I was twenty years old and had just finished college when my grandfather died. One of the things he left me was my great grandfather’s farm. In the will he said he knew how much I liked solitude and thought the five hundred acre farm would be just the thing. It took all my savings to pay the taxes and turn on the electricity. I packed everything up in my pickup, ‘a gift last year from grandfather.’

I pulled down the narrow over grown lane slowly. It looked like no one had been here in months or possible years. The house was a few feet off the ground and I sat looking at it trying to decide if I really wanted to risk living here. I sighed and grabbed my mag light and got out. When I walked into the house it was a little dusty but I didn’t see any spider webs or any other signs of insects.

The house was snug and had a welcome feel to it. It was empty of course but at least I had a bed. It was a single floor home with four bedrooms that seemed extra large, each with its own bathroom and the front room was huge. I carried everything I owned into the front room and then decided to explore. I wandered through the house and finally into the large dinning room and then the kitchen. I stared at the two huge old stoves and then looked at the two large refrigerators.

This couldn’t have been just a farm house. I called dad while I leaned against the large double sink. Dad laughed when I told him what I found and told me my great grandfather had been involved with gangsters a long time ago. He said I might even find a few old bottles of whiskey in the basement. I had grinned at that and after dad hung up I started looking for the basement door.

It was only by luck that I found it. I was in the large entrance hall and felt warm. I took my sweater off and looked around before trying to hang it on what I thought was a clean hook. There was a distant click and I looked around. I saw something along the wall at the other end of the hall. It looked like a wood panel had popped open and I went to it and pulled it open the rest of the way.

I looked down the steep stairs and reached in to twist an old switch. The basement came alive in light and I saw an old hanging light above the stairs. I hesitated a moment and then headed down. Everything was as neat as upstairs and I looked around at racks like you would find in a wine basement. Almost all the racks were empty and I headed for one that held a couple of bottles.

In college I had studied engineering. Before I reached the rack I noticed a few things that had me frowning. I looked at the rack closely and finally pulled on one end to pull it away from the wall. I was startled and surprised when not only the rack moved easily but a section of the wall. I stared at the dark entrance as I stepped closer and noticed it was another stairway.

I found the switch and soon was climbing even deeper thinking of prohibition. When I reached the bottom there was another door. It had an old padlock on a hinge. It was so rusty that after one hit from my flashlight it snapped open. I pulled it off and cautiously opened the door. The room was filled with small crates, well, except for one old chest in the back.

I pulled the top off the nearest crate and stared in amazement at the rows of gold bars. I moved into the room and tried another and then another. I stared around at all the small crates and then went to the chest. When I lifted the lid I could only stare at what was inside. Inside the chest was like a scene out of a pirate movie. There were necklaces and tiaras and rings. They all sparkled with different colors, Rubies, Emeralds, Sapphires and even Diamonds.

I closed the lid and stood there wondering what to do. I remember watching some show where a rancher said he had found caves full of gold only to have the military take it and the land away from him. I walked back to the first crate of gold and lifted it with a grunt. Just this one crate had to weight at least fifty pounds.

I looked around at all the crates and shook my head. I lifted the crate up onto my shoulder and made my way back to my truck and set it down. I didn’t even stop to think about it, I called my dad, “Dad?”

He laughed, “Found the whiskey?”

At first I wondered what he was talking about and then I remembered, “Oh yeah. I found a few bottles. Could you rent me a big U-Haul and bring it out to the farm?”

Dad laughed again, “You found that much?”

I was looking around, “No, I just need to move a bunch of junk out of the basement.”

Dad chuckled, “Alright, but it will cost you a bottle.”

After he hung up, I headed back downstairs and returned with another crate. I had to take a few breaks but by the time dad drove slowly into the farmyard I had twenty crates outside and that was only about a quarter of the boxes. Dad had mom and my sixteen year old sister with him and when I lifted the lid to show the gold their eyes went wide.

Dad helped me carry up the large chest with all the jewelry. I sat it in the bed of my truck and after mom took a look she sat on the lid, “I’ll stay out here and play lookout.”

I grinned at dad and he laughed with Melody. By the time the basement was empty it was dinner time. I pulled the chest out and mom took my truck to go get dinner. I hesitated and then had dad help me move the chest into the big front room and we backed the U-Haul up against the house for the night. When mom came back she had us help her unload. Not only did she get dinner she brought two large air mattresses and two double sleeping bags.

She was blushing and had this sexy look about her. She pulled dad aside and they whispered for several minutes and then he smiled and nodded. Mom had also gotten toilet paper, napkins, soap and several other things I would only remember after I already needed them. After we had eaten, mom led Melody to the bathroom. Dad gestured and we blew up the air mattresses and he laid out the sleeping bags after zipping them together. I looked at dad and he smiled, “Have you ever thought about having sex with your mother?”

I blinked and knew I was blushing, “Well, she is a MILF dad.”

He grinned, “I know. What about Melody?”

I laughed, “Dad, if Melody asked me, I would follow her around naked with my tongue hanging out.”

He grinned, “Your mother is talking to Melody right now.”

I looked at him and he stepped close to put his hand on my shoulder. “Your mother wants to fuck you and I wouldn’t mind having sex with your sister. Of course we both would like to watch you and your sister.”

I looked at him stunned and he shrugged, “You’re old enough to realize…”

I held up my hand as I grinned, “Mom really wants to have sex with me?”

Dad laughed and nodded, “Since she saw you in the shower after your fourteenth birthday.”

I grinned and turned when I heard the bathroom door open down the hall. I stared in amazement as mom and Melody walk into the room naked. Melody was blushing as she followed mom. Mom walked straight to me and into my arms. I held her body and then laughed and turned to see Melody kissing dad. I looked at mom as she frowned and I stepped away. I looked at dad as I walked towards my things in the corner, “Give me a hand dad.”

He looked away from Melody and frowned, “What are you doing?”

I pulled out my old twin bed and started putting it together, “trust me dad.”

He helped fit the frame together and put the box springs and mattress on. I dug around and finally pulled out the black silk sheets I had never used. I made the bed with just the silk sheets and then moved the tall dresser out. When I started dragging the treasure chest they really started getting interested.

I opened the chest and started putting things in drawers. When the chest was empty I dug through stuff in a box and toss my digital camera to dad. I grinned at mom and quickly undressed. I took the camera from dad, “Undress dad.”

He looked at me unsure but quickly stripped. I grinned at Melody and held up the camera, “Can you guess what we are going to do?”

She looked at mom while she blushed and then shook her head. I laughed and held out my hand, “Your first mom.”

She smiled as she took my hand and I led her to my dresser, “I need your ear rings and wedding ring mom.”

She looked at me and then at dad. I glanced at dad to see him interested as he sat on the air bed and pulled Melody down against him, “Why?”

I grinned, “Because each of us get to pick one item from the treasure for her to wear. When she is wearing everything we each get to pose her on or against the bed for one picture. After mom is done it will be Melody’s turn and then we are going to make love to them with the jewelry on them. After our first time, everything comes off and we get to start over.”

They looked at each other but mom was already grinning and pulling her rings off. “Dress up!”

I set all her jewelry on top of my dresser and nodded to the dresser, “Pick something mom.”

I turned and grinned at dad and Melody, “You get to pick next dad.”

He grinned and pulled Melody after him. Mom pulled out a diamond tiara and smiled. I watched as she did something to her hair and put the tiara on. She moved to the bed and sat down as dad searched through the drawers and then held up a necklace. I grinned and opened the top draw. It held all the rings and I picked out a huge diamond ring.

I held it up and pulled Melody close to hug her and kiss her. Mom was grinning when I knelt to put the ring on. Dad laughed and we turned to see what Melody found. She was grinning when she walked to mom and knelt. I laughed when she put a nice diamond bracelet around mom’s ankle. Mom laughed and pulled Melody up to kiss her.

We spent the next ten minutes posing mom and taking pictures and then it was Melody’s turn. She was just as stunning as mom and had gotten over being embarrassed. After the last picture I set the camera on the dresser and helped Melody off the bed and pushed her gently towards dad. I smiled and walked towards mom as she backed onto the other air bed.

I followed and knelt between her legs to lick through her pussy. Mom shuddered and moaned as she gently held my head “Lick my pussy Matt.”

I licked through her wet slit and pushed my tongue up inside her. Mom shivered as I sucked in her clit and teased it. I gently squeezed it with my lips and used my thumbs to caress her outer pussy. Mom jerked and her body spasmed, “oooohhhh, YES!”

I heard Melody cry out as I lifted my head and slowly moved up mom’s body. She smiled as she spread her legs and held her arms out to me. I positioned my cock and slowly pushed into her. Mom shivered as my cock spread her pussy open and I pushed all the way to her womb. She held me as her hips pushed up against mine and I pulled back to fuck her nice and slow.

I had fantasized about this since I was twelve and had accidentally seen her getting out of the shower. Every deep thrust into her, I pressed against her tight and mom started shaking and her pussy squeezed my cock. It was only a coupled of minutes before I felt mom shudder as her pussy contracted to squeeze my cock. She arched her back, “YES!”

I fucked her a little harder and mom groaned and held me tight, “Yes, fuck me!”

I slowed the long, deep strokes and pressed against her pelvis. The feel of her warm, squeezing pussy as my cock pressed against her womb was one of the best I had ever felt. I groaned and mom spasmed as I started spewing strong gushing streams of cum. Mom jerked and kept shaking as my thick cock throbbed and sent spurt after spurt into her. I finally stopped and mom sighed and then kissed me, “Thanks baby.”

I grinned and kissed her back, “My pleasure mom.”

I pulled out and lay next to her and we glanced at dad and Melody and they were grinning back at us. Mom laughed and looked at me, “Time for more pictures?”

I grinned and nodded, “Absolutely and you and Melody don’t get to clean up yet.”

Dad laughed as he helped Melody out of bed. I slid out and helped mom before removing her jewelry. I looked at Dad, “You pick first.”

It was awhile before we finished taking the last picture of Melody. She slid off the bed as I took the camera from dad and put it on my dresser. I took Melody’s hand and she pulled me to my bed, “My turn to feel you cumming inside me.”

I grinned and pushed her back on the bed and crawled after her. I felt her body as she let her hand caress mine. I heard mom sigh and glanced over to see dad between her legs slowly fucking her. Melody giggled, “Daddy felt nice.”

I looked at her and kissed her before moving between her legs and tuning everything out. I slowly pushed into her cummy pussy and started to fuck her with slow, deep thrusts. She groaned and held me as her hips bucked up to meet my thrusts into her. It wasn’t long before her breathing changed and she was shaking. Her tight pussy was contracting around my cock as she began shuddering harder, “Oooohhhh, fuck!”

I smiled and watched as Melody shuddered and shook while her tight pussy rippled and squeezed my thrusting cock. I fucked her hard for a minute and then slow and deep. Melody was tossing and thrashing around as her pussy danced around my cock. She grunted and moaned, screamed and howled as she came again and again. Fifteen minutes later I shuddered and buried my throbbing cock before it erupted. Melody arched her back and screamed, “YES!”

Her slippery pussy tightened and squeezed my spewing cock as I pumped thick, gushing spurts into her womb. She jerked with each warm splash of sperm as it exploded into her. I shuddered as I finished cumming and Melody sighed and shivered. She grinned and kissed me as mom and dad laughed. I slowly pulled out and lay next to her. Mom slid out of bed, “Bathroom break.”

I smiled and Melody climbed out of bed to follow mom. When they came back I was waiting beside the dresser, “my turn to pick something out.”

Mom grinned and she walked to the dresser as she took off the jewelry. It was as fun making love to mom the second time as it was the first, just as it was with Melody. I fell asleep with Melody snuggled against me and woke to sunlight coming in a window. I caressed her and shifted to turn her onto her back. I caressed down her body as she groaned and started rubbing her pussy.

Melody shuddered as I teased her clit and then I moved over her. I spread her legs with my knees and slowly entered her. She groaned as her arms came up to hold me and I started to fuck her slowly. Her hips met mine with each thrust and her warm, tight pussy contracted around my cock.

When I buried my cock and pressed and humped against her, Melody went into spasms. Her pussy rippled and tried to milk my cock and I shuddered before fucking her hard. She went rigid and screamed, “MATT!”

I shoved into her and forced her cervix open as my cock throbbed and jerked. Suddenly my cock erupted with a huge gushing torrent. Melody howled as I pumped her womb full of warm cum, “YYEEESSSS!”

I spurted and spewed and pumped and finally lay on her as we both twitched and tried to catch our breath. Mom and Dad laughed and mom climbed out of bed, “Bathroom and showers.”

Melody squeezed me, “Thanks Matt.”

I kissed her before slowly pulling out and helping her off the bed. The shower was fun, Dad was at one side and I was at the other, mom and Melody were between us. When we got out and dried off, we dressed and mom pulled out some breakfast bars. After eating I looked at dad, “Who should we take the gold too?”

Dad grinned, “I think I know just the place.”

The whole day was spent at an assayer’s office. Several federal agents showed up too but didn’t say anything after I told them it was gold found on my property. Mom and Melody were still out at the farm when we finally finished. Dad made sure the check was issued to me and we made it to the bank with an hour to spare. I had thought about this and split the money four ways, it still came out to over twenty million for each of us. Dad dropped the rental off and picked up his car and we stopped to get dinner before driving out to the farm.

Walking into the old farm house was a shock. The front room held comfortable couches and chairs. The dinning room and kitchen were full. Mom grinned and came to kiss me before pulling us into the dinning room. She sat us down and pulled the robe she was wearing off. The only thing she had on was a cooking apron. Melody came in from the kitchen with a matching apron and poured drinks as mom sat.

Dad dished out the Chinese food we had brought and we sat together and ate. After dinner mom and Melody cleaned up while telling us to strip. We were led back to a bedroom that held two full sized beds and my dresser. The room had been cleaned and the beds had fresh sheets turned back.

In one corner was my computer with a new color laser printer. Dad’s sixty inch TV hung on the wall over it and it kept jumping to a new picture of Melody and mom in different poses here in this room. Dad grinned as mom pulled him towards the other bed, “You get me first honey and Matt gets Melody.”

I turned to Melody and she embraced me before kissing me passionately. She turned and pulled me to the bed, “Lick my pussy?”

I laughed and pushed her back on the bed ignoring mom and dad as they just held each other and watched us. I kissed down her body and nibbled on her clit to make her shudder. I licked through her cherry flavored pussy and teased her clit again before sucking on it. Melody jerked and shuddered as I continued to do that and push my tongue up inside her.

She finally spasmed and covered her pussy so I kissed up her body before kissing her and slowly pushing my cock into her tight slippery hole. She shuddered and put her arms around me as I began to fuck her with slow, deep thrusts. It wasn’t long before she was breathing harder and I was fucking her with long strokes. I finally buried my cock in her womb and started using short, slow, jabbing thrusts that pressed my groin tight against hers.

Melody was jerking and spasming, her tight pussy rippled and tried to milk my cock. She finally stiffened as my cock began to swell and jerk. I grunted as I began cumming in huge, strong, gushing torrents. Melody screamed and lifted her legs straight up and spread them wide as I pumped and spewed warm sperm into her belly.

She jerked and shook as her womb was filled and then sighed as I finally stopped cumming. I held her and gave her a kiss as she panted and shivered and then slowly pulled out. I held her and finally looked at the other bed. Dad was holding Mom just like I was holding Melody.

We still live on the farm and all the money is invested. Mom and Melody forgot one thing, birth control. Mom because dad had gotten a vasectomy and Melody because she hadn’t renewed her prescription.

Mom had triplets and a year later she had twins. Melody had twins and two years later another set. Once a week is dress up night and the two beautiful women get naked, wear jewelry and we take a single picture each before we have sex and switch a few times.
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