My name is Dan and I am fourteen. My sister Alonia is sixteen and a knock out. She is a blue eyed, long haired blonde. Her body made me want to throw her down and fuck the hell out of her. When I was ten I had started a photography hobby. Mostly my pictures were just saved onto my computer but the ones I thought were best, I printed and put into albums.

When Alonia came into my room and came up behind me, I was nervous. She hugged me from behind and the first thing I noticed was that she wasn’t wearing a bra, “Dan?”

I glanced back and closed out the pictures I was working on. I looked, “What’s up?”

She kissed my cheek, “Can I trust you?”

I blushed, “For everything except sex.”

Alonia actually smiled, “I need some pictures taken.”

I turned a little to see her better, “And?”

She blushed, “I wanted pictures of me naked.”

I swallowed, “um… are you sure you want me to take the pictures?”

Alonia nodded, “I’ll make it worth your while.”

I nodded as fantasy’s filled my head and I reached for my camera, “Right now?”

She nodded and led me back to her room. I guess I should have locked the door but I had never done that before. Alonia had cleaned and straightened her room and after the door closed she walked to the bed and turned. I could see her take a breath before pulling her top off. I loved the look of her pink nipples. I was already taking pictures and talking to her. It was several minutes before her pants were off and I saw her thong panties. I stopped and frowned, “Alonia?”

She looked at me as I blushed. “What?”

I bit my lip making up my mind, “Change into those white lacy ones you have.”

She looked at me closely, “How do you know about those?”

I shrugged, “You dropped them on the hall floor last week so I put them in the hamper.”

She grinned, “Okay, wait.”

I watched her go to her dresser and open her panty drawer. I still took a few pictures as she changed, (more from habit). I posed her and took pictures for another few minutes before I had her start taking the panties off. I had her do it slowly in stages and moved around her while she did. That was when mom came in. Alonia suddenly grabbed her blouse and covered herself, “Momma!”

I looked at mom and just knew she was going to kill me. Mom closed the door and leaned against it, “He’s taking pictures of you without clothes?”

Alonia looked at her with a red face and then nodded. Mom smiled, “This I have to watch.”

I looked at mom in surprise and Alonia finally turned to look at me. I shrugged, “Don’t look at me, I’m only taking the pictures.”

Alonia hesitated and then dropped the blouse and straightened. She nodded and I went back to directing her, this time with occasional suggestions from mom. When she was completely naked I posed her several different ways, from standing to squatting, lying on the bed in a couple of different poses and on her hands and knees. When I stopped she sagged to the bed, “that was more than I expected.”

Mom laughed, “You should have made a movie.”

Alonia grinned at her, “That’s later.”

I started for the door, “I’ll check the pictures and you can pick out the ones you want.”

Mom shook her head, “Didn’t you get worked up seeing your sister?”

I blushed, “Yeah, but there isn’t much I can do about it.”

When I got to my room and put the card in my computer, both Alonia and mom came in. I brought up multiple displays of the pictures on the monitor. Alonia had her robe on and nothing else as she leaned over my shoulder. I looked back and frowned before turning slightly and pulling her around and onto my lap. “It bothers me if you lean on my shoulder.”

Alonia looked into my face, “And sitting on your hard dick doesn’t?”

My face reddened, “That’s different.”

Mom knelt beside us as I went through the pictures. They were clinical as they picked pictures and I put them in a print folder. Alonia was wiggling and humping down on my cock the whole time. When we finished, I copied the card to a folder I made and formatted the card before printing the pictures. Mom patted Alonia’s hip, “Stand up Alonia.”

When she did, mom leaned over my damp crotch and undid my pants. I absently lifted my hips as mom tugged my pants down. She pulled Alonia back to my lap pushing her robe out of the way. She wrapping her hand around my cock and lifted it. I groaned as Alonia slowly sat on my cock with a sigh.

She wiggled and pushed back until my cock was buried in her tight pussy. I wrapped my arms around Alonia and shuddered. Mom laughed as she sat back, “Have you done this before Dan?”

I shook my head and Alonia started fucking back and forth on my cock. I reached around her and cupped her breasts. She shuddered when I pinched her nipples lightly. She buried my cock and jerked while her pussy spasmed and she moaned. That was more then I could take, “I… I’m going to cum!”

Alonia shuddered and leaned back as I started spewing my first thick ropes of cum into a woman. I pumped and spurted and spewed load after thick creamy load. She had jerked with the first shot of warm cum as it sprayed into her and then she just shivered and sighed with each one that followed it. Mom was caressing my shoulders and back as I held Alonia and bred her. When I stopped cumming she shivered one last time and looked back at me, “Thanks Dan.”

She slowly stood up and cum ran out of her in a stream. Mom laughed as Alonia looked between her legs to see cum running down the inside of each leg. She grinned, “That was awesome.”

She turned and bent over to kiss my cheek. She took her pictures and left while mom smiled. Mom rubbed my chest, “Just wait, I think those pictures are going to get you a lot more pussy.”

The next day after I came home from school I walked into my room and didn’t even get to chance to relax. Alonia was in my doorway with one of her friends, “Dan?”

I set my book bag down, “Yeah?”

She glanced at Melanie, “Melanie wants you to take pictures of her like mine.”

I looked at them thinking about Alonia’s wonderful pussy, “Same payment?”

Alonia grinned and nodded. I smiled and picked up my camera to follow them to her room. She stood beside me as I took a picture of Melanie. As she undressed I posed her with Alonia adding something every once in a while. By the time she got to her panties and bra she was grinning and laughing at some of the poses.

She blushed as she unhooked her bra but it took several picture before her breasts were bare. She grinned at Alonia, “No guy is ever going to let me take this long again.”

Alonia laughed and I grinned as I had her turn while I took more pictures and posed her. By the time she got her panties all the way off she was laughing again. After that, things took longer as I posed her in every position I could think of and a few Alonia suggested. I finally straightened and stretched, “That’s it.”

I checked my camera, “Let me download this and you can pick the ones you want.”

I looked up to see Melanie smiling as she lay on Alonia’s bed. I looked at Alonia who winked as I turned and walked out. I had finished downloading the pictures when my sister and Melanie walked in. Alonia was pulling her desk chair and Melanie was wearing My sister’s robe and blushing. I brought up the displays and had to sit back as Melanie sat in my lap.

Alonia sat beside us and they talked as they went through all the pictures. The ones Melanie selected, I put in the print folder. When we finished, I started printing the pictures and moved all the pictures to another folder with today’s date and her name. Alonia leaned over and kissed my cheek. She stood and left, pulling the chair with her and closing my door.

Melanie turned on my lap and looked into my face before smiling and kissing me softly. She slid off and pulled me up before undressing me and then pulling me towards the bed dropping the robe. I was a little nervous but Melanie smiled as she pushed me back onto my bed. I took a breath as she hesitantly knelt beside me and bent over me.

She licked my cock and I jerked and then laughed as she looked at me. I grinned and pulled her up and onto the bed before sliding over and then kissing down her body. I kissed her pelvis and looked up into her face. I smiled, “Would you mind?”

She looked at me and then grinned and spread her legs. I smelled her slightly musky scent and leaned down to lick through her pussy before gently biting her clit. Melanie jerked, “OH!”

I licked her pussy and sucked on her clit while wiggling my tongue against it. She shuddered and held my face against her pussy, “OH FUCK!”

I tongue fucked into her pussy and licked from ass to clit. I covered her clit again and sucked while teasing it. Melanie shuddered and jerked as her hips pumped up into my face. “FUCK YES!”

When she finally shuddered and half twisted away while covering her pussy, I stopped. I moved up and pushed into her shaking body. Her pussy was warm, wet and tight as I slowly fucked her. I stayed as far in her as I could and just used short, hard thrusts. I pressed against her groin and humped before pulling back to fuck her with long, deep strokes that made her grunt and shudder.

I smiled and gave her a soft kiss before going to my arms. I started fucking her hard and deep and Melanie thrust her hips up to meet mine. I slowed and buried my cock before grinding against her. Melanie jerked and shuddered as her pussy tightened on my cock. “mmmmm!”

She shook her head and grunted as I fucked her hard for a minute and then used slow, deep strokes that made her moan. Her pussy was squeezing my cock every time I pulled back and she was shaking like she was having a seizure. Every time I pushed into her, she would sigh and shiver with a moan. Every few minutes I would fuck her hard and then take my time and go slow.

After almost twenty minutes I was fighting not to cum and couldn’t hold back. I shoved into her as deep as I could before starting to spew huge, gushing streams of cum against her womb. Melanie jerked and gasped before suddenly going wild. She was bucking and jerking as my cock throbbed and sent cum pumping into her. She whimpered and tossed her head, “oh fuck!”

When I stopped cumming, I held still and waited for Melanie to relax before slowly pulling out. I sat beside her, “Thank you Melanie.”

She grinned weakly and then laughed, “I thought it would be a slam bam thank you mam and you rocked my world.”

I grinned and she sat up to hug me. She slid off the bed and reached for the robe. She pulled it on and smiled at me before taking her pictures and then leaving. I sighed and then grinned as I got up and dressed before going downstairs. Mom was in the kitchen drinking tea and I sat down. She smiled as she looked across the table, “Did Melanie get her pictures?”

I nodded and mom grinned, “And did you get paid?”

I smiled and blushed as I nodded again. Mom reached out to ruffle my hair, “You are going to be one popular stud.”

I grinned and then stood, “I better go do my homework.”

I had only just finished when Alonia came in looking really nervous. I glanced at her as I finished my work, “You look worried.”

Alonia came to sit on my lap. “Melanie won’t stop talking about you.”

I looked at her, “That makes you nervous?”

She grinned and shook me, “No.”

She looked at my computer and took a breath, “You know Terri? The Junior Varsity head cheerleader?”

I nodded, “I took their picture at some games.”

Alonia smiled at that and then frowned, “Melanie called one of her friends who called one of… Terri saw some of your pictures of Melanie… She wants you to take her picture.”

I looked at Alonia and then at the door, “When?”

She bit her lip, “Now?”

I looked into her face, “What’s the problem?”

She looked down, “Her boyfriend is with her.”

I looked back at Alonia, “So you want me to do it for free?”

She looked at the doorway again, “Her boyfriend wants to watch.”

I sat back, “Will he try to beat me up if I…”

Alonia shrugged, “He’s a freak.”

I sighed, “Okay but tonight you are going to owe me.”

She grinned and she slid off my lap, “I’ll tell mom I’m sleeping with you tonight.”

I grabbed my camera and followed Alonia to her room where Terri was waiting. She was still wearing her cheerleading uniform. Her boyfriend was leaning against the wall watching. Melanie was sitting at Alonia’s desk looking nervous. I ignored everyone except Terri, “You listen to what I tell you. I will pose you and take the pictures. If you have a pose you want to try, tell me when we reach that stage of undress. Did Alonia tell you what I charge?”

She looked at me calmly and then nodded, “she told me.”

I motioned everyone over by the door and started. I think I surprised Terri because of how long it took before she even started taking anything off. I could hear her boyfriend breathing heavy as she finally started taking her top off.

After the top was her short skirt and that took awhile for her to get off. At one point she groaned and shuddered. Her bra came off just as slow and in several stages. The wet panties took a long time. Her naked poses went from the desk to the bed to the window. I stood back and stretched, “Okay, I think that should be enough.”

She slumped down on the bed, “How long were we doing that?”

Mom’s answer from the door startled them, “About an hour.”

Mom turned and walked down the hall as Terri looked at me. I shrugged, “Give me a minute to download the pictures and you can pick out the ones you want printed.”

It was almost five minutes before Terri and Jason came into my room. Terri was dressed and looked uncertain and Jason was grinning. I looked at her and sat back, “Changed your mind about paying me?”

I clicked on her folder and deleted it as Jason took a step. Terri gasp, “NO!”

I glanced back and looked at Jason, “Take them yourself.”

He grabbed my shoulder and I grabbed his balls. He screamed and dropped to his knees. I looked at Terri as she glared at Jason, “You moron! I told you to just let me fuck him!”

I smiled, “Come back without Jason and we can make a deal.”

She looked at me for a minute and then kicked Jason, “Get the fuck out, loser!”

He slowly uncurled and glared at me. “This…”

Terri slapped him on the side of the head, “Yes it is. If you touch him I will make sure someone beats the crap out of you.”

I looked at her and then down at her boyfriend, “You need to leave.”

It was a minute before he was able to get up and make his way out. Terri was biting her lip until he was gone. She looked at me, “You didn’t get rid of them permanently did you?”

I gestured to the door, “Closed the door and get undressed.”

She didn’t even hesitate and before I knew it she was naked and standing beside me. I retrieved the photos and looked at her before shifting around and pulling her onto my lap. I brought up the display while she looked at me. I shrugged, “You didn’t bring in my sister’s chair.”

She grinned and then turned to look at the monitor. It was an hour before I had the pictures she wanted and sent them to the printer. I moved all her pictures to a separate folder and then stood as she slipped off my lap. I undressed as she stood back looking nervous. I took her hand and sat her on the edge of the bed. I knelt and caressed her hips and pelvis, “Is it okay if I lick your pussy?”

Terri blinked and then grinned, “I thought Melanie made that up.”

She turned and laid back on my bed with her legs spread, “I would love it if you went down on me.”

I smiled and moved between her legs. I licked through her wet musky pussy and she shivered and her hips pushed up. I nibbled on her inner lips and pushed my tongue into her moist hole. I covered her clit and sucked while teasing it with my tongue. She jerked and spasmed as I raked my teeth across her clit and then licking through her pussy, “Fuck!”

She jerked and shivered as I pushed two fingers inside her and pushed up against her g-spot. Terri gasped as her hip bucked, “Yes!”

I kept licking and teasing her clit and it was only a minute before she was spasming and shaking before having body racking convulsions. Her pussy kept squeezing and tightening on my fingers and she squirted into my face, “YES!”

Her back arched as she squirted again and screamed, “FUCK!”

I pulled my fingers out and licked through her cummy slit. Terri bucked and thrashed around as her body shuddered hard. She moaned and shivered before relaxing and trying to catch her breath. I moved up her body and nudged my cock against her pussy. Terri groaned as she absently put her arms around me, “God!”

I smiled and slowly pushed into her. She shuddered as my pelvis pressed against hers with the head of my cock throbbing against her cervix. I slowly pulled back and started to fuck her slippery pussy with a long, slow, deep plunge. From the first stroke into her, she was shaking and thrusting up with her hips.

She kept groaning about being so full and that it felt so good. A few minutes after I started she froze and then slowly stiffened. Her pussy was squeezing my cock and then she squirted and began thrashing around, “FUCK YES!”

She bucked and thrashed around as I continued to fuck her tight pussy. She squirted me a couple of times as her body convulsed and twisted under me. She relaxed and panted as she spasmed and thrust up automatically. It was only a few minutes later that her back arched and she screamed, “OH MY GOD! YYYEEEESSSSSS!”

I groaned as her pussy tightened around my cock and I shoved against her open womb and began pumping large ropes of cum. Terri went wild again bucking and jerking as warm cum spurted into her womb to fill it. I finally stopped and held Terri as she twitched and shuddered. She was panting and finally sighed and her body relaxed. I kissed her softly, “Thanks Terri.”

She hugged me and laughed, “My pleasure.”

I smiled and pulled out of her and moved off the bed and helped her up. I watched her dress and handed her pictures to her. She bent and kissed me before walking out. I got dressed and went to Alonia’s room. She and Melanie looked up when I stopped in the doorway. Alonia blushed, “Did her boyfriend make you do it for free?”

I grinned, “I grabbed his balls and made him whimper like a baby.”

They both grinned and I sighed, “Terri was yelling really loud.”

Alonia and Melanie both laughed. Alonia looked at Melanie, “We know. Mom came up to see who was getting murdered.”

I smiled and turned, “I better go talk to her.”

Mom was grinning when I walked into the kitchen, “Hey stud.”

I blushed, “She let me go down on her mom and I kind of got carried away.”

Mom caressed my cheek when I reached her, “Well, she didn’t seem to mind.”

I turned to help her and mom was quiet as we worked. She finally glanced at me, “If I have a few friends over would you take their picture?”

I grinned, “You know my price.”

She laughed and turned back to making dinner. Melanie left just before dinner and we ate quietly. Mom kept smiling and Alonia looked at me as if asking what was up. I grinned, “Mom wants me to take pictures of some friends of hers.”

Mom looked at Alonia and blushed as my sister grinned, “Way to go mom!”

Mom laughed, “It’s been awhile since your father left and watching the two of you has been making me horny.”

Alonia looked at me and grinned, “You need to take pictures of mom after dinner and we can both sleep with her tonight.”

I looked at mom, “What do you say mom?”

Mom waved that away, “I’m not…”

I reached over to touch her hand, “I’ll be the judge of that.”

Mom looked at Alonia and then grinned, “What the hell, I’ll do it.”

We finished dinner and I did the dishes since it was my night. Mom and Alonia disappeared upstairs. I finished and went upstairs. I grabbed my camera and went to mom’s room. She was blushing a little as she stood beside her bed in a sexy gown. Alonia sat in her desk chair by the door and grinned at me. I looked around and took a couple of pictures before starting to pose mom.

Slowly her gown came off to revel sexy lace panties and bra with stockings and a garter belt. I kept taking pictures as first her bra came off and then her panties. It was a long time before first one stocking came down and then the other. When mom was naked I posed her on her bed in several positions and then leaning on her windowsill.

I posed her at her make up desk and then sitting in her cushioned chair. I finally stopped and smiled. Mom was sweating slightly and relaxed back in her chair. I turned for the door, “When you catch your breath come to my room.”

I downloaded mom’s pictures into a folder and hesitated before undressing and sitting back down. Mom and Alonia both came in naked, Alonia pulling her chair. Mom grinned and sat in my lap as I started the pictures. I tried to ignore her naked body on mine but she felt so good it was really hard. I think mom was surprised by what she saw.

We went through them and Alonia would point a good one out and pretty soon they were both into it. When I reached the end, I put the selected pictures in the print folder and moved all the pictures to a new folder with mom’s name and date on it. As the printer started Alonia stood and grinned at mom, “I’ll let you and Dan…”

I laughed and hugged mom, “No you don’t. You said if I take the pictures you both sleep with me tonight.”

Mom laughed and turned to kiss me before standing, “Everyone go brush teeth and get ready for bed, when you’re ready come to my room.”

When I walked into mom’s room she and Alonia were on the bed with the covers folded back. I grinned and shut the light off before moving to the bed. I climbed in and moved over next to mom and softly caressed her naked body. Alonia giggled and started moving down her body. I kissed mom as Alonia moved between her legs and she shuddered and moaned.

While mom moaned and shivered, I started licking her nipples and sucking on them. It wasn’t long before mom was shuddering and spasming. I moved up to keep kissing her and a moment later she arched her back, “YES!”

Her body was shaking jerkily and she was almost incoherent as Alonia moved up on her other side and pulled on me. I moved over mom and between her legs before pressing my cock against her pussy. Mom spread her legs with a groan and I slowly pushed into her.

She felt so good, almost velvety and hot. She was slippery as I began to fuck deeper into her. Mom was shuddering and humping up as I gradually fucked her harder. A few minutes later mom went rigid and screamed, “DAN!”

Alonia was kissing her as she spasmed and her wonderful pussy squeezed my cock. I slowed to long, deep thrusts and mom only jerked and continued to spasm as she moaned and whimpered into Alonia’s mouth as they kissed. Every few minutes mom would stiffen and Alonia would kiss her as she screamed.

Her pussy always spasmed around my cock making me want to fuck her hard. I felt myself getting closer and fucked mom with deep thrusts. When I thrust into her and my cock jerked and throbbed, mom gasped and pushed Alonia away, “Baby don’t…”

I grunted as huge, gushing torrents erupting and I began pumping streams of cum deep inside mom. She stiffened and the lifted her hips, “BBBAAAABBBBBYYYYYYYY!”

She kept shuddering as I poured cum into her and tried to hold her tight. It was a minute before I stopped and mom spasmed before hugging me tight, “I shouldn’t have let you do that honey.”

I lifted up to look at her and she smiled before caressing my face, “Since your father hasn’t been here, I stopped using birth control.”

Alonia laughed as she snuggled against us, “Well, you sure picked the wrong boy to fuck you mom, Dan cums a lot.”

Mom laughed and shook me, “Yeah, I felt him.”

I smiled and kissed her, “Are you okay?”

Mom smiled, “Don’t worry honey I can afford another baby.”

Alonia pulled on me, “Fuck me now.”

Mom laughed, “Are you on birth control?”

Alonia guided my cock to her pussy, “No.”

I pushed into her and shuddered before I began to fuck her. She put her arms around me as I fucked her slow and deep, “This is much better then the first time.”

Mom moved closer and I lifted up so she could kiss Alonia. Each thrust into her was followed by me pressing into her hard and grinding. It wasn’t long before she was shuddering as her pussy spasmed on my cock. Mom moved and I kissed Alonia as I fucked her hard and deep for a minute. I went back to long, slow strokes and she started convulsing, “FUCK!”

Her pussy spasmed and squeezed my cock as she jerked around and moaned. Finally I just started fucking her with long, deep thrusts and a few minutes later she stiffened. I pushed open her cervix as my cock throbbed and jerked and then I grunted as I began spewing huge ropes of sperm. Alonia bucked and thrashed around as I tried to hold her and keep breeding her.

Finally I stopped cumming and slowly Alonia relaxed. I pulled out of her and rolled onto my back between her and mom. Alonia turned to put her head on my shoulder and mom laughed as she did the same thing on the other side, “We should start sleeping together every night.”

I smiled and closed my eyes, “if we do, you really will end up pregnant.”

That was seven years ago. Both mom and Alonia ended up pregnant. Alonia continued to bring girls for me to take pictures of as well as mom. Terri became a regular in my bed and made it permanent after she turned eighteen and got pregnant.

I have my own studio for a business but still take pictures of high school girls if they are sixteen. Mom just had my second daughter and Terri is pregnant again. As for Alonia, she married and divorced a guy before moving back in with our son. Melanie is living with Alonia now and has asked to get pregnant too.
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