I was eighteen, I had joined the Army to help pay for college. After six months of training and another two breaking in with my new unit and we were sent to Iraq. I was in the Infantry, trained as a sniper. Once in country I was assigned to a small reaction team. My first mission out was supposed to be as another team’s back up support team.

When the explosion separated us and we took cover, something grabbed me. Whoever it was treated me as if I was a baby. He easily pinned my arms behind me and the next thing I knew we were halfway down an alley. I was thrown to the ground and before I could yell or fight, the armor covering my throat was ripped away and he or it was sinking teeth into my neck.

I didn’t know why at the time but I couldn’t move and felt paralyzed. It felt like he was sucking my blood out and I could feel the pounding of my heart. Suddenly he sat up and started to turn his head. It seemed to explode and his body fell onto me. There wasn’t anything left of the head and the blood in the stump of his neck started pumping into my face and mouth.

It almost felt like time slowed down and my body felt as if red hot wires ran through my veins. I was getting flashes of memory. I was biting myself and then the memories started running backwards. When they stopped, I was finally able to move and pushed the strangely light body off me. I looked down the alley to see Sgt Boske standing over another body with a rocket launcher a few feet from its hand.

A whole section of wall across the alley was missing from the rockets explosion. I rolled to my feet and headed towards Sergeant Boske. He nodded to my weapon lying next to a burning car, “Get your weapon Private.”

Three days later I felt the thirst. I had also been thinking about everything that had happened. I hadn’t said anything since I had looked back from the alley mouth to see the body crumbling into dust. That night I slipped out, ever since I had been bitten the darkness of night didn’t really exist for me. I could hear a whisper from another room. I had to be careful because my strength had increased by a hundred percent or more.

I slipped into the night and knew no one would even see me. It took me an hour to cross the city to find the dark warehouse. When I slipped in it was quiet but I could feel another’s presence. I had only taken a couple of steps when I felt that other presence rushing towards me. I sidestepped as my fighting knife came up. I was suddenly holding a short black haired woman.

My knife had struck up under her chin and went through her brain to stick in her skull. I slid around behind her as the thirst I felt surged and I smelled her blood. I yanked her head back and bit into her throat. I could feel the warm splash of her blood as it flooded my mouth and I began sucking and swallowing. I pulled away from her as it slowed to a stop.

Like before, I had experienced her memories only this time the blood gave me a huge surge of strength and heightened all my senses. I yanked my knife out and completely severed her head. I dropped her body before taking several steps back to squat next to a wall. I stared at the body of the woman remembering everything she had done over the last thousand years.

I froze as another man stepped out of the darkness between me and the body. I could tell what he was before I even moved. I came to my feet and stepped into him. I stabbed through his spine and up into his brain. Like the woman, I yanked his head back and twisted before I bit. When I finished, I cut the head from his body. I realized one of the things I remembered from each of them had been about bank accounts.

It was a lot easier to slip back to my tent. I stripped and washed before heading to my bunk. Three days later the thirst was back, only this time I realized what it was. I refused to live as the three vampires had. I was able to get an IV set and drained a cup of my own blood. When I drank the blood, I got the same rush and surge of strength as before.

For over two and a half years I continued to drink my own blood instead of killing someone. When I came home, I was completely changed. I could feel others like me only they went out at night. I had transferred the three bank accounts into one. The amount was staggering but I knew it came from the men and women the old vampires had killed for the last thousand years or so.

The strength and abilities of a fledgling vampire depend on the age of the vampire that makes them. The first time I walked into the coven they looked at me strangely. I had found out these vampires didn’t kill people. They took a little and left their victims without a memory of anything wrong. There were three women, all pledges and then there were three men, all vampires.

The women were all beautiful and loved to tease. I knew from the feel that the vampires were different from me, dead. A normal conversion leaves the body dead so it grows colder and only warms after a feeding. The eyes were the reason a vampire didn’t go out during the day. The pupils can’t react to daylight and the vampire is blinded by the light.

Because I was only feeding on my own blood and not normal human blood it increased my strength and abilities. When I was… converted, my strength and abilities were equal to those of a two century old vampire because the vampire had been over a thousand years old.

By the time I got out of the army and returned home, my strength and abilities were equal to a vampire fifteen hundred years old. Yes, there are vampires that old. They mostly stay in third world countries though.

The oldest vampire in the coven was Jason. He was converted fifty years ago. Then there was Peter who was twenty and George who was only five. Even though I was stronger, my feel was that of a fledgling. When I walked into the coven the second night Jason tried to shift and move closer unseen. My abilities were stronger then his and I turned my head as he grabbed my shoulder. He sneered, “I’m the alpha leader fledgling. Stay away…”

My hand snapped out as I spun. I was holding his throat in my hand as he dangled a foot above the floor. “You aren’t my Alpha Leader Jason. As for the girls, I will do what I wish with pledges.”

I dropped him and used my abilities to shift their perceptions away from me. I slipped out and spent the night watching from a distance. Jason was enraged and was going to convert one of the girls, but I let my awareness bleed through. He froze and looked around before moving away from the girl.

For a change I slept during the day and during the afternoon I drank a cup of my blood and ate a large meal. I slipped my small oriental tea cup and an IV needle and tube into my jacket pocket. When I walked into the coven that evening Jason was carrying a short sword like you see in a fantasy shop. He growled and the two other vampires rushed me.

I shifted and after two very fast strikes with a long bladed knife, I was moving towards Jason. He was wide eyed and staring around as I shifted his awareness back so that he saw me. He jerked and jabbed with the sword. I turned and swept his sword aside with my knife before sliding into him. I stabbed up under his chin and moved around behind him, “I warned you.”

I yanked the knife out and severed his head. I watched as his body dropped to the floor. One of the things I knew was that within a few minutes the bodies and all the blood would turn to ash. I looked at the three pledges and walked to Jasmine, she had been Jason’s favorite. They were all wide eyed and I looked at each, “This is real. This is what you have chosen to be.”

I sighed, “You can change your minds or pledge to me.”

They looked at each other and finally each one nodded. I turned Jasmine and leaned her forward before reaching under her skirt and tearing her panties off as if they were tissue. I pushed her feet wider and opened my pants. I bent my knees and pushed my cock into her. She gasped and looked back at me with wide eyes, “You’re warm!”

I smiled as I caressed her bare butt, “If you follow normal conversion, the body has to die.”

I pumped her grasping pussy a few times before pulling out and turning her. I lifted her easily and impaled her on my cock as I held her. Jasmine shuddered and wrapped her legs around me as I turned to face the other girls, “When I convert you, it will be different.”

Jasmine sighed as her pussy gripped my cock and she shuddered. I caressed her and she started humping onto me and grinned at the other women. I moved to the dinning table and sat her on the edge. I started fucking her with deep, hard thrusts that made her grunt and shudder. Her tight pussy contracted every time I pulled my cock out. She was shaking as I shoved my cock in against her womb and spurted huge gushing spurts of cum.

The legends of vampires regenerating are partly right. I had found out early that my balls filled quickly after masturbating. Jasmine jerked and spasmed as she felt my warm cum flooding her pussy. When I stopped and pulled out, she sighed and shivered. I pinched her nipples, “Sorry but it’s been three years.”

She laughed and touched my chest, “I liked it.”

I nodded and looked at Sasha and Kameko. Sasha was a pale skinned platinum blonde with full breasts and Kameko was a slim Japanese woman that looked like a model, “You are next Sasha.”

I slowly undressed setting the cup, IV tube and needle on the table, “Tonight the three of you will begin a new life.”

I pulled Jasmine off the table and patted her butt, “Jasmine will be the first. Unlike Jason and the others, I do not hunt other humans. I will teach you about our abilities and how to survive the thrust. You will stay with me for the next five years as my… bedmates, in exchange for what I give you. If I ever catch you hunting and killing a human, I will take your head.”

I picked up the needle and tube before turning to the three girls. I held my hand out to Jasmine. I took her hand and looked into her eye, “Do you except my offer?”

She bit her lip and looked to Sasha and Kameko before nodding, “Yes.”

I didn’t wait, I lifted her wrist and bit. She tried to jerk away and scream but I was much to strong. I drank my first human blood and shivered at the warm thick blood as it slipped down my throat. I slowly stopped and licked the bite. A vampire’s saliva causes the regeneration to speed up. Her wrist stopped bleeding as I released her, “Don’t move.”

She swayed but stood still as I held the small tea cup and slipped the needle into my arm. I dropped my arm slightly and let the blood fill the cup from the tube before stopping it. My wrist stopped bleeding almost as soon as I pulled the needle out. I looked at Jasmine as I held out the cup, “Drink it all.”

She hesitated and then took a breath before taking the cup. She put it to her lips and tilted it up and started swallowing. I watched as she drank and then lowered the cup. I nodded, “It will take two or three days before you start feeling the thirst.”

She smiled, “I’m a vampire now?”

I nodded, “You will stay with me until you are safe.”

I looked at Sasha and Kameko as I set the cup on the table with the IV set. I pulled Jasmine towards the big bed on the floor in the corner. “Come to bed.”

They grinned and started stripping as they followed us. I sat Jasmine down, “You will feel sick in your stomach. Just lay back and relax.”

I turned to Sasha as I undressed completely. I cupped her full breasts and lean over to kiss Kameko. I pushed my desire into them and they moaned. I slipped a finger into Kameko’s slit to rub her and she shuddered. I turned them and pushed them back onto the bed before turning to Jasmine. I removed the rest of her clothing and kissed her.

I looked at Sasha and stalked after her. She smiled and lay back spreading her legs as I moved between them. I leaned down and licked through her pussy and she gasped and shivered. I smiled as I sucked on her clit and teased it with my tongue. She shuddered and held my head as I pushed my tongue inside her wet pussy. She tasted nice with just a hint of strawberry.

When she arched her back while shaking I moved up her body and shoved my cock into her. I held her as I started fucking her with long, deep strokes. I liked the way her pussy grasped and squeezed my cock when I was completely inside her. I fucked her hard and she grunted as I slammed my cock against her womb. I slowed to long, deep thrusts and she shuddered hard, “Fuck!”

As her body became rigid and she started convulsing, I started spurting torrents of cum through her cervix and into her womb. Sasha spasmed and jerked as warm cum filled her, “YES!”

It was a minute before I stopped cumming and slowly pulled out of her shaking body. I leaned over to kiss Kameko and then moved off the bed and pulled Sasha up. I led her to the table and looked at her as she shifted from foot to foot. I took her hand as I looked into her face, “Do you accept my offer?”

She nodded and I bent my head and lifted her wrist. I bit and held her as she tried to pull away. I drank a few sips of her precious nectar and then licked the wound to seal it. I looked at her face as she looked back white faced and picked up the needle and tube. Like before, I filled the small tea cup and held it out, “Drink it all.”

Sasha nodded as she carefully took the cup and looked at the blood. She finally raised it to her lips and began taking sips. I glanced at the bed to see Jasmine on her side holding her stomach. Sasha finished the cup of blood and I took it. I set it down before leading Sasha back to the bed and pushing her towards Jasmine, “Lay down.”

I looked at Kameko as she rubbed her pussy and crawled between her legs. She spread them wider and grinned as I leaned down to lick through her wet pussy. I nibbled on her inner lips and pushed my tongue up inside her before moving to her clit. She shuddered and thrust her pussy up into my face, “Yes!”

She continued to shake and twist around as I licked and raked my teeth over her clit. I finally moved up her body and pushed into her. She groaned as I began to fuck her with slow, deep thrusts that made her grunt as her warm, silky pussy contracted and squeezed my cock. Each time I shoved into her and pressed against her womb she would jerk and spasm. After a few minutes she started having seizures and her pussy tightened around my cock, “Fuck Me!”

I smiled and fucked her hard, making her grunt and shake, her back arched and she spasmed hard as she screamed, “I’M CUMMING!”

She bucked and jerked as I continued to fuck her. Kameko’s pussy kept squeezing my cock as it tried to milk the sperm out of me. I slowed to deep, slow thrusts and she shuddered and thrust up onto my cock. I jabbed into her as my cock began to swell and throb. I jerked as I pumped huge spurts of cum against Kameko’s womb. She lifted her legs straight up in the air, “FILL ME!”

I spewed and pumped until it was leaking around my cock and I was done. Her legs dropped to the bed and she lay under me panting. I slowly pulled out and moved off the bed after checking Sasha and Jasmine. I moved to the table and turned as Kameko joined me. She held her arm out and I took her wrist, “Do you accept my offer?”

She grinned, “I give myself to you completely, for all time.”

I smiled and lifted her wrist before biting into it. Her blood almost tasted sweet and I was tempted to drink more than I should and she didn’t pull away. I pulled back and licked her wrist and watched as the punctures closed. I used the needle and tube to fill the tea cup again and held it out to Kameko. She didn’t hesitate and took it from my hand with a bow.

I watched as she lifted it to her lips and tilted it back. She drank everything and even licked the rim before lowering the cup. I smiled and took the cup before setting it on the table. I pulled Kameko to the bed and laid her down beside Sasha and Jasmine.

I sat on the edge of the bed, “You will feel sick from the blood. By now the hot burning in your veins is your only thought. It will gradually change to a hot feeling through out your whole body. It should be two or three days before you feel the thrust.”

I stood and went to the table. I took everything to the kitchen area of the house and cleaned up. I swept up the ash from Jason and the other two before straightening the room. I came back to the bed and pulled the women up, “Get dressed. We are going out to eat.”

People think that because a vampire drinks blood they don’t eat or eat only rare meat. That isn’t true, a converted vampire that has died can not eat that is true but when they are alive they can. My appetite was the same as before I was converted and I love spicy food. The three women keep looking around and I knew it was because their senses were changing.

After dinner we went to each of their homes and they packed. I brought them to the house I was living in and they took one look before stripping and heading for the hot tub. It is hard to describe the sensation of water on a living vampire’s skin. I had barely settled when Jasmine straddled me and positioned my cock. As I entered her, she closed her eyes and shuddered as her inner muscles seemed to spasm. She groaned and held me tight, “I feel you.”

I knew what she meant and caressed her bare back as the other two came closer. She only moved slowly and slowly my hands moved to her hips. I kissed her and moved her back and forth faster and harder. Jasmine gasped before going crazy as I suddenly pulled her close to bury my cock. She was thrashing around and jerking as her tight pussy squeezed and released my cock. She finally shuddered and sighed as she relaxed, “Damn!”

I laughed and rubbed her butt, “Good.”

She laughed, “You are so getting fucked to death.”

Sasha and Kameko both laughed and she looked at them with a grin. She lifted off me and Kameko took her place. Her expression as my cock pushed into her was funny and Sasha and Jasmine laughed. Kameko was shaking as if with strain as her pussy spasmed and milked my cock. Her shaking became shudders and then jerky spasms. Finally her muscles tightened and she started thrashing around as she howled, “FUCK ME!”

Slowly she sighed and relaxed as my cock throbbed. I lifted her off me and stood before turning Sasha and pushing into her from behind. Her pussy tightened and she shuddered but I ignored it as I started fucking her. I fucked her hard and fast like she was a bitch dog and it wasn’t long before she jerked and screamed as she went crazy. I held her spasming body easily as I spewed huge gushing streams into her belly.

When I finished and pulled out, cum was leaking out and dripping down between her legs. I pulled them out of the water and into the shower to wash off. I led them to bed and pushed them in before sitting on the edge. “We are not like the others.”

I began explaining everything I knew about the vampires and all the false myths, like crosses. When I finished I was absently caressing Kameko’s smooth butt. She was grinning back at me and tilted her hips before raising them. I straddled her legs and bent my cock before pushing into her. I fucked her with long, deep thrusts and she began shuddering as her pussy spasmed around my cock. My cock was pushing into her cervix each time and she kept moaning.

I finally pulled out and turned her over before pushing back into her. I fucked her hard and deep as she grunted and jerked while thrusting her hips up. She began to thrash around as I fucked her and her pussy seemed to ripple as it gripped my cock. I kissed her and buried my cock to grind against her and Kameko howled as she wet me and started convulsing.

I fucked her with deep, hard thrusts and she continued to jerk and spasm. When I finally buried my cock in her womb and began to pump heavy ropes of sperm, she screamed and clutched at me. I poured warm cum into her until she began to leak and then slowly pulled out. I never thought about birth control. All three ended up pregnant before the week was over.

I was worried about what the babies would be like. It turns out whatever made us vampires wasn’t passed on. The babies were all born healthy with no thirst for blood. It has been thirty years and the three women are still with me.
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