her jaw hang open as I made myself come.

I was quite surprised at how much Haley's nudity excited me when I did it to myself. Haley likes to watch me do it as much as I like doing it. She likes for me to do it in front of her every couple of days or so. She liked to watch it squirt out, while my hand stroked it gently. She liked knowing her body caused me to get so excited. Haley took me up on the getting nude part pretty quickly. She is nude a little over half the time we are awake at home.

Haley is already sitting in my lap in the nude again. She has been masturbating more frequently in front of me as well. She really enjoys holding my dick and does so very frequently. She doesn't jerk me off every time. Sometimes she just likes to hold it. Don't get me wrong, I like it for sure, but I still take Haley places during the day. I make it a point to keep her busy or she would sit around the house all day holding my penis.

We always do a lot of fun things together and she goes to school. I thought public school would be a better experience for her than a private school or tutor. Haley seems to enjoy school. She gets all "A"'s, much to my pride.

We have a fairly long driveway. It is a little over a mile long. At first the county's superintendent of schools wanted me to purchase a golf cart for Haley to traverse from the bus stop to the front of the house.

I finally convinced him to have the bus driver bring her down the driveway and let her off at the front porch. I had to bring the superintendent out to the house and let him stroll through the driveway with it's dense forests surrounding it on all sides. I asked him if he was willing to let his daughter travel alone down the driveway, especially in the mornings when it was still dark. I have it well lit with street lights, but the area is so secluded, it would be far too easy for someone to wait about halfway down to drag her into the woods. I won't take that risk with my Haley.

I also informed him with the taxes I pay the county, over and above what everyone else pays, the county could provide Haley her own bus and driver. He actually told me he would have no problem sending his daughter through my driveway at night. It wasn't fair extending the other kids ride by two miles. He didn't play favorites. He didn't give a damn how high falooting I thought I was. He let me know we both put on our pants the same way. One leg at a time.

I hate it when government officials hand me a load of bullshit and expect me to swallow it hook, line, and sinker. My driveway was paved like a four lane super highway. It would take the bus driver less than two extra minutes to go down the driveway and back. He had to stop to pick Haley up anyway as she is the only one at that stop. The super was obviously suffering from green envy, because I had and he didn't.

I decided to let him find out the hard way that my pant legs were a lot longer than his and as such I could kick a little harder. I informed the county board of supervisors of my plans to move to the next county. I would level the house and the amenities to devalue the property and maintain possession of the land so no one could build it back up.

Then they could collect taxes on a million dollar lot as opposed to collecting the taxes on a 250 million dollar estate. I told them while it would be cheaper for me to hire a driver or put Haley in a cab each school morning, it was the principle of the thing.

Actually the real issue was my Haley is a very popular student. All the kids like her. She makes friends easily. The problem is when she makes them, she truly thinks of them as friends. Haley had quite a few friends on that bus.

If I was to move to another county or was to give in to the county and take her to school myself, (Obviously the golf cart idea was out of the question.), Haley would be hurt not seeing her friends. I posed this idea of leaving the county as a bluff, because I knew the county knows it will hurt them a lot more than the little inconvenience was going to hurt me.

The board chairman made a call to the Super. Instant change in attitude. Money talks. I didn't even bother to threaten to put a halt to my 500 million dollar donations to the school budget each year. I think they figured that one out all on their own.

By the way, the Super never did send his daughter up my driveway. Which was a good thing. I didn’t want her going up that driveway alone anymore than I did Haley. I would never subject a young girl to that type of risk, not even to teach her asshole father a lesson.

It’s still a weird feeling, as soon as Haley gets home from school, her hand goes straight to my dick while she hugs me. She even beats me off while she does her homework. She does her homework at the kitchen table. Haley insists on being nude while she is doing her homework. Haley tells me it relaxes her so she can think better. As long as she continues to make the kind of grades she makes, who am I to argue with her logic.

I usually sit nude in the chair beside her so she can reach it easily with her left hand. Sometimes I stand beside her facing toward her. Haley likes it when I do that because when I shoot off, it squirts all over her chest, belly, and lap. She really enjoys rubbing my juice all over herself when it happens. I told her to be careful not to let any of it get near her pussy opening as she might get pregnant if any gets in.

It’s kind of weird. Not the part about Haley beating me off, but when she does it while she is doing her home work, Haley rubs me with her left hand and focuses entirely on doing her homework with her right hand, even when I start shooting off all over her. We both enjoy it and it certainly hasn't hurt her grades any. Haley said her teacher asked her one time how she managed to get perfect grades all the time. Haley told her it's because my Daddy always helps me with my homework.

Of course Haley never needs help with her homework, but I remind her that if she ever does need any, I will always be glad to help. Fortunately, I have an IQ that can't be read by the tests that are given as no matter what they ask me, I seem to know the answer. I read stuff constantly. Particularly technical manuals on math, physics, and the like.

I only need to read it once as I have total recall. It isn't the same as a photographic memory, because I don't see the words. I just seem to remember everything I read. It is more like the way a computer works. I can actually quote it word for word and understand it all too. I can actually read the phone book one time and then tell you everything in it twenty, thirty, even sixty years from now. I never forget anything. Haley doesn't quite have that capability, but it is close. She usually has to read it twice.


Haley and I had been sitting on the couch discussing what might be fun to do over the weekend before she returned to school. Haley stood up removing her clothes, signaling she was preparing to get me off. She had been right about one thing. I didn't have any problem shooting off while I watched her.

As a matter of fact I have started to find her sexy little body to be one hell of a turn on. Sometimes I find myself wishing she wasn't my daughter, because I want to fuck her something awful.

Her little pussy looks awesome. It looks so smooth and tight. I have started fantasizing about what it would feel like with my dick firmly shoved in up to her hairless little pubic area with her sweet legs wrapped around my waist pulling me up close to her.

Of course I still had no plans to actually do it with her for real. I never mention it to Haley, because I remember our conversation from last year. I know Haley would love to fuck me. So far she hasn't brought the subject back up. I am hoping she will be satisfied with the status quo and leave it be.

I gazed at Haley's nude little body. Her pussy beckoned at me enticingly and her little nipples seemed to poke out from her chest. My dick got hard right away. I stood up and undressed before sitting back down on the couch. Haley got on the couch beside me. I closed my eyes in anticipation of feeling her hands settle on my shaft. My eyes opened immediately. Haley hadn't put her hand on my dick.

Instead she put her mouth on it. I was shocked. Not that she wanted to do it, but that she did it. I didn't want her to suck me off, but its been a long time since I've had a mouth on my peter. God, it feels so good. I don't know what to do. My young daughter is sucking my dick and I am helpless to stop her. I can't wait to blow my wad in her mouth.

I watched as Haley's head bobbed eagerly up and down. "I'm getting ready to shoot off soon Haley. You'd better move your head out of the way." Haley immediately pulled her head from my shaft. She came straight up into my arms and kissed me full on the lips. I was mesmerized. Haley kisses me on the lips all the time, but never like this. This was no Father Daughter type kiss.

Haley even crammed her tongue into my mouth. I found my daughter's lips felt every bit as good on my lips as they did on my dick. Sucking on my daughter's little tongue was awesome. We kissed passionately for a long time. I was loving every bit of it. Suddenly Haley pulled away from me and went straight back down to my shaft. She was giving me one hell of a blow job. I told her again, "Look out, Sweetie. I am getting ready to shoot off again."

Haley never said a word. She just cupped my balls in her hand and started sucking harder. When I shot off, Haley gulped it down like she was eating candy. When it was over, Haley sucked me until it went soft and came up looking into my eyes. "See, Daddy, I can do the other stuff too. Will you teach me to do it all?" Haley had done a good job as it was, but it had been so long since I had it done, anything was wonderful. Actually with a little training on what feels best, she can do a whole lot better.

I found myself saying, "Sure Baby, I will teach you all of it. We won't be able to fuck until I've had a chance to set up some protection for you. That will take a couple of months." "Why is it going to take so long Daddy?" "Well Honey. I can get the pills in a couple of days, but you have to be on them for a couple of months to make sure they have you ready."

Haley smiled with satisfaction. She knew she was finally going to get what she wanted most. I knew she was going to go crazy having to wait so long, but I felt she may change her mind if I make her wait the full two months.

To be continued………………………………

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